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Nipple piercing submissive sexstories
She was lying naked on the bed, right wrist and ankle tied to the bedposts on the end and left wrist and ankle similarly bound up to the headboard. The ropes were pulled tight, giving her absolutely no leeway, pulling her tight into a spread eagle. She'd been waiting for him to return for a while, feeling nervous and confused.

She had messed up yesterday, feeling too horny to stop enjoying the titillating effects of the massage head in her shower. She knew she'd had to stop before it was too late, Sir would not be happy if she had an orgasm without his permission, but in her aroused state she couldn't bring herself to care and continued enjoying the pulsating sensations on her clit until she came apart.

When she came back down from her orgasm she realized what she'd done and felt very ashamed. She'd disobeyed Sir's orders not to cum without his permission and she hated disappointing him. The orgasm hadn't even been that great. Sure, it felt good, but the orgasms she experienced under Sir's command were so much more intense and pleasurable.

When she'd arrived at Sir's house earlier he'd taken one look at her and knew instantly that something was wrong. After circling her naked, kneeling form in silence he'd asked if his pet had something to confess. With slumped shoulders and a sob she'd told him about her disobedience. He'd exhaled with a deep breath and then left her without a word.

She'd broken down and cried; it would have been better if he'd been angry, she deserved his anger, but feeling his disappointment was so much worse. It went deeper than anger and it pained her to know she'd broken his trust. All he asked for was that she trusted him to know what was best for her and follow and respect his commands.

After a while Sir had come back to the living room to his sniffling sub. He'd curtly told her to follow him and then promptly positioned her on the bed and tied her up. He'd left again to allow her time to compose herself and get in the right mind frame.

She'd stopped crying, but was now feeling anxious about what he would do to her. This was not the normal place for punishments. Usually he tied her to the whipping horse or the Saint Andrew's cross; the bed was normally a place reserved for pleasure.

She could hear Sir's footsteps as he slowly returned to the room. His mere presence made her relax slightly. Despite the circumstances she felt safe under his command and knew that whatever Sir chose to do to her would be with her best interest in mind.

"You chose to disobey me yesterday," he said. She kept quiet, knowing he'd not given her permission to speak.

"Apparently you're not satisfied with the orgasms I give you." He came around the bed and stood looking up at her between her open legs. She raised her head, pleading with her eyes to be allowed to tell him that it wasn't true. Ignoring her he pulled a spray bottle from behind his back.

"Considering this, I had to abandon the plan I had for our evening together."

She struggled to hold in the sob that wanted to escape upon hearing the regret in his voice.

"I thought that our times together were fulfilling for you, but obviously I was mistaken." He said as he started to spray her body with the slightly warmed up oil. Now she understood the need for the plush towels she was laying on.

"I wish that you had been honest with me and told me that you needed more," he said softly. Her heart was breaking hearing him question himself and her honesty. She desperately wanted to tell him that he'd done nothing wrong, quite the opposite actually. He'd taken her to such heights and opened up a whole new world of pleasure for her that made her persistently walk around in an aroused state. She'd loved every single minute with Sir, and was constantly thanking her lucky star that she'd met him two months ago.

He continued spraying her exposed body and used his right hand to massage the oil deeper into her skin. It felt heavenly, but she wasn't able to really enjoy it with her mind and heart screaming at her that she'd failed him.

"You are of course aware of the fact that the consequences of going against my orders are a punishment," he said sternly. "What you may not know however, is that punishment can come in many different forms?"

He put the spray bottle down on the table next to the bed and dried his hands off on a towel. She felt him kneel on the bed next to her and gasped when he suddenly pinched her right nipple hard. He quickly attached a clamp to the stiff nipple and repeated the process on her other nipple. He made sure the clamps were tight, but not too painful. She moaned from the exquisite pressure, again wondering what his plans were. When he'd punished her in the past, the nipple clamps had been screwed much tighter, digging into her sensitive flesh.

"Since you've singlehandedly decided that you need more orgasms than I've provided you with, I'm going to oblige you tonight," he said with a wicked grin.

She stared up at him, feeling very confused. Sir was going to make her cum? How was that punishment? If she'd known she would get a massage and orgasms from being disobedient she would have done it sooner.

"Ah, you like that idea, do you, pet?" He asked with a chortle. "We'll see how you feel about it later."

She could feel his hand traveling down her body still not quite believing that her punishment would consist of an orgasm. When she felt his hand reach her pussy she sighed happily and relaxed into his touch.

"Think I need to open you up a bit more," Sir mused.

He rose from the bed and went to a drawer. When he came back he pulled her left pussy lip up and attached three clothespins to it. She whimpered a little at the harsh pinches of the unforgiving pins and prepared herself for the same treatment to her other lip. Once all the clothespins were on, Sir tore off two strips of duct tape and secured the clothespins to her thighs, effectively pulling her lips apart, leaving her pussy wide open for him.

"That's better," he commented. "Now I can do whatever I want to my horny pet without hindrance."

One of his fingers abruptly pushed into her and made a squashing sound when he pulled it back out.

"Oh, you really are a horny little girl, aren't you?" he chuckled.

Two of his fingers plunged back into her wet pussy while his thumb started making slow loops on her clit.

"Now for the rules of this evening," he said.

She lifted her head from the mattress and tried to block out the delicious sensations in order to pay attention to what he said. It was a struggle due to Sir's master touch; he knew exactly how to move his fingers to drive her crazy. The fingers in her pussy kept rubbing her g-spot and the thumb on her clit was making tight circles; a combination that had proven to quickly bring her to the brink of orgasm.

Sir's unoccupied hand suddenly reached out and pulled hard on one her nipple clamps, making her yelp from the pain.

"Do I have pet's attention now?" he asked darkly.

She quickly nodded her head and reached deeper inside herself for the constraint he'd taught her.

"That's better," he praised. "The rules tonight are quite simple; make as much noise as you want to, and cum whenever you want to." A loud moan escaped her lips when he started to put more pressure on her g-spot.

"Do you understand the rules? Permission to speak, pet." He inquired, enjoying watching her squirm and try to focus on forming words.

"Y-y-yes, Sir, I understand," she stuttered. He was rapidly taking her higher and higher, and her body had begun to tingle in anticipation of the climax to come.

"Repeat them for me," he ordered.

"Oh God... I can make as much... ooooohhhhh... noise as I want, and cum... oh, fuck... cum whenever I want toooooo." Her last words were high-pitched and drawn out as the orgasm raced through her.

She tried to wriggle away from his touch when she realized he didn't let up on the pressure on her sensitive clit even as she was coming down from her high, but the way he'd tied her up made it impossible for her to move.

"Please, Sir, too sensitive," she begged.

His only response was a dark chuckle. His thumb was relentless against her clit and the fingers inside her pussy kept massaging her g-spot. She was vaguely aware of him reaching for something with his other hand, and then she felt a lubed up finger circling her back entrance.

"Oh god," she moaned.

As soon as the tip of his finger started to tease the inside of her asshole she climaxed again. The muscles in her pussy contracted around his fingers, but the pressure never let up.

"That's two." Sir said with an ominous voice.

Beads of sweat were breaking through the glistening of the oil on her skin, giving her a look of small pearls scattered all over her body. Her face was flushed and her breathing accelerated. Sir loved seeing her like that.

He eased up a little with his thumb, but still making sure it was in constant contact with her clit. He kept stretching her asshole and when he'd made it wide enough to accept three of his fingers he started to push in a medium sized butt plug. She groaned when she felt it pass her ring muscle and exhaled with a content sigh when it finally settled in all the way inside her.

"My pet loves getting her ass stuffed, doesn't she?" Sir asked with a grin.

"Mmm," she moaned.

"Now for that soaked pussy of yours..."

He withdrew his fingers and she could feel her juices flow out of her, running down her crack towards the small of her back. She was thankful for the towels under her, soaking some of the liquid up.

She lifted her head and saw Sir reaching for a large curved dildo, made to maximize contact with the g-spot. Her eyes widened from the thought of having the big fake cock in her pussy and the plug in her ass at the same time. He slowly began pushing it in, twisting it a little as he went until it reached the perfect spot; judging from her moans and groans.

Giving her a few moments to catch her breath and get used to the feeling of being penetrated in both holes he rose from the bed and stood watching his beautiful pet. He knew she had no idea what he had in store for her, and he was quite sure that she'd forgotten the fact that this was supposed to be punishment. So far she'd utterly enjoyed her treatment, but she would soon learn that too much pleasure could be almost as painful as a spanking.

She looked up at Sir and saw the huge bulge in his pants. "May I relieve you, Sir?" she asked. "Your cock seems to be straining, Sir. May I please suck you off?"

"No, you may not," he sternly answered. "Since you forced me to punish you tonight, you will not get the pleasure of servicing me."

"But, Sir..." She started to protest, but cut herself off when she saw the look on his face.

"Are you questioning me?" he said with a stern voice.

"No, Sir, I was merely concerned about you," she responded timidly.

"If you were that concerned about me you shouldn't have gotten yourself off yesterday. Your actions have consequences, not only for you, but for me as well."

"I'm so sorry." She whimpered, feeling utterly gutted by the thought of Sir suffering because of her selfish actions.

"Let this be a lesson for you, pet." He said harshly as he opened a drawer and took out the magic wand. He plugged it into the outlet next to the bed and pushed the on button, letting her listen to what was coming.

"Yes, Sir," she said. Her body tensed in response to the buzzing sound; she normally loved the wand, but her clit was already so sensitive from her previous orgasms that she dreaded the intensity it brought.

Sir turned the wand off and gently placed it upon her swollen clit, letting it just lay there; building up her anticipation.

"Now we're finished with the warm-up section of the evening, pet," he said with a dark glint in his eyes.

"Oh god," she moaned. She desperately wanted to make up for her disobedience and make Sir pleased with her again.

"Aaaaaahhhhhh..." she screamed out as the wand was turned on. The effect was instantaneous; she could feel the tingling in her pussy spreading throughout her body and within a few seconds she erupted in a powerful orgasm. Her toes curled, her limbs stiff as they struggled to help her through the intoxicating waves of pleasure rushing through her.

The orgasm barely started to subside when another shot through. She screamed, moaned, and tried to buck away from the stimulation, but the restraints held her firmly in place.

"Oh fuck... please..." She wasn't sure if she was pleading for it to continue or if she was asking for a respite. Sir had no intention of letting up though, he'd only just begun.

She panted widely and her fingers desperately clawed at the rope, she needed something to hold on to. She felt her pussy contracting around the large dildo as another orgasm approached.

"Fuck, I'm cumming again," she screamed.

"Good girl," Sir praised. With the hand not holding the wand he reached in his pocket for a remote. He pushed a button and the egg inside the butt plug came to life.

"Oh god," she gasped. Her body ached up off the bed as much as the restraints allowed. She wasn't sure she could take any more.

"Is my pet ready for more?" Sir asked. Not bothering to wait for an answer he swiftly tuned on the vibrations on the dildo, making sure that it was still in the right place. Her pussy muscles had tried to push it out during her orgasms, but Sir had kept it firmly in place by placing a thumb against it.

The vibrations against her g-spot made her shriek, one orgasm melted into another; she could no longer tell them apart. It was beginning to be too much for her, and when Sir began to pull on her nipple clamps her moans started to turn into sobs.

"No," she pleaded. "Please, no... oh god... I can't... oh god... too much... ooohhh..."

"What's the matter, pet?" Sir asked wickedly. "I thought you wanted more orgasms? Now you're getting them."

She now knew how being pleasured could constitute as punishment. The multiple stimulations in her ass and pussy made the contractions feel almost painful. She had a hard time catching her breath in between screams. Her throat was dry and began to feel sore. She was sweating, and the ropes chafed against her skin with her constant thrashing. Every muscle in her body was crying with exhaustion, but she wasn't able to relax for more than a second here or there before the orgasms made her tense up again.

"That's a good girl," Sir hummed. "Keep cumming for me."

"Noooo," she wailed. "Please stop."

"Stop?" he mocked. "Did you stop yesterday when you were playing with yourself? No, you didn't. You knew you were not allowed to cum without my permission, but that didn't stop you, did it?"

Her only response was a high-pitched scream intermingled with sobs as she continued to cum and cum and cum.

Sir kept forcing orgasm after orgasm on her until she was a sniffling, quivering mess. When he was satisfied that she'd had enough he finally turned the wand off. The dildo and butt plug were removed, and the clothespins were released letting her puffy pussy lips try to close over her swollen cunt. The nipple clamps came off, and she hardly reacted to the sudden flow of blood back to her sensitive tips. She was on sensation overload, the tears streaming down her temples as she lay motionless and spent on the bed.

He gently removed the ropes, massaging her wrists and ankles softly, giving her time to come back to reality. He gathered her in his arms and held her as she cried. He knew she was feeling overwhelmed and patiently waited her out. He lovingly stroked her hair and made shushing sounds in her ear.

After a while she calmed down enough to lift her head off Sir's shoulder. She still felt dazed, but she needed to tell Sir that she'd learned her lesson. She got it now, her orgasms belonged to him. She looked into his eyes and tried to form words, but the synapsis from her brain to her mouth hadn't quite caught up yet and nothing came out.

Sir tilted his head and tenderly kissed her lips, conveying his understanding. He ended the kiss and cradled her head back against his shoulder.

Her eyes closed in contentment, and just before she succumbed to the sleepiness that washed over her she managed a hoarse; "Thank you, Sir."

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