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Nasty stories about domination and submissive
I didn't really mean it to start out this way. Finding myself in a hotel room for the afternoon, bound and gagged and loving it. I suppose a bit of back story would be necessary to understand the situation completely...

I work late, a lot. It was a Saturday afternoon that I was sitting in a darkened office with only my computer screen and a light on the hutch to read by. Filing my paperwork like the good little worker I am. I can hear the door open and then the scent. HE walked in. There's something about his scent. I can't describe it. Between the aftershave, cologne, and his personal scent, my body went into sexual need.

Now, neither of us are supermodel material. I consider myself average in attractiveness. My most note worthy attributes being long strawberry blond hair, bright green eyes and DDD tits that are full and inviting. He, being of average height, completely shaved head and dark flawless skin.

We'd been flirting for quite some time. Throwing innuendos at one another and purposely wandering through each others area with looks and small smiles. He'd asked me to lunch the afternoon before and we'd kissed. WOW was he a good kisser. Most men try to devour a woman's lips. He was soft sensual and inviting. We could have gone on and on if it hadn't been for us both needing to get back to work We'd started the conversation of what we both wanted if we decided to get involved with one another. But we never managed to finish.

He walked in, I turned in my chair and smiled. He smiles back and I start small talk. He's bored. He really didn't need to be here, but wouldn't pass up the opportunity to pass some time with me.

'Are you really into that or are you trying to ignore me?'

'No, I'm not ignoring you, I'm really trying to get caught up. Next week won't be fun for me if I don't.'

He comes further into the office and pulls up a chair from the next desk. That intriguing smile on his face.

'Back to our conversation yesterday' he starts, 'You were telling me what you're looking for in this...' He trails off.

'Yeah, about that. I'm not looking for long term. I have my relationships and what I'm truly looking for I haven't found yet. You might fit the bill.' I respond. Setting my pencil down and turning to watch him.

He's leaned back in his chair, rubbing himself through his jeans. He's got this look on his face that screams he wants to throw me on the floor and take me right there.

'The two men I've been willing to give myself completely to, refuse to do so because of the emotional attachments.' I look down at my hands in my lap and can feel the adrenaline starting to pump through my veins. 'If we do this, no emotional attachments, no expectations, just what we need... And I need to be disciplined.'

I take another moment before I look up. Once I do I can see the interest there in his eyes. The lust.

'So, you need me.' It wasn't a question. It was a statement. 'And the fact that I want you is just bonus. What I don't get is why?'

'I can't explain it. I just want it'

'It's settled then. I'll let you know when.' He stands and walks over to me. He runs his hands along the back of my neck. They're very warm. I can feel myself responding. My neck is so sensitive and he's discovered it on the first try. He rubs my neck and shoulders. I feel his hands moving slowly and sensually over the exposed skin. A little thought in the back of my head reels over the mental picture of dark skinned hands skimming over my pale white skin. My body responds to the thought and I can feel my juices start to flow. My clit pulses, begging for some attention.

'Please...' I beg. ' Not here.'

'What, 'not here', I'm just rubbing your shoulders.'

'Please. I can't bring myself to do this here. I want so badly...'

'I like hearing you beg.' His voice soft, inviting. He continues to rub on me. His hands just found the edge of my shirt and are now gently caressing the small of my back. I shudder. My pussy is pulsing now. Begging to be touched. I freeze in my chair, afraid to move. One little movement will be all I need to fall over the edge. I swing my chair back around to face my desk, inadvertently giving him more access to my neck and back. I've got a fist balled up against my mouth to keep the moans at bay. It's not working as well as I'd hoped.

'You want to feel me. You need to feel my cock inside you.'

I shudder. He's speaking directly in my ear now in that low sensual voice. That's all it took. I've fallen over the edge.

'Oh Gods...' I whisper. I shudder, once, twice, three time. My back stiffens. My orgasm hits and it's all I can do not to scream. All the while, he's telling me the things he wants to do to me in that voice directly behind me.

'I want to see you laid out before me. I want to see your pussy get wet for me. To lick, touch and taste... But for now I'll leave. You begged so prettily.'

He backs away from me and comes around to the front of my desk. A nice solid piece of furniture between us.

I haven't moved. I'm still frozen in aftershocks, my fist to my lips. I can only raise my eyes to him as he comes into view.

'Oh, nice...' He smiles. 'Yes, I think this arrangement will do nicely.'

'I need to go clean up.' With out another word I get up from my desk, shift my hips a little, trying to get comfortable with the squishy feeling, and walk out of my office. I can feel his eyes following me out the door.

Once I've taken care of the mess I come back to my office to find a note in the seat of my chair.

'I'll see you on Tuesday.'

I can't wait...


Work is busy. I've barely had time to myself. One of my co workers is out for the week so I end up playing double duty. I haven't gotten a chance to wander through his area yet today. I've gotten several 'vanilla' emails asking how my weekend went and how I'm doing. We haven't touched on what's really on our minds.

Covering for my co worker actually gets me out of the office for a bit. I ride down to his area to pick up some manufactured parts and find him sitting at his desk. He glances over and sees me. As he gets up, I see him shift. He's already getting a hard on. I smile to myself. It does a body good to know you've still got it.

He walks over to me with a folder piece of paper in his hands. He smiles, asks me how my day's going and hands me the paper. I respond in kind and thank him for asking. I tuck the page into my back pocket as we talk and pretend not to notice the bulge in his pants.

I continue on my way, doing the work I'm supposed to be focusing on. It's late afternoon before I remember the page he handed me. Before logging out for the day, I pull it out of my pocket to find short precise instructions.

'Wednesday. 4pm. Room 214 at the Holiday Inn down the street. Wear no panties and be wet and ready'

Well the wet and ready won't be a problem. I can feel myself getting excited already. The thrill of the chase has me hot and bothered. My clit starts to throb and my pussy juices start to flow. I compose a short email with only one word to him. 'Understood' and hit send. There's no turning back now.


It's nearing the end of my day. Despite the sexual frustration I've been feeling, I've been able to rein myself in. I won't have to for much longer. As I log off my computer, I start to get wet, just thinking of what could possibly lay ahead.

I clear my desk and gather my things. On the way out of the building, I step into the ladies room. I remove my panties as I have been told to do and put my jeans back on. I've never gone 'commando' as it were. Interestingly new sensation. My pussy feels swollen and exposed even though I'm covered. I stand in the stall for a few minutes and squirm around a bit, getting used to the feeling before I walk out to my vehicle.

I get to my car and drive to the Inn. I leave everything personal in my car. I don't want any reminders of my real life involved in this. I take off my wedding band and drop it in my purse. The watch that my lover gave me months ago follows the ring. These are the relationships that I don't want changed. I love my husband and my lover. They just won't take control. This is the reason I find myself in this situation.

I get out of my car and walk slowly to the room given to me in the note. I knock twice once I've gotten there. The door is opened and I walk in, head high, eyes forward.

'Stop, put you keys on the desk and put your arms to your sides'

I follow the directions to the letter. I set my keys on the desk to my right and move back to stand where I stopped, my arms at my sides. I have yet to see him yet. Only heard him moving around behind me.

'Remove your clothing, slowly. Lay it over the back of the chair. Put your arms behind you and hold your elbows when your done.'

This only serves to excite me more. My pussy is sopping wet now. A small shiver goes through me as I comply with his wishes. I feel as much as hear a piece of cloth wrap around my arms securing both my wrists to my forearms. It's soft and silky. I stare straight ahead, seeing only the curtains closed over the window. The air conditioner is on and my nipples harden at the cool feeling. I feel his hands lightly trailing down from my neck to my arms, then across my hips at the small of my back. I can't help but cry out at the sudden sharp smack to my right butt cheek.

'Oh no, this will never do...' I hear him say behind me. 'Good thing I came prepared'

I see a silk scarf come down over my head and across my eyes. It is tied securely to my head and then a soft rubber mouth piece is gently wedged between my lips. This too is secured to the back of my head. I can feel his hands on me and smell his scent. My clit is throbbing, begging for attention. The wetness seeping between my pussy lips, starting to dribble between my thighs. I feel his hands directing me forward toward what I can assume is the bed. I'm turned slightly to my left and then he's pressing down on my shoulders bidding me to my knees.

'Slowly now, we wouldn't want you to hurt yourself.'

I feel a pillow beneath my knees as I settle into a kneeling position. My head straight forward, I sense him move around to my left and then in front of me. His hands caress my face and my hair. I can't help but close my eyes and try to maintain contact.

'No, no, no. you're to stay still and only do as I say. Otherwise you'll be punished for not following directions.'

His hands are caressing my full tight breasts. Try as I might, I can't help but lean into the feeling of hands on me. If feel feline in the movement. He tweaks a nipple and withdraws his hands.

'Apparently we have a lot to learn. Not to worry, I'll make sure you learn it well.'

I hear him get up. He moves around behind me and leans me forward onto the bed. I'm so close to it, that the movement presents my bottom to him perfectly. Although I can't see, I sense what is coming next. With his hand on the back of my neck holding me in place I feel his other hand come down on my left butt cheek.

'Smack!' 'This is going to be your punishment. You WILL obey me!'

'Smack, smack, smack, smack!' Alternating cheeks, I can feel the heat start on my backside where his hand lands. Tears are streaming out of my closed eyes and I'm sobbing around my gag. 'Smack, smack, smack, smack!' My pussy is throbbing so much, I feel as if one touch will throw me into orgasm. I can feel the juices running down my thighs now, almost to my knees. And as soon as it started, It stops.

I'm pushed back into the kneeling position, and he sits back in front of me.

'Such a pretty pink backside' I hear him say. That very same backside screaming in agony as the heat feels the cool air. 'Now open up like a good little slut and suck me well. I'm not adverse to spanking you again.'

I've never seen his cock nor felt it's size, but once it's pressed between my lips I'm impressed. It feels of average length, but it's girth is so much more than average. Hungry now for something to do right, I wrap my lips tightly around his cock and suck. My pierced tongue stroking up the underside and around the tip. Back down to start over again, giving a little extra suck as I circle his tip. This would be so much easier if my hands were free to hold and fondle his balls but that's the whole point of this isn't it. I have no control. I'm at his complete mercy.

I feel him tighten and I'm pushed back and off his cock. He doesn't want to come yet. For a moment or two I'm not touched at all. Panic starts as I fear he's not happy with my performance. I apparently don't have to wait long as I hear him get up from the bed. He circles around me and helps me off my knees. Turning me around so my knees hit the edge of the bed he pushes me back onto it. My legs are spread as he lays on top of me. I feel his hands reach up and untie my blindfold. Next off comes the gag. My eyes stay closed until he speaks to me.

'Open your eyes'

I do as I'm told and look straight into his dark brown eyes. He smiles and leans down to kiss me. My eyes close again and I'm drowning in lust for this man. My dark Master. We kiss for what seems like days. Our tongues battling for supremacy. Determined to win over each other. His hands are buried in my hair holding my head still as his desire starts to devour me. Slowly he backs down. Softening his kisses to something less than bruising. I feel his hardness lying between my thighs. My pussy wet and wanting. The suspense agonizing.

He slowly works his way down my body as I watch in fascination. His dark skin in stark contrast to my pale whiteness. It's arousing just to see much less feel. Kissing and caressing my body as he works his way to my burning center. My lust is through the roof. Feeling empty, just waiting to be filled. Used. Controlled. My nipples are bitten and pinched as he caresses my breasts. Moving his hands over my body, I moan. He smiles into my skin as he kisses his way over my belly. Then I feel his breath at my lips. Hot and moist, he breaths over me and inhales my scent. Slowly, torturously, his tongue snakes out to lick my pussy lips. Just enough for a taste.

'Mmmmm it's been a while since I tasted pussy this good.'

This is all the warning I get as his mouth crashes down on my pussy and his tongue savagely assaults my clit. I can't help the scream that comes out of my mouth with the force of the orgasm that hits me. He stops again. Not touching me. The gag is picked up, He leans over me, kisses me one more time, and then places the gag back in my mouth. 'We can't be waking up the neighbors darling.'

The blindfold is left off as he moves back down my body and attacks my throbbing pussy again. My arms still tightly behind my back I feel helpless. I want so badly to caress his shaved head and hold him to my lips. Screaming behind my gag my body shakes in spasms. Each one leaving waves of ecstasy behind. As quickly as I cum he's lapping up my juices, sucking them out of me. The slurping noises tell me he's enjoying this thoroughly.

Tears streaming down my cheeks, he slows to soft, slow licks. Bringing me down slowly but keeping the lust at it's peak. Finally he picks his head up and smiles at me. My eyes are pleading with him to untie me. He takes pity on me and moves to help me sit up. Kneeling in front of me the gag is the first to be removed. Then he reaches behind me and pulls the scarves loose from around my arms.

As soon as I'm free my hands reach up to hold his head as my lips crush into his in a frenzied kiss. He slowly pushes me back down onto the bed as we continue to lock lips. I feel his cock brush my thigh and immediately spread my legs. He angles his hips and slams home into my waiting pussy. I scream into his mouth. He leans into his elbows on either side of my head as he rams his cock repeatedly into my pussy. Punishing me in the way no one has until now. Rough violent strokes up to his balls as he swallows my screams.

After a few dozen hard, bruising strokes we slow to a rhythm. Not so hard now, building up to the ultimate climax. I can feel my body tighten around him. His breath quickens and his eyes open to stare into mine. Pupils dilated, I feel his cock swell inside me as his breath catches. My eyes roll to the back of my head as I feel the first wave of my climax wash over me. He lets out a primal growl as he releases his load inside me. Over and over I feel the warmth of his spunk splash against my insides. My cervix pulsing as my orgasm seems to continue forever. The muscles refusing to relax are almost painful in a pleasurable way. Tears are streaming out of my eyes again as I sob into his shoulder. Kissing and licking whatever flesh my lips can find.

Eventually we both calm enough to get comfortable for the few remaining minutes we have left together. He snuggles me into his shoulder and caresses my arm. My hand against his chest. My breathing slows almost enough for me to sleep. But I can't allow myself that luxury. Real life must come back to haunt me. My spouse and my Lover wait to hear from me at their proper times. Neither one knowing that I've finally found what I've been missing. Someone to control me. Someone to take the reins out of my hands even for a few short hours.

After we've cleaned ourselves and each other up, we kiss one more time. He smiles. I smile back.

'Wait for another message in a month or two.'

My only answer is 'Yes, Master.'

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