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From her expression it was much more to her liking
We were sitting in a booth in a bar on Waikiki beach, Jeanie and I. The one where the floor turns into white sand half way across the room and runs all the way out to the waters' edge. It was 5pm on a gorgeous island evening and strips of crimson streaked the western sky. We were sampling the latest of a parade of exotic cocktails. These ones were blue with little umbrellas.

Jeanie had on a mauve wraparound tropical skirt with tassels along the bottom. Underneath I knew for a fact she was bare-assed. On top she wore a loose shirt top tied in a knot below her great tits. I was in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned half way down my hairy chest. I had a nice glow going and a half hard-on from the discussion we were having.

Hawaii is half way between my base in Sidney, Australia and her home in Atlanta. We were there for some sun and fun after which I was meeting up with my buddy Tom to take him back down under to do some work for me. Jeanie is my fuck buddy and soul mate and we grab every chance we get to meet, usually three or four times a year. The rest of the time anything goes so long as it's in absolute honesty and we share the details.

For three days we'd hardly been out of bed. This was Jeanie's last afternoon in the islands and we'd gotten up out of hunger and thirst. So far the beer nuts weren't doing much for me but the drinks were and very nicely too. We went back to the conversation we'd started in bed when sharing some fantasies.

"Let me put it the other way around," I said. "Is there anything at all you don't like about sex?"

Jeanie took a sip of her drink and made a face. "Too sweet" she said. After a moment she added "No I can't say there is as long as I feel completely safe and it's not painful."

I ordered her a replacement from the menu, something with triple sec and vodka, then asked "All right then what's the problem?"

"Oh nothing at all." She grinned. Her teeth were very white. "I just wanted to tease. I love it when you talk about nasty things."

"And I you," I said, nuzzling her neck. "I want to watch you on your knees playing with a guy's cock. Licking it for a while then talking to him while you play with his balls and his asshole. Teasing him till he's bursting then sucking him some more. Being a total hot little bitch just so I can watch." I waited for a reaction.

"Oooooo, sounds like fun," she murmured, and wriggled in her seat in a way that said she was getting flutters under her skirt. She leaned in close. I could smell the perfume she'd dabbed on and see her very kissable lips out of the corner of my eye.

"Want to see him fuck me?" she whispered, giving as good as she got. "See my cunt stretched around his big cock as it slides in and out? Hear his balls smacking against my ass when he jams that fat dick into me? Listen to me whimpering and grunting and begging him to make me cum? See my big tits swinging back and forth as he bangs me? Want to join in?"

She sat back and giggled, looking for my response. Most of it was under the table.

"Actually... just watch," I said. "I like the idea of directing you. Having you perform for me. I know you love being told what to do."

"Mmmm yes I do." She sipped some of the new drink. From her expression it was much more to her liking.

"Now that would be amazing,' she said huskily. "Being a complete slut in complete safety for the man I love. But wouldn't you be jealous? Watching your lady being fucked? Knowing I was enjoying every second?"

"Hell yes, but I'd know that you were doing it for both of us and I'd know that afterwards it'd be just you and I and we'd make love."

"Boohoo to that." She chuckled. "After what I see in my mind I'd be sore and covered in cum."

I grinned at her delightful turn of phrase. "Probably, but I'd still take care of you, hold you close. Enjoy all of you".

She giggled at the not very subtle reference to some of the things I like. "You are wild! I love that! Would we kiss?"

"Yes, a lot!"

"Even though my mouth would be all salty and musky from having a cock in it?"


"Would you lick my cunt?"


"Even though it'd just been fucked and had cum oozing out of it?"

"Especially because of that!"

She beamed at me and wriggled tantalizingly in her seat.

"Oooooo, delicious thoughts! Got any volunteers in mind?"

"I do. Tom's going to be a day early. He's staying with us tonight because he couldn't get a hotel booking. He may even be here now. He has the room number and said he'd go right up".

I knew Tom had always had the hots for Jeanie, and I'd an inkling the attraction was mutual. She confirmed that by chuckling, leaning in and kissing me. "You sir, are just toooooooooooo much. Ok. You're on mister. Let's not keep the man waiting."

We downed our drinks. I left five twenties and we headed for the door. It was a rare joy watching her succulent ass sway ahead of me across the floor. I knew every male patron would be watching that and her swinging tits. My thoughts echoed her words. This would indeed be fun!

We walked along the beach, which was still baking from the day but not as crowded as it had been, back to our hotel. Not saying much, just enjoying the anticipation. We came in the back way and went up to our room. Sure enough there was a black travel bag in the lounge but no sign of Tom. Jeanie looked crestfallen.

I peeked in the second bedroom and there he was, bare-chested under the duvet, snoozing. I closed the door gently and went back into the lounge. Jeanie was pouting. I went to the mini-bar and brought back a couple of cold beers. The walk in the heat had dried me out. We sat on the couch and talked quietly.

"Sorry babe, he's been traveling for 7 hours and probably worked a full day before he flew out." Tom has a very physical job installing heavy machinery, which accounted for his very muscular body, and I knew it took a lot out of him

She pouted some more. "Well I was feeling playful!"

"Sweetheart we just can't go in and jump on him. I know Tom. Under all that ruggedness he's quite reserved. Get him out of his comfort zone and he'll run a mile. We need to set the scene".

"Ok I guess," she said with a sigh. "I'm just horny and wanted to please you."

"Well we could play a different game if you like."

She brightened up. "Ohhhh? How so?"

"Well," I said, "You could go in and progressively, ummmm.... wake him up!"

"Ohhhhhhhhh I could, could I? Now how would I do that?"

"Hmmmm," I said. "All his clothes are on the floor so I bet he's naked under the covers. You could go in there slide your hand down and see if you get a response."

"And if I do, what else do you think he would like?" Her eyes were twinkling.

"Hmmmm," I ventured, grinning from ear to ear. "Why not see what pops up and explore the possibilities?"

She raised her eyebrows and licked her lips laviciously. "But I thought you were in a watchful mood?"

"Oh I am, but I don't want him to think we're rushing him. How about.... you go in, close the door and take a half hour? Thinking about what you're up to will be just as exciting for me. Then come back and tell me all about it."

She smiled wickedly. "Allllll?"

"Yes all," I said firmly. "Fine detail and word for word, ok? But you're not allowed to fuck him unless I am there, ok? That's for later, and I want to watch."

"Ok." She made a mock pout. "Anything but! Yes Sir!"

I kissed her tenderly. She got up. I patted her on the ass as she tiptoed toward the door. She blew me back a kiss, quietly opened the door, and clicked it shut behind her.

I got up and went into the main bedroom, got undressed and lay down on the bed. The room was cold from the blasting air conditioning so pulled the covers over me. I was hard as a rock with anticipation, but in a couple of minutes I felt drowsy and drifted off. I was awoken by a rustle and a weight sliding in next to me.

"Hi darling," I heard Jeanie's breathy voice say. The slight musky smell of sex was in the air. I reached out and cuddled her close. "Mission accomplished?" I asked offhandedly, trying not to sound over-eager.

"Mmmmmmmm" she purred neutrally, and pulled me close to her. We lay silently for a second, delaying.

"So," she said. "Want to know more?"

"Of course! And if you leave out a single thing I'll spank your butt!"

She wriggled away as I playfully tried to carry out the threat. "Ok sexy I'll share!" She kissed me on the neck, just a peck. The scent of sex grew stronger.

"Wellll," she murmured in my ear, "I tiptoed in and knelt by the bed just as you told me to. He was lying on his back half asleep and half covered. I gently put my hand on his tummy and slid it down. Just as I reached his cock he stirred and opened his eyes."

"He said 'Hi Jeanie, what a nice surprise!' I kissed him and said 'Hi Tom, have you missed me?' He kissed me back with a little tongue and said 'Sure have!'"

"I pushed my hand a little further and felt his balls. And he has big ones! Cupped each one and squeezed a little. His cock was hardening and tenting up the cover. He lifted his arm up and pulled my head down and kissed me harder. I could feel my cunt getting hot and wet".

Her sultry voice was sending little thrills through me. It sank in that she was still fully clothed though the knot below her tits was loose.

"You're still dressed," I said. "I guess that must have been it."

"Oh not by a long shot, but I was under orders remember?" She chuckled throatily and asked. "Tell me, why do guys enjoy me talking nasty so much?"

"Because it's sexy and you are soooooo good at it?" I offered.

She kissed my neck. "Thank you honey you make me feel so good."

"Anyway Tom just now? I'm kneeling by the bed and he's kissing me pretty good, and I'm running my fingernails up and down his hard cock and it feels great!. I pulled away and started to tease him a bit, saying 'you like that? Want me to suck on that fat cock of yours? Let you fuck my mouth with it?' He was nodding and squirming in the bed. Then he pulled at the knot tying my shirt and popped the buttons so my tits flopped out. I was really getting into it and he could see my nipples were hard. He pulled me close and sucked on them. It felt so great honey!"

Her hand found my cock and started stroking slowly.

"And my hand was sliding up and down his cock just like this, not too hard just gently. His tongue was teasing my tit, and then he was sucking it hard the way I like it. My cunt was just dripping in my shorts by then. I wanted to slide my fingers in and pluck on my clit and finger fuck myself but my left hand was tied up jacking his cock and I can feel it getting slippery. So I just enjoyed having my tits sucked and the feel of his big cock in my hand, and went on talking to him."

Her stroking was lovely.

'I said 'like to fuck me Tom? Want to bend me over and slide this hot cock into my cunt? Grab my ass and my tits and bang me hard? Have me on my hands and knees like a submissive bitch? Huh? You'd like that wouldn't you?"

Her hand moved gently on my dick, sometimes squeezing the head, titillating me.

"He took that as a hint honey and went to pull me on to the bed but I stopped him. 'Maybe later' I said, 'Just enjoy this for a while. Like me to lick that cock instead?' He was eager so I peeled back the covers. I felt like such a hot little slut and my cunt was just aching!"

She was gently cupping and squeezing my balls and I was hanging on every word.

"We were in a like... sixty-nine except he is on his back in bed and I was on my knees beside it. My bare ass was in his reach, he just hadn't figured that out yet. First I licked all the way down and sucked in his balls one at a time. Then I went a little further and circled my tongue around his asshole. His hair was brushing against my throat and tickling so I pulled back up. I leaned back and kissed him. He must have tasted the pre-cum in my mouth because he kissed me back really hard."

I was dying with lust.

"I went back down on him and kissed around his cockhead. He started to surge up off the bed a bit. I took it in my mouth and give him a big hard suck and he moaned. I murmured a bit knowing the vibrations will send him wild. I was so hot and wet and wanted to play with myself but I keep sucking him. Then I feel Tim's hand on my ass and a finger tracing around my crack. His fingers found my swollen clit and teased it a bit. Now I was the one groaning. I couldn't get enough of his hard cock into my mouth. I was bobbing my head, using my mouth as a cunt over his cock. His balls had pulled up and I was fondling his ball-sac with my hand. I started to get a good rhythm going."

She had a wonderful rhythm going on me too. She knew I wanted to prolong the agony, the teasing brat, so she slowed down, letting me subside a bit.

"Then I felt him slip in first one finger, then two and start finger-fucking my cunt. Fat fingers, and boy did he know how to use them! Twirling them around, thumb on my swollen clit. Then he slipped his little finger into my asshole and started frigging both holes. I was going crazy, gobbling his cock and wriggling my ass. My tits were hanging down and swinging back and forth, slapping against the bed, sending little shocks through me. You would have loved it."

"Oh I would," I groaned.

She chuckled again, enjoying the control she had over me. Snuggling closer yet, she said "So we got in the same rhythm and I was going over the moon. Then I had a spasm from head to toe and came really hard and started groaning over his cock, but he didn't stop. I came again; the second one is always stronger. And just as I feel it pulse through me, he groaned and went rigid with ecstasy and shot a huge load into my mouth. Totally blasted me but I caught almost all of it except the dribbles in the corners of my mouth. I was so close to cumming from the wonderful images and her hand jacking me, I couldn't keep still.

"I swallowed honey and went on licking him and after a few seconds his fingers relaxed out of me. I was exhausted. In the afterglow I let him pull me on to the bed and find my mouth with his. He was breathing too hard to kiss well but in a few moments he settled down and kissed me slowly, licking around my lips very sweetly. He was whispering what a good fuck I was. I giving him wet kisses back, glowing with enjoyment as I recall."

She saw in my eyes I was too far gone to hear or do anything else and began to move her hand more urgently up and down my cock. I simply gave in to it; put my head back and let it flow through me. In a few more strokes a wave of pure pleasure rippled through me. I pulsed again and again, feeling the warm semen splash against our bodies.

When the afterglow had subsided enough for us to move, Jeanie made a quick trip to the bathroom for a towel. She wiped us off and climbed back into my arms.

"Now kiss me big boy and tell me what a good girl I've been for you. Did I do what you wanted? It was all for you honey."

I brought her gorgeous mouth to mine and we shared a lingering kiss, then we slipped away gently into a lovers' rest.

English Sex Stories

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