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Does my little slut want something?" You ask
We've arranged to meet at your hotel. The anticipation has been building for some time, and now the night we've been waiting for has arrived. We decide to meet in the hotel bar to break the ice. After having a drink to "take the edge off", you ask me if I'm ready to play and I tell you that I am.

"Excellent. Let's go" you say.

We take the elevator up to your room and I can feel myself already starting to get wet wondering what all you may have in store for this evening. As soon as we've entered the room, you close the door behind you and order me to my knees, telling me to take your cock in my hot slut mouth and suck it good. Dropping to the floor at your feet, I kneel in front of you tugging at your pants, freeing your cock, anxious to take it inside my mouth and taste it, to feel it swell in my mouth. As soon as your cock is free from your pants, my lips circle around the head of your cock, sucking on it hungrily. My hands are sliding up your backside grabbing your ass, pulling you closer to me, then sliding back around between your legs to cup your balls, pulling on them, and rubbing them while I lick and suck up and down your shaft. After several minutes of this you tug back on my hair pulling your cock from my mouth, telling me that you're going to get more comfortable because you plan on enjoying my mouth on your cock for a long time. I try to rise to follow you, but you place your hand firmly on my shoulder and tell me to wait, so I remain on my knees, kneeling by the door. You walk leisurely across the room taking a chair near the bed, and take your time getting comfortable, knowing that each second that passes is making me more anxious. Finally after what seems like an eternity (to me anyway) you speak to me.

"Stand up and take your clothes off for me slut... slowly."

I rise up slowly, closing my eyes, feeling my face flush from you watching me and carefully unbutton my shirt and let it fall to the floor. Reaching behind me, I unhook my bra and hesitate just a second before letting it drop.

"Mmmm, very nice" I hear you say.

This is so hard for me because even though I love being nasty with you, I am terribly shy, but I want you too badly to let that interfere. I slide the zipper down on my skirt and push it slowly over my hips until it drops to the floor, then slide my hands between my hips and panties and ease them down, pushing them down to my ankles, then stepping out of them. A few seconds pass before I hear you speak to me again. My instinct is to try to cover myself, but I know better than to do that.

"Get back on your hands and knees slut...I want you to crawl to me."

I sink to the carpet, heat coursing to my crotch. I am so ashamed that I am willing to do this for you, that I want you this bad, that you know this and we both know it that very thing that allows you to control me. I slowly crawl across the floor feeling your eyes on me, until I reach you, and position myself at your feet.

"I'm going to give you the pleasure of sucking on my cock for awhile, isn't that nice of me?"

"Yes Master, thank you"

"When I cum, I don't want you to swallow it, I want you to hold it in your mouth. You're going to keep your mouth full of my cum until I tell you otherwise, do you understand?"

I tremble with desire at the thought and feel my cunt starting to ache, getting even wetter.

"Yes Master." My voice is thick with lust.

"Good. Then get your mouth back on my cock slut."

A low moan escapes my lips as I take your cock back into my hot mouth. I can taste some of your cum that is already starting to coat the head of your dick. I swirl my tongue around it, licking all over the head, then working my tongue further down your shaft. I reach one of my hands up your thighs and get a hold of your balls, massaging them with my fingers, pulling on them, rolling them around each other, and squeezing them gently. Gradually I work my tongue down to the base of your cock, and start tracing your balls with my tongue before sucking one into my mouth. I continue working the other one with my hand, now using my other hand to stroke your cock. Opening my mouth wider to accommodate you, I take both balls into my mouth, sucking on them, running my tongue alternately around and between them while working my hand up and down your shaft. After several minutes of this, I release your balls from my mouth. I work my tongue back up to the head of your cock and wrap my lips around it, sucking it into my mouth, taking it deeper and deeper into my throat until my lips meet your balls. Again and again I move my mouth up and down your shaft, feeling your cock throb against the roof of my mouth. Your hand is on the back of my head, occasionally grabbing a fistful of my hair. Suddenly you push hard on the back of my head, thrusting into me, driving your cock deep into my mouth and holding my head down on you. I feel the head of your cock explode against the back of my throat, your cock jerking and twitching, spewing your hot cum into my mouth. I wonder briefly if I'm going to be able to hold all of your cum in my mouth, but I know that I will. There is no way I'm going to risk disobeying you. I slowly let your cock out of my mouth, very carefully so as to not let any of your cum escape my lips.

"How does my cum taste slut?"

You stand up, chuckling softly, knowing full well that I cannot answer you. Gesturing for me to stand up, you have me rise to stand in front of you. You reach out and begin toying with my nipples, pinching and twisting them lightly, eliciting a deep moan from me.

"I think you're going to enjoy what I have in store for you today my little slut. What do you think?"

Chuckling again at your twisted humor and the predicament you've placed me in, you lead me to a small table and have me bend over it, belly down. You pull out 4 lengths of rope and have me spread my legs for you, tying each of my ankles and wrists to the legs of the table. You stand back for a moment admiring the view of my ass and cunt, which are now very openly on display for you. I am visibly trembling now with a mixture of anticipation and raw lust. Next you present a blindfold, which you place over my eyes, tying it securely behind my head so that I won't know what you are planning next. I hear you moving about for a few more minutes and then I can hear nothing. I wonder what you are doing, if you are looking at me, excitement shuddering through me. Suddenly you lightly slap your belt across my ass, causing me to jump from not expecting it. Again you bring it down. You continue this slow and steady rhythm of lightly spanking, which is more of a tickle at this point, bringing low moans of desire from me. Slowly and gradually, you begin bringing the belt down a little harder and faster each time until I am whimpering and moaning loudly. My body is tense with the need to cum, my cunt is dripping wet with my juices running down the insides of my thighs and stringing from my cunt to the floor. I'm whimpering my pleas to you. My saliva has mixed with your cum, filling my mouth so full that some is running out of the corners of my mouth. You stop the spanking and rub my ass with your hand.

"Does my little slut want something?" You ask.

I can only whimper in response. You slide a finger deep inside my dripping cunt.

"Hmm. I suppose I understand your dilemma. Pity that you can't ask for my permission to cum, isn't it?"

I groan in protest. Surely you aren't that cruel…

"No, I'm not that cruel", you say chuckling, as if reading my mind.

"You have permission to cum my little slut, but you are not to let My cum spill out of your mouth when you do. Do you understand?"

"mm-hmmm" I whimper through my cum-filled mouth.

You resume your assault on my ass, the sound of your belt slapping against my flesh resonating through the room. Harder and faster you bring it down on my ass, until my moaning and whimpering has become a high-pitched wail. I cum hard, screaming through my closed mouth, shaking with the intensity of it. Only when my body goes limp against the table do you stop. You walk around the table and remove the blindfold, lifting my chin up to face you. You see that I still have my mouth full of your cum and smile.

"Excellent, my little slut."

You remove the ropes from my wrists and ankles and have me stand and turn around with my back to the table, allowing me to lean into it for support.

"Now I want you to lean your head back a little, open your mouth, and let my cum spill out over your chin, down your chest, and I want you rub it into your tits."

I do as you say, relieving my mouth of your cum as it runs down my lips and chin, down my neck and chest. I move my hands up to my tits, rubbing your cum into them, all over them, my nipples hardening at the touch. Your cock is swelling again as you watch me covering myself with your cum. As you watch me, you see the lust still in my eyes.

"Do you want something else slut?" you ask.

"Yes" I say, my voice husky with lust. My desire hasn't diminished any and has emboldened me.

"I want you to fuck me Master, please."

You smile and tell me to turn around facing the table again and bend me over it. You slide the head of your cock across my wet slit for a fraction of a second before driving into me, filling my cunt. You fuck me alternately softly and slowly, then hard and fast and it isn't long before I feel the beginning of another powerful orgasm taking hold.

"Master, may I have permission to cum please?" I beg you.

"Not yet" you grunt.

I groan, remaining just on the verge of cumming, holding my orgasm at bay until you give the word. You continue fucking me relentlessly until your cock starts exploding inside me.

"Cum slut."

My body bucks against yours as we both cum together convulsing in spasms, my cunt squeezing every last drop of cum from your cock.

"What do you say slut?"

"Thank you Master."

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English Sex Stories

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