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Naughty housewife shots in the kitchen in front of her husband
Sharon liked posting naughty pictures of herself on Literotica. She had only done it a few times, but found it exciting - even arousing. She took the pictures herself during the day while her husband was at work using her digital camera's automatic setting. She would set the camera up on the tripod and then take lots of shots, deleting most of them and just keeping the ones that turned out well. She would imagine how she would look in a provocative pose or with a particularly sexy piece of lingerie and then she would try it out and see if it really looked as sexy as she imagined.

Her body was trim and shapely; like most women, she worried that her butt might be just a little too big and that her boobs might be just a little on the small side. Posting her pics and getting enthusiastic comments back from men was a total turn-on. They all seemed to think her body was perfectly gorgeous. Many of them told her they used her pictures for jerking off and would tell her their fantasies about her, imagining what they would like to do with her. Some of these were a bit gross but knowing that she could cause men to go crazy with lust over her pictures was mind blowing. She liked to imagine what they looked like, stroking their cocks and spurting while they lusted over her. Sometimes, reading the comments and private messages she got back from men, she would get so aroused, she would rub her crotch until she came, just sitting at the computer.

She showed her husband Jim the pictures and the comments. At first he was shocked and a bit jealous.

He said: "You never took pictures like this for me."

To which Sharon replied: "Well, now I have. These are for you."

Jim said: "Yeh, just me and half a million perverts on the Internet."

As Jim kept looking at the pictures he also found them highly erotic. It was certainly fun to see him looking at porn pictures that were of her and acting like he was looking at centerfolds. It turned them both on. He said if he had just the pictures instead of her he would be masturbating to them himself. She told him that thinking about her pictures arousing men just made her want to cum so bad, she could hardly stand it. This resulted in a trip to the bedroom where he granted her desire to cum and also satisfied himself.

After she showed Jim the website he said he would look at them on his computer at work in his office. She often thought about him looking at her erotic poses from work...her pictures making him hard.

Usually, she took photographs in the bedroom with her on the bed but she was experimenting with other locations. She had also become more daring, wearing less and less, and showing more and more details. She had also started shaving her pussy because so many men had sent messages asking to see her shaved. This also turned on her husband immensely. He liked to touch her bare pussy lips right after she shaved and he would often take some massage oil from the nightstand and gently rub it all over those smooth cunt lips, watching them engorge with passion from the pleasure of his touch.

One afternoon she was working in the back garden. She was wearing some short cutoffs and a brief halter top so she could work on her tan while she gardened. It was the time of in her cycle when she knew she was ovulating. Her hormones during ovulation always made her especially horny. She had told Jim they just made her want to cum all the time. After a while everything she looked at reminder her of sex: Carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, whatever.

Looking at her watch, she realized Jim would be home in an hour; she hurried to get cleaned up so she could start dinner. She decided she really needed a bath to get the dirt and sweat off and get really ready for Jim. She put some fragrant bath oil in the water and soaked for a bit, fantasizing about being with Jim in a tropical pool, a little waterfall washing over them, both of them naked. She was starting to feel just a bit tingly. She shaved her legs smooth; she very carefully shaved her pussy, working her way very carefully over the lips and up around the hood of her clit. Jim said he liked that because it made it easier to get his tongue on her clit. This was really starting to get her hot. She was thinking about masturbating but Jim would be home before too long; so she wanted to save her arousal for him. She left a nice carefully trimmed strip of hair up above her cunt; otherwise, her vulva was smooth as a baby's bottom.

She got out of the bath and dried herself off. Standing naked in front of the mirror, she blew her hair dry, watching her body in the mirror, imagining men going wild with lust watching it. Her breasts were firm, not huge or saggy. The nipples were pink and erect. She made her boobs bounce and jiggle just to see what that looked like and decided it looked somewhat sexy and somewhat funny. Her tummy was not quite perfectly flat, just a tiny bit rounded below the navel. She looked down at her crotch and could see her cunt lips exposed below the trimmed patch of hair. She knew that men just loved to see those lips and told her so in their messages. Finishing with the blow drier, she rubbed moisturizing body lotion all over herself, imagining that her hands were Jim's hands, a little bit rough, but still gentle. starting with her feet, then up her legs, feeling the warmth and tingle as she spread it over her newly shaven lower lips, then on to her tummy, and up to her chest. She rubbed the lotion onto her breasts, massaging her nipples, imagining Jim suckling on them, and feeling the response in her pussy, and the clenching inside her belly that it caused.

Still totally naked and getting very aroused, she decided that since she was all spiffed up, she had enough time to take a few pictures to post before Jim got home. She went downstairs and got out the camera and tripod. Looking around for a good location, she decided to take some "naughty housewife" shots in the kitchen. She put on a short, frilly, pink checked apron that half covered her breasts and stopped just at her crotch. She ran back upstairs and got her red spike heels; she knew they made her butt stick out sexily.

She set the camera to take a sequence of pictures ten seconds apart. The camera was by the doorway to the kitchen aimed toward the counter by the sink. She checked in the viewfinder to make sure it was zoomed out to just about her height. As the flash started going off at ten second intervals she started flirting with the camera, standing coyly facing it, so the apron covered her "essentials" [flash]. She pulled the apron tight so that her nipples stuck out on each side of it [flash]. Her nipples were starting to get hard from thinking about herself being displayed so erotically [flash]. She reached back to untie the string of the apron behind her neck [flash] her breasts thrust out proudly [flash]. She began letting the apron down, little by little, revealing her body six inches at a time, exposing her breasts [flash], her torso [flash], her waist [flash], her tummy [flash], and her strip of hair [flash], her pussy lips [flash], her thighs [flash], and finally dropped it to the floor [flash].

She stood sideways sticking out her butt, [flash] her arms pretending to cover her breasts, but purposely not doing a very good job of concealing them. [flash] Finally, she turned to face away from the camera. [flash] She stuck her bare ass out at the camera. [flash] She leaned forward against the counter to emphasize the roundness of her butt. [flash] She spread her legs, her feet in her spike heels about 18 inches apart, [flash] leaning forward, [flash] thinking that her pussy was probably exposed from behind, [flash] and maybe her asshole. [flash] She tilted her butt up a little higher, [flash] leaning forward more, [flash] to expose her bare pussy a little more, [flash] imagining men going crazy with lust, rubbing their cocks. [flash]

Her pussy was really getting warm. The tingle was spreading. She could start to smell the scent of her own arousal She imagined not just one guy looking at her picture, but lots of them, guys of all ages sizes and varieties, a big group of them, greedily wanting her pussy---wanting desperately to use her ruthlessly on their throbbing cocks. She imagined them right there in the kitchen, right across the room, behind the camera, a room full of horny men all wanting to fuck her from behind, thinking how it would feel to have a cock slide into her oh-so-wet canal. She was lost in reverie, daydreaming, as the camera went flash ...flash...flash. She began massaging her breasts with one hand while the other crept down toward that patch of hair.

She imagined herself no longer in her kitchen but on the stage at a strip club, her naked ass facing the room full of desperately horny men, the flash, flash, flash of the stage strobe lights. She imagined the music, a rhythmic gypsy beat of cymbals, tambourines and drums. She pictured herself, breathless from her just completed dance, naked, her costume tossed to the cheering men, the music still pounding exotically. She pictured the men, filled with lust staring at her ass and pussy thrust out toward them, their hands furtively moving on their laps. She began swaying to the beat of the imaginary music, her behind beginning to make circles in rhythm with the beat of the music.

She was so absorbed in her day dream, she didn't hear the front door open as Jim came home and came to the kitchen to put his lunch bucket away. He got to the doorway of the kitchen, seeing the camera flashing, and stopped. He just stood there staring for few seconds, while he realized what she was doing. He could see her smooth pussy, opening up wetly, all the way across the room. He could see how aroused she was. He watched her tail waving in circles round and round. His lust was instantaneous, with a tinge of jealousy about her showing her pictures to other guys. The jealousy just aroused him all the more. He could tell how much she wanted to get fucked. His cock came to throbbing life demanding to be used. He wanted her and he wanted her NOW.

He dropped the lunch bucket on the floor and in two steps was across the kitchen. In her imagination the bang of the lunch box hitting the floor blended in with the imagined cymbal crash of her daydream music. Before she realized what it really was, he was on her, grabbing her around the waist with one hand, around the breasts with the other.

Jim nearly snarled at her in his animal lust. "Looking at your butt sticking out so you show your pussy from behind, and knowing that showing it off makes you want to cum all the time, I know; You are a bitch in heat. You are just like a mongrel, wagging your tail, hoping to get mounted by whatever mutt comes along. You don't care who fucks you, as long as you get fucked. You are obviously just asking for it."

His words hit her like an electric shock sending shivers all over her body. Sharon was so startled, she could not even speak; she let out a groan of lust and desire. She broke out in goose bumps.

With a growl Jim picked her up bodily from behind. He carried her to the big oak dining table. He practically flung her against it, bending her over the table, her ass sticking out against his hardness.

Jim, in throaty jealous lust, his jaw clenched, spoke. "You fucking sexy little bitch. You've been posting your ass all over that website again, haven't you? You want fucking? OK, I'll give you a fucking you naughty slut."

With one big hand Jim held her down against the table so she couldn't rise. He stood to one side and put his leg behind her legs, trapping them. With his free hand, he felt between her legs, wiping the pussy juice across her lips, stroking, feeling how wet, open and aroused she was.

He spoke: "You fucking naughty little bitch, you're so wet, I'll bet you'd let anyone or anything fuck you right now!"

Seeing the still rolled afternoon paper on the table, he picked it up and began angrily swatting her round ass with it. At first she was too startled to react but after a few repeated swats, it was starting to hurt. She tried to get up but she was held down firmly. She flailed her hands behind her trying to shield her behind but it was futile.

She began to protest. "Ouch, Jim, you're hurting me! Ow, ouch, oh, that really hurts, stop Jim, don't hurt me."

He spoke. "It's supposed to hurt, you bitch, that's how we train a dog."

He gave her a few more swats, to emphasize his point. Then his lust to put his hand on her ass overcame his symbolic use of the newspaper. He tossed the newspaper aside, and began spanking her bare ass with his hand, his big hand covering most of her little butt, turning it redder and redder.

Sharon couldn't figure out whether she liked it or hated it. It stung. It burned. But she was so aroused, she could hardly stand it. She began thrashing around, trying to evade his hand, but he was much too strong and she succeeded only in exciting him more in her wriggling and writhing. He became lost in a rage of lust, spanking, spanking, no longer thinking, just lusting, bending her at his will, his hardon raging in his pants.

But now her pain was getting too bad. She couldn't take it any more. She began to cry. "Jim, please, stop, no more, I can't take any more, oh, oh, oh, just fuck me Jim, fuck me now, please Jim, ohhhhhhh, please, fuck me. Fuck Me! FUCK ME! FUCK MEEEEEEE!" Her cry ended in a scream, a wail, a mixture of pain, lust, fear desire, need.

Jim's spanking finally wound down to a stop. He said,"OK, bitch, you really wanta get fucked, now?

"Oh, yes, oh yes." She gasped. "Please, fuck me like a dog."

He forced her legs apart, felt the wetness of her pussy, rubbed her cunt lips and clit with his hand. He forced his thumb into her dripping cunt hole. The entry made her gasp with pleasure.

"Is this where you want it, bitch?"

"Oh, god, yes." She pleaded. "Yes, now, please, I can't wait any longer."

His index finger felt her clit, making her writhe. He pulled his now dripping thumb from her cunt and pushed it against her asshole. His index finger now replaced his thumb in her twat. His thumb forced its way into her ass, causing her to gasp with pain and pleasure. He squeezed his thumb and forefinger together inside her, while massaging her clit with his middle finger. She shivered. She felt the rush coming. It had been building all afternoon, wanting it, holding it back, needing it. With a groan, she came, gushing over his hand and down her legs, spasming, convulsing, her legs stiffening.

The sight of her orgasmic convulsions brought Jim's lust to its peak. While her exhausted body was too drained to rise, Jim quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Not bothering to drop his pants, he got behind her, and forced his raging tool into her cunt, taking her from behind. He began thrusting into her. He leaned over her and grabbed her by the boobs, crushing them in his big hands, squeezing them, using them as handles to pull against while he thrust his cock into her over and over and over. Crushed against her red spanked behind, Sharon felt the rough cloth of his pants and the zipper of his trousers. She could feel him going crazy, pumping in and out and grunting like an animal. She felt the weight of him pushing her down onto the table. She was being bounced around under him helplessly. She grabbing onto the opposite side of the table with both hands, hanging on for dear life.

Sharon could feel his surging cock stretching her pussy, the head coming almost out and then back in, feeling his forceful penetrations. Her pubic bone was being ground against the top of the table. Her clit was mashed against the table edge. Her feet were coming off the floor with the force of his pounding. Her nipples were throbbing.

Then, as he humped her and gripped her boobs, he began grunting, almost in animalistic noises, forcing words out between grunts: "Ohhhhh Gaaaawwwwed what a slut you are! You just remember that your body is MINE, you little fuck! Nnnnn, mmmmm, I'm gonna use your sexy cunt any time I want, anywhere I want and any way I want mmmpph, unnnkk, ggggghhhh. You're such a horny cunt. You stick your pussy out like that girl and it's gonna get fucked, oh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh! I'll take your ass, but good, you bitch! You want cock? I'll give you more cock than you can stand! I'll whack your damn ass black and blue, you naughty bitch! You go wagging your fucking tail at the neighborhood, I'll damned well use it. You show your bitchin ass to the world, just remember that it's MY cock that's gonna get rammed up it, uhh, ohh, nnn! You feel me, bitch? You hear me bitch?" His grunts and groans mixed with his words in a fury of lust.

The dirty talk got to Sharon. She couldn't take any more. It put her over the edge again. Her legs curled up behind him. Her feet wrapped around his legs, clutching at them. Her fists tightened on the far edge of the table. She felt the spasms all through her body. She felt the hormone-drug rush surging through her. She lost awareness of anything except the feel of her stretched, swollen vagina, her over-stimulated clit, her crushed nipples hot-wired directly to her clit, the rippling of the convulsions washing over her in wave after wave after wave, cumming, and cumming, and cumming.

With a huge groan Jim felt her pussy clenching his cock. He went into convulsive spasms. His weight fell onto her harder as his legs lost control. His fists dug into her breasts harder and harder. She cried out with the pain, causing him only to groan a sadistic chuckle. The pain, the pleasure, all mingled together as with a new surge of lovely warmth, she felt his body, hard on top of her, surging rhythmically as he pumped into her, again, and again, and again. She imagined his seed spurting deep, deep up into her, driven into her, forced into her, squirting, gushing, flowing.

His spasms subsided and he lay on top of her, sated and spent. He just lay there for a while, his dick slowly shrinking. She felt the dampness under her, spreading. He stood up and backed out. She felt the gentle suck of his cock coming out, the emptiness in her pussy, missing him inside her.

With his left hand pressing her back down on the table, he rubbed his right hand all over her sore red behind. She felt the soreness. He gave it a few more slaps, causing her to jerk in surprise and pain. He reached in between her legs and gently stroked her pussy, feeling inside her cunt, then rubbed the wetness up across her anus, circling it with his fingers. He lifted her legs and rotated her body up onto the table top. Then he rolled her over face up. He rubbed his fingers, wet with her pussy juice, on her lips, then leaned over and kissed her, long and hard, while stroking her belly, breasts, thighs and pussy.

He leaned back, staring at her well fucked body while he pulled his pants up and zipped them up. Then he said: "I'm gonna go take a shower. Clean up this mess before dinner, wouldja? And put some damn clothes on, or I'm liable to do that again, only worse."

He left her lying exhausted, sore and bruised, on the table. She smiled.

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