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you were such a good little bitch, I think you deserve a reward.
My wife Deanna and I had both been into the Dominant/submissive scene for as long as we could remember. We had in fact met on a fetish personals site after both of our vanilla first marriages had ended. What had started out as just as playful, fun get together to explore our kinks had evolved into something much more, and after living together for a few years, we made the leap and got married. We were the perfect compliment to each other - a sexy, controlling Domina and her submissive, loving hubby. Our kinks meshed well, and we explored many new ones. I introduced her to electro-play - and she took my anal cherry with her strap-on. I got to watch her play with others, men and women, and she'd let me join in.

Lately, I had taken an interest in cuckolding, but due to our pasts - both of our spouses had cheated on us - taking on another lover was a hard limit for her. And it's not that I was under-endowed. Whenever I'd bring it up, she'd just smile, grab hold of my thick, 7 inch cock and say "This is the only cock I ever want inside of me, slut!"

I had sucked cock before - did I mention we entertained other men? - and I knew how hot that made her to watch two guys pleasuring each other and ending up covered in cum. Her issue wasn't with the bisexual aspect of it. Her entire concern was with having someone else fuck her. Actually, it was another man. She had no problem exploring her fantasies of being DP'd with a strap-on wearing woman and my cock in her mouth. If there was one thing about this wonderful woman I'd given everything to, though, she knew how to make my fantasies come true.

One night as we lay in bed after a particularly intense scene, both basking in orgasmic afterglow, she turned to me and said "So, you want to be cuckolded?"

"Yes, but I know it's something you're really not into, and I respect why."

She got a Mischievous smile on her face, "Well, what if I told you I have a way we can do it. And you'll get to live out your fantasy of being cuckolded, and I can get off on mine...watching you fluff a cock, be used, lick up a cream pie. You know how much I like to watch!" She was understating it a bit. One of her biggest turn-ons was 'catching" me jerking off. It really wasn't catching me doing something I wasn't supposed to be doing. She'd say "I want you to masturbate sometime today, and let's see if I can stumble upon you!" I'd even made videos, which I'd uploaded to a private folder that she'd watch over and over again whenever she was in the mood. When we went to a club, she'd spend hours watching other people play. She was particularly voyeuristic.

Intrigued, I asked, "And just how are we going to do this?"

"You know my friend Karen?" I did, although I was usually directed to call her Miss Karen. We had played a few times before. Karen was usually a switch and bottomed to Deanna, but I'd been submissive to both of them. I nodded, and Deanna continued, "Well, Karen is quite the size queen. She loves big, black cock. We were talking the other day, and she said she'd love to do a cuckold scene - and I told her I had just the guy for her. So, you up for it, sweetie?"

"And you'll be there to watch?"

"Of course. And I'm sure while they're fucking, you'll need something to occupy your time..."


A week later, all the preparations had been made. Mistress Deanna spent the entire week teasing me with little tidbits of information. Every night ended with a prolonged teasing session - with my denied cock put away after an hour or more of near orgasmic edges. By the time the night for the cuckolding scene rolled around, I was constantly horny, hard and dripping pre-cum.

A few hours before we were set to leave, my Mistress wife had me run her a bath. As she luxuriated in the bubbles, I washed her from head to toe, lingering on her breasts, pussy and ass. After I dried her off, I gave her a sensuous massage, then she had me go back in the bathroom, and lay in the tub while she shaved off every piece of hair below my neck. I helped her get dressed. She picked out her pair of black mesh, crotchless panties, and a black leather bra. I slid black fishnet hose up her smooth sexy legs. She pulled my head into her crotch and simply said "Lick," and I brought her off quickly to two orgasms before she pushed me away. Her look was completed with a leather miniskirt and a white halter top, and then she slid her feet into a pair of 4-inch stilettos. She looked like the one about to get fucked!

My outfit was much simpler. She told me Miss Karen had wanted me to show up in a pair of panties, but Mistress Deanna had explained that I wasn't the sissy type. So they settled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. As my wife explained, it would be quicker, since I was going to be naked most of the time anyway.

We drove over there. From the passenger seat Mistress Deanna snaked her hand up my shorts and squeezed and stroked my hard dripping cock. I'm amazed I made it there without crashing - or shooting a huge steamy load of cum. Once we arrived, we walked into the attached garage. As soon as the door had closed, my Mistress looked at me, "Strip, slut. Naked from now until we leave." Once I was naked, she reached into her purse, and pulled out my collar and snapped it around my neck. "Now, kneel." I did as ordered. She grabbed me under the chin, and turned my face up to look at her. "Karen is your Mistress, tonight, pet. Do everything she tells you, and make me proud." With that she rang the doorbell.

After a moment the door swung wide, and Mistress Karen was standing there "Hello," she said, smiling. She pulled Deanna to her and they shared a deep tongue kiss. Then, breaking away, she looked at me. Her eyes roamed down my naked body. "Honestly, Deanna, I don't know how you deal with that small cock!"

"I'm like Goldilocks, honey," Deanna said, reaching out and stroking it a couple of times, "It's just right for me."

Karen was ready for our time together. She wore a short, flowered kimono robe. It was loosely tied and I could see her naked breasts and her mound, with it's short strip of hair. Her legs were in a pair of black thigh highs, and she was wearing short 3-inch heeled slippers. "Well, come on in. Tom isn't here yet, but we can get started without him." As I started to walk in, following me wife, she looked at me, "No, cuck, you crawl. In fact, right behind us. I want you staring at our beautiful asses the whole way."

I crawled, watching their bottoms sway in front of me, until we got to the bedroom. In one corner was a very comfortable armchair, and Karen directed my sexy wife to make herself comfortable. Mistress Karen sat on the edge of the bed, spread her legs and beckoned me over. "While we wait, why don't you get me wet, slut? Maybe you can get me to cum and take the edge off." As I leaned forward, and my tongue grazed her pussy, she let out a sigh.

I started by running my tongue up one lip, across the top of her mound, just above her clit, and back down the other side. I did that for a few minutes, slowly building her up, guided by her sighs and moans. Then I began to lick all the way up her slit, flicking her clit at the top. "Oh that mouth is just as good as I remember. Tell me you get this every night, Deanna."

"Oh, I do." my Mistress answered as she watched.

"I hope he's as good with a cock. I should tell you, Jeff, Tom's cock is 10 1/2 inches long when he's fully hard - and I expect you to make him as hard as possible. And thick - like the size of a soda can!" she moaned as I began to focus on her clit, circling my tongue around it. "Now...oh, fuck!...when he gets here, I hope you can...mmmmmm...fit it all in your mouth. He likes deep throating." She leaned back on the bed, and began moaning, panting and muttering "Oh, fuck!" over and over again. As she climaxed, she wrapped her legs around my head, and grabbed onto my hair, pulling me in deep as she flooded me with her juices. She collapsed back onto the bed. "My God, honey how can you not just have that mouth clamped to your pussy 24/7?"

Deanna giggled, "Some days, I do." was all she said.

Just then the doorbell rang. As Karen got up lazily, she ordered me to crawl over and kneel next to my wife. Deanna slowly ran her hands through my hair as we waited. I could hear Karen in the other room, and a deep male voice, then the unmistakable sounds of kissing. After a few moments, she walked back into the bedroom, her robe askew, with a pair of large black hands massaging her tits. Then he came into view. He was a large, well muscled, black man.

"Let me introduce you. Tom, this is my friend Deanna. And the slut kneeling next to her is our cuckold for the evening, Jeff."

Tom leaned over, smiled, took Deanna's hand and kissed it. "Very nice to meet you." Then he turned his attention to me. He pointed at my hard, straining cock, "Is that all he brought to the party? I mean, bigger than most white cock, but still..."

Mistress Karen dragged him over to the bed, while she crooked her finger, beckoning me to follow. "Why don't we show him what a real cock looks like?" When I was kneeling in front of Tom, Mistress Karen said, "Fish that monster cock out of his jeans for me."

I reached up, unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped them. He was going commando, so his cock, semi-flaccid and as big as mine was hard, flopped out. "I tried out his mouth earlier, baby," she said, as she rubbed his chest, "He got me off so hard! I'll bet he sucks cock just as well." Then she looked at me, "Go ahead, bitch, show him what a good cocksucker you are."

I took hold of the base of his cock with one hand, and licked the shaft, then ran my tongue around the head. Above me, the two of them began kissing, and Tom began squeezing and pinching Karen's tits. I opened my mouth wide, and popped Tom's cock into my mouth. It began getting harder as I sucked it, running my tongue over the head, and jacking his cock with my hand, bobbing my head up and down.It made me feel like a slut - I love it when a soft cock gets harder and harder, filling my mouth. I remembered Ms. Karen's comment to me about how Tom liked to be deep throated, and I began to wonder how I was ever going to take that monster rod all the way in.

I wasn't going to get a choice. Mistress Karen broke her kiss, and walked behind me. She placed a hand on either side of my head, and said "Take a deep breath, bitch," then began pushing me all the way onto that 10-inch prick. I began to gag, and she just held it there for a moment, before pulling me back, then forward again, deeper this time. She kept it up, pulling back when I gagged, then going deeper, until my nose was nestled against his wiry pubes. Then she began pushing and pulling my head faster and faster. I wasn't sucking cock anymore, I was being face fucked. Drool was running out of my mouth and down his thighs, as Tom moaned, "Oh my god, baby! You were right, he sucks cock great!"

She grabbed a handful of hair and pulled me back, the cock coming out of my mouth with an audible "POP!". Mistress Karen pulled my head back, until I was staring up at her, panting and trying to catch my breath. "Enough for now, slut. I need some of that cock. Go back to your Mistress, I think she need some attention."

As I crawled away, Karen got up on the bed on her back, and spread her legs lewdly, "C'mon stud, give me that big hard dick. I need to be fucked."

Deanna had been enjoying the show. She had her skirt pulled up and was lazily fingering her pussy. I could smell her arousal, and see the fluids coating her fingers and her red, swollen pussy. As soon as I was in range, she reached out a hand, grabbed the back of my head, and shoved her fingers deep in my mouth, "That was so fucking hot, Jeff! Can you taste how wet I am?" When she thought her fingers were cleaned, she pulled me in between her legs. I flicked once across her clit, and she spasmed, and pulled her legs tight against my head as she came.

Dimly, I could hear Karen let out a long, low, guttural moan as Tom entered her. I let Deanna come down from her orgasm before I started licking again, the long slow ones from her pussy entrance, all the way up her slit, to her clit. As her legs relaxed, I began to hear the slapping of skin on skin as Tom thrust in and out of Karen, punctuated by her moans and cries. "Oh, fuck, yeah! I love that big fucking black cock! Fuck me! Fucking harder! Deeper! Get it all in there, fucker!"

I felt Deanna's bare foot rubbing against my cock. "You are so hard," she said, "You love being used as a slutty little bitch, don't you?" All I could do was mumble a response, as I had a mouthful of pussy, "God, he is fucking taking her to Poundtown! Can you hear her cumming? I think it's been 3 so far...Oh fuck! and two for me!"

I didn't stop, and just kept licking her through her orgasm, which sent her off on another one. Meanwhile, Karen screamed out a few more, then I heard her say "Enough, Tom, I can't cum ...AGAIN! Oh, fuck, oh, fuck! Just fill my pussy baby! Fill me with that...CUMMMMM!!"

Tom yelled. Deep, guttural, and I heard Karen urging him on, "Fuck yes! Shoot it in there! Uhn! Uhn! Uhn!" I think she punctuated every rope of cum he was shooting inside her with a moan. Deanna grabbed my head and pulled me away, "Look" was all she said.

Tom was lying on top of Karen. While she rubbed his back, his butt cheeks quivered as he came down from his orgasm. Mistress Karen looked around him, "Oh, cuck boy, come over here. We need some cleaning up," she laughed.

I crawled over, and Tom pulled out, then sat on the edge of the bed. "Get that cock clean, boy." I got up on my knees, and licked their combined juices off his cock. When I was done, his cock had started to soften, but was still half-hard. Karen had me get up on the bed, and get between her legs. "Clean it all out, slut. Make sure you get in there, he shot it pretty deep!" I began to suck the jizz out of her creamy pussy, licking all around the lips, snaking my tongue deep inside her. I felt Tom get off the bed, and heard Karen say, "Oh, I'm not done with you yet. Come up here and feed me that delicious cock."

I continued licking that cream pie out of her pussy, while listening to her suck and slurp on that black cock, punctuated by moans, either because I was hitting the right spots with my tongue, or because she was loving that dick as much as I had, or maybe both. Then Karen laughed, "Did I make it hard again? Good, because I need to be fucked some more!" She had me lie on my back, my head at the foot of the bed, and straddled my face. "Now you can have a close up look at a real cock fucking a pussy, bitch." she said, as Tom got behind her. "Make sure you worship both of us with that talented tongue...Oh, fuck!" she screamed, as Tom speared her with that massive prick, balls deep with one stroke.

I would attack her clit for a while, then lick Tom's shaft as he sawed in and out of her, angle myself down and suck on his balls, "Love having two white bitches work my cock!" he exclaimed.

"Fuck me baby, make me cum!" Karen moaned as an orgasms overtook her. "Is our bitch treating your cock well? He's licking my clit...oh, fuck, cummming!" She'd reach down and pinch the head of my cock, or squeeze my balls occasionally. A couple of times she even bit it softly, pulling the skin with her teeth. After the sixth or seventh orgasm, she began begging Tom to stop, but he just kept pounding her, saying, "Not yet you white slut, not until I fill that sweet, tight pussy with more cum."

She was moaning and babbling incoherently when he finally buried his cock deep inside her and began nutting off. Then he pulled out, and shot the last three or four spurts all over my face. As Mistress Karen slid forward and collapsed onto my body, I leaned back and began cleaning that black cock. As I was finishing up, Karen spun around, smiled down at me, then up at Tom, "Oh, you left me some," she said, as she leaned down and began licking the streams of cum off my face. It must have looked hot, because I heard Deanna moan from across the room.

As Karen got the last of Tom's deposit off of me, she looked up and behind me. "Holy Fuck!" she yelled, "You're hard again!"

"You know me, baby, I can go all night. Watching you lick my jizz off that bitch's face got me all hot again."

"Go crawl over to your Mistress and lick her pussy some more," she ordered me. The she smiled, a coquettish smile at her Bull. "That cock's been in my mouth and my pussy. Want to try my ass?"

"You know I love your tight white ass."

As I got over to Mistress Deanna, she spun her chair around, "I've got to see this," she said, as I settled in between her legs, starting to lick up all the fluid. I could watch a bit as well, as Karen positioned herself on the bed, ass high, face buried in a pillow. Tom got behind her, and Karen moaned long and deep as he slowly slid his monster prick inside her ass. "Oh, God, Tom! I love that big cock in my ass! You're splitting me in two!"

As he began pumping in and out of her, she just let out one long squeal. She let out a "Fuck!" every time he bottomed out, and then a squeal as he pulled out, then thrust back in. Of course, it was hard to hear them over Mistress Deanna moans and squeals as I brought her off a few times. It wasn't long before Tom said, "So fucking tight...not lasting long...here...it...comes!" He went balls deep, and I could see his ass muscles twitch as he shot his third load of cum.

I disengaged myself from Deanna, leaving her panting, and crawled over. As Tom began to pull out, I kneeled next to him. "No, that's okay, cuck, I'll clean this up myself," he padded off to the bathroom.

"Well, my ass isn't going to clean itself," Mistress Karen said, her voice muffled by the pillow. I got up on the bed behind her, snaked my tongue into her ass, and began sucking out the anal creampie left behind. She moaned and wiggled, and as I finished up, Tom returned, fully dressed.

"Three times the charm for you baby?" she asked.

"Yeah" he reached down and ruffled my hair, "Anytime this cuck boy wants to play though, you give me a call."

Karen slowly got up, and walked him out.

Deanna wobbled over to me. "Oh, that was fucking hot! Was it good for you?" she asked.

"Great," I replied. Then she reached down, and started stroking my hard cock, "Well, you were such a good little bitch, I think you deserve a reward." She pulled me off the bed, and had me stand there. When Karen breezed back in the room, Deanna grabbed a handful of her hair, and forced her to her knees. "Was my slut a good little bitch for you?"

Karen looked up at my Mistress with lust in her eyes, "Very good, Mistress Deanna."

"I think he deserves a reward. Why don't you give him a long teasing blow job." As Karen's lips locked around my cock, Deanna walked around the room, and returned with Karen's Hitachi Magic Wand. Turning it on, she said "I'll let the two of you know when you have permission to cum."

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