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Voyeur erotica nasty sex stories
Ross looked at his watch for the - well, he forgot how many times he had checked the time. Helen was late - again. He thought someone in her line of work would pay a lot more attention to time. Time and timing to news people was usually everything. This was getting to be an annoying habit. She was fun, completely unpredictable, totally passionate in bed, and had no idea how to tell time - he was sure of that! Finally, a good ten minutes later, making her well over an hour late, after she had promised to be on time, the doorbell rang.

"Hi!" she said when the door opened. "Sorry I'm late. I don't have a really good excuse, I just well, - ran late."

"Okay, well, come on in here." He was about to ask her where she would like to go to dinner, and had a few nice places in mind when she cut him off.

"Are you up for some fun tonight?" she asked quickly, with a mischievous grin.

"Sure, but I'm afraid to ask what that might mean tonight." Helen had a bit of a history with Ross for doing some crazy things. Some had been in the privacy of his or her home, but others had been pretty risqué‚ and out in public. Lord only knew what she had in mind tonight, but it probably wasn't going to be a dull night - and dinner was probably going to have to wait, if there was going to be any dinner at all.

"How about a little streaking?"

"Streaking is fine, depending on just where you had in mind." Oh Lord, here it comes he thought. He just hoped that she wouldn't talk him into something that would end up with him explaining it to a judge.

"Well, if you'll do it, you can have me any way you want me."

It was going to be bad, he just knew it. "Sounds nice, and I can think of a few ways to give it to you, but the question remains, just where did you have in mind running around naked." Somehow, he just knew it wasn't going to be in a very secluded place.

"Nothing really dangerous or anything," she said with an impish grin. "Just around a few of the buildings right here will do - just a little streak. It's Saturday night and there ought to be a few people who will see us. You know I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, and it really gets me hot to have people see me naked."

Yea, it got her hot all right. She had done this streaking thing once before and was just about a raging nympho' after it. It had been in broad daylight in Cheeseman Park in Denver, and about fifty people had seen her - talk about a standing ovation! Fortunately, she didn't get caught, and he didn't have to do it with her to enjoy her after it. "Just across the commons, hang a right, around the other set of condos, down the sidewalk on THIS side of the street, hand another right down the front of this building, and in the front door - right?" he asked. In a nutshell, it would be around about a building and a half, and probably not enough for her.

"Yup, that's about it."

It was the "about" part that bothered him. "Okay, I guess. I take it I have to streak with you tonight?"

"YES! And, I promise to be even hotter than the last time I did it when we get back here."

Ross didn't know if that was possible. "Okay, let's get undressed," he said as he removed his shirt.

The two stripped quickly, and Ross was starting to get a nice hard on looking at her trim body. She had really nice boobs, a great ass, and had trimmed her little tuft of pubic hair so that there was very little of it left on her mound. She had done a pro-shave, meaning that underneath she was clean-shaven, and just had that little tuft of hair on her mound left. That alone got him hot for her. But, that runner's body of hers was his dream, and those legs of hers, long lean and powerful! Helen was runner, and jogged several miles a day most days of the week. It probably also helped her stay alive. There are times when it might come in very handy. Ross on the other hand, was good for a few blocks and that was about it. It wasn't that he was out of shape, he just wasn't a runner. If she pulled any stunts tonight, he was going to be in trouble in a hurry.

Helen took the Scrunchie off her wrist and quickly put her hair up in a ponytail. "You ready?" she asked, now naked save her runner's shoes and sounding a little anxious to get going.

"About as ready as ever," he replied nervously. Somehow, this didn't strike him as all that great an idea. She was prone to impulsive actions, and he had a feeling that she wasn't going to stick to the plan. This streak amounted to little more than running around two building late in the evening.

"Then let's go!" Helen threw open the sliding glass door and took off across the commons area of the town houses, not waiting for Ross.

Ross stepped out, closed the door behind him, and took off in hot pursuit. A very naked Helen sprinted across the commons, and turned right at the end of the other building. The commons, while lit up at night had never seemed so well lit. He felt like he was in a spotlight as he chased after her. So far, she had stuck to the plan, but there was a long way to go yet.

So far Helen hadn't seen a soul and wasn't sure anyone had seen him or her. There wasn't going to be much point in this if no one saw them. Running around naked, outdoors, required being seen if it was going to be any fun at all. Maybe this late in the evening was just a little too late for this sort of thing. Sticking to the agreed course, she rounded the other building and took off down the sidewalk at a pretty good clip. She could go faster, but wanted to save some speed and energy in case she needed it for an escape. When streaking, you have to be prepared for the unexpected. Most people, especially men, appreciated seeing a female streaker. It was the pervs that worried her.

Ross was feeling a little better about this. So far, Helen was adhering to the plan; they had gone across the commons, around the end of the other building, and were going down the street to the intersection where she was supposed to go right again and back to his front door - which he had made sure was unlocked before they left. He wasn't really looking for other people who might see them as much as he was enjoying the view of little naked Helen running ahead of him wearing only her running shoes; she was a sight! That ass, those legs, he was going to enjoy her when they got inside again, and they were about to hit the home stretch - all she had to do was turn the corner. Turn the corner Helen, he thought as he ran after her, just turn the fuckin' corner.

Helen got to the intersection well ahead of Ross. She slowed and looked around. "Yikes!" she yelled, pointing down the street toward Ross's condo. "There's a cop car down there!" With that, she took off across the street and continued on down the next block.

Ross didn't know if there was a cop or not, but he ran faster to catch up. He suspected that this was a ruse on her part as he was pretty sure no one had seen them yet. He didn't bother to check of cops, he just crossed the intersection hot on her heels. By continuing on down this next block, she was headed right for Sheridan Boulevard, and she was sure as hell going to be seen by quite a few drivers there! The only saving grace was the end of the block that bordered Sheridan was a short block and they could be back on a side street in just a matter of seconds. At least that's all he hoped they would be out there!

Helen didn't even slow down at the corner this time. She turned right and gave it just about all she had while she was on Sheridan. This time there was little doubt she was seen. Several cars honked their horns, there was the screech of tires as a few drivers slammed on the brakes, and there were a few wolf-whistles. She just waved, grinned, and ran like the wind.

Ross ran for all he was worth now, and was tiring fast. He couldn't quite catch up with Helen, but he was trying. All he really wanted now was the two of them off of Sheridan. Much to his relief, she did turn right at the corner, heading back towards his place. Well, she had wanted to be seen, and she sure as hell was. Just as he turned the corner to head for home, he heard the screech of tires on the pavement followed by the expensive sounding crunch of one car hitting another. If there weren't a cop around now, there would be pretty soon. He hoped no one got hurt, but he wasn't going back to find out either.

At the next corner, Helen crossed the street, turned right, and ran up the sidewalk to Ross's front door. Rather than going straight in, she waited there outside, showing off for the few seconds it took him to get there.

"Damn, that was close!" Ross said, now out of breath and sweating profusely.

"Oh, I dunno. We didn't come close to getting caught," Helen said, with almost a laugh. She was breathing hard herself. Only now, did she open the door and casually walk into the town house.

Ross wasn't quite so sure of that. He followed her in and glanced up and down the street before closing the door - no cops and no one outside. Considering the wreck they had just caused, this was a good thing. "I loved watching you run like that, nude and all," he said.

"I noticed you weren't ahead of me."

Yea, I couldn't catch you, and you knew it, he thought. "I was covering your rear."

"Yea, - with your eyes! Now," she said taking his hand and leading him into the front room, "I want you."

"Right here in the front room? You don't want a shower or anything first?" They were both damp with perspiration and still breathing hard.

"NO! I want you to take me right now - on the carpet - right here, just the way we are. I'm so hot. I want it right now," she said pulling him to her and wrapping her arms around his neck. "Have me any way you want, tie me up, in my ass, whatever you want, just get me off. I want your thingy inside me!"

Cocks were thingies to Helen. Women had pussies and men had thingies, never cock, dicks, or penises, . . . thingies. Well, whatever she wanted to call it, she was about to get his. "You were a bad girl out there," he said as his hand landed smartly on her ass. He held it there and massaged it a little as his other hand, in the middle of her back, held her tightly to him.

"Just a little bad?" she said softly in his ear.

His hand left her ass and came back a little harder this time, and again he massaged her ass cheek where it landed. "More than just a little."

"Mmmm -" she murmured as she pressed herself closer to him. " Really naughty huh?"

Now he gave her ass two firm swats, making a distinct spanking sound as the flat of his palm contacted her firm ass cheeks. Only after the second one did he massage the sting away. "Yes, you were one naughty girl out there." He kissed the side of her face.

"I'm getting so wet, so ready," she whispered.

His hand firmly landed on the other ass cheek this time, and then massaged it. "You don't sound too repentant," he whispered in her ear.

"Oh, but I am, I really am," she said softly, nearly melting in his arms.

Two more firm swats landed on her ass, followed by a careful massage of her firm runner's ass. "You caused a wreck out there."

"I couldn't help it, really I couldn't."

A couple more firm swats landed on her ass, followed by a loving gentle massage of her stinging butt.

"I need you so bad," she whispered in his ear.

Another firm swat. "How bad?"

"Really bad. I could come so easily. Take me, - please? I need your thingy in me so bad."

Another swat on that lovely ass. By now, Ross wanted her just as badly. "Down on the floor, doggie style, your chest on the floor," he softly commanded.

"Yes master," she teased, and got down as he had directed. Her sexy firm ass was high in the air as she had her knees well apart and slightly under her and her head resting on her hands - waiting for him to fill her.

Ross knelt down behind her, put his aching cock up to her entrance, and slowly, ever so slowly, entered her. He slowly pushed his hard cock into her tight pussy until he was all the way inside her - in one slow delicious movement. He loved that feeling when he first entered a woman, the way, even when she was as wet as Helen was now, that the nearly dry spots caused a little extra friction, the little bump - bump - bump as it slid into her. A soft moan escaped her lips as he felt himself touch bottom. Now he began slowly pumping in and out of her tight pussy, watching the erotic sigh of his wet cock going in and out of her, her nether lips caressing his cock as it came out of her and the slight movement of her puckered anus as he drove into her sex.

In and out he went, slowly building to a climax. Then, when they were both close, he withdrew from her, took hold of his cock, now soaking wet with Helen's sex juices, and aimed the head as her puckered tight little anus. He heard her sharply inhale as the tip touched her there in that forbidden spot. He felt her push back against him as he slowly increased the pressure. Soon the head slipped inside. He let it sit there, feeling her squeeze it a few times, getting used to being invaded back there.

"Okay, slowly at first," she said softly.

He knew how to take her back there and not hurt her. He moved in and out, just a little at first, going slowly. She was so tight and so hot he knew he wouldn't last long. Judging from her moaning now, it didn't sound like she would either.

"I must have been really bad," she said with a giggle, "but I'm going to come so good!"

"You won't be alone!" he said going much deeper and a little faster now. It was so very erotic to see his cock going in and out of her there.

"I'm gonna come Ross," she moaned a few seconds later. "So good - OH YES!" she now nearly screamed. The moaning and groaning reached a crescendo and she pumped back at him faster as her orgasm swept over her.

Her ass began to spasm around his cock and Ross couldn't hold off any longer. He felt his cock stiffen, he pushed all the way into her, and the first squirt of his hot cream shot out of him and so very deep into Helen. He started pumping away again as he continued to fill her climaxing ass.

Finally, when they had their fill of each other, they collapsed on the floor next to each other.

"Whew, that was good," Ross, said finally.

Helen rolled over on her side facing him. "So, wanna wash that thingy off then get into a little of your fine oral work on me and then have me again?"

"Now rest for the wicked!" he said getting up.

"You love it! Besides, I'm just taking advantage of being a girl."

"What advantage would that be?" he asked on the way to the bathroom. She was usually complaining of the disadvantages. Every time she got back from some third-world country, that subject was good for a rant that lasted for an hour.

"Girls can come and come and come!" she said with a laugh. "Guys have to take a break." She stayed where she was on the floor and waited for him. He didn't take long, and she had her legs wide apart for him when he got back - she knew he'd love the view. "Hit it dude," she said pointing to that clean-shaven place between her sexy legs. "Make me scream!"

So much for little Ms. Submissive of earlier. Ross grinned and got between her legs. Eating Helen was something he loved doing. She was easy to get off and loved to be teased. He slid his hands up her firm thighs as he got into position. He could see the inner lips were more than just peaking out from between her pussy lips, and they were obviously very wet. Ross breathed deeply and smelled her musky scent. It was her scent, not the scent of some cosmetic company. Not some perfume smell, it was her scent - the scent of a woman ready for sex.

He got busy. With the first lick over her sex, the knees came up and fell apart, giving him all the room he could want. A loud moan escaped her lips. "I'm so hot, you wouldn't know I had just gotten off one already. Don't tease me too much tonight, okay? I just wanna come all over your face."

Ross's cock was getting hard again and he really wanted to be deep inside her again, so not teasing her tonight was fine with him. A little maybe, but he wasn't about to try to set any records tonight. The first lick up her sex didn't part those tender inner lips, or the outer ones, it was just to taste her sex juices. She moaned. The next lick was more forceful and firmly touched her very swollen clit.

"Oh God YES!" she cried, "That's it, right there - make me come!"

He didn't. Not right away. After all, he had to tease her a little, no matter how bad she wanted to get off or how badly he wanted to be inside her. He licked and sucked her sexy thin inner lips, tugging on them so they bothered her waiting clit. Occasionally he did give her clit a lick; sometimes a firm one, and sometimes just touching it with the soft tip of his tongue. She was going crazy. Had he put a finger in her now, she would have come right then there. He kept her near the edge.

"Oh God, make me come, please - please - please? I wanna come all over your tongue so bad. Please stop teasing me and make me come!"

It started out as pleading, near begging, and then got to demanding. Oh well, he wanted his "thingy" inside her, so he finally began firmly licking and sucking on her engorged clit.

That's it - that's it! Oh YES - I'm - COMING!" she screamed loud enough to be heard clear out on Sheridan. Helen was a bit of a squirt, and soaked Ross's face for him while she got off - he loved every drop, every second, of it.

"Wow, were you horny or what?" he asked her when she was finally done.

It took a few seconds, more like the better part of a minute before she calmed down enough to answer. "Yea, just a little."

"Not bad for someone who got off with me in your ass not that long ago."

"Just being a girl!" she laughed. "Now how about giving me something nice and hard for desert."

"Sure," he said rolling over onto his back. "Hop on."

Helen laughed. "Okay, I guess you have it coming. I know you love it when I'm on top, so, okay." She rolled over and moved over him. Sitting up, she reached under herself, held his very hard cock straight up and very slowly lowered herself on it. "I just love watching your face when I do that," she smiled.

"Oh . . . so good," Ross groaned. " He reached up for her boobs and began fondling them and their very erect nipples. "What a body," he sighed. "What a sexy body."

Helen began moving up and down on Ross's nice hard thingy, almost letting it slip out of her, and then shoving it all the way in as she sat on it. Quickly however, she leaned forward, and putting one hand on the floor on each side of his chest, she started to pump away at him in earnest. Faster and harder she started moving.

"I'm not going to last long like this," he informed her. He put his hands on her ass and timed his thrusts into her to her pumping. "Oh yea, this is so good."

Helen was quickly heading for her third orgasm in less than an hour. "You don't need to," she whispered, "I'm going to come all over you pretty soon anyway."

Seconds later, Ross went over the edge. It was surprisingly quick considering that he had already come once inside her this evening. "Oh - oh - yea - here I COME!" he groaned loudly. The hot come raced up his throbbing cock and splashed out inside Helen just as she started to come.

They were loud and thrashed about on the floor like it was their first come of the evening and it had been weeks since they had gotten off. When they were both finally finished, Helen rolled off Ross and just lay on her back on the floor panting - like Ross.

"Now would you like to go and get something to eat, though I'm not sure what's still open at this hour," he asked after a few minutes of nothing but hard breathing.

"Only if we can get something pretty quick. I've to get up at an uncivilized time to catch a flight out of DIA. Global News Service is sending me off to the sticks again. Sorry I can't spend the night and let you have your way with me all night," she said with a wicked grin.
He was disappointed, but used to this dash in and dash out life of hers. "Where're you going this time?" he asked. She was always going to far flung parts of the world on some new assignment - usually somewhere where the locals were shooting at just about everyone. She had already had one cameraman shot right next her. It didn't stop her; Global simply sent another cameraman, and off she went to finish the assignment.

"Libya. Seems the local rebels are getting a bit of an upper hand in some areas."

"Maybe we ought to get something fast and then have another screw for old times sake," he suggested, after all, going there, this might be about as old as she got! She was always getting posted to some third-world country where reporters and cameramen didn't have a long life expectancy. "Paying yer dues," she had called it.

"You want a little more huh? Sorry, just some food and then I gotta fly. You can have me again when I get back."

If you get back, he thought. He couldn't wait, but wondered what kind of weird thing she would want to do before, during, or after!

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