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BDSM erotica stories about bondage
A Day of Waiting – How long can he wait? A Practicum of Self Control

Author's Note: Most of the BDSM stories simply don't worry about partners and their feelings, selfishness is not loving. This story is one that embraces the Kinky without losing love.

It is a romantic tale of a man who is dominate and submissive at the same time. I hope you can see love in this story. I do hope you enjoy the tale. All characters are of course purely fictional.

Sam had planned this day for quite some time. It had been difficult not to tip off his wife that something different was going to happen today. There sex last night had been wild and passionate but that was because He knew it would be a long day ahead of him. He was going to wait for his orgasm longer than he ever had before. Today was going to be HER day.

She was sleeping still. He had turned off the alarm clock, actually he had unplugged it. He knew he would wake when the sun hit the house but she would sleep.

He carefully slipped out of the bed. He was so nervous and horney.

Physically he wanted to Jack-off just thinking about the day.

He hurried, distracting himself with breakfast.

Eggs, fruit, juice, coffee. He hurried down to the laundry room and got a serving tray he had hid there days ago. He lit the candles in the bathroom that he had placed there late last night.

Then he ran to the front door, covering himself with a bathrobe, YES! The florist had delivered the rose.

Oh it had cost him a bundle for a 7am delivery. He had to bribe the florist AND the truck delivery. The monetary cost was huge but it would be worth it just to see the look on her face.

He quickly changed to silk boxers. His dick stood out

The touch of the silk against him tormented him, and he loved it.

It took all his willpower not to stoke himself right then and there.

He hurried into the bedroom before he lost his nerve.

Gently he laid the tray on the nightstand next to the bed.

She smelled the coffee.

"Huh?" She said a bit groggily.

He smiled; he wanted to remember that look.

Only a husband would see her as beautiful. Her flannel night gown was wrinkled her hair all over the place.

Suddenly she sat up a terrified look in her eyes.

"Oh my God, What time is it?"

"its okay, hun."

"What? Where's the damn alarm clock?! I don't want to be late for work!"

"Hun." He barked at her. "You're not going to be late." He said soothingly.

He had expected this reaction from her; it was part of the surprise.

He had planned this on a work day so that she would have no clue.

He had talked to her boss last week and requested the day off for her.

"Look, I brought you breakfast."

"Oh, sweet, you shouldn't have. And a flower too? How you do that?"

He was not going to reveal that secret till the bill came, hopefully she would remember today when she saw exactly how much that one flower cost.

"Today's a special day honey. Today is your day, its all about you."

"What are you talking about Sam?"

This was it this was the moment he had been waiting and praying for.

"Hun you are not going to be late because you have the day off today."

She started to protest.

"I took care of everything, I made sure you had no major projects due and a temp will be handling your work load today."

The sparkle he had been waiting appeared in her eyes.

"You sly dog. How dare you not tell me."

She reached up and pinched him lovingly.

"You have the whole day off and I am all yours today". He said with a smile

Butterflies still churned in his stomach, there was no going back now.

He was going to wait longer than he ever had before, no matter how much it hurt. Or perhaps because he enjoyed the pain of waiting.

"Well come on, hope in bed, I can see your ready."

His bulge was clearly visible.

Here was the tricky part, He was in control of the day but he was giving the day as a gift to her.

"Let's start with breakfast first? Shall we?"

"I'd like to start with your sausage please, she said with a smile."

O God this is going to be harder than I thought, he said to himself. She loved giving him head it turned her on as much as him.

"Please love, I want to wait. Today's all about you. Let me feed you breakfast, and then we will take a bath."

"Are you sure?" She said rubbing her hands across his silk boxers and his bulging member.

He almost broke down right there.

"Yes, it will be more fun this way."

"If you sure??" She said eying him hungrily and rubbing him just the way he loved it.

"Oh hun, .. Ahh, .. not now,.. little while" He could not even speak coherently he was so hot.

She stopped just in time.

"Well since you brought me flowers, I guess I can wait till our shower." She said with a smile.

Today was going to be a very, very long day.

"Here would you like some egg?" He said holding a spoon towards her.

"Love some!" She licked it erotically trying to tempt him.

He carefully fed her breakfast, when she protested he simply told her he wanted to love her special today.

"Now how about that shower?" she said.

"You horney hun?" He asked.

"Yes!" You really surprised me today."

"Oh I have a lot more in store. The day has just begun."

He was tempted to please her right then but, frankly, she could use a shower.

"Now follow me." He said as he pulled her out of bed and led her to the bathroom.

The candles were still burning and the scents now filled the bath room.

"OH! This is too much Sam." She said.

"No expense spared for you my love."

"Wow, this is romantic. And it's not even an anniversary."

Sam smiled. "I wanted to surprise you."

"Well you get full marks, from me babe."

Sam when over and turned on the tub faucet.

He knew full well his wife was enjoying looking at his hard ass bending over the tub. His dick throbbed.

"Hop in love." Sam motioned.

"What?" I thought we were going to take a shower together." She was a little disappointed.

""No, I said a bath you assumed I meant a shower. Now hop in please." He said as he poured scented bath oils in the water.

She stripped for him slowly exposing herself and removing the flannel night gown she wore.

She was magnificent.

He had long ago fallen in love with her and all of her curves. She was not a muscular athlete but she wasn't tremendously large either, just the right amount of padding.

She went out of her way to put her breasts in his face as she sat in the tub

He gave one a quick peck as she sat into the hot water.

He then quickly went over and turned on her favorite CD that she would sometimes play while they were making love.

He quickly walked back to her and began scrubbing her with two sponges.

"Mmmmm, that's nice hun."

He made sure to rub her nipples and near her pussy to stimulate her as he scrubbed her body.

"Oh my sweet, I want you bad." She said her eyes half closed.

That was his cue. He let the sponges drift in the tub and used his left had to play with a breast his right to play with her pussy and his mouth to suck on her other breast.

The cold porcelain of the outside of the tub pressing up against him helped him cool a little as he teased his wife just the way she liked.

"Oh, yes, aaaah, God I love you."

He let up with his mouth to give her a passionate kiss as he plunged his fingers inside her pussy. He thrust expertly keeping fingers on her clit as well as continuing to play with her pussy.

"ah, Ah Yes, Oh, LORD! Oh my Goddd!" She was thrashing in the water as the waves of her orgasm rolled over her. She was not much of a talker, it was obviously intense.

He picked up the sponges again and went back to soaping her. He was pressing his hard member against the porcelain; the cold hard surface was helping.

After a bit she said," Wow."

"That good huh?"

"Oh yaah, you know it." She was smiling

"You're done with your bath?" He asked

"Yes, thank you so much love that was great."

He started to let the water out of the tub.

"You not going to join me in here?" she asked wiggling her hips and breasts."

"Oh I am getting in the tub, but first you have to hop out."

"Aww. Well I can see you planned things so what next?"

He helped her step out of the tub. She took the opportunity to brush her pussy past his very stiff dick. She didn't know the tub had helped him cool off a small bit.

"All right, I'm going to take a shower." He said.

"Ooo I get to help rub you now?" She said coyly.

"Not yet, you need to stay there and watch." He answered as he stripped off his boxers and stood in the tub which still had a little warm water in it.

She looked puzzled.

"I am not sure I can behave myself with out having you here, besides you look so sexy naked."

She smiled.

He really wanted to fuck her right now, have her jump him in the shower.

He quickly turned on cool water. He hated cold, but he needed cool.

"Love, I'm getting cold out here." She said rubbing her breast. Water dripping off of her.

"I'll be done in a second." He replied.

He washed himself as quickly as he could his dick standing like a flag pole the entire time.

"Nice view though" His wife commented.

"It's all for you babe." He said what was really in his heart.

"I ready for you again babe." She said fingering her pussy, her nipples standing erect from the air.

That was unexpected. She must have gotten turned on by watching him shower.

He decided to improvise.

"Take a towel dry off, I'll follow you to the bed room." He told her lovingly.

He grabbed a towel, and dried himself off as quickly as he could.

Well he wanted to wait he might as well make it really difficult for himself.

He rapped the towel around himself and walked in the bedroom, his wife was sprawled naked on the bed, legs open.

"Come on love plunge in, its nice and wet here." She said jovially.

"Can you move to the edge of the bed, let you legs hang over?" He asked enjoying the view of his naked wife.

She purposefully bounced along the bed towards the edge.

Her breasts danced around as she wiggled down.

He pulled her a little more so her but was closer to the edge he the put both hands on her breasts to hold her to the bed and plunged his head between her legs and started licking.

She tasted fantastic, clean from the bath and yet her juices were flowing.

He didn't bother to tease or torment, he wanted her to orgasm as quickly as possible.

He didn't know if he would be able to refrain from plunging his dick into her.

She was so perfect tasting.

She struggled a little trying to sit up, but he pushed her down holding onto her breast fully with both hands

"Ahh, Hun, no, I want you inside me, please, Oh Hun, please fill me." She was panting.

He had her, and was in control and that made him want her even more. He felt the strain on his member, it hurt.

Yet he kept licking inside as well on the clit as fast as he was able.

He was routing for her in his mind, Come on Hun, you can do it, cum again for me babe please, I can't take much more of this.

"Sam, Ooo, oh, my, oh my, Please Sam, no, Oh inside me now Baby please oh, God."

She was starting to thrash about

"Oo, oo, Ahhhh, ooo"

He could taste her coming could feel her vagina pulsing, wave after wave of orgasm slamming into her body.

She twitched some more and then he raised his head up his mouth full of her cum, his dick jumping with pre-cum from his own excitement.

She was staring up at the ceiling her eyes semi-glazed.

"Oh baby, I don't think I can move" She said as he lay next to her, her body still twitching.

"I love you honey." He said to his sated wife, a smile on his face.

"I didn't know you could do that to me." She said after a moment looking at his face.

"I am glad to be your man." He said with a smile as she touched his face.

"I love you so much, I am so glad you're my man"

"Do you think you can get dressed?" He asked.

"Oh, love, give me a minute, I don't think I can stand right now."

He smiled at her and she kissed his cheek, and glanced down.

"Oh baby, I'm sorry." She said looking at his stiff member.

"Its okay, I'll be fine." He said smiling at her. " I told you today is your day."

"If your sure..."

He gave her a kiss on the head, "Yaah, I'm sure, now come on lets get you dressed."

"Hunh? Why we could lay in bed and make love all day long." She asked stroking his hair.

He didn't say what was on his mind, because Hun, I need to unload, and if I don't get out of the house I'll never make it.

"I have some more things in store for you today." He said.

"How did I ever get a man like you?" She asked

He kissed her again. And got off the bed. He reached into His draws and pulled out stockings, sheer black, that he had hid there. He rolled them up his wife's legs kissing them occasionally. These were unusual stocking that ran up the whole leg and had the frill at the top of the leg. They would brush her as she walked.

Now here is were I switch the tables a little, NOW I am going to make us BOTH wait till tonight.

Is it possible to be dominate and submissive at the same time? Sam was about to try.

Now the dress

It was a long dress going down past her knees but only half way to the ankle. The tailor had hemmed it up for him, It was his favorite color a rich blue with a slight V in the front but a very open back plunging almost to her ass. He took off the suit bag, He had stored it one of his men's suit bags to hide it.

"Here it is babe, I want you to wear this." He said flourishing the dress.

'It's beautiful!" She said standing up, she was still a bit unsteady, blood was slowly returning to her head.

He slid it on her making sure to grab her breasts along the way.

"Now I'm getting dressed, He put on a pair of regular men's briefs and gray dress paints with a light blue long sleeve shirt and black sneakers, he was going to be comfortable.

He knew his wife had only one pair of shoes to go with this outfit, a pair of med rise pumps. He didn't want her to uncomfortable he wanted to be sure she could walk so the stockings would brush her pussy. She didn't have a bra that would go with this dress. He had made sure of that.

"So what do you say?" Ready to hit the town?" He asked.

She was bending over going through her underwear drawer

"Hun." He said firmly.

"Yes sweet?" She said still rifling through her drawers.

"Even though its your day, I want you to try going without paties." He stated lovingly but firmly.

She looked up at him. "It's a bit nippy outside, you don't know what it feels like."

"I promise I will be keeping you warm, all day. We wont be outside long."

She debated it for a moment, but the rose was sitting there on top of her drawers.

"How about I bring a pair along with us? Will that be alright?" He asked.

"Oh okay, I guess it will be alright for a little bit." She answered.

He went to her drawer and grabbed a normal pair of white panties.

"I have to go to the toilet quick, I'll meet you at the car in just a minute, here are the keys you can go warm it up." He said as he hurried off to the bathroom.

He closed and locked the door, stripped off his pants and underwear, and put on her patties. They barely fit. He then slid his pants socks and shoes back on and ran out the door.

The only way she was getting them is if she stripped him naked. This was very unlikely.

He hopped in the driver seat, he usually drove the car.

"You cold hun?" He asked innocently.

"A little" She replied.

"Okay I'll warm you up, but you have to promise to keep me warm also."

"Okay" She said having no idea what Sam had in mind.

"You must grab my dick on the hour every hour and make sure its hard. Can you do that?" He asked.

She looked at him strangely. He had never asked her to do anything like this before.

"Please hun? I want you to know how much I want you and want to be inside you, I want you to know exactly how interested I am."

"Okay, I can do that." She said with a slight smile.

"I appreciate that, and its important to me that you know, but I a not going to remind you okay?"

She nodded.

"Let's see, it's 10:15 now, could you squeeze me now?"

She tentatively reached over. I was still as hard as a log, I probably had a bit of blue-ball by now.

"Oh Love, you so stiff." She said a bit sadly, she cared and knew it was probably a little painful.

It hurt like hell and I was loving it.

"Did that warm you up any? Knowing how much I want you?" I asked.

She brushed my hair and replied, " A Little"

I reached over to her and slid my hand up her dress.

"Hey! Were in the car!" She protested.

I didn't stop and put my hand on her pussy. "There is that better?"

"Sam, you're awful." She replied.

"But are you warmer?" I flicked her clit.

"Stop that!" I did, making sure to pull her dress down.

"You are incorrigible sometimes Sam."

"I know and you love it like that." Sam replied.

She smiled and we drove off to the mall.

Having her sitting next to me half naked all day was going to drive Sam crazy, of course that was the idea.

They arrived at the mall, Sam had picked a mall because of the long walks inside. This one had most of the stores still thriving. He wanted to let those stockings stoke her thighs.

It was hard to concentrate on driving, It was a good thing they were in the car, and He would have caved for sure and had an orgasm by now if they had stayed home.

They arrived at the mall at 10:50. Sam was sure to take a watch with him. He knew his wife, she was not going to grab him in public, which of course is why he had asked her to do it.

He parked a close to an entrance as he could, it was a weekday so they got a good spot.

She walked briskly in the cool air to get into the mall Sam walked behind her, no signs of discomfort from her yet.

They hurried inside.

After they passed into the major anchor store, full of clothes she slowed down.

"How are you hun? Cold?" Sam asked

"Yes a little, it's not as fun for me as it is for you." She replied

"I must admit I am enjoying it."

"How about we head over to the ladies department? I thought I'd take you shopping."

(with no underwear on Sam thought)

The women department is always on the first floor.

She was hesitant and then went over to the perfume department. She was lying with him as well, she knew full well he hated this part of the store but that was okay. He had time on his side.

She looked and dabbled and chose a perfume, it was an outrageous amount, Sam bought it with not a protest.

Actually she protested. "Sam that's expensive, you didn't have to buy it for me."

"That's okay my sweet, I want to show you how much I love you and make sure you remember this day."

Of course it took a while to find a sales associate and ring the purchase up. The cost was worth it because 11:15 flew by without her notice. He knew she had not taken his request seriously.

"Where to now my love?" He asked honestly.

"How about house wares?" She asked slightly excited.

The shopping for perfumes had made her less self conscious, and they had not walked far.

House wares were upstairs

She looked at chairs and pots and pans, then settled on a set of dishes at 11:45.

"Do you feel like lunch yet my Love?" Sam asked his wife.

"A little." She replied.

"Well we could head out for lunch or save some money and eat here." He said

"Oh, love I may have spent too much? It's okay if we eat here."

He had her now, the food court was almost on the other side of the mall.

This was the first long walk since they had been outside, and the cold had numbed her then, but not now, thinking about it made his dick hurt.

They walked slowly down past the shops, Sam made sure to swing by a big clock that read 12:07. He could tell there was a slight discomfort from the stockings but he was going to let her act.
He made sure they got in a bit of a line for their food and took his time ordering, sure enough the ticket read 12:17.

After they finished eating Sam asked as innocently as he could if they could split a coffee.

No panties in a public restroom, He got hard again. This was so much fun.

She dutifully drank the coffee and crème in it to make more to her liking, "No honey you can finish it, I'm fine" He said innocently.

Not to far away was a small waterfall, one of those decorative things they often have in malls. It would do

"Oh lets sit here a moment." Sam said trying hard to sound innocent.

It worked she spoke up, "Sam, I need a potty break."

"Okay hun, I could use one too." Sam replied

The bathrooms were not far, she didn't say anything, perhaps she had gotten so comfortable she forgot?

She went in, yes she had forgotten. Even with someone else in bathroom, Sam forced to relieve himself he was so hard, and there were her panties wrapped around his dick.

He washed up and headed out, as he suspected his wife was not out yet.

She came storming out of the rest room.

"Sam! Damn you, I forgot (he knew she had) and there I was, I had to stand! And the damn frills, they been bugging me all day."

"Oh honey, I am so sorry. I didn't mean to be difficult for you." Sam gave her his best apologetic face. (he actually was sorry, he did love her after all, but part of him enjoyed her discomfort)

"Well give me my, you know, and you can keep the stockings." She handed them back to him.

He was disappointed, He had hoped she would at least ask first.

Time to reveal his twisted kinky plan to her.

"Hun, I bought these stocking so that they would irritate you, it was to keep you hot today, I'm sorry it didn't work out as planned."

"All they did was scratch me, they were annoying. Sometimes I wonder about you Sam."

Sam sighed, he wondered about himself, well might as well let the other shoe drop.

"I brought your panties." Sam said.

"Well thank you for remembering." His wife replied.

"But didn't you forget something also?" Sam asked

"What? I don't think so." She replied.

"You have forgotten to grab me twice." He reminded her

"What, you were serious?" She said slightly shocked "You're so kinky Sam."

"Yes, well, see if you had grabbed me you might have realized I'm wearing your underwear. And I have been hard almost since we left the house."

"You poor Kinky Basterd." Then she laughed. "No wonder you had me wear those stupid stockings."

"Aww and you've been waiting this whole time for me to figure it out. Why didn't you tell me baby?" She asked.

Sam replied, "I told you this morning, I wanted to wait, and I wanted to give you a day you wouldn't forget."

She laughed again, "No way am I going to forget today love."

"Would you put the stockings back on for me?" Sam asked some what pleading.

"There scratchy, Why would I wear something so uncomfortable?" She asked

"Because I am uncomfortable too, that part of the fun of today, and when we make love to night,"

She slid next to him grabbing his still throbbing cock, Yes love?"

"We will both be sore and that's what makes it so much fun."

"Well after a morning like I had, Sam, what ever gets you on fire like this, I want to do it again. Just be careful with me when I'm sore."

"Yeah but see that's the fun for me waiting all day and then taking it slow and gentle with you."

"Lord you are twisted, and I love you for it."

Sam did finally get the orgasm he waited for so long.

He finally got to both lead and be the submissive and found that honesty and love can help open doors to a truly kinky relationship.

The end?

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