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Exhibitionist showing her pussy in a erotic way
This is an attempt to set the tone or the situation and how it arrived to be a story that seems or wants to be told. It was the late summer days the heat had risen to unbearable limits, his air conditioner the wind was not blowing, sitting in uncomfortable conditions this man in his fifties decided to dress and go out to an air conditioned environment to find temporary relief. Leaving his rural community and heading for the city south of him about an hour and a half drive away, coming upon construction and detours ended up in an industrial area, one large neon sign flashing a pink word Diva's, and in the window a computer generated sign air conditioned for your comfort.

Pulling into the parking lot seeing a few cars angle parked he slid his Honda quietly into a spot and checked to make sure all the doors and window were up and locked. Sliding his five foot nine inch frame out into the sweltering heat he hurried across the parking lot as not to let lakes of perspiration mark the pits under the arms of his blue dress shirt. Greeted at the door by a large burly looking man with a ponytail, the bouncer ushers him inside and places him at a table but ten feet from a stage.

The coolness of the air condition immediately brought a comfort level that he had not felt for a few days. A waitress approached dressed in normal street clothes nothing elaborate and took my order. The music was a steady rhythmic beat not overly loud when all of a sudden a males voice announced a name and onto the stage before me strutted a lovely young lady dressed in nearly nothing. The patterned top holding back her swaying breasts as she strutted around the stage in what would be considered a dance routine. Her matching bottoms barely covering anything but her womanhood. The bare skin exposed and the cool air mixed showed the hardness of her nipples pressing against the light fabric holding them back.

Nothing exposed during the first song, just a warm up he guessed for even as a youngster he had never before been in a gentleman's club. During the second song off came the top the breast swaying and swinging for all to be hypnotized by their pendulum swing to the beat of the music, and her hands constantly going to the nubs twisting and rubbing to make sure they poked out. Half way through the song off came the bottoms and there naked on stage stood the dancer slowly moving towards the pole which she grabbed and shimmied up and the swung around like a swing opening and closing her thighs flashing her gash to the audience for barely a blink of an eye.

As the music got cued for the third song she came to the edge of the stage and pointed a finger in his direction, not understanding he turned and looked around, the waitress close by leaned down and whispered "go to the stage." In a state of zombieizm he walked to the edge of the stage she grabbed the front of his shirt held him as she bashed about his head with her breasts to the hoots and howls of the audience.

Leaning down she said just loud enough for him to hear "up on the stage."

Climbing up onto the stage still unsure of what was going on meekly standing there as she danced around him the perfume strong and taking his mind into a state he never new existed. She again moved in grabbing the back of his head bending it down so that her breasts had another go with his head. Leaning back she bite his earlobe and told him to "get on all fours." Mounting him like she would a horse grabbing his hair pulling his head up with her other hand began to spank his ass softly at first then with more force until he began to canter around the stage with her riding him like a cowgirl from the wild west.

His erection was now larger than anytime he could remember the whole scene was so erotic and sexual his mind was reeling in another dimension. Lying down along his back again with the sexiest of voices whispering to him " lay on your back now and really enjoy." With that she dismounted and stood overtop him as he fell and rolled over onto his back.

What seemed like an eternity with everyone in the audience clapping whistling and making all kinds of merriment his focus was completely controlled by her actions all done to the beat of the music. The dry imitation of fucking him began with her placing her naked vagina over his erect tented pants and she lowered herself down on top of him and began to simulate taking his hardness into her womanhood as if they were in some kind of show for all the rest to see. Then without warning she slid down and began to blow hot air on him simulating giving him a blow job of course this was too much to bear his hips began to involuntarily rise and fall off the stage as if he were driving his cock down her throat. As the song neared it's ending which was unknown to him but like second nature to her she scooted up across his chest dropping twice to let his body feel her heat until she was directly above his mouth and face.

The aroma of her scent filling his nostrils the desire to stick out his tongue and lick her folds as she took her hands along the petals and exposed her pinkness to him just as the song ended and she smartly rose to a thundering clap of applause from the crowd. Slipping into his pocket he extracted a twenty-dollar bill and gave it the dancer with a grin across his face. In his mind the experience was etched forever. Settling down the waitress came over and asked if he wanted another drink and all he could do as he tried to get his breath under control was nod.

The dancer came directly over to his table and thanked him for his help with her show and that it meant more to her to have a participant.

"Can I join you for a drink?" she asked and like magic the waitress appeared with his drink and backed into him her ass rubbing against his biceps as she took the order from the dancer. She began to tell him that she was new to the business and that this club had given her the break she needed and that two of the girls that helped teach her the tricks of dancing were in the club. As her drink arrived so did the other two dancers.

The one sitting down to his left was the most beautiful ebony lady that he had ever laid eyes on. She stood with her six inch heels only about five foot four inches tall, the colour and texture of her skin was so dark that only the whites of her eyes and the pearl chiclets of her teeth gave hint as to her realness. She wore a luminous purple bikini top and bottom, which attracted ones eyes to roam taking in her perfectly, proportioned body. The third dancer was the oldest of them all the lines around her face and mouth showed up her age more than anything else. Long blonde hair out of a bottle but no roots showing flowed down past her shoulders and more than half way to her ass, the front caressing the tops of her breasts as they were lifted and puffed out by a top possible a size or two too small. The matching black briefs were French cut and exposed the length of her dancers legs, the thighs very muscular and the calves pulsating with nerves and veins from many hours wearing heels six or seven inches high.

Sitting there being introduced the black beauty leaned over her hands on his left thigh squeezing in an gesture to make sure the sensations went straight to the mind and the head of his cock, "that was very good on stage the way you helped Darlene out," she cooed in my ear like butter floating across toast. The next shock came as he felt something rub along and then press against his manhood as he looked down Darlene raised his head with her hand so that he was staring directly into the blonds deep blue eyes like an ocean current running deep and true her penetrating glare was digging deep into his soul and mind, as her heeled shoe worked up and down his cock causing his breathing to become shallow.

With a deepness of voice that took him by surprise, the voice was like that of May West on steroids so deep and soothing. "Thank you for the show, we have not seen the likes of a man on stage like that in years!" With that she pressed harder against his cock pushing it back against his stomach and just grinned seductively at him. "Shall we all go for a dance?" Darlene the stage dancer asked. All three girls got up and the ebony goddess picked up his glass and the blonde and dancer took his hands and lead him back to the private area.

Without a word of warning they lowered him down into a plush armed wing chair, the blonde sitting on the left arm, the dancer on the right arm and the ebony queen on his lap. Stunned by this turn his breathing became shallow and his mind collapsed into a state of erotic bliss or sexual stimulation the heat of the ebony one penetrating through his clothes into his mind and the squirming of her buttocks on his lap making sure he was attentive. The blonde with the Barry White type pipes whispered ever so slowly "being a good boy has rewards of special proportion."

The dancer in his other ear piped up "this is our way of saying thank you."

With that the song began as a new dancer appeared on stage but his focus was now totally in front of him. The ebony girl began to grind into his lap as the blonde and dancer started dancing together their lewd movements mimicking two women dancing the dance of seduction. First one then the other taking the other one's top off, then moving in a beat as to their nipples seeming to be dancing together. The ebony one dancing not in front of him but on his lap grinding and swaying her buttocks slowly and rapidly against his raging hardness as she was enraptured by the other two. The occurrence was beyond his imagination the realism of their bodies meshing as one to the sound of the music in the background and the movements of the goddess in his lap with a deftness that he never even felt the cold air rushed around his exposed cock she had undone his trousers and unzipped him and pulled out his cock.

The blonde left the dancer and dropping to her knees between his legs swallowed his meat into her wet warm mouth. The bobbing of her head up and down as she inhaled him like it was the last penis on earth. The dancer straddling the blonde bringing her pussy up to his lips and forcing it onto him, the mouth opened and the tongue began licking its way up and down the offered tunnel of pinkness. The ebony one only began to murmur her desire, as her fingers appeared on he dancers clit and the blonde's intensity of sucking him increased only to his mind thinking the ebony one was fingering her also. The song only about three minutes in length was more than ample time for the blonde to extract from him the seed to fill her mouth, the dancer reached an orgasm spilling her honey all over his chin, mouth and nose, and the ebony one coming to the rescue licked his face clean before she plunged her tongue down into his mouth tickling his tonsils. As a parting jester she stuck the fingers of the hand that had brought the blonde to her peak into his mouth until he sucked them clean.

Reaching into his pocket he withdrew a wad of twenty-dollar bills and handed one to each, and in return received three pecks on the cheek and in a stunned feeling watched as they all walked away arm in arm. He learned a powerful lesson that hot summer day that not all heat caused uncomfortable feelings.

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English Sex Stories

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