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Domestic roleplaying and sensual domination sexstories
On a typical day, she would look forward to her husband coming home. She had dinner ready and she had even made his favorite dessert; pumpkin pie. The house was clean and she herself was dressed to impress him. He liked her best in simple clothing with no make up. She stood in front of her full length mirror to give herself a final once over. She felt confident in her appearance and choice of clothing. An A-line khaki skirt that ended above the knee, a plain, pale yellow button up blouse that accentuated her waist and a pair of brown sandals with a heel to give her some height that she lacked. She liked the way her bare pussy felt against her underwear and she decided that she was exceedingly glad that she started having her pussy waxed. She fingered the gold collar that she wore and hoped that her husband (Master in the safety of their home) would not be too angry.

Usually, she only upset him over minor things and the corresponding punishments were almost looked forward to. She needed the closure that a painful punishment provided and it allowed she and her Master to let go of the tension between them. Just a few days ago, she snapped at him in irritation when he asked her a question while they were out shopping. When they got home, he bent her over the couch and gave her ten lashes across her ass and thighs with his leather belt. She, like the true masochist that she was, enjoyed that part of the punishment. In fact, she was so wet she swore she could feel herself dripping. The punishment came into play when instead of fucking her, he pushed her onto her knees with a command to "suck". Even worse, she was forbidden to masturbate so that night she went to bed next to her master ridiculously aroused and frustrated.

She was expecting a a punishment a great deal more severe tonight, though, and she was actually surprised that she found herself nervous about how he would punish her. She had made quite a large error when paying bills that month; accidentally paid one thousand toward the electric bill instead of one hundred thanks to an errant key stroke while paying bills on-lines. That unfortunately caused other payments to bounce when their account was overdrawn and the error was discovered when her Master's debit card was declined while out of town on a trip for work. When all was said and done, she had cost them almost 1200 dollars; 900 toward the original error and then another 200 in overdraft fees. Her master was furious because he felt she was careless for missing her error when she was paying the bill and then she did not realize it in time to save him the embarrassment of a declined card.

Tonight, her Master would be coming home from said trip and he was not at all happy. So, knowing his state of mind, she was going out of her way to make his homecoming as nice as possible. She simply refused to call it sucking up. Still standing in front of the mirror, she heard him pull into the drive and she hurried to the door to greet him and to take whatever he was carrying. He opened the door and without any preamble he stated "Go to the kitchen table, bend over, put your hands behind your back, and place your forehead on the table". She immediately walked to the table but inwardly she cringed; she really hated any sort of stress position and she knew it would be able to stand still in the way that he expected for any period of time.

She had been at the table in the position that her Master had ordered for what seemed like ten minutes when he heard him approach from behind. She heard the click of the cap to the lubricant and then her skirt was being pushed up and her underwear was unceremonialy pulled to the side. Her master then quickly slipped what felt like the medium sized plug into her ass, making her flinch and whimper. Immediately, her Master's ass came down on her ass cheek, hard. "You do not have permission to make noise and you certainly do not have permission to move. He then nudged her feet further apart with his foot and pulled her skirt back into place. "Stay there and don't move."

Hearing the sounds of plates and silverware clacking, assumed he was getting himself dinner. Her Master sat down at the table and began to eat his dinner. She patiently waited for him to finish, though her legs were getting wobbly since her Master had moved them further apart. He took his time eating dinner and when he finished, he placed his plate in the sink and then walked back to the table. The first lash of the belt caught her off guard and she could not help but let out a slight yelp. The next lash was harder as her Master said "You were told not to make any noise". She stood in place stoically through the next twenty lashes and then had to concentrate on not making any noise through the next ten. Her ass was clenching repeatedly around the plug so she was fully aware of it's intrusive presence.

When he stopped after thirty-five lashes she was quite frankly surprised. The surprise turned to understanding when he barked out "Strip!" She quickly complied and then found her hands being pulled across the table and secured to the table legs. Her Master then did the same to her legs so that her legs were spread wide and her weight was all on the sturdy table with her ass sticking out over the side.

Feeling the plug being twisted in her ass, she groaned before cutting herself off as she remembered that she was not supposed to make any noise. At least now she would not have to worry about not moving since her position made it impossible.

"You have a simple job" her Master began. "Maintain the house, run errands, and pay the bills with the money I make." At that, he started slowly move the plug in and out of her ass, with an occasional, random twist. "I give you everything you could possibly want and you can't even bother to double check for errors! Hopefully, next time you will remember to pay more attention to what you are doing." He then pushed the plug in a final time and walked away.

This time upon returning, he brought a rattan cane with him. Usually, she really loved the cane. However, now that she was completely immobilized and under the ministrations of an angry Master, she felt a small bit of fear in the pit of her belly. She knew he would never permanently harm her, but even temporary harm could be quite painful. At the thought the pain she was expecting, her Master brought down the cane for the first time that night and almost against her will, she let out a shriek. she was quite sure that he had never pulled the cane that hard before.

She shrieked again after the next stroke and then her Master explained, "I am planning on giving you ten, but I am not going to start counting until you stay quiet, understand?" "Yes sir" she whispered.

The cane came down in steady, hard, painful strokes and she amazingly managed to remain silent despite the dizzying pain. When her Master reached number seven, he brought down number eight quickly after and even harder than the strokes before, breaking the rhythm she had grown accustomed to. Breaking the rhythm brought a surprised scream from her. "You know to be quiet, now we have to start over" She could hear the smug happiness in his voice; indignant, she knew that he had made her cry out on purpose.

At this point, she really did not think that she could take another ten. "Please no, sir, I'm sorry, I can't stand another ten, please!" "That's too bad, my dear, you know the rules." he stated simply before before bringing the cane down another ten times. When he had again reached four, she had silent tears running down her face. Number six had here biting her lip to keep silent. At number nine, her front teeth had cut into here lower lip. She almost let out a sigh of relief after numb ten, but she caught herself as she was afraid he would start over.

"Is that what it takes for you to follow directions? Do I have to cane your ass bloody every time I tell you to do something? Now, I want to hear you". He then pulled the plug out of her ass with a twist, threw it aside, then as soon as she felt his dick at her hole, he was pushing through the tight ring of her asshole until he was buried to the hilt in her ass. She groaned at the swift intrusion and instinctually tried to shift her body to gain better control. Smiling behind her, her Master said slapped her ass and said "Can't move can you? You are just going to lay there and take what you are given since you ignorant enough to waste my money!"

He then took to reaming her ass hard and fast. She groaned continuously and yelped at every inward thrust. She kept trying to move away but she was completely immobilized due to the was that she was tied. Every few thrusts her would slap her already sore ass, drawing another scream from her. Even through the pain, she was aroused and winced when she realized that he would be unlikely to let her orgasm. She was proven right when she felt him speed up then finish off with short, jerky thrusts.

He pulled out of her ass and before she even had time to adjust to the emptiness, he picked up the cane and brought it down five times in rapid succession,starting at the top of her ass and going down to her sit-spot. The strokes from the cane had her screaming throughout. When he was finished, her Master leaned down to say into her ear, "I thought I was done with the cane, but I just had to hear you scream while I caned you."

Her Master then untied her, and helped her to her feet, where she trembled from exhaustion, both emotional and physical. He brushed his thumbs under her eyes to rub away the tears and then kissed her softly on the lips. She looked up at him gratefully and smiled at him when he said softly, "I forgive you".

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English Sex Stories

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