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"OH FUCK, damn!" Gabe screamed feeling the release
She hoped there wasn't a lot of turbulence on the flight. She had never been in the air, much less a cross-country flight, so she feared the idea of the jet pumping around without explanation.

Kendra tried to flatten down her hardened nipples on her heavy breasts as she stood in front of the airport mirror. It made her look like a sailor slut, and while she loved sex, it wasn't the look she was going for. She was in the military, for crying out loud. "Sailor slut" -- what her bunk mate had called her after their lips-n-clits encounter during the fourth week of boot camp. She walked out of the restroom, her heavy shoes clunking down the terminal, trying to not dwell on that night.

He really didn't like the idea of turbulence, either. On a nighttime flight, it was rare. Cool skies, he knew. He had jumped out of planes, dove into foreign waters to diffuse mines, and been in firefights with America's enemies and never feared any of it. But Gabe didn't like turbulence. He had no control of turbulence.

So he took his thoughts to the previous evening's oral sex with Kim. He had heard she was a sucking machine, and it was true. He stretched out on the airport seat and extended his hands, pushing his fingers out.

If she ever applies for an intern position, I'd give that girl a reference, Gabe considered, recalling the ecstasy of her lips wrapped on his hardness.

Gabe, a Navy petty officer, was returning to San Diego from in his hometown outside Milwaukee. Kim had written him obscene letters while he was on a six-month deployment, so he decided owed her dinner and a date.

The dinner didn't quite happen -- unless their 30 minutes of 69 oral sex counted -- and the date ended up being 120 minutes of sucking-fucking-recovering, sucking-fucking-recovering again while they "watched" a rented movie. The movie was never inserted into the VCR. Gabe was inserted into Kim before that ever happened.

He rubbed his face, he needed to shave before duty. Fourteen days of softened whiskers grew from his face. He was in the military, but was raised by hippies, not hardcore nationalists. He took military dogma with little seriousness. He worked hard and was patriotic, he just didn't regard the Navy life as real life. It was just something he was doing to serve his country. When he was on leave, he wore loose jeans and looser T-shirts. Nobody he met believed he was in the military until he showed his green U.S. Armed Forces identification card. Even then, he was doubted.

And to think he was a Navy SEAL to boot.

His flight back was a redeye. Less crowd, less hassle. It would put him back in SanDog 36 hours before his leave ended, so he would be able to relax. Gabe tightened his shoelaces and adjusted the length in his jeans. He wondered when he'd give or receive oral sex again, much less get laid. Hopefully it wouldn't take another six month deployment.

He heard the clumping of the shoes 50 yards away. At 10:35 p.m., Milwaukee International was pretty empty -- and his hearing was good. As she turned a corner, he credited himself with recognizing the shoes. It was a sailor -- a female sailor, wearing her dress whites. Those thick soled black shoes clumped along the ground sounding like camels on slate. Between the two humps of her own, she clutched a thick brown envelope. Her orders out of boot camp, he realized.

Seaman Kendra Reynoldowskiwicz looked around nervously. This was the 19-year-old's first time in an airport and her first real trip away from home. She had been raised in Green Bay, bussed to Chicago for basic training and took the train to Milwaukee for her flight to San Diego. She was going to her 'A' school in San Diego. Kendra had been told a dozen times not to lose her orders or there would be hell to pay.

She held them tighter. Her nipples were hard under her traditional white uniform, her neckerchief draped down her 34D breasts. The past nine weeks had been nothing but hell, she thought.

Basic training was so lonely, then I was the first one to get a 'Dear Jane' letter from that ass-of-an-exboyfriend and now I have to fly on a damn plane to some place I've never been and I don't know when I'll see this place again. She sang the song in her head... 'Leaving on a jet plane ... don't know when I'll get laid again...'

Kendra smiled briefly to herself. Laid, a nice idea. Those encounters with her boot camp bunk mate didn't count. A girl's tongue is good. But a guy's cock is great.

"Hey Seaman," Gabe spoke. "Thanks for serving your country." He padded the chair next to him and she accepted it, still clutching her orders to her body.

"Thank you, sir." She liked that. The fact that some people actually appreciated what she is doing.

"Can I buy you a Coke once we're onboard?"


"Good. They're complimentary anyway," Gabe smiled. "Don't lose your orders," he grinned.

"So I've been told," Kendra looked down at the envelope, wondering how the guy knew the importance of orders.

"Kendra Reynold-ow-ski-wicz?" he read from the package. "You're not going to get confused with too many other girls."

"My name is pretty unique," she agreed, scanning the man's body. He was older by two or three years. Probably just a college hippie, she thought. She had heard about those guys. His hair was short on the sides, long on top. He was very tanned and trimmed -- she wondered if he had any bodyfat.

"I'm Gabe," he said.

"What takes you to San Diego?" she questioned.

"The same thing that takes you."


"Yes. I'm an Intel Specialist -- second class."

Her eyes looked down quickly, trying to decide if she needed to salute him. They were sitting down, and she didn't think second classes were supposed to be saluted, but she really wasn't sure.

"Oh, I'm sorry, sir. I didn't realize you were an officer."

"Don't call me sir. I work for a living. And I'm not an officer. Just a second class. We're on the same level -- you'll just have to clean more decks than I have to anymore."


"Our flight takes off at 11:11. Know what that means?"


"We get to make a wish."

"My friends and I used to do that in high school," Kendra smiled. "Well, can I make mine early and just wish that I don't have to go on this flight?"

"Um, no. Doesn't work that way. You've never flown?"


"It's no big deal."

"Well, can I wish for you to sit next to me just so I can talk to you, Gabe?"

"Sure, Seaman Kendra Reynoldowskiwicz. Anything to help out a shipmate."

Just 27 people were booked on the flight out of Milwaukee, but it had stops Denver and Las Vegas before it arrived in San Diego. As they boarded, Gabe sat down with Kendra, the flight attendant assuming they were a couple California bound. Close enough. Gabe grabbed two pillows and two blankets for the two of them in case they needed sleep.

They pushed their carryon luggage under the empty seats in front of them. Gabe unwrapped a piece of gum and jammed it in his mouth as the engines throttled up.

"I'm really nervous," Kendra confessed. Gabe laid his right hand on her left hand and embraced it.

"It'll be okay. It's no big deal."

Her nipples hardened again and her heartbeat raced. Partially because of the jet rolling down Milwaukee's runway, partially because of her thoughts running down Gabe's pants. She was nervous and horny and apprehensive and wanting. She hadn't realized how horny she was until he held her hand.

As the plane lifted off and climbed, Gabe chewed his gum through the popping of his ears. Kendra tried to press against palm against her ears as the pressure of the altitude affected her.

"You okay?" Gabe asked.

"I don't know. Why is my brain popping?"

"Oh. You need to swallow."

Kendra smiled.

"I bet you say that to all the girls."

"Nope. That's their option in that situation. However, right now, your best bet is to swallow to clear out your ear drums. That's why I chew gum on flights."

"Can I have a piece?"

"This is my last one. Want to share?"

"Sure. What's a shipmate for?" Kendra laughed, pulling her lips to Gabe's and kissing him. Their tongues brushed against each other, and Gabe slowly pushed his gum into her mouth.

"Thanks," Kendra smiled. "I needed that." It was the best kiss she'd had in two years. Her exboyfriend was miserable at kissing and at sex.

"I might ask for that back later," Gabe grinned.

The two slowly groped each other, knowing their only company at this point of the flight was a 30-something-year-old woman sitting in back of them. By now, that business traveler was probably sleeping, Kendra imagined. Much of the lighting dimmed as the 27 people tried to nap.

"Can I ask you a question?" Kendra asked.


"Why aren't you traveling in uniform?"

"Because traveling in uniform is not something I do when I'm on leave. Let me guess, your Company Commander told you it was a law you travel in uniform?"


"It's not. Gets you free drinks sometimes -- and I don't know that I would have recognized you as Navy without it -- but I don't like wearing my uniform away from base."

"Well, I'm glad you recognized I was a sailor ... but I don't know if I want to wear it now," she said.

"I promise I won't rat you out to the C-N-O if you want to be more comfortable."

With that, Kendra tossed the white and black hat onto the aisle seat and pulled up her top. Underneath, she wore a white T-shirt which showed the curve of her heavy chest.

Gabe folded the top like he had folded his a thousand times, gently placed it next to her hat, and looked at her. She kissed him viciously like she had her bunkmate Julia, laying her hand on his chest -- feeling his surprisingly thick pec muscles. Her pussy tingled as she rubbed her legs together and pressed down on her clit against her Navy dress white pants. Gabe raised the armrest between them and embraced her. Her strawberry-red hair was a clue to her horniness. Maybe it was a stereotype, but Gabe had never been with a redhead who wasn't wildly sexual.

"Oh my...touch me..." she begged. Gabe did just that to Kendra, as she felt his tongue dance from her neck to her ear and down to her shoulder. Kendra unzipped and unbuttoned her pants and forced his hand against her clit, exhaling audibly as she felt his palm against her clit and two fingers massaging her pussy lips ... sinking quickly inside her.

"Oh, yes," she shuttered, her hand reaching down on his jeans and feeling his thickness expanding. Her wantonness bathed her in heat as an orgasm built inside her -- it had been so long. "Please don't stop, Gabe. I'm so close."


"Yes. It's been so long, babe. Just do that, just touch me." With two fingers inside her, Gabe pressed into her while he encircled her wet clit slowly with his thumb. He increased his pace as her breathing's pace increased until she was biting down on his shoulder and cumming. "OH. My. Gawd." she panted as she released the pent up orgasm. It has been three weeks since her last climax.

Gabe kissed her lips. "How are you doing, shipmate?" he grinned.

"Bravo Zulu," she smiled remembering some nautical terminology from basic. Bravo Zulu -- Navy for "outstanding."

He laughed and saw she was wanting to say something.

"What is it?"

"I want to please you."

"Okay. What would you like to do, Kendra?"

She began unbuttoning his jeans. "Well, since you're superior to me, I think I should 'clean you deck,' and then you can give me a personnel inspection." She lowered her head and lips to his thick and hard member, inhaling it like Kim had 24 hours earlier. Gabe leaned back as much as he could to enjoy the sensation, looking up to see the three female flight attendants toward the front of the plane, appearing bored like they had nothing to do for the next two hours.

Kendra loved the taste of heated, hard cock -- licking the head and the shaft separately, then sucking it all at once, then teasing Gabe again with the alternating pleasures. She ran her left hand and fingers down to her clit and pussy, petting herself softly. Her right hand gently squeezed Gabe's cock lengthwise like a toothpaste tube, wanting to get the sweet fluid in the bottom to the top.

Gabe's hands ran through Kendra's red hair and he massaged her tits, squeezing her hardened nipples in his fingertips. She wondered if anyone was watching, but decided she didn't care. She was horny. Too horny. So horny she didn't want to be sucking Gabe anymore.

She wanted to be fucking him.

Kendra pulled herself from his cock and looked at him.

"Tell me you have a condom in your luggage," she begged.

"Oddly enough, I do. In my carryon," he answered. "You want to..." Gabe looked at her.

"Don't ask. And yes. I need to," Kendra answered.

He pulled the blanket over him and pulled his jeans off. He was not wearing underwear -- which Kendra thought was extremely sexy. She kicked off her clunky shoes and her Navy issue pants. Gabe leaned down and grabbed a condom from a side pocket. He looked at Kendra.

"Ribbed. For her pleasure," he showed her the packaging.

"It's going to be great ribbed or not, babe," she breathed. She left her panties on and straddled the Navy SEAL. She hadn't not had male-female sex in three months, and her pussy felt virgin-tight to her. Kendra slid her panties to the side and played with Gabe's cock. He kissed her and wondered if anyone was enjoying their show. One row in back of them, a 30-something year old business woman was masturbating to the sucking and fucking sailors.

After 30 seconds of teasing, Kendra slid Gabe's cock inside her. The sex as slow and deliberate, every inch felt like an acre of paradise to both. Gabe pulled the blanket tight onto them to avoid a porno for the rest of the 27 passengers. He kissed her lips and her breasts through her T-shirt while she fucked him. Slowly, she felt the second orgasm come from deep within. When it released, she revved up like a jet engine piston -- thrusting up and down on Gabe's cock. The shaking seats made the behavior evident to the woman behind them as she touched her body. It made her masturbation faster.

The third orgasm swept through Kendra's body, and the fluids oiled down his groin. It felt like the entire jet was thrusting up and down. "Oh my god, oh my god," Kendra said. She moaned in pleasure.

"Oh my god," the woman in back exclaimed as the plane hit turbulence and dropped 10 feet instantly. The extra thrust pushed Gabe as deep as possible into Kendra. He came hard and fast into her, gripping her body as Kendra groaned. Most of the 27 people screamed as the plane was rocked by turbulence again.

"OH FUCK, damn!" Gabe screamed feeling the release, and then realizing other passengers were anxious about the shaking that wasn't coming from his sex.

"What's going on?" Kendra said, pulling her wet pussy off the condom-skinned cock.

He smiled. "I think we're affecting the weather system."

A "ding" came on the intercom system. "This is the pilot speaking. We've run into a little turbulence. It should only last a few minutes, but we're asking that you return to your seats and strap on your seatbelts until I say we're clear. Once we do that, our flight attendants will be serving Cokes and beverages free of charge."

Kendra laughed as she laid back into her seat, stroking her clit and covering herself with Gabe's blanket under him. Both started pulling their pants back on, but their breathing was still heavy as they enjoyed the intensity of the afterglow.

"Buying my Coke? I think we've cleared the turbulence," Kendra smiled.

"Yeah, but you know what we'll have to worry about once we're in Southern California?"

"What?" she raised an eyebrow, knowing she wanted to see him beyond this 11:11 p.m. redeye flight.


"You cause those, too?" she grinned, kissing him as she snapped her seatbelt back together.

"No. It takes two for turbulence, earthquakes and other jolting activities."

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