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Gently slavery sweet painful sexstories

Kneeling quietly on the plush rug I smile softly as I fill the oversized tub, listening for the sound of Master's footfalls in the hall. My mind wanders savoring the feeling of anticipation, as I trail long delicate fingers in the water testing its temperature. I sigh softly with the knowledge that the water temperature is perfect. Steaming hot just the way He likes it. I rise from my place and wander about the room with silent grace lighting the candles I had earlier placed. Moving to turn the water off I quietly watch the tendrils of steam rise and drift off the water as I check yet again the perfect balance of its temperature for my Master. My bare feet sink deep into the rug as I walk to the sound system and select a C.D. of our favorite songs.

Moving back across the room I catch a glimpse of my reflection in the full-length mirror, the shimmering long red silk robe parts with my movement, showing the length of a well-defined leg all the way to my thigh. The candlelight flickers over pale flawless skin. Long rich dark red curls fall to a gentle caress of my waist with the seductive sway of my hips. Tightly cinched at the waist, my full heavy breasts strain the thin material of the silk. The plunging neckline reveals the shadow of deep cleavage and the bare curve of my breasts. My eyes move quickly over my reflection noting the way the silk clings to every curve until my eyes meets my reflections gaze, emerald eyes glistening in the dance of flickering candlelight. My surrender shining through from the very depths of my soul. I smile softly at my reflection and kneel on the rug by the hot bath, the red silks parting to reveal strong pale thighs, parted widely for your pleasure.

My pulse races, my heart quickens as the sound of your footstep echo in the hall, a smile plays on my lips, and I lower my eyes as the door opens. You fill the doorway, pausing, your eyes taking in the scene before them; they begin to blaze with desire. I hear your breath catch in your throat as a smile of pure pleasure crosses your lips. I moan with hunger at the rugged good looks of my Master the fire begins to burn slowly in my slave's belly my eyes running quickly over the strong line of your jaw to the clearly defined muscles your clothes fail to hide. Moving into the room, you quietly slip out of your boots and remove your clothes, tossing them aside. Our gazes meet each devouring the other.

My passion filled eyes lower as you move past me and step into the tub. "Oh perfect dove," you sigh as you lean back and start to relax. Standing I move to sit on the edge of the tub, taking a soft linen cloth I soak it in the water and lather it with soap. With long slow strokes I begin to wash your back. I smile as I hear you sigh and feel the tension from the day slipping from you. I lean forward and kiss a spot on your neck that is free of soap. "Mmmmm, dove, I cant decide whether to relax and drift or drag you in with me, decisions, decisions." I smile softly at you and continue the task at hand. You reach up and gently caress my cheek, smiling as you relax. You whisper "I love the way you think dove."

Shifting on the side of the tub I face you and begin to wash your shoulders savoring the feel of you under my hands. You let your eyes close and relax, completely enjoying yourself. I move to wash your neck as you sigh softly and drift with my tender touch. I take your hand and starting with fingers, diligently wash your arm. I smile and begin to sing softly with the music. I take your other hand in mine as you listen quietly to my soft sultry voice as you drift. Starting again washing each finger I work my way up your arm to your chest. I rinse the cloth out and again lather it with soap. I wash your chest smiling. You smile and say, "damn, that's too relaxing, you know me to well."

I laugh, "no Master, but I am learning, and there are far too many layers to you to presume such a thing." I smile and splash you.

Sputtering you laugh, reaching up to drag me in with you, wrapping your arms around me and kissing me. I cry out and return your kiss laughing. Laughing again as you say "I'll let you out long enough to hang up your robe to dry." I stand slipping the robe from my shoulders, stepping out and hanging it up, stepping back in and sitting between your legs leaning back against your chest. You wrap your arms around me, gently holding me. Your say quietly "I could definitely relax this way or get very excited, I could end up asleep though."

"Funny, sleep never entered my mind Master," I laugh. You smile and kiss me softly, pulling me close to you holding me, your fingers trailing lightly over my arms and my body, back and forth softly. I moan and close my eyes my body reacting to your touch. You gently trail your fingers back and forth over my nipples lightly, feeling the little flick as each passes over them, I moan trembling slightly. You kiss the back of my neck softly as your fingers continue to gently flick back and forth over my nipples, keeping me in your embrace, blowing softly across the nape of my neck. I gasp as my body comes alive under your touch. You trail light kisses and nibbles around my neck to my ear as your arms pull me tight against you suddenly. I bite down hard on my lip as you growl softly into my ear, feeling my body pressed against yours. Taking my earlobe into your teeth gently, then releasing, to kiss it softly. Your hold on me loosening for your hands to roam over my body, slowly drifting, lightly touching.

I moan arching my back, everywhere your hands roam I shiver with pleasure. You press into me as I arch my back into you trailing your lips around to the back of my neck again as your fingertips brush lightly back and forth over my thighs, growling again as I moan, your hands briefly hold me, then return to lightly stroking. I whimper with my need, my need feeding the fire that burns in my belly threatening to consume me. You trail your fingers to the inside of my thighs still stroking back and forth with a light touch as your lips caress and kiss my neck, your breath lightly blowing across it. You lightly nip the back of my neck as I drift. I open my legs for you, lost in my passion, a soft cry escaping my lips as my fire rages. You trail your fingers up the inside of my thighs towards my heat ever so slowly, lips still teasing the back of my neck, as your fingertips near but never touch, trailing up the inside of my legs, feeling me tremble against you.

Every nerve in my body tingles with your touch, my juices flow freely. I moan from deep in my soul from the very essence of my being. You take the nape of my neck in your teeth biting gently as your fingertips slip back and forth still, now in the creases between my legs and my body, nearly touching my burning need but never quite. I whimper. You let your touch begin to barely brush my lips, feeling me shiver each time they pass, releasing me from your teeth and lightly kissing the spot you just bit, blowing across it softly. Quietly growling as your touch fires my soul to an inferno. I groan, lifting my hips to meet your hand, I am lost in my passion, my passion for my master feeding the inferno of my desire.

You slide your touch across my heat, stroking lightly before laying one hand flat and pulling me to you gently, letting your hand slide across me as you listen to me give voice to my hunger, gently releasing me as your hand slips across my heat. My trembling increases, my breathing quickens, my heart pounds in my chest. My flesh is fevered to your touch, as I roll my hips, pressing my heat against your hand coating it in my juices. Growling again, you lose yourself in your burning desire for the sweet erotic creature in your arms, your fingers opening to slip back and forth, finding my clit and flicking it lightly as you growl in my ear, "you may not cum girl, you do not have your Master's consent." You torture me slowly in my burning need, fingers slick with my juices, whispering and growling in my ear. Flicking your fingers back and forth over my clit, savoring every whimper and shiver as you feel me, my passion, my desire, my need of you, teasing me, withholding yet giving. You hold me firmly with your free arm, trapped in your grasp.

Groaning, panting, a creature of my lust for my Master, I grind my heat against your hand, my body shuddering I whimper with my need, my hunger, growling deep in my throat. Bringing more pressure down on your finger, your touch no longer light and fleeting, circling as you growl over my shoulder and into my ear again, softly speaking to me, "My girl, my passionate little pet." "Give me what is mine to claim, you, your passion, your soul, and your body." I cry out as the first wave crashes violently through me, still holding my body captive against your with your other arm, growling into my ear, "Mine."


I wrap my arms around you holding your trembling body against me. The lust and smell of sex emanates from every pore of the sultry slave in my arms, my nostrils flare, my eyes burning with the lust in my soul. I stand abruptly stepping out of the tub unable to control the liquid fire coursing through my veins. The water rolls from my hard muscular body as I help you from the tub. Running my fingers into your hair I grasp it roughly pulling until your lips are raised to mine. I slide my other arm around you pulling you against me. I hear and feel you gasp as my lips devour yours, I open myself to you letting you feel the animal lust burning in my soul, I smile in the kiss as your body and your own fire responds to mine, pressing the length of your body against mine. I pull harder on your hair guiding you until you're kneeling at my feet on the plush carpet. Your eyes widen a bit, my hard thick cock only inches from your lips. I growl low and deep as you lift those beautiful green eyes to mine. The fiery passion of my erotic lusty slave burns through me with their gaze. Your lips barely brush the head in a soft gentle kiss; your tongue runs over the head of my throbbing cock, teasing the ridge. Your soft hot tongue glides over and over the head, before opening your mouth and taking it in. Sucking the head into your mouth you continue teasing with your tongue. I groan as my fires rage fighting the urge to shove the length of my cock deep into your hot hungry mouth.

My lust filled eyes watch as your tongue teases, as you suck my cock into your throat opening it to your Master's manhood. You take me deeper and deeper into your throat, your muscles closing tightly around my cock. "Show me your teeth around my cock, slave," I say, my voice husky with passion. You moan bracing your hands on the rug as you move back, sliding me from your throat, your teeth grazing the length. As my cock slides from your throat, the sharp edges of your teeth sliding over it, my eyes are filled with the smooth skin of your back and the round curve of your ass, I groan with pleasure. You feel the flames of my passion as you moan around my cock, gliding slowly from your throat and teeth until the head rests on your tongue. Continuing to let me slide from your throat, your teeth grazing over the head, my cock rests on your lips and my lust consumes me as you take me once again over your teeth.

"Gently slave," I growl as my cock slides into your throat and your teeth nip my cock. Grabbing my crop I quietly tell you, "If you cause pain, you will feel my crop on your ass and your back." You whimper and open your throat to me, teeth lightly grazing my cock as you begin to move on me slowly, my cock sliding all the way in and all the way out of your throat. You feel a slight stinging pain as my crop slaps your ass; you groan and lighten the grip of your teeth. Thrusting my cock into your mouth I growl my hunger for you. Your throat closes around me, your own hunger feeding your need, thrusting back and forth your teeth grazing the flesh of my cock. Again my crop slaps across your ass and back. You whimper and I pull your hair forward on my cock and back, then forward again.

You moan your need, your teeth nip my cock and again my crop slaps on your ass. Harder I force my cock into your mouth my passion driving me; unable to control your teeth you nip my cock again. My crop falls across your back. You cry out, moaning as I move in your mouth, gripping my cock with your hands. Your teeth brush my length with a feather touch as my cock slides in and out of your throat. Your hands start to slip and I growl deeply, "hold tight or feel my crop again slave." You tighten your grip as I pull your head back and forth by your hair, tension builds and my excitement at the thought of my cock exploding into your hot mouth heightens. You moan with hunger as the sight of you hungrily feeding on me, feeds my desire. Feeling a nip as you moan my crop again hits your ass, my cock buried deep in your throat moves faster and faster sliding in and out, pulling your hair with each thrust. I growl as with one more deep thrust my cock pushes deeper than ever and holding your head hard against my lower belly my cock explodes in your mouth. You swallow my cum greedily as with each release, I push deeper and deeper into, you again and again. You groan as your body trembles in the throes of your own orgasm fed by our lust. I lay on the rug taking your trembling body into my arms whispering quietly and holding you tenderly, binging you back to me gently as I kiss you softly the bath forgotten and cool.

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English Sex Stories

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