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He's going to fuck me while you watch and it's going to be so good!
Janet Taylor looked up at her impressive three storey house as the taxi pulled up in front. It always pleased her to see the home that she shared with her husband, Barry. A lot of work had gone into the renovations over that last few years and, although most of it had been a pain, she had to admit that the end result justified all the hard work.

She sighed quietly as she opened the rear door of the car and prepared to help her husband out and into his wheelchair. The accident that had left Barry almost permanently crippled had happened almost three years ago and in that time he had turned into an obese sloth criticising almost every move that Janet made. He had made her life a living hell; allowing her only to go out when completely necessary and then questioning her about her whereabouts on her return. But Janet had been clever. A close circle of female friends had provided her with an alibi on several occasions and that had allowed her maintain intimate contact with her lover, Alan. Alan was wonderful. He treated her like a lady. Sex with him was amazing - if a little rough on occasions - but Janet had come to realise that she liked it that way.

The only problem was that Barry had somehow found out about her adultery. At first, Janet had thought - hoped - that he would demand a divorce, but she now realised that that was too much to expect; he depended on her for too much around the house. Instead, Barry had embarked on a further campaign of mental cruelty that had taken Janet to the edge of despair. But today, Janet Taylor thought with a sly smile, was going to be different. Today her husband was in for the surprise of his pathetic life!

Still smiling, Janet enlisted the help of the taxi driver and began to push her husband's chair up the specially designed ramp and into the house. She thanked the driver and tipped him well closing the door behind him. For a moment she stood silently in the hall and listened. She could hear no sound other than the tyres of Barry's wheelchair as he maneourvered himself into the downstairs bedroom where he now spent most of his time.

"Do something useful and make some coffee!"

Janet bristled as she heard her husband's abusive words, but she took a deep breath and wandered into the kitchen. She was determined to keep her cool; nothing was going to get in the way of her big surprise.

"Hi, baby,' the man whispered in her ear, how you doing?"

"Oh, Alan, it's so good to see you! I didn't think you were here."

"I wouldn't miss this for anything, baby. He needs to be shown how to treat a lady."

The large black man took Janet in his arms and embraced her hard. Their lips met in a passionate kiss, his muscular arms pulling her slender body to him.

Janet responded. Her lips parted to accept his probing tongue and her hands went to the back of his neck and played with the short black hair. She wanted him. Right now, right here.

"He's in his room,' she whispered between kisses, probably looking at some porn on his computer."

Alan nodded and ran his hand lightly over the front of her white blouse, gently caressing the swell of her breasts. "Did you wear what I asked you to?" he murmured.

Janet nodded. "Yeah," she giggled, "but being out without underwear feels really strange!"

"But kinda sexy too, I hope?" Alan replied running his hand up the inside of her leg to her crotch.

Janet giggled and nodded again as she felt his long slender fingers float lightly over her moist, naked slit. "Come on, honey. Let's do it now! I need you, baby!"

Arm in arm the couple walked out of the kitchen and stood in front of the door to Barry's room. They looked at each other almost seeking the others approval and confirmation. Janet nodded and, taking a deep breath, opened the door.

"Hey! You come in without asking now, bitch?" Barry Taylor shouted angrily as he saw his wife enter. "And where's my coffee?"

"No coffee, Barry, but I do have another little surprise for you!"

Janet looked behind her and motioned her lover into the room.

"What the fuck is this?" Barry yelled as he saw the large black figure of Alan framed in the doorway. "You bring you're fucking stud into my house, you fucking slut!"

Alan stepped forward towards the crippled man. His hand stung as he slapped the man hard across his face.

"Don't speak to her that way, man." he said angrily.

"She's my wife and I'll speak to her any fucking way I please!"

Another open handed slap. Harder this time. Alan was taking no pleasure from this but the man had to be taught a lesson. The pleasure was yet to come.

"I told you to shut up, man! Now, be quiet!"

Barry felt his face glow red as the tall black man applied the brake to his chair and thus rendered him completely immobile. Tears began to well up in his eyes.

"Okay...okay...just don't hurt me, please!"

Alan looked down on the helpless man and smiled.

"I'm not gonna hurt you - not physically, anyway! Just sit back and I'll show you how to treat a woman properly."

Janet had flinched every time that her lover had struck her husband. She hated Barry and wanted to be free of him. She also hated to see him hit but she knew that it was necessary. She felt her heart beating fast as Alan returned to her side. Once again his arms surrounded her and she melted into his muscular body. She could feel her nipples hard under her blouse as they pressed into her lover's shirt. She longed to be free of the restricting garment, along with the rest of her clothes, and be able to feel Alan's hot skin next to her. Touching her. The surprise, she realised, was just starting.

Barry watched as slowly, Alan stripped his lover. He took his time and ensured that Barry had a perfect view of what he was doing. The white blouse was first and Barry looked on astonished as he became aware of what was happening. He hadn't realised before that his wife had not been wearing a bra, and as the silky blouse fell away and her full, rounded breasts became visible, he guessed that he had not been very attentive to her recently. Oh well, he thought, it was only Janet, after all!

Janet felt the cool air in the room play over her naked breasts. She was aware that her husband and lover could both see that her nipples had hardened into severe, throbbing points and was glad. Her breath came in short ragged gasps as Alan started to undo the back of her skirt and she felt almost relieved as the garment fell to the ground and pooled around her feet. Slowly she eased off her outdoor shoes and kicked them towards her husband.

"He's going to fuck me, Barry. He's going to fuck me while you watch and it's going to be so good!"

Barry swallowed hard. His throat and thin lips suddenly felt very dry. He was having a few problems coming to terms with what was going on. Who did the bitch think she was? She was supposed to be his wife, not some slut for this big black guy! He thought about shouting out again but the memory of his last chastisement from Alan kept him silent. All he could do, he realised, was to sit helplessly and watch this man take his wife.

With his lover now naked, Alan led her towards the bed that occupied the centre of the room. As he laid her down he watched as she slowly parted her legs while he tore off his clothes. Janet had told him about her husband's terrible behaviour on numerous occasions and he knew that she wanted to humiliate him badly, but as he watched her writhe and spread on the bed he got the distinct impression that the show was as much for Barry's benefit as it was for his!

Alan and Barry looked on as Janet beckoned her lover towards her. Her thighs were spread wide apart and both men could see the moisture that glistened on her labia. Alan stepped up to the bed, his long, black cock swinging menacingly in front of him. His hand gripped his shaft as he lay back on the bed and he smiled as he watched Janet crawl on her hands and knees towards him.

"Mmmmm...that's nice, baby." he murmured as he felt her hot breath close to his groin. "Go ahead and suck on my big cock!"

Janet needed no second invitation and greedily closed her lips over her lover's thick, hard cock head. She sank as far down as she could taking five, six and then seven inches of his shaft into her mouth and throat. She felt Alan's hand on the back of her head and knew that he wanted to be deeper. She tried to adjust her position a little. Her head tilted back and another inch disappeared. Slowly she fellated her lover. She used every trick she knew and kept glancing up towards her helpless husband to ensure he could see what she was doing. He could, and that gave Janet an extra thrill. Knowing that Barry was watching and could do nothing about her infidelity drove her on and on.

Alan couldn't believe the way that Janet was sucking him off. He put his hand on her leg and slid it slowly upwards. He could feel the heat radiating from her damp pussy and as he touched the silky folds he let his fingers gently open the lips of her labia and slowly rotate over her swollen clit. He heard her gasp as his finger made contact with the sensitive bud and felt her lips close tighter around his shaft. He thought about all the times that this wonderful, sexy woman had sucked him off before but couldn't remember a time when she had been so energetically enthusiastic. His fingers began to probe deeper into her wet hole as he felt her velveteen lips and throat envelop him completely. He wanted to close his eyes and revel in the sensations, but the thought of his lover's husband watching made him look towards the helpless man.

Barry could hardly believe his wife could be so sexually aggressive. It was true that he hadn't made love to her for over a year, but even so, he couldn't remember her ever being this forward with him. He recalled that sex between them had never been very good and he had always assumed that it was her fault - as most things were her fault - but now he was forced to see her in a different light. The way that she slobbered over the black man's prick was astonishing; her head bobbing up and down in a smooth rhythm was almost enough to make his own cock hard' and that was something that hadn't happened in a long time.

"I want you now!" gasped Janet as she took a second to let Alan's long penis slip from between her lips. "Fuck me, Alan, I'm ready for your cock, baby!"

Janet felt her lovers strong arms around her as he lifted her and moved her onto her hands and knees on the bed. She sighed contentedly. Alan loved to take her from behind and she wasn't about to argue with him. It was a position that afforded him the best angle of penetration and always resulted in him getting really deep into her pussy. She waited as he positioned himself behind her. Sometimes, she thought, the expectation and then the initial thrust was almost the best part. She felt his hand on the back of her head, pushing her down and resulting in her ass lifting up. Her pussy lips felt swollen and puffy from her earlier fingering and when his cock touched her a sensation almost like an electric shot jolted her body and she felt herself tremble. Her labia parted automatically to accept his size and she felt the head of him pierce her. For a moment she held her breath as another few inches slipped smoothly inside her body and then gasped out loud as, with a rough thrust, he buried himself inside her vagina.

Alan grunted and let his head fall back as he felt the heat of Janet's moist hole grip him and draw him inwards. He really wanted to slam into her hard; show her and her pathetic husband how a white woman should be fucked, but he knew that she wanted him to make a show of it, to let Barry see how much she was enjoying it. Up until now he had been virtually silent, but now he wanted Barry to hear as well as see how much he was missing.

"You're wife's got a real hot little cunt!" he said to the sitting man as he began to pump his cock in and out of her. "See how she loves to take big, black cock, man!" The last few words he drawled out, emphasising them cruelly.

"Shame you're cock don't work no more, man!" he continued, "this bitch is HOT!"

Janet could see the tears forming in her husband's eyes. For just a moment she felt a little sorry for him, but then quickly remembered the way that he had treated her over the last few years. As soon as she heard Alan call her a "hot bitch" she felt her whole body convulse. Somehow it was different when her lover verbally abused her; it made her feel all warm inside. That heat was travelling now. Emanating from her pussy to her toes; her fingertips; her breasts; her ass. She gasped as the power of her climax swept over her like a tidal wave; engulfing her completely and blocking out all other sensory perception. Her mind floated away. Her lips opened in a cry of lust that she could hardly hear. Her toes curled, her back arched as the convulsions continued to rampage through her entire body until, eventually she complete.

Far from finding the whole scene repulsive or disgusting, Barry found that he was completely unable to tear his eyes away from the adulterous couple. He had never seen his wife climax so fiercely - in fact, he had never seen her climax at all. He could see that she was now bathed in a sheen of perspiration as the big black man continued to pound away at her cunt. Barry himself was also breathing hard and he could feel a definite stirring in his loins. His hand went to the front of his pants and found to his amazement that he was hard. The irony of the situation was not lost on him, but he still felt confused; how could the sight of his wife being fucked by another man have excited him so much? The thoughts continued to race through his mind as Alan spoke once again.

"Let's see that sweet little butt in the air, baby," he grunted as he withdrew his weapon from Janet's swollen pussy, "Alan want's to fuck you in the ass!"

Barry's heart almost stopped as he tried to comprehend the man's words. Surely, she would never agree to that?, He thought. But as he continued to watch, he realised that that was exactly what she was going to agree to. And not only agree; from the look on her hair matted face it seemed obvious that she was going to thoroughly enjoy being butt-fucked!

"Oh yeah, baby! Put it in me. Stick it up my ass! Do it to me!" Janet squealed as she raised her hips up towards her black lover.

She had been looking forward to this and had hoped that Alan would take her this way. It would not be the first time, that was certain. Six months ago after she had been sleeping with Alan for some time, he had suggested that they try anal sex. At the time he had just fucked her pussy and given her such a massive orgasm that she felt unable to deny him anything. Tentatively she had agreed and, after a long slow fingering of her tight back hole, she had experienced the wonderful sensations as he penetrated her with his cock.

Now she wanted to let her husband see what she could do. She arched her back deeply so that the small orifice was presented at the perfect angle for her lover to enter her. Again she shivered as she felt his mighty weapon touch her there and his long, slim fingers pry her buttocks apart. She was sure that Barry would be able to see her gaping pussy and stretched asshole.

And then, suddenly, Alan was inside her. Her whole body seemed to be immediately full to capacity and she waited a moment for the stinging heat to subside a little. She knew how Alan liked to do this and was more than happy to indulge him. As the heat in her butt slowly subsided, she began to push back onto him. She knew that she had only taken a few inches of him so far and felt herself open wider as yet more of his cock strained to enter her.

Alan held his breath as, slowly, Janet began to move her body back and forth, each time allowing a few more inches of his cock to enter her ass. She was tight - really tight - back there and he could feel her muscles gripping and releasing him as he held as still as he could. For butt-fucking, Alan reckoned that there was little to beat this method. If he looked down he could watch his hard erection as it slipped in and out of her hole. He groaned deeply as, finally, she backed right up onto him and he felt the hot skin of her buttocks against his groin. He wanted to cum and knew that there was nothing going to stop him now.

While he had been forced to watch, Barry had been urgently squeezing his crotch with his hand. He couldn't remember the last time that he had managed to get an erection and didn't want to lose the wonderful sensations. The sight of his wife's lover's big cock being forced into her ass had him on the point of ejaculation and despite the fact that both of them could see what he was doing he could not have cared any less.

Both men seemed to cum together and both cried out almost simultaneously in their lust. With a long, low groan, Alan leaned back and pushed his lover forward as his seed shot from his penis and splashed against Janet's buttocks. At the same time, Barry sighed and looked down to see a large wet patch materialise at the front of his pants - he hadn't even had time to unzip himself!

As his climax began to subside, Barry looked back over at the prone figure of his wife. He was indeed now seeing her in a different light. Gone was the animosity he had felt towards her for so long. In the last hour or so he had come to realise that his recent behaviour had been unacceptable and had obviously driven her into the arms of another. Not that he wished her to give up her lover - or maybe even lovers - it was clear to Barry now, that he was still capable of functioning as a man and if voyeurism was what it took, then voyeurism was what it would have to be.

He smiled at his wife as she tried to catch her breath - something else that he had not done in a long time - her expression in return was inquisitive. But Barry was sure that she would agree with the idea that was beginning to form in his mind; It would be a different kind of marriage to the one he was used to - in fact, that most people were used to - but to Barry, a permanent live-in lover for his wife sure sounded like a lot of fun!

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