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You are an attractive girl, so there is no need to be ashamed
Some time ago I had to travel down to Cape Town for business. As it was on a Friday, I decided to book my flight back for the Sunday afternoon rather than the same day so that I could spend the weekend down there. I have a small place in one of the little coastal holiday towns to the east of Cape Town, and my plan was to spend the weekend there to get some peace and quiet.

While I was sitting in the lounge at Durban airport, I suddenly heard someone calling my name. I looked up and saw it was a colleague who, as it turned out, also had an appointment in Cape Town. We ended up sitting next to each other in the aeroplane, talking about work-related things for most of the two-hour flight.

When we landed in Cape Town, we both headed for the rental car desk. Since our appointments were in close proximity and likely to be of more or less the same duration, we cancelled the one vehicle to save cost. I would drop her off at her destination and pick her up again later.

A few hours later, I'd picked her up after her engagement and we were headed back to the airport. I told her that I was not going to park the car, but just drop her off as I was heading further east to my holiday home. She was immediately very interested, asking lots of questions about the town and my place. Before I knew what was happening, she had invited herself along, and was already on her cell phone to the travel agent, changing her booking to the same flight as mine. I was not exactly over the moon with the idea. Although she was quite a pretty little thing, and I would be less than honest if I said that I've only had noble thoughts about her tight little body, we had never been anything more than colleagues. She was my subordinate by two levels, making any relationship not strictly professional undesirable. I had been looking forward to a weekend by myself to recharge my batteries, and now I had gained an unexpected and undesired companion. However, she was in such infectious high spirits that it was impossible to remain depressed.

We arrived at the house and before sundown, went for a quick stroll along the rocky part of the beach after opening all the windows and removing the dust covers from the furniture. We had an uneventful dinner at a small restaurant, talking mostly about work and the industry, as is almost unavoidable whenever two colleagues get together. After walking home, we retired to bed, with me taking the main bedroom and she one of the others.

The next morning I was up very early, planning to have a quick breakfast and then a solitary walk along the long sandy beach. I love walking in the mornings with the beach all to myself, alone with my thoughts and was therefore a little disappointed when she got up shortly after me, clearly intent upon tagging along. At least she was ready in a jiffy, not taking forever like most women.

We started out from the swimming beach, but soon left the early morning bathers behind us. The rising sun was right ahead of us, struggling to break through the slight bank of fog that had blown in from the sea during the night, hovering like a luminous, crimson balloon over the horizon. The morning chill was still in the air, but because there was no wind, it wasn't cold. The damp sand was ice cold and very loose, causing our feet to go numb and sink to the ankles with every step, so we walked mostly in silence as it was hard going and we were breathing hard.

"This loose sand is killing my calf muscles. Do you really have to set such a murderous pace?" she started complaining.

Just what I needed! Who invited her along in the first place? "The sand is always this loose at high tide, but it has great benefits."

"And what are those supposed to be? I just find it a royal pain in the calf muscle!"

I told her that it was normal for this beach to be that loose at high tide, but that it had the benefit of giving one a very good workout, as well as almost guaranteed solitude. In fact, I said, if one were so inclined, one could easily go naked, because you can see for miles in either direction, with the sea on one side and dunes with very dense vegetation on the other, with more than enough time to get dressed if anybody approached. I immediately regretted saying this, as I realized that I had taken the conversation into a direction that would be difficult to reverse.

I was right. She was immediately very interested, and wanted to know whether I had ever done it. I realized that I got myself into this fix, and there was no turning back. I had walked along this beach in my birthday suit hundreds of times before, and I had no choice but to tell her so.

For a while we walked in silence, but I just knew that lots of wheels were turning in her head. She was an energetic one, and always up to a challenge. I would have been very surprised if she were to drop the topic.

Suddenly she said, "Let's do it!" I tried to act stupid and pretend that I did not know what she was referring to, but she was like a bulldog and wouldn't let go. I tried to convince her that due to our professional relationship it would be a bad idea, but to no avail. She'd made up her mind, and wasn't going to be distracted. She quickly turned the whole thing into a kind of dare, and my male ego inevitably got the better of my judgment.

It had been my habit when walking on the beach in the nude, to hide most of my clothes under a bush, carrying only a pair of shorts in my hand so that I could cover up if anybody approached too closely. I therefore proceeded to the dunes, and shoved our sandals, which I'd been carrying until then, under the nearest bush. "OK," I said. "Last one naked is a rotten egg!" still clinging to the vague hope that she would chicken out at the last minute. She did not frantically start to undress to be the first one naked, but she did immediately start unbuttoning her blouse. There was only one thing to do, so I quickly pulled my shirt over my head, and pulled my rods and underwear off in one smooth movement.

By then, she had only just removed her blouse, and I had nothing to do but stand and watch as her tight young body slowly appeared from the confines of her clothes, emerging into the morning sunlight. She unhooked her bra, and leaned slightly forward as she freed her medium-sized breasts from the cups. I did not get a good opportunity to appreciate what they looked like, as she remained in a bent forward position to remove first her skirt and then a brief pair of white panties with pink flowers on them before she stood up and looked straight at me for the first time.

Her body was a beautiful golden brown, except for the two white areas where her bikini has obviously always hidden the skin from the sun. Her pure white breasts were perfectly shaped, and sagged only enough to show that they were real, her nipples pointing slightly upwards in that rare 'stargazers' fashion. They were dark brown and stood in stark contrast to the pearl white skin of her breasts. Either the excitement of being naked or the coolness of the ocean breeze made them stand proud, fully erect at an improbable 20mm long, and unusually thick as well, casting shadows over her skin in the oblique morning light.

Her private parts were clean shaven, without even the customary 'landing strip', but I could not see much more due to my superior height. I had a theory about her smoothness that explained her unbridled enthusiasm for getting naked. I guessed she has always been a born naturist and exhibitionist, but has never had the opportunity to practice her natural preference. The shaven pussy was in a way a compromise, allowing her to be 'naked' without taking her clothes off.

While I was examining her body, her eyes was not idle, either. They grew perceptibly wider as they took in my clean-shaven (or rather clean-plucked - I hate the stubble that goes with shaving) privates. The stirring I had felt down there as I was eyeing her glorious body may have had something to do with it too. That was just as well, because the cool morning air was not conducive to a great first impression. Not that it really mattered, but still.

I pushed my shirt under the bush with my sandals, took my shorts in my one hand and said, "Let's go get some colour on your white bits!" expecting her to do the same. Instead, she put all of her clothes with my shirt, looked up at me and asked, "Why are you keeping your pants?" I explained the necessity of being able to cover up when other beachgoers come near, but she was unimpressed. "It sounds cowardly! Where's the excitement in that? I thought you just brave it in your birthday suit and duck for cover when necessary!"

This was rapidly turning into much more than I expected it to be. I'd walked on this beach without a stitch of clothing more times than I could remember, but doing it without having something ready? This was going to be very new. I did not even try to dissuade her, knowing before I started that it would be futile. What I had here was a natural exhibitionist and nudist who had been set free, and once given her freedom, she was going to embrace it with unbridled enthusiasm. That was very clear. I sheepishly pushed my shorts under the bush with the rest of our clothing, together with my last hope of modesty. "OK" I said, "Let's go!"

We ran the thirty meters or so back to the beach, into the shallow breakers. We were like two little children coming to the ocean for the very first time, and we frolicked and playfully splashed water at each other. I had to admit that it was a new feeling of total freedom, and I couldn't believe what a difference simply dropping your last bit of insurance made. I guess her spontaneous nature also made a big difference, and the ten year age difference seemed to disappear altogether (to me at least). I felt younger and more energetic than I had done for many years.

We soon started walking along the beach again, and I stopped frequently to look at stuff washed up on the beach. Although one does find the odd interesting thing on the beach, my real reason was to have an excuse to fall behind slightly, and while catching up with her again, having lots of time to ogle her beautiful body and jiggling arse. The sight was enough to keep my penis in a permanent state of semi-erection, causing it to flip left and right as I walked, slapping my legs alternately, keeping a steady rhythm as we walked. This seemed to amuse her no end, and she kept looking down at my crotch, finally asking if 'that thing' ever relaxed.

On a number of occasions, we had to make a dash for the bushes on the dunes when other people appeared, but because one can see so far up and down the beach, we always had enough time to get to cover. After a while, we started to get hungry, and decided to turn back. Not long after that, a group of teenagers suddenly appeared from around a slight curvature of the beach, and we had to make a mad dash for the dunes. By chance, we found a good hiding spot amongst a couple of low bushes, and crouched there silently, waiting for the group to pass, but we were out of luck. The kids decided to pick the spot against the slope of the dune, directly in front of our hiding place, to settle down. They were clearly planning on staying there for a while, because they had cooler boxes with cold drinks and lots of snacks with them. We were peering at them through the lower branches of the bushes separating us, standing on hands and knees and crouching down very low. I retreated into the open sandy spot amongst the bushes when I realized that they were going to stay there for a while. She was still looking at them from under the bushes, with her head low to the ground and her perfect heart-shaped arse sticking up into the air. Her puckered brown anus was on display and below that, her plump little pussy was pouting sulkily at me, her inner folds spilling out from her smooth outer lips. I just love "outies"! I just stared at it for a while to enjoy the sight, while my semi-erection went rigidly to attention for the pure beauty of it. I simply could not resist. I licked my index and middle finger, and ran them up her vagina in one smooth stroke.

As it turned out, the licking wasn't even necessary. She was already as slippery as you could wish for, which made me suspect that all that arse-in-the-air stuff was purely for my benefit, and definitely no innocent coincidence. The fact that she did not even look back at me, but just stuck her fist in her mouth to stop the cry of pleasure, confirmed my suspicions.

I seized the opportunity and gave her pussy a good work-out, alternating between rubbing the inside of her vagina, ramming my fingers in and out and teasing her now erect and sizable clitoris. I briefly took my fingers out of her vagina to move my arm around the front of her body so that I could reach her clitoris more easily, and also pushed my groin right up against her buttocks, using my left hand to reach for her breasts. While my left hand was kneading and massaging those gorgeous mounds, rolling those monster nipples between my fingers, pulling and teasing them till they were like 9mm bullets, my right was rubbing her button and fingering her pussy.

All of a sudden I felt her body go rigid against mine, her pelvis pushing forward, grinding her pussy against my hand. Her vagina contracted so tightly around my fingers that I could scarcely move them, while waves of rippling contractions flooded through her pussy. She still had her fist in her mouth to stifle her moans, but some guttural animal noises did escape, and I heard one of the kids say, "What was that?"

After her orgasm that must have set some kind of record for duration, she wanted to collapse in the sand, but I was having none of it and kept her in the kneeling position, positioned my penis at her entrance without even having to guide it with my hand, and rammed home. Her tunnel was extremely slippery from all the love juices she'd secreted, but somehow the squelching and slurping noises did not carry to the teenagers, who just carried on talking and laughing. My dick had been aching for this moment, but due to the slipperiness of her cunt, I was lasting much longer than I expected to, and it wasn't long before she orgasmed again, struggling to keep her cries of pleasure down. The ripples of the contractions in her vaginal walls had a milking action on my member, but I was so impressed with my own staying power that I set myself the goal of making her come a third time. I nearly did not make it and as soon as I saw her stick her fist in her mouth again, my whole body started jerking, my nuts pulled up into my stomach and I flooded her vagina with semen, the excess running down the insides of her thighs and dripping from my ball sack, coagulating in the sand. Finally, her legs gave way and we collapsed in an untidy heap.

The frantic sex, combined with the exhilaration of the danger of discovery had exhausted us, and we lay tangled together, breathing hard, with the teenage party carrying on in front of us all the while. After five minutes or so, I rolled off her onto my back, and she turned over as well, lying on her back next to me. She turned her head towards me and kissed me on the mouth. Our tongues feverishly sought each other, and somehow our hands got together, our fingers locking. While I probed her mouth, I thought how strange it was to get naked with a girl and have great sex before I'd even kissed her or held hands!

When she finally pulled her mouth away, she whispered that she'd got some sand in her pussy, causing intense discomfort. This was a bit of a problem, as we had no means of rinsing it out. There was only one solution, so I buried my head between her thighs and licked her clean, spitting out the sand. I enjoy going down on a girl and love the taste, but I'd never done it after sex, so the spunk and pussy juice cocktail was very new to me, but not altogether unpleasant.

Once I had all the sand out, I carried on licking her, and her stifled moans told me that my efforts were appreciated. For a long time, I just licked around her lips, tracing down the silky skin of the insides of her thighs, brushing her lips very lightly just every now and again, and lightly flicking her very prominent clit. Her whole body was bucking all the time, and she kept lifting her arse off the sand, trying to push herself deeper into my mouth. I started licking her outer lips in earnest, sucking her smaller folds in and out, while licking them every time they were sucked into my mouth. Then my tongue started darting in and out of her vagina, pushing in as far as I could reach and licking her inside in circles, flicking her clit with the tip of my nose. She started pushing my head into her moistness, her fingers tangled in my hair. Changing tactics, I moved all my attention to her engorged clitoris, which looked just like a miniature penis by now, the hood fully retracted. I sucked it in and out of my mouth, my tongue doing laps around it, massaging its sensitive head. When she came, it was as if the spasms totally consumed her cunt, the ripples running from her vagina to her lips, her nub jerking like an ejaculating penis. A jet of fluid squirted onto my chin, and I quickly moved down to catch it in my mouth, as it was followed by a second and a third. This time a cry did escape past her fist, but luckily, just then a roar of laughter erupted from the group, probably following a joke someone told.

I moved up onto her body, kissing her gently on the mouth, transferring the taste of her own secretions to her tongue while entering her, my dick like a battering ram again. Having orgasmed only minutes before, I knew I wouldn't come quickly, and I settled into a slow rhythmic fuck. However, having recently come a number of times did not appear to have any effect on her ability to climax again, as she had orgasms roughly every five minutes. Most of them were relatively weak, but the others necessitated her stifling her moans again. I moved my head slightly downwards, and for the first time took those amazing nipples in my mouth, rolling them with my tongue, sucking them deep into my mouth together with the areolas and gently nibbling them with my teeth, and incredibly, they grew larger still until they were like champagne corks. I was in a feeding frenzy, using my fingers to stuff more tit into my mouth, sucking and chewing on them until they were raw, all the while spurred on by her moans of ecstasy.

It was an amazing experience. The sun was shining warmly on my arse cheeks and back, my dick magically remained rock hard, I was screwing this beautiful woman without stopping, while she came and came and came, the rippling contractions of each climax adding to the pleasure my dick was feeling. When after a long time my leg and arm muscles started protesting, I increased the pace. I lifted her legs and hooked them over my shoulders, putting her pussy at an angle where I could get maximum penetration, and started fucking her hard. With each thrust I shoved in as far as I could, my balls making slapping sounds against her arse. How on earth the kids did not notice, I don't know. After fifty or so thrusts, she had another massive orgasm, and must have ejaculated again, for suddenly copious amounts of juices squirted out with every thrust. The rippling contractions of her climax pushed me over the edge. I pulled out of her and squirted jet after jet onto her belly and chest, which she proceeded to massage into her tits, licking her fingers afterwards. I dropped down on my back next to her, struggling to breathe evenly.

I was hoping to get some rest by now, but this girl had other plans. No sooner had I laid down, or she was on her knees between my legs, trying to (literally) blow new life into my dick. At first nothing happened, but she was determined and wrapped her titties around my dick. Amazingly, it did the trick and slowly life returned to my trusted friend. Once he was back to a respectable size, she let go with her tits and returned to sucking. She was no beginner at this and knew exactly what to do. The one minute her head was bobbing up and down as she took me in and out, taking almost my full length on every down stroke, the next she was sucking my glans while running her tongue around and around, sending waves of exquisite pleasure through my entire body. Then my balls got the same treatment as she took then the one smooth ball, then the other, sometimes both into her mouth, her tongue doing laps like a trained long distance athlete. She also gave me the surprise of the afternoon when she suddenly stuck a finger into my arsehole, angling it upward to massage my prostate, never missing a stroke or a lick with my penis. I did not last long after this, and my balls rode up as I pumped the first load of semen into her waiting mouth, the second one hitting her on the one eyebrow as she accidentally let me slip from her mouth. The rest went into her mouth again as she sucked and milked me until I was done. She sat up and smiled at me, her lips shining with semen, and some running down her chin. The glob that hit her on the eyebrow was running into her eye, and she brushed it away with the back of her hand. She leaned forward and kissed me passionately, tasting of my own semen.
We were by now thoroughly sticky and sweaty, but there was no remedy. The party seemed to be getting better and better, and it was clear that it was going to be a long time before they left. Fortunately, one of the bushes cast a more than adequate shadow, and we retired to the shade, crawling deep under the bush to avoid getting terribly sun burnt.

We had absolutely nothing to do, as we could not even talk to each other, because our voices were sure to carry to the partygoers. We slept for a while in each other's arms, and woke up about four hours later, judging by the position of the sun, but the kids were still there. Partly because we had no alternatives, and partly because we were both feeling horny again, we started another series of leisurely lovemaking sessions, interspersed with rough fucking, driven by pure animal lust. We were both sore from too much screwing by the time the party around us started breaking up. It was getting dark by the time they had all left and we could crawl from our hiding place.

We still had some distance to cover to the place where we'd hidden our clothes, and it was pitch dark before we got there. I normally make very sure that I can find my hiding spot again, but I did not count on having to find my marks in the dark. We searched for a good while, but in the dark all the dunes and bushes looked the same. We would have to get home just as we were, which was easier said than done. The part along the remainder of the beach was easy enough, because there was no lighting, but as soon as you move off the beach, you have to go through a picnic area which is fairly well lit, and then another kilometer or so to my house, with street lights all the way. We decided to hang around in the dark on the beach until things quiet down a bit, and then make a dash for it. Fortunately it was a warm night, with almost no breeze to speak of, so we weren't cold.

When finally we decided to go, we started off by walking, the idea being that we would save our breaths for when we ran into people, when we would make a dash for it, but we did not walk for long. As we entered the picnic area and walked past one of the ablution blocks, we almost walked into a group of about five people who were sitting behind the building where we could not see them from the beach. They were initially just as surprised as we were, but then started pointing at us, laughing raucously. We broke into a sprint, but had to run right through them to get to the street we needed. Two of the guys grabbed at her arse and bouncing breasts as we did this, and one of the girls made a grab for my dick, which had in the interim decided that the situation was very erotic, and was sticking out straight in front of me. This did not make running very easy, as it was swinging wildly, slapping against my body.

We ran until we were around the first corner, and started walking again. The streets were not as well lit as I thought it would be, and I decided that we may get less attention by not running. In this way, we nonchalantly walked past a number of people, with many never realizing that we were naked. In some cases, we heard gasps, followed by pointing and laughing, but we just carried on strolling casually. About four times as cars approached, we hid behind shrubs on the pavement to avoid getting caught in the headlights.

All went reasonably well until we were about a block from my house when a group of kids noticed that we were starkers, and started following us, making a lot of noise and drawing attention to us. I did not want them to see where I lived, and whispered my plan to my companion. We increased our walking pace until we'd opened up a gap between us and them, then quickly made a run for it. Before they really knew what had happened, we'd ducked into one of my neighbours' garden, quickly rounded the house and had only two fences to scale to get to my back yard. The first one was not high and we vaulted over quite easily, arriving in my immediate neighbour's back yard where he and his wife were having sundowners on the patio. We were illuminated as if in broad daylight by the strong spotlight they had on the garden as we dashed over the lawn, waved 'hello' at them and climbed over the fence to my yard, my erect dick still bouncing uncontrollably.

Fortunately I never put the house key in my pocket when going to the beach for fear of losing it in the sand, so I could retrieve it from its hiding place. However, as I approached the door to unlock it, she stood in front of me with her back against the door, preventing me from going further. "Screw me right here, right now" she almost growled, "I'm so fucking hot I cannot wait one more minute!" clamping her legs around my waist with her right arm around my neck, her left guiding my stiff member into her sopping wetness. She started bucking her hips like someone possessed until I started thrusting with my pelvis, the back door rattling loudly with each thrust, broadcasting our actions to the neighbourhood. Within just a few strokes, we came almost together, with her announcing loudly to all in the vicinity that she was coming, interspersed with obscenities. Clearly she had grown tired of the quiet sex we'd been having all afternoon, and was making up for it in one go. She'd ejaculated again, and her fluids were dripping from her arse and my balls, forming a gooey puddle on the patio floor.

I quickly unlocked the door and pushed her roughly inside, because she was a nymphomaniac now, and loudly demanded more. Not that I had anything against giving her more, but I did not want all my neighbours to know about it and witness it to boot. I quickly shut the door behind me, seeing the heads of my neighbour and his wife disappearing behind the fence we'd jumped over a couple of minutes ago. Perverts!

Inside, I found her lying on the double bed, legs open as far as they could go, pointing at her glistening wide-open pussy, licking her lips suggestively and giving me an exaggerated wink. This bird was insatiable, and I'm but a mortal man! I simply couldn't give any more, and no amount of coaxing would bring my poor, abused willy back to life, so I did the only thing I still could, and dived in between her open legs, my tongue darting like the rapier of a swordsman in mortal combat. She too was coming to the end of her powers and it took quite a tongue lashing to bring her off. This time her orgasm was not nearly as wild as the previous one, and she came with a timid, but drawn out, "Oooooooh!" I collapsed next to her on the bed, and just managed to switch off the light before I was asleep.

The next morning I awoke with the sun streaming in through the bedroom window, and my first instinct was to shower and brush my teeth, as I was sticky with perspiration, dried semen and pussy juice, and my breath smelled like day-old cunt. While I prepared a light breakfast, I heard her showering as well, and she joined me in the kitchen, still naked and with wet hair, with the (perfectly justified, I guess) excuse that she had nothing to wear. "I used your toothbrush - hope you don't mind" she said. "I simply had to brush!"

After breakfast I dressed, and managed to find an old T-shirt for her, miles too big, but good enough. The fact that I could see her tits through the arm-holes when she lifted her arms was an added benefit. Unfortunately all the pairs of shorts I had in the house were too big for her, and we settled on a colourful printed sarong my sister or somebody had once left there. She had no panties on under it and it was a great source of amusement to me as we walked to the beach to retrieve our clothes, with sudden gusts of wind exposing now a perfect arse, then a clean-shaven pussy.

This time we found our clothes easily enough, and we started back. Somehow, however, the marathon session of the previous day had taken its toll, and the most adventurous thing we did was her walking back in her sarong again, not bothering to put her clothes back on, and I could again appreciate the superb performance she and the wind put up for me. I walked a couple of paces behind her for most of the way to better enjoy the show.

We had to rush to make our flight back to Durban, and my last excitement of the weekend was gently fingering her pussy on the flight back when I discovered that she had not bothered putting her flowery panties back on under her now severely creased skirt. The plane was almost empty, so our little activity did not get noticed, although one of the stewardesses gave me a knowing look, and winked at me when we disembarked.

Inside the terminal building, we said good bye and went our separate ways, both knowing that back at work on Monday, we would have to tread very cautiously.

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