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Ah so my little slut wants the pain does she
I blink awake, unsure of what has roused me. Still sleepy, I feel one of your hands tangled in my hair while the other gently strokes my face. I sigh in contentment; a girl could get used to being woken up like this...


The ringing backhander across my face jerks me wide awake instantly and stars swim before my eyes.

"Wake up slut! I've been waiting long enough!"

I see you slowly pumping your fisted cock with one hand as you roughly grab my face with the other and pull it toward you.

As I eagerly try to scoot closer to you, I realise I can't move. You have been busy waiting for me to wake up; I'm tied spread-eagled to the bed and my naked body is pulled taut.

Instantly my nipples harden into little round pebbles and moisture gathers between my thighs. I want whatever you have in store for me; already I'm breathless with anticipation.

You release me and climb over me, straddling my chest and guiding my head back onto your cock. In this position you know I can't breathe properly and have no control over the depth or speed of your long thick cock sliding into me.

I try to relax my jaw and stretch it as wide as possible. It's always a struggle to take you as deep as you want and I know from experience it's almost impossible to take you all the way in this position.

You don't seem to care. In fact, you seem determined to force your cock past my mouth and deep into my throat.

Tears fill my eyes. When you see them you smile and you push even harder as I struggle not to gag and cough.

It hurts. But that's what you love. And as you push it further into my throat you reach back to finger my soaking wet pussy, you know that it's what I love too.

You fist my hair and pull my head up even harder than before. It's agony - the deep throat, the hair pulling, holding my head at this awkward angle, trying to snatch shallow breaths when you'll let me.

With a sadistic twinkle in your eye, you begin to really let me have it, fucking my throat for all its worth, using the fist tangled in my hair to gain momentum, occasionally backhanding my tear-stained face with your other hand.

I'm crying in earnest now - not from the pain, but from the desperate need to cum, to feel that sweet release that's building inside of me. Although you control me completely, I suck you with fervour, convinced that if I do a good job and bring you to orgasm in my mouth that I too can cum.

As you get closer to the edge, your pounding reaches a fever pitch and I feel your cock swell and jerk in my throat. You pull out and your hot thick cum shoots over my face and breasts. You drop my head so you can fist your cock to ensure every last drop is milked out of your long shaft and onto your slut's abused body. Your orgasm seems to be your longest yet - thick sticky ribbons of cum trail from my lips to the top of my breasts and I eagerly stain against my bonds to lick it up. You scoop up what I can't reach and slap my face, hard, leaving a sticky red handprint laced with cum across my cheek.

The pain and humiliation make my cunt burn with a need to be fucked and filled, but instead you just calmly climb off me, pat my head as you murmur "good girl" and tell me to stay put until you return.

With that you walk out without a backwards glance, leaving me spread eagled, covered in cum and broken until you need to use me again...

Elevenses (part 2)

I dozed; I'm sure of it because I wake chilled. Goosebumps cover my naked flesh and I can see where the remnants of your cum has dried on my body. I can feel that delicious tightness on my cheek where you hit me.

My shoulders ache from where my body is stretched tight and I can hear you downstairs. The volume on your game is unnaturally high; a message I think - you want me to know that you are busy and you don't need me.

Knowing this makes me wet. I know it shouldn't - I'm not supposed to enjoy being ignored by you, but the thought of being used like this has me dripping in anticipation, eager to satisfy you again.

I don't know how long it's been when you return to me. You're hard again, but that could mean it's been minutes or hours. It doesn't matter - I'm ready and willing to serve you, all previous pain and discomfort forgotten.

You don't say a word as you walk over to the dresser and select the object you want. Turning around you hold it up for me to see; dangling from finger is my favourite set of nipple clamps - the delicate rose gold ones whose pretty aesthetics belie the pain they can inflict.

I give a sharp intake of breath as my nipples immediately harden and a gush of wetness spills between my legs; you laugh because you can see everything and with my body pulled tight and open for you, you don't miss a trick.

"Ah so my little slut wants the pain does she? We'll see if you still feel that way in a minute"

You fist one breast, digging your nails right in to my globes of flesh, dragging them towards your target. When you reach it you immediately twist and pull on my already taut nipple, stretching it, making it harder. When you're satisfied, you lean over and gently caress the tip before biting down hard on it and quickly attaching the clamp as you pull away. I give a sharp hiss at the sudden pain but remember to breathe through it and relax. You stand back and watch, the smirk on your face telling me you're enjoying my struggle to master the pain, before you administer to my other breast.

When you're done and you've watched me overcome the pain for a moment, you give a sharp tug downwards on the chain that connects the two clamps and you smile at the helpless whimper that falls from my lips. But I can tell from your slight frown that you are not entirely satisfied.

Instead, you reach for the chain again and this time pull it up towards my face. When your hand meets my lips you order me to open my mouth and you place the chain between my teeth.

You tilt my head back further so that the chain pulls tauter and I have to grit my teeth at the sudden sharp pain that shoots from my chest to my clit. I whimper as more evidence of my arousal seeps between my thighs.

"Stay put. Don't move. And do NOT let go of that chain whatever you do. Watching you hurt yourself for my pleasure is one of my biggest turn ons, so do me proud and do not disappoint me slut!"

With your words I moan in sweet surrender and raise my chin a fraction more.

"Good girl" And you're gone again.

Mercifully, not for long this time. Long enough that my jaw aches and my nipples are screaming for release, but I've coped well with the pain.

You reach out and stroke the length of my body, fiercely pinching my nipples when you reach them. I cry out and my back arches off the bed, but I do not drop the chain. I'm pleased to have passed your test but you must see the arrogance in my eyes because you suddenly reach out and yank down hard on my hair. My head snaps back and my poor nipples are jerked even further north.

You leave my side and I know I have angered you. In my desperate attempt to reconcile,

I remain in this uncomfortable position for you, trying to show through my actions how sorry I am.

As you step back to me the last thing I see is the steel in your eyes as you tell me I am not forgiven, before everything goes black. I'm blindfolded and instantly on edge. I hate not knowing - seeing - what you're going to do and my breaths instantly become shallower.

You lift my hips and slide something under my body. The feel of it on my skin fills me with dread. I hear you fiddling with buckles before straps are pulled impossibly tight all around me. Harsh, unforgiving leather is tightly drawn around my flesh and I stop breathing for a moment as I realise what you have in store for me.

"So slut, you know what this is? I guess that means we don't need the blindfold anymore"

As you tear it away I look down in dismay to see the leather forced orgasm belt firmly in place. Strapped to it is the wand.

I both love and loathe the wand. I love the incredible release it gives me - an orgasm like no other I've ever experienced before. But I loathe the controlling power play games you invent with it and I know that that's what's in store for me today.

You gently remove the chain from my mouth and release one tender sore nipple from the bite of the clamp. You take my swollen bud in your mouth and gently suck. It's so sensitive that even this hurts but I'm careful not to make a noise.

I fail completely when you bite down hard on the delicate bud and tears once again fill my eyes. You smile as you pass the chain behind my neck and back around to the released breast.

Reattaching the clamp, you tell me that you are being merciful - you know I'm going to need to mouth free if I'm to stand any hope of passing the next test.

Buzzing fills the room as you switch the wand on and immediate spin the dial to high. My eyes widen at the sudden intensity; a total overload of sensation I'm unaccustomed to because you always start slow and build me up to this. Not today. Today I'm victim to whatever you throw at me and I know as you walk away and pause at the door, before you even say it,what this game is...

"No cumming slut!"

Nooner (part 3)

Desperation fills me as I panic and struggle to accept this task you've given me. There's no way I can avoid cumming with this wand strapped tight to my pussy. The head of the wand is so large it spreads my pussy lips wide and covers everything - there's no escaping the powerful vibrations that resonate deep into my core.

My tired tight body aches and there's no release or let up from it. The only comfort - all be it small - is that with the chain removed from my mouth I am free to make as much noise as I like.

I take a deep breath and try to relax my body as I exhale. Immediately the vibrations overwhelm me and I tense up, already on edge, and whimper my frustrations. A bad idea! Tensing my body has pushed my clit even further against the head of the wand and sensing the pressure the stupid clever wand goes into overdrive, pounding at my pussy like a jackhammer.

I scream out as the muscles inside my pussy start to contract in the beginnings of an orgasm and frantically do the only thing I can think of to distract me from cumming; I reach my head over and with my teeth take the chain back into my mouth and tug hard. Pain floods my body, sparking through me like an electric current and it momentarily distracts me from my quivering pussy.

As I relax with deep breaths, I can't help but feel a small sense of pride; I didn't fail!

My sense of joy is short lived however as my awareness comes back to the pounding in my pussy. The wand is relentless - it demands satisfaction and it will only be happy with my failure. Tied up, spread eagled, with aching sore nipples, there is nothing for me to do but focus on the sensation between my legs.

I feel my orgasm begin to build: my muscles tense and my already impossibly tight body pulls even tauter. Goosebumps break out across my skin. My breathing becomes shallow and ragged. A light sheen of sweat covers my skin and glistens in the light. I try to breathe through it. I bite my lip as a distraction. I hold my breath. Nothing works and as I feel the tingling sensation give way to a burning in the soles of my feet I know I'm an absolute goner.

Every moment is like a message from you being driven home to me: you own me. Even when you're not here, I am yours and my orgasms are yours.

This knowledge sends me hurtling over the edge down into the abyss below as my orgasm tears through my body from toe to tip and explodes like fireworks before my eyes. A wild cry is torn from my lips and I sob uncontrollably at the release and shame of letting you down as the relentless wand that doesn't quit continues to drive my orgasm on and on.

My muscles weaken and I collapse into the mattress and cry. Even my orgasm mocks me by refusing to quit. I've never cum this long or hard before and I'm utterly miserable with it. I have failed you. I disobeyed a direct order not to cum. I know that even if by some miracle you didn't hear my scream of agonising ecstasy, there's no way I can hide my deceit from you: I'm lying in a puddle of my own cum - it's everywhere - the scent of me fills the room and my body just won't quit. I'm twitching and writhing as much as the bonds will let me and I can feel my treacherous body building for another release.

In all of this, I didn't even notice you in the doorway watching me with a smile on your face.

As the wand suddenly stops I'm alerted to your presence. I open my tear-filled eyes to find you towering over me, the plug to the wand in your hand and an absolute murderous expression on your face.

I gulp and try to shy away from the blow I know is coming.

Instead, you reach over and undo my bonds. You tenderly kiss my forehead as you sweep a lock of hair from my sweat soaked forehead. You cradle me in your arms for a moment before laying me back on the bed, face down this time.

I allow myself to relax for a moment, somewhat soothed by your ministrations but at the same time, something inside me is not fooled and remains on edge.

You gently stretch my body back out into a wide 'X' shape and I know better than to resist. It's when you're quietly gentle like this that I know you're more deadly than ever. The bonds lock back into place with a snap that signals I am to be punished for my disobedience.

Your hands roam my body, stroking and gently slapping. I know what you're doing - prepping me for the pain that is to come. You move my hair over one shoulder and tilt my face to the side so that you can see my reactions. You warm my flesh gently from my neck down to the backs of my knees and are most thorough with the warm rounded globes of my ass. You sharply dig your nails into my ass as you growl in my ear:

"You are suck a fucking whore! What a useless sub - you can't even follow the simplest of commands" I whimper with shame as you continue "I had planned to introduce you to this new toy slowly, gently, but now you are going to feel the full force of its sting. And you should know that it is going to be especially hard for me to restrain myself and not strip your skin with my wrath!"

I instantly feel a crushing sense of guilt - not only have I caused you to punish me, I've also forced you to need to restrain yourself with me as you do.

You move away and I hear the whoosh of air moving - I have a split second to register this alien sound - then pain like I have never experienced erupts like a scalding fire spreading over my ass.

I scream out in agony and you sigh "I haven't even started yet slut, so shut up and suck it up!"

Afternoon Agony (part 4)

I barely register your words as my mind and body try to cope with what you've just thrown at me. I have no idea what that was but I have no desire to feel it again!

As the pain quietens I come to realise that the point of impact was long and narrow - it spreads the whole width of my ass but is thin. Not a crop or a paddle then. The pain is sharp - whatever it is has a savage bite - and lasting.

I open my eyes to see your weapon of choice: a long lethal-looking cane.

My eyes widen in shock that you would choose such a harsh weapon for my punishment - I've never experienced anything like it before and up until now I've always considered canes to be a hard limit.

I draw in a shaky breath and begin to say "or-" when another agonising burst of pain shoots through my body and the safe word dies on my lips as it transforms into a tormented howl. The pain fires from the back of my thighs this time. You fist my hair and yank my head right back so I'm looking at you.

"Oh no you don't! Don't you dare say you're reaching your limit on me slut - I haven't even started yet! Do one thing right for me and take this like the good whore you're supposed to me! You're always to desperate to cum. Did you enjoy yourself? Was your release everything you needed?" I miserably shake my head. "That's because I own you. I own your body and your orgasms. You might not realise it, but your body does. And even though you couldn't help cumming, you took no pleasure from it because I didn't say you could!"

You're right of course. And the realisation only hightens my shame; it was all for nothing - it wasn't even worth it for this punishment or disappointing you. I know that I won't be able to enjoy cunning without your approval again.

You continue to cane me from my shoulders to my thighs. When I try to jerk away, I receive a stinging blow to the soles of my feet. I'm an absolute wreck and tears are streaming down my face. I've got the hiccups from sobbing so much and I'm so exhausted that I can't even scream or cry out anymore. My skin burns and in the mirror opposite I can see bright red stripes zigzag across my body from thigh to neck. Large red welts have formed on my ass where you've been especially brutal and I know that sitting is going to be impossible for a while.

"OrangeOrangeOrange!" I scream out in one breath as the next hit becomes more than I can bear.

You immediately stop and release my feet. Then, you order me onto my knees - spread wide. You push them further apart, pulling my hips back and pressing my back down so my ass is presented up to you. Like this, my pussy is presented clearly to you and I wonder if you're going to fuck me in my favourite position.

"I know you're near your limit, and you've done well. I'm proud of you, you've taken this punishment like a true submissive. Do you think you can takes another three strikes for me? I promise I'll release you and fuck you then."

Your words start to mend some of the damage to my self-worth and I nod sadly, desperate to please you. You kiss my forehead with reverence and murmur those blessed words to me: "good girl".

Fire erupts across my pussy as you strike it rapidly with the cane twice. It's so unexpected that I cry out in shock but before I can register what's happening you hit my pussy again and this time a moan tears free from my lips. If I didn't know better I would have thought that sounded like a moan of pleasure! My pussy is throbbing from the force of your strikes and I can't help but think that it's a different kind of warmth - of pain - to the previous strokes.

Within seconds you've released me and I'm cradled in your arms as you lay me on the floor on my tender back. You push my legs wide but gently press them back to the floor when I try to raise my knees. You clasp you arms together around the foot of the bed frame, pulled tight above my head.

"This is nearly the end of your punishment. I am going to fuck you." The cold, detached, clinical way you describe what is about to happen to me makes me wet and turns me on, even though I know it shouldn't. "I will not be gentle. This is for my pleasure, not yours. I shouldn't have to remind you but, my little pain slut, I think you enjoyed that pussy caning a little too much, so I will repeat: do NOT cum." An evil smirk follows but I'm distracted by the way your fingers and circling my clit relentlessly. "Keep every part of your body flat to the ground. If you haven't worked it out yet, you soon will!"

With that you slam into me with such force that my entire body shoots up towards the bed frame and a new kind of pain detonates throughout me. A strangled cry bursts free from my lips and I understand your sadistic smile now - your hard, relentless fucking is going to chafe and rub the wounds on my behind! Carpet burn is a killer at the best of times but I fear this is going to be unbearable!

As I struggle to cope with your intention, all thought is forced from my mind as you slam into me again, bringing my full attention back to you - like it should be! I gasp and struggle to get my breath as you pick up the pace and begin to really let me have it!
The pain, the heat, the burning, is indescribable and I want nothing more than to cry out 'red' - but I don't. Two things stop me: the look of pure joy on your face that tells me this is a dream come true for you, and they knowledge and acceptance that I deserve, want and need to be punished by you. As I give in to this realisation I embrace the pain as my apology to you. I promise myself that I won't fail you again, or that if I do, I will accept your punishment with grace and gratitude.

Suddenly you pull out and flip me over onto my front. Within moments I feel your hot cum hit my back. I feel it splash on the curves of my ass and thighs and I know you are pumping every last drop out. It stings. The saltiness of your cum is like rubbing salt into open wounds and I cry - giant heaving sobs that show how broken I am.

"You understand, don't you? Why I pulled out? You know that you didn't earn the right for me to cum in your pussy. You took your caning well I know, but this isn't what I wanted for us today and you had to be punished. I'm going for a shower now and for the final part of your punishment I want you to lie there and think about what you did and what you've learnt today."

Aftercare (bonus sequel)

I'm laid exactly where you left me on the floor but I've curled up into a tight ball. Stretching my back in this position causes your dried cum to crack and pull at the wounds on my back and I welcome the additional pain as I sob as though my heart is breaking.

I don't cry over the pain.

I don't even notice your return until I'm gently scooped off the floor into your arms as you sit on the bed with me cradled in your lap. You rock me slightly and stroke my hair whilst making nonsense soothing noises.

Your tenderness makes me cry harder.

"Look at me" your command makes me bury my face further into your chest. I am awash with shame. "Look at me" you repeat and this time I hear the steel in your voice - you soften it with a silky caress but I know you're not to be ignored.

Reluctantly, I quiet my sobs and raise my eyes to meet you; seeing nothing but tenderness and concern there makes me drop my gaze again and squirm. You run your fingers down my face and under my chin so that you can slowly lift my head back up. Once your eyes meet mine I'm trapped; I can't look away from you no matter how much I want to.

"Why are you crying? Is it the pain?" Gentle words fall from your lips once again and I shake my head. "Then why?"

"Because I failed you!" The words fall from my lips as I break down in tears again, awash with the shame of having let you down. I do not bear my guilt lightly and although I cannot bury my shame away as you hold my chin firmly in place, I can allow my gaze to break from yours as I drop my eyes in defeat.

I feel, rather than hear, as you give a light chuckle and press your lips to my temple in the tenderest of kisses.

"My dear, dear, silly girl. Don't you realise that there was no way you could have passed that test? If you had survived that round, I would have just come up with another to push you to your limit. There's no way you were walking away from this with any other outcome. I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to introduce you to the cane. You did well. In fact, I'm impressed you lasted as long as you did with the wand - I don't know why that surprises me, you always impress me and exceed my expectations by beautiful slut"

"Then why-"

"Why did I play this game? Why not just take the cane to your perfect silky skin? Because I can, slut, because I can. Because I enjoyed every minute of today. Because you've never been more beautiful to me than you are right now girl: tear stained; streaked with last night's makeup; covered in my cum; & wearing stripes of honour that show me the depth of your bravery and love for me. I do this because I love to see you completely broken and at my mercy - not because I'm a sadist - although I clearly am - but because it is the mark of your complete and utter devotion to me. A gift from you that I don't take lightly"

With your speech, accompanied by the gentlest of strokes to my hair, face, body, I am soothed. Your words are punctuated with the sweetest of kisses and my tears have all but dried up.

"That's better my sweet slut. Now, I've run you a bath and I am going to bathe you. We need to make sure that your wounds are clean and well tended to. I'm not going to lie, it is going to hurt baby. But know that I'll take no pleasure from this, only from caring for you. And then I'm going to get to work doing what I love the most; taking this broken devoted doll who has more than shown her love and devotion to me, and I'm going to take my time worshipping her perfect body so that I can build her back up into the smart, sassy, confident woman I fell in love with."

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