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facesitting sexual practice BDSM sexstories
I stood quietly in the corner watching as you slipped into the room. The darkness hiding me away from your eyes as you went about your nightly rituals. I appreciated the curve of your ass as you bent over to untie your shoes and slip them off, my hands itching to reach out and touch you, craving the warmth of your skin like a drug. As you continued to undress, I let my eyes wander over your body, taking in the broad width of your shoulders and the definition in your arms, I could feel my heartbeat picking up pace, but still I remained quiet, watching like a perve in a peep show for my eyes only, my mouth getting dry as your hands rested on your belt. Such a simple motion that seemed to take forever, take it off I wanted to scream at you. Take the fucking belt off now. I don't know when I had become such a domineering little thing, but it was the need pulsing through my body dictating the pace now. I could feel my body begin to tremble as you dragged the zipper down slowly, if I didn't know better I would almost think that you knew I was standing there watching you. Are you teasing me? Do you want me to beg you to take your pants off? If you could only read my thoughts right now I'm sure they would make you blush. I was in full predator mode and you were my prey... my eyes keenly following every stretch, every motion, my ears capturing every breath you took. Inhaling slowly and dragging as much air into my lungs as I could hold at that point, I clench and unclench my fists. I closed my eyes tightly as your pants dropped down to the floor making a soft thumping noise from the fall. Mmmm, now we're getting somewhere. You turn to look at the bed closely and realize that I am not in it and I can feel your eyes roam around the room searching for me. Silently I move forward into the light provided by the street lamp that filters through our window. Unashamed as I face you in my white t-shirt and white thong. Should I say something? You glide effortlessly across the room and move to stand before me. I could smell your strong masculine scent rolling off of you and my fingers flexed involuntarily as I allowed it to wash over me and heighten my already stretched senses.

"Come here" you murmured so softly I thought I imagined it. I moved towards you, meek and submissive for I knew this is how it would be between us. I accepted the loss of control easily with the knowledge that I was safe with you. You slid your hand into my hair and tugged my head gently back until I was forced to look up at you. My breath hitched in my throat as you bent towards me. Slowly you moved your face closely next to mine, barely touching me as your nose travelled across my skin, inhaling my scent as any good mate would, remembering the feel of me. Swallowing was becoming difficult as I struggled to contain my desire. Breathe slowly I commanded my already weak mind. You grabbed me and pushed me back up against the wall in one fluid motion and the breath left my body. Spinning me around so that my back faced you, my arms spread out against the wall for support, I felt your hips push against my ass. Oh god I wanted to rock back against you but knew you would be displeased with any break in discipline. So I waited patiently. My reward came in the form of the warmth of your breath caressing the back of my neck. I could feel the hair rising on my arms as my body recognized its master. I let my head fall forward a bit just before I felt the wet warmth of your mouth against my neck, sinking your teeth gently into my skin, marking me as your own.

"What should I do with you?" you growled at me, all the while flexing your hips back and forth thrusting your cock against my ass. Your arousal only served to fuel my own even more and I could feel my knees begin to shake from the force of my need for you.

"Make me – scream - for you" I managed to stutter out brokenly. No pride left in me as I submitted fully to you, wanting only to please at this point.

"Make you scream for me hmmm?" I could hear the smile in your voice as you threw my answer back at me. I nodded slowly and deliberately flexed back against you, knowing I would be punished for my small infraction. I did not have to wait long. You took my arms and propelled me towards the bed, pushing me back gently so that I fell helplessly into it. Before I could scramble away you were there, straddling my hips and forcing me to lie quietly beneath you.

"Before the night is out, you will scream for me, again and again, until I let you stop, do you understand me?" I heard the question and allowed my mind to absorb it, nodding in confirmation to your demand.

"Do not move from here" you command me firmly as you slid off me and went towards the cupboard, reaching inside for something and then returning to me.

"sit up now and raise your arms" I complied, eager now to see where this was heading, eager and excited. You remove my t-shirt in one clean movement and I sit there in just my thong, my nipples hardening beneath your gaze. "Give me your hands" - I moved quickly to follow your command and felt the scraps of silk being tied around my wrists. One push and I fell back onto the bed as you straddled my chest and secured my wrists to the bedframe. I could feel your grin and watched as a devious smirk came across your face. You were enjoying toying with me, enjoyed having me in your complete control and though I would never confess it, so did I. I lay there wondering what you would be doing to me next and found that I didn't have to wait long for an answer to my question. You got back up and walked out the room and I stared at you as you walked away from me, enjoying the sight of your legs, the curve of your ass and the predatory stride you had. Mine, I thought possessively, shocked by the intensity of that one word as it flashed through my mind. I twisted around to try and see what you were doing with no success, damn, you tied these things good and tight.

"You are so impatient for my return little one" I heard you before you came into sight. Yes, I wanted to scream out to you, yes I'm fucking impatient for you, but I dared not. You sat along side me this time, smiling wickedly down at me as you raised your hand over me. Plunk... what the heck?? My body shuddered as the first ice cold drop hit my chest. I could see it now, the cubes you held in your hand. Taking your sweet time, you lower your hand to my right nipple and swipe it across slowly, causing my nipples to harden further and forcing a gasp from my lips. Back and forth you applied slight pressure numbing the surface with each pass. It was torture it was torment and I was mesmerized by it.

"We can't neglect this other little fellow can we?" you taunt as you flick my left nipple then proceed to numb it just as much as its counterpart. Arrrrghhh. I flexed and tested the bounds of the ties again, twisting in agony and desire, the line between both emotions blurred by the intensity of my need for you. I arch my hips unconsciously as desire starts to pool between my thighs. My pussy is pulsing for your touch, aching for it, dammit, I need to feel you. NOW!

"What do we have here, is my little one so eager to be fucked" you crudely taunt me and I close my eyes to hide my need from you. Laughter, soft and rolling hits my ears and I know you are enjoying this far more than you should. I open my eyes and glare at you, silently cursing you in my mind. It is then I realize the direction of your thoughts and I brace for it. Your hand slides between my thighs and pushes the thong aside far enough to insert a cube of ice between my already wet lips, sliding it in and out mimicking the movements that I so desperately crave. I cannot help it, I let out a low drawn out moan and watch as you smile in reaction to my response. Using my thong you secure the ice in place against my clit and sit back to watch me squirm. My breathing is erratic now and my hips are thrashing about in an effort to dislodge it but to no avail. Dammit. I grind my teeth and bare them at you.

"My little kitten who thinks she's a tiger" you laugh at me and ruffle my hair gently. Well, of all the patronizing things to do to me! I turn away from you so you cannot see my reaction and the slight smile curving around my lips now. I feel the bed move beneath me as you get up again, returning swiftly this time with another object in your hands. Is that my hairbrush? What now? You kneel between my thighs and tug my underwear off, dragging it slowly down my knees until it slides off my feet, the ice slipping to the wayside. Pushing my legs wide open you settle yourself between them and look down at my neatly trimmed pussy. Bending over your face is so close to it that if you stick your tongue out I am sure that I could entice you to lick and service me. Then I feel it, the bristles of my hairbrush gliding across my thighs back and forth. Moving up to my pussy and brushing the neat tuff of hair it finds there. Ok this isn't so bad I remember thinking, oh how wrong I was. Suddenly the tables turn and you flip the hairbrush in your hands and begin to rub the handle against my swollen clit. Oh my god, I could feel my muscles contract in anticipation of each stroke of the brush.

"Remember, I told you kitten, that before the night is through you would scream again and again for me? How about we start now?' I gasp as the cold handle is inserted into my pussy and you push it in inch by inch, cold metal against hot volcanic walls. I was caught in a mindless desire now and began to pulse around the handle, pumping my hips up and down, fucking the brush, the very way I wanted to fuck you.

"that's it kitten, fuck that brush, show me what you want me to do to you, so wet, so very wet" you croon against my ear, taking my excitement to another level because I knew it was tormenting you as much as it pleasured me. I was close, so very close to falling apart. Damn it, you could tell, couldn't you? Suddenly the handle disappeared and I was left hanging. What the hell!

"Please" I whimpered "Please"

"Please what kitten? Please fuck you?" Oh god, mind reader alert! I rolled my eyes in exasperation. No please brush the hair on my pussy a little more, I think I have some tangles! Fucker! I twisted in frustration some more.

You rise in response to my actions and move to stand by my face. Peeling off your shorts and allowing me to fully grasp just how excited you are by what we are doing. I could smell you, and watched as your hard cock sprang to life in front of my face and close to my lips. My mouth ran dry again.

"Is this what you want kitten? Do you want some of this?" you taunt me again and slap your cock against my lips gently. Not caring at this point I let my mouth hang open slightly and risk running my tongue against the head of your cock. Just, a little, closer, mmmm.

"Little kitten things she can handle this" you grab my hair and tug me forward until the head of your cock pushes past my lips and against my tongue, deeper into the cavity of my mouth until I'm gagging against it. Relax your throat I think to myself and do just that. Slowly you develop a rhythm, thrusting in and out at your own pace. So perverse but so right, I suck and lick my fill of you.

"Such a good little kitten, sucking me off like that, I wonder if you'd swallow my cum if I allowed it" My eyes grew round and I moaned gently around you, baring my teeth and scraping you gently to acknowledge that you were turning me on even more.

"As much as I enjoy getting head from you there is somewhere else I need to be right now" you whisper against my ear and move to slip between my thighs. Without any warning and no further preparation you force your cock into my pussy hard, making me arch my hips off the bed in surprise and proceed to fuck me in earnest, slamming into me so hard the bed starts to shake. At that moment I knew I had lost, this round would go to you and I started to scream out loud, wrapping my legs high around your waist and deepening the position, and still you slammed into me, again and again...

"Say it! Tell me what you want" you command me

"I want you to fuck me hard" I whisper

"What? What do you want?" you taunt me and slow your thrusting motion

'FUCK ME HARD! FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!!!" I scream in frustration now. You groan and lift my ass high off the bed fulfilling my every wish.

Now one must ask oneself, who is truly the master here. Is it I? or you? For I know as I write this with a satisfied smile in place, I achieved my objective by allowing myself to submit for a moment.

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