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Exhibitionist make others happy to expose her tits to friends
Exhibitionism has never really been something my wife and I have been interested in. Yes, we like to write about our sexual experiences, but to me that's something entirely different than setting up a webcam in your bedroom or fooling around in a public place. Not that there's anything wrong with those things I just mentioned, it's just not for us.

The same thing holds true for threesomes. We actually discussed our thoughts on bringing another person into the relationship fairly early on. We were both of the mind, and we still are, that introducing a new person into our marriage is not something we wanted to do. Again, it might work for some, and I'm certainly not criticizing, it's just not for us.

With all that in mind, about two months ago we had an experience that certainly crossed our threshold on the exhibitionism front and almost crossed it on the threesome front. In fact, some may say it did, but I'll let you be the judge.

My wife and I moved to our present location from the great state of Georgia, where we lived for right around eight years. We made some great friends there and were sad to have to move away two years ago. We, but especially my wife, has stayed in touch with most of them, especially her best friend Tina. Back in July, my wife and Tina set up a time for Tina to come up to our home to spend a week with us. They're both schoolteachers, so they have the summers off.

Tina arrived on Thursday night and she and my wife spent all day Friday touring around our area seeing the sites. Saturday we decided to have a cookout and just hang out by the pool. The weather was perfect and late Saturday afternoon we fired up the grill and cooked up some hamburgers and hotdogs. After supper, we changed into our swimsuits and floated around in the delightfully warm water of the pool. My wife looked extremely hot in her new pink bikini and I began to get hard just looking at her sweet ass when she bent over to pick something up. All I could think about was sliding my cock between those delicious thighs later that night.

Tina, on the other hand, was not really anything to brag about as far as looks. She has a pretty face, medium length blond hair, and a very large rack. The problem is that she doesn't take care of herself and has put on a great deal of weight since her divorce of about five years ago. She probably goes about 260, so that large rack is a little on the droopy side.

As night began to fall, we got out of the pool and dried off, lit the tiki torches, and broke out a few bottles of red wine. We sat around in the warm night air and talked about everything from politics to music and everything in between. As the night wore on and the wine continued to flow, the conversation eventually turned to sex. Tina was curious about how many times a week we made love, if my wife as still as happy with my oral sex abilities as she was when we were dating, and what were some of the more kinky things we had done lately. After filling her in on all the details, the discussion turned to Tina's sexlife, or lack there of.

"Now that you know about us, what's going on with you?" my wife asked.

"That's easy," Tina replied, "nothing. I haven't felt a man's hands on my body in about a year and haven't been laid in a year and a half. If it wasn't for my good old reliable Purple Panther, I don't know what I'd do."

"Wow, that's terrible," my wife said. "I know those vibes do an ok job in getting you off, but there no substitute for a soft tongue or a big cock."

God, hearing her say that made my heart flutter and was an instant turn on. I so badly wanted to cut the evening short and drag her up to the room to fuck her brains out.

"You're not telling me anything I don't know," Tina continued. "I know I could probably go out to a bar or something and hook up with a guy, but even though I really want sex, I just can't do the whole one-night stand thing. I don't want people to think I'm a slut."

"There's nothing wrong with being a slut every once in a while," my wife said giggling. "You just have to know when and where to do it."

"Yeah, I know what you're talking about," Tina said, also giggling. "Being slutty with your husband is a little different than banging some stranger, though."

"I suppose so. But still," my wife trailed off, appearing to be deep in thought. Turning to me she asked, "what do you think?"

"Well, all I know is that there's no way I could last that long without some kind of physical contact. I don't care how concerned about appearing slutty I was, I think I'd have to take some serious steps to try and resolve the situation."

"Do you have any hot friends that would be interested in a quick roll in the hay?" Tina asked, somewhat seriously.

"Unfortunately, no. Most of my friends are married or in serious relationships," I replied.

"The question still remains," Tina laughed.

After another hour of conversation and a final bottle of wine, we cleaned up the patio and went in for the night. Even though it was a little early, probably around 11, we decided to call it a night since we wanted to get an early start tomorrow. We had planned a day at the beach and wanted to get a jump on traffic. We said goodnight to Tina and retired to our room.

It's hard to say who made the first move, but as soon as our bedroom door was closed, I grabbed my wife and she grabbed me. She pulled off my swimsuit and immediately began to fondle my balls and already hard cock.

"Do you know how bad I want this inside me?" she breathed in my ear.

"Not half as bad as I want to put it in you," I whispered back. "You're sooo hot in that bikini. I wanted to rip it off and screw you right by the pool."

As I said this, I began to undress her. Once she was naked, I put a hand on either side of her face and gave her a deep passionate kiss, sliding my tongue inside her mouth. She moaned softly and continued to gently play with my balls. I released her and took a small step back to get a full view of my little hotty's awesome body. I then put a hand on her shoulder and gently turned her around so she was facing away from me. As I moved in close behind her, she bent over slightly so her ass stuck out a bit and slightly spread her legs. I put my arms around her waist and slid my throbbing cock between her thighs, not in her pussy, just between her thighs. She moaned again and began to grind her hips into me.

"God you feel good, Baby." She whispered. "I'm sooo wet and horny after that conversation tonight. All I want is your hard cock buried in my pussy. Will you do me?"

"You know I will, Princess," I replied. "I'd like to lick you first, though. Nothing tastes better than the juice from my woman's pussy."

"Any other time I would say yes," she said, "but right now I know what I want and that's your cock in my pussy."

Not wanting to argue with a woman who knows what she wants, I led her over to the bed. She lay down on her back with her legs spread wide open and motioned for me to mount up. I hesitated for a minute, leaning over her to gently take her left nipple in my mouth. I flicked it a few times with my tongue and gently pinched the right one with my fingers. She arched her back, moaned, and said "stop teasing me and fuck my pussy."

I was just about ready to slide my throbbing cock into that little slice of Heaven known as my wife's pussy, when we heard a sound at the door. We both froze and listened. There it was again, "Lissy. Lissy."

"It's Tina," I whispered.

"Yes?" My wife said.

"I hate to bother you, but can you come out here for a minute?"

My wife looked at me with a puzzled look, and I shook my head in response. "I wonder what she wants," I mumbled.

"I'll be right there," my wife said as she pulled on a pair of gym shorts.

She left the room and closed the door behind her. My curiosity was running high, so I crept over to the door to try and hear what was going on. I could hear them both whispering, although I couldn't make out any words. Then I heard them both giggle a few times as my wife moved back towards the door and entered the room.

"Well," I said. "What was that about?"

"To be very blunt, Tina has a request," she began. "I guess she heard us fooling around and she wants to know if we would mind if she came in here and watched us."

"Are you serious?" I asked, my voice filled with disbelief.

"Very," she said. "So what do you think?"

"I don't know. What about you?"

"Well, I know we never said we'd do a threesome, but she doesn't want to participate, she just wants to watch and probably finger herself. She's one of my best friends, so we've talked a lot about sex before, we've seen each other naked at the gym, and I completely trust her, so I don't see any reason why not."

"As long as you're sure, I'm fine with it," I said. "Just as long as we make sure to stick to the no participation thing."

"Don't worry about that," she assured me. "There's no way I want your cock inside someone else's pussy and chicks, at least fat ones, don't turn me on. I'll go get her."

She went back out into the hall to get Tina, leaving me standing there naked, my cock still very hard and yearning to be inside her. For a second I wondered what we were doing and I almost called her back, but then curiosity got the better of me and I thought, what the hell, let's see what happens. After all, it did kinda turn me on to have another chick in the same room with us.

They both walked back into the room, my wife in the lead, Tina trailing a step behind, dressed in nothing but an oversized T-shirt.

"Thanks for allowing me to watch," Tina said smiling at me. "I promise I won't get in the way."

"No worries," I replied, "I just hope we put a good show on for you. we certainly don't want to disappoint."

"I don't think you have to worry about that," Tina assured me. "Just being near sex is going to be a treat for me."

My wife walked over to the bed, slipped off her shorts and resumed her position, legs spread wide open. Tina took off her shirt and laid on the floor right by the edge of the bed, both of her legs propped up on the side.

"Come and fuck me," my wife said, "I need to feel your cock inside me."

I leaned over her and gave her another deep kiss before gently easing my cock in her dripping pussy.

"Ohh yes, I love it when I slide inside you baby. Your sooo nice and tight!"

We started to screw, nice and slowly. To tease her, I pulled out so just the tip of my cock was in her pussy and gently rocked my hips.

"Give it to me!" she said, her voice a mixture of a command and a whine.

With that, I rammed my cock deep inside her and began fucking her, a little faster this time.

"That's right, I want it faster," she said as she moved her hips. "Fuck my pussy. Fuck it hard."

I increased the speed of my thrusting so that now my balls were making that awesome slapping sound as they smacked against her ass.

"Is that how you want it, you little slut?" I asked. "Nice and deep in that yummy cunt of yours?"

Up until that moment I had all but forgotten about our spectator. I heard a noise and glanced over to see Tina bucking her hips in rhythm with our fucking, her Purple Panther buried deep in her pussy. I have to admit, it was a real turn on.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck that little slut! I want to hear your balls smack her ass!" Tina urged.

My wife lifted her legs and put them on my shoulders, one of our favorite positions because of the deep penetration and the speed you can build up.

"Fuck me! Ram that cock in my dirty little cunt!" she said, digging her fingernails into my back.

"Oh God! fuck that pussy!" Tina practically yelled as she continued to use her vibrator.

Then my wife put her legs down and discretely motioned for me to put my ear by her mouth. I was a little confused as to what she was doing and was very close to cumming, but I did as she asked.

"Don't talk, just listen," she said. "I want to give Tina something she'll remember. I'm going to kneel down on the floor beside her, you're going to stand up, I'm going to suck you off, and you're going to shoot your hot sticky cum all over her tits and maybe her face. Let's go!"

"Hey, what's going on?" Tina asked. "I want to see and hear that pussy being fucked some more."

"You just wait," my wife said. "You're going to get a treat."

There was no playing around or teasing now. She took my cock deep in her mouth, helped along a bit by my hand pushing the back of her head. She began to suck and move her mouth up and down my cock, pausing every now and then to swirl her tongue.

"Yes baby, suck that cock! Suck it nice and deep!" I said, grabbing a handful of her hair.

"Oh you little slut! Suck that dick like a dirty little whore!" Tina said, practically panting as she neared orgasm.

By now I thought my balls were going to explode, I wanted to cum so badly. And what I saw next almost put me over the edge. Tina had sat up now and was kneeling on the floor right beside my wife. She had given up her vibe, but in its place she had slid three fingers inside her pussy and was using her thumb to rub her clit. In front of me now I had my gorgeous wife sucking my cock and just to her right a chick masturbating for me, her large tits bouncing and swaying as she moved her hips.

"Yes Lissy! Keep sucking! Make me cum baby!"

"Make him cum you slut! And drink every drop!" Tina said, continuing to plunge her fingers in and out of her pussy.

My wife gave me another two or three good sucks and a final swirl of her tongue. Remembering what she had told me to do, I pulled her head away from my cock by her hair, turned to the right slightly, and unleashed one of the biggest loads of cum in the history of man. It shot all over Tina's floppy tits. A few drops even made it to her chin. Surprise swept over her face, but then she said, "Oh God, keep cumming on me! Shoot that sticky cum all over me!" She arched her back, almost falling over backwards as her orgasm finally swept over her.

I stood there watching the two naked women in front of me, not really sure what to do next. My wife sat on the floor smiling, clearly enjoying what had happened and Tina was still trying to catch her breath. Then, without warning, Tina leaned forward, stuck out her tongue, and licked the last few remaining drops of cum off the tip of my cock. Talk about a surprise!

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