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The sound of glass shattering echoed throughout the house. Melodie paused just inside the front door and listened carefully. More glass shattered causing her to jump and flinch. She listened hard for his voice, any voice, but all she heard was the tinkle of glass hitting tile. Taking a deep breath, she cautiously walked across the living room to the archway opening into the kitchen-cum-dining room. A crystal goblet flew across the archway. Melodie ducked. When she realized she was trembling, she stopped and sternly told herself to be buck up. No one would dare hurt her, not when it meant facing the wrath of her Guardian.

Settling her nerves, Melodie peered around the archway just as a crystal plate sailed across the room and smashed against the far wall. Kit stood, legs braced, arm cocked, with another crystal goblet poised to throw. Tears streamed down her face. Gulping air as though she were drowning, she hurled the goblet through the air and grabbed the bar in front of her. Bending over, head resting on the edge of the bar, her whole body shook as silent sobs wracked her slender frame.

Melodie wanted to rush to her friend's side, but first she had to make sure he was gone and bolt the front door. She doubted he was around, but knowing how he liked his drink and drugs, she thought it best to make sure. He could be too drunk or doped up to hear the glass shattering, but with him, one never knew. That was only one of the many reasons why she hated him and had been trying to get Kit away from here. No one deserved to live with a man like that, not even the queen of evil herself – well maybe her, but definitely no one else! Slipping quickly, quietly through the house, Melodie checked each room carefully, then returned to the front door, locking the knob and the deadbolt then sliding the heavy-duty chains through their slots. No one would make it past the front door without practically tearing it down first; and, with that much warning, she could get Kit away first.

Walking back to the archway, she paused just in time to avoid being hit by a flying plate that smashed against the wall just the other side of the archway. Eyes wide, she looked toward the bar. Kit was still sobbing silently. Melodie walked over to her and gently touched her on the arm.

"Sweetie," her voice soft with concern, "it will be okay."

"No!" Kit screamed, jerking away from Melodie. "It will never be okay again!" Snatching a cup, she hurled it past Melodie sending it crashing into the refrigerator. "That s.o.b..." sobbing uncontrollably now, her body curled in on itself until she lay on her side, knees drawn up to her chest, arms crushing them against her breasts.

Before she crumpled, Melodie caught a quick glance at Kit's face and gasped. Kneeling hastily, she drew Kit's head into her lap and brushed the hair from Kit's face. Crooning softly, she rocked back and forth, softly, gently, stroking Kit's long red tresses. It was as if a damn had burst. Kit's tears were no longer silent. She mewled and whimpered with every breath, gulping air, holding it – only to have it expelled forcibly with the next sob. Her entire body shook with the force of her weeping. Melodie just held her, crooned, rocked, and stroked her hair. She had no idea what had happened to cause her friend to break like this, but she did know that she needed help getting her out of the house and to safety. Without stopping her ministrations, she used her free hand to reach into her purse and found her phone. Glancing at the phone, she pushed a series of buttons, then slipped the phone back into her purse. It beeped once as she released it, telling her that her message had been delivered and acknowledged. Sighing softly, she placed her hand on Kit's shoulder and waited.


Kit's cries had died down to mostly hiccupping sobs, although her body was still tightly curled, when Melodie heard her phone beep once, and immediately after, the front door crashing against the chains.

"You fucking bitch! You better open this door now. You hear me!" His voice pierced her like hot skewers and she felt Kit draw up even tighter. "No one locks me out of my own house. You hear me slut! Open ... this ... damn ... door ... NOW!" She almost missed the soft knock on the back door; his screaming and cursing were so loud. Sighing with relief, she gently laid Kit's head on the tile and stood. Shaking the kinks from her legs, she walked to the back door, peeked though the tiny window and seeing Matt unlocked and opened the door.

"We better move fast. Joel said it looks like he's grabbing tools from his van, and I don't want to be in here when he finally gets that door open." Matt spoke softly but his tone was urgent.

Nodding, Melodie quickly grabbed her purse. Matt hurried over to Kit and bending, gathered her into his arms and carefully stood. Looking at Melodie, one eyebrow raised, he waited. Melodie glanced around and saw a suitcase by the laundry room door. Grabbing it, she nodded and followed Matt out the back door. Joel waited at the bottom of the steps as poised and steady as a panther on a hunt. With a soft cry, Melodie rushed down the steps and into his arms. Only then did she release the tears she had been holding back.

Joel stroked her back and whispered softly into her ear. Nodding, she stepped back and wiped the tears from her face. Joel gave her a quick, encouraging smile, then turned and led the way to the back gate. Melodie slipped her hand into his and walked quickly to keep up with his long strides. Matt followed with Kit held safely in his arms. At the back gate, Joel stooped and swept up a pair of bolt cutters from the ground just outside the opening. Hooking a finger into the gate handle, he waited until Matt and Kit were through before closing the gate and replacing the lock. It wouldn't ever lock again, but it did hold the gate closed and no one looking out the back windows would know it had been cut. Hopefully it would buy them some time.

While Joel latched the gate, Melodie opened the back door of the jeep and tossed the suitcase over the backseat into the cargo area. Then she slid in and moved over, motioning Matt to put Kit in the back with her. Matt laid Kit on the back seat and as soon as he released her, she curled up tightly again. Melodie lifted Kit's head, settled it into her lap and resumed her crooning and stroking. Matt locked the door and swung it shut, taking his seat up front just as Joel slipped in behind the wheel.

"Everyone set?" he asked. Glancing into the rearview mirror, he caught Melodie's eye and smiled softly when she nodded.

"All set," Matt replied. "Let's get the hell out of here before he decides to try the back way."

Shifting into first, Joel nodded and pulled out into the alley. Matt glanced back once when they reached the main road, then leaned over and clicked the radio on. Scanning the stations, he found one, playing classical music, and turned the volume up just enough to send the music streaming softly throughout the jeep. No one spoke as Joel drove through the congested rush hour traffic. Melodie, knowing it would take a couple of hours to reach the cottage, shifted until she was comfortable enough for the long ride.


Night had fallen, filling the sky with twinkling lights and a bright full moon, but, even though she stared out the window, she saw none of the night's beauty. Her gaze unfocused, she remembered a day similar to this one – was it almost a year already – it seemed like ages ago...

~*~*~*~*~ ~*~*~*~*~

Gritting her teeth, she walked through the room toward the door.

"And where do you think you're going bitch?" he asked her his tone calm and even.

"I'm going home," she told him firmly. "If you want to stop me – fine, but sooner or later I will go out that door. Either dead or alive. It doesn't matter to me." She stopped and locked eyes with him. "You don't own me. And... I will never submit to you." That said, she continued toward the front door.

"Oh, but I do... and you will -" His voice cut off sharply as the front door opened. A man and a woman walked in, the man stopped a few feet from the door, but the woman continued into the living room, where she stopped and shook her head.

"Someone's been a very bad girl," she said, eyes raking over the woman walking toward the door. She reached out to the woman.

"Pearl..." The man leaning casually against the wall, her Master, shook his head and she stepped back and began to disrobe.

"The slut should know better than to disobey," Pearl muttered under her breath as she slipped her dress off.

Master watched the woman, waiting until she was almost to the door, the in a few rapid strides, reached her side and grabbed her arm. She wrenched her arm free, leaving him holding nothing but the silk robe she had wrapped around her body when he had finally untied her. Stumbling to her left was all that kept him from grabbing her again, but it placed her in reach of the other man just to the side of her; she stumbled again, and Joel reached out and steadied her. Holding her arm gently he saw her back and was shocked to see the condition she was in. 'It's a wonder she can even move,' he thought to himself. Master nodded his thanks to Joel and reached for his new slave, but Joel shook his head and stopped him.

"What's going on here?" Joel asked.

"I'm leaving here. I'm going home," she told Joel, cutting Master off as he began to speak. "He does not own me. I have not submitted to him – and – I never will. I am going home."

Joel could feel her trembling and knew something was seriously wrong. Releasing her arm, he told her, "Go wait by my car outside. I'll take you home. It's the red mustang." As he spoke, he could see Adam's face turning red and he stepped between him and the woman. "Go on. I will be there shortly," he told her firmly.

Once he heard the door open then close, he locked eyes with Adam and told him, "I don't know what happened here this weekend, but you know that forcing women is not consensual. Hell, if word gets out..." Joel's voice was shaking, he was so angry. "This is not(!) right and I will(!) report it. Trust me!"

"Go ahead. You think I care what a bunch of pussies like you think? You think anyone will take the word of a slut over mine?"

The disgust and arrogance in Adam's voice as he spoke made it clear to Joel there was nothing left to be said. Without another word, he turned on his heel and left. Striding down the steps, he saw the woman waiting by his car. Muttering, growling beneath his breath he went to the trunk, unlocked it and removed a soft fluffy blanket. Slamming the trunk closed he walked around the car and gently draped the blanket over the woman's shoulders, turning her as he did to wrap her completely. When she turned, he saw her face clearly for the first time, then he saw the front of her body. Shocked, he stood for a moment, knuckles turning white where he gripped the blanket, and just stared. 'Oh my god,' he thought, 'this is worse than I thought.'

Briskly, yet gently, he wrapped her in the blanket; then helped her into the front seat of his car. He watched as she sighed and gingerly sat back in the seat. Joel tucked the blanket in around her, then glanced at her face again. She had closed her eyes and rested her head on the headrest. Her face was a mass of welts, some with open cuts; and bruises, a few yellow and brown others blue-black and purple; and her left eye was swollen almost shut and already turning black. Shaking his head, he locked the door and gently closed it. Going around the car, he opened his door and glanced once at the house they had just left. Growling softly, he slid in behind the wheel and started the car.

Pulling into the street, he reached into the console and took out a cell phone. "Is there anyone you need to call?" he asked her.

"Yes please," she replied softly. Taking the phone he held out to her, she dialed a number and spoke, "Hi... Mark? Yes... it's me... yes... I'm all right. I'm on my way home now." When she paused, Joel glanced at her and saw tears sliding down her cheeks. "Yes... you can reach me at this number until I get home." She looked at Joel and he nodded. "No... just tell her I'll be there soon. Yes... I know, but I would rather not... not right now." Sighing she listened for a moment longer, "Yes, I understand. Okay." Snapping the phone closed, she let it and her hand rest in her lap as she leaned back again and closed her eyes. "Thank you." Her voice was so soft and full of tears that Joel almost pulled over to hold her.

"You're welcome," he told her gently. "Do you want to talk about it?" He glanced at her and saw the tears now streaming down her cheeks. "We have a ways to go before we get back to town, and it might help to talk it out." He saw her nod slightly just before he focused on the road again. After a long couple of minutes, she began her story.

"We met online a few months ago and began talking. He never told me he was in the lifestyle, and I never told him I was. We were just two people getting to know one another. Last week he suggested we meet somewhere and have dinner. So, we worked out the details and met at Ruby Tuesdays for drinks and dinner. He was pleasant, friendly and funny. It seemed like we had been meeting for weeks, not for the first time.

"When we were finally ready to leave, it was after closing time. He suggested an evening drive so we could continue talking. I told him that was fine with me and made my safe call to let them know what was going on. We took his car, since he would be doing the driving. I had no idea he wanted to take me to his place. We drove around town for a bit, then parked on the beach and just sat and talked for a while longer.

"It must have been about two or three in the morning before I realized how late it had gotten. We really seemed to hit it off. He seemed like such a nice guy..." sighing she paused and wiped the tears from her face. "It had been a while since I was with anyone and I guess I let my hormones take over. When he suggested we go back to his house and have another drink, I agreed." She stopped again and wiped her face. Seeing her looking around, he opened the console and handed her a few of the napkins he kept there. "Thank you," she told him softly, and blew her nose. Leaning her head back, she cried quietly for several minutes.

Before she could continue, the phone in her lap rang. Picking it up she looked at the caller id, then flipped it open and answered it. "Yes... yes... I have the phone in my hand. I'm not letting go of it until I'm home again. Okay... I guess.... Okay, I will." She closed the phone and set it back in her lap. "My son-in-law... checking the number. He's furious, but I can't tell him what happened." Crying harder, she covered her face with both hands, muffling her voice. "They don't know that I'm in the life. They won't understand. Oh god, what am I going to tell them." The agony and shame in her voice pierced Joel like a sword.

"Tell them the truth. You were tricked, kidnapped, beaten and raped."

"I was tricked!" She shuddered, wiped her face again, and blew her nose. "When we got to his house, he walked in before me and held the door. As I walked into the living room, he closed and locked the door, then told me to take my clothes off. His tone was so different; at first, all I could do was stare at him. Then I told him I needed to use the phone. He wanted to know why, so I told him I had to make a safe call or they would call the police. He just laughed.

"Once I realized he was not going to give me a phone, I started walking for the door. He wanted to know where I thought I was going. I told him – I was going home – even if I had to walk the whole way. He snapped at me and told me to wait, he would get the phone, but by now, I was scared and kept walking. Before I reached the door, he jerked me back and thrust a phone and an envelope at me. Thank you – I told him – but I'm still going home.

"No you're not – he told me – I'm sorry I was so gruff; I didn't mean to scare you. Please, call and tell them where you are and that you'll be home in the morning. I promise I will take you home as soon as you wake up. And he held out the phone and envelope again.

"Realizing he meant what he said about not letting me go, I figured I better call so at least someone would know where to come and look for me. I took the phone and envelope and saw it was an electric bill. So, I called Mark and asked if the number was on the caller id. When he said yes, I opened the bill and read the address and name off to him. Told him I would be spending the night and would call him in the morning when I got up to let him know I was heading home. He wrote it all down and read it back to me.

"When I hung up, that man, Robert, grabbed the phone and tossed it on a table. Then he told me to undress and stepped back to watch me. I knew I wasn't going anywhere and figured if I cooperated, he would relax and I could sneak out later." She laughed sourly through her tears. "Boy was I wrong. Had I any idea what he had planned I would have fought him tooth and nail. But I didn't and now I'm paying for it. As soon as I was naked, he grabbed me and dragged me upstairs. When I saw the room, his dungeon, I was terrified, but I was also so pissed off I jerked away from him and tried to run out. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me off my feet. I tried to get free, but he was stronger and ready for it.

"Before I could do much of anything, he had me cuffed to a chain in the ceiling. I had just managed to get back to my feet when he hit a button and the chain moved up and yanked me off my feet." She stopped and wiped away the tears. Staring out the side window, she continued. "From that moment until right before you walked in, he kept me tied and chained. This afternoon he released me, gave me that robe, and told me I was going to fix his lunch. As soon as I got down stairs, I headed for the door. I had made up my mind, either I was walking out that door, or he was going to kill me. He'd have to kill me to stop me from leaving." Her voice was hard and cold. "I was ready to die."

"Well I'm glad I came in when I did then," Joel told her. "I'd hate to see a pretty woman like you die."

"Pretty?" she shot back. "I don't need a mirror to tell me what I look like. I can feel the bruises and ... everything." Shaking her head violently, "I'm as far from pretty as anyone can get and still be alive. No! Don't lie to me. I'm not pretty! I never will be!" As she finished speaking, her voice broke and she curled up sobbing uncontrollably.

As Joel pulled over to the side of the road, the phone rang. She grabbed it and answered. "Yes... No, I'm just upset. Yes, I'm still on my way home. ...I'll be okay; I just need to get home... I'll be here. Okay..."

Joel waited until she put the phone down, then pulled her into his arms and held her. He sat there holding her and watching the traffic, waiting for her to calm down. 'He's going to pay for this,' he thought. 'If it's the last thing I do, I will make sure he pays.' When her sobbing died down some, he set her back in the seat and, reaching across her, pulled a lever tilting the seat back so she could lie down. He watched as she curled up on her side, still crying softly. After tucking the blanket in around her, he gently caressed her face, brushing her hair off her face and tucking it behind her ear.

"Get some rest. I'll wake you when we get back into town," he told her gently. "Just rest. You're safe now." Caressing her face tenderly with the back of his fingers, he waited until she relaxed and sighed, settling deeper into the blanket and seat. After a few more minutes, he turned back to the steering wheel and put the car into gear. Slowly he pulled back onto the road when it was clear and continued back to town.
Melodie roused when the car stopped. A quick look at Kit told her Kit was sleeping now. Gently, trying not to wake her, she opened her door and slipped out. Easing the door shut, she sighed and leaned against the car crying quietly. Joel took her shoulders and turned her around, wrapped his arms about her and whispered. "Shh... It's over now. Everything will be okay." He felt her trembling and held her tighter for a long moment. "Come on little girl, let's get you into the house and changed." When she nodded, he swept her off her feet and carried her into the house.

Setting her on her feet in the master bedroom, he told her, "You get changed. Put on the rose gown for me." She smiled and nodded. Knowing this had brought back the past, he cupped her face with his hands and caught her eyes. "You are home," he told her firmly. "You are mine and you are safe. I will always keep you safe." The tears glittering in her eyes fell, flowed over her cheeks, and were caught by his thumbs. Wiping away the tears, he caught her lips and ravished her mouth with his kiss, reminding her of who he was. She responded immediately, her hands pulling him closer.

Drinking deeply of her mouth, he tasted her thoroughly before releasing her. She swayed on her feet, light-headed and breathless. His eyes raked over her, taking in her glittering eyes, wide – pupils dilated with desire; the pulse in her throat throbbing as her heart beat rapidly, her nipples, swollen – hard, pushing against the fabric of her shirt. Grinning, he flicked each nipple and chuckled when she gasped and arched her back for more. "Later little minx." He turned her and swatted her hard on the ass. "Go get changed."

Glancing back over her shoulder, she moved toward the closet. He chuckled again when he saw her face and the blush blooming in her cheeks, and laughed when it darkened. Even after all these months, she had not lost her shyness or forgotten how to blush. He watched as she unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off. Her nipples poked proudly through the holes in her bra. He could feel his cock throbbing and ached to take her right then, right there; but first he had to see to Kit.

Turning on his heel, he walked down the hall to the guest room. Matt had laid Kit on the bed. She was sleeping. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Joel brushed the hair off her face and winced. Lifting her shirt, he examined her pale flesh. She was bruised and there were a few welts, but nothing that time would not heal. Pulling her shirt back down, he grabbed the blanket lying at the foot of the bed and shook it open, letting it drift softly, gently down over Kit's sleeping form.


Matt handed him a drink as soon as he entered the living room.

"Thanks," Joel told him, taking the glass.

"No problem. You want me to stay for a while?" Matt asked.

"If you don't mind. This brought back some painful memories for Melodie and I need to concentrate on her for a bit."

"Sure... anything to help. I've nothing planned for this weekend so I can stay and help if you like."

"That would be great. Kit's in much better shape physically than Melodie was when I found her, but emotionally, mentally... I don't know. At least Kit knows you, so that's one less worry." Joel sighed and sipped his drink.

"Okay then... I'm going to get a bite to eat. You want anything?"

"No... No thanks. I'll get something later."

Matt nodded and went into the kitchen. Joel refreshed his drink and took it out to the patio. Sitting on the swing, he leaned back and closed his eyes, remembering...

~*~*~*~*~ ~*~*~*~*~

The drive back to town took about an hour and a half, plenty of time to think. Picking up the phone, Joel made a quick call then put the phone back by her hand. With a deep, resigned sigh, he flipped on his blinker and turned at the next road. A few turns later, he pulled into a driveway and pressed a button on his visor. The garage door rolled open and he drove in and parked. Pressing the button again, he opened his door, climbed out, and walked around the car. Opening the passenger door, Joel gently lifted her from the seat and pushed the door shut with his knee.

Walking to the door in the corner of the garage, he shifted his burden and opened the door. She whimpered softly, but did not wake. He carried her to the master bedroom and laid her gently on the bed. Brushing the hair back from her face, he placed a soft kiss on her temple and whispered, "You're safe now. Sleep well kitten."

Leaving the door open so he could hear if she woke up, he went to the living room and fixed a drink. Slowly sipping the drink, he paced back and forth thinking. As he was fixing his second drink, the cell phone rang. Grabbing it up quickly, he answered. "Hello? Yes, she's here – but she's finally sleeping and I don't want to wake her. ... No, she's safe. I think it best you come here first. No... she's not all right, but she will be. She's in pretty bad shape. I suggest you leave your wife at home and come alone. .... Yes... Okay." He rattled off his name, address and home number then hung up.

"Well that's the first step," he muttered to himself. A knock on the front door interrupted his muttering. Swiftly, he went to door and seeing who it was, opened it and stepped back. "Thanks for coming Doc," he said, greeting the older man who walked in with a handshake and smile. "She's in the master bedroom, and she's in pretty bad shape."

Doc hefted his bag, "If I don't have it here, I'll call Susie and get her to bring it over."

Nodding, Joel led him to the master bedroom. She had rolled over into the center of the bed and the blanket now lay only beneath her. Joel walked around the bed and sat on the corner by her head. Reaching out he brushed the hair from her face. Doc walked to the side of the bed, and, staring down at the woman before him, frowned.

"Who the hell..." he asked?

Joel could hear the anger in his voice and answered, "Adam!" Startled, Doc stared at Joel, not quite believing. Joel nodded. "Yes! It was Adam. I picked her up at his house."

"Oh my god," Doc whispered. "Have you told the others?"

"Not yet, we just got here and I wanted her taken care of first. Her son-in-law is on his way here now. He has no idea what's been done to her."

Nodding, Doc set his bag on the nightstand and opened it. "Well, let's make sure this little lady is ready for him when he gets here." Reaching into the bag, he drew out a syringe and a small bottle. Plunging the needle into the bottle, he measured the liquid carefully. "First, I'm going to sedate her. She's obviously been hurt enough, and I don't want my examination to make her suffer anymore than she already has." Sitting on the edge of the bed, he swabbed her arm then injected the sedative. "Give it about ten minutes and she won't feel a thing." Doc disposed of the syringe then began laying out instruments, bandages, and salves. "Can you get your camera for me? You're going to need pictures to show the others." Doc sighed. "And the police will want them too."

Joel nodded and left, returning a couple of minutes later. He handed his digital camera to Doc. "Will this one work?"

Doc took it, checked the buttons, peered through the lens, and nodded. "This will do fine." He looked at Joel. "Lights?"

Joel walked to a panel on the wall and pushed buttons. As he did, light bloomed in each corner of the room. Four spotlights directed their beams straight onto the bed – highlighted the battered body lying on the bed.

Without another word, Doc went to work. Several minutes later, after taking pictures enough pictures to properly document the abuse, he set the camera down and helped Joel gently turn her over. His eyes hardened, jaw clenched shut so hard Joel could hear Doc's teeth grinding. Silently, Doc continued snapping pictures. By the time he finished and set the camera aside, his face looked carved from stone, his jaw still tight, his eyes flint-grey; but his hands were gentle as they straightened each limb and examined the her body.

The sound of their breathing seemed loud in the quiet room. The sound of clinking metal brought Joel back from his thoughts and he looked at Doc. "Doc...?" Looking up, Doc answered his unspoken question.

"She'll recover, but there will be scars. Most will fade over time, but anyone looking closely will know she's been severely used." Joel nodded and continued stroking her hair.

"You do what you can to fix her body," he said softly, "I'll do what I can to fix her heart and mind." His voice hardened. "No one will ever use her like that again." His emerald-green eyes darkened with emotion.

Doc watched Joel for a minute then started to speak, but the doorbell cut off what he started to say. Joel glanced at Doc, "I'll be right back. That's probably Mark, her son-in-law." Doc nodded and went back to work.

Answering the door, Joel sighed, thinking 'I should have known he would bring the police.' "Come in, you must be Mark."

"Where is she?" Mark demanded, walking through the doorway and straight into the living room.

Joel waited until the officer and another young man had entered then closed the door and replied, "She's in the master bedroom. Dr. Lyons is examining and treating her now."

"Doctor! What the hell happened? What's wrong with her? What do mean treating her?"

Without a word, Joel led them to the master bedroom and stepped inside. He could hear her soft whimpers as Doc stitched shut the worst of the cuts on her back.

"Oh god... Mom!" The younger man rushed to the bed and reached out, then stopped. It was evident that he wanted to touch her, hold her, but did not know where he could touch her without hurting her.

Sighing, Doc tied off the stitch, then set the needle and thread down on a sterile towel. "Okay, everyone out." He put a hand on the young man's shoulder and led him to the door, shooing the others out ahead of him. "Too much ruckus and you'll wake her." He herded them all back to the living room. "I don't want her waking up until I'm done."

Motioning everyone to take a seat, he went to bar and fixed two drinks, then handed one to each of the visitors. Looking at the officer he asked, "Can I get you something? Water? Coffee?"

"No thank you," the officer shook his head. "Just explain what happened. How did she get in that condition? Who did that to her?"

Joel began talking as he fixed a drink for himself. He quickly explained how he found her walking down a road outside town, stopped to see if he could help, then put her in his car and gave her his cell phone. Looking at Mark, the older of the two men, he continued his story, telling how she had fallen asleep shortly after talking to Mark. Told how he realized she needed medical help, but had promised not to take her to a hospital or call the police, so, he called Dr. Lyons, a friend, and arranged for Doc to meet him here. It was a short, succinct story with the bare facts.

When he finished, Doc spoke up before anyone could respond and explained his findings. He told them she had several broken ribs, her left thigh seemed to be broken and her right forearm. She had multiple cuts, bruises, burns, and had been brutally raped, vaginally and anally. When he saw the officer shift, he picked up the bag he had brought out the bedroom with him and handed it to the officer. "I did a rape kit. I knew you would want one."

Turning back to the other men, he continued, "She's been hurt bad and for now I have her sedated. I want to finish as much as I can before it wears off. So if you'll excuse me..." The shock on both faces and the tears on the younger man's cheeks worried him, but he knew Joel would take care of them. The girl needed him more, so he nodded to both men and left the room.

A long while later, Joel rejoined him in the bedroom. "That was harder than I thought it would be." Sighing he returned to the bed and ran his fingers through her hair. "But I convinced them that she was better off here. Reassured them they could check on her whenever they want. Mark's more concerned for her mental and emotional state. Apparently she has a history of abuse and depression."

"Why didn't you tell them about Adam?"

"Because it's his word against hers, and she doesn't need the heartache of going through that. We will take care of him. ... and I'll have him watched. The next time he picks up someone and tries it again, the police will be called. Caught in the act, it will be hard for him to dodge the law and he will (!) go to jail."

Doc nodded. "I called Susie and told her to meet us at the office. I need to get x-rays so I can set the breaks. She's going to need splints until she's healed enough for a full casts." Doc looked at Joel. "You realize she is going to need round the clock care for several weeks."

"Yes, I know. Luckily I'm still on sabbatical, so I can be here with her."

"When do you go back to work?"

"I have seven months left."

"Are you sure? Really sure?" he asked. "You don't know her. This could be a big mistake," he cautioned Joel.

"I know her well enough," Joel answered. "She talked for a while before she fell asleep – and – psychiatrists learn to read people really well."

"Ok," Doc nodded, "let me give her another shot then we can move her. Take her to the office and get those x-rays."

~*~*~*~*~ ~*~*~*~*~

Melodie changed quickly then went and sat by Kit. As she sat stroking Kit's hair, she thought about what she had to do this week. Thanksgiving was only a few days away, and she had so much to give thanks for this year. Everyone was spending the day with their families, but Master Joel had agreed to let her have a Thanksgiving party Saturday, and invited all their closest friends and companions. Having Kit here could only make things better. For the first time in long time, all the people she cared about were safe and well. Well, except for Kit, but by this weekend, even Kit would be feeling better – and – she would be safe.

Sighing, Melodie kissed Kit softly no the temple, tucked her in, and went to look for Joel. Ever since the day he had saved her, she thought of him as her 'Guardian', and while he was her Master, first and foremost, he was her Guardian. She planned to show him, and those who had helped him help her, just how much they all meant to her and exactly how grateful she was. That was the reason she asked Master Joel if she could have a party. Now that Kit was here, she would keep her too busy to brood, and who knows, she might even find someone at the party to help her forget the slime she had been living with.

Entering the living room, she saw Matt eating and watching a movie on the big screen. "Matt... Sir... do you know where Master is?" she asked him.

"I think he's on the patio," Matt replied without looking at her. "He might be hungry by now." Matt glanced at her and whistled. "Probably very hungry." He continued with a wicked grin. Melodie blushed at his implication and he chuckled, motioning her to come and stand in front of him. "Very nice!" he told her, and it sounded almost as if he were purring. His eyes burned over her flesh, deepening the blush his comment has produced. She stood straight and proud, just as Master had taught her, hands at her side, shoulders back. She could feel her nipples harden beneath the sheer rose fabric, and blushed even harder when his eyes found the shadow between her legs.

Matt quirked an eyebrow at her and waited. Feeling the heat of her blush from face to toes now, she shifted her stance, spreading her legs shoulder width apart. She could feel the moisture between her legs growing. Matt grinned, enjoying her discomfort. He knew she was getting hotter and wetter with every passing moment; her shivering and trembling gave her away every time. The sheer, full-length gown hid none of her charms, only enhanced them. The tight, A-line bodice barely contained her full breasts, pushing them together and creating a deep, enticing cleavage. The gown was cleverly designed to support, enhance and reveal.

Standing, Matt trailed a finger down her neck and into her cleavage, pulling the neckline down as he did, until her luscious breasts threatened to come completely free. Removing his finger, the neckline moved back up a little, but not much. "Much better," he murmured. She was visibly shaking now. Matt walked around her, rested his hand on her hip and admired the softly rounded bottom outlined by the sheer fabric. Rubbing the back of his hand over one cheek, he asked her, "Do you think this needs warming up before you serve your Master?"

"Umm... I..." she stammered, unsure what to say.

"Bend over. Hands flat on the ground," he commanded.

Trembling, she did as he commanded, spreading her legs even wider to keep her balance as she placed her palms flat on the floor. Her breath came in soft gasps as she readied herself for what she thought was coming. Then she felt him lift the gown and shuddered as it fell over her head, baring her back and ass for his inspection. Embarrassed by the wetness of her pussy, she prayed he would not notice. But – Matt not only noticed, he grinned in delight at her readiness.

Running his fingers over her back, down the crease between her cheeks, and into her wet opening, he thrust three fingers hard and violently into her. Gasping, she pushed back against his fingers and moaned, then blushed again when she heard him chuckle.

"You like this don't you?" he asked. "Joel is so lucky to have a hot little minx like you to service him and his friends." He placed his other hand on her lower back to steady her, then started working his fingers deeper. Adding a fourth, he continued thrusting his fingers in and out her opening, stretching her and making her groan and whimper. "You want my fist don't you slut?" he asked, adding his thumb.

"Oh god, yes Sir..." she replied, whimpering, moaning and pushing back against his hand. "Please..." she begged, squirming.

"Not yet." He pulled his hand away and smacked her left cheek, grinning when she groaned, then squealed when his hand landed hard on her bottom. "This pretty ass needs to be warmed up first." Holding her steady with one hand, he applied his other hand, wet with her juices, to each cheek, spanking every inch of her bottom until it turned deep red and became hot to the touch. Her squeals quickly became moans as he found his rhythm. Plunging his fingers deep into her sex again, he grinned when he felt her muscles tighten and heard her breath catch. She wanted to release, but he never said she could, so she fought to hold it back.

Testing her limits, he fucked his fingers in and out, working his whole hand inside her now dripping opening. She moaned louder and thrust back against his hand, her body begging for more. When he felt her tense up, he pulled away and started spanking her bottom again. Screaming softly, she squirmed and panted, trying to hold back her release, but as he continued punishing her tender bottom, she lost control. Sobbing, every muscle tense, head spinning, her body fell into a hard orgasm. Matt, realizing he had pushed her over the limit, increased the strength of his blows, ignoring the stinging in his own hand. He kept landing blows until he felt her body relax, then wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her up against his chest.

Smoothing her hair back from her face with one hand, he caressed her hot ass with the other. "You are such a naughty little girl," he whispered. "No one said you could cum."

"Yes Sir – I am very bad," she replied, sobbing against his chest. "Please Sir... forgive me. I tried to hold it back."

"Shh... It's okay little one. I know you tried. I pushed you on purpose." Matt kissed her on the temple. "I wanted you to cum – and – cum hard. You have pleased me." He smoothed the gown down over her hips. "Now... go fix your Master some dinner and feed him."
"Yes Sir," she said, nodding and stepping aback. Wiping the tears from her face, she smiled softly at him, then reached up and kissed him tenderly on the corner of his mouth. "Thank you Sir," she whispered.

"You're welcome," he told her, "now scat." Turning her around he smacked her once more on the ass to send her on her way.

Squealing and giggling, she scampered for the kitchen.


Joel sat swinging, still deep in thought, when she walked out onto the patio. Setting the tray down on the patio table, she walked over and knelt at his feet.

"Master?..." she spoke softly, almost afraid to bother him. "I've fixed something for you to eat. Would you like me to fix you a fresh drink?"

Sighing, Joel looked down at her and smiled. "Please..." he answered, handing her his glass. Gracefully she rose, took the glass, and walked to the door. "Fix one for yourself too little girl," he told her.

"Yes Master." Smiling softly, she walked through the door and returned minutes later with two glasses. Handing her Master one, she settled gracefully at his feet again, sighing with contentment when she felt his fingers in her hair.

"Thank you Master."

"For..." He glanced down at her, smiling when he saw her glowing smile.

"For coming when I called, and helping with Kit Sir."

"I told you once that I would always come if you needed me, did I not?"

"Yes Sir... but I still want to thank you."

"Okay minx. You're welcome." He chuckled when she blushed. Minx was her pet name, and she knew when he used it, what he wanted.

Rising up straight on her knees, she reached for his belt. Opening the belt, then his pants, she reached inside and drew him gently out. He was so hard, so thick, her mouth watered. She lowered her head, and took him between her hot, moist lips. He set his glass down, then gathered her hair into a tail and used it to guide her, keeping her from taking him completely into her eager mouth. When she felt his cool fingers on her cheek, she glanced up into his eyes. Holding her eyes with his, he thrust hard and fast into her mouth, groaning as he felt her throat opening up to accept him. She was so beautiful like this. He knew he could not wait long, but wanted to make it last as long as possible.

Using both hands to hold her head, he stood. His eyes never left hers as he slowly, but firmly began to stroke in and out of her mouth. He could feel her tongue tasting him, teasing him, and his grip tightened. 'Oh god... what a beautiful mouth she has,' he thought. He plunged deeper and felt her gag reflex kick in; her throat convulsed around him and he couldn't wait any longer. Holding her head tightly in both hands, he fucked her mouth, going deep into her throat with each stroke. Tears filled her eyes, and he felt his cock jump. 'Not long now', he thought. Her tears always drove him over the edge. Growling softly, he thrust deeply and pulled out slowly, feeling his seed seeping out, filling her mouth. She swallowed and he lost control, squirting cum hard against the back of her throat. Swirling her tongue around him, she swallowed every drop. Her eyes closed and she gently licked him clean as his grip relaxed.

Sighing, he slowly pulled away from her lips, and lifted her to her feet. Kissing her deeply, he tasted himself, and groaned again. Ravishing her mouth, he pulled her close, marking her lips with his desire. Moaning, she submitted to his desire, gave herself completely over to him. When he felt her trembling, he broke the kiss and looked deep into her eyes. The trust filling her eyes amazed him, just as it did every time he saw it. After all she had been through, that she could still trust, and trust him as she did, was the most marvelous thing.


Humming, Melodie set the last plate on the table, stepped back and admired her handiwork. Nodding her head, she thought, 'Master will be pleased.' The past week had been busy and filled with hectic activity as she prepared for her party, serviced her Guardian and Matt, and helped Kit find her feet emotionally.

Thinking of Kit and Matt brought a smile to her face. Her wish that Kit find someone good for her had come true. She and Matt had connected the moment she saw him. When Sunday came, and Matt had prepared to head home for the week, Kit broke down and begged him not to go. So, Matt tied her up, spanked her thoroughly, and left her begging for release while he ran home and grabbed what he would need for a week away from home.

Upon his return, he released Kit and made her kneel naked in the living room in front of everyone. Then he told her what his rules were, waited while she thought them over, and then accepted her promise to serve and obey. She cried when he placed the leather collar around her neck, and from that day forward, had kept her promises. Melodie knew it would take time for Kit to recover completely, but now she was safe and with someone who would help her heal.

"Anything I can do to help?" Kit laughed when Melodie jumped. "What were you thinking about?" she asked teasingly.

"No... and you," Melodie replied, sticking out her tongue.

"What about me?"

"I was just thinking of how happy I am that you are here." Melodie hugged Kit. "That's all... I promise."

"Oh... okay," Kit answered. "But that better be the truth." She eyed Melodie sternly.

Melodie crossed her heart with her fingers. "Promise."

"Okay. If I can't help, what am I supposed to do?"

"Go get dressed. Everyone will be arriving soon." Melodie shooed her out of the dining room.

Laughing and making faces at Melodie, Kit left and went to her room. Taking a deep breath, Melodie looked around, checked everything, and then went to her room to get ready. Master Joel had bought her a new gown just for today and she was eager to try it on. Slipping out of the long t-shirt, the only clothing she was allowed except for her gowns, she tossed it into the hamper and turned on the shower. After a long hot shower, she shaved carefully, then checked her reflection in the mirror. Satisfied with the results, she went to work on her hair and face, no hair spray and light make-up, made quick work.

Finally ready, she retrieved the new gown and opened the carrying bag carefully. Her breath caught when she saw the dark plum colored gown. It looked similar to her rose gown, but with a much lower bodice. The sleeves were long and full and there were two skirts, the bottom one so sheer it was almost invisible, the top one a dark plum, equally sheer. The neckline and hemlines were all worked with silver thread. Looking closer, she realized the design was silver chains looped and layered on top each other. "Oh my..." she whispered softly.

Eagerly, she slipped the gown free and over her head. Pulling the bodice down and adjusting her breasts within it, she realized the silver design added weight to the sheer fabric. Tying the bodice ribbon tightly behind her, she blushed when her breasts surged up and almost out of the top. Mumbling about decency, she fixed the bodice then ran to the mirror. Twirling around, she watched the hems lift slightly and knew if she twirled harder, they would lift higher. Giggling, she ran to show Kit her new dress.

Pausing outside the door, she watched as Kit slipped her own dress on. Kit's was almost like hers, but where hers was full and flowing, Kit's was slinky, fitting snuggly to every curve. Also, Kit's was a deep emerald green, a perfect foil for her beautiful red hair and green eyes. Kit smoothed her hands down over her curves, obviously delighted with her gown.

"You are so beautiful." Melodie's voice was husky with unshed tears. Turning, Kit blushed then whistled when she saw Melodie.

"You're pretty fabulous looking yourself," she told Melodie.

Before Melodie could answer, the doorbell rang.


The evening was going perfectly. Everyone loved the food; the chuckles and blushes that her sexy appetizers produced were priceless. Deviled eggs decorated with red hots and nipple jewelry were the first to go. The cocktail sausages complete with olives for ball sacks and wrapped in red licorice lips were also a big hit. All of her mouth-watering tidbits were made to look like some toy or body part and decorated with some new plaything. Only now, hours later were people relaxing with full stomachs, and a handful of new toys to play with.

When Master Joel nodded, Melodie turned the overhead lights off, leaving only the softly glowing lamps and candles to light the room. Then she went and turned the CD player on. While she set the room up, and the guests settled down into their chairs, Joel retrieved his special bag and set it by his chair just to the side of the fireplace. Matt added a couple of logs to the fire, and made sure it was burning brightly, then he took his seat with Kit nestled at his feet.

"First," Joel began speaking, "let me thank each of you for coming." He smiled gently at Melodie, standing in the center of the room. "Melodie asked for this party and when she told me why, I could not refuse her. This is her first Thanksgiving with me, and her first since I rescued her. She told me she wanted to make it a special day and thank everyone who helped her and us over the past few months." Joel paused and looked at each person. "Tonight... she is going to demonstrate her thankfulness completely and thoroughly with her service." Catching Melodie's eye, he continued, "tonight she will do anything and everything asked of her." Joel smiled when she shivered. He had already warned her that this would not be an easy task, but she had refused to back down. Looking at his guests again, he finished his little speech. "She is yours, for your use. Please use her as often and as fully as you like."

As he finished speaking, the music rolled softly out into the room and Melodie began dancing. The bells on her wrists and ankles chimed and sang out with every step. She shivered and twirled slowly, dancing sensuously to the music. Master Joel had selected the music, but had not told her what he chose nor allowed her to practice with it, so she was unprepared when the beat picked up. Recovering quickly, her movements kept pace with the music. As her dance brought her closer to Master Joel, he reached out and tapped her with his riding crop. Startled, she turned and saw him nod. Knowing what he wanted, she danced back to the center of the room just as the music changed again. The music, now with a slow, sensual beat, was perfect for the strip tease she had been told she was to do.

Reaching behind her back with both hands, she untied the ribbon, breathing deeply, pushing her full breasts up until they threatened to spill out completely. Shoulders moving in time with the music loosened the gown even more, it slipped from her shoulders, revealing soft rounded shoulders and pale back to one side of the room, and luscious full breasts with hard pointed nipples to the other side. The dance continued and her body swayed and swirled with its beat as the gown flowed down freeing her arms and resting about her hips. Reaching up she ran her fingers through her hair, lifting it from her back. Her back arched, offering her breasts to the light and the music. Eyes closed, she danced, languidly showing off her body and her desires. The crack of the whip was almost no warning at all, but she managed not to flinch as it landed full on her left nipple. The smack of the crop on her right nipple left her gasping for air, but she kept dancing.

Hands behind her head, holding her hair away from her face and back, she danced while Joel and his guests teased her body with whips, crops and canes. Blows fell, most in time with the music, as she writhed and moaned, offering her body the only way she knew how – freely and completely. Lost in the pain, pleasure and music, she never knew who pulled her gown down past her hips, but the cool air only had moments to caress her naked body before instruments of pleasure and pain began heating her pale flesh. The music changed again, and as the tempo picked up, so did the blows. Some were very painful, causing her to gasp and cry out, while others were more pleasurable, making her moan and squirm. Soon she was lost deep in sub-space. Eyes closed, hands locked behind her head, she submitted to every touch.

Joel knew the moment she submitted and was ready for her. Taking her hands, he cuffed her quickly and attached the cuffs to a chain that had been lowered right above her. Doc cuffed her ankles and attached the cross bar as she was lifted up into the air. Swinging lightly, toes barely touching the floor, she surrendered - head back, throat bare. Joel twisted her hair up and pinned it off her neck, then blindfolded her. Stepping back, he motioned everyone to continue. As the whips, canes, and crops struck her tender flesh; her voice sang its passionate desire. Whimpers and moans filled the room as each guest took a turn whipping and lashing her pale flesh.

Neck to ankles, front to back, she was slowly marked with stripes and welts. When a cane landed hard across both nipples, she screamed and shuddered, begging for more. The more she begged, the more they gave her. Then the blow her body had been waiting for landed – smacked on her clit by a crop, she tensed, then convulsed and came. As her juices flowed, the blows landed harder and faster. Someone had pulled out the leather straps and paddles. Screaming and pleading, whimpering, crying, she accepted everything.

After being forced to climax several times, she felt a mouth on her throbbing clit and fingers probing her wet pussy. Arching her back, she begged for more, and felt the fingers become a hand. As the pressure became too much, she bit her lip and tried to relax, but the tongue on her clit kept forcing her muscles to tighten. Finally, searing, burning pain made her shriek and she felt the hand slip all the way in. Fisted, licked, whipped, she screamed and writhed, sweat poured down her body, the salty liquid burning as it found open cuts to pool in. She felt teeth on her nipples, and hands on her ass and hips, pulling her back, opening her up so she could take the hard cock deep in her rear. As he plunged swiftly and deeply into her tender rear, she screamed again and sobs shook her body, but she never once said stop.

Eventually she was lowered and placed on hands and knees so everyone could take a turn. Throughout the night, she was moved, repositioned and used in every imaginable way. Her breasts were tied and tortured. She was laid on a table and tied spread eagle so her pussy, clit and breasts could be tortured and whipped. Each of the ten guests had their turn with her, used her, tortured her and pleasured her. Matt executed the pièce de résistance as he tied her hand and foot to separate chairs and teased her battered, bruised flesh with his knives. The rough nap of the carpet beneath her belly and breasts only added to the exquisite torture. When he flipped her over to continue his artistry on her front side, she begged to be allowed to release, begged him to take her. With a wicked grin, he asked her, "what will you do if I let you, make you cum?"

"Anything Sir... please!" She groaned and pleaded.

"Anything?" he asked softly, dangerously.

"Yes!" she screamed.

Looking around, he picked two men, and asked them if they would help him. Hearing his plan, they grinned with delight and agreed to help. Matt returned to her side and untied her, set her on her knees and tied her hands behind her back.

Sam, a big black man in his late thirties, knelt behind her. His nine-inch cock, almost as thick as her wrist, was rock hard again. Lifting her hips, he positioned her bottom over his throbbing shaft and held her there, letting her feel just the tip against her anus so she would know where he was going. She whimpered. Her bottom was so tender, she didn't know if she could do this, but she had agreed and refused to go back on her word.

Doc knelt in front of her, dipping his long thick fingers into her wet pussy. She groaned when he used his thumb on her clit, and tried to push against him, but Sam held her firmly where she was. Doc was in heaven. He had been eyeing this sweet piece all night, wanting to do this, but holding back because most women could not take his fist without tearing wide open. Seeing how she had been used, he knew she would take him now, though it would still hurt and stretch her badly.

Matt took his place in front of her, holding her head firmly between his hands. Nodding for the others to begin, he waited, watched her face as Sam drove her hips down and impaled her bottom on his thick cock. When she screamed Matt thrust his cock hard and deep into her throat, cutting off her scream and groaning as her throat convulsed around him. While Sam was piercing her and Matt filled her mouth, Doc worked four fingers deep inside her and tickled her clit making her muscles tense. He knew it would make it more painful for her, not being able to relax her muscles, but that was what Matt wanted, so he continued.

Only when Sam nodded, letting him know that she was relaxing and accepting him, did Doc stop teasing her clit and add his thumb to her opening. As she tensed again and tried to scream, he worked his hand back and forth, twisting and pushing until with a final push his hand popped into her pussy. Balling his hand into a fist, he nodded and they began fucking her in unison. Wild with pain and need, she whimpered and mewled around Matt's cock, and squirmed and wiggled on Sam's cock and Doc's hand. She had the three biggest men in her openings and each was ready for a long, intense ride.

Pain – excruciating, intense, sweet pain flooded her whole body and sent her soaring deep, deep into sub-space. Within minutes her body was shaking and tensing as she released hard, but each kept up their pace and soon she was in the throes of multiple unending orgasms. They rode out each one, taking her higher and deeper, watching her body, her face, fascinated by her body and its reactions. She took it all; they could tell by her whimpers and movements, when she wanted - needed - more and they gave it to her. Forcing her body to accept more and more pain, they punished and raped her – and – she loved every minute of it.

The rest of the guest gathered around them, reaching out to touch, pinch, bite and taste her. All the hands, mouths and cocks using her sent her spiraling higher and higher. Then Doc pulled his balled fist from her sodden pussy and she gushed, twisting and fighting the hands holding her. Slamming her hips down on Sam, she felt his cock explode just as Matt exploded in her mouth. Swallowing hard and twisting her bottom she milked both men until they were dry. Then she felt Doc's fist against her opening and spread her legs wider, trusting, accepting and submitting, and as Matt pulled out of her mouth, Doc rammed his fist through her opening and she screamed and released.


The next thing she knew, she was lying on a soft blanket and somebody – several somebodies – were bathing her tender flesh with cool cloths. Sighing she opened her eyes and saw everyone smiling at her. Those who were not bathing her were rinsing the cloths and returning them to those who were. Everyone, all the guests were helping to clean her tortured flesh. Once she was clean, they helped her stand and lotion was applied to every inch of her body. Shivering, shaking, all she could do was sob and hold tightly to those holding her. After the lotion was rubbed in, they wrapped her in a soft blanket and Master Joel swept her up into his arms. Each guest kissed her and thanked her for the beautiful service. Drained and exhausted, she could only nod and smile. When each had thanked her, Master Joel carried her to bed and tucked her in.
"You did good little one," Master whispered softly. "Everyone is very pleased and satisfied. I'm proud of you."

"It was my pleasure Master," she replied as her eyes drifted shut.

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