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Showed a nicely trimmed, fair-haired pussy with fleshy to the crowd
Jan and I have been married for a long time, longer than many of our friends. From what I have heard and read from other husbands, it is not unusual to have a fantasy about seeing ones own wife having a sexual encounter with another man. That was a relief for me since I have wished to see my wife with another man for a very long time and I didn't want it to be a strange fantasy. After hearing that I was relatively normal, it put my mind somewhat at ease.

We had been married for about fifteen years when I started considering what it would be like to watch my wife please another man and to witness her being pleased in return. There were those rare occasions when I could talk her into conversing with other men in chat rooms while sitting at the computer. However, since she was not familiar with how to voice her sexual longing through the written word, I would give her things to say to these anonymous, yet horny, gentlemen. They seemed to enjoy their sexual banter. On one such occasion, I mentioned her upcoming birthday and that I was considering getting a guy for her present that year. Jan said, "That sounds more like a birthday present for you." I'll have to admit...she was right. I told her that I thought she would really enjoy the new experience, as would I, but she laughed it off and the subject was dropped. Sometimes, when Jan and I would be making love, I would mention what I would like to see her do with another man while I watched. We would talk about it during sex and it made the sex that much hotter...I think for both of us. The one time we had a semi-serious discussion about the possibility of my fantasy coming to fruition, we were sitting in the car talking about it. She told me, "If I did this, it would have to be somewhere out of town because it would be awkward if I ran into them on the street." I thought it was a definite maybe, but it never came to be. I have offered scenarios to her, different visuals that have been whirling around in my head for years. You could say it's an obsession and I think you would probably be right. That has been a frustration of mine; wanting to have this fantasy with my wife play out in front of me, but never having it become reality.

Over the years, Jan and I have learned what works in our marriage. Our sex life is no different. I have found, through years of research...ok, maybe through years of trial and error...what my wife really likes sexually, figuring the journey is as much fun as the final destination. I enjoy foreplay tremendously since I tend to be a very tactile person. I like fondling her large, full breasts...squeezing them, licking them, sucking the nipples ~~~~~~~~~ mmmmmmmmm. Oh...sorry, I got a bit distracted. I also love to put my hand between her legs, sliding a finger into her pussy, stroking her ass, finding ways to make her feel good and better. She seems to enjoy it a lot and I think I have gotten pretty good at it. Like I said, I've had a lot of years to practice. One evening, as we were playing, she was coming down from what might have been her third or fourth peak experience and she made me stop so she could catch her breath. I always like to watch my wife's face when we play like that because I do like to see her enjoy the experience. During this "cooling off" period, I made the half-joking comment that we should sell tickets. (I knew that there are guys that would pay to watch another couple have sex, and I thought this might be a great way to reintroduce my fantasy without broaching the subject head-on.) She again laughed it off without giving it much more thought. However, I was not going to give up that easily.

Two weeks later, I mentioned it to Jan again, explaining that it wasn't as far-fetched an idea as she thought. I explained that it might be financially beneficial to find guys who would be willing to pay a small fee to have a front row seat to something we did anyway. It wouldn't make us rich, but it couldn't hurt either. Jan mulled it over and told me that if I could find men who were willing to part with their money for a little peek of us in our bedroom, then she would reconsider. This was the opportunity I was looking for. I couldn't get to the computer fast enough. Pulling up the local marketing tool on the computer, I posted an ad. It read, "We are a married couple searching for a single male of legal age who would like to watch us have sex. No involvement, just watching. Must be respectful of preset boundaries. Please attach a picture with your first email. Thanks!"

After the ad posted on-line, we started receiving responses almost immediately. I answered each email in turn with what we were looking for to make sure that the guys knew what we expected in return for the show. I culled it down to the top three emails and let Jan look at them so that she would be satisfied with our first paying "customer." We settled on a 33 year old man, Ian, who was recently divorced. From the picture and the description provided, he appeared to be 6'1" tall, about 190 lbs., with a muscular build, with brown hair and blue eyes. After making arrangements with Ian and giving him our contact information, Jan and I discussed how the evening would progress. I didn't think that having sex is something that we would have to choreograph, but we tried to cover everything so nothing would be left to chance. We decided that, although joining in would be out of the question, Ian could watch while nude and could masturbate if he chose.

Finally, the evening of the great unveiling had arrived. We had made previous arrangements for the kids to stay with Jan's parents overnight, which would allow us the opportunity to enjoy our evening's plans. Jan was able to leave work early so that she could prepare for Ian's arrival. Even though she said she was doing this just for me, I had the feeling that she was looking forward to our sexual display as much as I was. I know she likes to be watched and this seemed to work into the feeding of that exhibitionist appetite. I arrived home shortly after Jan and decided to straighten up the bedroom for our viewing guest. As I prepared the room, I could hear the shower running in the bathroom as Jan readied her self. I stripped the bed of its sheets, replacing them with crisp, clean ones. Placing the four pillows at the head, and folding down the comforter so that it lay across the foot of the bed, the stage seemed set for the evening's entertainment. Locating a comfortable chair, I placed it to one side of the bed, thinking this would give Ian a good vantage point while viewing the action. Jan finished her shower and appeared in the bathroom door, wearing only a robe. She told me that she decided to wear the robe since she was going to end up naked anyway. That seemed to make sense to me and, having little time to discuss it, I headed to the bathroom for a quick shower. I finished up in the bathroom and, not wishing to be outmaneuvered by my wife's reasoning, I threw on my robe as well. Jan and I went into the kitchen and prepared for Ian's visit. Pouring two glasses of White Zinfandel to try to calm our nerves, we awaited his arrival. We had just finished our glasses of wine when there was a knock at the door. Ian was right on schedule, as expected.

I opened the door and there was Ian, looking as I had envisioned. As he came through the door, we made our introductions. By all appearances, each of us was nervous in our own way, each having never done anything like this before. Hoping that some wine might loosen our nerves up a bit, we offered him a glass. He readily accepted and we sat down in the living room, glasses in hand. After some small talk about the weather, the traffic, and anything else that might delay the inevitable, I suggested that we retire to the bedroom. Upon entering the bedroom, one was struck by the lit candles situated around the room, giving off a warm and inviting glow. Soft music played in the background. Once again, I told Ian that he could strip down to nothing and do whatever he wanted to do with himself while he watched. He opted not to disrobe since he really just wanted to watch us anyway. I showed him to his chair next to the bed and told him if he wanted to walk around the bed to get a better view, that was alright. After all, he was the customer in this situation and we definitely wanted him happy.

Ian got comfortable in the chair as Jan and I knelt on the bed facing each other. Slowly we shed our robes and, clinging to the other, reclined on the bed. Reaching up, I kneaded her breasts with my right hand, following the shape of her curves with my fingertips as if I had just made their discovery. Sliding down slightly, I gently sucked a nipple into my mouth, toying with it, feeling it as it hardened. I kept thinking about Ian sitting there, watching us, watching my wife as I played with her large tits, watching me squeeze them as if checking for ripeness. Jan pushed me away, bringing me back to reality, back to our performance. She made me lay back, placing my head on the pillows. Her fingers traced the head of my hardening cock, down the thickening shaft, gently massaging my balls, making me want her with each lingering touch. She moved down my side until her face was inches away from my erection. Wrapping her fingers around my cock, her other hand cradled my heavy balls. Her mouth slowly engulfed me, sliding down its length. I watched her head move as it slowly came back up, releasing my cock for a second before she would move back down. I glanced over to Ian who was mesmerized by what he saw. I closed my eyes as Jan moved more fervently and with distinct purpose. I could feel my balls stir as she sucked in deeply and moved with rhythmic precision. I heard a stir from my left as Ian seemed to be getting up from his seat, to get a better view I imagined. Opening my eyes, I noticed that he was in the process of removing his clothes. I guess he did decide to jack off after all, I thought. He sat back down and placed his cock in his right hand as it got harder. He began to stroke in time with Jan as her mouth moved up and down my cock.

Not wanting to cum too soon, I stopped Jan's movement and held her face in my hands for a moment. She peered up at me and then looked at Ian, still stroking his cock, a hint of pre cum at its tip. Jan smiled up at me with that knowing smile and moved to my side, facing toward Ian. Moving up behind her, I spread her legs so that I could gain easy access to her wet and open pussy. The head of my cock found the opening and I pressed against it to enter my wife, sliding my cock slowly into the passageway. Jan moaned softly, her eyes closing, as my cock completed its exploration and slid back slightly. I began fucking Jan, spreading her legs so Ian could have a better view. He sat there staring at her pussy as I continued to fuck her. Jan brought her hands up to her breasts, cupping them as if in offering to anyone who wanted to see, to touch, to caress. She looked up at Ian and smiled through her moans as I continued to make love to my wife.

This was the invitation, this was the moment for which I had waited, this was the time for my sexy wife to shine. Ian understood the hidden signals; he understood what that look meant; he understood my wife's desires. Standing uneasily, Ian moved toward the bed with cock still in hand. Jan opened her waiting mouth as Ian slid his long, throbbing cock between her lips. Releasing her tits, she wrapped her fingers around the shaft and began sucking him in deeply. His balls rested in her other hand as she was intent on taking everything he had. Her lust showed in her face and her body shook with desire as she sucked Ian's cock and I fucked her from behind. I began to pick up the pace as I fucked her harder. I felt it was time for Ian and I to experience my wife together, to share her body and soul, to have that final ethereal release. Ian grabbed Jan's tits as he slid in and out of her willing mouth, watching as I did the same to her pussy. He matched me stroke for stroke. Jan seemed that she couldn't get enough, seemed like she was in another world, writhing with unheard of pleasure. It seemed Ian and I connected and almost simultaneously released our loads into my wife. Jan's body shuddered as our juices intermingled with hers. She tried to take all Ian could give her, swallowing as much as she could. I was impressed with her effort and stamina. Ian's cock slipped from between her lips, the slight appearance of remaining cum on her chin. I'm not sure if I had ever experienced as great an orgasm as I did that night with my wife and Ian.

After recovering for a few minutes, the three of us donned our original clothing in which we began this adventure. Ian placed the agreed upon fee on the dresser, plus a nice tip that he said was well-deserved. He said he hoped that we could get together again sometime and that, if we didn't mind, he had a co-worker who might be interested in paying to watch as well. We got the co-worker's information from Ian and, as he left, Jan gave him a kiss on the cheek. As Ian walked to his car, Jan turned to me and, with a smile said, "You know, I do think we can fit two chairs in the bedroom."

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