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My nipples have been known to drive men insane with lust
“Sit in the chair and watch while we get started,” rasped Charles in an agitated, nervy voice. Monica complied silently, lost for words. An hour ago she had not even met Charles and Helen. Lost for entertainment while passing through a new and strange city Monica had drifted into the bar of her overnight hotel to enjoy a quiet drink or perhaps some other diversion.

She had been immediately attracted to the aggressive sexiness of the couple she now knew as Charles and Helen. A few drinks later the invitation to join them upstairs in their room had been easy to accept.

After settling in with a glass of champagne each from the hotel mini bar, the atmosphere was electric.

Helen, who had not said much since being introduced, met Monica's gaze from the other side of the bed.

“Want to watch Charles undress me?”

“Uh, uh,” smiled Monica, the realisation of what she might be in for, becoming far more than a long held fantasy.

Charles stood behind Helen with as much aplomb as he could muster in his shaking hands, and slid the long zip at the back of the shapeless dress to its extremity, then pushed the dress forwards off her shoulders. As it slid slowly to the floor Helen raised her arms akimbo and moved her legs apart in almost the same movement.

By now Monica could not take her eyes off Helen. She had not imagined that such a shapeless dress could hide such a voluptuous body.

Not that anything was hidden now. Still in high heels and stockings that finished half way up her thighs, her only clothing was a skimpy black garter belt to hold the stockings up.

“Do you like what you are seeing so far, Monica?” she asked rhetorically with a smile, fully aware that Monica was rapt at the sight of her naked body.

Monica, almost speechless and by now very turned on managed to say, “I love it,” not even realising the double meaning of what she had said.

Charles still fully clothed except for the coat he had removed, was as much turned on by the fully clothed Monica as he was by Helen in her blatant near nakedness.

“Turn around, and walk slowly over to Monica and show her what she can share later on,” Charles said with as much verve as he could muster.

All that Monica could think was, “Not too close. Stay in my focus. Keep turning me on,” as Helen poised, turned and walked towards her. Charles following a pace behind.

“You should see his cock, Monica,” whispered Helen, now really into the adrenalin rush and tension which was filling the room, it is really thick and impressive. Want me to take it out and show you?”

“Let me do it. May I?” asked Monica.

“All right, but stay fully dressed. I want you to keep your clothes on.”

Charles, absolutely erect under his clothes by now, wondered if Monica would be able to get his clothes over his heavy, thick, bulging erection. What was it Helen claimed she could grow it to? Twenty two centimetres, or as she preferred nearly nine inches - and so thick. Some things were just not meant to be measured in metric, Helen used to like reminding him.

Just a few weeks ago, by judicious and slow teasing with her tongue and mouth, for what had

seemed half the night, Helen had proudly claimed that size with a tape measure in one hand and his balls in the other, “To make it really big.”

Right now though, with his

eyes on one naked woman and a fully clothed one about to undress him, he was confident that he was much bigger than ever before. Bursting point in fact.

Monica could barely stop her hands trembling enough to grasp his belt and undo it, then the zip - at the same time amused at how easily he had shed his shirt, shoes and socks without any help.

“Let him step away from all his other clothes before you get his cock out, Monica,” Helen said standing far enough back to observe both of them.

“Now, drop his pants.”

With trepid hands Monica struggled to do as she had been told, at the same time determined to get a good look, and feel the size and weight of this new and exciting cock with both hands.

Helen standing right between her naked partner and the fully clothed Monica felt a strong tinge of jealousy as she watched Monica’s obvious greed and avid interest in Charles now unimpeded and very erect cock.

“Impressive, eh?” was all she had time to say before she pushed Monica aside and pointed her back to the chair by the bed.

“Sit down and watch and talk to us while we fuck each other.”

As she sat back in the chair fully clothed, Monica could see that the two naked people in front of her would not require any foreplay to enable them to make it together.

“Your choice Monica,” said Charles fondling Helen as he spoke, “how do want to me to fuck Helen for your viewing pleasure?”

“Slowly - in as many ways as you can - and right up close to me on the bed so I touch you both while you fuck. Start missionary so I can see you put your hard cock right up her, though.”

Helen lay back on the bed ogling Charles huge, erect cock, at the same time as Monica.

‘He looks even more than nine inches tonight,’ they both mused, unaware of each others similar thoughts, though both were thinking that they had never seen or had a bigger cock.

Monica was further turned on as she put both her hands on Charles cock, by the fully clothed Monica’s presence, a mere two or three feet away from her.

Monica spoke again, taking the initiative and loving every irresponsible minute of it all. “I want to see you put that huge cock right up Helen. Slowly. Right up to your balls. Make sure its slowly though. Can you take all of that Helen?”

Helen, turned on like never before smiled a wan smile, looking Monica squarely in the eye. “Just watch me. Now, Charles, give it to me!”

As Charles straddled Helen he could not keep his eyes off Monica. Sitting so close, very flushed and watching and obviously enjoying with a voyeuristic bent, every move that they both made on the bed . As he slowly squeezed his biggest ever erection into Helen, all three of them were sure it must be over nine inches. The biggest turn on for Charles was the still fully clothed, and virtual stranger, Monica enjoying his performance - and he felt sure, his thick nine inch erection.

Monica was now becoming quite agitated. “Slowly Charles. Is it nice Helen? God, he’s only half way yet. Let me put my hand on it before you get it all. It really is huge. So big I can’t get my hand around it. Is that a tease?

Neither Charles or Helen were sure who she was speaking to. Even though were immersed in their own pleasure, Monica’s voice was a huge turn on directed at their fucking in front of her. As her hand gripped Charles huge cock slowly filling Helen to its entire length, her hand was forced into contact with Helen’s clit.

Monica held Helen’s gaze, at the same time having her hand forced into her clit by Charles thrusting erection. “He is huge Helen. You are lucky. What can I do so that he fucks me too?”

Without waiting for Helen to answer Monica started kissing Helen on the mouth, her hand not losing its grip on Charles erection. Helen responded immediately and started tongue kissing Monica back.

Monica backed away slightly. “Is he a good fuck Helen? Is he really good? Can he fuck us both? I will die if I can’t have him. I am so wet.”

Helen more turned on than ever, by another woman wanting Charles so much, and absolutely turned on by Monica’s tongue kissing her while Charles was fucking her, reached out for Monica and started returning her kisses as Charles increased his thrusts and momentum.

Monica, suddenly realising she could control the situation for her own pleasure, broke away.

She stood alongside the bed and started to undress, talking as she did to gain the attention of the couple on the bed, locked in their frantic fucking.

“Is she a good fuck Charles? Is he a good fuck Helen? Do you like having nine inches? I have never seen such a big cock! I want it for myself.” As Monica spoke she moved to a position where both Helen and Charles could see her remove first her blouse, and then shoes, panty hose and skirt.

“Go on Charles. Don’t stop for me me. Keep fucking her. Slam into her”. All that Monica was wearing now were a skimpy black bra and even skimpier matching briefs. Despite Charles and Helen being busy with each other they both slowed to a stop and looked at Monica.

“No need to stop for me,” Monica said with a smile, knowing full well she was now the centre of attention.

“Shall I keep going?” she asked knowing full well what the answer would be.

Helen spoke first. “Show us your body.”

Monica needed little prompting.

“I will save the best till last,” she said in her pucker English accent, shrugging out of her briefs and letting them fall to the floor.

As she undid her bra she held Helen’s gaze. “I think my tits are just as impressive as his his huge cock. Especially my nipples. My nipples have been known to drive men insane with lust.”

With that Monica let her bra fall to the floor, revealing the creamiest white pair of tits that Charles had ever seen.

“Thirty nine C,” Monica boasted, looking straight at Helen, legs apart, her fingers playing with the very large nipples on each of her breasts, teasing them into full erection.

Helen could not take eyes off Monica’s tits. By now her nipples seemed to be at least an inch long and they were backed by round red rings, at least two inches in diameter Helen observed.

Charles also found it impossible to keep his eyes off Monica’s pale creamy English body. Not normally a tit man Charles wanted more than anything to suck and lick Monica’s huge nipples - and if Helen watched him, and touched him at the same time all the better.

“My nipples are a good match for your cock Charles. They are both very hard to top.” she cooed with some modesty.

“Who want’s me first,” Monica smiled, now in full control of the situation.

Her fingers and hands still teasing her own tits and nipples as Charles and Helen both watched, fascinated and absolutely turned by Monica’s display.

Monica continued. “I want both of you to give me something to remember Australia by - a diversion to remember. This will be my first and last sexual experience in your country. Make it good for me. You can both lick and suck me, preferably at the same time”.

Her audience, though small, was completely attentive. No one said anything. Monica looked from one to another with a polite smile that said, “Come on, take me. Don’t talk. Just lick and suck me.”

With that taunt Charles and Helen ignored their own pleasure completely and got up from the bed as one. Each of them eagerly suckled one of Monicas long erect nipples as she gasped with pleasure, both her hands grasping Charles still rock hard cock and stroking him.

“Who’s in charge now?” Monica smirked, stroking the length of Charles cock. “Lets get on the bed”.

Once on the bed Monica organised the three of them so that Charles could enter her from behind while Helen alternatively sucked her long hard nipples and kissed her passionately on the mouth.

“Now Charles. Fuck me. I want Helen to feel you fucking me while I kiss her. Give it to me. Really give it to me,” Monica moaned.

“Show me how good you are. Slide it in, right up to your balls. Go on. All the way. Harder. Can you feel that Helen?” Monica asked. “I am so turned on. That cock is wonderful. And you know how to use it. God, that’s heaven.”

Helen spoke for the first time in a long while. “I love your nipples. So long and hard. And so sensitive. They are a perfect foil for Charles brilliant cock. I can feel you orgasm building through your nipples.”

“Your tongue on my nipples and his cock right up me is heaven. Don’t either of you stop. Lick and suck my nipples harder. It is sending me to orgasm without Charles cock doing exactly the same. Fuck me harder. Faster. Harder.”

“I can feel your orgasm coming.”

Who said it? Charles fucking her from behind or Helen licking and sucking her long nipples?

“My orgasm is so close. So close.” Monica enthused. “You are both in sync the way you are sucking and fucking me. What a turn on.”

Acting on this cue Charles and Helen increased their combined licking, sucking and fucking to drive Monica over the edge, as she screamed in ecstasy, “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck. Heaven!”

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