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I also feel very good about exposing my body
The sky was blue in Corralejo with just a few hints of white innocent clouds. But my mind was reeling in nothing innocent at all, maybe it was the heat of the sunshine making my blood course through my body in anticipation of a naughty day on the nudist beach, maybe it was the cool breeze hardening my nipples or was it my dirty thoughts of what could be, of what could happen today!

I purposely wore a short skirt with my bikini underneath -- in case I had an opportunity to flash the tops of my thighs or flash even more on the bus, on my way to the beautiful beach, with miles of sand dunes and lots of untold secret goings on! I like wearing as little as possible -- it makes me feel so sexy, so wanton and such a horny little bitch -- in the nicest possible way!

The weather in Fuerteventura is fantastic for my fair skin type, the warm sun with the cooling breeze. My skin turns a nice golden brown and freckly and the breeze keeps me cool and nipples erect! My blonde hair becomes even blonder from the sun and of course everyone feels good from some warm sun exposure.

I also feel very good about exposing my body in these temperatures, knowing that there are usually plenty of men about on the nudist beach and they all seem to appreciate my normal 40+ woman's body and they are not worried even if I do have a few lumps and bumps that I'd rather not have -- I'm just a normal every day kind of woman!

The journey on the bus to the sand dunes and beautiful beach is short and only takes about ten minutes and the only person to even appear to have had a look at my legs or to notice me is my husband -- who enjoys running his hand up and down the inside of my thigh as we sit on the bus. He knows I'm feeling a hot arsed bitch and that I love to see someone looking at me. My husband also loves seeing other men peeping or sneaking a look at me. Well actually my husband loves to see a lot lot more than a man just looking at his wife!

Off the bus and walking to the beach now, we talk and wonder if there will be any men on the prowl or looking to see me - naked and very womanly with my large brown areola and my big freckled natural breasts and if they will try to get closer to see how I sunbathe with my legs spread letting the warm sunshine heat up my inner most pink parts -- while totally exhibiting myself and showing all of myself to anyone who would like to look. I'm freshly shaved and as smooth as a peach -- which of course leaves nothing to the imagination when I lie sunbathing!

I'm feeling very excited at the anticipation of being an exhibitionist all day and praying it will stay hot and sunny and that I may be of interest to some men! I could actually feel the dampness starting to moisten my inner labia!

We find that our two favourite sunbathing spots have been taken, which I'm rather pleased about, well the one inside the stoned wall -- I'm more pleased about as it is not as exposed as I like and makes it more secluded -- which is great for privacy and a few days ago where we totally let ourselves go and ended up having a nice slow fuck with a long lingering orgasm from knowing that no one could really see us! But today I wanted and needed to expose my naked body for others to see and look!

We settled for a very open spot and my husband enjoyed building up the stones on one side to give us some protection from the wind and also to make it feel like our own little haven. It also gave optimum opportunity to allow anyone to look and see all! I enjoy being lay spread out totally naked and knees apart, soles of feet together, feeling the sun's heat deep in between my legs. An older man walks past a couple of times but he appears nervous that my husband must not catch him looking -- how wrong he is -- My husband loves other men looking!

The older guy is in the distance now and stops and looks to his left near to some bushes, but I can see him rubbing his cock. I say to my husband "he must be watching something nice, I can actually see him wanking his cock"! Then he walks on, my husband wanders over to see what it was that made him stop and what he was looking at that would have made him rub his cock -- he came to the conclusion that the older guy must have just wanted to show off his semi hard cock as he walked naked in the sand!

A few hours passed with just a few guys walking past us -- who didn't really seem to have much of a look! Then as we both pretended to be asleep and still enjoying the hot sunshine in between my legs which were comfortably still spread with my feet together, I peeked and saw a guy looking at me and trying to get a closer look. He was very tanned and had dark curly wild hair with a nice large semi hard cock "hhhhmmmmm I thought - nice cock"! He was middle aged, not too young not too old and he was fixed on my open legs and my smooth open exposed cunt and he was getting closer and walking around right at my feet! Oh my god -- I could almost feel my juices gush as I watched him and saw him looking. I managed to whisper to my husband that there was a man watching me, looking at my cunt and he was coming for a closer look. I hinted to my husband that I was very turned on just by muttering "mmmmmmmm" My husband knew how aroused this made me feel, my husband decided to turn over onto his front with his head on the side -- to enable him to peek and also to pretend to be asleep, the dark stranger stood behind some bushes, so as not to be seen by my husband and I was sure he was touching himself while he looked at me!

I sat up so that he could see that I'd seen him and I smiled at him and he moved forward to show me his very hard big cock. His cock was big and had a massive bulbous, deep coloured throbbing knob -- how nice it looked I thought. He ventured forward and was virtually stood at my feet rubbing his cock but still keeping an eye out around him - so not to be caught by anyone innocently walking through the dunes.

I was transfixed on watching his big cock -- he was now wanking it sideways in his fist = how erotic and sensual that looked, I could clearly see his big swollen knob being exposed as his foreskin rolled back and forth over it. My god what a beautifully arousing sight and how turned on I was getting -- just from seeing him wanking whilst looking at my naked body and open legs. I really liked that look he had in his eyes! I decided I'd let him know that I liked what I saw --but that I had to be careful as my husband was asleep.

I opened my eyes fully and smiled at him, looked at his hard cock licked my lips and then bit my lower lip -- oh my god he moved closer, I put my finger to my lips and told him ssshhhhh as I looked at my husband and pretended that he was asleep -- pretended that my husband didn't know I was being such a cock teaser! He nodded and seemed to understand my non verbal gestures. I ran my hand over my hard nipples and thoroughly enjoyed this exhibitionism. My whole body was racing with desire and sexual thoughts. I wonder if he will stand there and just wank his big hard cock off - there where I can see his jism spurt jet after jet of hot spunk, maybe his cum might even splash on to me.

Oh my god I can feel my wetness seeping from my cunt lips. He has to walk away as some people walked nearby. By now, I could hear my own breathing much heavier and feel my heart racing as the sexual excitement raced through my entire body. I whispered to my husband -- what had been happening and how turned on I was -- he replied that he had managed to see some of what had been going on and his cock was dripping pre cum already! I told my husband that although I was extremely turned on by this total stranger looking at me and by his big hard cock and by him wanking whilst looking in between my legs - I'd have been a bit afraid and frightened if my husband had not have been with me. But that this was really adding to my arousal. I told my husband that I hoped this dark stranger would be back to see more again soon.

It wasn't long before he re appeared, standing showing me his big cock while looking at my cunt. He must have by now seen my very soft smooth tanned outer labia and my pierced inner pinker labia, with a little ring in each side -- I wonder if he had also spotted my sticky juicy arousal seeping from out of me, as I could feel it trickling down to my tight puckered little bottom!

Husband still pretending to be asleep, I moved my hand down over my breasts over my stomach, down my inner thigh then up to touch myself there, where I was so wet sticky hot and aroused. He was stood at the side of our little stone wall with a good clear bird's eye view of all of me and he watched me as I pressed my finger in, into the silky wetness that even I was surprised about, how had I got into such a state? I was positively dripping and so swollen and engorged with arousal. He seemed to like how I pressed my thumb on to my finger to pull out the creamy stickiness - to show him how wet I was.

He watched and wanked his huge cock. Then he urged me to move forward, I knew what he wanted, he wanted to touch me to feel me -- but I pretended my husband didn't know and that I couldn't in case my husband woke up. He seemed to like me sniffing my wetted fingers then sucking the juice off. I'm sure I saw his cock dripping oh my oh my how delightful. But then he had to move again for fear of being caught openly wanking his cock!

I whispered to my husband what had happened and how he had gone again, my husband's face was a picture! He asked "Was that your hand between your legs sweetheart, did you show him your wetness, did you rub your cunt for him my darling?" I told him "Yes, of course"! My husband loved every minute of it and as we talked about it -- the dark big cocked stranger walked past again -- but saw my husband talking to me so he continued on. My husband said "What if I go for a walk down to the sea -- let's see what the stranger will do then" I wasn't sure, it was a bit of a scary thought being on my own, but my husband reassured me that it would be ok and that he wouldn't be very far away! So I watched my husband walk off into the distance then with hardly a blink the dark naked stranger was back and quickly sat at my side. His big hand brushing over my breasts and tweaking at my hard nipples, his mouth found my nipple and he was sucking so hard he made me whimper and whimper. Then his big hand and large fingers were gently in between my wet sticky hot mound, rubbing me up and down, oh how I cried out and moaned out loud at his touch.

My head was spinning and my body was on fire, I could barely catch my breath as he explored my body with his fingers and mouth. I was lost in sheer lust and sexual desire and I didn't care if anyone else was about. I couldn't think of anything else as I reached down to touch his beautiful big cock, he looked down at my hands and watched as I rubbed his cock back and forth and then he totally surprised me by pressing his open mouth on to mine, kissing me roughly but passionately and pushing his tongue softly into my mouth. He tasted strange and totally different to anyone who had ever kissed me before, I could taste tobacco on his mouth and strangely this made me even more aroused and it felt even naughtier, even dirtier and even more sensual -- kissing this stranger who tasted of tobacco and I actually really liked it!

Then he surprised me yet again by pressing his face into my wet cunt, he dipped his soft tongue into my wet peachiness and lapped at my throbbing clit -- "mmmmmm wonderful" I whimpered! Then he kissed me again and I could now taste tobacco and my own sexual arousal on his lips. This was a total stranger who had got me into such a state and I was really enjoying it. As I rubbed his cock in my hands he moved up my body and it was obvious he wanted me to suck on his big cock. But he was a stranger and I was still slightly afraid to suck it, so I continued to wank him, but his knob then brushed over my lips and touched my mouth and I couldn't resist having a slow lick of my tongue all around his big throbbing knob, then I continued wanking him and watched his cock in my hands, he then tried to move to position himself in between my legs, oh my god I couldn't allow him to fuck me without a condom!

And he was massive, I would have struggled to have even got his cock into my mouth, let alone my cunt, so I gestured to him that my husband would be back soon! He smiled and nodded that he was watching out for him. My god we didn't even speak the same language and yet we clearly understood each other and were both clearly extremely turned on by each other! As he rubbed his fingers up and down my juicy slit and very cheekily over my tight little puckered bottom. He seemed to want to push a finger into my bottom and rubbed all around my bottom, driving me crazy! I grabbed his hand to guide his big fingers inside my cunt, I needed to feel his fingers fucking inside my aching cunt, I needed him to finger fuck me to orgasm, he responded and finger fucked me very nicely and I started to whimper in orgasm and my cunt tightened and contracted as I slightly creamed his big fingers.

After I'd stopped shaking and contracting and my orgasm subsided and my breathing slowed down I wanked him off over my tits and told him I wanted him to cum on my tits, again he seemed to understand clearly what I meant and it was not long before he spurted hot jism, jet after jet over my breasts, chest and throat. I enjoyed watching him spunk on to me, watching the spurts of cum leave his cock and I rubbed his thick creamy big load into my skin! He smiled and then he was gone as quickly as he had appeared -- he must have been worried in case my husband returned and found him!

My husband returned and had managed to spy some of what had gone on but couldn't see as clearly as he would have liked to have seen, so I told him exactly what had happened and rubbed over my wet tits and asked if he could see how much he had cum over me. It wasn't until a little while later when the cum had dried on me -- that he realised just how much the dark stranger had cum over me!

Then suddenly from nowhere - another naked man appeared -- with another big long cock! He was approaching us and showing off his big cock!

I lay back and opened my legs as my husband told me this older guy was getting closer and was watching me. My husband rubbed his hard cock and watched as another stranger was then sat at my feet with a big long cock in his hand looking at my exposed naked body.

Stranger number 2 was sat on his towel at my feet looking directly up at my cunt.

My husband told me "it's ok" as I looked at him with some concern.

Stranger number 2 said in English "hello -- you look nice"

I smiled at him and again I just couldn't take my eyes off his big long hard cock -- which he was erotically moving up and down his hand and he seemed to be enjoying me watching him.

He asked me "would you like to touch it?" I replied with a sheepish "It's ok thank you, I'm enjoying watching you stroking it".

Then I sensed someone else watching and turned to look to my right and it was stranger number one back - the dark curly haired stranger with the huge cock. So now I have my husband with a hard cock and 2 strangers with hard cocks around me -- oh I did like the naughtiness of this. Then a fourth guy sat a bit further away watching! I opened my legs to show the guy sat on his towel what delights I had between my legs and I pulled open my cunt lips to expose myself to him "oh nice, nice" he said and my husband asked me if I wanted him to touch me I really wasn't sure but my husband encouraged me with a "Go on sweetheart, just let him feel your beautiful smooth wet cunt", so I nodded my approval as he moved his hand slowly up my leg, making me moan loudly until his fingers were sliding across my throbbing clit and feeling where all of my stickiness was seeping from it! I gasped out loud as he pushed a long slender finger into me mmmmmm I was in sheer heaven with all these men rubbing their hard cocks for me!

He continued rubbing his long cock as I continued to watch as he fingered me, then he started to spurt long jets of cum over his towel, my eyes lit up watching -- I just love seeing men come and to come so much like that was so pleasurable and I commented on how much he was cumming and how good it looked he replied "I can cum lots and over and over again".

I reached to touch him now as I really wanted to feel and touch him now and I rubbed his long cock up and down with both of my hands as my husband watched my every move!

It was all getting a bit much for me now and I needed a good hard deep finger fuck to get me off. I moved my hand over his and encouraged him to thrust deeper and he seemed to just know and understand what it was that I wanted and exactly what I needed. My husband wanked his beautiful hard cock faster watching this stranger finger fuck his wife to orgasm.

Stranger number one was also wanking and the other guy was sat on the sand watching and wanking. I was starting to get noiser and had gone past the point of no return as he fucked his fingers into me and he hooked his fingers slightly, just how I like it -- as if beckoning me to cum on his fingers. He kept repeating "Nice, Nice Nice" as he fingered me more and more until my noisy intense orgasm built and exploded until I was gushing creamy cum juices as my orgasm literally tore right through my whole body.

My husband was delighted with the sticky creamy mess that was left on this guys hand -- my husband commented how much juice had filled this guys palm and said "well done baby"! I was so hot and so sticky and knew I just had to get up and cool down and also slow down. "No more I said, phew, I need to recover now"!

I'm unsure if the others came again or if they just watched and enjoyed. Stranger number 2 then told the other 2 guys how good I'd felt and how he had felt me tighten and squeeze his fingers as I came and how much juice I had spurted with my orgasm. He actually seemed a really nice chap! It was also really nice to hear him telling the other guys all about my orgasm!

After cooling off in the sea and after a really refreshing swim then a bit more relaxing and sunbathing in the lovely sunshine, feeling very pleased with myself and extremely well finger fucked, we dressed and packed up to make our way to the bus stop to return to our apartment. (I knew I would then be desperate for my husband to fuck me long and hard to a nice big mind blowing orgasm, and that my husband would be desperate to reward me for being such a naughty cock tease and for all of the day's excitement - with his nice hard throbbing cock!)

As I never like to miss any flashing opportunities I wore my little tie sided white lacy bikini panties underneath my short skirt, I do like the way they seem to cling to my mound and press into me -- although my husband really wanted me to go back wearing no panties at all -- but I was way too worried I'd expose too much of my bottom as my skirt was very short!

As we got closer to the bus stop there was just a couple with a small child waiting further back and a guy standing at the front of the shelter -- who I immediately noticed was looking very interestingly at my legs and my short skirt. His eyes followed me intently as I walked over to the bench to sit down in front of him and I just knew at that point that I had got his full attention!

I just knew that I was going to have to give him a massive thrill and a really good look up my short skirt.

My husband again acted as if he had not noticed and sat pretending to read the newspaper but I knew my husband knew I was being a naughty prick teaser yet again!

As I sat I parted my legs and the bus stop guy continued to look very interested. He tried to stand behind the bus shelter post -- to hide the fact that he couldn't stop looking and so my husband couldn't see his face. But I was loving watching his reaction, his eyes told all and the way that he looked at me -- I wanted him to know I was giving him a view of my panties on purpose -- so I looked straight at him and smiled then let my eyes fall to his crotch. I'm sure there was a big bulge inside his shorts! He didn't look Spanish or English so I imagined he might have been German!
My legs got wider and wider and he was totally transfixed and actually gripped his hard cock over his shorts. I sat further forward on the bench so I could spread wider to show him more of my panties.

Another guy had arrived at the bus shelter and stood to the right of us and seemed to be looking at me disapprovingly - I saw him watching where the German guy was staring and I thought he knows what I am up to and I should really behave myself and I should really close my legs but I didn't know this other guy and I thought sod it -- he doesn't have to look and watch me cock teasing -- if he doesn't want to - it's his choice.

So, I continued pushing my mound forward and displaying in between my legs and I thought I'd built up quite a nice silent but knowing horny look of sexual lust with my possible German voyeur. I was getting very turned on and very wet again, how I loved the powerful feeling that this exhibitionism was giving me!

I'm sure that my husband's cock would have been twitching and straining against the material of his shorts and most probably dripping sweet sticky pre cum! I knew he would be just as aroused as myself and that he would be very pleased with my naughtiness!

The German guy was definitely enjoying the delights that I was showing him and I could clearly see a nice big bulge in his shorts and he seemed to like me looking at it and then giving him a knowing smile. He kept rubbing the top of his arm and I thought he may have been wanting me to lower my strappy t-shirt to show him my breasts -- but afterwards as I thought about it -- he may have been signalling for me to pull my panties to the side to show him what I had got -- how silly of me to have not understood that. But I doubt I'd have got away with showing him so much while waiting for the bus! And it is rather nice to leave something to the guy's imagination!

We waited for ages for the bus and yet I was having the time of my life, flashing him my crotch!

The bus arrived and we all moved forward and I thought Oh well that's the end of my little game, it had been fun and I'd thoroughly enjoyed it.

My husband stood behind me as we got onto the bus, he sat down and I sat next to him on the end and to my delight my German voyeur sat on the next seat with just the walkway in between us. He still continued to stare at me and in between my legs - so again I spread my legs -- I wonder if he'd be able to now smell my arousal as he was so close and staring in between my open legs -- god I felt so horny and when my husband continued to read the newspaper and watch me being a dirty little cock teaser -- my husband rested his hand on my left thigh -- god how I wanted him to slide his hand right up my thigh and show this guy how I liked to be touched -- but my husband later said he didn't want to scare the German guy off -- so he kept his hand still on my leg as I ached with desire. I put my hand over his and rubbed up and down in between his fingers while my German guy watched intently and he occasionally rubbed his bulge to show me his erection and I loved watching him and I gave him a naughty dirty slutty look!

My god I was feeling so wonderfully slutty and I was aroused and aching so badly. I started to grip my husband's finger that was on my thigh -- knowing it would look like I was wanking a cock off! Again the feeling was so powerful and such a turn on - knowing this guy was watching my every move! The bus stopped at our stop and I stood up to wait for the bus to completely stop and to my delight the German guy's hand touched my bare leg and rubbed gently up my thigh -- my god if only he had know how thrilling that was for me -- but the bus had stopped and I had to get off, followed by my husband who was then followed by my naughty German man. (My husband was sure that he had stayed on the bus and that this was probably not his stop!)

We stopped off at a bar for a refreshing pint of beer. Oh god my German voyeur stopped just outside the pub door -- so that only I could see him and he watched and stood looking at my crotch underneath the table for well over ten minutes. During this time he again gestured for me to do something -- which I thought was to lower the straps on my t-shirt, but I now think he just wanted to look underneath my panties!

He did grip his water bottle a few times to show me his hand seductively wanking up and down the bottle -- I was soaking wet and highly excited by now. Eventually he smiled at me and waved as he went -- I think I'd made his day!

Since that wonderful day I've fantasised so many times about being fucked by every guy on that beach, one after the other, I've fantasised how the dark skinned stranger number one -- the guy who tasted of tobacco and with the big thick cock with the bulbous knob would have felt pushing into my tight cunt -- fucking me and I've wondering how stretched and full he'd have made me feel.

I've fantasised about being completely covered in jism from all of my wanking men on the beach! I've fantasised about how much cock stranger number two would have been able to push into me and how many times he would have cum and spunked inside me.

But my favourite fantasy has to be my German voyeur. What if I had of managed to pull my panties to the side and could have shown him my smooth sun kissed smooth wet mound, what if he'd have managed to slide his hand inside my panties and feel me and touch me and then go away with the scent of my arousal on his fingers. Or what if he had followed us back to our apartment and we had invited him in and he had then devoured me while my husband watched and then joined in!

My god - I may have even had my most ultimate fantasy of getting well and truly fucked and DP'd -- oh gosh so many times I've brought myself off on my fingers as he touched me and fucked me long hard and deep!

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