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Playtime slutty whores and bitches sexnovel
she knew the day was going to be special when He gave her the dress code for the day.

Flat, strappy sandals, a long flowing skirt, no panties, a semi-transparent strappy top, her open lace slipover, hair scraped back in a high ponytail and a little make-up. she dressed carefully, slipping into the soft chiffons and silks. Smoothing them and straightening them. Looking at herself in the mirror, turning this way and that, savouring the feel of the sensual materials against her already burning skin, anticipation coursing through her body.

The soft curves of her breasts were almost but not quite fully on show and the chiffon of the skirt floating about her long legs like the gossamer wings of a butterfly.

she bit her lower lip softly as she wondered what the day held for her. He’d been upstairs packing what looked like a picnic basket and she wondered what was in the basket. She knew that He would have packed the white silken cords and her two dildos but had no idea what else He had planned for the day.

she knew they were going for a drive out to the park and He had told her T/they were going to the woods so she knew an open-air fuck was in the offing, but other than that nothing. she walked down the stairs and sighed softly as the soft material lifted about her limbs, caressing her calves as she moved, the gentle movement lifting the skirt gently and she knew that more than a light breeze would lift the skirt to reveal her naked ass and shaved cunt and wondered what her neighbours would make of the view.

she locked the front door behind her and walked to the car, a little nervous, the soft breeze blowing the hem of the skirt up over her calves, very much aware that it was revealing the shapely legs to His view. Instinctively she pressed a long nailed hand down along her legs to hold the skirt against her only to look up and see Him standing by the car, smiling. The strappy top showing the gentle curves of her breasts with the dark circle of her nipples showing clearly through the material. She looked about her, still shy even after four years of being with Him, worrying what the neighbours would say if they saw her. He loved the shy side of her and made it very much part of T/their play to make her show herself, especially to Him. To have her kneel and spread her thighs wide, to bend at the waist and place her head to the floor, her hands clasped or cuffed behind her, her ass high in the air and her smooth pouty cunt lips peeping out at Him. She shuddered as she recalled the times He’d had her kneeling away from Him, the dildo buried deep in her ass, her hand holding it steady as she lowered herself down onto it’s length and felt a gentle flush creep over her skin.

she opened the car door and climbed in as gracefully as she could, tucking the length of the skirt carefully under her to avoid it creasing, but leaving enough of it to lie gently over her shapely thighs. she leaned back in the seat, not realising her breasts had been thrust forward, the nipples brushing the material and lifting them to stand out clearly.

T/they drove through city avoiding the traffic as best T/they could, His hand sliding up along her thighs gently tracing a finger over the soft, shaved cunt lips, pressing gently into the moist folds through the chiffon of her skirt, drawing a soft moan from her. she shifted in the seat and eased herself forward without thinking about it and she blushed at His soft low chuckle. The low voice whispering the word “Slut” under the sound of the radio.

The low voice came from the side of her head, telling her to lift the skirt and open her thighs. she did so without any hesitation and within seconds her thighs and cunt were open to the gentle breeze, His view and probing fingers.

Steering the car carefully out of the city, He made His way along the long narrow lanes all the time the fingers of one hand gently moving over her. her thighs opened instinctively to His delving fingers, one hand steering the car deftly in and out of the light traffic that was out on the roads that day. A soft moan escaped her mouth as a single finger slipped deep into the wet folds and into her tight cunt.

His finger slid out and slowly began to flick over the tiny hard nub of her clit, causing her to gasp out loud as a deep shudder ran through her. “Hold your cunt open slut,” came the command.

she moved her hands down to lie between her spread thighs, shuddering at His words and slid her fingers over the already wet lips and spread them gently open to Him.

The soft breeze flowing over her from the open window gave her a strange feeling as it hit her wet cunt, the cool breeze mixing with the wetness and causing an almost cold shock to hit her and she leaned back in her seat, closing her eyes, savouring the moment of soft pleasure she knew would come when He touched her again.

A sudden gasp of pain came from her mouth as His hand landed with a slap on her spread wide cunt, causing her fingers to slip and her thighs to close. “Open your thighs and spread that cunt slut,”

she whimpered softly as her fingers slipped back down to open the throbbing cunt once more and eased the tender lips open, the soft flesh throbbing now in the coolness of the car.

His fingers trailed over the soft folds and pushed inwards once more, stretching her open as He pushed two fingers into her. Slipping them in and out of her, then lifting them to her mouth. “Clean them,” came the command.

she moved her mouth forward and over the slick fingers, her tongue licking and lapping at the cunt juice covered fingers, tasting herself on Him. she closed her eyes slowly, savouring the taste of her own cunt. He drove in silence the rest of the journey and she sat with her thighs still spread as He had not told her to close them. Blushing furiously each time they passed through a village or town and stopped at the traffic lights, knowing that other drivers, especially those in trucks and lorries could see her sitting in the front seat. Her hands lay carefully in her lap now, but her thighs were still wide open and her naked, shaved cunt was on full view to anyone who cared to look into the car.

He was teasing her, telling her how He knew what men thought when they looked at her, telling her how sweet her pretty smooth cunt was, how He could smell her lust in the car, how He knew what the sight of a glistening cunt did to a man, how any man seeing her would go home, thinking about the half naked girl sitting in the front seat of a car, cunt shamelessly on view.

Pulling up in the half full car park of the Forest Walk, He helped her from the car, watching as the material of her skirt fell gently down over her limbs, knowing she was grateful of the covering. How could this beautiful slut think that having two children and being 42 made her less attractive to Him? If only she knew. her shyness was part of her attraction. The fact that He had total control over her, knowing she could refuse Him nothing made her sweeter for the taking. He revelled in her shyness even now. He loved to command her, knowing that the trying to overcome the shyness was humiliation enough for her and always took time to hold her, kiss her, sooth her and reassure her after He’d fucked that she was His world, His slut, His woman.

He took her hand and T/they walked a while along the well worn path. To the world T/they looked like a loving couple and indeed T/they were but in this coupling HE was very much the Alpha Male and she was very much His submissive. This afternoon He would have to search hard to find a deserted spot in order to play the way He wanted to. This walk was a popular tourist spot and while He had no objection to anyone watching them from afar or coming upon them unexpectedly, He had no desire to be arrested for having His slut on show.

Today, she was going to be tied, hung a little and touched. Maybe even spanked, the sound of skin on skin echoing round the glade He choose. He had been planning this for a while now and had no intention of rushing the afternoon. He was going to have her begging for release and for His cock before the day was out. Maybe He’d allow her to have His cum before T/they left the glade and have her sit in the back of the car, feet up on the seat, thighs spread wide, with her cum filled cunt on show. Maybe He’d make her wait until T/they got home. Have her hot and panting for His cock and cum. Have her squirming on her seat, feeling the heat of her slut cunt through her skirt all the way back. Maybe He’d allow her to touch herself, to cum in the car and then fill her slut flesh with His cock.

Pushing on through the woods, He wandered off the beaten track slightly and she followed wordlessly. He was talking all the time to her, telling her what He was going to do. How she was to be tied, to a tree, arms high above her, feet barely touching the ground, how her skirt would be removed, her body half exposed, how He would spank her till her ass glowed, how He would lick and touch her cunt and ass till she was begging for release, how He would take her down, maybe hogtie her and fuck her till she was full of cum. How He might make her wait until T/they got home before allowing her that delicious release she craved.

she hung her head wordlessly, blushing as His words washed over her, aware that already her cunt was moist and hot. her flesh on fire for Him. Oh how she loved this Man, her Master. How she loved His touch, craved it daily, needed it to survive. He stopped suddenly, causing her almost to walk into Him, her breath catching in her throat as she tried to stifle the thoughts running through her head.

Looking about the glade, her mouth was dry but her cunt seeping, her knees weak already, her breath a little ragged. The glade was silent, secluded but not completely private and she was aware that anyone who cared to wander off the path the way T/they had would stumble in and see T/them. she shuddered slightly as He took her gently by the arm and led her to the tree that stood out, almost as though it had been placed there on purpose for Him. Standing her under the tree, placing her hands behind her back, He walked over to the basket that sat on the soft green grass. He turned back to her carrying the two lengths of white cord and stood before her. He reached to her waist and began to tug at her skirt, pulling it slowly down over her hips and thighs, exposing her pale skin to the gentle breeze and gently commanded her to step out of it. she moaned softly as the soft breeze wafted over her now half naked body, very much aware now of His gaze in her body, her nipples already hard and pressing against the soft material of her clothing and whimpered as she stepped out of the skirt. He moved behind her and took hold of her wrists, gently pulling them backwards. Swiftly placing a single loop about them and tugging it tight, hearing her gasp in the silence.

He let the rope trail down onto the floor, watching her body sway against its length as it trailed down over her ass. Running His fingers long the rope, He slipped a hand between her thighs and softly slapped them open. He slid His hand between her thighs and eased a finger along her slit, smiling as His finger slid into her wet flesh. Smiling as He was rewarded with a low moan of desire from her mouth. Pushing the finger a little deeper, He lifted her ass a little higher and watched as she rose to her tiptoes. So she was trying to ease the heat in her cunt already was she? Well, He’s soon put paid to that.

He took her wrists and slipped the rope from them and watched as she looked over her shoulder quizzingly. Gasping softly as He took her arms and placed them above her head. He carefully roped them together, tugging them high as He threw the end of the rope over the low branch and began to slowly pull on it until she was standing on the very tips of her toes, almost swaying in the breeze. she bit back the low groan that threatened to escape her mouth and He smiled softly. Oh what a slut she was. Always trying to deny what she was and what she wanted but all the same T/they both knew how deep the need to serve and please Him was in her belly.

“Playtime my slutty whore.” came His voice close to her ear as His mouth moved across her skin almost burning her with it’s touch. He secured the rope tightly and walked slowly round to stand in front of her, looking at her half naked body, the pale skin, the shaved mound, her thighs slightly open, already the scent of her lust in His nostrils. His hand reached out to push up her top, and He watched her eyes follow His movements. His hand moved slowly and lazily over her breasts, brushing her aching nipples and swiftly pushed up the soft material, exposing her breasts to the same gentle breeze that caressed her lower body. His hands running over them, cupping them, caressing them, kneading them slowly.

His thumbs beginning to rub back and forth over her nipples, teasing them to hardness, tweaking them slowly, tugging them up and out holding them tight between His finger and thumb until she was gasping softly with the sweet pain. He watched with amusement as she tried to arch upwards to ease the pain and failed. Her body arching, her nipples pulled tight now, stretching her breasts into small pyramids, pulling and twisting harder now, watching the flush of excitement on her face, her tongue snaking out to lick her lips, the soft moan finally escaping her mouth.

“Oh you slut. You like that? You like the pain I give you?”

she could only nod, whimpering out a soft “Yes” as He pulled harder, forcing out a reply.

His hand suddenly released her nipples and He turned again to the basket, turning back holding a long black scarf and stood in front of her. Lifting it slowly, allowing it to slip over her skin, allowing the cool silk to caress her face, He wrapped it carefully round her eyes, blocking out the gentle sunshine that invaded the glade. Suddenly she was a little nervous. She couldn’t see, only hear Him and was not at all at ease with this.

she trusted Him implicitly but was still nervous all the same. T/they had done the blindfold scenes at home but this was out in the open and she held her breath as He tightened the silk scarf about her eyes. she heard Him moving about her, touching her here and there, His hand sliding over the curves of her body, dipping now and then between her thighs, into her wet cunt, shifting up and down her body, flicking her tender nipples, then back along her spine to slip into her cunt again chuckling as He felt the moisture there. Oh how He loved the wetness there. The tight hot hole that welcomed His fingers, tongue and cock. The heat as she engulfed Him each time He entered her, sinking into the softness that was His. The scent of her lust never failing to excite Him.

“SSSlut” came the soft hissing voice in her ear as He stood behind her. she turned her head this way and that trying to work out where He was. she heard Him moving round about her standing very still, trying to work out what He was doing. Her breath harsh even to her own ears.

she gasped as she felt His hands on her ankle, pulling it open and along the ground. she cried out as she felt Him tethering something to her ankle, feeling the ropes bite into her soft skin, the feel of a stick of some sort brushing against her and groaned as she realised what He was doing. Whimpering as her other ankle was grasped and pulled wide along the grass once more, the muscles of her thighs stretched as she struggled against the ropes that pulled her upright.

A spreader bar! From where? When had He bought it? She moaned softly as His hand slid up the insides of her now spread thighs, the muscles taut as she tried to stand up on her tip toes once more, the pull of the ropes causing her sides to ache, biting her lip as His hands slapped the soft naked skin softly. Groaning out loud as His fingers traced the soft, smooth, naked lips of her wet cunt and was unable to stop her low moan of “oh please” as His fingers dipped in and out of her lazily. His thumb rubbing her clit as His hand moved up and down. her soft mewing whimpers echoed round the silent glade as He played her body like a finely tuned violin.

she gasped again as another finger slipped in, then another one in quick succession. Three now filling her cunt, stretching her open. The fullness almost overwhelming as His fingers pushed in and out of her. He sank to His knees before her, watching as He opened His fingers wide and pressed inward. Taking in the sweet musk of her cunt as His fingers opened her wide to His gaze, her hips tilting towards each inward thrust. The three fingers growing slick already as her honey coated Him.

His voice floating up on the breeze to her ears. Telling her how beautiful her cunt was, how wet and slutty she was. How He could see her pretty smooth lips opening over His fingers, How He was going to love fucking her like the whore she was. How he was going to lower her, bend her over and fuck her ass till she begged for mercy. His voice and the slow thrusting of His fingers almost drove her over the edge as her body rocked back and forth, helping His fingers to fuck her. she groaned out loud as He began to turn and twist the driving fingers into her now, pushing deeper and faster. her hips moved back and forth as she tried desperately to steady her breathing. She shuddered deeply as His fingers continued to work her cunt, twisting this way and that, pushing in and out of her, stretching her open.

He stopped for a moment, bending close to her cunt, inhaling her scent and flicked out His tongue to catch her clit, watching her body jerk backwards, and then moved quickly forward to press onto His delving fingers. He chuckled softly at her body’s reaction, knowing that already she craved release as her tautly stretched muscles strained against the ropes and spreader bar. Standing, fingers still buried in her cunt, He bent His head to claim her mouth kissing her gently, feeling her face move to His. Slipping His fingers from her cunt, He lifted them and placed them between their mouths, tongues entwining, licking, lapping, and cleaning her juices from them.

Oh how He loved to see her lick her own juice. What slut she was and how He gloried in owning her. Knowing she was His and His alone was almost power enough for Him but not quite. He wanted to control her totally. To have the power over her pleasure and pain, to decree when she could and could not cum. To have her beg for His cock. To beg even more for His cum deep in any one of her holes.

He walked away from her, watching her carefully. her body swayed a little now as she struggled to stand on her toes, her aching cunt seeking release from the almost painful need inside

He walked silently to the basket and stopped to inhale deeply. This scene was going to take the utmost control from Him too as the need to take her now, to fuck her hard and fast and fill her slut cuntflesh with thick cum was almost overwhelming and He wanted to savour the time before He emptied Himself into her. Should He do it here?

Should He wait until T/they got home?

COULD He wait until then?

He reached into the basket and pulled out the two dildos and looked at them smiling to Himself. Now then. Which hole to fuck first?

Walking back to face Her, He pressed the first of the soft latex dildos to her lips and watched as she instinctively opened her mouth. Running the soft tip over her lips, He pushed the dildo deep into her mouth, nudging the soft flesh at the back of her throat and watched as she began to gag softly. At the same time, He pressed the other dildo against her cunt and heard her soft moan against the head of the thrusting cock in her mouth. Pushing the first dildo into her mouth with the command to hold it fast, to suck it as though it was His cock, He knelt once more in front of her and gently smacked the puffy, wet lips with the rubber cock, hearing with satisfaction the soft wet noise as it landed again and again on her cunt.
He slid His fingers up along the length of her shaven slit and prised open the slick, sticky lip until the soft pink inner flesh was open to His view. Taking the dildo firmly in His other hand, He pushed it deeply into her in one fast stroke and listened as her moan of pleasure was growled out against the cock deep in her throat. Looking up He saw her body arching gently, her head tilted back, her breasts lifting and falling with her ragged breath, the breeze teasing and caressing the taut nipples. Kneeling back a little to take in the whole picture she presented He began to fuck her cunt slowly. Long, deep thrusts in and out of her body. Twisting the dildo into her, watching as the muscles on her thighs tightened and her hips moved back and forth.

He stood slowly, pulling her hips upwards with the thrusting cock and stood in front of her. Leaning to her ear, He whispered softly, “Want to cum do you slut?”

The groaned out mewing sound from behind the thick dildo was reply enough for Him and He thrust the pink latex cock deep into her cunt, watching her body jerk once more. He knew the strain on her muscles would soon start to burn and He wanted her fresh and eager for Him when He fucked her, not writhing in pain that neither of T/them wanted.

He was going to give her pain: pain T/they both wanted. He was going to spank her out here in the open, to let the echo of flesh on flesh hit T/them both: He was going for fuck her till tears flowed, to twist and pull her nipples till she thought she would pass out, but He wanted her to want the pain, not endure it as her muscles were on fire.

Moving behind her now, He knelt and pressed the dildo deep into her, opening her holes with His other hand. Slipping from her cunt to her ass, spreading her open as the dildo plunged in and out of her, watching her cunt begin to flow as her hips bucked back and forth. The strangled sounds from her throat told Him she was gagging on the other dildo as she tried hard to keep it in her hungry mouth.

Standing slowly, lifting her hips with the dildo still firmly embedded inside her cunt, His hand landed with a sudden crack on the soft flesh of her ass. The cry from her lips startled Him as the dildo fell from her mouth. Smiling to Himself, He landed three more blows quickly and sharply on her ass and was rewarded by the already glowing handprint on her pale flesh.

He rubbed a gentle hand over the heat and watched as she shuddered, mumbling and whimpering she was sorry, oh so sorry for dropping the dildo. He grinned maliciously as He looked at it lying on the grass. Oh she’d pick that up and no worries.

He leant against her gently and whispered softly in her ear, “Keep THIS one in place slut. Do you understand me? This one stays in place.”

she nodded her reply, whimpering a soft yes as He pushed it deep into her cunt, feeling her slick walls begin to grip at it. Felt her thigh muscles tighten as she tried desperately to hold it in place. He knew it wouldn’t stay there long. she was too slick and wet to hold it. Gravity alone would see to that and what fun He would have “punishing” her for not obeying Him.

He stood back and watched with mild amusement as her body fought hard to hold the dildo. Watched as her thighs and cunt struggled to hold it in. Listening to her mewing protests as the slick dildo begin to slip agonisingly slowly from her soaking cunt. The protests coming from her, the choking sound of tears forming already as she realised what was happening. The now useless struggle as the dildo fell with a sort “pop” from her cunt to land on the grass between her spread limbs.

“Oh dear oh dear slut. What happened there? you lost the dildo?”

His words taunted her openly. His hand landing with a sharp crack on her ass and then again quickly between her open thighs to land on the slick fleshy lips of her cunt. her cries echoed once more round the glade as her body jerked twice against the blows. The words tumbling from her mouth as she tried to say sorry, to beg forgiveness, tears flowing from under the black silk to trace their way down her cheeks.

“please, oh god please Master….i tried…You saw me…I tried ohgodplease…I’m sorry Master.” Over and over the words fell from her mouth, music to His ears. Reaching up to gently release the rope that held her body taut, He began to lower her back to stand with her feet flat on the soft grass. The sigh of relieve from her loud in the silence.

she stood still a moment, legs trembling as she steadied herself. He allowed her a moment or two to gather her wits then began to loosen the rope that held her wrists, only to gather them together behind her back and bound them tightly once more, lifting them and looping the rope gently round her throat until they were high halfway up her back.

The movements pushed her back into a gentle arch that pressed her breast high, nipples jutting upwards and He reached round to tug them one at a time, tugging them upwards, pulling hard and then releasing them as her breasts bounced up and down gently. Oh she was magnificent. He was not going to fuck her here. The choice had been made. He was going to let her feel His cock then leave her wanting, needy in her heat. He was going to take her home, drag her into the sitting room and fuck her there.

This time, He was going to take her hard and fast on the floor, dragging her by the hair until she was in the middle of the room until she begged for Him to fuck her, to fill her cunt, to give her what she needed.

Slowly and gently He moved her forward and begin to bend her to the ground. Her knees giving way as He pressed her downwards. Taking her by the hair, He lowered her slowly, pressing her down until her face and shoulders were against the welcome coolness of the soft grass. Releasing her, He stood back and looked at her.

her face and shoulders flat against the ground, her hair falling over the green blades, her upper clothes still tucked up with her tender nipples brushing the grass as she struggled to breath steadily. her wrists held fast halfway up her back, with the tail ends of the rope falling free. her pale skin flushed in the soft light with the deep red handprints on the soft flesh of her ass. Walking behind her He stood and looked at the wide open thighs, held firmly in place by the makeshift bar and looked with satisfaction at the puffy red lips of her cunt, the moisture seeping freely now from her, coating her with that sweetness He loved to taste.

What a sight this slut was and all the time He knew she was well aware of the sight she presented to Him. He could almost feel her cringing as she lay there wide and open to His view. He could see her gentle shuddering as she knew he could see every inch of what He owned and by god He DID own her…body and soul.

He knelt beside her and traced a lazy finger along her body, reaching under her to allow the finger to nudge her tender nipples, to watch as she shifted to allow His finger to touch her. Moving slowly back up and over her ribcage to trace once more along the curves of her back and hips, over the hot skin of her flushed ass and along the gentle crack, lower until His fingers were dipping in and out of her cunt, slow gentle sliding movements as he body lifted and fell with the rhythm. His thumb reaching to nudge the tender swollen clit, watching her move slowly now with Him, her breath steady for now, but growing deeper with gentle satisfaction from His touch.

His fingers slick and covered in that sweet cunt honey He loved so well, slipping them from her cunt and sliding them slowly back and forth along the tight crack of her ass, watching with satisfaction once more as her slut flesh showed it’s obvious needs.

Watching her as her ass tightened a little as His single finger pushed inward, past that sweet tight ring until it was knuckle deep inside her, hearing her soft sigh of satisfaction once more as He began to finger fuck her tight ass, stopping only to manoeuvre another finger into the tight hole and then watching her…oh god…just watching the soft flush begin to cover her needy body.

He moved, a little awkwardly due to the confines of His jeans to settle between her spread thighs and with one hand somehow managed to free His cock to the soft breeze and the waiting, welcome heat of whichever hole He decided to fuck.

Pressing the head of His cock already slick itself with the silky strands of the pre-cum that threatened to explode into a full thick jet of cum the moment He entered her.

He knew this would take every ounce of His self control to carry out His decision not to allow her or Himself to cum until T/they got home. Once the decision had been made He refused to allow Himself to go back on it. He wanted to prolong her agony as well as His in order to make her cumming all that sweeter for the both of T/them.

He nestled the slick head of His throbbing cock against the soft wet lips of her cunt and saw her moved her hips back to take more…hissing softly He landed His hand sharply on her smooth ass, “Greedy slut…wait. I’LL decide how much and when you get Your Master’s cock!”

her heat was almost overwhelming and the need to slam fuck this delicious whore in front of Him was almost enough to kill Him. Yet Slowly oh god so slowly He began to push into her cunt, feeling the slick moist walls almost suck Him into her very depths. His cock began to twitch and His balls threatened to spill over high into her belly as her hips moved back along the length of Him. Oh fuck…and HE was supposed to be the Master. In temper his hand landed once more on her ass, like a single rifle shot in the silence. He was NOT having her force His body into defeat!

Slowly almost in pain, He pushed deep into her heat, feeling the moisture begin to coat Him, her soft moans of submission filling His ears. The soft plea of “yes Master, ohgod yes, please” loud in the peace that surrounded T/them. Her hips moving now, pulling Him into her, each stroke taking Him closer to the edge, hungry now she was for release and she knew well enough how hard it was for Him to resist.

With a curse, He pulled out of her cunt and landed another slap on her ass, goddamn this slut to hell and back for that was surely where she was intent on taking him!

The scent of her cunt rich on His cock as He leant back and looked at her, her body still arching and undulating lick a horny beast. Tempting Him, teasing Him, enticing Him to take what was already His anyway!

He pushed hard against the tight ring that kept her ass from Him with a low growl of fury and was rewarded as the tight muscle gave way with a soft “pop” and her cry came long and high from the floor.

“Slut” He hissed. “Tempt Me would you with that cunt of yours? Tease me with your slut ass high in the air? You know well enough who rules here and it’s not you.”

His voice was low and angry. Anger at Himself not her but she had no need to know that. She already knew how much power she held and she had no need to know that her body drove Him wild even now.

Her place was to serve, to be taken as and when HE wanted. He reached forward and took a handful of thick hair and pulled her back along the length of His driving cock, arching her spine like a finely tuned violin, the thigh muscles straining and burning now as He pulled her upwards along His cock.

Kneeling back, holding her firmly in place over His thick cock, buried ball deep in her ass, stretching it wide, her back arched, breasts high in the air He reached round and up to cup the full orbs with His free hand, squeezing gently at first then firmer and harder to run His fingers to the very tips and began to twist and pull her nipples, one after another.

His breath was ragged now as He fought to keep control over the throbbing deep need in His balls and with a deep growl He pushed her forward and heard the pop as His cock left her ass.

Standing on shaky legs, He pulled her to her feet and ripped the blindfold from her eyes, His face inches from hers.

“Home slut. Home then I will fuck you and finish this in my time.”

He bent to gather the dildos and packed them in the basket, His cock still stiff and bobbing in the air, her eyes trying to focus against what was now bright sunlight to her.

He took the ropes from her wrists without a word and she could feel His control almost caressing her.

He handed her skirt back to her without a word and ground out the command to release her ankles and to follow Him.

she did so silently, her mind in a whirl. What had she done wrong?

Why was He so angry?

What had she done wrong?

Silent tears fell down over her face as she pulled the skirt back up over her tender ass and cunt, pulling the shirt back over her breasts over the raw nipples.

Following Him silently she walked through the woods, the soft sunlight falling through the branches of the trees and struggled to keep up with His striding steps. Back at the car He placed the basket in the boot and stood up holding the pink latex dildo in His hand. “In the back slut. Skirt up, thighs wide and place that in your sluts cunt.”

The command stunned her as she knew T/they would be driving back through towns and villages and that she would be on show to half the world.

she climbed in the back of the car shaking with shock at the command He’s given her. Oh the shame of it. Having to sit in the car with her thighs wide and her cunt full of pink latex dildo. she pulled her skirt up high and spread her thighs slowly, her face red with shame. He stood at the side of the car and watched as she pushed the dildo into her soaking cunt, the lips red and puffy, slick and wet and bent down to the open door. “you will not cum slut, do you hear me? You will not cum until I finish fucking you.”

Slipping into the drivers’ seat He started the car and adjusted the mirror to take in the view of her body as well as the road behind them. “Now, I want to be able to see you, to watch you use that dildo and you will not cum until I say so. Do you understand me?”

she could only nod and whisper out a soft “yes Master” in reply as He climbed into the drivers seat and began the journey home. Watching her now and then as she began to touch herself gently, pressing the dildo into her hot wet hole. Soft mewing and whimpering filled the car as she struggle to stop herself from cumming. Her eyes closed slowly, a soft flush over her face, the gently sheen of sweat beginning to coat her thighs, mingling with the scent of her cunt in the confined space of the car.

A heady, needy scent that almost drove Him to stop the car and take her there and then. He watched her as her thighs twitched and her hips jerked up to take the dildo as she began to fuck herself in earnest now, her sharp white teeth nipping on her bottom lip to stifle the low groan of desire deep within her.

The journey home seemed to take forever for her as she bought herself again and again to the edge of an explosive orgasm.

“Oh please Master, pleaseohgod, let me cum….i beg You…Masterrrrrr.” The low groan of needy lust came from her mouth as He ground out one word.


her head fell forward as she bit hard on her lip and held her hand still with the dildo inside her. The scent of her need was strong in the car now and she whimpered softly again and again as His eyes looked on….

Spread wide in the back of the car, her skirt in total disarray round the top of her milky thighs, her cunt swollen and puffy, wet and slick, the ache within her almost visible as He watched her then the road. His cock was at bursting point and He knew that when she got home, she would barely be through the door when she was on her knees with His cock buried in her soft slut flesh.

His eyes shot upwards at the sudden low groan of “ohnooooooo….oh godnooooooooo,”

He looked in the mirror to see her trying to clinch her thighs shut against the waves of pleasure that engulfed her. her thigh muscles taut as she held the dildo still deep within her and He grinned to Himself…oh punishment slaps when she got home for THAT one. Cumming without permission!

He watched as her heaving breasts began to settle and then asked her in a gentle low tone, “Enjoy that did you my lovely little whore?”

she looked up at Him, barely able to meet His eyes. “I’m sorry Master. Pleaseohgod.I’m sorry. I couldn’t stop it. Please, please forgive me, I couldn’t help it.” On and on came her pleas, already knowing that her ass would be soundly spanked for disobeying Him. Her voice tapering off to a low groan of almost painful begging.

Through the town and villages He drove, her body hot and flushed in the back of the car. Not a word passed between T/then as the car sped on, stopping only at red lights when it had to and then she would try to hide her face as her half naked body was on display to anyone who cared to look across from their own cars.

He knew well enough how she was cringing inside; how she wanted to be able to pull down the soft chiffon of the skirt, how she would want to be able to close her legs.

“slut. Close your legs. Pull down the skirt. And leave the dildo inside that soft wet whoreflesh.”

she groaned softly. Half with relief and half with overwhelming desire as her shaky hands pulled the sheer material down over her still aching burning thighs. Shifting as little now to ease the tenderness in her stretched ass and puffed up cunt lips.

Not far now was the thought that went through her mind. Not far till the safety of their home and the day would end with the hard fuck she wanted…needed…ached and burned for.

The car pulled up and He got out of the car, opened the rear door for her and knew that the picture to the watching world was one of a kind, considerate, loving couple and only she could sense the deep lust that lay in Him. The self control He’d exercised all that afternoon and she took His hand as He reached out to steady her shaking legs. Leaning close into her, His lips brushed her cheek and up to her ear. “The dildo slut. It stays in your cunt until I say otherwise. Do you understand me? You will walk to the door and keep it deep inside that tight little hole I own.”

she groaned softly once more and leant against Him as she clenched her cunt walls tightly around the stiff cock inside her. Walking slowly, awkwardly round the car and gasped softly as she lifted her foot up onto the pavement, holding her breath as the dildo slipped a little. Reaching the door seemed to take a lifetime for her as she held the slippery latex cock in her soaking cunt. Not just her aching hole now. Her thighs, her swollen puffy outer lips and the soft shaved mound seemed to be coated with her sweet cunt juices and He followed her with a wave to the neighbours in the front garden.

Once at the door, He took His key and opened it with a soft whisper. “I love you my sweet whore, you know that don’t you?”

she nodded with a soft smile as He opened the door for her and took a careful step into the hall, turning to face Him to lift her face for His kiss and cried out as in one swift movement He kicked the door shut and grabbing the high pony tail dragged her into the hallway. Pushing her up against the wall and lifting her skirt high over her naked still red ass.

“Hold up your skirt madam.”

she did so quickly, instinctively obeying His command, grasping the soft material and holding it high up round her waist, her heart beating deep inside her breast. The soft hiss of the belt round His waist hit her ears and she tried to turn her head to plea with Him. His hand tugged her head back to the wall and He wrapped the belt quickly round His free hand and without warning landed the belt across the top of her thighs, a cry of pain leaving her mouth in a rush of breath. Again the belt landed, this time on the soft hot flesh of her ass, her body jerking against the sharp biting pain that ripped across her.
Over and over the belt landed as He counted out the strokes. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve.

Each blow hitting her just above or below the previous one, but never on the same spot. The sharp crack of pain coursing through her body making her arch and twitch and buck to try and get away. His hand holding her firmly by the hair.

Tears streamed down her face as He ignored her pleas to stop. Her breath catching in her throat as she choked back the tears, her breast heaving, her ass and thighs on fire, criss-crossed with the deep red welts on her pale skin. The flesh on fire, burning, stinging. His hand holding her hair firmly, her body held against the wall giving her no room to move away from the dozen blows that landed on her ass.

she began to beg in earnest, long drawn out howls of pain coming from her mouth as each smack of leather landed on her, her heart pounding fit to burst as she struggled to get her breath through the tears. The sharp, burning pain running through her veins as she heard His own ragged breath harsh from the exertion. Her legs buckling as He lowered He dropped the belt to the floor and ran a slow hand over her burning flesh, causing he to jerk away from the pain. Crying softly now, biting her lower lip, aware that her cunt was almost dripping and she tried to bend her head with a low groan of shame at the heat that was in her slut hole as well as over her ass.

Taking her by the hair, He pulled her along the hall and into the sitting room and kicked the door shut behind T/them. Dragging her to the middle of the room, He pulled her to her knees and knelt behind her.

Pushing the skirt up high over her head He used His knees to push her thighs open. Pressing a single finger into her cunt and laughing out loud as her as it sank into her tight hole. “Wet enough now slut?”

she could only nod as the still flowing tears threatened to choke her. His hand landed on her burning skin with a loud crack. “Well? I asked you a question!”

she cried out loud as the blow landed on her ass, jerking her body forward, sinking to the floor with a strangled cry.

“yes Master. I’m wet enough now.” came the muffled reply from under the skirt that covered her head.

“Wet enough for what slut?” came the next question.

“Wet enough for my Master’s cock” Came her reply

He grunted out His approval as His now freed cock nudged at her tight slutty cunt, watching as even while pain was racking her tender ass her need was still strong enough for her to lift her hips to His cock

Pressing forward now, He sank into her welcoming heat in one swift almost savage thrust and she was pushed forward by the force, feeling Him pull her back against the thrusting length of His cock.

Taking a firm hold on her hips, He began to rock her backwards and forward along its throbbing length, using her tight hot velvet soft hole to fuck His cock. Holding Himself steady on His knees He used her body to fuck Himself. In and out. In and out. Again and again pushing her ass and hips up and down along His cock, taking in the view before Him. Her pale skinned ass red and marked now with thick red welts, her cunt lips almost appearing to kiss His cock the way her mouth did when He was sinking in and out of her other hot wet hole.

Inhaling deeply as the scent of her sex rose and hit His nostrils. Looking down at her to see her nails trying to take a firm grip on the carpet and failing. Feeling her press her cunt over the length of His aching cock and felt the heat from her ass as it came within inches of His body.

Oh fuck…how He wanted to fill her hole with hot cum. To have that last savage thrust of satisfaction as she cried out with Him as each jet of thick fluid hit her high in her slut belly.

He became aware of her trying to move faster and of her tight cunt walls gripping at Him and He pushed deeply into her slick now seeping cunt.

Taking one hand and pressing it down firmly into the small of her back, He eased Himself out of her cunt, watching as she struggled to hold Him deep inside her and narrowed His eyes. The sight was almost too much for Him as the soft inner lips of her red cunt slid along His thick veined cock and groaned softly as His cock slid out of her, the chill evening air in the room cooling the heat of His length.

He slid His fingers along the crack of her cunt and drew the sticky moisture up along the crack of her ass, coating the dark crack and hole with her own juices. Pressing a single finger into her, seeing her tight little hole clinch and her thigh muscles tighten. Easing a second finger into her and opening them slowly to stretch her ass open. His fingers were slick and sticky now and the smell of her heat was like a heady wine to Him. With a long low growl, He took His cock in His hand and pressed the smooth leaking head against her little slut ass hole.

her whimpered protests fell on deaf ears as she knew they would and for a moment He thought of getting up and walking away: then with a long low hiss of pleasure He began to press the still leaking head of His cock against that oh so sweet tight hole and watched as it began to open like a beautiful flower. The silence total as the soft “pop” as the head pushed past the tight ass ring and He pushed hard into her in one swift stroke. her ass opened instantly to His thrust and she cried out as He pressed hard into her throbbing ass.

Pressing against her and holding His breath, He ran His hands over her hot, burning flesh and watched as she winced when His hands rubbed the bright red welts. Taking her hips He held her fast and began to thrust in and out of her ass, watching the tight hole open gently to His cock.

Pulling out of her for a moment, her protest of withdrawal was music to His ears and with a long, low growl of possession, His cock was driven back into her.

Leaning over her like a dog taking His bitch, He reached under her to rub and flick at her hard little clit and felt her ass tighten as she began to struggle to hold back the waves of pleasure that were engulfing her.

Back and forth she began to drive her hips and cunt to take all His cock and to bring relieve from His rubbing fingers. “Ohgodplease Master. Let me cum…please….ohgodyespleaseMaster.”

Her words came out tumbling from her mouth under the skirt, her hips grinding back and forth along His cock, her tight ass clinching and squeezing His thrusting length.

His fingers slipped up and over her slick, wet cunt, smearing her juices over the soft hot puffy flesh, now and then flicking at her clit and she squirmed and shifted to get her body placed in the right place to bring the release she so badly needed.

Holding His fingers still over her flesh, He leant further over her to whisper hoarsely, “Cum slut. Ride my cock and fingers so you get the release you need. The need you have to give in to.”

her breath grew harsh in the back of her throat as she felt the sweat on her face coating her skin from under her skirt. her nails trying to take a grip on the pile of the carpet, her ass clenching and unclenching at His now driving cock. her cunt on fire, her body floating somewhere above her, her mind ready to explode as suddenly her body lifted upwards, driving back, her cry of release loud in the quiet of the room.

His nails dug deep into the soft flesh of her hips as with a primal roar of release His cum shot high up into her ass, deep into the velvet depths of that sweet tight slut ass and He pulled her back against Him until His balls were empty and resting against the sticky full spread lips or her cunt, feeling her tight ass hold Him as long as she could deep inside her.

Pulling her upright onto her knees to allow her to hold His softening cock as long as she could, He tugged her skirt down from her head and shoulders and smiled at the soft sheen of sweat that covered her face, stroking her cheeks gently and lifted a salty finger to His mouth to taste His woman. Running a soft caressing hand down over her heaving breasts to feel her still pounding heart. Lower still to dip between her sticky thighs and into that sweet hole He loved se well, rubbing the soft, smooth wet flesh, kneading it gently, feeling her arch back and forth with His hand.

Gathering her up to sit on His lap, He chuckled as His cock left her still hot and tender well fucked ass with a soft pop and held her close, keeping her close against Him until He could feel the thick strands of cum begin to seep out of her ass and begin to leak down onto His now empty balls.

“Clean Me slut. Clean that thick cum you hungry slut body needs.”

she turned slowly, painfully, wincing as she sank once more to her knees and lowered her head down over His groin and He watched as her pink tongue snaked out from that previously begging slutty mouth and shudders a little as she bent low to lick and lap at His empty sac.

Lifting His balls slowly with her tongue to lick and lap at Him like the hungry little slut she was. Cleaning Him thoroughly, licking the thick globules of salty cum from her ass that now covered Him.

He reached a softly caressing hand down over her tussled, matted hair, along her neck and shoulders and down over the length of her spine over her ass and gently felt the still raised welts from His belt. How well she’d taken that punishment from Him. How lovingly He now caressed her hot flesh and leant back a little and closed His eyes, delighting in her hot tongues licking and lapping.

The soft whisper of one word from Him almost made her melt into nothing as she continued to lick upwards, tasting the salty taste of His sweat on His skin.


her world exploded into one of pure joy at the word. Spilling over to bring tears once more to her eyes, but this time tears of pure joy.

Just the one world proclaimed to her what she was…His.

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