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True exhibitionist story about masterbation in park
I've tried and experienced most things sexual at one time or other in my life; Gang bangs, group sex, mutual masturbation, bondage, lesbianism (I like that!), oral sex, anal sex, hand jobs, foot jobs and a myriad of other forms of eroticism. But there's one thing that will brighten my day. One thing that, at the merest mention, will send a tingle down my spine, dampen my pussy and harden my nipples: Exhibitionism

I believe that Exhibitionism is an art form and something that one is born to enjoy; whether you like to display yourself or watch someone else display. The woman who will crudely spread her legs on a bus or in a cafe and display her pussy to any passing stranger is no better, in my humble opinion, than the man in the park who will open his coat and reveal his privates to anyone who happens to be there - The difference between exhibitionism and flashing is usually a world apart. However, for the true exhibitionist, this crude form of flashing is sometimes a starting point for their interest to manifest and grow.

I was in my teens when I saw my first flasher. Usually this term is applied to "dirty old men", but this one happened to be a woman. She wasn't old or ugly, she was dressed in a sort of business suit with a short skirt. I guessed she must have been in her late thirties with blonde hair. Sat at a pavement cafe in a quiet part of town she looked to all the world the archetypal business woman. As I walked past her I looked and smiled. She returned the exchange, but held my eyes for much longer than I thought necessary. As she stared at me she slowly began to uncross her long legs.

Still holding my stare, and with both of her high heeled shoes planted firmly on the ground, her knees fell slowly open and.....there it was! No panties and a completely shaved pussy just staring at me! I wasn't shocked or frightened but just a little surprised. The manoeuvre had been so unexpected. She kept staring and smiling at me as she displayed her charms. I tried to act cool, but I was becoming more and more excited. I stared for a moment more and then ran off in the direction of home.

My curiosity had been awakened. I had been discovering my own body for some time; how and where to touch myself and what felt nice. I had been on a few "dates" with boys and had allowed a few to touch my boobs and even occasionally my pussy, but I had still not lost my cherry. I had touched a boy's cock though, and that was nice too. It had been an older lad and he had a car. He was more experienced than I was (so he said!) And when it became obvious to him that I wasn't going to let him fuck me, he insisted that I jerked him off in the back seat. It was a fast and furious affair, culminating in a loud groan from him and a handful of sticky cum for me! But all the discreet fumbling's and wrestling matches with boys still left me a little cold - I still couldn't get the picture of the woman exposing herself out of my mind. It was a confusing time. At one point I thought that I might be gay and, but for the fact that the feel of a nice stiff cock still turned me on, I might have believed that.

Lying alone in my bed one night, I was idly playing with my pussy and thinking of the woman again. All of a sudden my small bedroom was bathed in light. I looked up and realised that I hadn't pulled the window blind and that my neighbour had switched the light on in his study. All the houses in our street were built quite close together and so the light from Mr. Logan's study shone through to my bedroom. Feeling a little naughty, I crawled out of bed, smoothing my nightie over my legs and moved to the window. By peeking round I could see directly into Mr. Logan's study without being seen myself. I could see him sat in a large armchair facing the window and watching TV. He was a nice man who had shown me nothing but kindness, but with the development of my body of the last few years, I had seen him sneaking surreptitious glances at my legs and boobs when he thought I wasn't looking. A wicked thought occurred to me; I'd give the old bugger a treat!

There was nobody around in our house; my parents had gone out for the night and my younger brother was staying with a friend - it was just me and Mr. Logan. But I had to get his attention first. Leaving the blind up, I turned on my bedroom light. And returned to my hiding place. I looked back at my neighbour. Logan had noticed the light go on and was looking at my window. Was he expecting to see me?, I wondered. I giggled and tried to summon up some courage. I walked past the window a few times, seemingly innocently walking to my desk to get something. On the third pass, I noticed Logan's light extinguish. I was bitterly disappointed. All that work up and now the old bugger had gone! But no, wait a moment, was that movement I could see from his room? My heart raced as I realised that my neighbour was still there - and looking into my room! This was it, I thought. If I were ever to know the delights of flashing - I still hadn't distinguished between flashing and exhibitionism - it would have to be now.

Breathing quickly, I pulled my nightie over my head as nonchalantly as possible. I was standing at the back of my room with the light still on and could see none of my neighbour in his darkened room. I tried to act cool, I didn't want him to know that I was aware of his presence. Now attired in just white cotton panties I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and walked towards the window. The nipples on my breasts were as hard as pebbles and stood out angrily. There was gooseflesh on my skin, but I knew that it wasn't just from the cool night air! Eventually I stood in front of the window and made a play with the blind, trying to make out that it was stuck and wouldn't close. My head was tilted upwards towards the mechanism and I made another show of inspecting it closely. For a moment I let my eyes drift casually towards Logan's window. I gasped. I had seen him! Naked from the waist down and playing with his cock! I kept fiddling with the blind for a moment more, raising my arms to reach some non-existent problem which I knew would make my well endowed chest bounce in front of the window. Damn! I was getting so turned on!

I could feel a damp patch forming in the crotch of my panties and was dying to take them off. Why not?, I thought suddenly, He's seen my titties, why not let him see the rest as well? Peeling the briefs down my legs and off, I realised there was no point in feigning problems with the blind now - Logan would know that this was for his benefit. I sat on my bed facing the window. My eyes were half closed but I could just make out the figure of my neighbour. His shadowy movements were animated and I knew he was masturbating hard. I felt so naughty, so incredibly turned on to think that an older man was using the sight of my body to get off. I opened my legs slowly. God, this was amazing, I thought, I wanted him to cum but I wanted to cum too. Should I dare? I knew that I had to.

One shaking hand dropped to my lap. My pussy was so wet! For a few seconds I let the digit slide wonderfully through my labia and lazily circle my hard clit. I could now hear Logan as well, his deep ecstatic tones carrying on the still night air. I groaned myself as my finger slipped into my vagina, closely followed by a second. This was how I liked to masturbate and I knew it wouldn't take me long to cum. My fingers became a blur as they flashed in and out of my soaked pussy. I heard a groan from Logan's room and I knew that he had climaxed. I just hoped he stayed around long enough to see me cum too! I closed my eyes and thought of him watching me, his eyes on my body, maybe a sneer of lust playing around his thin lips. I touched my clit with my thumb and rotated it slowly. It was time. I was cumming!

That orgasm hit hard. It was the best that I had ever experienced - even when I found my Mom's hidden vibrator and used that - and it left me totally shattered. After that first time I read all I could on the subject of exhibitionism. As I grew older and more experienced, I would put on tantalising strip show's for my boyfriends, and occasional girlfriends - yes, I had now found out about bi-sexuality - it made me so horny to display my body, little by little, in this fashion. Eventually I got married. My husband - a good bit older than me - was well aware of my love of exhibitionism that had now become almost an obsession for me. I hoped that he would not expect me to stop doing what I enjoyed so much and, surprise, surprise, he loved the idea.

Brad, my husband, had lived in the area for much longer than I had and knew where to find "our type of people". The first time we went to Jenny and Mike's home, I have to admit to being a little apprehensive. I was introduced to everyone there: six men and Jenny. Jenny was great, as were they all, and made me feel right at home. It turned out that our hostess too, had the same love of exhibitionism that I did and the evening had been planned accordingly. Their house was large and air conditioned and after a few drinks with Jenny in the kitchen she led me by the hand into the main lounge. The lights were dim all the men were there sitting in comfortable chairs and facing a makeshift stage that had been made by throwing a deep pile rug on the floor. I didn't really know what was happening, but as I heard slow soul music drift from the ceiling speakers, Jenny started to dance slowly. The alcohol had dulled my mind a little, but I knew that I was expected to do the same.

For ten minutes Jenny and I both gyrated our fully clothed bodies in time to the music. I could hardly see the men in the half light, but every now and then I would catch a comment about my "very nice legs" or Jenny's "large and inviting breasts". Jenny was first to take things a little further. She wore a long evening dress that flared at the bottom and had thin straps over her shoulders. Slowly, very slowly the straps slid from her tanned shoulders. The men immediately became more attentive and a hush fell over the room. I followed my new friends lead by slowly removing my white silk blouse. I had worn a pretty half cup bra, but Jenny's dress didn't allow for an undergarment of that sort and, as the straps fell away, her large naked breasts were exposed. I caught up quickly, turning my back to loose the bra and then facing my audience and letting it slip, ever so slowly, to the rug.

The music continued and we danced on, our unfettered breasts jiggling and swaying to the beat. I was lost in my own little world of pleasure and, when I turned once more to face Jenny, I was just in time to see her dress shimmy down her body and pool at her feet. Again I had to catch up. The men were baying for blood now like a pack of hounds. Some even had their cock's out and were openly masturbating. My skirt came off and the whole room now realised my fetish for not wearing panties - apart from my silk stockings and high shoes, I was naked!

Now it was Jenny's turn to play catch up. She laughed at the competitiveness of our little game and quickly slipped out of her tiny thong. She wore no stockings and, apart from similar shoes to me, was now completely nude. The music played. We kissed, we touched, we fondled and we groped. The men were now very vocal; most were masturbating and all were cheering their encouragement. Jenny and I stood, swayed, danced and fingered each other to knee trembling orgasms.

"Right," said Jenny suddenly moving away from me, "Let's see how many we can make cum!"

It was almost a competition. The room was divided in half and Jenny and I moved through the rows of the six men. We sucked we straddled. We gave hand jobs and we gave foot jobs. I was on my second man - the first having cum in my mouth - when I looked up just in time to see Jenny take a faceful of semen from her second. She was moving onto the last man and I was lagging behind again. I was currently giving a much older man a hand job and so, to speed things along a bit, I mashed my breasts around his hard tool. With one of my tits in each hand I slid his cock deep into the warm valley of my cleavage. He thrust up into my boobs and every time I saw the tip emerge, I bent my head and licked it just like a stick of candy. This had him cumming in no time and with a satisfied grunt he unloaded his runny seed over my tits.

I moved onto the last man. I looked up at him from my kneeling position on the floor. My husband's familiar lopsided grin beamed back at me. This would be easy, I thought. I can get his cum flowing in no time. I prepared to take Brad's long thin cock into my mouth for a blow job, but he had other ideas.

"Hop on!" he cried holding his erect tool in his hand and slapping his thighs in an obvious gesture.

I straddled my husband and started to guide him into my wet pussy.

"Oh no you don't" Brad laughed. "This one's going straight up your ass!"

I smiled back at him. This would be easier than I thought. We both adore anal sex and Brad can never hold onto his cum for long when he's buried in my butt. I lifted myself with a knee on either hide of his hips. I gripped his shoulders and began to lower myself gently. I looked over at Jenny again. With one of the larger men ramming his cock into her pussy doggy style, I knew that I must act quickly. I took a deep breath and dropped myself straight down onto Brad's dick.

He gasped as I screamed out. The initial penetration of my ass is always painful, but after a second, the nice, warm glow sets in. I was about to start to move my body up and down on my husband's cock when he suddenly grabbed me tight around the waist. My asshole was fully impaled by his rod of passion and now I couldn't even move. Brad's grip tightened as he started to buck up and down quickly, rabbit-fucking my back passage with short hard thrusts. He was grunting and groaning and let out a low moan as I reached beneath me and lightly scratched the underside of his balls with my fingernails. I was bouncing about on top of him, alternately tickling his balls and diddling my pussy as we both climbed higher and higher towards a mutual orgasm. The other, satisfied men, were all cheering for either me and Brad or Jenny and her stud. Everyone wanted to see who would cum first. I groaned as my orgasm swept over me and my butt muscles automatically clenched.

I heard another groan and saw Jenny's hunk pulling out of her soaking pussy and begin jerking himself frantically over her upturned ass. Brad gasped. I could feel him swell in my bottom. I turned and stuck a semen stained nipple straight into his mouth. That did it. Just as Jenny's guy let out a shout of ecstasy and delivered his first jet of cum over her buttocks and lower back, Brad shot his load into my ass. Reluctantly I hopped off his twitching tool so that everyone could see he was cumming. Jenny and I both knelt on the floor kissing and touching as the two men jerked themselves off over us. The "contest" was called as a tie and both Jenny and I ended up tired, happy and covered in cum.

We were invited back to Jenny and Mike's house on many occasions - in fact we still go. I've been watched and fucked by many different men since that first night, but always with Brad present - somehow that makes it all the more fun and usually ensures the best orgasms. Sometimes he is tired after a long day and just prefers to watch while his younger wife is fucked, but sometimes he likes to join in, usually taking me in the ass while I take another man in my pussy.

About a month ago we invited the gang over to our house. Unfortunately, at that time, Jenny was unavailable but Brad kept this piece of information from me until everyone else had arrived. I was furious with him to start with, but when I realised that it would be down to me to keep all six guys happy, I looked on it as a challenge! That night I took Brad in my ass, as usual, Steve in my pussy, Tom and Paul alternately sharing my mouth and Gerry and Phil receiving the best hand jobs I could muster. They all ended up cumming at more or less the same time and once again I was covered in lovely semen!

This little tale may not be to everyone's taste, but it does show what can happen if you let your exhibitionism run away with you!

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