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Does Pet agree to have her vaginal lips pierced
I sit here waiting for her to get home. When she gets here I have a surprise for her. I hear the tires crunch in the gravel. My cock gets semi hard knowing what I have planned for her. She walks through the door and throws her keys on the counter, rifles through her mail. I let out a little cough. She screams as she turns around, then sighs as she sees its me.

"How was your day pet?"

"fine Sir and yours?"

"It is better now. Take your clothes off."

"Yes Sir." She quickly undress's and kneels on the floor waiting for my next command.

"I have a surprise for you please go to your room." I watch her nice firm ass as she crawls to her bedroom. She pushes the door open with the top of her head. She waits just inside the door for my next command. I walk in behind her, around her and to a table in her room. I pat the top of the table, it is an examination table. And she obeys climbing up on it. I hook her feet in the shackles as she lays back on the table. Her hands go up to the cuffs at the top, I secure her hands. Then I leave the room.

When I return a few minutes later another man follows me. "Don't get excited pet he is not here to pleasure you." She sighs, but does not comment. I can only imagine what is running through her head. From just out of her view he pulls a work table. It contains a lot of metal rings and needles.

"Pet you will agree to everything he is about to ask you. Do you understand?" She shook her head yes. I nodded to him.

He cleared his throat and began. "Does Pet agree to have her vaginal lips pierced?"


"Does Pet agree to have her nipples pierced?"

"Yes," a tear trickles down her cheek.

"Does Pet agree to have her lips pierced?"


"Are you being coerced into saying this or do you do this of your own freewill?"

"My own freewill." He turns off the tape recorder, and chuckles murmuring freewill as she has any of that.

I reach down with a marking pen and put three black dots on her right vaginal lip, three on her left vaginal lip, one on each side of both nipples. I need to think about her lips I tell him.

"Are you ready?" He asks me.

"Please proceed," I tell him.

He takes the first ring and opens it with a special tool, sets it aside, then he takes a sterile needle and piece of cork and pushes it through her vaginal lip on the right at the bottom near where they meet. She screams as the blood trickles and pools by her ass. I run my finger tips along her temples the tears flow from her eyes. I bend and lick the tears from her eyes, I love the salty taste.

He has the first ring placed. He again takes up the needle and directly across from the first he shoves the needle through making a second hole. Again she screams. The pool of blood grows. After he finishes putting the ring in I wave him back from her. I dip my face down and lick the blood as it trickles down her lips. She moans and wriggles under my touch. I stand up and move away.

"Not yet my Pet." I motion for him to continue and he moves up about an inch and again pierces her right lip. Again she screams out. More blood flows from her body. Then the fourth right next to the third.

He moves up just below the point where her clit ring pokes out of her lips and again shoves his needle through her lip. She screams, the tears flowing, but she does not sob or cry. Her body trembles and I lean over and sharply tell her "NO!" She does her best to keep herself under control. Then he makes the sixth puncture, she screams, her eyes begging me. I nod my head yes and watch as her body convulses. I can see her fluids running from her body, joining the blood as it pools under her.

We learned with her first piercing that she enjoyed it so much she would cum. After she is down coming I pull a sterling silver chain from my pocket along with a tiny padlock. I smile as I hold it right in front of her face. She looks confused and I can tell she really has no clue what I have planned for her. He groans as I gently stroke her pussy lips, examining the work. Then I run the chain through the first two holes at the bottom. I pull the chain even, much as you would lace up your sneaker. Then I cross the chains and lace them through the next set of holes. Again I cross and run through the final set. I then run both chains through her clit ring, then place the padlock on the ends of the chains so they can not slip back through.

I run my finger across her asshole. She shivers as I do. She likes anal sex, but prefers having her pussy pounded and will do anything to get her pussy pounded. I dip my finger in the blood and her juices and then hold my finger to her mouth she eagerly sucks the blood and juice from my finger. Again I dip my fingers in her fluids, and place them to her lips. Hungrily she sucks them. I grab her right boob, tweaking the nipple, and he jabs his needle through her nipple. She screams around the fingers in her mouth. He places a bar through her nipple.

I get more of her fluids and feed them to her. Tweaking her left nipple he pierces that also. The blood flows freely from them both, pooling between her tits and at her sides. I grab the camera and take a few snap shots. The blood on her lips, her tits, her pussy.

"I have one more surprise for you. I have finally hit the big time. You no longer need to work I can provide for both of us and we can live quite nicely. So the lip piercing you need not worry about affecting your work. You can call them after the weekend and tell them you quit. I will take my slut down there to hand in her formal resignation and collect her stuff." I made two dots right below her nostrils, then two more just below them on her bottom lip. I nodded to my friend and he proceeded to pierce her lips, the muffled screams. The blood running into her mouth, her tongue flickering out licking the rings now in her lips. I produced two small chains, lacing them up and down on both sides, then a small padlock where they meet in the middle, creating an X. I can see the tip of her tongue pushing through her lips, but she can not open her mouth to speak. I take a few more snapshots.

I undo her restraints and motion for her to roll over. She rolls over and I strap her back in. Her ass is covered in blood. My cock is now very hard and I step up behind her, pulling it out of my jeans, rub it in the blood and juices to slicken it up a little. Then I shove my cock deep in her ass. She moans as I pound her ass. The blood getting on my belly, my cock as I shove my cock in and out of her tight asshole. Her body reacts to my fucking, her ass muscles grab at my hard cock. I feel my balls boiling as I dump my load in her ass. As I pull out he has his cock out. I wave my hand offering him her fine rump. He eagerly jumps into the blood covered, cum filled ass of my Pet. I knew he would not last long, he quickly dumps his load in her. When he is done he pulls his cock out wiping it on her ass, mixing the cums with the blood.

"That is one fine chastity belt you have created Sir. When you get the pictures developed I would like one of each belt to add to my album."

"By all means."

He gathers up his stuff, takes one last look at the bloody body lying on the table. Hands me a care sheet and leaves.

She is so quiet I am unsure if she has passed out or just waiting. I go to her, her eyes are closed. I gently release her from the table and help her to the bathroom where I lower her into the tub. I turn on warm water and gently bathe her sore body. Her face nuzzles at my cock. I know she is frustrated by my mouth chastity belt. I join her in the tub.

Holding her close, " You are mine. I know you don't care for cock in your ass all the time, but unless you prove you are good enough for cock in your pussy, that is where you will take cock. Bad girls get their ass's fucked good little girls get their pussy's and mouths fucked. Do you understand?"

She nodded her head yes. Leaning back she ran her fingers down along her pussy lips. She tried to rub her clit and found that she could not reach her clit through the chains and padlock. The tears flowed once again out of frustration. She turned her face to me, the questioning look, I could only guess at what she was asking.

"When you cycle the chain will come off to allow your body to cleanse its self until I figure something else out. But even then the top two and your clit will remain locked up. Your mouth will remain chained shut, you can still brush your teeth twice a day and then locked right back up. Your meals will be through a straw."

She shrugged her shoulders giving in to my total control and leaned back against my body. I think she dozed against my chest, until I roused her to go to bed. She had been through enough tonight and we had the whole weekend. I will just let her sleep, rest up for all the exercise she will be getting.

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