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Watching the women masturbate in office
"Look, girls, we all want to have some safe stimulation, and fun here, as well as take care of our Sophomore bio class requirements.

"I have a great idea. Listen carefully. I know a guy, he's a Junior, at Yale who will help us if I ask., all in this class, I know and trust the three of you with a great idea like this.

"I'll call my Yalie, and have him line up four normal freshman - no nerds, no jocks

- to drive over here for an evening party. And we'll have complete control over what happens, and we'll get a biology experiment, complete with test data, as well as a blast.

"First, we'll meet them in the Bio building at Seven PM. The building is open late on Tuesday night. We'll take them up to the small lounge on the fourth floor, and explain the rules to them, then one by one, one on one literally, we'll take them through the experiment.

"We introduce ourselves as Alice, Betty, Conchita, and Dotty. We assign them names Ed, Fred, George, and Hal. They won't know our real names, nor we theirs. Anonymity is important.

"We'll have snacks and drinks ready for them. No beer. We can't let alcohol affect their reactions.

"I'll explain the rules to them when they get there, and promise them an enjoyable night they'll never forget, if they play by our rules."

Betty, Conchita and Dotty, excited, agreed to split the preparations. Betty bought two dozen strawberry flavored unlubricated condoms, dressmakers tape, a cucumber, and some 12" rulers. Conchita managed to get a couple of dozen small clear lab containers with sealable covers, and got the use of a lab scale. Dotty got ice and the refreshments. All four made sure they were up to date on their pill cycle as Tuesday approached. None expected their period. Tuesday afternoon they met for rehearsal; the lounge was otherwise unoccupied.

"Remember, first you unroll the condom on their erection, like this, Alice demonstrated with the aid of the cucumber. Then measure their erection with the ruler on top, from against their body to the tip of the erection, which will probably be oozing by then. Then use an eight inch snippet of the tape to get their circumference along the middle of the shaft, like this," said Alice, using the circumference of the center of the cucumber. She cut the tape into pieces, so each girl had one.

"Write down the results like this," she continued, E, F, G or H for their name, and A, B, C or D for ours, and mark the length as LONG and AROUND, such as, 6 inches and 3/8 long, and 3 and 1/4 around. We'll label the containers the same way. Here's some Sharpies that'll write on anything."

"Then pop the question, 'When did you last ejaculate?' Do it casually, but it is important to get an honest answer. If you're casually holding his penis, he'll be too distracted and erect to lie. We'll sort the responses by when they last came, and work on the guys, longest wait gets first attention. Some of them may have masturbated just before coming here, and we want to give their bodies a chance to recover.

"Now, Betty, when the eight of us get up here, you lock the door. There are two bathrooms off the lounge, so we can work on two guys at a time. Ready? Have some fun."

As expected, a few minutes late, the Yalies arrived. Conchita and Betty were downstairs to meet them at the building door, and see they were properly parked. They escorted their guests past Security, into the elevator, and ushered them into the lounge, where Alice took charge, as they all went through the small talk.

"Listen fellas, this is going to be the best party you ever had. But you must do exactly what we tell you. Any problem and we call Security and we hustle you out of here. Agreed?" The freshmen nodded to their hostesses.

" Ed and Fred, you go with me and Betty into the bathrooms. Conchita and Dotty will stay with George and Hal, til we're done."

Once in the bathroom each girl locked the door, and told their guy to drop his jeans, and his underwear, sit on the closed toilet cover, and put their hands under their rear end, so they couldn't use them. The guys, of course, stunned, obliged. They couldn't believe how lucky they were getting. The gals dressed the guys in the condoms, and measured them, questioned them, told them to put on their pants again temporarily, and come on out and give the other guys a chance. By now the Yalies were trembling in anticipation, as they had some refreshments and tried to keep their hands and bodies from shaking. In a few minutes, Conchita and Dotty had prepared their candidates, too.

"OK", said Alice, looking at the results of the ejaculation question. She divided the guys among the gals, and took one into a bathroom, while Betty took the second. "Now, sit on your hands again. The object of this is to cum as soon as you can. Don't wait for me. Enjoy yourself. But keep your hands under yourself. If you like, I'll rub you. Tell me where to rub and how to fondle you, if you like." She looked at her watch. "Go!" She rubbed the sheathed penis like she was rolling dough. Wham! In 20 seconds he had come. "Great," she said smilingly. "Can you get any more out quickly?" She waited a moment, then removed the condom from his limp pulsating prick, tied a knot in the gooey condom, and put it into the plastic container that she labeled. "Wash your nice biggie, and face and hands, and join me as soon as you can in the lounge. This is just the beginning."

This round took only a few minutes until all eight were back in the lounge. Conversation was all over the lot, avoiding the topic at hand. Twenty minutes after she got the first Yalie started, Alice got all their attention, by announcing new pairings, and slightly different rules. The goal, who could come in the least amount of time, was the same. This time, however the girls could use their mouths as well as their hands to assist. In turns they used the same safe arrangements: guys jeans around their ankles, hands beneath themselves. Of course, as timed, they took longer to come than a short while before. The girls had deliberately chosen fresh, flavored, unlubricated condoms, so they'd enjoy the blow job better.

Again they collected, knotted, saved and labeled the used condoms. They urged the guys to wash up and rejoin them in the lounge. Two of the guys were staggering, exhausted. All four hit the refreshments heavily, especially the potato chips and soda.

Alice waited until a half hour had gone by. Then she announced "Time is up. New rules. Take four chairs, guys, and put 'em in a tight square facing out, then four more chairs about 3 feet away from each of the inside chairs, so that each pair faces the other. OK, guys, listen carefully. You sit in the inner chairs. You put one hand under you. You may not move that hand, or get out of the chair. So what is so special? Well, you have not only turned yourselves on, but you've turned us gals on too. So we will give you an extra treat. Come as quickly as you can. You may use one hand on yourself, while you watch us come as fast as we can. No need for the bathrooms. Here's your condoms, gals, dress your guys," as they switched partners once again.

Just the idea of watching the women masturbate, too, got one guy to blow his load before his girl finished removing her panties. He stayed, mesmerized, as she rubbed herself and watched intently as she came.

The other three barely could get erect, and the women finished first. That seemed to trigger responses in the guys, and they finally jerked off, but barely got any cum out. The girls collected the samples again, got the guys to wash up and get dressed.

The girls cleaned up the lounge, hugged and ushered out the fellows, and walked the four dazed Yalies to their car. "Remember, guys who GO to Yale are the cream of the crop. Guys who CUM from Yale are the crop of the cream," she yelled into their car driver's window as they drove off.

"Now," said Alice, "Weigh everything. We know what empty condoms weigh. We know what empty containers weigh. We know which guy used which condoms. Weighing the jars we can easily calculate how much cum each produced each time. There's our experimental data. We'll collaborate on the write-up for class. Just leave how we did it as vague as possible. You know, 'Four 18 year old males were asked to produce sperm, at intervals of 20 minutes and a half hour.

Specimens were preserved and weighed under uniform conditions...' "

"But I'm still stirred up; horny as hell. Wanna join me back in the dorm and cum again?"

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