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Submissive roleplay illegal sexstories
I got your text message earlier in the day about a special surprise tonight to please not work late. I responded with okay looking forward to it. Then throughout the day I got several more messages with various naughty pictures of you. Each one getting progressively more tantalizing. After a while I couldn't concentrate on work any longer and decided to call it an early day. I however did not give you any warning of this decision.

Driving home I let my imagination and creativity start to wander with all the things I was going to do to you. I know you are open to anything and everything. Considering how worked up you made me I was planning on giving it to you hard as I took complete control of you. Your submissive side and eagerness to please are always a delight.

Pulling into the driveway a few minutes early I see your best friend's car. Hmmm I am thinking to myself. What is this about? Then it hit me that you couldn't have taken those pictures you sent me on your own. Now I am wondering what this surprise you have planned for me could possibly be. I know we have spoken of your desire to dominate your friend but other than some simple pleasures I didn't think it was ever going anywhere. Boy was I in for a surprise walking through the door.

Keeping as quiet as I can I come through the front door. With slow and deliberately quiet steps I search the first floor. Not finding you anywhere I start up the stairs. That is when I heard some giggling coming from the bedroom. With a smile I continue up the stairs. You must have planned this all out and were watching the driveway for me to come home. I reach the top of the stairs and you have yourself positioned just right where I can easily see the two of you through the slightly cracked open door.

What I see is you in bright red lacy lingerie with matching red stockings and high heels, my favorite. Your friend is dressed very similar but in black and her back is pressed against the wall. You are in her personal space pressed breasts to breasts, lips almost touching. I can tell you are whispering something to her but not what. You know I have fantasized about watching you dominate another girl. This must be my special surprise and I am not about to just watch through a partially opened door.

No longer keeping myself quiet I make my steps more deliberate and solid. There is no way you don't hear me as I push the door open and walk into the room. My presence as I walk in catching you slightly off guard even though you were clearly expecting me.

"Don't let me interrupt you," I say as I walk over and sit down on the little couch we have in our bedroom.

Quickly regaining your dominating confidence you put your hands on either side of your friend effectively locking her in place. Leaning in you press your lips tight to hers hungrily and hard. My eyes locked and unwavering on the two of you as you force your tongue between her lips. Your tongues now wrestling before me.

With one finger you run it down her chest and hook the top of the black lace between her breasts. Slowing pulling it, exposing the first of your desires while teasing me thoroughly. I don't think your friend has ever been watched like this as she glances over at me. She locks onto my sex hungry gaze and glances down at the massive bulge trying to escape from my pants. I see her face turn bright red which does not go unnoticed by you.

Giving her a coy sexy smile you grab a handful of lace between her breasts pulling her over to the bed. One hand on each breast you pull her in close by her nipples and kiss her hard. Walking your kisses down her and then her neck. Biting the base of her neck I see she has forgotten about my presence as she is now lost in you. I see you give her nipples one more hard pinch eliciting a sharp intake of breath and a soft moan as her head leans back. Another kiss on her now exposed neck and you shove her backwards onto the bed by her breasts.

Looking over your shoulder at me biting your lip showing me how much you are enjoying pleasing me with your show while at the same time controlling your friend's pleasure. Teasing us both in very different ways. I lock onto your eyes and give you a very approving smile and a nod to continue. My gaze never waivers as I unzip my pants. My cock finally free of its restrictive confines. You break eye contact to look down as I slowly begin stroking myself. I can feel just how turned on you are getting. You may be in control of your friend but I am clearly the dominating presence in the room.

"Continue on," I command. You blush slightly and return your attention to your friend who just witnessed our otherwise silent communication. Looking at me she realized the power I command while you stand over her.

Hooking her knees into your elbows you push them practically to her shoulders as you lay on top of her to kiss her hard. You have given me a perfect view of your panty covered pussies. My hunger and desire building.

You push yourself up to get the perfect angle. Dropping your hips your pussies come together. Working your hips back and forth, alternating with a circular motion slowly at first you grind your pussy tightly against hers. The two of you are so worked up through her moans I can see just who wet you are as huge wet spots form on your panties.

By now I need to get more comfortable. Kicking off my shoes I slip my pants off and throw them across the room. I do so in a way that ensures you both know I am now sitting there with much less on. You reward me by taking things the next step. Sliding backward you stick your ass up in the air giving me one of my most favorite views.

Forcing your friend to spread her legs as wide as possible you bring your lips down to her panty covered honey hole. Take a deep inhale of her sex while pushing her panties deep into her slit with your nose I hear her moan deeply. I can tell just how worked up she is. It won't take much before you have her screaming in ecstasy.

Pushing her panties to the side as you know I love, your face so close to her she can feel your breath against her lips. Sliding your finger inside her hold and gliding your tongue across her clit she gasps at the stimulation moaning loudly. That is all I can take. My desire and animal instinct to fuck you and deposit my seed in your pussy takes over. You are so into eating her that neither of you realizes that I have gotten off the couch.

As I get to you I slap your ass before yanking your panties to the side. In one quick motion I busy my cock to the base into your soaking wet hole. You face is driven hard into her pussy. Both of you cry out in pleasure at the sudden shift of power as I begin driving my cock into you with thrust after thrust. My balls slapping your clit as I drive your tongue into her hole time and time again. Her orgasm is rapidly building as she feels my thrusts as much as you.

Grabbing your hips hard squeezing them in my hands allows me to increase to a furious pace. Fucking you with everything I have I can feel just how close you are as well. I know you have great control of your orgasm but she doesn't. I hear her start screaming as an orgasm begins to pulse through her. That is enough to kick my own off.

"Come with me Baby," I yell. That is all you need to hear as you start cumming. Your screams joining hers. With one last hard slam into you I grunt loudly as jet after jet after jet of my cum blasts against the deepest parts of your pussy.

Regaining control of myself after a couple of minutes I pull out and push you back up on top of your friend. Reaching around you I grab your friend's ankles while forcing your pussies together again.

Whispering in your ear I tell you to push my cum out and rub it into your friend's pussy. Without thinking twice about it you comply. By the time my cum is smeared all over your pussies I hear you both orgasm again. My cock never going soft now slips into your friend while you are clit to clit as we continue on to round two...

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English Sex Stories

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