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Hottest fantasizing exhibitionist sexstories
I sat down heavily in my seat; I hated these days when I had to travel to the capital. Early start waiting on the station in the frosty morning, train usually late. Then a full day of meetings, idiots spouting forth their latest ideas, so called leaders vomiting out the latest management speak making no sense. Then this, the late evening train back home. I always used the 1st class "Quiet Zone" as it was less densely packed, the idiots couldn't stand more than 10 minutes without their phones so I often had the carriage to myself.

Tonight I was sat in my usual seat, a single seat next to the window. The doors closed and I looked around the carriage. This time I wasn't alone, a few rows along the carriage there was a woman sitting in a table seat facing towards me. She had auburn hair, long and wavy cascading down across her shoulders. Occasionally, as she read the document in front of her she brushed the hair back behind her ears, casually but sensuously with her willow like fingers. She wore glasses, clearly designer. I had to look her over in more detail.

She was wearing a sharp suit, well tailored, grey. Beneath this she wore a cream blouse, again well tailored low cut, showing off her cleavage. Her cleavage was milky white, her tits clearly supported by a well-fitted bra. She was reading a document her slender white fingers holding the paper; I looked at her left hand, big diamond ring. I continued down her body, luckily I was far enough along the carriage that I could see under her table. The suit was finished off with a skirt, cut to just above the knee and well fitted, clinging tightly to her thighs, which were closed together. Her legs were clad in nylon, stockings or tights, who knows? Finally she had on a pair of bright red shoes with a substantial heel. This was a high maintenance woman.

I started to read the documents I needed to have read for tomorrow's round of inanity. I heard the clink of the trolley approaching and took my usual glass of red wine and some salted snacks. The trolley dolly stopped at my fellow passenger and she ordered a gin and tonic. I sipped the wine and tried to read but was way too tired. I looked out of the window, grey and dreary, streams of rain running along the window as we sped through the countryside. I couldn't see anything. I stuffed the papers back into my case and sat back in my seat, eyes half closed.

I must have been like that maybe 10 minutes, perhaps I drifted off but then something jolted me out of my slumber, maybe a dream, maybe a sharp jolt as the train sped along the poorly maintained track, whatever I opened my eyes and looked across at the woman in the carriage. She had put the papers she had been reading down and laid her glasses on top of them. Her left hand was resting on the table but I couldn't see her other hand. I looked under the table and saw her right hand resting on her lap. She was staring out of the window dreamily. She looked across at me and I shut my eyes, pretending to be asleep, I wanted to be able to admire this woman some more.

When I dared look again she was looking around the carriage, as if to make sure there was no one around. I watched her intently through half open eyes; she was classically beautiful, slim and slender and clearly well toned. I followed the line of her leg upwards to the hem of her skirt, her legs still firmly together, the skirt hiding the view I would love, stockings or tights and what colour panties? One last glance at me and then she sat forward in her seat and slowly slid her jacket off. In the harsh white light of the train carriage her cream blouse revealed a lacy white bra underneath, pure class. As I stared intently I could just make out her nipples, erect and pressing against the fabric, erect enough to be pushing at the blouse through the bra giving me a full view. I wanted more.

Her hands slid below the table and started to rub gently along the top of her thighs, I could imagine those thighs, milky white, soft and smooth. Her eyes were now closed and her head tilted slightly back, her lips pursed in pleasure. She continued to rub her hands along her thighs and slowly, so slowly, started to hitch up her skirt, little by little, centimetre by centimetre, but I was in for the long haul. Slowly as the hem of her skirt rose higher along her thighs it revealed the answer to the first question ...... and it was stockings. First the dark top of the stocking came in to view, followed by the first hint of suspender, white, and then as if in slow motion the first hint of milky white thigh. As the hem of her skirt rose higher she started to open her legs ever so slightly and I caught my first glimpse of the soft inner part of her thighs. She shuffled in her seat to allow the skirt to rise between her ass and the seat and as she did so she looked directly at me, I played asleep.

It worked, her head tilted back once more and her tongue swept across her lips leaving a glistening trail across her scarlet lip-gloss. I looked once more below the table and for the first time was rewarded with a full view of those white panties, pure as the driven snow, silky in the crotch and lacy above. I wanted to be closer to see the details through that lace but I knew it was not to be. Her hand slipped on to her abdomen and she gently stroked, a small moan escaped her lips. I could see her face, eyes tight shut, in a world of her own. She rubbed across her abdomen and then slowly, again ever so slowly, her hand slipped down, across her panties and cupped her pussy. She held her position for a few seconds and then, pressing firmly with her middle finger whilst pressing outwards with the next 2 fingers, pulled her hand up and across her crotch opening her pussy lips to the pressure. She inhaled sharply and bit her bottom lip as her finger drew across her pussy and over her clit. My cock strained to get out of my pants.

Her hand slid slowly back down across her mound and again cupped her pussy. This time she pressed her middle finger harder against the pure white fabric of her panties and it pressed into her pussy lips. Then, with the other fingers this time closing her lips over her finger she slowly drew it up and across her clit. A shiver shot up her body and my eyes followed it up, her nipples were now straining to escape. I had my cock trapped uncomfortably but I knew I couldn't move to free myself lest the lady spot that I wasn't asleep.

As her finger came off her clit, which I could imagine engorged and proud, her hand continued up onto the bare skin of her exposed abdomen. Then gently she slipped her fingertips in under the front of her panties and slowly, teasingly, slid her hand down inside, across that pussy and then she curled her fingers clearly burying a couple into that moist, warm hole. I could imagine my cock where those fingers where.

After a short while, which felt like a lifetime, she withdrew her fingers, again achingly slowly, and took her hand from her panties. Both hands slipped under the table and to my shock she slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slowly slid them off, lifting her knees to do so giving me a brief flash of her deep red puffy outer lips. They were bare, shaved, and just glistening from some of her natural moisture drawn out as her fingers had exited that pussy. Her pristine white panties slid over her scarlet patent leather shoes, heel probably 3 inches, and she dropped them on the seat next to her. My cock was fit to explode.

As she dropped her panties on to the seat I got a good look at her crotch. She was neatly trimmed, landing strip of deep auburn hair leading a man to heaven's gateway. The rest neatly shaved and bare, possibly even waxed. Her right hand came back down to her pussy and she opened up her lips with 2 fingers to expose her clit. Her middle finger slid onto that clit and started to rub. Her left hand now cupped her breast and she pinched her nipple with her thumb and forefinger, the look of sheer pure delight on her face was remarkable. My eyes returned to her clit action, she was rubbing in a circular motion and the pace was picking up, the lady was in a hurry. Now 2 fingers were across her clit and she had picked up the pace to a rapid circular motion. I looked at her face, her bottom lip was in her mouth, head to the side towards the window, eyes clenched shut. Not long now I thought.

I was right, her body stiffened, back arching, her clit rubbing at fever pitch and she let out a gasp as her orgasm took complete control. Her fingers slowed and she slid her hand down, slipping 3 fingers into her hole as the waves of orgasmic pleasure subsided. Her fingers played around in that hole for a minute or so before she slowly withdrew them and lifted them to her face. She stared at them, seemingly mesmerised by the moisture, before playfully licking them clean. As she did so the train manager announced my station. She was good, she'd timed that to perfection, I wondered if she'd done it before. She picked up her panties, I assumed to put them back on, I was hoping for another good view of that pussy as she lifted her knees. However she simply took the crotch and wiped her sodden pussy lips then dropped them back on seat before adjusting her skirt.

She stood up and began to collect her belongings, this was clearly her station as well. I pretended to wake, stretched and shifted in my seat so that my poor throbbing cock could shift into a more comfortable position. She had pulled on a knee length wool coat and set off down the carriage. She didn't even give me a glance; I hadn't been spotted watching her. I grabbed my case and wandered along the carriage behind her. As I got to her seat I caught a whiff of expensive perfume and the sweet tang of a pussy. I looked down and there on the seat were her panties! My heart skipped a beat, I looked around, she was in the vestibule and the carriage was empty. I took my chance and grabbed the pure white material, it was heavy with her dampness and I could feel the warmth and wetness on the crotch. We were slowing in to the station, what to do with them? With one more glance around I stuffed them into my pants and wrapped them around my cock with the crotch covering the head. I could feel the warmth and the wetness still there; these would come in useful later when I wanked off over the memory.

I wandered slowly to the vestibule and stood behind her taking in her scent and staring at the back of her neck, long, slender and smooth, begging for me to plant little kisses along it, down her spine and over her smooth, toned ass cheeks. The train jolted to a halt and I out of my dream. The doors opened and she lithely jumped out and was gone with the thronging mass. I wandered slowly down the platform to the concourse, reliving the journey; I couldn't move any quicker my cock prevented rapid movement.

As I reached the concourse I spotted her in an embrace with a tall guy, pinstriped suit. He had his back to me and she was hugging him and kissing his neck, her auburn hair hiding her face from me. I started to walk past but as I got to within around 10 feet she lifted her head, looked straight at me, smiled, winked and then licked those bright red lips; I shot my load. Then she spun round, grabbed her man by the hand and disappeared into the crowds.

I stood on the concourse my cum mingling with hers in her panties stuffed into my trousers. It had all been a show for me. This was a journey I would never forget.

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