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Hottest erotic sexual denial story
Jack Muncie was 54, a traveling salesman, divorced twice, no kids.

Make that - a successful traveling salesman. Very. For the past two years, his territory had increased, and so had his sales. His demonstrations of computer set-ups for offices was his strength.

"Don't know how you do it, Jack!" said his boss cheerfully, smacking him on the back. "But keep it up!"

And of course, Jack was a self-proclaimed dirty old man. He'd met Heidi online two years ago in a chat room. To his own amazement, he had actually agreed to meet her offline. If she was really everything she'd claimed – if she was really 21 – if she really showed up...

And she had.

"You know I'm 54, kiddo," said Jack, stirring his coffee. He looked over at the table at her. She was about 5' 7", soft brown hair cut in one of those retro bobs he'd seen in magazines, with the points by her jaw longer than the fluffed up part in the back. Skin that was pale; shaved crotch; slender with a flat stomach, narrow waist, large firm breasts. Jack knew. He'd seen her naked in their hotel room.

He'd been amazed at that, too. He called her kiddo, but she'd shown him her college ID, driver's license, the teaching certificate she'd gotten. Now she was going part-time to grad school. To be a principle someday. Jack wished he'd had a principle like Heidi when he'd been growing up.

And she really did like older men. Lucky him. Two years ago, they had met infrequently. She was nearing her second birthday since they'd known each other. A year ago, they had met at "their" place, the hotel where Jack had first stared at her over his coffee cup.

"I might not get back this way for a while, kiddo," he'd said. He stirred the coffee, just like he had the previous year, staring at it. "Sales are – not so good."

Heidi was a good listener. And smart! She had listened, suggested, and they had planned. And now Jack had more people working for him than anyone else in his division, with expanded territory, bigger sales – his boss was thrilled.

So here they were again, ready to start out for the summer. Heidi only spent part of her summers visiting home. She liked to travel. She liked new things, new places.

She was asleep in the seat next to him, Jack driving carefully down the highway in the dusk, watching the exit signs. Almost there. They'd be staying in Marsdale.

"Hey, sweetness, almost there!" Jack said softly. She murmured, moving slightly. He reached over and patted her thigh. She smiled, grasped his hand, and pushed it up under her dress. He chuckled.

"Not soon enough, eh?"

She stretched and yawned. Jack kept his hand on the inside of her thigh, making the turn off the exit with his other hand. Heidi pulled his hand up higher until he cupped her crotch.

"Nope. Not soon enough."

The hotel suite was beautiful, overlooking the pool. There was a small kitchen area, a living room, and two bedrooms. They settled in for the night, Heidi stripping slowly in front of Jack. He felt his cock harden, watching her. His little traveling slut.

She danced around the room slowly, swaying, moving closer to him, finally straddling his chest, her legs on either side of him on the bed. He reached up with one finger, flicking her clit.

"I need more than that!"

"You need rest," he said firmly, and reluctantly. She pouted, but agreed, snuggling into bed next to him. They slept.

The next morning, Jack left Heidi sprawled on the bed. He made his way to the Marsdale plant, going over his sales pitch in his head.

It went well. Russ Overmeyer and Delancey Smith were old acquaintances. They listened carefully. They ate lunch, discussed, looked at samples. They made plans, and Jack left, eager to get back to the hotel.

Heidi was there, waiting for him. She was beautiful, dressed in a red Chinese silk dress, tight, a high neck that buttoned at the throat in Asian style; capped sleeves across the top of her shoulders, bare arms. Tiny buttons down the front of the dress, which went nearly to her ankles; slits along the sides to above each knee. It looked modest.

She was naked underneath.

The silk was so fine that, with the least encouragement, her nipples would protrude, popping against the fabric, and others would see.

They went off to a restaurant, sitting at the back in a corner booth, the soft glow of candles lighting their faces and the table. Music played gently in the background.

Russ and Delancey entered, looked around. Jack waved them over.

"Well well well! The delectable Miss Heidi," said Russ. Jack smiled. Heidi extended her hand, demure. Delancey was awkward. It was his first demo.

"Have a seat!" Jack waved them to the other side of Heidi. Russ slid in first. He'd met her last year. He looked down at Heidi's dress.

"Still not wearing anything underneath?" Russ asked. Delancey gawked. Heidi grinned and shook her head. Jack laughed.

"You know Heidi."


They ate, savoring the food, then the four of them went back to the hotel room. Heidi disappeared into the bedroom, ignoring the one she and Jack shared, and the men sat in the living room. They talked about sales. Delancey seemed nervous. Jack turned on the TV, found the music channel, and let it play softly. He closed the curtains overlooking the pool.

Heidi returned after a few minutes, and the talking ceased.

She had stripped and was now wearing little rings through her nipples. She wore a soft black leather collar that fit high under her chin, a D ring in the front. Her makeup was stronger, bolder, more seductive. Around her waist was a small chain, with a second chain looped so it hung in a wide, low U shape across the flat of her belly. It swayed when she walked. She'd told Jack that it felt good against her skin.

She was wearing his favorite black lace stockings, held up by a garter belt, another favorite of his; the clips holding the stockings had little black silk bows. He loved that. She was wearing black leather half boots with 3 inch stiletto heels. Around her wrists and ankles, Heidi wore leather cuffs, a D ring on each one. She had also used the thigh belts tonight; black leather, they strapped snugly against the tops of her thighs, putting slight pressure on her skin, and rubbing against her crotch when she walked. Each strap had a D ring as well.

Russ stood up. Delancey stood as well, fumbled slightly, sat, then stood up again. Jack laughed. So did Heidi. She walked over to Delancey, now her height with her stiletto heels, and placed her arm around his shoulders; picked up his hand, and moved it across to her bare bottom.

"Like that?" she asked. Delancey nodded. He couldn't talk.

"Hey, I want to touch too!" said Russ. Heidi laughed, picked up one of his hands, and placed it on her crotch. He cupped it, rubbing with the heel. She leaned into it a little.

"Oh man," whispered Delancey. He was still frozen in place, his hand on her bare bottom. She giggled.

"Do you want this filmed?" Jack asked Russ.

"Oh man!" Delancey said again, louder. "Filmed?"

"Oh yeah," said Russ, grinning. "She loves it. Don'tcha, babe?"

Heidi nodded. "Yep." She moved Delancey's hand up to one of her breasts. He held it awkwardly for a moment, then squeezed a little. She laughed. "Then you can watch it again and again."

They sat in the living room for a while. Heidi sat on Delancey's lap a little, facing him, her arms around his neck. "Don't you want to suck my nipple?" she purred. She leaned up, moving a breast in front of his mouth. He looked at the other men.

"Come on, you can do it," she encouraged. She kissed him, then gently opened his mouth with a finger and thumb. With her other hand, she guided her nipple into his mouth. "Now just suck on it a little – yes – that's it – good." She pushed a little more of her nipple into his mouth. He sucked harder. His hands gripped her bottom, spreading it apart a little.

"That's good," she said softly. "Good."

The other two men were quiet, breathing harder, watching. Delancey had forgotten them. He moved his mouth to her other nipple, flicking the small nipple ring with his tongue. She arched her back a little. His fingers crept up some, pulling her bottom apart a little more, the tips of his fingers brushing against her anus. She panted a little, pushing against him some more.

"Hey, save some for me!" said Russ, jokingly. Delancey looked up, startled, remembering the others in the room. He blushed.

Heidi got up, kissing Delancey before moving to Russ. "And what part do you want first?" she asked Russ, one hand sliding behind his neck. He flicked a nipple ring with his finger, then trailed it down her belly. He moved his hand around, his fingers together and pointing down, pressing slightly against her crotch. His fingers dipped in slightly.

"I want some of this."

She sat on his lap, her back towards him, then brought up her arms and crossed them behind Russ' head. She spread her legs on each side of his, and he pulled his own apart, widening hers. His mouth nibbled at her neck. One hand cupped a breast, the thumb playing with the ring; the other hand dipped down, gripping her clit firmly. She squeaked a little, then moaned.

"Oh God," said Delancey. He was still blushing, but his hand was on his crotch.

"It's all right," said Jack. He smiled at Delancey. "She likes that we're watching."

Delancey nodded. He could feel his cock, tight, pushing on his pants.

Russ played with Heidi for a while, teasing her, pressing his fingers against her pussy, then tugging on her clit. He finally pushed a couple of fingers inside her, and she whimpered.

"She's ready."

"She's always ready," corrected Jack.

They went into the room Heidi had gone into. "Here's our demo!" said Jack brightly.

The room was lit only by dozens and dozens of candles, softly glowing, flickering and throwing shadows into the corners.

"You want yours filmed, right?" Jack asked Russ. Russ nodded.

"Oh hell yeah. Are you going to do more of what you did before?"

"Yep." Jack finished setting up the camera, nodded at Heidi. She lay on the bed, face up. Jack motioned to Russ to help him. They strapped her spreadeagle to the bed, Jack making her scoot as close to the bottom of the bed as possible first, linking her cuffs to bands she'd already fixed on the bedposts. That was why Jack always checked out the kinds of beds first. Fancy rooms could have fancy bedposts.

Jack pushed a pillow under her hips. He pulled out a flogger. He'd put on a mask. Heidi smiled at him. Jack ran the butt of the flogger down her chest, between the breasts, down to her legs. She lifted a little.

"Not yet, honey."

He tapped her clit with the flogger's handle slightly. She lifted her hips again. Jack turned to the two men. "See how eager she is?"

He brought the flogger down on her clit then with a thwack. She stuttered a moan, excited. He smacked her pussy several times with the flogger. The men watched. Delancey was clutching his cock through his pants.

Jack next pulled out a small silk pink ribbon, threaded it through her nipple rings. He pulled them together, then up to the D ring on her collar.

"Doesn't that hurt?" asked Delancey.

"A little," Jack admitted. "But she likes it."

He checked the thigh belts. They were snug, but for this, he tightened them another notch. He unfastened the slender chain around her waist, then fixed a black leather belt in its place. He deftly pulled it tight, telling her to suck in her breath. She did; he pulled it another notch tighter, then flipped the three notches into place. The belt pulled her waist in even more, making it smaller. At one point, he picked up the flogger again, rubbed the handle on her clit, smiling at her.

"You are such a tease," she whispered, smiling at him. He grinned.

He checked that she was spread as far apart on the bed as possible; she was. The pillow under her hips kept her open, slightly arched. He ran a finger along the lips of her pussy, causing her to shiver.

He used a small whip next. He flicked it delicately over her legs, her breasts, the nipples. She cried out once, shivering with excitement, tugging at the ankle and wrist straps. Jack laughed. He swung again, catching her clit with the whip, strumming against her pussy with the leather until she moaned. She was heaving against the straps by now.

"She's making a lot of noise," Jack announced cheerfully. "Who wants to make her be quiet?"

Russ volunteered. He'd been waiting for this. He shoved his pants down, stepping out of them. His cock shot out and up, thick, hard. "I'll shut her up."

He got on the bed, legs on each side of her chest, knelt. Jack moved the camera around, focusing it on Russ' cock, Heidi's breasts. Russ rubbed his cock between her breasts, sliding it between the hot flesh where her breasts had been cruelly pulled together by the nipple rings and the pink silk ribbon. He slid his cock back and forth. "Oh man," he moaned.

He pulled his cock from her breasts and rubbed the tip against her mouth. "Open for me, slut." She smiled, flicked her tongue against the edge of his cock. He groaned. "Open!" She opened her mouth, and he slid his cock in a little, teasing her.

"Ok Delancey, you're up," said Jack.

Delancey looked nervous. "Both of us? At once, I mean?"


Delancey shoved his pants down, almost falling over. He jerked them off and threw them aside. He leaned forward on the bed.

His cock was almost hurting, it was so hard. A drop of cum was already on the end. He looked up at Jack.

"She's clean. And we know you are, too," said Jack.

Ah. So that was why Russ had – now it made sense. Delancey relaxed. He started slowly, but Jack stopped him.

"She likes it hard and fast. A little rough. Don't be afraid."

Russ was pushing his cock into her mouth. He'd forgotten the room and the others. All he knew was her mouth on his cock. He shoved deeply. Behind him, Delancey had forgotten his own nervousness and shoved his cock inside her. Heidi moaned against Russ' cock, making a pleasant vibrating feel on his skin.

The two men worked her, Russ fucking her mouth, Delancey fucking her pussy. When they were done, spent, panting, they watched as Jack kept filming and applied clamps. He clamped her clit with a harsh alligator, looped another pink silk ribbon through a small hoop on that clamp, then threaded it up to the nipple rings. He unhooked her wrists, pulled her to the edge of the bed, then tied her wrists again, adding chains so it would reach the wrist restraints. He pulled her legs up and tied each to a bedpost at the foot of the bed, spreading her wide. Jack tied a cloth gag around her mouth, muffling her moans. He pulled out a small flexible rod, whacking her on the insides of her thighs and against her clit, again and again, then smack the lips and tender skin alongside the clit, over and over, until her hips jerked and she lifted up, up, meeting the rod, moaning against the cloth on her mouth. Jack wouldn't stop until she came twice.

"That's my good slut."

By then, Russ was ready again. He pummeled her with his cock, pushing in and out, heaving, the bed jerking with his weight and thrusts. He fucked her. Delancey was next, eager this time, rougher. Heidi moaned and bucked, pushing up, meeting them.

"You see?" said Jack, when the two men had cleaned up. They looked at Heidi, still tied to the bed and gagged. "She really likes it. She really likes nothing more than a good gang bang." He reached over, stroking her pussy with two fingers. She twitched, pushing against him a little. "She's ready to go again."

"Man," said Delancey. "How many do you think she could take?"

"I've seen her with three at one time," said Jack. He was on his computer now, making copies of the digital film for both men. They watched as he replayed one part of it.

"Look at her face," said Jack, pointing at the screen. Heidi had a blissful look on her face, with Russ' cock in her mouth and Delancey's in her pussy. "She could have a few more tonight, easy."

Delancey whistled softly. He and Russ got their copies and left. Jack returned to the room.

"Another great sell, my beauty!" he said gleefully, rubbing his hands together in mock glee. He grinned and removed her gag.

"Now you," she said.

"You sure?"


Jack laughed and fucked her, slowly at first, reaching up and pulling on the pink silk ribbons. He lifted up on the ribbons at one point, just as he shoved hard into her. She shuddered and came, squeezing around his cock. He undid the ribbons then, staying inside her, then held her breasts in his hands while he finished fucking her.

That night, when she was curled up against him, naked as always, he kissed her. "And you're sure you like a dirty old man?" he asked softly in the darkness.

She slid a leg between his, pushing her pussy against his thigh. "Yes."

He sighed happily. Tomorrow was another demo day.

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