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Very exposed. She noticed his hands stopped roaming her body
It was hot again. Even with the window open to the night air and the fan blowing earnestly the temperature stayed just above uncomfortable. He watched he come in and lay down on the bed fresh from the shower, hair still wrapped in her towel. His eyes washed over her lazily with jealousy. He wanted her clean, cool skin to take the final edge from the heat in the room. Even though she what was coming she pretended to be unwitting until he touched her. He traced lightly over her thighs in an unstable pattern of small circles and long lines. She looked across the room thoughtlessly as she spread her lags for him.

"No, I want you on all fours bitch," he said easily.

It came across her ears hard. As she turned over her face soured as soon as she was sure he couldn't see it. Normally this didn't bother her, it was usually one of the things she looked forward too, but tonight...

He liked his thumb and ran it over the head of his cock and pushed through her. It was like squeezing through velvet drapes. It was soft, but dry. He pushed right through to the hilt as she drew a short breath with an edge to it. The edge at least cut away the frown and gave way to a little smile. And he stayed there to wait for the juices to start flowing around him. He drifted for a moment thinking it was like sticking his finger in the mud and waiting for the water to well up before pulling back.

It felt good enough to her. He was by no means an exceptionally gifted man, but when it was inside her it felt like the biggest cock in the world and that's all that really mattered to her. She tightened around it and minutely adjusted it just as he started to pull out. The ridges of his dick collecting her fluids and bathing the outside of her womanhood.

He leaned over her and pressed his body against every square inch of flesh he could. It was indeed what he was hoping for. Her cool flesh outside and pussy inside drowned out everything else in the room, including the heat. With his cheek pressed between her shoulder blades and his knees pressed to the back of hers he began violently thrusting. It was short strokes more akin to dry heaving after a night of hard drinking then trying to please a woman.

She didn't mind though, she liked it better when he didn't pull out so far. As a matter of fact she liked it best when he pushed so far in that it feels like he going to rip clit in two and force his way right up to her belly. Since she was turned over it was more like forcing extra tension on the fine line between her soaking cunt and her exposed ass.

Very exposed. She noticed his hands stopped roaming her body and hand landed one on each milky cheek and was forcing them apart. His movements were still short, but very determined. Her body was rocking forward with each thrust and she threw out her hands to the headboard to protect herself. Her mouth fell open breathing with noticeable gaps between each drag of air and her eyes clenched shut. It did feel good to be here.

Her eyes snapped open as he clenched her ass in each hand hard enough to make it red every where except just around his fingertips where it was a forced pale that only appeared when pressure was exerted on skin. She knew it was coming, he was cumming. He spilled his seed inside her and she gasped out loud. She was cumming too, rather unexpectedly. It was like his thick cream jetted out to a secret button that sent her into orgasm. He straightened his back and forced himself as deep as he could like he was trying to prevent anything from spilling out. She hoped it would work.

Finally he collapsed momentarily onto her back again. The sweat rubbed between them as she wondered how long they had been fucking. "Long enough to sweat," she sighed to herself thinking about her ruined shower. He peeled himself off of her and fell into a satisfied lump to the side of her. She in turn moved her feet towards the foot board to lay flat.

"I love you," he during deep breaths looking at the side of her face waiting for eye contact. "I love you too, " she returned looking back at him, "That felt good." "Yeah, it was great, thank you," he said as he smiled at her and then twisting his body to his favorite side to fall asleep on.

And he fell away from her. It was almost like they had separate beds and someone moved his away as he drifted to sleep. Or maybe it was her moving herself out to be lost in her own thoughts. It was like an apathy came over her and the only thing she could feel what the fan blowing over the sweat on her body and cooling it. She hoped she could fall asleep before it turned into the film that sweat turns into. With this heat, that stickiness might keep her awake for hours.

She turned over slowly and fell farther away into thought. It had been good. Especially the part she could feel him push as much of his own being into her as he could. It wasn't like he wasn't unsatisfying because he was. She just wanted, well, more. More she thought but had realized her hands were well in the lead. They were dancing lightly over her clit waiting for her to notice like a lover seducing her awake from an erotic dream.

She could feel their cum on the outside edge as she touched the rim of her slightly battered cunt. She sank her ring finger in using it to delicately explore the damage done. Apparently not enough. She could feel her insides begin to boil again as she mixed his cum with hers, trying to move her hips farther onto her finger every time she carelessly hit an inside wall.

More again is all the could think and pushed her index finger against the other finger inside her. She realized she was rocking the bed from the bucking her hips had started doing against her hand. She slowed down. She wasn't sure how he'd react to this, so she didn't want to wake him. She started using more of her arm and wrist for movement instead of her hips. So far it seemed to work.

She felt dirty. Not just for doing this, but for doing this with out him. The thought of him watching her made her clench and gasp softly. As her body jerked. She held still. Watching him sleeping wanting him to wake up and not wanting it at the same time. She liked being dirty, that why she usually didn't mind being called a bitch. As long as it wasn't names like pig or cow she enjoyed it. He usually stuck to just whore, bitch, slut, and dirty girl.

That same dirtiness, she guessed, was what made her want him to watch her. Like she was at one of places where men have to put coins in the keep the window from closing while women danced around performing lewd acts. She jerked again forcing her fingers into her as far as she could and then her body recoiled the opposite direction at the unexpected pleasure from her middle finger brushing against her anus.

The bed shook again and she stopped again. The pangs of voyeurism deep inside her. She let a deep sigh escape as she grasped at the thought that had just left her. Oh yes, the booth. Her fingers went back to work. His eyes craving her through the window and both his hands in motion. One fingering for tokens or change to put in the machine, and the other working against his pants. She wondered how long it was before the average man had his fly unzipped and casually stroked his swelling prick. Or if they were even allowed to do that.

She bet they could. They. Another shock went through her body as she realized if she was parading her filthy sexuality in a seedy place like that, that there wasn't only one window. Her man would be watching her as well as many other men. She bucked against her hand again. Her back arched but her weight still shifted forward bringing her up almost to sitting. It made her middle finger press harder against her rosebud. Her eyes wide as she lurched her wrist forward giving that finger as slack as she could. It was pressing very hard, teasing her at full entry. Terrified at her own desire she fell back. Panting and noticed that a very thin layer of sweat was forming around her body again.

She liked dirty but wasn't sure if that was too dirty. She relaxed back into her pillow and picked up where she left off. All those men. How many windows would be in a place like that, can you even see the guys on the other side of the glass? Both thoughts pushed through her mind. It wouldn't be worth it if she couldn't see them. Their eyes riveted to her as she danced around, teasing them with bits of forbidden flesh covered by erotic clothes. A corset she decided with gartered and nylons. Sexy blue, she decided would look alluring against her milky skin. And a chair like in that Madonna video. And a big, thick, dildo. Forcing the hand in deep as she though the work "thick". Then ALL those men could watch me fuck myself. Feeding their money into the machine, wanting me, not having me. Needing me so bad that they didn't mind being seen by other men working their hard cocks in their hands.

All those dicks pointed at her. All shaped and sizes. She imagined looking behind her at a man with a tiny prick working it furiously between just a couple fingers as she forced her hot, wet pussy down on the dildo that she propped up on the glass between her and her "meal ticket". He could see her ass pressed flat against the cool glass lifting up on one side equally as the other side layer down as she wiggled against the rubber dick wedged inside her.

She imagined that he lost control as slapped the window so she could deal him in some way. The vibration minutely moving the dildo. Vibrating against her ass spread wide, vibrating against the tight secondary hole. She send her middle finger covered in their sexual concoction into her anxious hole. Right up to the second knuckle. At the same time she tough about all those men and if the glass fell away. What that could do to her, what they would do to her.

She lost control as the idea of countless cocks assaulting her at once. She lingered in the though of men inside her pussy at once. She spread her fingers apart inside her to mimic the stretching she would feel. She didn't realize she was biting her lip and was pinching one of her nipples hard. Harder than she usually enjoyed. The realization of what she didn't know was missing. She was a dirty girl indeed. She came, and came harder than she ever had in her life. Also a lot quieter than she expected. She laid there all fingers where they were before, just not moving. Eventually she pulled her hand free, away from her body, away from the sore and abused areas. The wonderfully abused areas. The new sweat lasted longer then what she made with him. The fan kept her cool enough to finally drift to sleep. Smiling herself into wonderful dreams.

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English Sex Stories

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