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Oh yes, there's a good SLUT. Now more like that.
She was seated on the settee, wondering what she had said the day before yesterday to upset him. She hooked her feet up under her ass as she leaned back and closed her eyes. Recounting the conversation they had. He should have met her yesterday at lunch but he didn't show. She called his office, home and mobile several times but all she got was his voicemail. She had of course left messages on each, asking him to call her when he received the message, but still she had not heard from him.

She had just picked up the phone to call him again when the door bell rang. She jumped up and rushed to the door.

"Oh I was so worried......" She began as she moved forward to hug him.

He held out a restraining hand to keep her at arm's length, then curling three fingers and thumb into his palm, he held his remaining finger against her lips to silence her.

She looked up into his face; his normal smile had been replaced by a stern look. She was worried. She looked into his eyes and received a look in return so full of disdain. Not being able to look at his face any longer, no longer seeing the love there, she lowered her gaze to his chest and then bent her head to hide the tears welling in her eyes.

"Good." Was all he said when she broke his stare.

She saw that he carried a holdall in his other hand. He had not put it down. She wondered what was in it but dared not to ask.

He looked her up and down; saw the hurt look in her eyes as she'd looked away. He reminded himself this was all her doing and not his.

"You cannot go out dressed like that. Follow me." He ordered as he strode along to her bedroom.

"Wait there and don't move." He said as he opened her bedroom door.

He then went into her room and closed the door behind him. He still had the holdall in his hand. She heard in drop it to the floor and the zipper as he undid it. She was curious. She heard her wardrobe doors being opened and the stiff drawer on the chest creaked as it too was opened. Her underwear drawer!

She stood there about 10 minutes before the door again opened. He came out of the room, again with the bag in his hand, his body obscuring her view into her room.

"I have chosen your wardrobe for today. You will go in and put it on and then wait in the hall for me."


"You will not argue. You will do as you are told." He stated grabbing the back of her head and pulling it close to his. "Do you understand?"

She managed a slight nod of acquiescence. Her heart was pounding; this man she loved and trusted had become a monster. Strangely she found it was exciting her.

"Good girl." He said as he then kissed tenderly on the lips. She started to respond but he pulled her face away from his and released her.

"Hurry up, we haven't got all day." He hissed at her.

She went into the room and gasped at the clothing he had laid along the full length of her bed. There was a note stuck to the footboard:

You will remove all your clothing. You will then dress in this exact order;


Facing your wardrobe door, you will bend over and put the boots on.

The butterfly vibrator, make sure straps are comfortable but secure.




She looked around her room, looking to see if there was a camera anywhere. She couldn't see any hidden devices or trailing wires.

She removed all her clothing and slid the sheer black stockings up her legs. She bent over and put first one foot then the second into the boots. They were of deep red leather and zipped to just above her knees. She steadied herself on the end of the bed as the 3 inch heels felt strange after the low heeled boots she'd been wearing.

She slipped her legs through the straps of the vibrator and adjusted if to fit snugly in her pussy and against her clit. As soon as she leant forward for the bustier, it buzzed into life. She moaned slightly.

She wrapped the bustier around herself and fastened the hooks and eyes down the front. She found it a little difficult to concentrate as the butterfly changed speed.

Finally she wrapped the short pleated black skirt, around her slim waist and tightened the buckles. She looked at herself in the mirror. A different image she thought as she turned her back on her reflection and went to stand in the hall.

She waited. She waited some more. She called out to him to tell him she was ready. In due course he came out of the living room, a severe look on his face and a cane in his hand.

He lifted her skirt over her ass, and ran the cane over her buttocks.

He rapped the back of her thighs with the cane. She moaned.

"That is for answering me back before you got dressed."

He rapped her thighs a second time. Again she moaned.

"That is for not facing the wardrobe when told to. If you moan again you will just get another."

She braced herself. He rapped her ass this time. She bit her lip to stop from moaning.

"That is for admiring yourself in the mirror. It is for me and me alone that you dress."

A second rap on her ass cheeks was followed by a third.

"Those are for calling out to me, when you were told to wait here."

He tickled her ass cheeks with the cane, sliding it up between them.

"Now understand this SLUT, you will behave. You will do as you are told. You will not embarrass me with you insolence. You will call me Lord. I am your lord and master and you will obey me in ALL things. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes.......Lord." She whispered.

"Good. Now I have a gift for you."

HE moved round to stand in front of her; a smile flickered across his face. HE lifted both her breasts from the confines of the bustier. HE tweaked and twisted both nipples making them erect. HE then drew a small box from his pocket and drew out a length of silver chain. Attached at each end were nipple clamps. HE slipped each clamp over her erect nipples and began to tighten them.

She inhaled sharply when they began to pinch. HE gave one more turn of the screw, satisfied they were tight enough, for the time being at least.

"Now get our coats."

Normally the coat hook was hung with various jackets, jumpers, scarves and hats. Today there were only 2; His black suit jacket and a plastic mac. The mac was white semi opaque plastic and as she put it on she realised her exposed breasts could be seen through it.

"I can't......."

"There is nothing you can't do if I tell you to." HE snapped at her.

"Now come along the taxi is waiting."

She preceded him out of the door; HE followed flexing the cane in his hands.

"Open the door for me SLUT."

She did as requested and HE got into the cab. As she followed him in, HE lowered the pull down seat and indicated for her to sit on it. The taxi pulled away with them sitting opposite each other in silence.

"Spread your legs. Wider. Show me your cunt sucking at that vibrator." HE whispered huskily to her, at the same time pushing her legs wider apart with the cane.

HE sees the purple butterfly, quietly vibrating in her hot cunt; her juices trickling around the edges of it. HE turns the speed up. She moans and sees as HE shakes his head at her. She chews on her bottom lip to keep from making further noises.

HE turns the speed up again. This time she makes no sound. HE nods at her.

"Kneel here SLUT." HE orders as HE points to the space between his knees. "Kiss my cock. Suck my cock. Take it right down your throat."

She glances towards the driver. HE raps the cane against the seat, making her jump.

"I told you to kneel at my feet; Kiss my cock; Suck my cock; Take it right down your throat. Do it now."

She kneels before him and releases his throbbing cock from the confines of his trousers. She lowers her head and licks around the tip of it, already she can taste his pre-cum. Her lips encircle his hard prick as she prepares to take his length slowly into her mouth.

HE puts his hand on the back of her head and pushes her down, making her gag, as his tip reaches the back of her throat.

"Oh yes, there's a good SLUT. Now more like that." HE sighs.

HE releases her head as she withdraws; his hand hovering just above it. She takes him deep and hard, making herself gag slightly that time. Again she does it. Another, this time she doesn't gag at all. She continues deep throating him, even as the taxi pulls up.

"Enough SLUT"

"Thank you Lord; for allowing me to pleasure you." She whispered as she remained between his legs and slipped his hard cock back into his trousers.

They got out of the taxi and she stood behind him as HE paid the driver. The taxi drove off leaving them alone in a dark street.

There was a waist high wall at the edge of the pavement, with a set of concrete steps leading down to a lighted doorway. HE pushes her against the wall, then as HE turns HE round he bends her over and lifts her skirt.

HE raps her ass with the cane.

"That is for answering back before we left the house."

HE raps her thighs twice.

"That is for not doing as you were told and making me repeat myself."

HE grabs her hair and pulls her upright. HE then proceeds down the steps.

"You will not make any sound without my express consent when we are inside. You will not make eye contact with anyone. I have been lenient so far with you misdemeanours. Do not make me regret it. Do you understand me SLUT?"

"Yes Lord. I do Lord."

HE opened the door and she followed him into the dimly lit interior. There was a cloakroom attendant. The attendant wore nothing but a black leather thong and a highly studded collar. From the collar ran a chain, which was padlocked to the desk. The attendant hung their coats on the rack behind him, the chain pulled tight as he reached the hangers.

HE pulls out a second chain; this one had a clip on the end, which he clips onto the chain hanging between her breasts.

The attendant rings a bell on the desk. A few minutes later a middle aged woman walks through the brocade curtains that separate them from the main room. The attendant bows his head and she patted it, a reward he was pleased to receive. She holds a leash in one hand.

"Here Three, hold this for me." She says as she hands the attendant the leash. The other end is divided and is attached to two other guys.

She looks at the two of them, but her smile and warm welcome are reserved solely for him.

"I'm Helga and so glad you could make it." Helga said as she pulled the curtain aside and led him into the darken interior. "Bring your slut along and we'll have a drink and a chat about what you have decided."

HE pulled the chain and she had no choice but to follow as her nipples burnt with the pain and her pussy warmed to the excitement.

Helga showed them to a table, both HE and she sat on chairs.

"We are not uncouth here; there is a cushion for your slut to sit on."

She sat on the cushion as indicated, as HE and Helga started their conversation. She didn't pay attention to it but tried to take in her surroundings, without appearing to do so. He pulled slightly on the chain; she returned her attention to the end of their conversation.

"So you have decided on the ebony room?" Helga asked as she clicked her fingers.

Almost immediately there was another guy at her shoulder.

"Ah One take this gentleman to the ebony room." Helga ordered as she stood and shook HIS hand. "I hope you enjoy your evening."

"Thank you so much Helga. I'm sure I will." HE replied as HE got to his feet, pulling sharply on the chain. She stumbled to her feet.

HE followed One along a narrow corridor to a door marked 'ebony room'. She followed him. One opened the door and bowed as they both passed him.

The room was full of various, well to be honest to her eye, torture equipment. There were chains attached to the ceiling and the walls, together with leather bindings. There was an object that looked a bit like a vaulting horse. Hung on the walls, on hooks, were gags, whips, blindfolds, dildos on harnesses and numerous other items that made her shiver at the thought of their use.

She looks at him, with terror written over her face. Oh she had by now remembered the conversation she had, had with him now about experimenting with bondage. She never dreamed he'd take it this far. She made a mental note to have words with her two friends Jane and Helen, who had put the idea in her head.


She knelt on the floor, watching from the corner of her eyes as he inspected all the items. HE lifts several items up and holds them at arm's length. She found some of the items arouse her curiosity and hence her excitement.


She crawls to him.

"You have been a bad SLUT and you need punishment. What do you need? Speak"

"I need to be punished Lord."

"Walk around this room and then tell me what form you think your punishment should take."

HE watched her go from one item to another, lingering at some, but touching nothing. She wondered if choice would be abided by or whether HE had already made his choice. She returned to him and knelt before him.


"Oh Lord if it pleases you I think I should be blindfolded and tied up. Then my sopping wet cunt fucked to your pleasure. Hard deep and furious, as you like it. Then oh Lord in punishment for my cunt being so hot and wet for you I think you should pound my tight little ass."

HE had to admit to himself HE was impressed with her answer and how much she was getting in to this role.

"I see and where do you think I should come? Speak."

"Oh Lord if only you could have three lovely hard throbbing cocks and you could fuck and fill each of my orifices with your lovely juices. Nothing would give me greater pleasure, but oh Lord the choice must be yours and yours alone. I am not worthy to suggest where you should come."

A look of surprise quickly crossed his face, at both the language she was using but also the eloquence of it.

"Strip and remove the butterfly."

She did as she was told. HE blindfolded her, and then led her by the nipple chains. HE turned her so her stomach and thighs were pressed against and hard object. It felt bristly. HE bent and pulled one leg to her side. HE restrained with a thick cuff. HE repeated the action with her other leg. She was now standing legs akimbo with the object in front of her enabling her to keep upright.

HE then pushed her forward, so that she was lying along the length. It was angled so that her head was lower than her ass. HE restrained both her wrists above her head.

She was breathing heavily. She felt so vulnerable but the excitement was overwhelming her.

HE caressed her ass cheeks and pulled then apart exposing her tight asshole. HE stroked and probed it with his index finger. She sighed.

"I said you were to make no sound. If you make another sound I will gag you." HE said as he whipped her ass.

HE then moved away and left her. She listened trying to work out where HE was and what HE was doing.

She heard a sound. Was it a door opening and closing? Her breath quickened as she imagined more people in the room. There were whisperings, she was sure of it. There was someone else in the room or was HE just trying to make her think there was? Trying to make her call out to him?

A hand returned to her ass, caressing it again. A vibrator, long and thick, was pushed into her pussy. A couple of strokes and then it was withdrawn.

The vibrator was then pushed into her tight ass. She bit her lip to stop from screaming and moaning. She tasted blood in her mouth.

A finger played with her pussy lips, pulling at them. Then her juices were rubbed over her tight ass.

Two hands grabbed her hips and slowly entry was made into her ass and pussy at the same time.

"Ooooohhhh." She sighed as she could hold in the exclamation.

It was an incredible feeling being penetrated in both holes at once. She was rewarded with a couple of slaps across her ass, but the two hands still held firmly to her hips. A surge of excitement ran through her body.

The fucker slid in and out of her ass and cunt at the same time. It was a steady pace that was gradually built up. Her body was bucking on the frame, wailing at her to let go and orgasm.

"Now my little SLUT is that what you deserved? Speak." HE said from across the room.

"Yes Lord I deserve this."

"How does it make you feel SLUT? Speak."

The fucking continued.

"Oh Lord it hurts. It makes me wet. My whole body tingles with excitement. May I please come Lord?"


She sighed in disappointment. She tried not to listen to her body, screaming out for that final release. Her ass was slapped again and again.

"Will you never learn?"

"Stop." A male voice ordered. It was not a voice she recognised. In order with that instruction the fucker stopped. The dildo remained resting against her ass and pussy.

"I will try Lord. Please don't take it away from me."

Her ass was slapped twice more.

"I didn't say you could speak."

A bundle of soft material was pushed into her mouth. It tasted musky.

"Fuck her." The second voice ordered.

Now the person began fucking her again. It was hard and deep. She writhed against her binds, wanting more but knowing she couldn't come until HE said she could.

Then she knew if HE didn't tell her soon she would come anyway. Then she would be subjected to more punishment. That idea turned her on further.

She could feel the orgasm building and her nerves were alive to every sensation. She was breathing heavily.

The material was removed from her mouth and placed in her hand. She opened her mouth to breathe more deeply.

There was a splash of warm liquid on her face. She opened her mouth wider to receive as much of his cum as she could. Her face was splattered and her mouth filled with his juices. She licked his cum off her lips.

"Speak." HE whispered huskily close to her face.

"Oh thank you Lord for allowing me to taste your lovely juices. It is so much more than I deserve. Oh thank you Lord."

"You may come now and don't hold anything back..."

She felt him move away from her. The fucking continued, hard and fast.

"Oh fuck me. Yes yes harder. I deserve this for being such a SLUT. OoooooHHHh. No no. Yeesssss. OH FFFUUUUCCCCKKkk."

Her body shuddered and shook as the orgasm overtook her. Wave after wave the orgasm rippled through her body. She relaxed against the bench, panting heavily.

The room was quiet; all she could hear was her own breath and the thundering of her heart.

She thought HE had left her. Then hands untied her feet and wrists. She was helped to stand, her legs felt like jelly. She leaned against him.

HE removed the blindfold and smiled at her. They were the only two in the room but HE put his finger to her lip to keep her from talking. She guessed it wasn't quite over then....

She looked down at the material that had gagged her and that she still held in her hand. It was a pair of ladies knickers. She frowned.

"You may dress now but take those with you." HE ordered as he nodded towards her hand. "You must return them."

She nodded and dressed in silence. She noticed the butterfly vibrator was missing. Even so she put the clothes on in exactly the same order as she had previously. HE was impressed.

HE left the room and she followed him. They returned to the table they had previously occupied. This time there was a man seated there. He looked vaguely familiar to her.

There was a woman seated on the floor by his feet, with her head bowed.

"Give it back now." HE said as he pointed to the woman seated on the floor.

"Take back your underwear you dirty bitch." The other guy ordered.

She recognised the voice; it was the guy from the room. The other woman looked up as she was told to take and smiled.

She couldn't believe her eyes, she was about to hand a pair of knickers back to one of her best mates. It was then no wonder Jane had been so keen to put ideas into her head. She wanted to say so much but was bought to heel as HE tugged on her nipple chain.
She sat down at his feet and kept glancing at Jane. The second girl still had a smile on her face, but was doing a good job of hiding it from her master with her hair.

Helga's voice broke through the hubbub of conversation.

"Next tonight we have a first timer. I must say she did well. Masters and mistresses, we have here, for your enjoyment, the latest action from the ebony room."

She gasped, as film of her started. She watched as her best mate donned a double penetration dildo and fucked her.

The effect of watching herself being fucked and the memories of all the emotions and sensations excited her again.

Maybe, she thought, she'd have to try harder next time. A smile played across her face as the thought 'next time' ran through her mind again. Am I a convert?? She wondered.

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