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I had been setting on the bench in the cockpit watching other boats
I stretched out in my bed enjoying the cool morning breeze as it blew in the open window and across my nude body. "Hmmm a Saturday all alone. Maybe I can get some sun!" I thought as I lifted one long leg in the air looking at it. I pointed my toes at the ceiling. "I know I heard Sam's truck when he left for his boat. Yes I'm all alone! I love it!" My nipples were hard from the cool air as I stood up and looked at my self in the full-length mirror. "Not to bad if I do say so my self." I smiled as I turned my twenty five-year-old body this way and that lifting my full firm breast. "Yep girl you still look ok!" I pinched my nipples smiling at my self as I slipped on my housecoat.

It was something I loved to wear but didn't get a chance to very often with Sam always under foot. It was a wickedly sexy off white cotton gauze material that can be totally seen through. It was not very long with the hem stopping just above the bottom of my butt cheeks. I never bothered to tie it shut when I wore it because I loved the way it felt when it moved on my skin and brushed across my nipples. I guess truth be known that was why I did wear it, because of the feel.

I went to the kitchen enjoying the cool tile on my bare feet as I poured my self-some coffee. "He is so sweet to make me some more after he filled his thermos." I picked up the note he left for me.

"Beck, I will be home about 5:00 PM. Hope you have a nice day.


I took my coffee to the patio and taking a sip I sat down at the little table. I'm six feet tall in my bare feet and have long, long legs that I have been told on more than one occasion are very nice to look at. I bent over rubbing sunscreen into them enjoying how it felt as my nipple touched my thigh. I creamed up both legs opening them wide enough to feel the sun on my clit as it stuck its little head out from between my cleanly shaved nether lips. I let my hand run up over my flat tummy playing with the little ring I wore in my belly button. I slipped my hand up over my breast's enjoying the feel of them as I gently pulled on each rubbery nipple making them nice and hard. I then lifted each one of them as I applied sunscreen under them. I enjoyed the feel of there weight in my hand as I lifted them each in turn noting that they were still nice and firm. It came from wearing good bra and with them being 36c it took a strong one to keep them in place.

I picked up my sunglasses put them on then pulled my shoulder length blond hair back into a clip to keep it out of my face. I took a sip of coffee and was just about to lay back when I caught some movement from Sam's room! I didn't turn my head to look but looked from the corner of my eye. "I know I heard the motor of his old truck!" his curtain was closed. "There! It moved just a little! What the fuck!" at first I was furious! I started to try to cover my self.

"Well that's stupid he has seen me now. Beside it might be fun to play with him." And I opened my legs just a little wider.

I closed my eyes thinking back to when she had left him. My older sister I mean. Our folks had died while I was at school so when I came home Sam and Sara had let me move in with them. I had been home for about six month's when Sara came to me.

"I'm leaving the drunken ass hole. You can stay or go I don't care." She gave me a funny look.

"Sara I know you two fight but." She interrupted me.

"But nothing I don't love him and I am out of here!"

"Well I'm staying! He has been nothing but good to me and I am not going to walk out on him even if you do!"

She went to their room picked up her all ready packed bags and walked out not saying another word. That was two years ago and we have not seen her sense.

I looked to his window. "Yes the curtain moved just a little! I am sure I saw it now! He is looking at me!" Suddenly I felt my self moisten at the thought of him seeing me like that!

Sam had came home the night she left and I gave him the note she had given me for him. He sat on the couch to read it and I went into the kitchen to let him be alone. It was so quiet I could hear the clock ticking in the other room and I must have sat there for a half-hour when he walked in. His eyes were red as he leaned back onto the counter and I knew he had been crying. He took a cold beer out of the fridge and drank it with out saying a word. Then he took out another and looked at it. He didn't open it but instead sat it in the kitchen window above the sink.

"How about you? You leaving me to Beck?"

"Not unless you want me out to. You took me in and have been very good to me Sam. I would like to stay. I have a good job and can pay my own way. I mean we could be room mates."

He came over to me and pulled me to my feet wrapping his big arms around me. I felt small as he stood above me. He bent down and sobbed into my shoulder as he held me. His big six foot six body shaking in my arms as he cried. We held each other for a long time until he calmed down. He pushed me away looking at me and then pulled me back close kissing me softly on the forehead.

"Sorry Beck. I umm, I just. Look can you take off from work to morrow. I want to get all of her shit out of here. The only thing I want left that even remotely reminds me of anything about her is you and you are welcome here as long as you want to be here!"

That beer is still full and in the window and as far as I know he has not had another one in all this time!

I was brought back to reality by the sound of his truck. It was not in the drive way though. "What I had herd was him coming home not going out and now he must have let it role out of the driveway trying to be quiet so I wouldn't know he was looking at me"

I got up and went to his room. Sure enough I could plainly see where I had been setting and "Shit he had been looking at me with his binoculars!" I picked them up and looked through them over to the chair I had been in, "My God with these he had been able to count what hair was left on the top of my shaved pussy!" I turned setting the spyglasses back on his dresser when I kicked a towel on the floor. I picked it up and it was sticky! Sticky with his cum!

He had played with his self as he looked at me!

I didn't even realize I had my own finger touching my self. I mean I was standing there in his room looking at his come in the towel and the next thing I knew I was having I mind-shattering orgasm as I fingered my self! I don't know what made me do it but I pulled the towel up to my face smelling his cum and then as I started to shake with another climax I licked it! I sucked it from the towel licking and sucking until I had it all on my tongue! I was dreaming of him filling my mouth with his cock as I came!

I sat down on his bed as I caught my breath. I don't know what made me think of sucking him and I sure didn't know I thought of him making love to me, that is until just then. It just hit me! "My God I am in love with the man!"

The rest of the day was kind of a blur to me as I thought about the events of the morning. I decided to see what he was thinking or if he cared for me. I decided that I would make his favorite dinner so I could spend some time with him. As I got the meal ready I was thinking about what to wear "Well he liked looking at me, maybe I can show off for him and act like I don't know it. I mean it's not like I have ever been modest around him. I mean I didn't run around nude but it was not uncommon for Sam to see me in a long T-shirt and panties and my swimwear was on the skimpy side for sure.

I picked out a knee length summer dress that I knew the light would shine through with out showing him every thing. I left off my bra knowing that when we sat at the table eating he would be able to see the darker color of my nipples. I also knew he would be seeing my legs with the light would shine through the dress as I moved back and fourth from the light kitchen to the darker dinning room.

I was setting at the kitchen table when he came home. I had sat on my leg so that the skirt part of the dress was pulled down over my legs exposing nothing to him as he walked in. Sam's eyes went all over me from my head to where my toes would be if he could see them, "Man what smells so good!"

"Just your dinner!" I stood and went to him. I made sure to move so that he could see nothing but I watched as his eyes darted to my chest. I put my hand on his arm then leaned in to kiss him on the cheek letting my breast touch his elbow. "Go wash up and by the time you get back I will have every thing ready for us."

"All right I'll hurry!" he smiled at me and I noticed he touched his cheek where I kissed him as he walked out of the room.

He washed and came back into the kitchen, "What can I do?"

"Take our drinks to the table and set down. I will bring the other things in." I said as he took the glasses of tea from me.

I waited until he was seated and started my show. I made at least five trips back and fourth and each time I came and went he watched me with a slight smile on his face. I knew he thought he was seeing something he was not supposed to and he was enjoying it. His eyes kept going to my chest as we talked during dinner and I could feel how hard my nipples were with out even looking!

Sam helped me clean up after dinner and at one point as I bent over the dishwasher I caught him looking at my bottom. "Why Sam! Were you checking out my ass!" I exclaimed.

The poor guy turned bright red! "I'm sorry! I, well I just looked that's all!"

I smiled at him; "Well it's ok! Just proves to me you are not dead and I can still turn a man's head!" we both laughed as I took his hand and pulled him into the living room.

Sam went to his chair and I went to my spot on the couch as we turned on our favorite TV show! I crossed my legs and let my dress slip up high on my thigh. I just let it stay that was for a long time watching him as he tried not to look at me. We made small talk for a while when I asked him about his boat.

"Sam how come you never ask me to go to your boat?"

He just exploded! "Why would I want to ask you to go there! Your SISTER NEVER WANTED TO SEE IT AND WAS ALWAYS PISSED OFF ABOUT IT!"

Man I snapped at that! I jumped up and moved between him and the TV. I stood with my legs shoulder width apart letting the light from the TV shine through me dress. I knew he could look right through it at the shape of my long legs. I was all ready wet but now I could feel my self grow even wetter as my temper flared.


I stormed out of the room and up the hall to my room. I went in and didn't quit slam the door but it was close. I moved over t my bathroom pulling my dress off over my head. I washed my face and moved back to my bed as I started brushing my hair. "I wonder how big he is?" I asked my self as my mind drifted back to the cum filled towel from the morning.

I laid down my brush then moved over to my bed and slipped into the cool sheets enjoying their softness on my skin. I let my legs open as I ran my hand down over the cool cotton sheets and then up back up to my pussy. I let my thumb bump my clit as it grew between my woman's lips and I ran my hand up to cup my breasts. I reached up turning off the light with one hand as I let the fingers on the other open my lips and my knuckle run over my blood filled love button. I closed my eyes thinking of him touching his self as I watched.

I pushed two fingers deep into my vagina!

I was just starting to slide them in and out of my very wet hole when there was a knock on my door and he slowly opened it! "Beck are you a sleep?"

"Oh nno! I umm, I'm awake." I said softly.

I turned onto my side closing my legs over my hand as I kept my fingers over my clit.

"Can I talk to you?" he asked

"Uh sure." I let my thumb touch my button trembling from my own touch.

"I'm sorry!" he sat down on my bed as I let one of my fingers slip into my soft now dripping hole as the palm of my hand covered my throbbing clit!

"Its just that the boat was such a big deal with her and then it became a place for me to get away from her and well, I just never thought you would be interested in any." A soft groan escaped from my lips as I pulled on my rubbery clit. "Becky are you ok?"

"No I am fingering my self with you setting right there!" I thought and then answered him. "Oh! Umm yes Sam! I guess I must have a little gas or something." He touched my forehead and I almost came! The heat in his hand burnt my skin! I curled up into a little ball as I pulled my sex juice covered hand from between my legs. "Oh Sam umm oh god yes. Well, it's ok I know umm." I was cumming softly!

He ran his hand over my cheek. "Beck are you sure you are ok? I mean you feel a little warm!"

"No, no I am fine. Umm it is just gas cramps. Honest!" as I thought "can't you smell the sex? Can't you tell I want you to touch me?"

He stood up "Ok call me if you need me." He stopped at the door. "Listen what I came in here for was to ask you if you wanted to come sailing with me to morrow. I would love for you to be the first woman to be on her sense I bought her."

"Oh why yes," I held the sheet over my breasts as I sat up, "I would love to come with you."

"Ok then I will wake you early so we an get a good start." He turned his back to me and moved to the door. He said something!

"What Sam?" I asked him."

"Oh nothing." But I was sure I had heard him!

He said' "I love you Beck!"

He walked out of the door closing it softly as I fell back on my pillow. "MY god he said he loved me! I wonder if he loves me or if he really loves me!" my mind was going a hundred miles an hour until I drifted off to sleep!

The next morning I was up early making coffee and then putting a bunch of food together for us. I rushed back to my room and took a shower then picked out my closes. I had an old sweatshirt with the neck cut out. It fell off of my shoulder all the time when I would wear it and I knew if I move wrong Sam would be looking at my bare breast! I slipped on some black thong panties and over them I put on some white cotton pants with a drawstring that held them up. My pants were really the bottoms to the robe I loved and just as shear as the top but they worked well as a cover up.

Sam came in smiling at me. "Man your up early!"

"Yes and every thing is ready to go!" I watched his eyes run over my body as I handed him some coffee.

"Dam girl you look good! A thong I would never have thought it!"

"I can change if you want me to!" I looked at him with a side ways look.

"No way I love it let's head out!" He took the stuff I had packed along with another bag to his truck and put it in the back as I climbed in. "Umm I needed this coffee thanks. I have to tell you I am kind of nervous for you to see our boat!"

My head snapped around looking at him. "Our boat! Did I hear him right?" I put my hand on his arm as I spoke to him. "I'm sure I will love it Sam. I think I will love it even if it's a row boat." I watched as a smile came on his face.

"Well it's a little bigger than a row boat."

We made small talk until we got to the dock. Sam pulled to the side of the road and into the driveway of the marina. "Listen I want to surprise you. Can I put a blindfold on you and walk you to the pier?"

I smiled at him. "Sounds kinky to me, but if that's what you want I will go with it."

He pulled us into the parking lot and I looked around at what must have been at least two hundred boats of all sizes and shapes as Sam came around the truck to me. He opened the door holding up a bandana.

"I promises not to let you trip." He kissed me on the forehead and then reach to me tying the cloth around my head. "Don't move. I want to get the food basket."

I could hear him moving around and then he took my hand. "OK now, do as I say and we will be there in a moment!" we walked a ways. "Ok now there is a step." I stepped up. "Ok now put your hand right here." He put my hand on a rail. "And we are walking down hill. That's it now it's flat for a few feet. Now stop. Don't move! I want to open her up and then I will come back to you. I want to see your lovely face when you look at her!"

I could hear him doing things and suddenly he was back at my side. "Ho god Beck I hope you like her! Go ahead and pull off the bandana!" The excitement in his voice made him sound like a little boy at Xmas!

I pulled off the cloth and was looking at a huge sailboat! "My God Sam!" was all I could say.

All the woodwork had the sun glistening off of the varnish and every peace of brass was sparkling and clean! "Oh Sam it beautiful! How, I mean it's so big!"

"Come on!" he was pulling me by my hand. "She is forty-eight feet long!"

He helped me on board and I walked around the deck. He sat at the wheel watching me as I looked around until I came to the hatch to go below deck. "May I go down there?"

"Of course! Here watch me!" he went down the ladder inside showing me how to do it. "Always do it this way and you won't slip."

He was like a little kid as he showed me around the living room, dinning room combination and the kitchen. He took me to the head and then to the guest bedroom. We went to the master bedroom and he plopped his self down in the bed watching me as I looked around the room and at the master bath. Every thing was so clean and neat. If it was metal it sparkled and I had never seen woodwork so clean and shiny.

"What do you think?"

"Oh Sam I love her!" I moved back to the living room. "I can't believe you have not brought me here before now!"

"Well I am sure if things go well you will be back a lot! Now come on let's get going!"

He told me what to do and what to untie and soon had us under way. He ran the motor until we were almost out of the channel that ran to the harbor. I was standing next to him watching him when he pulled me over in front of him so I was between him and the wheel. I felt his man hood on my bottom for just a split second as I brushed into him and then he moved. "Here put your hands on her." I put my hands on the wheel and then I could feel him against my bottom again as he reached around me, helping me. "Now turn her to the right. That's it. Now go back to the left. Yes, yes just like that. Be easy with her and she will respond to you but if you try to make he do something she won't do it or will do it very slowly. She is a big girl and likes a easy touch!"

"Like a lot of women I know." I said to him as I felt him push just a little into my bottom.

"Your right." I could hear the smile in his voice. "Now point her back down the channel and when I tell you to turn her to the right and then push that switch down."

Sam pulled off his shirt and sweat pants. Now wearing just shorts he went about pulling up the sail's. I could see him watching me as he moved about getting us ready and I wondered if it was his boat or me that he was thinking about. Sam moved back to stand by the back of the big main sail and as he took the last line loose he called to me.

"OK BECK TURN HER!" I did as he had told me and watched on awe as the big sails filled with wind and the big boat heeled over. "OK Beck flip the switch!" Again I did as I was told and the diesel motor went silent!

We slipped quietly past the brake water and after a few minutes Sam moved over taking the wheel from me. He turned us out to sea and after adjusting every thing looked at me. "Want to go to Catalina?"

"Sure! If that's where you want to go, then let's go!" I said, "Is it ok if I get some sun?" I pulled on the string to my pants.
"Oh yes! I mean sure that is what we are here for. Umm listen it will take us most of the day to get to the island so how would you like to spend the night out there. We can go to town and have dinner at a place I know and just make a week end of it."

His eyes never left me as he watched me let my pants drop around my feet. I pulled my feet out of them with out bending over until I turned my back to him. I bent at the waste to pick them up knowing he was looking at my ass and how my T-back panties had pulled into and separated my cheeks! I knew I was giving him a good look at my goodies. "That sounds like fun Sam, but I don't have any thing to wear with me. I mean well."

Sam interrupted me. "I slipped into your room and picked up the dress you had on last night! It was right there on your bed and I just didn't think you would mind. Besides you looked wonderful in it!"

I smiled at him. "Well no, that is fine. I think it will be very fun to stay out there." I went to my bag and rummaged through it. Then I looked up at him. "Sam I forgot my swimsuit top!" I had been bent over letting him look down my sweat shirt top at my beast's as I went through the bag. "Shit! I wanted to try to get some sun." I looked at him.

"Well I don't have any thing like that on board, umm I guess you could go topless." He looked up the mast at the sail head. "I know you some times sun in the nude at home." He started to turn red. "I saw you once. I didn't mean to look but I did and you looked, well, dam Beck you looked good!" He turned bright red, "It just happened and, I'm sorry."

I never batted an eye as I lifted my top over my head. I tried to act like it was something I had done all my life as I folded my top and put it on a small table. My nipples grew hard as the cool wind blew over them and after he let his eyes run over them Sam again went back to sailing the boat. I watched him from the corner of my eye as I put out a towel on the bench cushion. He watched me as I rubbed sunscreen all over my legs as my big breasts swaying all over my chest. I rubbed up over my tummy as I took note of a bulge in his pants. He tried to act like he wasn't looking at me as I took my time rubbing the cream into my tits making sure I pulled on each nipple before I laid back. "Yes that's a very nice bulge in there!" I smiled to my self as I looked at Sam.

We were quiet for a time as we sailed each of us lost in our own thoughts. We had been sailing a few hours just enjoying the day when I looked up to see we were about half way to the island. "Hungry?" I asked him.

"What? I'm sorry I was think of something." His eyes went to my breasts and then down to my crotch.

That's when I realized that my panty crotch had slipped into my vagina lips so that they were exposed to his eyes. My hart raced in my chest knowing just how much of me he was seeing as I slowly sat up crossing my legs.

"Are you hungry?" I asked again as I felt my cheeks redden under his gaze.

"Yes, yes I am." He pointed off to the side. "And there is another boat coming up on us. You might want to cover up."

I came out with the food we had brought with us. I put some things out on the small table and looked to see the other boat was about a mile away but closing fast. "Ok, I will put a top on if I embarrass you."

"Embarrass me! My god woman you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen! God I am so proud of you I could explode! I want the whole world to see me with you!"

"Good! Then eat your sandwich and know that I love you looking at me and that if you want me topless then topless it is!" I kissed him softly on the cheek.

We ate as the other boat went past us. Sam said it was a racing sloop and the four guys on it all whooped and hollered when they saw I didn't have on a top. I looked at Sam and with a big smile I stood up waving and giving them a good look. When I sat down I glanced at Sam's pants to see he was very hard.

"You know we might see those guys on the island?" he asked.

"Do you care?"

"Yes," He looked at me; "I care very much!"

"Do you want me to cover up, or did you like it?"

"I," He smiled, "Liked it."

"I thought so!"

It wasn't long before I could make out the harbor at Avalon. I had been setting on the bench in the cockpit watching other boats in the distance when I stood up and stretched. I made sure to push my chest out before reaching for my top. I slipped it on watching Sam as he smiled at me.

We found a good spot in the harbor and tied up to a buoy. Sam had me climbing around tying things up. I knew he was enjoying looking at my ass and legs as I bent and moved around the deck. My T-backs has slipped around to the point of covering nothing as I worked. I decided to talk to him about it.

"Sam you have been looking at me so hard your eyes must hurt." I said with a smile as I moved up next to him.

"I'm sorry Beck. It's just that you look so good and well to be honest you showing your self like that, I mean so any one close could see, well it turns me on!" he went bright red as he spoke. "I have never wanted to be, I mean I well, oh shit I just like it that's all!"

"I looked down at his crotch making sure he seen me do it. "I can see that big boy." I smiled at him. "I need to shower. Do I have to do any thing special."

"Nope just like home. Turn it on and wash it off!" he beamed at me. "I'll take one in the other room and you can use the master. I'll call for a water taxi while you get cleaned up."

I cleaned up and slipped on the dress he had for me. I started to put my panties back on but changed my mind throwing them on the bed. I walked up on deck to find Sam all shaved and waiting for me. The water taxi was just leaving the dock to pick us up as I moved up to stand next to him.

"I don't have any makeup. I hope I look ok." I said.

"You look better to me than any one I have ever been with Becky."

We took the taxi to shore and walked to a nice little restaurant. We again made small talk as we ate and when we finished he took my hand in his. "There is a nice place to watch the lights come on form the main land right up that hill. Would you like to walk up there with me?"

"Sure! Lets go!"

We walked the short distance up the hill and sat down on a low wall. The sun had went behind the island but it would be a while before dark and as we sat there he pointed out different kinds of boats and things to see around the harbor. He took my hand as we sat there looking around. There was soft music floating up to us from one of the cantinas below and a soft breeze blowing up to us from the harbor. I slipped off the wall letting my dress slide up my leg and then stood in front of him. I opened my legs to shoulder width and swayed back and forth in front of him to the soft rhythm of the drums from below.

Beck, do you know that I can see through your dress with you standing like that?"

"I know you can see the out line of my legs in this light. But that's about all."

"I can see that and those magnificent nipples of yours to." He smiled at me. "I'm not complaining mind you."

"Well all you can see is shadow." I looked at him and then moved taking both his hands in mine. "If you can see me so good what color panties do I have on?"

"Umm, Black!"

"Nope!" I moved back from him and slowly pulled the skirt of my dress up to about mid thigh. "Guess again!"

"Well hell Beck I don't know! I am not supper man and I guess your right I can't see that much!"

"Well' I will tell that I think you would like it if I let you see what I have on!"

"God you're a tease!" he stood up. "Becky," He took my hands in his again. "This is killing me. I had better take you back to the boat."

"Not before you tell me what's wrong!" I looked up into his eyes moving very close to him. "Tell me Sam what is it making you nut's?"

He got a funny look in his eyes and I could see them grow moist in the dim light.

"Becky I am in love with you!"

He started to pull away from me but I pulled him back to me. "After all this time I don't know when or how but I do love you!" He was breathing hard with excitement as he looked at me expecting rejection.

I kept him cost to me as I looked into his eyes seeing he was as serious as I had ever seen him. I leaned up on my tiptoes and kissed him softly on the lips.

"I love you to Sam!"

"Do you mean it! You love me!"

"Yes very much!"

He scooped me up in his arms like I was a rag doll! "Wahooooooooo! SHE LOVES ME!"

He hopped around all over the place with me in his strong arms. Suddenly he stopped. He put me down and looked at me in the now late dusk. "Prove it!"

"Prove what? That I love you?"

"No! That you don't have on any panties! Becky I want to look at you! I want to see the woman I love!"

I looked at him with a smile and reached down taking the hem of my dress in my hand and pulled it up high. I pulled it up and off over my head standing there in front of him as naked as the day I was born!

"Oh my god!" was all he said as he moved to me. He picked me up kissing me softly as he held me to his body. He let me go looking around. "You better put that back on, until we get to the boat at least and we are going to the boat right now!"

I don't remember going back to the boat but I do remember standing in the cockpit and pulling the dress off over my head as the harbor taxi pulled away. I remember him going below first and looking up at me bottom as I went down the ladder. I remember lying back on the big bed in the master bedroom and then I remember his lips on mine!

Sam was doing his best to be gentle as he tried to love me but it was just not right. We both wanted to fuck so I pushed him onto his back and set on him. I kissed him sucking his tongue into my mouth as I reached between us taking his hard cock in my hand. I lifted up a little and ran it over my wet lips enjoying the rubbery feel as I found my clit and circled around it with the head of his dick. I raised up on my other hand as I took it to my wet hole and I set on it!

God it filled me to the point of splitting as I slowly took it deeper and deeper into me. I felt it hit bottom and as I pushed it deeper enter my womb! "Oh God Sam you have me so full!"

"Go easy Beck! As badly as I want this I won't last long!" he was breathing hard as he spoke and I could feel him swelling in me!

He cupped my tits as I moved on him and suddenly he went over the top! It felt like a canon going off in me as his dick grew and then blasted my insides with his hot cum! He held me by my hips as he pushed into me shaking like a leaf as he filled me with his seed! And I came!


I collapsed on him shaking as I ground my pelvis into him. Neither of us could move and he held me like that for a long time. His soft peter slipped out of me and I could feel his come leaking out of me as I lifted up to kiss him.

I smiled at him. "Any thing else you want me to prove to you?"

"Ask me that in a little while!" he said with a grin.

We were married two weeks later and our first child is due in a few months. He still likes for me to show off and he almost never wants me to wear any panties. We spend all of our free time on our boat and sail all over the West Coast.

Who says a dream can't come true?

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