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Her first time at a nude beach.
I arrived at the Waffle House off I-10 in Winnie, Texas a little after eight. I had worked all-night and got off a bit after seven so I was running late. When I walked through the door, she was setting in a booth at the far end of the room. Her face lit up with a smile when she saw me; mine did the same. It had been quite some time since we had last met. I was thrilled the night before when she had accepted my offer to go to the beach with me. I had teased her with the fact that it was a nude or at least a clothing optional type place. It's not legally so but people have been using it that way for more than twenty years.

Her dark short hair framed a heart shaped face and her grin accentuated her high cheekbones, made her eyes crinkle, and slit. The short flared yellow sundress highlighted her tan and showed off her long beautiful legs. As I slid into the booth across from her I couldn't help noticing that the top two buttons of the already low cut dress were undone affording me a teasing view of the soft curves of her cleavage.

Her grin broadened if possible, as she followed the direction of my gaze and she leaned forward saying, "Hi, how are you?" Leaning forward caused the dress to open more and gave me a quick glimpse of her right breast, the soft puffy tip topped by a hard pea of a nipple.

I grinned back before answering. "Now that you're here, I'm much better but if you keep teasing me like that we'll get thrown out of here and barred. That would be a problem to as they have the best coffee around these parts."

She winked and said. "Lucky me, I've had my coffee already. Do you want some?"

I looked her in the eyes and answered, "Sure, and I'll have some coffee too."

She chuckled and grinned. "Greedy, you just want everything, don't you?"

"Just my cake and to eat her too." I replied.

We sipped our coffee and talked of this, that, and the other for almost an hour before she finally said, "Hey, are we going to the beach and get naked or are we going to sip coffee and talk all day?"

I had to laugh but after I downed the last of my coffee in one long swallow. "I'm waiting on you." I said as I got up to pay the bill.

Outside I told her to follow me and we would leave her car at the grocery market in town and take my truck to the beach. We parked her car in an out of the way part of the store's lot and loaded her stuff into my truck. Once we were loaded, I headed south out of town. She slipped off her sandals, unbuttoned several more buttons of the dress, and slowly raised the hem of her skirt until her thighs were mostly bare. She was back to teasing me again but I grinned and pulled into the drive of a small convenience store at the edge of town. She scrambled to get herself presentable as I laughed.

"Hey, that's not funny; you need to warn a lady that you're going to stop."

I chuckled and said, "We need ice, beer, and cigarettes, and this is the last place before we leave town. I was nice; I pulled in over here on this side instead of over there among all those farm workers and that pipeline welding crew."

I went in and made our purchases; packed the ice chest and we were on our way again. She sat prime and proper on her side of the truck for about ten minutes then she undid the buttons on the dress until it was loose several inches below her breasts. She turned slightly in the seat to face me and raised her left knee and leg up onto the seat while sliding the skirt up to show just the briefest hint of the black lace panties she wore.

I took quick glances at what she was showing then asked. "Why are you wearing those panties? I didn't think you liked to wear underwear unless you absolutely had too."

She laughed before she answered. "I put them on while you were in the store. You're the one who messed up my teasing earlier now you can just suffer."

I put on a pouty face, which made her laugh. She would move and shift positions occasionally just to give me a glimpse of her breast or breasts. The black of the sheer panties was always tantalizingly just on the edge of sight. When we crossed the high bridge over the intercoastal waterway, she spotted a tug pushing a long sting of barges. She yelled for me to slow down which I did, as we were the only car visible for miles. She slipped off the seat and turned around to face the side window, which she franticly rolled down. Standing up on her knees in the seat, she stuck her upper body out the window and held the front of the dress open, flashing the tugboat captain and crew. They definitely saw her because they blew the boat whistle several times in rapid succession. As we rolled on down the far side of the bridge, she climbed back inside and sat down laughing the whole time.

"Did you see that?" She asked laughing. "One of the crew was over on one of the barges and the ass hole mooned me. I flash them some tit and he moons me, can you believe it? What is that, some rule or ritual of the sea or something?" She was still laughing.

I had to laugh with her. She had sat back down facing me and was almost bouncing up and down. Her dress was still open and her pert upturned breasts were rolling and bobbing. As we approached a long left-hand curve in the road, I said. "You better put those away before we go through the little town of High Island, the local guys would love to see them but I'm not sure of the wives, girlfriends, or the preacher."

She glanced down and grinned before she shook her shoulders and made them dance. "Spoil sport, it better not be a big town because these puppies want some air." She finished with a laugh.

It wasn't and we were through it in less than three or four minutes. As you top the rise at the south end of town, you suddenly see the ocean and the beach. As we cleared the last house in town, she unbuttoned the whole front of the dress and sat back to fan it open and shut at me. I gave a low wolf whistle and grinned. She shook her tits at me and grinned back.

About a hundred yards before the beach, this road used to tee into another highway but now there is a right turn only as the road to the left is barricaded. I made the right and immediately made a left U-turn at the crossover. At the barricade, I pulled over onto the sand and went around it. There was about a mile of straight level asphalt in front of us.

"We're on our way, there's nothing between here and the nude beach but sand." I said.

She laughed as she took the dress off and tossed it on the seat between us. I was idling along at about twenty miles and hour taking in the show as she removed the black thong panties and hung them from the rear view mirror. She sat back against the door, with her left foot on the seat and her right foot propped up on the dash. She ran her hands over her breasts, caressing, and gentle squeezing them. Her hands roamed downward across her stomach and lower belly and out onto the smooth skin of her inner thighs. She continued to tease herself by lightly grazing the edge of her pussy and the sensitive tips and skin of her breasts. The teasing was having a hardening effect on me and I had to make some adjustments to the front of my shorts.

I had left the asphalt and was following a rough hard packed sand road along and above the beach. After I made the first curve, I pulled over to a wide spot and stopped. I looked over at her and grinned as she rubbed her pussy lightly with one hand and caressed her right breast with the other. "I think I'm totally over dressed, what do you think?"

She sat up and looked me up and down, letting her gaze stop on the large tent in the front of my shorts. "Yes, you are but how are you going to get those shorts off over that tent pole?" I laughed as I climbed out of the truck and looked both ways up and down the road over the top of the short dune we were behind. There wasn't any sign of traffic, so I pulled off the tee shirt and my sandals and tossed them back inside. I struggled for a moment before getting the shorts off and tossed them inside to land in her lap. I opened the workbox behind the cab of the truck, took out two large beach towels, and tossed them onto the front seat. Getting back in, I drove on down the road at a slow pace.

As we rounded another bend, we met another truck going out. She jerked her foot off the dash but it was way too late to keep the other driver from getting an eye full. "Shit." She said. "I didn't think about there being other people down here."

I laughed and said. "He's probable driving around dressed the same way we are but now he's got a fantasy to jack off to. That is, unless he's one of the gay's that hang out down here and then his fantasy will be my hard on propped up against the steering wheel like it's trying to drive. Either way, it's no real problem as no one really cares what you do or how you do it as long as you don't hurt someone. Most people down here are really friendly and respect each other's rights as much as possible. It's hard to be judgmental when you're nude."

She kept her foot down off the dash but didn't shut her legs or cover up with a towel. "It takes a little getting used to and it's quite exciting if you know what I mean."

I reached over and ran the tip of my finger up her slit until I bumped the hard nub of her clit. I flicked it with my fingertip several times before removing it and holding up the wet slick digit between us. "I don't have any idea what you're talking about. Do you think I let my dick drive all the time? No, only on special occasions and you're one of those." Saying that, I stuck the fingertip into my mouth and sucked the sweet musky taste of her from it.

She moved her foot over to my lap and rubbed her toes up and down my shaft. "I know he can drive me crazy any time he wants to and does just thinking about him. My only question is what are you going to do about his condition when we get to where ever we're going and there's a bunch of people around?"

I shrugged and chuckled. "When they see the beautiful lady with me, glowing, and radiant in her nudity, they will understand. There'll probable be several other guys saluting you as well. I just hope their wife or girlfriend is the understanding type."

I finally came back onto the asphalt and the ride smoothed. I sped up slightly but still had to watch out for washed out sections of roadway. About a mile farther on I slowed and pointed to a large brushy bush. "This is more or less the beginning of the nude or clothing optional beach. I'll cruise down to the far end so you can have a look and then we'll find ourselves a piece of beach to rest and recreate on. Keep an eye out for a place you might like, that is if you can quit ogling the nude guys. I assume it's the guys you're looking at?" She stuck her tongue out at me.

The asphalt runs about three-quarters the length of the beach before it turns back to sand. Years ago, the gays stayed down on the far end but in today's times, everyone is mostly intermixed. Most of the people who come down here are pretty tolerant but there are a few homophobic ass holes that can be a pain.

At the far end, I turned around and stopped the truck. "Well did you see any place you liked?"

"I saw a lot of things I liked and a lot of things like I've never seen before. Some of those guys are bigger soft than anything I've ever seen hard. Talk about making your kitty twitch and hungry too." She made a meowing sound and then a growl.

"Down girl, down. I'll take bets on most of them being gay. Trust me, from experience, I know just from coming down here by myself. I've been cruised by more straight looking guys with nine or ten inches than you can imagine. I think that's the way to tell if someone is gay around here. If his dick is under eight inches, most likely he's straight. So muzzle kitty and lets find a place to get some sun, fun, sand, wind, and waves."

"You sure know how to kill a girls fantasies don't you? Ok, I saw several nice looking spots but there were people close by and I'm not sure if I'm up to just jumping out of the truck nude in front of strangers."

I laughed and replied. "Oh, you want to jump out of the truck nude in front of friends and family? Who better to be nude in front of than total strangers? If you want to be a little shy at first that's just fine, I saw a spot back on the other end that is quite sheltered from prying eyes, more or less. I'll cruise back slow and let you have another look at the fantasy world."

On the two miles of beach I had seen around fifteen guys, three women completely nude, and four or five women topless. I stopped at the big bush at the start of the area and backed in onto the sand and around to my right. Pulling forward, I headed toward the bush and ended up parked parallel to the road and partially blocking the entrance, we had backed in to. The bush blocked the view of anyone driving in on the road, the truck block their view as they drew even with us, and a low dune blocked most of their view as the went on past. Only tall pickups or SUV's were tall enough for the occupants to see over the low dune. We weren't completely hid but at least the number of people seeing us was limited. That is unless they drove down the beach it's self; then we were in plain view.

I climbed out of the truck, moved to the bed, and removed two folding lounge chairs and a small ice chest. She was still in the truck when I looked back. I walked over, stuck my head in, and asked. "Are you going to get some sun or are you staying in the truck? You made a long drive to sit in a truck on the beach. You're very beautiful and I could sit and watch you for hours but what gives?"

"There's traffic up and down over here all the time. I'm just a little uneasy getting out without my clothes on and there's too much junk on the seat for me to slide across and get out over there."

I chuckled. "My brave little chicken. Let me get some of this stuff out of the way so you can slide across." I cleared the seat, moving things to the dash and into the workbox in the rear until she could get out on my side.

Once she was out and standing up, she realized she was visible from the waist up all of the time and all of her could be seen some of the time. She took several deep breaths and chuckled. "I'm not sure whether to be scared or excited. I think excited is winning out. What do you need me to do?"

Setting up the chairs, I answered without a moment's hesitation. "A blow job would be nice but we need to get this camp in order. Set up the other chair while I get the umbrella set up, we'll need some shade later and I want to get the cooler out of the sun before the ice starts to melt."

It only took a few minutes to get set up but it was enough time for her to forget about being nude in public. I knew she had a little streak of the exhibitionist in her, but this was entirely different. I moved both chairs until they were side-by-side and pointed down the beach and right at the sun. Reaching in the workbox, I got out a big bottle of tanning oil and told her to come over and stand in front of me. Her back was toward the bush and I was between her and the rest of the beach. I squirted the oil onto her back and reached around her to rub it into her shoulders and upper back. Her nipples crazed lightly across my chest and she inhaled sharply. After I had the oil applied all the way down to her waist, I poured more oil in my hand and rubbed them together. I moved slightly forward and lightly brushed my lips against hers as I rubbed the oil into her ass cheeks and hips. She kissed me lightly on the lips and the kiss deepened as I spread the oil into the crack of her ass. She jumped as my fingertips bumped over the puckered opening to her anus.

I stepped back and smiled, poured more oil into my hands and squatted down to apply it to her right leg, as I worked it lower my face got closer to her mound and sex. The small vee of hair ended just above her slit and I could see her clit peeking out of its little nest of flesh. I licked a long wet track upward along her puffy outer lip on one side, across her mound just above her clit, and along the edge of the hair on the other side. When I was done, I sat back and got more oil for the other leg. Again, I oiled from the thigh down and again I made the long lick. When I stood up and motioned for her to turn around, she was trembling slightly.

I squirted the oil over her breasts and belly then reached around to massage it in. I could feel her breasts swell and harden, as did the nipples. They were like little rocks atop a snowy peak. I stepped forward until my manhood slipped upward along the cleft of her ass, my hands roaming over her stomach and hips. She pressed back against me and wiggled her hips slowly from side to side until my fingers dipped down across her mound and the little patch of hair. Getting a little more oil, I returned my hands to her mound and worked them between her legs, which moved farther apart. I worked the oil into every nook and cranny of her sex. She was breathing hard and moaning softly as her ass made little circles against me.

I whispered into her ear. "Are you ready to cum or do you want to wait?"

Hoarsely she replied. "I don't know if I can wait." She used her hands to move mine and stood there trembling. "I need to sit down for a minute and get my body under control before I explode." She moved carefully over and sat down on the lounge chair, turned, and stretched out on it and presented her oil slick body to the sun. She gave a little gasp as she shifted her hips. "I may cum anyway from either the heat of the sun on my pussy or the caress of the wind."

I handed her, her pair of sunshades and started applying the oil to my own body. She turned her head and watched me rub the oil onto as much of my body as I could reach. When I rubbed it into my cock and balls, she licked her lips and smiled. I grinned down at her and handed her the lotion before turning around and squatting down. "Here, make yourself useful wench and oil up what I can't reach."

She rubbed the oil in firmly and sighed. "I wanted to do you like you did me." She paused a moment and then chuckled. "Yeah, that's what would have happened, I'd do you and you'd do me and we'd have standing room only for the floor or rather the sand show."

When she finished I sat down in my lounge chair and relaxed. The sun was warm on my skin and the wind was cool and caressing. My member, which had been hard as an iron bar, slowly softened enough to lie along the crease of my thigh instead of lying straight up on my belly. She noticed this and laid her hand on my thigh just below it with her wrist just brushing the sensitive head. It jerked and twitched as she caressed my leg with her wrist accidentally brushing across the flanged head. Slowly it rose back up into the vertical position and her hand moved higher onto my hip. She glanced around, not seeing anyone close by, she grasp the shaft and slowly jacked her hand up and down in long strokes. Damn that felt good, I closed my eyes, and soon I heard a soft moan escape my lips. She released the shaft and her hand disappeared. I opened my eyes to see her grinning at me.

She was laying flat with her head just slightly raised and had one foot resting on the sand on each side of the lounge chair. I smiled back at her as my eyes wandered slowly down her shinny body, taking in the rise and fall of her breasts as she breathed, the cones at the tip swaying slightly. Her stomach was a flat plain with a slight golden glow from the very fine hair shining through the oil. The rise of her mound with its small patch of short dark hair was a hill with a grove of trees that pointed to the treasures hidden from sight below. Her spread thighs and knees were an open invitation to explore and capture these treasures.

A movement out of the corner of my eye caused me to look to my left to see a single guy walking slowly down the beach in our direction. She could not see him because of me and would not until he was directly in front of her with a full view of her spread pussy. I grinned as my dick twitched against my stomach. The thought crossed my mine as to which of us he would be looking at, my hard dick, or her open wet pussy. Her eyes must have been closed because he stopped on the pretence of examining a shell for several long seconds before I heard a small gasp from her. She didn't move but I did detect a twitch in her knees, indicating that she wanted to. She looked over at me for a moment and I could read the expression on her face like a book. It said, "I'll get even for this, you can just bet on that." Then she smiled.
I twitched my hard on at her, forgetting we had company. I must have made a face because she chuckled and shook her head as she looked away. The guy wandered on by for a ways and then at the bush he turned around and headed back the way he had come. After he was out of earshot, she said. "You're mean and evil, you know that? You could have warned me but you'd rather see me suffer. It was all I could do to keep from jerking my legs together or trying to hide behind my hands." She paused as if in thought for a moment and then went on more softly. "I almost came when I saw him standing there, knowing that he was looking straight into my pussy. Damn, it feels like a river running down the crack of my ass even now. I should come over there, sit on your face, and drown you."

I glanced down the beach to see if the guy was still walking away before I got up and got a small blanket from the workbox in the truck. I moved my chair over a few feet and turned it on its side. I spread the blanket on the ground and laid down on it. With a grin, I asked. "What's stopping you?"

She had watched me the whole time with a slightly puzzled expression. When I asked my question, her mouth dropped open for a second before she said. "Are you serious? There are people down the beach and cars and trucks on the road." She sat up and looked around. The nearest person on the beach was the guy walking and he was two hundred yards away and had his back to us. She turned toward me, looked to see if she could see the road, and found that the truck and the dunes masked it. Looking down at me, she grinned and added. "You are serious aren't you?"

Swinging her legs to my side of the lounge chair she hesitated a moment before looking around once quickly and moving to straddle my head on her knees facing my feet. As she slowly lowered her drenched sex to my mouth, she muttered. "What the hell, we can only go to jail once; anyway I'm to excited to care."

I placed my hands under her thighs to guide her to my waiting tongue. I used it to stab into her hot wet opening and to explore its depth as far as I could reach. Her juices were running and had been running everywhere. I licked and lapped in all directions trying to recover as much of this nectar as I possible could. I made long sweeping licks up the crack of her ass that brought a low moan from her. Once that area was clean and slick, I moved back to her vagina to lap up the flood there. Moving lower, I ran my tongue up along her slit to draw rings around her hard clit. She groaned loudly and ground her pussy against my face and mouth as she came and came hard. I worked my mouth and head back toward her opening and was rewarded by a hot flood seeping out of it and running onto her inner thighs. I licked and lapped at it like a kitten after cream.

I was cleaning up the last of her sweet juices when I felt her tongue make a long lick from the head of my dick to my balls. She continued to make these long licks until she had cover the whole of the side facing her. My shaft was jerking and twitching from the warm enthusiastic tongue bath. As it jerked up off my belly, she inhaled the head and about half the shaft in one fast slurp. Her head moved slowly upward as she sucked and licked at the tender morsel slowly exiting her mouth. She stopped with just he head still inside and ran her tongue over and around the head with little fluttering licks. Using her tongue to press the head up against the roof of her mouth, she sucks the shaft back in a little deeper than she had the first time. Up and down, her head moved as her mouth and tongue work their magic on me. Each time, she took a little more of my shaft into her warm wet mouth, until her nose bumped against my balls and she paused. I can feel the head resting in her throat and the swallowing movements she was making around it. I groan as the pressure built and I felt my balls slowly draw up. Her head moved up and then down with increased speed and suction. I was reaching the point of no return fast and told her so. She just held me in her mouth and wiggled, and swirled her tongue like a snake gone mad. I came in a gush and then another as she continued to suck and milk my spewing shaft. Her moaning softly around my meat made me open my eyes and raise my head to lick at her clit with sharp swipes of my tongue. Her moan turned into a low rumbling growl, that I felt on my manhood more than I heard.

She held me in her mouth for a few moments longer, before she allowed the softening member to escape. She sat up slowly, pressed her sex tightly against my face, and wiggled her hips before rising to her knees and then standing up. She moved over to the ice chest and opened it, to get a Diet Coke and a Dr. Pepper. Moving back to her lounger, she sat down and handed me the Dr. Pepper before she spoke, "I told you it would be you do me and I do you."

I chuckled before I replied. "I think that's the first time that I know of that you've cum while sucking a dick. This fresh air and sunshine must be good for your sex drive."

She laughed and shook her head. "Sorry about that, but you don't have a clue. When you started to cum, a movement down by the surf caught my eye and I glanced up to see a couple standing there watching us. She had this big grin on her face, was pinching her left nipple with one hand, and had the other buried inside that tiny bikini bottom she wore. He was slowly stroking his hard dick with one hand and had the other arm around her waist. You were cumming in my mouth like crazy, he started to spray all over the beach, and she threw her head back and humped against her hand. Everyone was cumming but me, and then your tongue touched my clit and oh boy, I had a dozy. My eyes closed and I forget about our visitors for a while, as I was lost in my own little world. When I opened my eyes, they were gone."

I laid there and stared at her a moment wondering what to say, I couldn't think of anything, so I just grinned.

She shook her head slowly and continued. "I've been to my first nude beach for less than two hours and already I've had a guy staring up my pussy and a couple masturbating while watching me get my pussy ate and giving a blow job. It's been a full day so far." She ended with a laugh. Under her breath, I barely made out. "What time does the orgy start?"

I chuckled as I unsteadily got to my feet, picked up the blanket, and hung it over the side of the truck. Righting my chair, I sat down and took a long pull on my DP. "I told you, you would have fun if you ever got the nerve or the chance to make it down here."

She brought her seat back up to a sitting position like mine, sat back, and relaxed, laughing the whole time. I shrugged and joined her in relaxing.

We sipped our drinks and smoked several cigarettes, enjoying the sun in silence. The couple that had watched us walked out from behind the bushes and continued back down the beach. They grinned and waved as they passed. We grinned and waved back, what else could we do?

They were a hundred yards down the beach, when I asked her if she wanted to take a walk. She grinned and said "Sure, why not. I think I'm ready for anything now."

Since the other couple had gone to the left, we went up the beach to the right. We walked slow, looking at the shells and the debris that had collected along the high tide line. At least she was; I was watching her. The shift and sway of her hips as she walked, the tight curve of her ass as she bent to pickup this or that, the play of sunlight and shadow across her body, she is quite a beautiful woman. It's probably true that a totally nude woman isn't as sexy as one with just a little on, but the form of a naked woman in a natural scene is a wonder to behold. There is a natural grace to their movement and form that is beautiful to watch. After about half a mile, we turned and walked back toward the truck, only farther out so the surf swirled and danced around our legs and feet. The surf was rather heavy for the gulf as there were small squall storms scattered about the area.

When we were back in front of the truck, I took her hand and led her out into deeper water where we played tag with the waves and each other. We ended up wrapped in each other's arms and kissing; that is, until a large wave came crashing in and knocked us asshole over elbow. We came up spitting, sputtering, and laughing all at the same time. We held hands as we waded back to shore and returned to sit in the lounge chairs to let the sun dry us. After a while, we rolled over to sun our backs, we talked of this and that, idle conversation the whole time.

The sun was getting hot even with the stiff breeze off the water, so I got up and got us a couple of drinks. She wanted to take another walk along the sand, so we headed down the beach this time. When we had arrived earlier, there had been around two dozen people scattered over about two miles of beach, now the number was twice that or better. We walked over a mile down the beach, with her looking at everything and everyone. I was watching her and the reaction of the people we passed.

When we stopped to turn around for the return walk, I asked her. "How are you doing? Are you getting more comfortable being nude in public?"

We started walking again as she answered. "Yes and no, I'm still a little self conscious, but since I've seen some of the other women here, I feel much better. I thought they would all be little model type beach bunnies, all slim and trim, flat tummies and boobs out to there. Now I know that they are ordinary people just like me. Some with better figures and a lot with bigger boobs." She paused to laugh. "I'm still getting a wet and twitchy pussy just looking at everyone else, knowing they are looking back. I wonder if they are the same way."

I chuckled and then whispered closely in her ear. "If not then they are gay, the guys anyway, I could never figure out you girls one way or the other. For your information, you are one of, if not the most beautiful lady on this beach, so smile and be happy that you've made more than one dick twitch as we walked by. At least I hope it was you." I finished with a laugh.

As we walked back, several people and groups of people waved at us. There was a couple, who had several rods set out, so we stopped and asked about the fishing. They were nice friendly people, who were enjoying themselves as much as we were enjoying ourselves. As we continued our walk, she commented. "They seem like normal everyday people."

I laughed as I turned to give a searching look at her face. "What?" She asked.

"Just checking to see if you looked like a normal everyday person or not." I laughed again and she joined me.

"Ok, I get your point."

Back at the truck, I moved our chairs over under the umbrella. We sat in its shade as we made sandwiches and ate lunch. It had gotten hot in the sun here in the middle of the day. She relaxed in the shade as I put up the lunch fixings. A large thick cloud covered the sun as I turned from the truck. I stood for a long moment and just looked at her lying there on the lounge chair. Again, I thought of what a good-looking woman she was. A large drop of cold rain snapped me out of my daydream. I looked up and out over the water, there was a gray sheet of rain headed our way.

"Hey sleepy head, grab your towel and cigarettes and get in the truck. It's fixing to rain like pouring piss out of a boot." She looked up at me and then at the sea. I was taking down the umbrella and putting it back into the truck.

"A little water won't hurt me, I won't melt." She said.

"I know that but you might float away." I said with a laugh. "That rain is going to be cold and hard."

I grabbed our cigarettes and towels and tossed them into the front seat of the truck. I rolled the windows up on both sides of the truck and was back beside her chair when the first large drops started to thicken and became a downpour. It was a hard and a cold rain. She jumped up off the lounge chair with a shout and started for the truck. I grabbed her and held her in a close embrace as the rain pelted us. She laughed as the first shock of the cold rain wore off and then she was kissing me passionately. What is it about kissing and or making love in the rain that turns women on so? I've never figured it out but then again it doesn't really matter, just enjoy it I guess is the best policy.

She and I had never made complete love before; oral sex and masturbation yes but not full physical love. I was somewhat shocked when she forced me to the cold wet sand and climbed on top of me. Her hot sex was rubbing and hunching on my rapidly hardening manhood as she continued to kiss me. With a quick movement of her hips, her hot, slippery pussy engulfed me. God, she was tight. I could feel every movement along the whole length of my shaft as she rocked her hips. A hot oiled velvet glove is the only description that comes to mind. The rain fell on us as she sat up and the rocking became a hard long bouncing. Even though I had cum hard earlier, I knew I wouldn't last long. I didn't. She stopped suddenly with me as deep inside as I'd go and hunched her clit hard against my pelvic bone. Her vagina was squeezing and rippling around my shaft as she came. I was right with her. Slowly she leaned forward to lay her head on my shoulder for a moment, as her breathing returned to normal. She pushed up, looked down at me with a big grin, and then kissed me on the lips.

The rain slackened off a little and she sat back up and wiggled her hips. I could feel her clenching and unclenching her inner muscles around my slowly deflating member. The sound of a vehicle on the road behind her brought her back to the reality of where she was. She eased up off me, my dick coming free of her vagina with a slight sucking sound. She stood up and offered me a hand. When I was back on my feet, I took her in my arms and thoroughly kissed her.

With her arms around me, I could feel all the sand on my back. I broke the kiss, grabbed her hand, and we ran into the surf. Where the water had been almost cold when we first entered it earlier, it was now warm. She helped me rinse the sand from my back and butt and out of my hair. We kissed and played in the surf for a while, before returning to the beach. The rain was now just a light drizzle and the wind was cold. We moved to the truck and dried off as well as we could before we climbed into the cab. We were both slightly chilled, so I started the engine and turned the heater on.

She was sitting against the opposite door wrapped in a towel, smoking a cigarette when she asked. "Do you think it will rain the rest of the day or will it clear off?"

I rolled my window part way down and looked out over the sea. I couldn't see far as a gray mist shortened my vision. I rolled the window back up and said. "It's hard to tell right now. We can stick around for a while and see what the weather is going to do if you want?"

The heater had warmed the cab, so I turned it off and shut down the truck. She moved over to sit next to me and rested her head on my shoulder. I had my arm around her and covered her with the towel. She sighed and snuggled closer. After a while, she said. "That shouldn't have happened. We told each other a long time ago that we wouldn't go there. We wouldn't do that to the one's we're with. Now that it's happened I'm both sorry and glad." She sighed again.

I didn't know what to say so I just hugged her and remained quiet. I felt the same way but for different reasons. Finally, I said. "I know what you mean, I feel the same way. I'm glad it happened because it was so wonderful and felt so right. The only thing I can say I'm truly sorry about is that it can't be forever between us. Our paths crossed at the wrong time and now it's too late, too many people would be hurt for our happiness."

She nodded her head and I felt the wet tickle of a tear run down my chest. I hugged her tightly and placed my cheek on the top of her head. We sat and listened to the rain and wind. A lot of the people were leaving now that the storm had slacked off.

I must have dozed for when I looked outside it was still gray but the rain had stopped and the wind had abated somewhat. She stirred in my arms and sat up looking around. "Doesn't look like it's going to give up and let us enjoy the beach, does it?"

I chuckled as I turned my head and looked at her. "I thought that our day at the beach has been a smashing success. I know I've enjoyed the hell out of it so far and really don't want it to end."

She smiled and leaned over for a kiss. As we kissed, I reached up and tweaked her nipple gently. She sat back, slapping at my hand. "You dirty old man." She said with a grin.

"Yes, mam." Was my reply. She laughed.

"You'll never change, will you?" She asks and I shook my head. "Well, what do we do now? Sit around here in the truck or go home?"

I leaned over and sucked in one of her hard nipples, rolling it around with my tongue. She grabbed the sides of my head and pushed it away. I released the nipple with a pop and sat up grinning. "There is a third alternative."

She laughed and shook her head. "I was wrong; you're a horny old goat."

I cocked my head to one side and asked. "And your point is?"

She chuckled before she said. "At least you're a lovable old horny goat." She reached out, placed her hands back on the side of my head, and pulled it to her breast. I lightly licked the hard nipple and the soft cone under it. Her back arched as she tried to stick it in my mouth but I continued to lick circles around the whole breast starting at the nipple and working toward her chest. Once I reached her chest, I switched breasts and licked circles around that one until I reached the nipple, which I sucked in between my teeth. This time when she arched her back, I took as much of the soft flesh into my mouth as it would hold and tried to suck in some more. I slowly let part of the breast slowly slip from my mouth until I was licking and flicking the hard nipple. Suddenly, she jerked back from me and pushed my head away. She was looking out the side window as a truck slowly cruised by; the driver had his window down and waved as he passed. The woman passenger leaned forward and waved also. It was the couple from the beach that had walked past earlier. We waved in return.

After they had gone on, she said. "Damn, that was feeling good but we've had way too many audiences already today. It doesn't look like the weather is going to clear and I do have a long drive home, so as much as I don't want to, maybe we had better head back."

I put on a pouty face, which made her laugh. I let the pout turn into a smile before I said. "Lets get everything loaded and we'll make one more cruise down the beach before we leave."

The rain was just a fine mist as we loaded the chairs and the ice chest. The blanket that I had left hanging on the side of the truck was soaked so we spent a few minutes wringing as much water out of it as we could before storing it away. I had noticed that she had exited the truck on her side and hadn't paid much attention to the traffic. I mentioned it to her and she just chuckled. "I'm getting used to this nude thing and I'm beginning to like it. We will certainly have to do this again. I'd even like to come down and camp for a few days, what do you think?"

"I'd love it but when are we both going to have that kind of time? It's wouldn't be hard for me with my job. We'll just have to shelve that until we get a chance."

She was silent until we returned to the truck. As I was backing out to turn around, she said. "Time will tell about what we can and can't do."

The way she said it made me wonder exactly what she meant. I looked over at her but she didn't say anything more, so I let it drop. We drove slowly down the road along the beach to find it all most empty. There were only a few vehicles left parked here and there. Some guy had pulled off the road at one point to turn around and had stuck his expensive sports car to the frame. There was a group of about four people helping him, so we didn't stop.
When I reached the end of the road, it was deserted, so I stopped and parked to one side. The rain had stopped but it was still very cloudy and windy. I asked her if she wanted to take another walk or go for a swim before we left. She thought about it for a long moment before declining.

I started the truck and we headed out, she slipped over to sit close to me and rested her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her shoulders and held her tight. We rode along in silence, each with our own thoughts until we were a little over half way back to the main road and I pulled over between two dunes. She sat up and looked around before asking. "Why did you stop?"

I chuckled and answered. "We're not exactly dressed to go riding down the highway. We can if you want to but the good people of High Island may object as will any cops we happen to meet."

She chuckled and said. "Oops, I almost forgot we were naked." She looked around the cab of the truck with a perplexed look on her face. "Where is my dress?"

I laughed. "Don't you know? If you don't know then how should I?"

She looked at me for a second before saying. "It's in the workbox; I remember seeing you put it there. If it's not then I have other clothes in my bag."

I opened the door and got out. She got out behind me as I opened the workbox and got her dress along with my tee shirt and shorts. "Shucks, I was hoping to hold you hostage for a while with no clothes but you're to smart for me." She smiled as she slipped on the dress and climbed back in the truck. She hadn't buttoned it up; she just had it loosely wrapped around her. She sat watching me put on the tee shirt and then the shorts. Before I could get in, she slid back across the seat and got back out. She stood up on her toes and looked around then told me to turn around. When I did, she pulled down my shorts and told me to sit down on the edge of the seat. I sat down and she removed the shorts tossing them in the floor of the truck. "You won't need those for a few minutes."

She knelt between my legs and looked at my soft manhood. "Oh, looks like the poor thing has had a hard day. Hee, hee, and I'm going to make it hard one more time." She pressed my knees farther a part and sucked the head of my limp dick into her warm mouth. Using her tongue, she licked and flicked at it much as I had on her nipples. When it started to harden, she sucked the whole thing into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down from the tip to the base, sucking and licking as she went. It didn't take long until it was completely hard. She reached up, grasped it with one hand, and started to lick it like an ice cream cone. She alternately licked and sucked on it until I was ready to cum.

I was almost to the point of no return, when I stood up and stepped around her. I reached down and helped her to her feet but didn't let her turn around. I pressed her forward until she was half lying on the seat with her ass sticking up in the air and her feet spread wide on the sand. I knelt behind her and started to lick her pussy, clit, and asshole. She was wiggling and humping against my face as I worked hard to force my tongue into the tight circle of her anus. Slowly it loosened until I was tongue fucking her ass. She was moaning softly as I stood up and pressed the head of my manhood to that tight brown ring.

She jerked at the touch and looked back over her shoulder. "That's never been done before and I'm not sure I want you too. It'll probable hurt like hell." I moved away and started to knell again when she said. "Wait, I want to try it, just take it slow and easy, and if I say enough, please quit."

I went on to my knee and went back to licking and tonguing her. I dipped a finger into her wet slippery pussy and applied the juices to her asshole. Ever so slowly, I worked that finger gently into the tight ring until it would go no deeper. I eased it out and worked it back in again. After a few minutes, I could slip it in and out easily. I dipped another finger into her pussy and worked it for a moment before I moved it up, and pressed them against the brown hole. One went in easy but I had to press to get the second one started. I let it sit there just inside for several long moments before I pressed forward again and it moved slowly inside. I eased it out and fingered her opening. She was breathing hard and I thought she might climax before I could get her loosened up. I worked with the two fingers until they would easily slide in and out. I let her rest for a moment while I licked at her sopping wet vagina and the juices running down the insides of her thighs.

She was moaning loudly by the time I returned to lick at her asshole and get it wet and slippery. I stood and slipped my shaft into her dripping pussy for a couple of strokes then applied the head to the loosened ring of her anus. I pressed forward and the head popped through the tight ring of muscle at the entrance. I paused to let her get used to the invasion before I pressed forward some more. Slowly I entered her virgin ass, pausing to let her adjust. When I was about half way in, I pulled out slowly until I felt the head touch the tight ring, and then I pressed back forward. I slowly fucked her ass with short strokes but I was going a little deeper each time. By the time, my hips bumped her ass cheeks; she was wiggling and fucking me back. When I was in as deep as I could go, I stopped for a moment but she continued to wiggle and hunch against me.

I leaned forward and whispered in her ear. "It's all the way in. There's a big hard dick stuck all the way up your little virgin ass."

She groaned and reached back to feel the junction of our two bodies. "Oh God, I can't believe it. It doesn't hurt much at all. It feels damn good in fact. Fuck me slow, so I can feel what it's like."

I pulled back slowly and then pressed forward just as slowly. She groaned all the way and I wanted to. I slowly fucked her until she started to move back against me. I sped up as she rotated and flexed her hips. I knew it wouldn't be long before I came, as I could feel my balls draw up and my shaft swell. She must have sensed it too as she reached down and fingered her clit. A half dozen more strokes and I felt and heard the start of her climax; I was right with her as I squirted my life out.

As my climax abated, I could tell hers was still going on. I eased my dick from her ass and knelt to lick and suck at the juicy slit of her sex. My tongue was all over her from her clit to her drenched opening. She kept on cumming as I kept on licking and sucking. Finally, I pulled back but she moved her ass back, jammed her pussy tight against my face, and yelled incoherently before going silent. I licked and cleaned up as much of the mess as I could reach before standing up. She was lying there on the seat with her eyes closed and breathing hard. My knees were weak as I moved over to the side of the truck and leaned against it.

I lowered myself into a squatting position to let my breathing return too normal. A little while later, I heard her call my name and I answered that I was here. She slowly slid off the seat and stood holding onto the door and side of the cab. She saw me squatting there and grinned down at me before reaching inside and grabbing a towel. She spread the towel on the seat and sat down.

We sat in silence for a moment before she said. "What the hell was that? I've had plenty of orgasms in my life but that was the granddaddy of them all. At first there was a little pain when you first entered me, then when you told me it was all the way in and I reached back to feel, that was it. That was all I could feel; every movement you made was directed straight to my brain. I could feel every inch of you moving inside me, I could feel my pussy flexing, and I could even feel the wind caress my clit. Everything was so sensitive I couldn't cum. I felt you grow larger and knew you were ready. I reached down to feel you moving in and out of me and grazed my clit as my hand passed. That set off a bomb of a climax, and then I felt your tongue and lips on me and I couldn't quit cumming. Then all I can remember is an even larger orgasm ran through my whole body. I've never felt anything like it before in my life."

I just nodded my head and slowly stood up. "That was the third time I've cum and men my age aren't supposed to do that. Anyway, I think I saw parts of my life flash before my eyes as I went that time. Funny thing was; they all had scenes of you."

She chuckled as she slowly stood up and leaned in to kiss me. After a moment, she pulled back and licked her lips. "You sure do taste like me. We need to go wash your face and my ass which is starting to drip."

I laughed and replied. "You've done washed my face thoroughly, that's why it tastes like you. Ok, lets load back up and go back down to the nude beach and take a swim."

As we drove slowly back to the spot we had been in earlier, I noticed that the clouds were thinning, and there was sunlight on the water out near the horizon. By the time we had took a dip and cleaned up, the sun was trying to break through the clouds here and there. The wind had dropped to a gentle breeze. We set our chairs up on the wet sand and opened a couple of beers. Sitting side by side, we spent the rest of the afternoon basking in the sun and the warm glow of each other.

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