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Embarassing moments of running naked through a public place
I arrived a little late for the fashion show. I was hesitant about it all day, I just didn't want to go. My "sort of girlfriend", Sherry, had tickets, but she was a dresser for the show, and I was to sit alone for most of the night. The supper was at 6:30 and I got off my shift at the Fire Department at 5:30, and had to go home and change. At 5:00 we got a call, and I ended up throwing a burning couch off the 10th floor balcony, and helping clear the smoke from the upper floors of an apartment building. Our relief crew arrived in a van at 5:45 and I went home reeking of smoke. Normally I'd have a shower, sit in the sauna and open up my pores to let the rest of the smoke out of my system, and then another shower and whirlpool in my apartment building's gym. But I had no time for that, and I peeled off my smoky clothing and stepped in the shower to wash my hair and rinse off some of the smokey smell. My shoulders were sore, the breathing apparatus I was wearing coupled with pulling hose up the stairwell, and dragging the couch to the balcony and throwing it off were the equivalent of 2 or 3 heavy workouts. My biceps were swollen, and I realized I'd have to pick my shirt carefully, some of them didn't fit when I'd had a heavy workout. I washed my short military style hair, the suds cascading down my hairless muscular chest. My lack of body hair was a subject of a lot of teasing at work, I just had a bit on my legs and arms, there were 2 little blond chest heirs somewhere, but you had to search for them. They all said I shaved my chest but I didn't need any razor running over my pecs.

I stepped out of the shower and towelled off, looking in the mirror, happy to see my rippling stomach muscles hadn't given into the beer and pizza we had at our recent shift party. Sherry had wanted to go to that party but it was supposed to be stag, and if they guys got a look at those tits of hers, I'd be wondering who else on my squad she was fucking. Sherry lacked elastic in her panties you see, she dropped them at will. As we were both single I shrugged this off, but she tried to lie about it and that pissed me off.

I donned a yellow stretch T-shirt, tan slacks, and a blue blazer that matched my eyes. My wet hair was short, curly and blond and the tan I had set off the yellow shirt nicely. I'd shaved and put on some new expensive cologne that Sherry gave me and called a taxi.

Once I arrived I realized I was late. Sherry was in a bad mood, and sniffed the air.

"Yuck, you smell like a dirty fire!" she exclaimed.

"Sorry, we got a call just near shift change and it gets into your pores," I explained, and sat down.

There were only women at our table and I could see them sizing me up.

"Well I don't need desert, you can introduce yourself," she said petulantly, and got up and took off.

I helped myself to a plate of roast beef and potatoes, eating like it was my last meal while the women queried me about my job as a firefighter, and our relationship.

Sitting beside me on the other side was a stunning dark haired beauty named Julie. Julie had incredible lips, the kind you fantasize about having around your cock or sucking on while making out. She seemed self-assured and at one point asked if I'd tell them if Sherri's boobs were real or fake. Now I knew they were fake, in fact I didn't really like them all that much, but they looked awesome and she knew it, flaunting them in tight -shirts and dresses.

"What makes you think I've seen more of them than you?" I asked the women at the table. Julie raised her eyebrows.

"If she hasn't shown them to you she's stupid," Julie replied, "I bet not one of us at this table would say no if you asked to see ours!"

I was taken aback at that, but music started and the first models started to come on stage. We were at the front and the second woman came down the runway past our table and twirled around. From where we sat I could see she wasn't wearing any underwear, and that her pussy was shaved. Julie leaned towards me.

"Isn't that hot?" she whispered, putting her hand on my leg. I tensed my quad, knowing it would feel like a rock, and looked at her.

"I'd love to do that," she said, "and I'd like it even more if I knew you could see up my dress."

I looked her in the eyes, they were smouldering like that burning couch. While the show continued Julie touched her leg, the hand running from her ankle to her upper thigh, and once when she was sure I was watching, she pulled the hem of her skirt way up, gave me a dirty little grin.

After the fashion show we got some drinks and went over to a stand up bar, Julie and her boss Karen. Karen had some drama thing going on, and was staying with Julie, her ex-boyfriend was stalking her and cops were involved. The two of them worked at a women's fashion store downtown, and they made small talk about that. Karen had the most amazing breasts, and was short with a tiny waist. I bet my hand could span Karen's waist, with ample curves above and below it making her figure have that classic hourglass look. Although both wore heels Julie was a head taller than her boss. They met some other people they knew from 'The Industry,' and introduced me to them as their new firefighter buddy.

There was a call for everyone to go back to their tables and as we sat down Sherry came back to the table, and grabbed my hand. Julie looked over and now she seemed pissed off. After the awards were given out, I felt a hand go into my sports jacket pocket. I looked at Julie and she winked at me. Curious I went to the men's room and found her card in my pocket. On the back she had written..

If I say I won't suck your hard firefighter cock will you spank me?

I couldn't believe my eyes. This hot, woman, with great legs, nice rack, and smokey eyes was either fooling with me, or wanted something I'd never experienced.

I washed my hands and went back to the table. Sherry was at the bar and Julie leaned over and whispered in my ear,

"I won't suck your hot firefighter cock, what will you do about it?"

The music was loud again and blood pounded in my ears at the thought of spanking this beautiful woman. I swallowed or gulped, as she put her ear near my lips.

"Spank you I suppose", I whispered, my lips brushing her earlobe.

"Well I'm not sucking it ", she said, fire in her eyes.

I looked around and noticed her boss was watching us, eyes wide open. I wondered if they had talked about this.

Sherry came back and took my hand again. The music had stopped and people started to leave. Sherry looked at Julie and said,

"Too bad I'm the only one with a date, as soon as he cleans up I'm going to get lucky." I think they death stared each other.

We left the convention hall and returned to Sharon's townhouse, and I took another shower while she lay on the bed. When I got into bed Sharon was sound asleep, and from the way she'd been acting I knew better than to bother her. I fell asleep with a massive erection, and woke up with another, but to no avail.

I hurried to work, and several days passed until I found Julie's card. I'd thought a lot about that, but wasn't really sure about what to do. I fingered the card I'd retrieved from my locker. It had both a home and work phone number, and both were underlined. I took the card to the firefighter's private phone booth, and called her home. No answer. Then I tried the work number.

"Amber Fashions, Karen North speaking."

I hesitated, then said,

"Hey Karen it's Jack, the firefighter from the fashion show, how are you?"

"Ok," she replied, "but Julie has been pissed at you for not calling though."

"Well I've just been busy, but this is the last day of the shift, and I have 4 days off starting at 5:30 tonight" I explained, "so I thought I'd call and see what she was up to."

"She's in the window setting up a display," Karen said, "I'll get her."

A minute or so passed and Julie came on the phone, a little breathless.

"Hi Jack, where have you been?" she asked, "I've been a bad girl, thinking lots of bad things, and need you to straighten me out."

I think the other guys could hear me gulp.

"You know what happens to bad girls don't you?" she asked.

"They go to their rooms?" I teased.

"Yes she said, and then their daddy comes in to the room and takes off her panties and spanks her", she said. "Spanks her hard enough her ass is red, and keeps on until she starts to cry and begs him to stop, but he doesn't stop right away, she has to beg."

"Really," I said, "and what have you done to make you think you are bad?" I asked her.

"I think about having dirty sex with firefighters, letting them do things, anything..and I let people see my tits, and pussy, I'm just a slut, so I need punishment."

"Well I don't know" I said, "what do we do next?"

"Do you have a car?" she asked.

"Sure I replied, I just bought a new one."

"Come and pick us up at the store at 6 and don't be late."

I agreed, and realized I had a hard-on. The next few hours seemed to take forever. I took a chance and jumped in the shower in my quarters just before shift change, even though we might get a run and I'd have to go sopping wet. We had to wear our uniforms to and from work, and if I was going to be on-time I couldn't go home and change.

Arriving at the store, I put my uniform cap on, if you were seen without it was a half day's pay penalty. The lights in the store were out, and I saw Karen standing in the doorway. She opened the door for me, and as I came in Karen said,

"Julie's with the mannequins, I'm going to the office just wait here."

I stood in the light coming in through the plate glass windows. The in the window the mannequins had some plastic type bag over them which said 'Spring Sale'. Along the wall were a dozen more with nothing on. I looked around and thought I saw something move. One of them had red high heels, and I noticed it was the only one with nipples. Then I saw a grin, and realized it was Julie, naked except for high heels. She was standing next to the window, anyone who looked carefully could have seen her. She looked so hot, narrow waist, ample hips, legs, red fingers laid against the white of her skin. It was obvious she was cold or turned on because her nipples were rock hard. She tried not to smile, and couldn't do it. Her dark hair framed her face and the smirk was sexy.

"I'm a bad girl she said, and I won't suck your cock and even if most women find that uniform sexy I don't, what do you think about that?"

She stood stalk still, nervously glancing at people passing in the street. If you looked hard enough I suppose you might see her but if she moved it would be a dead give away.

"You might just get spanked", I replied, realizing I was getting hoarse and turned on.

"Fuck you", she said and reached for her coat. It was a 3/4 length coat and she put it on over her glorious naked body. She belted it, but didn't do up any of the buttons, her cleavage showing at the top and long legs at the bottom.

"Shit," she exclaimed, "my lips are dry." She took a finger, put it in her pussy and lubricated her lips with the wetness that oozed from her swollen labia, running her tongue over her red lips to remove the milky white pussy juice.

"Karen, we're ready" she yelled. Karen came out of the office in her coat carrying a purse and Julie's purse and we locked the doors.

"Lets stop and get a pizza and some beer and go back to our apartment," Julie suggested as we got into my car.

She sat beside me, pulling the coat open so I could see those long smooth tanned legs, and as I watched she put one leg up on the dashboard. I was worried I'd have an accident. She leaned over and nibbled my ear,

"I promise to be bad", she whispered, her voice husky.

Karen protested that Julie was embarrassing her, and the two of them nattered on about how we would have supper and then Karen would go to the mall across the street from their apartment until it closed at 9 p.m. I took this as a signal of sorts, we had until 9 and then she'd be back. I tried to convince her in a round about way she didn't have to go out, she worked in retail and was probably looking forward to putting her feet up. She quickly quashed my threesome fantasy by letting me know that she wasn't sitting around watching Julie and I make 'google eyes' at each other all night.

"Karen just thinks the spanking part is weird" Julie said turning to look at her.

"I think you're nuts" Karen said.

"Karen hasn't had sex for 3 months unless she masturbates when she's sleeping on the couch and I didn't catch her" Julie said.

"Fuck you" Karen exclaimed, "it's not the same."

"The same as what?" Julie asked.

"Having sex you moron" Karen taunted.

"Well, I can tell you that I can almost do as good a job on my clit with my fingers as anyone could do with their mouth" Julie shot back.

"Forget it" Karen said as I parked at the pizza store.

Julie got out, and loosened her coat. She walked to the pizza joint her leg opening the coat all the way up so that you could almost see pussy every time she took a step. She went in and the clerk took her order. She turned her back to him and looked through the big window at me and pulled the top open.

"Fuck she embarrasses me," Karen exclaimed.

"Is she always like this?" I asked.

"She's totally unpredictable", Karen said. "I never know what to expect anymore."

Karen turned the conversation into questions about my job, the hours, the fires and calls we attended, and it wasn't long before Julie came back with a bag and a pizza box. The pizza smelled awesome. Julie pulled a beer out of the bag and it was wet with condensation. I was just turning onto the street from the parking lot when I saw her open the top of her coat an shake a drop of cold water on her nipple.

"Jesus," Karen said, "you are a weirdo."

Julie laughed and I almost went over the curb.

"Tell John what you made the stock-boy do last week" Karen said to Julie.

"Hey John," Julie said, "we have this guy working in the store, he's a high school football player, and about 17, so he's always so shy and hesitant to touch anything like panties or bras, so Karen and I notice he as a hard on, and neither of us have ever seen a black cock, so after we close the store and getting ready to lock up I asked him if he was embarrassed to touch womens' panties and we were teasing him. So I'm watching his cock get harder and harder and I ask him if he'd like to wrap a nice pair of silky panties around his cock and jerk off with them, and he's trying to leave but I've got his punch card and I tell him head office won't mind paying him an extra hour if he pulls out his cock. Karen and I are between him and the door, and I tell him he can't go until we see it. Karen tried to tell him we were fooling but I said no way. Then I took of my panties, slowly sliding them down my legs, holding my dress up with one hand so he can see my cunt, and I take them off and hold them out. Now his cock looks like it's leaking. I tell him if he doesn't pull it out I'm going to do it, so he unzips his pants, then I tell him to turn around. There was a full length mirror there and he fishes this huge cock out of his pants and it's pointing at the mirror. So I hang my panties on his cock and he explodes, cum hits them, the mirror, fuck it's shooting up and running down the glass. So I dip a finger in it, taste it, and tell him when he's 18 maybe I'll suck that, it's tasty. Then I grab him by the shoulders and start to push him out the door while his dick is sticking out.

"You didn't tell him how hard you were laughing at the poor bastard." Karen said.

Julie looked at Karen and said, "We should have fucked him."

We were almost at Julie's building and I was shocked at how graphic the two of them were. They talked about sex like most people talk about having lunch. I pulled into the apartment's parking lot and Julie crumpled the beer can.

"Let's eat, then fuck" she said. I looked at Julie. Her coat was open all the way down to her waist. She was turned towards me, and I could see her smooth silky skin the pink around her nipples, and 2 hard nipples that looked ready to poke out an eye. The coat was open below the waist too, her one long leg was sort of folded on the seat, and her summer tanned leg ended with a red high heel sandal, the red toenails peeking out the end. Her pussy was trimmed and the short black hair was a shocking contrast to the white untanned skin where her bikini covered her mound. Her breasts were almost all tanned, only a small amount of strap line and top was visible. Her eyes were like liquid pools of some bubbling chemical, full of mischief and desire. The ample lips parted and she moistened them with the tip of her pink tongue. Karen opened the door, Julie had passed the pizza box to the back and as soon as Karen closed the door Julie parted her pussy lips.

"Want some of this Jack?" she queried.

My cock ached, constricted by my clothing, but the bulge was obvious. Julie leaned forward and with a short red tipped index finger touched the head of my bulge, just a bit, making a little circle while looking in my eyes.

"Nice cock, Jack maybe it can come out to play." Julie said.

She turned and opened the door.

"I always get an elevator kiss when I can Jack" she said, "but so far Karen won't let me kiss her."

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