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This charming young lady has volunteered to strip for you
When I entered the 'Yum Yum Club' I saw her sitting at the bar, a young woman with half-long blonde hair, a beautiful face and a gorgeous body. She wore a short skirt with a slit that showed two long shapely naked legs and the contours of a pair of firm buttocks. A low-cut little top let her pierced belly button free and the upper part of her full breasts. She wore no bra and her taut nipples stood out against the fabric. "My god, what a piece she is," I thought and my throat got dry.

As I passed she looked at me and smiled. I took a seat at the opposite side of the U-shaped counter, where I had a good view of her. Our eyes met and she smiled again. I ordered a beer and asked the barman to offer her a drink. He spoke to her whereupon she replied, shaking her head.

Then he returned to me. "The lady is waiting for her boyfriend, who may be here any moment. She regrets she can't accept your offer, but thanks you anyway."

I looked at her and she looked back with an apologizing expression on her face.

The 'Yum Yum Club' is what we in Holland call a 'brown' place, with wooden panelling and furniture, which creates an atmosphere of intimacy, cosiness and snugness.

It's a night club (adults only!) and every month, beginning on Friday, they have a new, mostly very daring floor show. I like those shows very much and, as it was the first Friday of the month, I was curious about this month's program.

Last month, June, there was that beautiful redhead. First she stripped until she was totally nude. After that she went backwards on hands and feet, opened her legs and gave us a good sight of her nice, shaved pussy. Then, oh my, her pussy lips parted and a white ping-pong ball popped out of her vagina and bounced on the floor.

Applause ... and two more balls popped out. Wow!

After that she lay down on her back, opened her legs again and put a cigarette between her pussy lips, which she lighted. I saw the tip of the cigarette glow as she inhaled. She removed the cigarette and a blew cloud of smoke out of her pussy. This she repeated several times.

Big applause ... and a last ping-pong ball shot out, at least six feet wide.

The audience went out of their minds...

A few months before there was the act of a naked man with an enormous penis, brought to erection by a ravishing nude young woman.

I had never seen such a huge cock before. It measured at least 12 inches. You should have seen the expression of awe on the face of the women in the audience, involuntarily biting and licking their lips.

"Such a giant cock inside my pussy, wow," you saw them imagining.

And thinking of my own 7 inches, which is not too bad - is it? - I felt like Tiny Tim.

Then the woman wound a chain around his genitals, whereupon he lifted weights with his upright member.

Between the lifting she kept his cock in good shape by stroking and sucking it from time to time and tickling his balls.

At last he lifted bucket full of water, at least 20 pounds, and walked around with it, unbelievable!

I didn't have to wait very long before the performers of this night were introduced, the O'Hara Sisters. They were very attractive identical twins, both with long auburn hair.

They sang Irish songs, most in Gaelic, while one of them played on a little harp. They had very beautiful voices and everybody was enchanted.

While singing they casually removed their dresses and went on singing in bra, G-string and girdle with long stockings and high heels.

Then they removed their bras, showing two pairs of perfect full breasts with taut pink nipples.

After that, they stepped out of their shoes, loosened their stockings, stepped out of their girdles and rolled their stockings down.

They put their shoes on again and sang and played further as if everything was quite normal.

Finally they stepped for the second time out of their shoes.

They took their strings off, showing a pair of lovely shaven pussies under a tuft of pubic hair, and put their shoes on again. Totally nude and completely at ease, as if nothing was out of the ordinary, they kept singing their beautiful songs, walking through the public.

And the audience was ravished. You could have heard a pin drop. It was not just sexy, it was sheer beauty too!

Wow, this was good!

When the performance was over, I looked at the blonde woman at the opposite side of the bar. I saw she was still without company. Impatiently she glanced at her watch, took a cellular phone from her purse and made a call.

Apparently nobody answered. She put her phone back and looked at her watch again. Visibly annoyed, she drummed with her fingers on the counter.

I beckoned the barman and asked him to offer her a drink again. This time she accepted a martini dry, which she lifted by way of a toast, smiling at me.

Ten minutes later, after she had finished her cocktail, she stood up and talked to Frans, the club's owner, who nodded and took the microphone.

"Ladies and gentlemen," he announced, pointing at the woman, "we have a surprise for you. This charming young lady has volunteered to strip for you. Give her a big applause!"

Everybody clapped and cheered.

"She will introduce herself," he added and gave her the microphone.

"Hi, folks, I'm Stella. I'm not a professional stripper and I have never done this before in public, but it is something I've always wanted to. I like my body and I hope you'll like it as well. Can I have some nice music, please?"

She went on the little stage and when the music started she began to dance with slow sensual movements. She was very supple and lithe and moved gracefully, with great ease, showing off all the female curves of her body. Everybody was under the spell of her beauty and sexiness.

After a while she took the microphone again. "Ooh, I'm so hot. I have to take off some clothes. You don't mind, guys, do you?"

Great hilarity. "No, take them all off!"

She unbuttoned her skirt and dropped it on the floor. She wore a tiny red-and-black string that only covered her pubic region. As I saw her nice round buttocks, my cock began to stir.

"Oh, my god, what an ass!," I thought and I imagined myself in my bed with her.

Then she unbuttoned her top, opened it slowly and threw it on the floor, revealing a pair of beautiful firm breasts with nice pink nipples.

The audience applauded and she smiled.

"You like my body?" she asked, putting her hands behind her head to show the full splendour of her breasts.

"Yes," everybody shouted. "We want more, we want more. Show your pussy, girl. We want to see your pussy!"

"Mm, you want more? Well, to be honest, so do I."

She brushed a hand past her genitals and put a finger in her mouth, moving it in and out.

"Oh, my little twat is so hot. It's yearning for a good hard cock. Is there a nice cock in the audience?"

Everybody laughed and shouted: "Pussy, pussy."

"You, honey," she asked one of the men in front of her, "do you have a good cock? I'm so in need for a good hard cock."

The man grinned, somewhat embarrassed, but did not answer.

"Okay, guys," she said loudly. "I need a man for tonight. Is there anyone here who would like to go to bed with me?"

All of a sudden everybody was silent. Did she mean it? Was she serious?

Then someone shouted: "Yeah, me."

"No, me," called another.

"Me, take me," I cried.

An enormous tumult broke loose.

"Okay, okay, guys, I can't have you all in one night, but I have a nice idea. I'll choose one of you: the man whose cock I like best! So let's hold a contest, a cock contest, with me as the prize. How about that?"

Applause and cheers.

"All right. Will all able young man with a good and healthy cock, who want to share my bed with me tonight, step forward, please."

With eight other men I stepped forward, my heart beating wildly.

"Mm, nine," she said. "Can we have one more candidate to make it ten? Ten would be a nice number to choose from."

"My friend here," a young, pretty woman shouted, "but only if I may join the party."

Everybody laughed.

"Nothing against a threesome, darling, so come forward, please" Stella answered, and the tenth man joined us with his girl fiend.

Stella looked at us, licked her lips, caressed her breasts and put her hand in her G-string, fingering her pussy.

"Oh, you are all so handsome. The thought of having sex with one of you is already wetting me. Oh boys! But let us first set out the rules of the game, okay?"

She waited a few seconds, looking meaningful, and went on.

"First I want you to strip one by one on the stage, so that all of us can see what you have in store."

Applause and cheers.

"However," she continued, "it is not allowed to touch your jewels. I want to see what your cock is capable of without any help. Will it get hard? How big will it be, what shape will it have? Will it stand up, point forward, downward?"

The ladies in the audience laughed and yelled. They understood they would have a jolly good time.

"The biggest is not necessarily the best and most beautiful," Stella went on. "Your member, gentlemen, has to be nice to see and well in proportion to your testicles and to the rest of your body."

She paused a moment.

"And moreover, to satisfy a woman, a good cock has to function well according to its purpose. So it is important it gets hard pretty soon and has some endurance. It shouldn't cum prematurely and stay hard for a considerable time. The longer the better. Any questions?"

There was some murmur in the audience.

"Yeah," one of the contestants finally said, "how about you, what will you do to me? I would like to know what I'm up to. I don't want to be everybody's laughing-stock."

"Oh, don't be afraid, honey. You can trust me, and, besides, you can any time ... withdraw."

I laughed to myself at the pun, that nobody else seemed to have grasped. She must have noticed, because looked mischievously at me. I winked secretly.

Oh my goodness, what a nice bit of stuff, what a pretty face, what a delicious pair of knockers, what a sexy tight little ass! Flashes of desire went through my restless cock.

"More questions? No? Everyone still in the race? Yes? Okay, let us start our little contest, shall we. Music please."


The tension in the bar room was palpable. The ladies in the audience were invited to take place near the podium, where they would have a good view of the performance. Their happy faces expressed fun and excited anticipation.

As for me, I felt a lump in my throat. How would it be to strip and expose myself in public? How would my cock perform, with all those critical eyes focused on it? I know I am rather well hung and I am proud of my rod. When erect, it looks very good, my balls shaved and my pubic hair trimmed. Women use to be fascinated by it, but would it get hard before all those people and stay erect long enough without my touching?

I must confess I felt pretty nervous and uncertain. My only consolation was that most of my fellow contestants, judging from the expression on their faces, felt the same way.

As the music started Stella asked: "Who will be the first? Nobody? Don't be shy. You honey, will you come forward, introduce yourself - name and age - and strip for us?"

The addressed was a stocky man of medium height, with dark hair and brown eyes. When he got on the podium the audience applauded and cheered, which encouraged him visibly.

The 'battle of cocks' had begun and the first 'warrior' had entered the arena!

"Hi, I am Anton," he said, "and I am 39." With a broad grin on his face he began to dance.

He really was a funny guy. He wiggled his ass, blinked lewdly and blew kisses to the ladies. Everybody laughed. Under applause he removed piece after piece of his clothing, until he wore only a pair of tight underpants, his erection outlined against the fabric.

Slowly, very slowly he pulled his pants downward, showing a dense shock of pubic hair and the root of his cock, that was standing out now like a tent pole. Gradually more of his member was to be seen until it finally jumped free. Quickly the man stepped out of his pants and with the pose of a body builder, which definitely he wasn't, he showed himself to the public. His genitals were not large but well shaped, but from his balls as well as from the shaft of his cock sprouted long dark hairs.

A flaw, in my opinion, though a small one. Especially the women, however, apparently seemed to appreciate what they saw and gave him a loud ovation.

Stella knelt before the man and scrutinized his cock. She ran her fingers along its shaft and cupped his balls in her hand, weighing them.

"Mm, not bad ... you may wait here," she said, standing up and indicating a stool near the stage. "The next will be ... you, please."

The second candidate came on the podium and introduced himself as Nico, 28 years old. He was long, slim and blonde, with a nice and attractive smile. With great expectations everybody shouted and applauded when he started. It turned out he couldn't dance at all. His movements were clumsy, with no sense of rhythm, but the public didn't mind and encouraged him enthusiastically. Staring like hypnotized at Stella's breasts he undressed until he wore only his underwear. At that moment the audience started to shout in awe: the head of his cock peeped trough a leg of his boxer shorts. Ooh, he ought to have a very long one!

This turned out to be the case. His erection was at least 8 inches, but, alas, very strangely shaped. It was crooked and hung down with its tip slightly turned upward, more or less like an elephant's trunk. His balls were downy and rather small.

All in all his cock was an impressive specimen, but not what Keats would have meant by 'a thing of beauty', let alone 'a joy for ever'.

Some people even booed and whistled, which was not appreciated by Stella, who cast a severe and reproaching glance at them.

"Let's stay nice and civil, okay? Not everybody has the courage this man showed."

Apologizing she looked at the candidate. "You really are a cutie, honestly, but sorry, your tools, mm, how shall I explain ..."

"No need. It was fun to strip, but I'll back out, if you don't mind."

"You are a good sport, honey," Stella said and kissed him on the lips. "Give him a big applause, guys." Which he got.

"The next one will be you, my dear." Stella pointed at me.

My heart thumped against my breastbone as I came forward and climbed on the podium. I looked at her and let my eyes wander over her almost naked body, so close to me now. Oh, my god, how much I wanted this woman! I felt my cock get rigid again and tingle with sexual need.

Then I glanced at the women watching near the podium. Many of them were young and really attractive. All of a sudden the idea of exposing myself thrilled me more than I would have expected. My cock became rock hard. Was I an exhibitionist after all? I didn't give a damn.

Without exaggerating I can say I am a very good and expert dancer, especially free style. I've even won some medals in my younger years, together with my female dancing partner. Furthermore I was in a perfect physical shape. Good muscles, flat stomach and no superfluous fat. So I felt I might show the ladies something they would remind!

"Tell us who you are, honey."

"Hi everybody, my name is Harry, I'm 32 and I love to strip for you."

Nice suitable music came from the speakers. Quickly I took my jacket off and removed my shoes and socks: I prefer to dance barefoot.

The secret of a good striptease is not nakedness itself, but the art of undressing, combined with sexually suggestive movements. An essential part of it is the slowness of uncovering the parts of your body the spectators are most eager to see.

Applying these rules, I intended to drive the audience in front of me crazy with desire to see more and more.

First of all I showed them how supple and flexible I was and how well I could dance. While I moved I kept my eyes on the women before me, seeking eye contact and giving everyone of them the impression I danced for her personally.

I loosened my tie a bit, got it out of my collar and I tightened it round my neck again. Slowly I pulled my shirt out of my pants and started to unbutton, taking care not to show what was underneath. I turned my back to the audience, opened my shirt and made another half turn, showing them ... my undershirt.

I lingered a while before I bared one sinewy shoulder, then the other. After that I dropped my shirt and flexed my biceps. The women were fascinated and started to shout. When I made some thrusting movements with my pelvis, suggesting I might fuck them, they went out of their minds.

As for Stella, I saw her nipples harden. "She likes it," I thought.

I danced for some time, before I pulled my undershirt over my head and showed my naked muscular chest.

Looks of admiration, big applause and shouting.

My hands went to the clasp of my belt ...

The screaming and yelling of the women became deafening. They got completely wild, jumped on their seats, stamped, clapped, waved their arms, went through their hairs. Oh, my!

My hands let go of my belt again ...

General protest. "No, no, go on, go on!"

I made an indulging gesture, unbuckled my belt and took it off. Then I touched my zipper ... Madhouse again!

First I did as if my zip-fastener was stuck. Then I pulled it slowly down and opened my pants, showing them the promising bulge in my shorts.

"Aaaah!" Some women involuntarily squeezed their breasts, pinched their nipples and rubbed their thighs together. I wondered, how many of them would be sopping wet already. Most of them, probably.

After some time I dropped my pants and stepped out of them. I flexed my muscles again and made a series of suggesting fuck movements. Oh dear!

"More, more!" everyone shouted, and big "YES!" as I took the brim of my shorts in both hands.

With little movements I pulled them down and finally dropped them, showing ... not my naked genitals, but the semi-transparent G-string I was wearing underneath. My erection was at its maximum and filled it completely.

Hell broke loose. One of the women got so beside herself that she pulled her shirt over her head, unhooked her bra and showed me her bare breasts. "If you don't win this game, you can have me," was written all over her face.

Three other women followed and bared their breasts too. Oh my!

As for our delectable Stella, she licked her lips while she looked at me, and I saw a wet spot appear on her tiny string ... Not bad, not bad at all ...

Finally I unclipped my string and let it go. It stayed hung on my penis, but I made a pirouette and it flew in the direction of one of the bare breasted women, who caught it mid-air and put it to her nose, sniffing with an expression of utmost delight.

Ear-splitting yelling and applause.

Nude, except for my tie (you are a gentleman or you aren't), I showed the audience my erection. I tightened my stomach muscles and my cock stood proudly upright like a totem pole. Looking at all those enthusiastic faces I felt very confident. My performance had been a roaring success. So far, so good.

Stella took the microphone. "This was a very nice performance, dear, and as for your cock ... let me see it at close quarters ..."

She knelt on one knee, caressed my balls and ran her fingers up and down my cock, verifying its hardness by pinching it several times. Flashes of pleasure went through the object of her inquiry.

"Hm, all right. You may wait and sit over there." Stella stood up and took me by my tie. Like a doggie she guided me to my seat, looking teasingly at me.

Everybody laughed.

"Who is next? You first and then your girlfriend, okay?"

"Oh my, do I have to strip too?" the girl asked. "I thought it was only the boys."
"Of course you have to, honey, that's part of the game. I want to see your body and, besides, you would do the audience a great favour, especially the guys and maybe some of the ladies too. You are an attractive girl, so there is no need to be ashamed."

"Yeah, c'mon, girl," people shouted, "don't be shy!"

The couple whispered together for some time, then the girl nodded. "Okay, I've never stripped before, but I'll do my best."

Her compliance was rewarded by loud cheering and clapping.

Stella was visibly pleased. "Thank you, love, I am very happy you're still with us and we all look forward to your performance."

The young man came on the stage. He was dark blonde, good-looking and rather tall.

"Hello, we are Elly and Peter, she is 19 and I'm 24."

He seemed thrilled but didn't really make a show of his undressing. Before long he was totally naked. His body, hairless except for his pubic region, was nice to see, but his erection far from complete.

Apparently Stella didn't mind. After a short inspection of his genitals she indicated where he could sit down and invited the girl to the stage.

She was petite, with long, blonde wavy hair, brown eyes and the right curves on the right places. With a flush on her cheeks she started to dance.

She wore a flowered summer dress with buttons on the back and when she reached to the upper one with both hands, her full firm breasts beautifully showed off.

After she loosened the last button she let the dress slide down and stepped out of it. In her undies, a white lace-and-silk bra and ditto panties, she looked even more lovely, an expression of timidity adding to her beauty.

She unhooked her bra, but didn't take it off. Instead she picked her dress up again and covered the front of her body with it. After that the bra dropped on the floor.

Still covering herself she took her panties off. Then she turned and showed us her nude back.

What a natural beauty she was. An artist's dream! I wished I had my sketch-book with me to draw her.

I glanced at her boy-friend, who looked with admiration at her, his erection now complete.

The girl turned back to the audience, the dress still in front of her. Slowly she let it a bit down, showing the onset of her full breasts and the cleavage between. She kept one arm before her breasts and lowered the hand that kept the dress to her pubic region. Then she dropped the dress.

There she stood before us, blushing and covering herself like a chaste and innocent virgin. The whole scene reminded me somehow of that famous painting by Botticelli: 'The Birth of Venus'.

The music stopped and everybody kept quiet, waiting for what would come.

After some time she removed a hand and showed a nicely trimmed, fair-haired pussy with fleshy, downy lips, while she covered her breasts with both hands. Slowly she spread her fingers, letting a pair of pink taut nipples peeping through.

Then, all of a sudden, she withdrew her hands and put them behind her head. She pushed her hair up and thrust her full breasts forward. Oh my, what a perfect, glorious body she had!

I was completely smitten with her, and so, apparently, was everyone.

Thundering applause and cheers fell to the share of this adorable young woman, who had by now overcome her shyness and was visibly happy with her success.

Stella went to her, embraced her and kissed her on both cheeks. "Thank you, my dear, this was wonderful. You may wait and sit next to your friend, okay?"

The fifth candidate looked like a Hell's Angel. He was a big, heavy-set, balding hulk of a man with a greasy pony-tail, his arms covered with tattoos.

With a hoarse voice - from drinking and smoking probably - he presented himself. "I'm Theo, 38. You wanna see my dick? Here it is!"

Even before the music started, he had already opened his trousers.

His erection was impressive and very well shaped. The women gasped and look at it with awe.

"See?" he said to Stella. "You can send all the others home, sugar. I promise you the best fucking lay you've ever had."

He didn't seem prepared to undress further, so Stella urged him te go on.

"Why should I? Haven't you seen enough?"

"I like to see your whole body, honey. I want to know what I might get in my bed."

Everybody laughed.

"No need for a bed, sweetie, I might screw you anywhere, even here on the stage, if you want, but if you wish me to strip ...okay. You are the boss."

He shrugged and began to undress. In less than a minute he was out of his clothes. On his back and even his buttocks were tattoos as well.

He was an imposing stud, so, in spite of his impertinence, he got a big applause.

Stella examined his cock meticulously: "Hm, very good," and indicated where to sit and wait.

"The next stripper will be ... you."

A handsome young man came on the stage. "Hi, I am Alex and I am 26 years old."

He turned out to be a good dancer and made quite a show of his undressing. The audience was pleased and encouraged him by clapping on the beat of the music. He kept his eyes fixed on the bare breasts of the women before him and a bulge was visible in his pants.

Finally we saw his member. It was rigid well enough, but its head was almost totally covered by a narrow foreskin. A serious flaw in my opinion.

Stella touched it. "Can't the head come out?"

Embarrassed the man looked down at his cock and shook his head. "No, but is that a problem? I can ..."

"Sorry, darling, but this is an imperfection and you know what I am looking for, so I have to say: you are out at the game. But ... give him a big applause, ladies and gentlemen."

Number seven introduced himself as Fred, 42 years old, the eldest of the contestants. He was in a good shape, physically well built, of medium height, with dark blonde hair, greying at the temples. His dancing was nothing to write home about, and neither was his cock. His balls were big, but his hard-on was thick and short, all in all not a very proportional set of genitals.

He got a polite, but meagre applause.

Stella, however, indicated him to sit down and wait.

"The next will be you, honey."

A very young man with curly hair, still a boy, came on the stage. "Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Gerard and I am almost 19."

"Hey, go home to your mommy, boy," Theo the hulk shouted. "This is a game for real men, not for kids."

"Stop it," Stella intervened. "He is of age and has every right to take part in this contest."

Shouts of approval from the audience.

"Besides," Stella added, "what straight woman wouldn't fancy a nice young cock?"

Laughter and cheers from the women. The hulk growled something unintelligible and shrugged.

The boy started to dance on the tune of some disco music. He performed not bad at all. When finally he was naked, he stood there like a young god, his erect cock pointing upward.

The women went into raptures over him, mollified and at the same time turned on. Some caressed their breasts and reached between their legs ...

Watching this, the boy became more and more excited. His cock made little spasms and its tip got wet.

Stella was enchanted. "Wow, you are a cutie and your nice cock ... ooh ... so needy ..." She cupped his balls and let her fingers run softly up and down his cock.

This was too much for the boy. Suddenly he cried out, bent over and ejaculated over his hands, semen dripping between his fingers on the floor.

"Look at that!" the hulk shouted. "Baby is wetting himself, " and he roared with laughter.

Stella got furious. "This is an outrage. I have had enough of you. You are disqualified because of unsporting and obnoxious behaviour. Off you go, now!"

General booing and applause. Cursing the man collected his clothes and slunk away.

"Sorry, darling," Stella said to the boy, whose face was red and distorted from frustration and humiliation. "Maybe I shouldn't have touched you, sorry, but I just wanted to treat you like all the others. I can only say I feel very honoured and flattered you wanted me so badly."

I glanced at the female onlookers. Some were excited, having seen a young man cumming on the stage, others were sad, with tears in their eyes.

"Give this brave young man a big, well-meant and well-deserved applause, guys," Stella proposed. And that was exactly what he got.

After the floor was cleaned, the ninth candidate was invited, a smart, slightly built man with a Mediterranean appearance.

"No, no," he said, "I no need no more, I 'ave no chance, 'ave seen ze odders. Mi picha no big enough."

"Are you sure?" Stella asked. "You don't know what I might prefer. The biggest is not always the best. So come on, don't be shy and do me a favour. But tell me first, what's your name and where you come from.

"I am tourist from Spain. Ze name is José, but all ze people say Pepe."

"Hm, from Spain ... I thought Spanish men were very brave and daring. You look like a torero. So come on, Pepe..."

He grinned. "I may look like torero, yes, but I am sure you are no toro, no bull."

Great hilarity.

"A cow maybe?" Stella suggested.

"Oh nonono. You are bery beautiful. All Dutch womans are beautiful. I like Dutch womans. Some are so big, two meters high, ze biggest in ze world, wiz nice big tetas. I am little Spanish man, you bigger dan me. Ay, ay, no chance."

"Oh, dear Pepe, do me a favour and strip for us, I beg you, please, please!" Stella pursed her lips.

"Pe-pe, Pe-pe, Pe-pe," all present scanned.

Finally he made a indulgent gesture. "Vale, I ..."

Before he could finish loud, exultant cheers arose.

Swiftly he climbed on the podium "Hola, you know my name, Pepe. I have 31 years."

A paso doble was played and he started with a Spanish tap-dance, stamping his feet and clapping his hands. Everybody shouted "Olé, olé!". Oh, this was fun! One could see he gradually enjoyed himself more and more. He took his jacket off and kept it before him, shaking it like a bull-fighter challenging a bull. His shirt and undershirt followed the same way."

"Olé, olé!"

When the moment suprème was there, his erection turned out to be like the man himself: nice to see, but slightly built. However, the ladies seemed to like it.

"Muchas gracias, dear, your performance was very amusing, bravo, and your picha ...let me have a look ... oh, lovely." Stella motioned him to sit down and wait.

"At last ... you, please."

A pale, thin lout with a stubbly beard and black lank hair to his shoulders cane on the podium. With a soft voice, hardly audible, he introduced himself. "Hi, I am Michael and I am 28."

About his performance I can be short. He rocked a bit on the beat of the music and was undressed before I could say Jack Robinson.

He had no erection, but a long, limp, flagging willie with lowering balls that looked like a bag of earthworms.

"Sorry, honey, you don't come up to my requirements, but thank you nevertheless for your efforts. Applause please."

Under polite clapping he picked up his clothes and went off.

Stella and Frans, the bar-owner, whispered together for a while, whereupon the latter announced: "We will have a fifteen minutes' break, thereafter the contest will be continued."

"And I want all you contestants to go to the men's room and wash your tools thoroughly with water and soap," Stella added, pinching her nose.

Everybody laughed.

The barman brought bathrobes for Stella and us so that we didn't have to wait in the nude and could move about freely.


After my visit to the men's room I went to my place at the bar. Stella had resumed her place too. Even in her bathrobe she looked very desirable and sexy. She looked at me and smiled. Was it imagination or did I see her slightly purse her lips at me? Anyway, it was enough for my cock to get excited again.

"I liked your performance very much; you were wonderful," a female voice said next to me. It was the woman who had caught my G-string. Her breasts were decently covered again. "Me and my friends made a bet who will win this contest," she said to me. "I think ..."

"Please, don't say," I interrupted her, as if her words could cause bad luck.

She smiled, casting covetous eyes on me. It was obvious she fancied me.

"Your string, I still have your string ..." She held it before me with questioning eyes.

"Would you like to keep it?"

She reddened. "Well ... uhm ... may I?"

"Of course, keep it, if you like."

"Wow!" She kissed me ardently on my mouth. "Thank you!" and off she went with her trophy.

I ordered a soft drink, not wanting my potency to be impaired by more alcohol, and looked around.

My fellow-competitor Fred was sitting at the bar too, where he took glass after glass of Dutch gin.

The female onlookers were still near the podium, where they huddled together in an animated conversation. My string went from hand to hand, or rather: from nose to nose. When they saw me watching they burst out giggling like teenagers and one of them, who'd just had a sniff, waved at me with it, her eyes radiating. I blew her a kiss and she blew one back.

After some time the bar bell chimed and Frans announced the contest would be continued. Me and the four other contestants were requested to come on the stage again, where we had to hand over our bathrobes. And there we stood in our birthday suit again. Only the girl, Elly, was permitted to keep herself covered.

Stella came on the podium too and took her bathrobe off. She looked at us and smiled. "Poor guys, no hard-ons any more? I'll definitely have to do something about it."

She caressed and squeezed her breasts for a while. Then she put one hand in her little string and fingered her pussy. "Oh, I feel so hot, so hot. My pussy needs some fresh air. Mind if I take my string off?"

Of course nobody objected, on the contrary!

She turned her back to us and lowered the tiny piece of clothing that separated her from total nakedness. When she bent over to step out of it, she allowed us a nice view of her beautifully shaped ass and a pair of fleshy moist pussy lips.

She looked back at us and saw our mesmerized stares. "You like my ass? Want to see more?"

Still bending over she reached between her legs and spread her labia, showing us the pink entry of her juicy love grotto. Oh my!

Then she got upright again and turned. Her pubic hair turned out to be shaved off, except for a little blonde 'landing strip' just above the slit. Her legs slightly parted, her hands on her hips she posed before us.

Oh, what a woman," I thought. How much I wanted to make love to her, caress her, kiss every part of her sexy body, penetrate her, fuck her ...

I desired her more than anything in the world.

In less than no time my cock was hard again, and so were other's. Only Fred didn't get an erection. Apparently he was pretty tipsy. "Damn," he muttered and grabbed his flaccid member, to stimulate it.

"Hey!!!" everybody protested.

"Stop," said Stella relentlessly. "You know the rules: no touching. You are off".

The poor guy almost tumbled off the podium, collected his clothes and went mumbling and staggering backstage.

During Stella's fascinating performance I had not paid attention to the women sitting near us. When I looked at them again, I was taken by a surprise. Two of them had partly undressed and were naked from top to waist, while four others were busy doing the same. Apparently they had agreed upon it during the break. I must say, some of those tits were really ravishing and my restless cock made no secret of having the same appreciation.

Stella was visible pleased with our erections. "Oh, you all have very nice cocks, guys. I really like what I see. It will be difficult to make a choice. Whom shall I choose?"

The shouting that started was ear-deafening. "Harry, Harry!" most of the audience yelled, but also "Peter, Pepe" and "Anton, Anton" were heared.

"Mmm," Stella mused. "I'm not sure yet. Let me see once more."

One by one she examined our genitals again, testing the hardness of our cocks and the fullness of our balls. Then she asked for a tape measure with which she took the length and circumference of our cocks.

"Anton: "6.0 and 5.0 inches" she called. "Harry: 7.0 and 5.5 inches, Peter: 6.75 and 5.25 inches, Pepe: 5.0 and 4.75 inches."

Every announcement was received enthusiastically with oohs and clapping from the public.

"One of you has to leave the game now, and that will be ... you." She pointed at Anton, the man with the hairy cock. "Sorry, baby, it's just a question of personal preference. Your size is okay, but ..."

"No need for an explanation, honey," he interrupted her. "It was fun anyhow and only one can win."

Under loud applause he went off the podium.

"With you three we'll play the final phase of the game," Stella continued, smiling mischievously at us. "Ladies," she said to the half-nude women in front of us, "this will be fun, you'll have a good time!" She went to them and whispered something. "Eeee!" they cried out and laughed hysterically.

On her demand three bath towels were spread on the podium, after which she ordered us to lie down on our back on them.

"The last part of the contest will be the endurance test. The quintessence is you stay impassive and immobile, whatever happens to you. The guy whose cock stays hard the longest without slackening or cumming will win the contest. If you feel you can't hold out, you may call "Stop", but then you are off the race, of course. Success guys, may the best win."

With my two companions I lay down and waited for the things to come. From below I had a good view of Stella and her wet pussy. A drop of juice trickled down her inner thigh. The sight of our erect members and the prospect of having sex with one us must have turned her awfully on.

Despite the exciting view I must confess I felt pretty nervous. All depended now on how my cock would behave. I knew I could postpone my orgasm for a considerable time and stay hard quite a while, but would that be enough?

Big laughter arose when the bar man handed a big bowl to Stella. It turned out to contain whipped cream, with which she covered our genitals. Then she announced: "Ladies, tonight we have a special dish on the menu: 'Cock à la crème'. Bon appétit, Mesdames. Serve yourselves."

Hereupon the six topless women hurried to the podium, two for each candidate, and started to lick us clean.

Oh my! Soft warm tongues touched my balls, ran up and down my cock, smooth moist lips closed round its head. A warm mouth took my member deep inside. Mmmm! Shivers of pleasure went down my spine and through my cock, tension and excitement building up to an almost unbearable level. I had the feeling my cock was about to burst.

"No wanking, ladies. Just licking and slow, gentle sucking", warned Stella.

Regularly new layers of cream were put on. More licking, more tickling and with every oral caress I felt my orgasm coming closer and closer.

"Madre de Díos," Pepe suddenly exclaimed next to me. "Ay ay ay, alto, stop!"

He struggled on his feet and wrapped his cock in a paper tissue given to him.

Big applause. Grinning sheepishly and bowing he went off.

So finally it became a battle between me and Peter, or rather: my cock and his. Whose would have the greatest staying-power?

New toppings of cream were applied and from now on we were 'served' by three women each, who performed their honourable and responsible task with never faltering enthusiasm and dedication.

Oh, those gentle teasing tongues and lips! How long would it last until my eager cock surrendered to the sweet temptation of their delicious caresses? I closed my eyes, hugely enjoying it, and I moaned with pleasure ...

"Wrong, Harry, wrong!", my better self said to me. "You want to win this game? Then control yourself. Don't close your eyes. Focus your thoughts on something else. It all depends on will-power. Pull yourself together."
I opened my eyes and looked about me. All people stood near the podium, watching, laughing and shouting encouragements. "Come on, Harry! Don't give in! Hold out, Peter!"

As for my rival, his eyes were closed and he panted heavily with trembling legs.

Then my view got obstructed by a pair of beautiful breasts. One of the women had straddled me and bent over to my face. Softly her nipples caressed my front, my eyes, my nose, my cheeks and finally my lips. But I had to stay passive! Only with uttermost effort I could prevent myself from taking one of those nice pink rose buds between my lips and sucking it.

In the mean while the stimulation of my cock and balls went on and on. A tongue went up my thigh and tickled my balls. Another tongue ran up the shaft of my cock and titillated my 'sex nerve', that sensitive spot where the foreskin is attached to the head. Mmmm, delicious! My cock made little spasms, its tip on fire.

With delight I had closed my eyes again when my cock met a deep throat. I forced myself to open them again. New cream was put on and the woman who had caressed me with her breasts joined the other two in licking and sucking my cock. Oh, it felt so good, so good!

"Don't surrender," my alter ego warned me again. "Concentrate on something quite different, calculations for instance."

"Calculations! Yeah, let's do geometrical progressions with multiplication factor 3."

First it was easy: "1, 3, 9, 27, 81, 243, 729 ..." Then it got more difficult: "2,189 ... 6,557? ... no ... 6,567! ... 19,701? ... yes! ... 58... no, again ... 59,103 ... yes! ...177,309 ... the next one ... what was the last one? 177,309, yes ... multiplied by 3 ..."

Oh! Those soft lips, those soft tongues, teasing my eager cock: Mmmm .... It felt like heaven ... mmmm ...

"No, no, don't pay attention to your cock!" I drummed into my mind. "Concentrate on the progression! Think, think!... 531927? ... yes, definitely: 531927 ... and now ..."


Suddenly the continuous compelling cock codling came to an end. Just in time!

A deafening pandemonium broke loose. People applauded, jumped, stamped their feet, whistled, roared, cheered, shouted, chanted: "Harry, Harry, Harry ..."

Hands pulled me up, pumped mine, slapped my shoulders, caressed my buttocks. Women embraced me and kissed me on cheeks and mouth. I had won the battle of cocks! I had won the prize!

I looked down at Peter, still lying on the floor, looking defeated, his chest and abdomen speckled with semen. His girlfriend knelt near him and tried to comfort him, in the mean time cleaning him with a towel. Seeing me he grinned, 'like a farmer who has tooth ache', as we say in Holland. Nevertheless he put his thumb up and mouthed "Congratulations."

And there she was, Stella, radiating and smiling! She spread her arms and hugged me, her naked body pressed against mine. "Well done, I fancied you from the beginning. I am happy you are the winner," she whispered.

The feeling of her soft skin and hard nipples sent shivers of delight through my body and spasms trough my still excited cock. She must have noticed, for she looked deep into my eyes and rubbed her belly against it, smiling mischievously. What a woman!

After a while she took the microphone. "Ladies and gentlemen, Here's the winner of this game. Let's give him a big applause." More clapping and cheers.

She put a hand on my shoulder. "And now everybody have seen enough of this handsome young man and his beautiful cock. Put your clothes on, dear, I'll do the same. The prize-giving will take place elsewhere: in private."

Everybody laughed and whistled.


"I've already booked a hotel room at the Okura," Stella told me when I met her again at the bar. "Hopefully that's okay with you?"

"Okura is fantastic, but let me pay the bill."

"No, no, out of the question. You win a prize and should pay for it? That's the world turned upside down."

Five minutes later we sat on the back seat of a taxi Stella had also ordered. I took a glance at her. She looked a bit tense, so I put my hand on hers.

"Are you sure you want this? If you don't ..."

"Yes, I am sure, Harry. It's just ... I'm ... I'm just a bit nervous, which is rather silly of me, of course, because I really want to spend the night with you, you know."

"To be honest, I'm sort of nervous myself too, Stella, like a schoolboy on his first date."

We both chuckled, like children who are about to do something naughty - which was not entirely beside the truth! Then she took my hand and nestled herself close to me, her head against my shoulder.

Silent we rode to the hotel, aware of each other's excited heartbeat.

When Stella put the key-card in the lock and opened the door, our room turned out to be the bridal suite.

"It's the only one that was still free," Stella explained. "I hope you don't mind."

It was spacious and beautifully decorated. The bed was a king-size four-poster with a tester of white tulle. The bedspread was made of white silk. On a table was a vase with white orchids.

"Oh, Stella, the room is absolutely wonderful, and very romantic. But this must cost you a fortune."

"Oh no, because no other room was available, I got the price for a standard double room. So don't worry."

When we walked inside she stopped at the large bed and turned to me. She put your hands around my neck and looked up at me. "Be sweet and gentle to me, Harry," she whispered, closing her eyes and offering her mouth.

I took her in my arms and my lips touched hers. She opened her mouth and our tongues met in a deep, long and breathtaking kiss. When our lips finally parted we looked deep into each other's eyes. I took her face in my hands and covered it with kisses. Then I kissed her neck and shoulders ...

A knock on the door disturbed our endearments.

"Room service!"

A waiter brought a bottle of champagne in a cooler. Surprised I looked at Stella.

She smiled. "I ordered it. I thought it appropriate to celebrate your prize winning."

"Shall I open it, ma'am," the waiter asked.

"No thanks, we'll open it ourselves."

Wishing us a pleasant night, the waiter went.

I looked at the label on the bottle. Bollinger Grande Année Brut! Oh my! "This is more than appropriate. This is ... fantastic, it's ... too much."

"Never too much. You more than deserve it, Harry, and so do I, to be honest."

"I agree. Your performance this evening was ... breath-taking and cock-shaking."

"Thanks, ha-ha! But speaking of that magnificent copulation organ of yours, I would love to enjoy the sight of it again. Take it out, baby."

"Uh oh! I first want to unwrap the prize I have won."

"Later, later. First take it out, please, balls and all." With which I obediently, but not reluctantly, complied.

She knelt down, took my flaccid member and put a kiss on its top. "Mmmm, it still tastes after the sweet cream and it's a bit sticky. So let me clean it." Suiting the action to the word she brought it deep in her mouth and started to lick and suck.

Instantly my cock reacted the way it's supposed to do under such circumstances.

"Oh, Stella!"

"Ah, now I recognize the little boy again." And on she sucked my tumescent penis till it was rock hard. My pleasure got almost unbearable.

"Oh, Stella, please, wait!"

She stopped. "I really like your cock, Harry. It's wonderful, I love it. Its skin is so smooth, and yet it's so powerful. Mmmm." She pressed it against her cheek and closed her eyes. "I want you, Harry," she whispered. "I want you deep inside me. C'mon, let me undress you."

She got up and soon I was totally naked.

"I like your body too." She ran her fingers over my chest and abdomen, my back, my buttocks, my thighs, my balls, my cock ...

"Oh, baby ..."

"You may unwrap your prize now, if you want, honey."

Slowly I took her clothes off, relishing every part of the body I uncovered.

"Oh, my god, you are so beautiful, so beautiful."

I cupped and fondled her breasts and kissed her taut nipples. She closed her eyes and sighed.

"Mm, pinch my nipples, please ... Oh, yes, mmmm ...and touch me, please ..."

My hand went down and she spread her legs a bit to give me access.

"Oh, yes ... oh, yes ... mmmm."

She was all wet and soon my fingers found her swollen clitoris.

"Aaah ... oh my god... yes ... yes ... no, no, not yet! Let us first take a glass of champagne."

Expertly she removed the cork, not with a loud plop, like most people do, but with almost no sound at all, just a slight hiss, which is the best way of preserving the bubbles.

We sat down on the bed with our glasses and toasted.

While we enjoyed our drink I could not keep my eyes from her firm breasts.

"You like them, my breasts, don't you? Would you like to kiss my nipples again? They are very sensitive, my nipples. I love to be kissed there, and sucked." She dipped her fingers in the champagne and moistened her nipples. "Suck them, please."

I felt her nipples harden between my lips. She breathed heavily, took my hand and guided it between her legs. "Do you feel how wet I am? Would you like to kiss me there too?"

She put her glass down and lay on her back, her legs apart. "Please, do, Harry."

I kissed her pussy lips and tasted the sweet-sourish love juice with relish. The smell was good too, so feminine. Passionate I buried my face in her wetness. She gave a little cry.

"Ah, yes ... aaah ... mmmm ... You like this yourself? Yes? Really? Oh, I love it when you do this to me, baby, oh, yes, oh, yes ... Drink from me, baby ...drink from my cunt" And after a while: "Wait, I have an idea. Let us pour some champagne in my cunt, and you drink it, okay? Would you like to do that?"

"Of course, darling, of course! I would love to do it, drink from the fountain of love."

I put her legs over my shoulders and lifted the lower part of her body. Then I took the bottle, separated her labia and poured a good dash of the sparkling champagne in her vagina, where it started to foam.

She giggled,. "Ooh, it's cold and it tickles!" Then serious: "Drink from me, honey, drink from what you so nicely call the fountain of love."

I lowered her body a bit and slurped the foamy mix of champagne and vaginal fluids. It was not bad, not bad at all! I liked it, so I poured some more inside and drank again.

Finally I put her down and lay next to her.

She took my still turgid cock and caressed it. "That was very nice, and funny too, and very special. Hold me, Harry."

I took her in my arms and kissed her. Her tongue eagerly explored my mouth and I felt my cock stir.

Apparently she felt that too. "Oh, the little boy needs some attention." She bent over, took my cock in her mouth and let her tongue play around its head. I closed my eyes and felt my excitement gradually rise and rise, till it nearly reached its culmination point.

Then she stopped, just in time. "Oh, my god...I love this cock of yours! I want it deep inside me, honey. Give me your big cock. Oh, damn, I am so horny, so awfully horny. Fuck me, Harry, fuck me, please. I'm so in need for a good fuck. Oh, fuck me, fuck me!"

"I want you too, Stella. I've wanted you since I saw you at the bar. You are so beautiful, so sexy, so desirable. I badly want to fuck you, baby. There's nothing I want more. I'm totally crazy about you."

"C'mon, do it, fuck me. I want you deep inside me. Come on top of me, honey, and screw me with your big cock." She opened her legs and stretched her arms invitingly.

There is nothing more beautiful and attractive than a sexually aroused woman and Stella certainly was no exception to that rule. She her eyes were radiating, her face flushed, her lips full and red, her firm breasts heaving with every breath, her pink nipples erect, her swollen labia moist with glistening lubricant, her erect clit peeping out of its hood.

Shivers of pleasure went through me when I penetrated her. She was so slick and juicy and her cunt felt so warm and soft around my cock. Slowly I started to move and we both sighed with contentment. Wow, this was absolutely delicious!

She wrapped her legs around me and clung herself to me. "Oh, yes, this is good, so good. Fuck me, Harry. Oh yes, oh yes ... faster, please, faster ...oh yes, oh yes ... pinch my nipples, love .. yes, that's right ... mmmm!"

As our movements became wilder we got more and more agitated and excited. We moaned and whimpered and groaned and grunted, howled like animals. Soon I felt my climax getting close, so I warned her.

"Go on," she answered. "I want your sperm deep inside me. C'mon, give me your hot sperm." And after a while: "Oh, my god... it's coming ...oh, my god...I love you, darling ...yes ... I love you ... ah, aaaaaah!"

I felt her body stiffen and her vagina contract around my penis. With a squeal she came.

That was sufficient get me over the edge too. A few thrusts more and I exploded in a mind-blowing orgasm that left me half unconscious and gasping for breath.

Gradually I regained my senses, though my heart was still thumping like mad. I resumed my thrusting and went on for as long as my cock was hard enough. Crying out she came twice more.

Panting and still trembling we lay side by side on the bed, holding each other, caressing and staring at the ceiling.

Finally Stella broke the silence. "How is my prize-winning stud? This was wonderful, wasn't it? Let's finish the champagne and take a shower together, okay?" She filled the two glasses and handed one to me. "Here's to the best performing cock I've ever met."

"And here's to the most fantastic prize I've ever won. You are marvellous, Stell'."

"You too, hon."

The shower was great fun. Under stimulating jets of hot water we playfully washed each other's private parts and kissed and cuddled and fondled and tickled and giggled. I squeezed her breasts, sucked her nipples and kneaded and slapped her shapely buttocks. Salaciously she clung at me, pulled at my cock, rubbed her belly against it, put her tongue in my ears and whispered sweet words. In brief, we behaved like couple of over head and ears enamoured teen-agers.

Soon my cock was in full splendour again, which she observed with visible satisfaction. "Wow," she said, "that looks very promising. Let's not waste time. Come on, honey."

In a hurry we rubbed each other dry. Then I lifted her in my arms and put her onto the bed.

And there she lay, rosy from the hot shower and smelling after the rose flavoured bath soap. My eyes revelled in the curvaceous beauty of her body.

"Oh Stella ..." I stammered. "You are so sweet, so beautiful ... so ... I don't know what to say ... Turn on your stomach, please, I want to watch your back side as well."

As I had already knew she had a wonderful pair of round firm buttocks, beautifully shaped and very smooth. Admiringly I caressed and kneaded them again and again.

Stella seemed to like it, for she began to purr like a cat. Invitingly she opened her legs and wiggled her ass.

To tease her I slowly ran my tongue from between her shoulder blades along her spine down to the cleft between her bum cheeks. Eagerly she responded by separating them with her hands, to free the way further down. As my tongue tickled her little ass hole, she gasped and lifted her bottom to give full access to her sweet honey pot, trembling with anticipation.

"Oh, boy, you drive me crazy. C'mon, lick me ... please ... yes ... that's good ... mmmm ... and now my clit ... aaah ... "

I savoured the juice that flowed abundantly, like a river, from the spring of love and wetted her inner thighs. Mm, delicious! Then something crossed my mind.

"Stella, tell me, have you ever been fucked by a champagne bottle?"

"Huh, a champagne bottle? No, I've never met one that was nice enough to do me that favour, but my cunt is always open to new experiences."

"Ha-ha, so I noticed already. Now, wait a sec, please."

I took the champagne bottle, removed the metal foil and went to the bathroom to clean the bottle neck.

When I came back Stella was on hand and knees, ass in the air, legs apart, ready for the special treatment. Streams of her juices still went down her thighs.

Carefully I separated her pussy lips and inserted the bottle.

"Ah ...oh yeah ... this is good ... c'mon, fuck me."

Stella's cunt turned out to be very elastic, for the bottle went in pretty far. Oh my! It seemed she could swallow more than half of it!

With one hand I moved the bottle in and out, twisting it so that it touched her clit with every thrust. My other hand played with her dangling breasts, kneading and squeezing them, pinching the stiffened nipples, pulling at them as if I was milking her.

Stella enjoyed it visibly and audibly. Her eyes radiated and she licked her lips, breathed heavily and twisted her hips.

Her vocabulary was reduced to "Mm" and "Oh" and "Ah" and "Yes" and "Naughty boy", repeated in every key of the scale.

Shuddering and shrieking she came time and time again.

"Oh, please, stop, stop!" she finally begged. "I can't take any more, I'm all in. One more cumming and I'll die ... Oh my god!"

Suddenly she started to weep and sob.

Frightened I withdrew the bottle. "What's the matter, darling, have I done something wrong?

I took her in my arms and kissed her tears away. "What's wrong, baby? Did I hurt you? Tell me."

"N-n-n-nothing, nothing. I j-just f-feel like crying."

"Why, baby, why? Are you unhappy? Do you regret what we did?"

She looked at me and smiled. "Regret? No, what we did was wonderful. I think my emotions got the upper hand. I feel so happy, so happy ..." Tears and sniffing again. "You must consider me a silly cow."

"Oh no, Stella, never! I think you are a wonderful and sensitive person."

"It's you who is wonderful, Harry, and not only because of your cock. You did your utmost to please me, and what did you get in return? Woman's tears! But now I'm okay again, so I'll give you a reward. What about a nice blowjob?"

"Are you sure ..."

"Do you want a blowjob, yes or no?"

"Yes, of course, but ..."

"No 'buts' any more, honey. I'm all right again, really. Lay down on your back, please, and let's see if we can get that joy stick of yours in good shape again."

My testicles are very sensitive and so is the region just under them. Therefore, when Stella tickled that spot with the tip of her tongue, my cock, knocked down by the woman's emotional outburst, regained consciousness again and stirred.

"That's my boy," Stella said. "come on, grow." She licked my balls and took one in her mouth, her tongue playing with it. Tea-bagging they call it, I remembered.

With little spasms my cock got some hardness again. With her fingertips she softly stroked its shaft, up and down, up and down. When I was hard enough she pulled my foreskin back, whereupon her mouth left my balls and her tongue ran up to the exposed glans. Intense pleasure rushed through my member. I could not help crying out."

Stella giggled. "You like it?"

"Oh yes, go on, please."

Teasingly her delicious tongue explored my cock head, the corona and, more in particular, my 'sex nerve'. It set my cock on fire and, looking down, I saw a clear drop of pre-cum coming out.

Noticing it, Stella squeezed my cock and more came out. "Mmmm," she did and lapped it up.

"Nice, I like the taste of it. You still okay?"

A superfluous question, because I was enjoying myself immensely and she knew it. I grunted a hoarse "Yes, very okay."

She blew me a kiss and encircled my cock head with her lips, darting and flicking with her tongue. Then her mouth slid down upon my cock, taking it deep inside.

Oh my! She knew how to give head. Up and down her mouth went with sucking and slurping sounds, her tongue swirling around the tip of my cock. One hand was stimulating the shaft with stroking and twisting movements, the other gently scratching my balls. She started slow and lightly, but gradually her actions became firmer and faster.
My pleasure was beyond description. This was paradise on earth. I quivered like an aspen leaf and my need for release reached unbearable heights. I panted and moaned and groaned. "Oh, baby," I muttered. "Oh, baby, this is good, this is great ...oh Stella, sweetheart, go on ... mmmm ... ooh ... faster, please ... yeah ... good girl."

She responded with mewing sounds from her throat.

My excitement rose, and rose, and rose. My scrotum contracted, pulling my balls up, and my inner thighs got the prickling sensations announcing my climax. I stiffened and cried out as my pulsating penis squirted jet after jet of my hot sperm deep into her mouth.

She kept on sucking till the last drop. Laughing she opened her mouth, showing me her sperm covered tongue. Then she closed her mouth, tasted my semen for a while and swallowed it.

"I like the bitter-sweet starchy taste of your sperm," she said. "And, besides, they say it's good for a sore throat, not that I have one."

"You were wonderful, Stell'. This was the best blowjob ever."

"I loved to suck you off, honey, to raise your excitement, to feel you tremble, hear you moan, to feel your cock harden in my mouth and throb when you ejaculated. I felt elated being the bringer of so much pleasure, for it was obvious you had a jolly good time, hadn't you?"

"A jolly good time? That's the understatement-of-the-year. I was in paradise, and you were the sweetest angel of all."

I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply. Her mouth still smelled and tasted after my semen, but I didn't mind. I was overwhelmed by another, overpowering feeling.

"Stella," I stammered, "I ... I ..."

"Shush," she did and put a finger on my lips. "Me too," she whispered. "Come, it's getting very late. Let's go to sleep."

As we had no pyjamas with us, we stayed naked when we crept between the sheets.

Soon after I was in Morpheus's arms, or rather in Stella's, dreaming of a paradise full of naked angels. They all looked like her.


The next morning I woke up with my head against Stella's right breast, her nipple near my nose. My right hand was high up between her thighs, near her pussy. She was still sleeping, her left hand resting on my genitals. With every breath the nipple touched my nose. Gently I kissed it. Staying asleep she sighed and the nipple hardened a bit. I kissed again and she sighed once more. Carefully I took the nipple between my lips and sucked it lightly.

"Mmmm," she did and sighed again. I kept on sucking till she woke up. She looked surprised first, then laughed, realizing what I was doing.

She made a mean witches' face and grated:

"Nipple nibbling little mouse, who is nibbling on my dairy house?"

"A friend, a friend, an earth-born friend, who loves your titties without end."

"Oh, naughty boy! Give me your finger and let me feel if you are fat enough to be eaten."

"You have it already," I answered, pointing at her hand on my cock.

She exploded with laughter. "Mmmm, should be fatter, far more fatter," she giggled, grabbing it.

Whereupon I squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples. After which she pulled at my cock and fondled my balls. Whereupon I got a mighty hard-on and caressed her pussy. After which she threw the blankets off and straddled me, impaling herself on my upright cock.

"You are my stallion," she said and started to move.

She rode me in a wild gallop, like Lady Godiva, triumphant, with waving hair and bouncing boobs.

Some time later we lay side by side on the bed again, spent, but utterly content.

"It was wonderful," Stella finally said, "the whole evening, the night and this morning. Thank you, honey."

"No need to thank me, sweetheart. I had a great time too. And you, you were marvellous! I got a dry throat when I saw you at the bar . You looked so sexy, so desirable. And your stripping act ... first class ... wow!"

"I never thought it would thrill me so enormously, stripping and exposing myself nude before an audience. I think I sort of missed my vocation, ha-ha. But so did you, I believe, Harry. You easily could have been a professional male stripper. The way you teased those women. Out of their mind they got."

"I must confess, I was pretty afraid, in the beginning, that my cock would let me down, but the reactions of the women gave me confidence. And your tits and ass did the rest."

"The cock contest was also very exciting for me. The sight of all those rigid cocks turned me on like hell. And at the hotel I still was so hot, so horny ..."

"I noticed, from the sperm hunger look in your eyes."

"Really? Oh my! You make me blush. But to be serious, we had a wonderful time, don't you agree? A fantastic celebration of our anniversary. The best, in my opinion, since we married. Your idea of meeting each other 'by chance' at the night club and holding a cock contest ... brilliant! A touch of genius! Oh, I love you, darling! I'm curious, what you will make up next year."

"Oh, I'll concoct something nice, I promise. But one question is nagging me, Stella. What would you have done if I had not won the contest?"

"But you won, didn't you?"


"So your question is purely hypothetical and hypothetical questions don't need to be answered. Am I right?"

"I suppose you are ...yes."

"Okay, I'll tell you something. I knew for sure you would win."


"I made you win."


"Ha-ha, joking!"


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