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One was being nearly naked in front of a lot of people
We had been married several years and I was in my mid-thirties, still not bad to look at - I was still tall and lean. We were invited to a Halloween party at a function hall. It was a semi-private deal and several of my wife's friends and family were going. She wanted to go.

I was never that big on Halloween growing up because I didn't have a good imagination and so could not come up with good ideas for costumes. With my ever growing interest in being naked, I now had lots of ideas. I finally settled on a caveman outfit that I would make myself. She was happy that I was enthusiastic about the party and actually helped me find material that I could use and encouraged me with a few ideas. I was so wrapped up in what I was doing that I cannot remember what her costume was.

My costume consisted of a loincloth and an undergarment. I also, made some really neat accessories.

I made the undergarment from an old T-shirt that I cut in an hourglass shape to cover my pubic area, through my legs and than cover my butt. I attached it to a string of rawhide that I tied around my waist. I attached it by folding the front and back of this flimsy material around the rawhide and sewed it so that the whole garment would slide along the rawhide string. In that way, I could stretch the front toward my hips completely covering my dick and balls and stretch the back to cover most of my butt. This is exactly how I modelled it for my wife. Of course what slides one way can slide the other way. If I slid the front and back toward the middle of my body, it made the garment look like a thong. Not only that, but when I did this I realized that the garment loosened on my body almost allowing my dick to swing out of it. I didn't tell her that the natural tendency for the garment as I moved around was to bunch up into the thong position. My wife suggested that I dip the garment in tea to give it a tan color to blend in with my skin - hmmm, a nude look.

The loincloth was made of a front and back panel. My wife found a material that was furry on one side and smooth on the other. I cut the two panels square and made several small cuts in the top of each panel. I threaded another rawhide string through these cuts allowing both panels to slide along the string. I intertwined the rawhide from the undergarment with rawhide from the loincloth and tied one on one hip and the other on the other hip - . The length of the loincloth was little higher than mid thigh on front and back. From the both sides, you could see a slight slit up to where the rawhide knots were. Once I got the seal of approval from my wife, I cut an inch or so from the length so that it barely covered my butt and balls. I also cut about a half an inch from both sides of the front and back panels. Now when you looked from the side there was a wider slit so that I felt naked from head to toe except for the rawhide knot just below my waist - you could not see the undergarment from the side. With movement, the slit spread even wider as the front and back panels bunched up a bit on the rawhide toward the middle of my back and stomach. I was getting excited.

The accessories, I have to say, turned out really cool. I went to a construction site that had done some blasting and found two shards of granite that more or less were shaped like blades. I cut a small straight tree branch, notched one end, slid the stone into the notch and tied it with rawhide - making a stone knife. I did the same thing with a longer branch - making a stone spear. I also made a slingshot out of rawhide and a small patch of leftover loin cloth. With more of the leftover loincloth material I made a small pouch and put small stones in it for the slingshot. I also had enough material to wrap my feet and tie each foot off with rawhide to make small foot coverings.

I dried out some chicken bones in the oven. I tied them to three rawhide strings making a necklace and two anklets.

The knife, slingshot and pouch all hung off my rawhide waist band pulling it lower on my hips.

I tried it on one last time the morning of the party. My wife noticed less material, but I told it that it had frayed along the edges and that I had to trim some off. She also noticed the pale skin around my waist contrasted against my tanned legs. She suggested and helped me rub on brown theatre makeup on my upper thighs, butt and lower abs, giving my entire body the look of an overall tan.

Late that afternoon we were ready to go. I made sure everything was streched as far as I could in order to give maximum coverage while at home. For a homemade costume it looked really good - it did not look homemade.

We stopped at a neighbors house to show her our costumes. Again, I made sure everything was stretched to the max. Even so, I think she was in shock when she saw how little I had on. We took pictures, but I have never been able to locate them.

After we left that house we were off to the party. I no longer paid attention to stretching the costume for the rest of the night. I just let it move as it wanted.

That reminds me of a pet peeve I have with women who buy daring clothing, my wife included. I get annoyed at women who, for instance, wear short skirts or dresses and then are constantly pulling the skirt or dress down as it rides up on their thighs or who wear low-cut blouses and either pin the top closed a little bit or they hold the top closed to reduce cleavage. When they bought the skirt, dress or blouse they knew it was daring. If they are not going to wear it that way, then buy something more modest. It shows a lack of confidence and the constant fidgetting is annoying and distracting.

Sorry, back to the party.

I spent the evening showing as much skin as I could. I made sure the undergarment was pushed together as a thong the whole night. When nobody was looking, I would nonchalantly push the loincloth a little toward the middle of my body without being too obvious. When I was seated I made sure the back panel flipped out over the back of the seat so that the sides of my butt were completely exposed and I made sure that the front panel fell between my legs. If you were looking at me from the side, all you would see was skin from my head to the top of my homemade boots with the exception of the rawhide at my waist

I was exhilirated. Sitting in this hall full of people, with the exception of the small bunched up front loincloth hanging between my legs, I felt completely naked.

I don't really like to dance, but my wife does. However, I danced a lot that night because as I rocked to the music I could feel my dick bouncing back and forth under the loincloth and as it did it pushed the loincloth slightly away from my body. I could tell the that the now loose undergament had fallen away from my body as well and was covering practically nothing - in fact at one point my dick had swung out of the undergarment and went back in place only after I sat down. Anybody who focused on my costume during that few minutes got an eyeful.

Another time, as I got up to dance a woman that we know made the comment "I wonder if you have anything on underneath that". I responded something like - "maybe or maybe not". As I passed her table going toward the dance floor she jumped up and lifted the back panel completely exposing my butt. She quickly dropped it. I didn't even flinch. I just kept walking. I think this emboldened her because she followed me and lifted it again and held it up for several seconds as we walked in tandem allowing everbody at her table to see.

As the night went on, they had a prize contest for the best costume. I was picked as a contestant and went on stage. I made it to the final 5, but did not win. Sort of. In my own mind, I did win because I was standing almost naked in front of a hall full of people for about 15 minutes while the judges eliminated contestants and made their final choices.

The rest of the night went along as you might expect. More dancing, more walking around; I showed off my accessories, my knife, my spear, my slingshot to anybody who wanted to see them. I'm sure my dick was on display as well, but this all looked accidental.

I have been naked outside many times in my life, but I have always had to be guarded about where I did it and who was around. If you read my post "Time goes by", you know that I don't care if people people see me naked, but I think THEY care and many would get upset or pissed off - so I'm considerate of their feelings. However, in the hall that night, in that setting it didn't matter, it was the perfect setting for exposure. I was not guarded at all and I took full advantage of it. It was the most thrilling time of my naked life to that point.

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English Sex Stories

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