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Erotic humiliation torturing sexstories
Slowly Alex returned to consciousness. The last thing he remembered, he had just gotten his girlfriend Megan's panties off for the first time when the lights suddenly all came on and her parents were standing in the doorway. Naturally, he'd yelped and dashed for the back door but when he ran outside he'd been downed by a flying tackle. He'd heard a voice he would have sworn was his father's saying, "Ha! Gotcha." Then there was a sudden sting in his butt and everything went black.

As awareness returned, he discovered several very strange things. For one he was naked. He hadn't been at Megan's (at least not yet) so that meant someone had stripped him. Secondly he was face down on a large bed and tethered spread-eagled in the middle. Thirdly, he was wearing a ball gag. Weirdness upon weirdness. Who did he know who was into kink like that? And why was he here?

"Ah, sweetie, you're waking up. Good." A warm hand gently massaged his ass which was okay, he guessed, but the voice was Megan's mother, Vicki, which was definitely not.


The voice chuckled. "Ah, dear Alex. You were about to deflower my daughter and hadn't even taken the precaution of bringing along some condoms. Naughty Alex! I guess you will just have to join the others."


This time the chuckle was a rather nasty snigger. "Mm-hmm. Surely you've noticed that several of your 'crew' has gone missing in the last few months? At their aunt and uncles, hitch-hiking Europe, enlisted in the military—at least that's what their parents say, isn't it? No, they weren't. They were just like you, caught in the act of trying to get sex but without being careful about it. So, we have to insist that they change their ways, just like you will." Now the hand had pushed probing fingers between his buttocks, squeezed his thighs and fondled his balls.

"Eh! Ut er oo oo-ing?"

"I'm playing with you, Alex. You're going to spend the next few months as a toy. Want to see?"

Vicki's mature, full figure came into view, clad in a brocade dressing gown. She pushed down a television screen to where he could see it. "This is closed circuit, Alex. Let's see what we have. Ah! Here we go, Stephanie Gustafson. She's in a room in the next wing and who is with her? Why, it's my husband George."

Alex goggled. Stephanie's long blond hair was splayed across a mattress, her calves were pulled up next to her ears and Megan's father knelt, supporting himself on her thighs was thoroughly fucking the girl. Alex did note, though, that he sported a bright yellow-green condom.

"Stephanie and Alan Willowby were caught in the back seat of his parents' car when they were supposed to be at a youth group meeting. Now where is Alan? Ah, there he is and just look; it's Stephanie's mother!"

Alex couldn't swear that he was looking at Alan. All he could see was a naked young man's body with its hands tied behind its back. The face was buried between the plump thighs of Marta Gustafson.

"Marta loves being eaten. She can sit there and take it for hours. You'll find out, eventually. Now, you might just be wondering where you are—or maybe not. Either way, you are in the second basement of the Fox Hills Country Club. We like to call it the Fox Hills Youth Training and Re-education Center. This is where all you horny young types with more hormones than sense get brought for some pointed lessons on how adults should engage in sex—especially as it pertains to pleasuring your lover and fucking sensibly."


Vicki turned off the television. She stood in front of the pinioned young man with a smile on her face any evil Dark Lord would have been proud of. "I'm going to teach you a lot, and I mean a lot about submissive sex. You, Alex Mendoza, are going to be my plaything. Not just mine, of course. The other mothers will enjoy you, too. Possibly even yours. She wasn't sure when we brought you here but once we had you sprawled out on the bed she had to admit the appeal of some incestuous entertainment."

"Ay UT-ER?"

"Might be worse, honey-bear, it could be your father—or Megan's. And it might still be, but for now I'm your owner. And I will own you, Alex. You are going to be my bitch tonight. You're going to be my bitch tomorrow night. After that, who knows?"

She loosened the belt of the dressing gown letting it fall open and shrugged it off her shoulders. Alex's eyes bulged. Under the robe she wore, if that was the proper term, leather harnesses that criss-crossed her body with black straps and silver rings. Both breasts were lifted and flaunted, her meaty belly displayed, her thighs curled around the straps. But what alarmed Alex was from her smooth, bare pussy protruded a large purple double ended dildo. It was long. It was thick. And in her hand, Vicki held a tube of gooey, slippery gel.


"Tsk, tsk. Such negativity. What makes you think you won't like it, honey-bear? Shoving this up your ass is not all that much different from shoving yours up Megan's pussy. And that is what you wanted, don't deny it. Of course, in good time you will be doing just that but not until you learn a few things. And one of those is what it feels like to yield to your lover. Of course, by the time you get into my girl's pants she will be quite experienced. The local fathers will see to that. So you may as well relax. If rape is inevitable, lay back and enjoy it. And it your case, it is. But first . . . "

Vickie put down the gel tube and picked up a squeeze bottle. Ceremoniously, with care and dramatic effect she took off the cap. Holding Alex' head up with on hand she put the bottle to his nose with the other. "Honey-bear, you can either sniff when I tell you to or I call in someone else and we force you to. Either way is fine with me. Now, sniff!"

Helpless to refuse, Alex did as commanded, first in one nostril and then in the other. The mist was odorless. Next, Vicki returned to his feet and after some rummaging around taped two cool wires to his ankles. As she turned a rheostat, a tingling began to work its way up his legs until it met at his crotch. Within a few minutes, Alex began to feel very, very horny. That Vicki was back to fondling his butt didn't lessen the feeling.

She reached under him. "Ah, nice and stiff. Tell me, not that you can, what does this feel like?" She began to rub the helmet of his cock, to flick the frenum behind it, stroke the length of the shaft and fondle his balls. He moaned. "Like that, do you? How about this?" Cool gel touched his anus. A finger pressed against it and slipped inside, then a second. The impertinent fingers massaged the muscles at the rim, pushing and stretching him wider. Suddenly, one reached inside and touched him. Heaven!


"Heh! That, honey-bear, is your prostate gland. Some call it the male G-Spot. I call it why you are going to love my fucking you and why you are going to be so happy to be my bitch. And it starts—now!"

Her body weighed down on his back, her thighs straddling his ass. Stiff nipples brushed lightly, teasingly across his back. There was a pressure on his anus, much larger than her fingers had been. "Push out, honey-bear," she whispered in his ear, "while I push in." Even doing what he was told, Alex felt himself stretched and spread.


"Oh, hush. That was nothing. You just wait until I come in here with a really big one. Then you'll have something to squeal about. And that was a very good squeal. With luck you might get Megan to do something like it. But now, you're mine!"

Alex gasped as the dildo ran all the way inside him, brushing his prostate. He gasped again as she drew it out. When she thrust in again with full strength, Alex squealed but not so loudly this time. In/out. In/out. Alex began to whimper and as he did Vicki growled in his ear. "Keep it up, my little bitch boy. Pant!" She grabbed a handful of his hair and bent his head back. Speeding up Vicki gripped his shoulder muscles in her teeth and clamped down.

Sometime in the long minutes that followed Vicki's hot hand found itself around his stiff cock. When she drove in with her hips she stroked down his hard-on and up when she withdrew. Harder and faster she thrust and harder and faster she stroked him. Alex' whimpers turned to grunts, to moans and finally to a scream as he jetted a load onto the sheets and all over Vicki's hand. As he came down he felt her shudder on his back and then go limp. "Good boy," she murmured, "good honey-bear. You're going to be lots of fun. I can already tell."


Megan woke up from some seriously erotic dreams. In a confused way they featured her boyfriend Alex, the entire high school backfield and a dragon. Sweating, she looked around the room. The light was dim, its only source a dozen candles on the dresser, the nightstands and a couple of floor mount candelabras. And sitting at the foot of the bed was Maria Mendoza, Alex' mother.

"Good evening, sunshine," there was a smirk on Maria's face, "all hot and bothered are you?" She reached down and patted Megan's ankle where a patch of tape held an electrode, matched by another on the other side. "This cute little device makes that happen. And just to be sure," she held up an empty syringe, "I dosed you with Bremelanotide about fifteen minutes ago. So right about now your belly is hot, your thighs are liquid and you really, really want a hard cock up your pussy. Virginity is such a burden. But don't worry; big Alex will be here in a few minutes to take care of that."

"Big Alex? Alex' dad? I'm going to . . .?"

"Oh yes. It's really not good for inexperienced young people to try and fuck. You two would be so clumsy and inept it might spoil everything. No," Maria smiled happily, "my Alex is very skilled and soon you will be on your way to a life of covert wantonness—ladylike appearance, slutty reality. So much fun!"


"Yes! Use your erotic capital to attract an appropriate husband, bear him a child or three and then the discreet affairs begin. Delightful. Now, get under the sheet, dear. If a gentleman can't undress you he should at least have the pleasure of uncovering you."

The lock in the door clicked as Megan pulled up the sheet, her eyes wide in amazement and apprehension, as Maria stood up and turned to give her husband a fond kiss.

"Do her right, honey, just the way you do me. We want her to be lots of fun for all you horny men, you know." And with that she left them alone.

Alex senior hung his suit jacket in the closet and then his vest. As he unbuttoned his cufflinks, Megan found herself fascinated by the ritual of a gentleman undressing. Cufflinks, tie, suspenders—each piece came off and was put neatly in its place while she waited and chewed her lower lip.

"Be—be careful with me?"

The older man chuckled. "Mija, there is no need for me to be careful. You were all ready for my son and you are even more ready now. But I will not abuse you, not yet, at least. Today we play at romance and love, kisses and caresses. Now . . . "

He stood at the foot of the bed, grabbed the sheet in both hands and with theatrical flourish drew it down unveiling Megan's nakedness. Instinctively she covered her pussy and breasts and then blushed at having done so. Swallowing she took her hands away, revealing herself to him. He smiled broadly in response. "Ah, so young and tender, mija! You are lovely."

He sat next to her on the mattress and began running his palms over her body, pinching her nipples and stroking the underside of her breasts. Megan gasped. Alex leaned down and covered her mouth with his, sucking and licking the insides of her cheeks. He kept it up for the longest, the taste and smell of him playing hob with the girl's inhibitions and fears. Soon her arms were around him and she pressed her body to his. Tucking her head to his shoulder Alex ran his tongue around the shell of her ear and worked his way to her earlobe sucking and chewing gently.

"Mija," he whispered, "Latin women know the secret of the earlobes. You must get yourself some large heavy earrings that weigh them down and brush your shoulders. It keeps you in a state of mild arousal all the time you wear them and makes you much easier to seduce."

His mouth moved down her throat to her nipples where he sucked them erect and hard bringing a moan from deep in her throat. The kiss worked down her belly. He's going to eat me. I'll bet he makes me cum. I'm getting close, anyway. Will I scream? Will anyone in the next rooms hear me? Oh, gawd . . . "


Vicki Parmenter stroked young Alex' hair as he slept. She watched her daughter on the closed circuit screen with a smile. Alex, Sr. was indeed a skilled lover as Vicki knew only too well. In time the Parmenter's would have no objection to Megan and young Alex marrying but the boy had to have some better economic prospects first. Love would inevitably follow once the wedding was over but the basis for that wedding had to be money. The fashion over the last two centuries of sighing, throbbing, romantic love was nonsense as everyone in Fox Hills knew. Dalliances later on were another thing entirely—and most enjoyable, she thought.

Alex, Sr.'s head was between Megan's thighs now, industriously licking and sucking. Megan arched her back and started to pant, her fingers clutching iron grey curls on the man's head. Suddenly with a chirp she convulsed, spasming again and again until at last she pushed the man away. Taking her by the wrists, he drew her up to him, enfolded her in his arms and kissed her deeply.

When he was done, he pushed her head down to his crotch. "Suck me, Megan, suck and lick." The girl obeyed, wondering at the salty man-taste as she did. She felt him swell and harden in her mouth. Slippery pre-cum oozed out of the tip and he pulled her away. Reaching over to the nightstand, Alex tore open a small packet, removed the condom and rolled it down over his manhood.

"And now we are ready. On your back, Megan. Your girlhood is over."

She looked up into his eyes, eyes glowing with lust for her. "Yes," she murmured, "make me a woman. Take me now."

Pressure. Stretching. "Oh!" And Alex began to thrust. He fell into a rhythm he knew he could maintain and closed his eyes in pleasure. The girl was tight, tight and very wet. The usual preparations had worked the way they always did. A few more of the older men and Megan would settle into her role as sex toy just like all the other teens in the neighborhood did. A month or two in the Training and Re-Education Center and she could be let back out into the world, a well-trained covert slut. The Mendoza's and the Parmenter's would have to set up a play date, swapping their offspring for a weekend of debauchery. He was looking forward to that and he was sure Vicki was, too.

Down the hall Vicki applauded softly. "Oh, well done dear Alex. Plunder the child, make her scream. And then tonight come over for dinner and do it to me. Mike loves telling me about the fun he and Maria have after we've swapped. She squeals so charmingly, he says, when he buggers her."


Alex worried that he might be adapting to his new life too well. The food was good. He was escorted to the pool every morning where he and the other young men were put through a grueling course that was, now that eight weeks had passed, having an effect on his gut. He had to shine light from just the right angle but he was definitely developing a six pack. After lunch there would be time for a nap and then ladies would come for a visit. Usually it was Ms. Parmenter and her dildo harness. He had learned to deep throat the big piece of silicone, lubricate it up properly and then turn around invitingly so she could peg him. And peg him she did! There was no clock in the room but Alex would have taken an oath that she fucked his ass for an hour at a time. And lately she had even taken to letting him fuck her! She still insisted on his submission and stayed on top but at least he was getting some guy-type sex while he learned instead of having to be the girl all the time.

Then one afternoon the lock clicked and the door opened to reveal "Ms. Rogers?"

"Hello Alex. Vicki tells me you are becoming quite the well-trained toy. How about a roll in the hay for your old English teacher, hmm?"

Alex was speechless. He didn't even move to cover himself though he did blush from his toes on up. Emma Rogers ran her hands affectionately through his hair and down his face. Taking hold of his ears she pulled him down for a long, hot kiss.

'Mmm, you are delicious, Alex. I had my lusty eye on you for the last two years, did you know? Probably not, you were too involved trying to score with the girls. Now you know not to waste your time. When you want sex you need to find women who want sex—like me!" She took a step back and looked him up and down. "Turn around, hon, and let me see that fine ass Vicki raves about. Oh, nice! Yes, I think I'll just check you out for the night. Here," she put a tote bag on the bed, "I brought you some clothes you can wear back to my place. We'll have pizza, watch some porn and then I'll take you to bed. You're in for a long night."

By now Alex was obedient enough to not ask questions. Instead he slipped on the sweats, tank top and sandals she provided. Ms. Rogers took him by the hand and led him to the elevator, up to the main floor and out to her BMW. It was strange, seeing the sun again. Alex thought back about how long he'd been in the Center and decided that it must be July now. And not for the first time he wondered where Megan was.


Megan, for her part, was sitting cross-legged on the bed talking to her mother. "Where's Alex?"

"He's over on the boys' wing, naturally. We keep you apart on purpose and there isn't any reason you should see each other. Even your exercise is different. They swim; you dance."

"I—I was just worried that maybe Daddy had hurt him or something."

'Oh don't be silly! Your father and I weren't angry. You two were just being normal kids the way we were. And we reacted the same way your grandparents did. Fox Hills has been around for a long time, you know. No, you just were about to risk some very serious consequences and needed an intervention."

"But I get the feeling you don't want me to marry him."

"Honey, what you feel for Alex isn't love. No, listen to me, it's not. You had a case of hot panties for an attractive young man. I know. I feel the same way—even more so where his father is concerned. Love comes after marriage, Megan, and marriage comes after careful calculation regarding mutual interests, economic benefits, genetic compatibility and the like. It's all right to marry for love but make sure you love money. Then, after you've borne the man a child or three you can start with the discreet affairs. And so, of course, will he. Just make them discreet, that's all."

"It's all about covert wantonness, isn't it?"

"Of course. The emphasis is on the 'covert', Megan. Never forget that. Now, I believe that you are scheduled for another set of pompoir exercises. You've got just about everything else down pat and I have to say the way you deep throated that giant dildo yesterday was very well done. Pompoir, however, takes about six months to perfect so keep working hard, dear. It may be just what's needed to land the millionaire of your dreams."


Ms. Rogers was insatiable, Alex discovered. She'd cuffed his hands behind his back, made get down on his knees and pulled his face to her pussy. Following her demands he licked and sucked; flicked and probed sending her into orgasm after orgasm. Her juices mixed with his saliva and ran down his face and neck but she wouldn't let go. His neck ached and his knees were sore and still he licked until, after who knew how long, she finally released him.

"Good job, boy. You are well-trained. Now hold still while I clean you up. Sex is such messy fun!" She wiped his face and chest with a warm, damp towel that smelled of pine and cedar. Leaving him sitting on his heels she cleaned herself and then sat on the edge of the bed, looking down at him thoughtfully. "My husband is in Phoenix but he'll be home tomorrow. The question is whether I should return you in the morning or keep you another night. Oh, don't look at me like that! Phil wouldn't want you, Alex, but he does like sharing me with another man. The question is whether you've earned the right to be another man or whether you're still a toy-boy."
She stood up and helped him to his feet and began running her nails up and down his chest. Alex felt himself start to harden. He kept trying to reconcile the woman standing in front of him, fondling his balls and massaging his ass with the one in the prim blouses and skirts who demanded he stay awake while she explained the nuances of Edna St. Vincent Millay and other really, really dull writers. The two images just didn't match so he stopped trying and just enjoyed the sensations.

"You stopped, Mistress."

"I did. And now that you are all hard and ready let's just see how much man you really are." She tore open a packet, put the rolled latex to her lips and bobbed her head down. She deep throated me. Is she going to . . ."

She wasn't. Instead Emma freed his wrists and leaned on the mattress. "How much man are you, Alex? Can you throw me down? Force me? Can you take me and make me like it? Or shall I get out my harness and fuck you blue? What do you think?"

Alex stood, paralyzed by the memory of the linen and wool. He opened his mouth to answer but just then Ms. Rogers lifted her chin exposing her throat. She half-closed her eyes and let a lazy smile spread across her face. It was too much. With a snarl, Alex launched himself at her. Grabbing her by the hips he lifted her up and threw her onto the bed. Scrambling after her, he pinned her down, forced her legs apart and with a growl drove his manhood into her.


In a fever of lust, Alex pounded his old teacher partly from desire and partly for revenge. He felt the tension rise; his shoulders itch and his face tighten like an over-filled balloon. Soon he would cum—and then a funny thing happened. Vickie Parmenter was a strict and demanding mistress and among the many things she insisted was that Alex learn to enjoy while pleasuring. Her lessons in control and self-control had become automatic to her toy and as he approached the edge of orgasm, Alex squeezed muscles, held his breath, opened his eyes and—came! Orgasm without ejaculation, he'd never even heard of it before his abduction. But now, after eight weeks of rigorous training, he was a master. Grinning down at Ms. Rogers, Alex settled into a pace he could keep up for an hour. Take her and make her like it? Okay, Ms. Rogers, grade this!


"Here, darling, put this on." Vicki handed her daughter a box of exotic looking jewelry and a filmy robe to put over them. "Congressman Montgomery Philpot and his wife, Darla, are coming to the Club tonight so we put all the girl's names into a bowl. Mrs. Philpot closed her eyes and drew out—you. So, there will be a fund-raising dinner tonight but the speeches will be short. Everyone prefers a short speech and besides, they know that dessert will be waiting in the Congressman's suite."

"The Congressman and his wife?"

"Why do you think Sylvia Peak spent a couple of afternoons with you, silly girl? Alex will learn about bisexuality soon enough, at least as far as getting sodomized is concerned. But women adjust more easily for some reason so we started you first. You will probably end up getting it doggy style from Monty with your face between Darla's thighs. That's after they've thoroughly explored your body, of course."

"Is this part of covert wantonness?"

"Mm-hmm. Men and women of importance in Fox Hills work hard for the community and part of their reward is taking their pleasure with compliant constituents. Back when Will Eisenhaur was governor, I was his favorite. He said I had the hottest mouth and the tightest ass of anyone he knew. Lovely man, really. That's why I would take a weekend in the capital each month. Now get into those bangles and bells. Put the robe and these sandals on. Your father will be along in a few minutes to take you upstairs."


Ms. Rogers had fed Alex a hearty breakfast and when it was digested, turned him loose in their backyard pool. She reclined on a lounger with a large iced tea and watched his naked form do smooth laps in all four Olympic racing strokes. It was, she thought, like having one's own personal sculpture gallery, all these young men she signed out of the Training and Re-Education Center—and the young women, too. Sometimes she checked out a pair and set them on each other in the sunroom, in front of the fireplace or anywhere in the house that seemed appropriate. Once she had even put a couple on the dining room table as an after-dinner attraction for a dozen of her friends. Naturally, the kids had been at for only a while before the guests started fanning themselves and reaching for each other's clothing. She really must remember to do that again, sometime. It wasn't particularly covert but it certainly was wanton!

A car rolled up the driveway and stopped. She heard a door open and slam. Phil was home early. She hoped the trip had been successful. Whenever a business trip went sour it took days before her husband was his lusty old self again but an early return was normally good news. It meant he wanted out of his clothes and into her as fast as possible. The thought brought a tingle to her pussy. And this afternoon she'd have two men plundering her at once. The anticipation was unbearable.

The next few minutes passed and Emma Rogers was starting to smile. If she had his timing figured out, Phil was just getting out of the shower and should be coming out the back door, right—about . . .

"Hi, honey, I'm home."

"Hey! Come over here and gimme a kiss and look what I brought home to play with." Phil's kiss was long and passionate. She reached up and cupped his package in her hand. Yep, he was definitely in the mood. She broke the kiss.

"I checked out a toy for us."

"And kept him? He must be better than a toy."

"Oh he is. Alex, get out of the pool. I want a look at my both my men naked."

Alex complied. For a man in his middle years Phillip Rogers was darned fit, the veins in his arms snaking like ropes around his forearms. Alex certainly hoped Emma was right about the man not wanting him. There was a good chance Alex might not be able to make "no" stick.

"Uh, hello, Mr. Rogers."

"Hi, Alex. Call me Phil. So you kept Emma awake last night? I hope she's not too sore. I haven't had any pussy for six days now and I'm not sure I want to wait another."

"I am not!" Emma feigned indignation, "and just to prove it I'm going to make both of you very happy—at the same time. Dry off, Alex, we're going upstairs."

Emma, hips swaying seductively, led her lovers up the stairs to the master bedroom. Alex, as he had the night before, marveled at its refined sensuality, its discreet decadence. The room lacked ruffles and nothing was pink. Satin sheets did not adorn the bed, but enough house plants grew to scent the room with Life, Growth and Fertility. A Mombasa curtain hung in filmy waves from the ceiling surrounding the un-canopied four-poster. The rest of the furniture was wicker and the whole room positively reeked of tropical debauchery.

"Now, gentlemen, have your way with me. Today I am the toy, the object of licentiousness. Use me as you will and I will love every submissive moment of it. Later it will be another's turn but for now . . . ."

She put her arms around her husband's neck and looked over her shoulder at Alex with one eyebrow raised, radiating invitation. "There is a Lube Launcher™ in the nightstand, Alex. I'm sure you know how it's used?"

Phil reached down and lifted his wife's sundress up over her head and tossed it aside. Dropping his face for a deep, probing kiss he ran his hand down her back and grasped a buttock in each hand. Opening one eye and winking at Alex, he spread them wide exposing her brown eye. Alex nodded in understanding and pulled open the drawer of the nightstand. There, in a felt cradle, lay the long, shiny tube of the Lube Launcher™. He picked it up, pulled off the cap and curling two fingers around the rings on the side extruded a bit of clear gel. It was exactly the same stuff Vicki and her friends used on him time after time.

Ms. Rogers arched her back for better access and as he slipped the tube into Emma's ass Alex recalled his first frightened reaction to the idea of getting pegged. How wrong he had been. Now the sight of a woman with a dildo protruding from her pussy was enough to make him stiffen up in anticipation. Could a man's phallus be so different? Would he even know the difference, if he closed his eyes? Emma had said that later it would be another's turn. She meant him, he knew she did, and he was sure he knew what she meant. But for now—he squeezed a good dose into her. Now she was ready. He put the device aside and pressed himself against her back, reaching around to fondle and caress her full breasts.

Emma felt her knees quiver. Two men! They would fill both her holes and plunder her unmercifully. She might even faint. It had happened before. Phillip broke the kiss. Taking one hand he backed onto the bed, pulling her after him. "Are you wet enough?"

"No, but take me dry. Force me, Phillip, you know how I love that."

The man pulled his wife astride him. She pulled his cock up to her pussy and when he grasped her hips and forced her down, hard, she grunted. Twice more he thrust up and pulled down until he was firmly seated inside. With a smile Emma leaned forward, lying on top on him and once more arched her back. She felt his hands spread her buttocks and closed her eyes.

The bed moved as Alex took his place behind her. She felt his hands press down into the mattress on each side of her and the blunt mass of his phallus press against the shining, slippery entrance to her anus. He pushed. At first the muscles resisted but inevitably yielded to the weight behind the intruding member. She opened and whimpered. He was inside. Alex pushed again and as he pushed she lifted to give him better access.

"All full now, baby?" Phillip's voice reflected the leer on his lips. "Now, Alex, thrust with me."

Both men pulled out in tandem and then thrust together. Emma squeaked. Again, and again, they thrust. She could feel both cocks rubbing each other through her membranes, squeezing her between them, pressing all the parts of her clitoris deep inside her body. The only question now was how long would they last? How long would she remain pinned between them, imprisoned by their desire? Emma went limp and let the orgasms build and break over her, over her and over again.


George Parmenter opened the door to the Executive Suite in the Fox Hills Country Club and let Megan in. "Okay, Critter, we expect you to be wanton and compliant. Whatever the Congressman and his wife want, they get. Don't worry about it being anything weird, they're both long-time club members and we know them from 'way back. Back in the day they both spent time in the sub-basement just like you. Rumor has it Darla still manages to be both covert and wanton even in the stuffy suburbs of Washington, D.C. So you be a good little toy for them, y'hear?"

Megan nodded. In the eight weeks that had passed since she and Alex were caught in flagrante she had become an accomplished fellatrix, willing catamite, placidly compliant submissive and fairly accomplished belly dancer. It would, her mother said, be another couple of months before she mastered all the intricacies of pompoir, but Alex, Sr. said that she was off to a good start. There couldn't be too much the couple could want that she would be reluctant to provide. She went into the room.

Room? It looked like a stage set, a stage set for old black and white movie, Son of the Sheik, perhaps. Incense flavored the air, oil lamps flickered and smoked, and huge pillows covered the brilliant carpets that in turn covered the patterned tiles of the floor. They'll want me to dance. In a setting like this they'll obviously want me to dance. I've never danced naked for an audience before. Daddy didn't give me any finger cymbals—ah, there they are. She slipped them onto her fingers and gave a practice 'ching'. Now, would one of her 'guests' play a drum for her or was there a stereo someplace?

Megan explored the room, found the concealed panel that controlled the sound system and made sure that appropriate beledi music was ready. Then, knowing that it would be a while before the Philpots arrived, she lay down on the pillows and went to sleep.

She woke to the quiet sound of a door opening and closing. Looking up Megan saw a middle-aged couple in evening wear smiling down at her.

"Hello, Megan," the woman wore a backless gown with plunging neckline. "I'm Darla Philpot and this is my husband Monty. We're sorry to be late but the speeches ran a little longer than we hoped. That means" she turned her back to her husband, "that we won't really have time to watch you dance. Unhook me, honey? So we thought that you and I could just get started and then ol' horndog here can join in whenever he feels like it."

The man in the midnight blue dinner jacket pulled down on a short zipper at the small of his wife's back and then unfastened the straps behind her neck. The dress fell away in billows of satin revealing an especially fit body for a woman of her age clad only in a thong and stockings. He pulled the thong off her and stepped back to begin to removing his clothing.

Megan stood up. She reached for the fastenings of her robe but Darla caught her wrists and pulled them up over the girl's head.

"Uh-uh, darling. You are our present for tonight and I get to unwrap you. How much girly sex have you had?

"A little. I know about fingers and Sylvia Peak taught me to eat pussy. She said I was pretty good at it."

"Ever done frisson? That's rubbing your pussy on the other women's." Darla's hands were inside Megan's filmy robe, getting very familiar with the girl's curves.

"Nnnno—but I've seen pictures. Can we do that in a three-way?" Megan's robe fell behind her and she felt Darla's warm belly and soft breasts press against her own.

"Dunno," the older woman whispered, "never tried. Doesn't matter, sweetheart, we'll have our fun together, Monty will have fun watching and then he'll do you while I watch. Kiss me."

Thighs plastered together, Megan melted into Darla's kiss. Clever hands ran through her hair and down her back to squeeze and massage her butt. Darla pulled her down onto a pile of cushions and ran her tongue around the shell of the girl's ear. She took the big filigreed earring in her teeth and pulled, shaking her head back and forth slowly. The gentle tug sent sparks down Megan's spine, raising the heat in her crotch.

When Darla let go, Megan's mouth dived for the woman's nipples. Her tongue ran excited circles around the areolas, her teeth nipped and teased until Megan's lips closed around the erect dark ends and she sucked strongly. Darla moaned. She pushed the younger girl onto her back, forced her way between the girl's thighs and turning her hips sideways brought both smooth, waxed sets of labia together. Her hips flexed as she rubbed them together making Megan gasp and them whimper.

As their passion increased, Monty lay across a half dozen pillows slowly stroking his hard cock. His wife's bisexuality was one of the things that attracted him to her, he thought, and remembered the first time he'd caught her in bed with the Vice-President's wife. They'd all chuckled about it and then he'd joined them. Great days, back then, great days. It wasn't long before first Darla and then Megan gasped and cried out. Once, twice and yet a third time they came. And that's enough of that. Now it's my turn with the sweet little slut. Pulling a condom on, he cut in on their dance.


In the August heat, Megan sat on the porch swing under the overhanging eve of her parent's broad veranda. A motorcycle pulled up in front of the house and a familiar figure got off, removed his helmet and ambled up the walkway toward her.

"Hey!" Alex greeted her.

"Hey, yourself." She slid over to give him room, though not too much, and he plopped down next to her. Megan cocked her head and looked up at him through the corner of her eye. "So what are your plans?"

Alex made a wry face. "Well, I've been accepted to about four colleges but I sat down with your dad and a calculator and it doesn't look good. The way things are now, no one can get a four year degree in less than five years. That means another year of student loans and that much further in debt once I graduate. So I talked to my pop. He said that he knows a guy who can get me into the plumbers' union as an apprentice. In two years I'll be a journeyman making about fifty K a year and in another seven to ten I can have my own contracting business. I think I'll give academia a pass. How about you?"

Megan snorted. "Yanno, I've been aiming at law school ever since the eighth grade? And my counselors have all been talking it up, saying I really need to go for the top, get into government and make an impact on the world? But I've been looking at the hours lawyers put in. What kind of a life is that? When do you find time to fuck? At least to do it right? So I looked around and—do you know how much money IT technicians make? Screw the law! I'm for forty hours a week plus overtime, if needed. Y'gotta have a life."

"Yeah, that's pretty much my outlook. When you work, you work hard. When you sit, you sit loose and when you're horny, you fuck. You horny?

"Might be. Wanna come upstairs and find out?"

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