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Does my slave wish to cum?" I reply "YES master! May I cum?
That morning I awoke in your arms to you still sound asleep... I gently get out of bed careful not to wake you, wearing only my collar and a very slutty thong you pick for me daily. After I brush my teeth, I go into the kitchen to start breakfast for us making only what you have requested the night before. When I am about done you come behind me and startle me as I had not expected you to wake up so soon. You put your arms around me and gently kiss my neck and say, "Good morning, my beautiful slave. Is breakfast almost done?"

I reply, "Not quite, my master."

"Good." You then start to rub your cock on my ass and dry hump me. This is turning both me and you on to no end, I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter. You then whisper in my ear,

"Take your panties off now. I have something for you."

I say, "Yes master," and slowly slide my panties down my ass then legs. I stand there naked before you then all the sudden you grab my shoulders and ram your cock in my pussy. I bit my lip to keep from crying out in complete pain. You continue to slide your long, hard cock in and out of my dripping wet cunt. I feel as though I am going to cum and I beg for release.

"Does my slave wish to cum?" I reply "YES master! May I cum?" You don't answer for a few minutes and just continue to fuck my tight pussy then finally you yell "CUM NOW!!" And I do. You feel my pussy contract and throb as my juices surround your cock.

You then you pull out and command me to turn around and get on my knees. I do this immediately and when I am there you stick your cock on my mouth so I can taste myself. I suck you off for a few then without warning; you shot a massive load down my throat. The taste of you and me mixed together is indescribable. When you are done you tell me to stand up. You then kiss my forehead and walk away presumably to get ready for your day. When breakfast is done, I set the table for us and serve you first then me and we sit and talk at lengths about various different things. It always seems like we never run out of things to say to one another as I am very good at never letting the conversation die, you never did like that too much (I know you hate being bored especially when talking to someone).

When you are done eating you tell me you are going to go work on a few things for work and leave me to clean up. I love the servitude you expect from me. I comply immediately and start to clear the table, wash all the dishes, put them away, wipe the table, and then I go to our bedroom to make our bed. After I've made sure all my chores are done up to this point I decide to get on the computer to catch up with friends. After 10 minutes I receive a message from you telling me to grab the keys to my cage and bring them to you immediately. "Oh no," I say to myself. I have several thoughts running through my head as I apprehensively log off and get up to get the keys. I go into the dungeon you have set up (basically a spare room that is well equipped with various torture devices). I have my head down, which is as it should be whenever you give me a task to do. My hand shaking, I slowly hand the key to you.

You then pat me on the head and say, "Good girl, you know what to do... get in your cage. NOW!" I heed your command and while I am climbing in I feel a sharp slap on my ass. I let out a small whimper. As degrading as this is, I am so aroused and I can feel the wetness of my pussy. I long to feel your huge cock inside of me, pounding me roughly like you do when I turn you on immensely. When I am in, you shut the door and our eyes meet for a short moment then you walk out of the room and I hear your foot steps recede, the front door open then close and you were gone...

After what seemed like an eternity, but may very well have been only an hour or two, I hear the front door shut and after a few moments I see you walk in and I don't think I can be any happier to see you. You calmly unlock the door to the cage and walk to the other side of the room. You say, "Come to me my slaveslut, on your hands and knees. DON'T look up and DON'T you dare say a word or you will pay." I do as you say (as if I had a choice in the matter) and when I arrive at your feet you pat my head and say, "Good girl, now turn around. I have something for you." On overwhelming sense of pride and terror grips me as I turn around... You tell me to get into "present" pose, which is me on my knees with my hands on my legs. You pat my head and say, "Good, now put your hands behind your back." I then put my arms in an arm binder and I feel my heart sink. Not having control of my arms is exhilarating as you have full and complete control over me and I really couldn't do anything about it even if I tried.

It is at this point that I want you completely. I want to beg for you but you have instructed me not to speak and I'm afraid of what would happen if I did. After the arm binder is fastened securely you tell me, "It is now time to worship all of me and my cock, and with that arm binder on this will be an interesting sight." I nod my head up and down and you say, "Good girl." You slowly undress in front of me. Your huge cock is as hard as ever right now. After you are done undressing you lay down on the bed and pulled me down to the side of you. I start to slowly and gently kiss your face, your lips and your neck. I work my way down your arms, then your chest and stomach. I pass over your cock for now making sure to make it down both of your legs.

After I have worshiped all of your body, you grab my hair and pull me up so I am level with your cock. After years of practice and dedication, I am now able to stick all of you down my throat with ease. I start to lick your head and all along your shaft, real wet and slobbery like I know you've always loved. You still have your hand wrapped in my hair and you say, "You're such a good little slaveslut." I can taste your precum and I long for more. You continue to fuck my mouth until you tell me to give your balls some attention. I do this and play with each one diligently, lapping at each with my tongue. I look up at you to see your eyes are nearly rolled to the back of your head with and an overwhelming sense of happiness and accomplishment comes over me. I live to give you, my master, the pleasure you want.

After a few minutes you speak; "You've been such a good girl, but it is time to torture you." I feel my heart drop in to my stomach almost. You grab me by my hair to pull me closer still to you. You remove the arm binder and pull me to the corner of the room. "Put your arms above your head, my pet." I do this and I feel you cuff me in place so I am suspended with my toes barely touching the ground. After this, you put a ball gag on me so I can't so much as mutter a word. So many thoughts are racing through my head I can't even keep up with them and I have no clue what you have in store for me. You roughly take my panties off and reach for the whip. You then start to work on me, at first fairly soft then getting harder and harder with each stroke. You notice a tear run down my cheek and you intercept it with your finger and place it in your mouth to taste. You put the whip down briefly and got two nipple clamps from a drawer. I wanted to beg you not to use them as my nipples were still sore from the last time they were used, but the ball gag made that impossible, additionally, if I even so much as thought about objecting, it infuriated you greatly.

You start to walk back over to me and I become very nervous and you sense this. You kiss my forehead to relieve any uneasiness and slowly start to clamp my nipples. With each clamp I feel a pain course through my body. I want to whimper, bite my lip, hold on to something, but I have absolutely no way to. You then grab a candle off the table and lit it and let it sit there to allow the wax to melt. While you are waiting you continue to whip me. I really can't believe how much pain I am in, but the pain is turning me on greatly. I am so dripping wet I think I can feel it running down my leg, but between all the pain that I am being subjected to, I just don't know. Once the candle is good and hot, you start to pour some on my tits and ass; you enjoy the expressions on my face when I am in utter pain, I just know it turns you on to no end.

You put the candle down and slide your finger down my dripping wet pussy and ask, "Does my slave want her master?" I nod my head up and down very fast. You laugh and say, "You're so cute. That's my slave." You remove me from my suspension, graciously remove the nipple clamps, grab my arms, bend me over a table and hold me down. You then remove the ball gag. You stick two fingers in my pussy and then glide them over my mouth. "Taste yourself slave." I comply. I taste so good.

You put the ball gag back on me as if you know I'm going to need it which worries me a bit. You start to lick at my pussy, drawing your tongue in and out, and then you play with my clit ever so gently. I feel as though I am about to cum but you know this (somehow you always do) and you stop. You allow me to compose myself then you stick just the head of your cock in. I don't think I could want you anymore than I do at this moment. You take it out then unexpectedly ram all of you in me, if only I could scream I certainly would have. You grab onto my shoulders for leverage and pound my poor, aching, tight pussy with incredibly hard thrusts. I hear you moan which is like music to my ears. You ask, "You like that my little slave?" I nod my head the best I can. You smack my ass and say, "Good girl."

You then take your cock out and order me to get on the ground on my hands and knees and remove the ball gag yet again. I do this as quickly as possible and when I am on the ground you tell me to clean my juices of your prick. When it is perfectly clean and wet with saliva you come behind me, wrap my hair in your hand and slowly start to glide your cock into my ass. This hurts immensely as ass fuckings are few and far between as you want fucking my ass to feel like fucking my ass.

You start off slow, but getting faster and harder with each thrust. I dig my fingernails into the carpet to ease the pain, although this doesn't do much good. I start to get loud when you smack my ass as hard as possible and tell me to shut up and if I so much as make another sound you will punish me severely, so bite my lip to keep from disobeying you. I feel so close to cumming and I know you can feel it and how wet I am getting. You pull your cock out and say, "Turn around slave and lick my cock clean again, taste how sweet your ass is." I do this and when I am done you pick me up and slam me against the wall.

You roughly stick your cock inside and fuck me harder than you ever have before... I wonder what has gotten into you. Tears are just running down my face. I can feel your cock throb as though you are ready to explode. If it weren't for you telling me to shut up, I would have been begging you to allow me to cum. After a few minutes of fucking me against the wall you ask, "Is my slave ready for release?"

I quickly nod my head up and down as if to say, "Oh yes Master. Please let me cum!" You then yell, "Cum my slaveslut, CUM NOW!!" It is in that moment I came hard... with full force, my clit and pussy throbbing; you can feel the grip around your cock. My entire body is shaking.

You let me down and tell me to get on my knees. I do immediately and you shove your cock in my mouth and I start to suck you off. I hear you start to moan like you do when you are about to cum, you then took your cock out of my mouth and shot your cum all over my face and tits. You tell me to make sure I get all of it into my mouth, and I do. It is after all, the taste I had longed for.

After I've made sure I haven't missed any, you picked me up. You kissed me on my forehead and you carried me to our bedroom where you laid me down gently. You lay next to me and held out your arm to hold me. When we are comfortable, you kissed me softly on my lips and said, "I love you so much, my beautiful slave. I'm very proud of you... such a good girl you are."

I can only reply with a, "mmm... hmmm..." and we slowly start to drift to sleep.

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