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Oh no you don't, my little bitch!" he chided
I saw doctors and shrinks when I was younger. The doctors told me there was nothing physically wrong; which I knew, and the shrinks pondered and thought and asked more questions. One shrink even stated that it was likely I was suppressing homosexual feelings. This I knew was possible, but not really the problem: As an adolescent, nothing got my cum boiling quicker than jacking off to a nice blonde with her legs spread across the centre pages of Playboy. Although I was not averse to seeing pictures of other cocks (and certainly was doing a thorough exploration of my own), I still preferred pussy! The problem was, I realised as I passed through my teenage years, that I wanted women to dominate me. It was almost a relief when I finally discovered that this was what I wanted. It meant that I no longer had to worry about what my problem was, now all I had to worry about was how to fulfill it!

My first couple of sexual experiences were far from memorable. At high school I was a slightly built lad; not keen on sports and stood only 5'7" tall, but facially I was good looking and I've been told I have a good personality. I was painfully shy and it seemed inevitable that the girl would have to make the first advance towards me. Polly was the first. She let me feel her small tits under her white school blouse and squealed in my ear as her tight pussy swallowed two of my fingers while we were parked one night in her Dad's car. But as soon as her fingers wrapped around my swollen shaft to return the favour - my passion died! The same thing happened with Julie and Petra and I knew that if I carried on like this, I would get the sort of reputation that a growing lad doesn't need.

It wasn't until about a year later that all the pieces finally fell into place. One of the lads at school got hold of a porn film and invited some of us back to his house to watch it during the lunch break. Both his parents were at work and his older sister would not be home for at least another two hours, he assured us. We all grabbed cokes and snacks and plonked ourselves on the couch as Barry fed the tape into the machine. From the very first scene, I was hooked. A young man, blindfolded and handcuffed was being forced to eat a woman's pussy. Her legs were over his shoulders as she sat and he kneeled between her thighs. She wore long spiked heels and drummed them on her "slaves" back as his tongue lapped and laved her towards a crashing orgasm.

As the film continued in the same vein, scene after scene, the other lads in the room became restless and bored. It seemed it was only me that had to keep crossing his legs in an attempt to hide an extremely powerful erection. They hooted and chided the men in the film as they submitted to their mistress' demands. They laughed derisively as one after another, the men were used as objects for the women's amusement and comfort. All through class that afternoon, I kept seeing the images from the film in my mind's eye. I was like a walking penis. My erection was bursting through my pants and the first thing that I did after sprinting all the way home, was to dive into my bedroom, lock the door and jerk myself off as fast as possible. I came and came that afternoon, my cum shooting from the end of my young cock in huge, never ending spurts that splashed my school clothes and bedspread. I didn't care though, I had found the answer to my problems!

The years rolled onwards but my feelings stayed the same. I went to singles bars and clubs, but never approached a woman myself. Night after night I waited at the bar alone, just hoping that a woman would come up to me and take control - the very thought of it had my cock hardening instantly!

And then I met Jenny. At just over 6 feet tall, she towered over me. Her striking features, long legs and large, firm chest made her seem almost Amazonian. I was captivated as soon as I saw her and when she wandered up to me and, without even asking what I wanted, ordered me a drink, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. We were married after two short months and have been together ever since. In most parts of our lives we are equal partners; except for our sex life. This is her domain, a domain where she is in complete control. My adoration for her body is unconditional: I worship it as if it were a temple of lust. In the bedroom, she is my queen, my goddess. I am alive purely for her pleasure and satisfaction and this suits us both perfectly.

Over the years, Jenny has varied our sex lives tremendously, but being humiliated by her has always been one of my favourites. She has a huge appetite for sex, and I have lost count of the amount of times that I have been forced to watch as other men have sampled her ample charms in front of me. For example, only last week she had me kneeling, naked in the corner of our bedroom, as a big coloured man fucked her for over two hours. She sucked on his huge cock and then allowed him to enter her pussy and even her ass before they were both satisfied. When he was gone, my job, as usual, was to kneel between her thighs and lick her sweet pussy clean with my tongue. I find the mixture of her nectar combined with the salty male seed, completely irresistible. When I had finished my task, bringing Jenny to another powerful orgasm as I did, my sweet wife allowed me to jerk myself off over her wonderful breasts.

Our sexual antics had been confined to this type of voyeuristic humiliation and degradation until just a few days ago. It was a Saturday and I had been out shopping for a few provisions. Jenny had packed me off with a deep loving kiss, promising me a surprise on my return. I didn't know what to expect as I returned to our house, but I was certainly not prepared for the sight that greeted me. As I opened the lounge door I found Jenny, dressed in her leather gear and holding a riding crop. As I expected, she was not alone. Flanking her on either side were our next door neighbours, Ben and Christine. I put the bag of shopping down and looked at all three of them. I knew that Ben and my wife had been lovers on several occasions; I had watched them many times, but, until now, I didn't know that his wife Christine was aware of the relationship.

Jenny was obviously in no mood to waste time and immediately ordered me into my usual, submissive kneeling position in front of her. I obeyed without hesitation and lowered my eyes to the floor; a practised action born out of respect for my wife and her lovers. I had noticed three identical chairs behind them, and as I sank to the ground, Jenny and Christine took the two outside seats, while Ben seated himself between then. I had noted that my wife was wearing a short leather mini skirt, leather boots and a black leather bodice. Ben and his wife were dressed in their normal street clothes, but Christine's skirt was also very short.

"You may look up now!" I heard Jenny's commanding tones.

My head slowly came up and I looked directly towards them. All three were smiling; almost smirking, I thought. I could now see the reason for the short length of the girls' skirts. Both women had their legs open as they sat and, without the benefit of panties, I was treated to an unobstructed view of two neatly trimmed mounds. There was a bit of shuffling on chairs as both of the women wriggled the short skirts up to their waists and spread their legs wider while Ben unzipped his jeans and withdrew a large, slack penis.

"You may watch for a while until I tell you otherwise." continued Jenny.

I had no intention of doing otherwise and I watched Ben drop each of his hands between the women's outstretched legs and begin to stroke their wet lips with his expert fingers. His cock was beginning to twitch a little and show signs of life and Chris let her hand encircle his shaft while my wife cupped his balls and lovingly toyed with the heavy sac. All three were still looking and smirking at me as they masturbated each other. After a few minutes, Jenny and Chris were starting to moan as Ben's fingers flashed in and out of their gaping holes and flicked over their clit's. For his part, Ben was now fully erect (at least ten inches, I guessed), and I could see small beads of pre-cum oozing from the slit at the tip of his engorged cock as the girls squeezed and stroked him.

Christine came first. A long, low groan escaped her lips and her fingers tightened around her husband's shaft as the orgasm began. I watched her legs tremble as her feet went up on her tip-toes and her thighs spread even further. Ben continued to finger-fuck her while the climax roared through her body, and only slowed when her felt Jenny, on his other side begin the same process. Jenny was more vocal and a little more animated. Her hips bucked from the chair as if to try to get more of Ben's hand inside her. She howled loudly and her juice practically spurted from her hole, soaking Ben's entire hand.

"We are ready to be cleansed now!" said Jenny as she and Christine relaxed slightly. It seemed obvious that this had all been planned well in advance. Like a theatre production, they all seemed to know exactly what to do.

I knew what was required of me and began to crawl on my hands and knees towards my wife's spread legs.

"No! Visitors first." she said as I approached, swatting me with the leather riding crop.

I changed direction instantly. There was now way that I wanted to incur the wrath of my Mistress, especially with that riding crop. I am not into pain, but the thought of it sent shivers down my spine and I could feel a certain tightness in my pants caused by a throbbing erection. My face came up in a line with Christine's naked, wet pussy. I had never been unfaithful to Jenny, had never felt the need. This was the first time since we had been married that I had been this close to another woman's cunt and I could smell the sweet, musky fragrance.

"Clean her! Do it now, dirty slave!" cried Jenny, "don't keep my friend waiting!"

I felt the humiliation of her words excite me and strengthen my erection as I began the pleasant task of tongue-bathing Christine's open snatch. Her fingers held her labia wide open exposing the twitching button of her clitoris as my tongue swept in long, practised stokes up and down the length of her slit. I felt hands on the back of my head dragging me ever closer to the gaping hole as, once again, Christine shook her way to a second orgasm and I had to begin the cleaning process all over again.

Jenny had been watching and inspecting my work as I cleansed her friend. Finally she had seen enough and ordered me to start on her. Quickly I changed position and knelt in between my wife's spread thighs. Jenny was more used to my cleaning process, but still felt the need to grind my face into her wet pussy as I laved over her slit. When I had finished, my entire face was streaked with a combination of the two women's vaginal fluid. I went to move back to my original position in front of all three of them when my wife's stern voice stopped me in my tracks.

"Where do you think you're going?" she asked sarcastically, "You haven't finished yet!" I followed her eyes towards Ben's throbbing and erect tool. Oh no!, I thought. She couldn't mean that, surely not! Jenny saw my hesitation and smirked again, her lips turning upwards in a cruel twist. She brandished the crop.

"Unless you want to feel the kiss of the leather, you will do as you have been told!"

There was nothing I could do. It was as if she owned me completely. I had never before even touched another man's penis, but as I crawled nearer towards it and saw again the beads of pre-cum forming at the tip, an excited flutter began in the pit of my stomach. He smelt manly; a musky aroma that was not unpleasant. I closed my eyes, my lips parting in a submissive "O" as my head lowered slowly. Too slowly apparently. Suddenly strong hands were behind my head pulling me insistently downwards. Strong, muscular, male hands. I submitted as I knew I must. The tip of his engorged weapon speared my lips and with a jerk, slid over my tongue. I gagged as it hit my throat; an involuntary action that provoked a giggle from the two girls as they watched. As I began to get used to the sensation, I reflected back to my childhood and briefly thought about the psychiatrist who maintained that I was suppressing homosexual feelings - maybe he was right, I thought.

For four or five minutes, Ben used my mouth as a receptacle for his cock. It was not as if I were sucking him off, he was just using my oral orifice like a pussy: just as a place to fuck his cock into. I could feel every bump and vein in his shaft as it ploughed my mouth. I began to enjoy the smooth texture of the head as it stroked over my tongue and was disappointed when he suddenly stopped.

"Oh no you don't, my little bitch!" he chided, "I got plans for my cum. You're not going to get it in your mouth!"

Jenny was on the floor beside me. She whispered in my ear. "That's right, honey. You're about to make the ultimate sacrifice for me and lose your cherry!" Christine had joined her and spoke into my other ear.

"Don't worry, Bobby. Ben's very good. He's fucked me up the ass many times. You have to do this for Jenny, though - So you will belong to her completely."

I didn't have much time to think. I would not have argued, Jenny knew that, but she or Christine didn't give me the chance. Both women were suddenly on top of me, pulling me to the centre of the room. My jeans were quickly unbuckled, and, with my underwear, unceremoniously discarded on the floor in a heap. I knew that the girls were right. This was the ultimate sacrifice and I did have to endure it. Chris and Jenny held me firmly in an "all fours" position on the carpet. My cock was hard and throbbed wildly between my legs and Jenny rubbed it swiftly with her hand while Christine opened her top and, scooping out one of her breasts, stuck her hard, pointed left nipple into my mouth. I sucked on the stiff bud while my wife milked my cock like a cow. I could feel the tension rising in my loins and knew that I would cum sooner rather than later. I felt a finger, cold with lubricant, enter my exposed back passage. My cock spasmed. My balls contracted and a stream of thick white semen spilled onto the pile of the carpet beneath me.

As my climax subsided, I felt a second finger join the first in my rear. The digits twisted and turned opening me, widening me for what I knew was about to happen. Then I felt it. The fingers withdrew and, for a brief second, I felt only emptiness. But only for a second. The next moment my whole world turned into a blinding white light that seemed to centre in my ass. The pain was excruciating but at the same time exquisite and lasted for only a few seconds. I felt my anal passage widen as it accepted the invading presence of Ben's large weapon. The lubricant felt good but a little cold as Ben grunted behind me and thrust deeper. Another stab of pain, but this time it vanished quickly and was replaced by a warm glowing sensation as he began to fuck me with long, slow strokes.

Christine and Jenny were still at my head, now both topless, and were whispering words of encouragement to me while they pressed their tits against my face.

"Oh, honey," cooed my wife, "Ben's cock feels so good, doesn't it? I know. That big dick has been up my ass on many an occasion!"

"And in mine too!" Christine joined in "And when he cums, you're gonna feel all that juice go right up inside you.....mmm....that's good baby.....suck on my nipple....ooohhhh yes...bite it a little...mmmmm lovely!"

Ben continued to shaft my butt for nearly ten minutes. The pain had all but gone and, to be honest, I was completely enjoying myself. Christine had smaller tits than my wife, but the nipples were really long and stiff and I know that they must have been incredibly sensitive, because she orgasmed again as I bit down on them gently. Just as Christine's body shook, so I could feel her husband's cock swell inside me. I knew that this was it - he was going to cum in my ass! The head of his cock expanded again and stretched me. He gasped. I gasped. He grunted and again, I did likewise as I felt the first jet of his semen coat my insides. Two, three more spurts and Ben wrenched his mighty shaft from my dilated hole and jerked the rest of his seed over by back. The thick, white liquid pooling at the base of my spine and almost scorching my skin with its heat.

Ben and Christine are now a regular feature of our sex lives, as we are of theirs. Ben maintains that he has no homosexual tendencies and that the only man that his is interested in fucking is me! And he does that quite regularly! Jenny makes me wear a wide butt plug a lot of the time so that I will widen and become more comfortable for Ben. Now that I am used to the feeling, I have to say that it is not at all unpleasant. As yet, she has not introduced me as a plaything for any of her other lovers to use, but merely forced me to watch while they fuck her time and time again. But I live in hope - My life may be degrading, but it is definitely perfect!

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