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Exciting experience of anasyrma sexstories
Everyone knows about Deja vu, but there are other times that you just know something just isn't right. Have you ever been walking down the street and it felt like someone can see through your clothes? Have you ever had your clothes all of the sudden just don't feel like they are on right? How about the time your panties or bra just suddenly feel uncomfortable? Unlike Deja vu, there may be an explanation as to your uneasy feelings.

Have you ever wondered how you can be standing still in a crowd and your panties suddenly feel a little bit twisted? Has your bra come unlatched suddenly without warning while you stood in a crowd? Have your panties suddenly crept deeper between ass cheeks? Have your nipples suddenly without warning became hard as a rock and tender? Have you been in a crowd and suddenly felt wet between your legs?

I may have an explanation for some of you. I have an ability that could explain a lot. I'm sure I'm not the only one in the world that can do what I do. Please let me give some explanation. When I was a teenager I discovered the ability to freeze time. It started with a dream, more like a premonition. I woke up one summer morning and just knew that I was gifted with the ability to snap my fingers and everyone around me would be frozen in time, while I was free to walk around them unnoticed until I would snap my fingers again and everyone would continue on.

I had to try out my new found gift, so I snapped my fingers and moved to another seat in the house and snapped my fingers again. My family would just stare at me in confusion, unbelieving. Of course I never told anyone about my new ability. I had to practice and see if I could find the limits to my new abilities. I would snap my fingers and see if it would wear off on its own, or stay frozen until I snapped my fingers again. So far, I've found that it doesn't wear off on its own, I have all of the time I want.

Next I tried freezing time and touching others, to see if my touch would set them free from my power. Once again, nothing, I could touch them, move them, and carry them without them knowing. My next attempt was to be touching someone when I snapped my fingers, this time to my surprise, they didn't freeze like the rest, so I quickly snapped my fingers again so they wouldn't know what was going on. This had to be my secret.

The next day at school, I had to try my hand at a bigger crowd of people, how far reaching was my time freeze? In the middle of my first period English class I was bored out of my mind, so "Snap". The class froze in their tracks, I got up and wondered around the school, and to my delight, so was everyone else in the entire building. Being in high school, I used this time to get the answers to my English test. I returned to my class, took my seat and "Snap" everything continued on as before.

As the days and weeks passed, I pondered about what I wanted to do when I stopped time. I could stop time and take money from the bank and have all the money in the world, but that thought quickly faded as I thought about having to explain where the money came from. I could walk into any car dealership and grab the keys of any car I wanted, but again, I would have to explain where I got the car, so no new car. Of course I could use the time to get the answers to all of my tests and ace school, which I did.

It was at our school's homecoming that I found the true use of my abilities and started my life long obsession, the ultimate in voyeurism. The school was filled with the football team wearing their jerseys, and the cheerleaders wearing their cheer outfits. I decided that I would freeze time and see exactly what the cheerleaders were wearing under their short skirts! Walking down the hall between classes, I came across a group of cheerleaders and thought "This is my chance". I snapped my fingers and as before, everyone froze where they stood. I walked up to the closest cheerleader and touched her shoulder, just to make sure she was frozen and wouldn't come back to my reality of time. She didn't move! I reached down and lifted her skirt and revealed her red cheer pants. I must admit I was disappointed, they were actually kind of short shorts, not panties at all. Not wanting to risk getting caught, I stepped back and snapped my fingers and set the world in motion again.

This went on for a few years and I got more and more brave. A few times I would be walking past the girl's locker room and would freeze time and walk in to see the girls in the shower and in various stages of undress, checking out who was wearing sexy bras and panties, who shaved their pussies, and who was going natural. I learned a lot about anatomy in those high school years, but my true voyeurism was only beginning to develop.

It was after graduation that I stopped by a local mall. People were everywhere, when suddenly I saw her. Tall brunette, long legs, and wearing a short black skirt walking towards me. Her stiletto heels clicking as she walked across the tile floor. Flowing loose curls of dark brunette hair framing her face, flowing down across her shoulders. The top of her dress revealed ample cleavage, making me wonder what she wore under it. This was my moment, I snapped my fingers and froze time, leaving only me to walk up to her and discover the secrets she was hiding beneath her dress.

I walked up to her and touched the hem of her dress. Time stood still, so I lifted her skirt slowly up her toned thighs. I gasped as I lifted her skirt above her waist revealing to my inquisitive eyes the unknown fact that she wasn't wearing any panties! I stood holding her skirt up, staring at her neatly trimmed pubic hair and her clean shaven pussy lips. Still holding her skirt up, I knelt down to get a close up view of her most private, intimate secrets. I leaned in close and inhaled the sweet perfumed aroma of her exposed vagina. I studied each neatly trimmed pubic hair and the delicate folds of her pussy lips.

I stood back up so I could open the top of her dress and view her breasts. I slid the material down her shoulders, revealing her bra. Stepping around behind her, I released the clasp and eased the straps over her shoulders and down her arms. I stepped back around to view her now exposed breasts standing firm for my personal viewing pleasure. Her nipples were dark brown and perfectly rounded. I reached out and cupped her naked breast, feeling its weight and firmness. I pinched her nipple and rolled it in my fingers, to my surprise it reacted by getting hard and extending to just larger than an pencil eraser as goose bumps appeared on her areola.

Fearing she would awake from my time freeze, I stopped and put her bra back on her shoulders and hooked the clasp behind her back. I pulled her dress back into position on her shoulders and stepped several feet away, so I could see her reaction when I started time again. Would she feel the excitement I caused to her nipples? I just had to see her reaction, so with a snap of my fingers, time resumed. I watched as she went back to her walk, but within seconds, she got a strange look on her face. She looked around and fidgeted her shoulders, it was apparent that she felt something wasn't right. She did her best to look nonchalant, but she took a moment to adjust the straps of her bra. I watched as her face flushed nervously as she walked past me and on with her life.

This went on for the rest of my day at the mall, several women unknowingly had been viewed in various stages of undress. It was a short redhead that I had the most fun with. When I froze time to look at her, I found she was wearing a thong, I adjusted the thong to part her pussy lips before I started time again. Imagine her feeling, in mid stride, her lace thong was now buried deep between the lips of her pussy and tightly pulled between her ass cheeks. When I started time, she almost tripped as the feeling of the lace crept deeper. I almost laughed out loud as she did her best to walk the material back into its previous position. A strange look crossed her face, combination of confusion and pleasure, mixed with embarrassment.

Over the years, I have used my ability to stop time as a voyeur's dream. I can at any time in any place view any woman naked. I enjoy their reactions after I start time again almost as much as I enjoy looking at their private parts. That's when it hit me, I could exploit my abilities and interact with them afterwards. I took the role of a magician, performing so called magic tricks. One of my favorites is also a crowd favorite.

I ran across a group of women on the street and I asked them if they would like to see a magic trick. They all looked at each other and giggled "yes".

So I began to explain my trick to them. "I need 2 volunteers, one to hold her purse tightly closed and one to stand still while the others encircled her"

They discussed amongst themselves and decided who would hold her purse and who would be in the middle of the circle. To my delight, the most attractive of them was set in the circle, while a prudish looking woman boldly clutched her purse and glared at me.

I snapped my fingers and stopped time so I could take the panties and bra from the woman encircled by her friends and place them in the tightly gripped purse. I had thought about leaving her naked, but not this time. I removed her panties and took my time admiring her exposed pussy. I removed her bra and saw that her nipples were pierced. Returning all of her friends to the tight circle around her, I removed the purse from the prude's grip, stuffed the undergarments inside and clasped her hand back into position.

I returned to where I was standing when I started my "magic trick" and snapped my fingers again. The attractive blonde let out a shrill scream as she realized that she no longer had her bra or panties! All of her friends were shocked at her scream and I could see she didn't know what to say to her friends. Just as everyone turned to look at me, I asked the prude woman to show her friends inside of her purse. She turned to her friends and opened her purse. This time they all screamed and looked at their friend, still safely surrounded by them. All she could do was nod as she flushed to a bright red.

They looked at me for answers, some looked mad, some looked confused, and one looked at me with intrigue. I told them that a magician never reveals his secrets. They continued to press me for an answer, but I thanked them for playing along and advised them to get their friend somewhere where she could get herself back in order. I started to walk away when one of them caught up to me and bet me that I couldn't do that to her!

What was she thinking, was she wanting me to see her naked? Did she know how I removed her friend's bra and panties? What was her plan? So I agreed to do my "magic trick" again for her. She picked another friend to hold her purse tight as she gathered her friends into a tight circle around her. I uttered some stupid magic word and snapped my fingers as they all froze in time. I parted the circle of friends and started to undress the more than willing woman when I found out her plan. She wasn't wearing anything under her dress! No bra and panties for me to place in the purse.

Now I had a decision to make, after all it was her bet, I couldn't disappoint her. I thought about taking one of her friend's bra and panties and putting them on her. Maybe I would turn her dress inside out. Nope, I was going all out. I removed her dress, leaving her totally nude and stuffed her dress into her friend's purse. With a snap of my fingers, time resumed and all of her friends let out a collective scream as they were now circled tightly around their friend, totally nude. They tightened their circle, blocking me from seeing their friend in that condition. Her other friend opened her purse and pulled out the crumpled dress and handed it to her friend.

Once her dress was back covering their friend, they asked me why I did that. I explained that it was her bet that I couldn't remove her under clothes and place them in the closed purse, well that's all I did. The woman didn't even blush as she walked up to me and smiled. She settled her friends down and explained that she was okay and it was just all in good fun. She leaned in and kissed me on the cheek and asked for my number. I declined to give it to her, I didn't want her to call the police and report me, or whatever she had planned. With a pout, she returned to her friends as they went on their way.

Night clubs were another great place for me to practice my "magic". There are always women willing to let me perform some kind of illusion for them, and they are more than willing for it to include a sexual element. One of my favorites is the "instant orgasm" trick. Every club or bar has several women willing to let me try to give them an instant orgasm without touching them, or at least without them knowing it.

It's always easy to set up, find a table with several women and offer to buy them drinks if they let me show them a trick. It's almost guaranteed that one of them will be willing to let me. I ask one of them to hold out their hand and while all of them watch I offer to give her an orgasm by touching only her wrist. This is one of my favorite tricks, and one of the most difficult.

I take her hand and tap lightly on her wrist a few times before I snap my fingers. Once time is stopped, I move to her and rub her clit through her clothes until I feel her pussy lips start to swell. Then I go back to my seat and with a snap of my fingers, I tap her wrist again. I can hear her breathing change and see her face blush as she feels the sensations in her clit begin. Normally at this point, she looks at her friends and they can tell she feels something. I snap my fingers again and now slip my hand into her panties and go back to playing with her clit until I can feel the moisture start from inside of her pussy. With another snap, I am back tapping on her wrist. By now her friends can see her getting excited and they get stuck somewhere between amazement and jealousy.

I know that now is the time to finish, so with another snap, I finger her clit and pussy until I feel her pussy start to pulsate and spasm. With one last snap of my fingers, I am back tapping her wrist as she succumbs to the orgasm in front of her friends. Without fail, by now, at least one of her friends is asking me to do that to her too. Normally I decline and just buy them a drink to say thanks for playing, and leave them to discuss what just happened and let them wonder how some of her pussy juice is now sticky on her wrist where I was tapping.

Lately I have just had more fun finding random women and as they go about their normal day, I will snap my fingers and once I've seen their pussy or tits, I will twist their panties or bra strap and watch as I restart time to see their reaction to the change in the way their panties or bra feels. I have untied bikinis on the beach letting their tits fall out as they walk along to their towel. I have left zippers open in a crowd, leaving them open for someone to see.

Oh how may "wardrobe malfunctions" I have personally caused. How many embarrassing moments have I caused? I can remember unbuttoning a woman's blouse just as she started to bend over in front of a group of men letting them get a good look at her exposed breasts when I started time back. How many countless women have I stopped in time to strip them totally naked and start time for a few seconds, just long enough for them to realize they are totally naked, then stop time again to dress them before they can react to what just happened? I can see the look on their face, wondering if it really happened or was it a bad dream in the moment.

Another favorite is when I had to a conference with a public speaker. She wasn't drop dead gorgeous, but she was quite attractive in her own way. Standing at a podium in front of a crowd, I could see she was already nervous, but determined to do her job. I was bored so I decided to have some fun with her. About 2 minutes into her speech I snapped my fingers and went up to her at the podium and pinched her nipples until they were sticking out hard and proud. I returned to my seat and snapped everyone back into time. She choked on her next sentence as she realized that her nipples were turned on and sticking out. Like a trooper, she kept on with her speech. A few minutes for her to settle back in, and "Snap". This time I decided to get her all hot and bothered. As I lifted her business suit skirt and pulled her panties off, I saw that her pussy was shaved smooth. I couldn't help myself, I gently licked the smooth lips of her pussy and flicked my tongue across her clit.

I pulled her panties back into position and returned to my seat. "Snap" this time her face flushed and her knees wobbled under her. She had to stop and find her place in her notes, looking around, frustrated and embarrassed. She made small talk as she found her place and tried to continue, all the while wondering what was going on with her body. "Snap" I was back at licking her pussy. This time I removed her bra completely. I sucked on each nipple, caressed each small breast, and put her shirt back on, keeping her bra in my pocket. "Snap", this time she stopped talking and looked at the crowd intensely, searching the room for any explanation of what was happening. I could see her fidgeting around, realizing that she no longer was wearing her bra. She looked off stage for a moment, then took a deep breath and continued with her presentation.

It was time to step it up. "Snap" this time I removed her soaked panties and decided to lay them on the podium in front of her, to see how she would react. After a few more minutes of me licking her clit and fingering her pussy, I once again returned to my seat. "Snap", she stopped in midsentence as she looked down at her own panties on the podium instead of on her as they were a moment ago. She looked down at herself, I assume to make sure she wasn't naked. With another deep breath, she attempted to continue on with her presentation. I watched as she took her panties and tried to hide them under the podium in front of her as beads of sweat started to form on her forehead and temples.

"Snap" I returned to playing my game. I walked up on stage and stripped her naked. I considered leaving her like that for a few seconds, but I wanted to have some other fun with her. This time I took her hand and pushed her fingers inside of her soaking wet pussy. I used her fingers to pleasure her tight pussy and cover her fingers with her sweet juices that were starting to drip down her inner thigh. I dressed her again, and before I returned to my seat I placed her fingers directly below her nose, like she was trying to squelch a sneeze, but knowing that she would smell the aroma of her own pussy juice.

"Snap", I watched as she inhaled deeply and got the scent from her fingers. I thought she was going to pass out, but trying to be a professional, she composed herself and returned to the point she was trying to make. "Snap", I returned to the stage and once she was naked again, I bent her over the podium and taking my now fully erect penis, I pressed the throbbing head of my dick against the opening of her pussy. She was tight, but so wet that with a little effort I was soon pounding my cock into and out of her pussy with deep strokes. I reached around and pinched and twisted her nipples as I fucked her hard from behind. Just as I was about to cum, I pulled out and dressed her again. "Snap" this time she was moving her mouth, but no words were coming out, instead, all that the audience heard was her letting out a loud moan of deep, intense sexual pleasure. When everyone in the audience gasped, she realized that she was in trouble. Standing center stage, only a small podium to hide behind, she didn't know what to do. Now she was frozen, she couldn't move or speak for several long moments.
A true professional, she excused herself and went back to attempt finishing her presentation. This time I let her settle in and continue for several minutes. I sat enjoying the fact only she and I knew that she was naked under her business skirt and blouse. Only we shared the knowledge that her pussy was dripping down her legs and her nipples were sore. Once she started to wrap up her presentation, I was ready for my finale. "Snap" I once again stripped her naked. I licked, sucked, and fucked her to an intense orgasm. When I felt her smooth, tight, pussy start to spasm, I bent her knees, kneeling her down in front of me. I jerked my cock until I shot a thick load of hot cum deep into her mouth and throat.

I dressed her again and stood her behind the podium, tilting her head back, so that when I snapped her back into reality, she would swallow my load. "Snap" as time started, the attractive presenter, swallowed hard and almost choked as my cum drained down to her stomach, leaving its salty flavor in her mouth. Her legs shook beneath her as she felt the orgasm take over her body. She clutched the podium for support as she tried to figure out what was happening to her.

Once it was apparent that her orgasm subsided, I snapped my fingers so I could return her bra and panties before she walked off the stage, or better put, stumbled off the stage. I often wonder how that experience affected her the next time she was asked to give a speech, or get up in front of a crowd. All I know is that she was one of the best woman I've ever frozen.

There are so many other stories, so many other women that I could tell you about, maybe one of them was you? Maybe someone you know has been frozen and admired by me? Have you ever had a strange feeling that someone has seen you naked? Have you ever been in a crowd and suddenly your clothes don't feel right? Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction? Have your nipples suddenly become sensitive and hard? Have you suddenly become turned on and didn't know why?

Maybe, just maybe we've met.

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