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Exhausted woman relaxes with shoe salesman's help in big shop
I'd worked at the shoe store for two weeks. The manageress worked some of the weekdays, but Sherry and I held down the shop through most of the slow day time. One side of the shop was women's and girl's shoes, which was Sherry's domain. I dealt with other side, men's and boy's shoes.

The day Marie came into my world started out hot and windy. Business was slow maybe because of the heat.

Sherry asked, "Brad, would you cover for me? I need to get my hair done. I've going out tonight and I want to look good."

"Sure, I can handle it. I'll be lucky if there's any sale's this afternoon."

"Great. I'll be back in an hour or so."

Left alone, I settled back to some reading at the desk. A few people roamed in and out, just looking briefly at the stock.

Then she came in. Her hair all wisps about her face and head, carrying four bags of shopping and one big box under one arm. She looked hot and bothered. Her white blouse was askew from the box, with one collar blown up. Her tan skirt dropped loosely from her hips to mid-knee.

"Ugh, what an exhausting day," she complained as she walked towards me while looking at the shoe displays. She got to the row of chairs, dropped her bags, and fell into a chair. The box on her lap, her arms thrown to the sides, her bottom slid forward with legs straight as she collapsed.

"Can I do anything for you?" I asked.

"We'll see. Just let me be a while to recover."

"Tell me when you want some attention, OK?"

"I will."

No one else was in the shop, so I went back to my reading. After a few minutes, she stood up and started looking around the shop.

"I'm looking for something relaxing, comfortable but exciting," she said, turning to me. "I'd like to try a pair of those, in a size 6?"

"Sure, I'll get them. Be right back."

She was in the chair when I returned with the box. I sat on a small stool we have in the store, with a slope in front for the customer to put their foot on.

"My shoes are killing me," she said.

I opened the box and set it to the side, while she put her foot in front of me. Her brown slip on shoe had a 2" heel. I put my right hand around the back of her shoe and the left on the front over the top and around the bottom, slipped her foot out a bit, put my left hand on her ankle, then slid the shoe off her foot.

"Ahhh, that's better," she said.

I held her foot from the back in my left hand as a set her shoe down with my right, then went to hold her foot firmly in both hands. The men I'd fitted shoes for always has socks on. Touching her bare foot, feeling the heat from it gave me an unaccustomed feeling. I realised her foot was still in my hand and looked up to meet her eyes looking unblinkingly back. Looking into her eyes I knew this fitting was definitely different.

Unconsciously, I started rubbing her foot. After it relaxed, I set it down.

She took it away and put her other foot up. I took the second shoe off and rubbed that foot again not going above her ankle. I started to put it down.

"I'm so tight and tense. Do a bit more?" she asked.

Her foot was on the chair now, so I started at the ankle and slowly but firmly massaged with both hands, feeling the tendon then the muscles of her calf relax slowly.


She had her yes closed now and her body was visibly relaxing back into the chair. Her legs, which had been tightly together relaxed a bit. Her skirt was draped from her knee, along the side of her leg, across her other knee. She opened her eyes, put her second (right foot) down and put her left foot up. I started in the middle of her calf this time. Again the tension slowly eased, her hips slipped forward a fraction and her legs relaxed more.

"Umm, thanks. You have nice hands."

"You've got nice legs."

She blushed a fraction, as I picked up a new shoe and started sliding it onto her foot. It was a tight fit, and the push to get it on showed a slight grimace in her face. (What to do, tight shoe, I don't want to say she has big feet.)

"The other one too?"

She nodded yes, as she set her second foot up.

I fitted the second shoe and she stood, walked over to the mirror and looked down.

She bent over at the hip to squeeze the shoe. I enjoyed the sight of her bottom outlined. I got a shock when I saw her look at me from between her legs, seeing me look at her. I stood up to talk, but didn't have any words. She stood up and walked, concentrating on the shoe fit but tripped as she passed me, falling against me.

"Oh dear, I'm sorry," she said as she caught my shoulder and chest for balance.

"These won't do, they pinch. I'd like to try a pair of those," she said pointing to a platform slip on.

"Sure, I get some."

I got a size 6 1/2 this time.

When I returned she was sitting. She raised her left foot to the fitting stool as I sat down. Little things were happening. Her foot was further up the stool, so her knee was higher, her skirt further up her thigh, so I could see more of her leg.

"Those shoes got me tense again. Would you help me relax?"

"I do what I can."

I took her shoe off, rubbed her foot (she flexed her toes against my hand this time), then her calf, going to her knee this time, massaging the tendons behind her knee.

"Ahhhh, yes."

She put her second foot up, leaving a bit more room between her knees. I saw even more leg, to mid thigh. Her skin looked smooth and well muscled. She pushed her skirt down between her legs, not to be immodest. As I massaged her right calf and knee, her hands relaxed in her lap and she slid down the chair closer to me slightly.

"Mmmmm, that's good."

She looked into my eyes. Her eyes were wider, more relaxed, still the tousled hair on her forehead. I almost lost myself in those eyes feeling the blood climbing to my face. I turned to get the new shoes, slipping one on her foot easily.

"That's better. Put the next one on."

As she stood quickly after I put her second, she caught me unaware. I was still bent forward, so her skirt was inches from my face. I backed up and stood as she swirled and walked to the mirror. This time she gave me a side profile as she bent down at the knees retaining more poise. She squeezed her shoe to check the fit then turned on one heel, slowly. One knee was higher that the other, as she turned I saw her inner thigh appear then the small curve of her inner leg muscle showed to her yellow panties, now in full view.

"Yes, this feels much better. Would you feel how it fits for me?"

I went over, squatted and felt her shoe, staring along her leg at her pastel panty.

She stood, swirled, sashayed her hips, just enjoying herself.

"I like this. Have you got them in other colors?"

"I'll look, be right back."

When I returned with four boxes containing red, tan, light yellow, and a slightly different style she was sitting with her right foot at the top of the fitting stool and her skirt half up her thighs.

"I'm feeling tense again. Please help me relax."

I slipped her shoe off and started massaging calf, as I stared between her legs. 'Till now I had been contained by my tight brief, but now my pants were starting to tent as my penis strained against them. I noticed her eyes were set on my firmness and her legs opened slightly as I ran my hand from behind her knee up the back of her thigh.

"Uhmmm? Are you enjoying this?" she asked still staring my groin.

"I've never enjoyed serving anyone as much as you."

She shifted her hips forward so I was able to massage to the top of her inside leg.

"Mmmmm, yes."

Her leg was extended across the top of my thigh, rocking as I kneaded the inside of her thigh.

"Now the other shoe," I said.

Without removing her left leg she kicked off her right shoe and set her foot just touching my pants, giving me a wide open view of her panties as her skirt rode up. The yellow fabric just covered her vagina with a wisp of pubic hair at the top. The crease where her legs joined her pelvic area moist from the heat, the edges of her panties a darker yellow from the moisture and I could see skin with delicate hairs between her panties and legs.

As I massaged the top of her right leg, she flexed her toes and I let out a sharp breath. I felt I was on the edge of exploding. Embarrassed at the thought, I sat back and tried to regain composure.

"Let's try this in yellow. Okay?"

"You like me in yellow?"

"Yes, it suits your skin."

"Yellow or nothing eh?"

She looked down at the shoe boxes as the shop door was opening.

"What, six and a half! You think I have big feet? You, You, ..."

She exploded in anger, picking up a shoe and throwing it at me, hitting me in the chest. She threw more as I backed away seeing Sherry coming toward us.

"You think I have big feet! Take that!" She yelled as she threw a box at me.

"I'm out of here!" She yelled as she picked up her bags and stormed out.

"Whoa! Is she angry. You've got to talk to women Brad, some are very touch about shoe sizes," Sherry said.

I was shaken. I'd gone from rapture to flight in seconds.

"Don't worry, no harm done. But you can't hide things from some women. You've got to show them what you've got and tell them what the size is," she advised.

I excused myself from the shop and took a walk to calm down.

As I returned Sherry said, "Your customer phoned. She apologised and asked if you could bring her the box she left behind. Plus she wants some of the shoes she threw at you, the yellow and the red pairs. Here's the address. She said there was a tip it for you."

I took the note from Sherry and looked at the time. The shop closed in twenty minutes.

My heart was racing as I parked in front of the apartment block. There was a security door. I pressed her button, noticing the name, just "Marie".

The speaker sounded, "Yes?"

"Shoe delivery."

"Come on in," the speaker responded as the door lock buzzed free.

Marie opened the door before I had knocked twice. Her hair was tidy now and she wore a simple cut yellow flared dress with a big blue pocket in the front.

"Hi, I brought you package," I managed to say.

"Please, come in. I'm sorry about the scene I made."

Her apartment had simple decor with a pastel theme and a strong floral fragrance. She closed the door and walked to a chair with a round foot stool in front.

"I was hoping you could fit me again. Start with the yellow shoes please," she said smiling and lifting her pink slippered foot to the stool.

Taking her lead I sat in front of her, noticing her legs were tight together this time. I opened the shoe box, set the shoe between us and took her slipper off.

"Look, I'm still uptight from shopping and the scene I caused. Would you please help me again?" She said with a smile looking deeply into my eyes.

"It's a pleasure to serve," I said as I rubbed her foot then her calf. Her shoulders relaxed and her chest rose to perk out her breasts. Her dress showed some cleavage and as I progressed to her knee she flexed her toes.

I was starting to feel myself stirring. She lowered her left leg and I started massaging her right.

"MmmMMmm," she murmured.

She was gazing at my pants as my penis lifted them to a peak.

She reached over to pick up a bottle from the table,

"Would you use this, it helps my skin," she said as she handed me some Lilac scented oil.

I poured some on my hand and smoothed it along her calf. My sense of her skin changed, more sensual and easier to slide.

"Yeah, that's good. Rub it in, mmmm," she said as she lifted her left foot back, knees together, her feet touching the inside of my legs. She parted her knees so she could see my pants, the peak bouncing now as my penis throbbed. And I could see along her inner legs to a bright red patch of panty, just managing to show under her dress.

As I shifted to massaging her upper left leg her right hand rose to her left breast, cupping it and squeezing. The nipple peaks that appeared told me she had no bra on.

"Uuuummmmm, thank you, mmm" she sounded as I felt her calf muscles relax.

"Could you get the red shoes instead?"

"Uh, yeah, I guess," I managed to get out, realising I had to get up to get them. As I did my pants made hugely apparent my arousal, with the front pressed out 8 inches.

Her eyes widened, "Oh, yes, ... yes the red ones please."

I brought the shoe box back, even more aroused now I knew she knew.

She placed her feet on the sides of the footstool, with my legs between.

Marie opened her legs to look again at my throbbing pants.

Her panties were in view and appeared to have some pattern on the red.

"My thighs need attention. Please could you help me relax them?"

As I slid my hands over her knees and across the top of her legs she lay back in the chair, put some of the oil on right hand and put her into the pocket. The hand in her front dress pocket moved. Slowly, I could see her fingers slide down from inside the pocket to her mound. The panties turned a deeper red from the oil, then as she moved her fingers up and down the red parted to show pink lips of her vagina. Slowly sliding up and down,

"Aahhh," her hips slid forward and her knees were at my side.

I started massaging her inner thighs as saw her part the lips of her vagina.

"This isn't right," she said sitting up to stare at my groin. "I should massage your feet too!"

She bent over, untied my shoes, lifted each in turn to her lap and slid of the shoe then the sock.

"Okay, put them up on the footstool."

"That sounds appropriate," so I laid with my back on the floor and my feet up. She sat with her knees on the floor, her legs along my side, oiled and rubbed my feet. Her bottom was in sight and I reached out to slide my hand along the inside of her legs.

"Oh, yes, yes, please."

She shifted on knee over my body and I slipped my hands up her buttocks sliding her dress up to see her panties parted with her pink lips showing. With fingers from both hands, I traced a line down the middle of her back along her bottom crease, to the opening in her red panties. I could see between the lace and pubic hair the moisture in the folds of the pink skin and the puckering around her opening, which I traced with my finger, feeling the oil she left there.

Marie pushed the footstool forward. My feet slid to the floor and she looked at me between her legs, partly obscured by my tented pants.

I remembered Sherry, "you've got to show them what you've got," so undid my belt and unfastened my pants. Marie lay down on me sliding my pants down as she slid up my chest. Her vagina muscles flexing, skin glistening as I felt my erection spring free. I raised my hands to slide along her sides, lifted her dress to her back and swam over her buttocks and inner thighs.

When Marie slid an oiled hand down my penis I exhaled loudly, "AAhh."

Her vagina flexed again and raised up as her head descended. I felt a warmth engulf me that urged me to open her wide and tongue her vagina lips broadly.

"Mmmmmm, mmmm," I could feel her sound vibrate me below. Everything became feeling, touch, smell, sight sensing warmth. Her vaginal lips twitched as I extended my tongue in her. I licked her bud as I felt my oncoming build. Her finger came down to frig frantic at her clitoris. I slid my hands to her breast, free below her.

"MM, MM, MM, MM" vibrated as her lips slid up and down my cock.

Then louder, slower, "MMMmmm, MMMmmm," her pelvis thrusting forward, faster, her finger faster. I was building up, up, up, Oh, oh.

She swallowed and Mmmed sharply. Oh, Mm, Ohhhh, Mm, Mmmmm.

She relaxed on top of me. I hugged her legs and hips and rocked them back and forth.

Marie pivoted about to kiss me solid, passionate, enjoyably and I returned her kiss, pulling her close and enjoying her warm breasts and sensual lips on mine. I could feel the smile as she kissed. That was the beginning.

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