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Corporal torturing punishment sexnovel
"Sir," she smiled affectionately, as she walked into the room and curtseyed gently to show her respect and appreciation. "I've been thinking about you and wondering how you are?"

"Hey you," he responded, looking up wearily from the paperwork on his desk and trying to respond in kind, his forced smile looking extremely wan. She approached him cautiously, unsure of his mood.

"I'm sorry to see that you look rather overworked, sir."

"Not as sorry as I am," he said putting his pen down and considering her appreciatively.

"Do you have no room for the realms of the sensational then?"

"Not really right now and that's a shame."

"They do say that a little shame never did anyone too much bad."

"I suppose that really depends on what the shame is for."

"True enough, though does not the duration of the shame have a role to play, sir?"

"Explain yourself pet."

"Well. Telling a friend she reminded me of Godzilla was my second biggest shame this week. It didn't last too long."

"Why not?"

"I found another shame to occupy me."

"Do tell?"

"I found myself falling about laughing helplessly afterwards."

"Did you indeed?"

"Yes sir. That was my biggest shame."

"You are such a silly slut, girl."

"It was just a moment of half-remembered silliness to lighten your frown."


"You approve?"

"I do," he nodded and looked back down at the papers before him.

"Am I disturbing your peace?"

"No. You are a most welcome distraction."

"I wouldn't want to get in the way of your many exciting exploits this afternoon."

"I doubt that I will realise many," he laughed.

"Then, allow me to exaggerate then, if only to praise you."

"Alright, I can certainly do that."

"That's most obliging of you, sir"

"Of course."

"Not necessarily - I would never take your affability for granted."

He grunted and picked up his pen to cross through a line of thinly spaced verbiage.

"Nor would I take your grunting for affability, come to think of it," she beamed at him and sat on the corner of his desk, looking down at him as he continued to work on half-heartedly.

"What do you mean by that, girl?"

"Pay no mind to me, sir. I'm just being playful to help your afternoon progress with greater élan in the hope that you may be able to slay more dragons as a result."

"It's true that I do have a few chores that need doing."

"If you leave them, they might get done all by themselves, like the good little creatures they are."

"Oh don't I wish!"

"Wishes do sometimes come true."

"I doubt the one in my head right now will though."

"A mission impossible before you head for your local bar for liquid refreshment and Friday evening entertainment?"

"Perhaps," he shrugged

"Best to delay it: you should never try to do impossible things after luncheon."

"Why ever not?"

"It may be bad for the indigestion," she giggled softly.

"I'll keep that in mind," he grinned back at her.

"You do that sir. I wouldn't want you throwing up the contents of that soup tureen all over the shop."

"You offer me such delectable images to conjure with," he sighed unhappily, crossing through another set of figures.

"Perhaps you should be left to engage with your demons, sir," she said thoughtfully and made to remove herself from the corner of his desk.

"Which demons are you referring to?"

"Your many vexatious missions and chores."

"I'll do my best to get them done in due course."

"I have every faith in you, sir."

"I'm glad someone does."

"You sound slightly down?"

"A little"

"Is there anything I can do to raise your spirits?"

"I really don't know," he shrugged. "I don't want to trouble you."

"It really is no trouble. It pleases me to be of service to you, should you so desire it."

"That's very generous of you."

"The generosity is all yours."

"How do you work that out, pet?"

"I belong to you, do I not, sir?"

"That you do."

"And sharing your belongings to give pleasure may be viewed as generous, may it not?

"I appreciate your deliciously, circuitous logic pet."

"I appreciate you without reservation, sir."

"You have a most playful disposition that makes you good company and lifts the spirits."

"I'm glad that you feel that way."

"I like to feel you close," he smiled and placed a hot hand on her upper thigh.

"Very possessive, sir: I like that."

"Very malleable pet: I like that too."

"You take your time, sir."

"I shall, pet."

"I really appreciate the way you do not try to ram yourself down my throat, the way most males of my passing acquaintance do or seem to want to do."

"You have to beg nicely before I start ramming pet."

"Do I detect a twitch below the belt sir?"

"Only if you continue to press your hand in the region of my groin," he grinned.

"At least that is pleasantly distracting for you."

"I cannot deny that."

"You are such a gentleman, sir."

"I can be. I can also be a very rude man."

"I'll bet you in a rude rage is a very funny sight."

"Don't be so sure."

"One can never be too sure. I do, as a rule, find obscenities gratuitous and boorish, sir."

"I'll note that since I can be pretty profane myself at work at least."


"Really - I work with idiots."

"Is that very frustrating, sir?"


"Would a massage be a pleasant diversion from such frustration?"

"I've never tried that at work anyway."

"I wouldn't want to lead you to rush to the washroom, sir."

"And do what in the washroom?"

"Wash your arousal away - sublimate your soup - make yourself presentable -- drag me in there to fuck me... the choices are limited - but on the whole real."

"Some of them are certainly quite appealing," he laughed and reached out to stroke her hand.

"I'm glad that I took the shadows from your mind or at least alleviated them a little."

"That service is always appreciated."

"Yes sir," she smiled and curtseyed again.

He bowed his head briefly in acknowledgement, but looked puzzled as she turned away, catching hold of her wrist.

"You wanted something more sir?"

"I want to know why you are turning away."

"So you can admire me in profile, of course."

"You have a lovely profile."

"I only offer you a lovely profile, sir. It is yours to have."

"For the moment, I'm quite content to study your profile."

"I believe such pleasant reveries are permitted under even your austere rules, sir, but might I ask you something?"

"Ask away."

"Would kneeling improve the profile?"

"I do believe it would."

"Then you may consider it done, as soon as I can find a clear space amongst your piles of books, sir."

"Excuses, always excuses," he laughed softly.

"I know sir. I am such a lame pet."

"Yes you are."

"There is nothing for it then. I shall have to lean forward to kiss the floor at your feet to show you how regretful I am for delaying your pleasure?"

"That is a capital idea."

"It appears that the capital in your pants is accumulating interest, sir."

"Should you not be considering just the floor as a penance?"

"Forgive me: I caught the reflection in the corner of my eye as I carefully positioned myself between the mirror and you."

"Why did you do that?"

"So you could observe the riding-up of my skirt as I curve my spine to oblige your whim."

"Good answer pet. Someone trained you well."

"Good trouser snake, sir. Have you trained it well too?"

"You are a most intriguing slut."

"I am what you desire, but talking of intrigue..."

"Do go on," he urged pushing his chair back and allowing his glance to dart between the mirror and her upturned and expectant face. "Do tell me more."

"It's intriguing how ones panties seem to stretch to form a second skin when one splays ones thighs in this position, like so."

"I have to agree with you there. Your positioning is very interesting indeed."

"Was there really a need to lift my skirt and cup my bottom to test out my proposition sir?"

"I fear so: they do say that to see is to believe," he laughed and leant forward to smack her behind lightly.

"Your belief appears to be asserting itself in the pants department, sir...that is if you will pardon me for lifting my eyes from the floor to observe your arousal."

"I think we allow you that, girl, he grinned as he stood up, undid his belt and slid down the zipper. "I will also allow you to have a closer look, a much closer look."

"Did you have a destination in mind for your rather splendid member sir?" She almost purred

"One or two," he smirked unambiguously.

"Would that involve stooping to conquer, sir or would your hand, scrunched in my hair, just signal that I need to raise myself to meet your desire more than halfway?"

"Something like that," he confirmed, lifting a hand, fingers combing through her hair carefully.

"Even if that means the skirt falling back into its pleated conservative coverage?"

"I think all articles of clothing and accessories should be removed before we decide on a course of action."

"Even the collar you so kindly offered me sometime back, sir?"

"We can keep that on."

"And the garter belt and stockings?"

"Let's take those off."

"As you wish, sir: did you know that it's quite a luxurious feeling to roll each stocking down, while you watch?"

"I'm glad you are taking some pleasure in this onerous duty."

"How can I do otherwise?" she murmured, kneeling up to unclip her suspenders and reveal a little more of herself that it has pleased him to see in a good while. "Should I caress the bared flesh lovingly on your behalf?"

"You may."

"It's a good thing my skirt and panties are sitting empty around my ankles then."

"Push them aside, while I step out of my pants."

"You undress so elegantly sir. Your valet would be proud of you."

"You are a teasing minx."

"I tease to compensate for the fact that crouching here in just my blouse and brassiere does feel a little louche."

"You'll feel a lot more than a little louche by the time I'm done with you pet."

"Will I feel a big louche then?"

"You will feel the palm of my hand repeatedly on the cusp of your arse if you don't control that smart mouth of yours. Now do as you were told."

"Yes sir."


"You may consider the skirt pushed aside with a dainty(ish) toe and the panties - hoop-la -- tossed up to rest on your desk lamp - leaving me to wonder what my prize will be."

"You cannot control yourself, can you pet?" He frowned and stepped out of his pants. "Are you enjoying the sight of thumbs hooking my boxers?"

"Your valet has nice thumbs, sir. I can imagine them rotating slowly in the most interesting of places."

He said nothing but tugged the boxers down and pushing them aside before walking across and behind her, lifting her up and then bending her forward.

"Should I be preparing to be boarded sir?"

"Yes, you should," he said tersely as his hands grasped her hips firmly.

"Then I shall lean forward to reach out across your desk and consider your paperwork upside down for industrial secrets of a most exciting kind."

"You do that," he grunted and grasped his cock at the base, before moving in to tease her very moist slit with the head.

"You seem to be back in your element. I do so love it when you light up my life with your masculinity."

He pushed forward slowly, his swollen member parting her labia. He groaned as he slid into her, exhaling warm breath that seemed to bounce off her chill flesh.

"Mmm," she responded lovingly. "I do so love your insights."

He thrust in until her arse was pressed tight to him and then drew his hips back and started to move back and forth at a slow pace, feeling the stretch of her hot, sodden flesh around his expanding length.

"Your girth feels quite massive in my tight, little container, sir. Are you trying to fuse me into a trembling ball of uncontrolled emotion?"

"Of course...is it working?" he barked sharply as his hips began to piston faster, his hard cock massaging her silken folds with each motion.

"Or are you merely fucking me until you come hard?"

"That too," he grinned and slapped her bottom hard.

"Ouchy! thsat was mean," she squealed. "As is fucking your cunt with no consideration of the consequences?"

"What consequences?" He paused bemused, her words having brought back all the teen angst of unwanted pregnancy and unprotected sex, as she had nastily intended.

"Your chores," she compromised, "as well as your flies undone..."

"There's always tomorrow."

"That's my Master. Now do use me like the impossible bitch that I am," she smiled and leant further forward to accentuate the curve of her back for his pleasure.

He leant down, his heart pounding in his chest, his stomach pressing against her back, molding neatly into her contours, as he tugged her blouse up and undid the buttons. She squirmed under him, while he tugged the cups of her bra down and stroked the naked flesh, matching the squeezing action to each stroke of his cock.

"Such a nice green baize," she muttered conscientiously. "I do hope my perspiration does no lasting damage."

"Don't worry about that, girl," he growled and nipped at her shoulder as he penetrated deeper, the balls of her feet almost lifting off the floor when he slid the full length into her sopping sheath.

"Are you going to launch into some brazen language to turn me to jelly, sir?"

"Like saying how fucking tight you are and how I want to fuck you so hard your body shape is pressed into the desk?"

"That would be the Anglo-Saxon jist of the matter, sir. Are you going to fuck your cum slut until she begs for even more?"

He grasped her hair and pulled her head back towards him, meeting her lips in a long kiss, while she wormed her hand between her legs until she was in a position to cup his balls and caress his thrusting member?

He tugged at her, wanting her to beg for more, to scream for relief, until she could not help herself. Yes! He wanted her to press back so that he slid into her deeper than any man before him, the sheer lust building until he could not help himself but had to spank her to make her scream with explosive desire.

And having warmed her arse well, his fingers scratched down her back, making his mark there too as her hands clenched and unclenched, while the fucking continued unabated. He wanted her to know that she would remember the way he used her and took his pleasure in her.

He bit her ear lobe softly as he reached around to grab her breasts, squeezing them, and molding them. This was the way to relieve his frustrations. This was how to bring himself a new lease of energy. Yes. He would use her well, as he pumped his seed into her cunt, down her gullet and, should it so please him, wherever else he might wish to spurt his need.

He pressed down hard with his hips, fingers pinching her nipples. She sensed the moment and held tight, unmoving as he released within her, listening to him breathing hard in her ear and feeling the tumescence ease within her.

"Oh my...have you cum in me sir?"

"I do believe I have."

"You appear to have left me exhausted, damp with your secretions and fucked beyond my wildest expectations."

"Oh my...you are a nasty girl."

"Yes sir. I am when you need me to be."

"A girl that likes to be used is always fun."

"A girl that likes to be fun is occasionally used if she is lucky."

"True enough"

"Yes sir," she conceded and put her hand of her arm, looking at him quietly. "How's the need sir?"

"Much better now, thank you."


He nodded in confirmation.

"Is the mood improved?"

"Yes indeed."

"I am very glad that I have been of some small service," she asserted as she knelt once more to clean his cock off in her mouth before leaving him to his considerations.

"May your afternoon be unambiguously wonderful, sir."

"Thank you...yours too," he smiled, watching her lean forward to kiss the floor at his feet, gather her scattered clothing. He raised his hand limply and waggled his fingers in a silent farewell as she backed away slowly, closed the door softly and left him to muse on peacefully, without even the hint of a degree of shame.

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