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She is very happy to expose her boobs in public
During our first months together, it became a running joke with Louisa and me that we would take the convertible out on a sunny day and drive around the pleasant, manicured countryside that is East Lothian. Of course, the erotic is never far from our thoughts and so we envisaged making out on a secluded beach or a wood by the sea. But the weather was never right when she had a free weekend and so months passed. Until one day, I left my golf shoes behind while on a work outing and had to go back to get them. And the venue was quite unexpected.

We had been out late the night before and it was almost midday before the sun streamed through the gaps in the shutters. I rolled over and cupped her right breast n my hand. "Well, the sun's shining, so I think we should go to East Lothian," I joked.

"But we have to do the shopping."

"No choice. I have to get my golf shoes back for tomorrow morning's bounce game."

"There's nothing in to eat."

"I'll take you out for dinner."

That did it. She threw off her domestic facade and got ready to enjoy the day. We decided that it was warm and we would wear shorts. I put on a polo shirt. (Hint – don't ever try to get into a golf club with a T-shirt on!) I persuaded Louisa to wear a sheer blouse, but with a collar. I could see her black push-up 'G-cup' bra through the thin material. Her pert ass filled the rear of the white shorts, but then I foresaw a problem. "Can you wear a short skirt instead?"

She lovingly obliged, pulling away the shorts to reveal her bush. No knickers. She slipped on a neat red number, which reached mid-way down her thighs. I smiled my appreciation, moved up to her and slipped my fingers into her pussy, feeling the wet juices. "Mmm, someone's ready for it."

She moved my hand away. "I'm hungry," she said "and I'm putting these on so that I don't stain the skirt." She pulled a pair of slim knickers from her drawer and slipped them over her legs. "Come on. Let's see your East Lothian then."

As we travelled out the A1 motorway in top gear, I let my left hand fall on her right knee and slowly massage its way up. I kept the speed reasonable. Meeting no resistance, I pulled aside her knickers and played with her ripe clitoris. Then I slid my finger down slowly until it entered her wetness and ran it up and down a few times. A glance showed that she was enjoying this but, as we came off the motorway, she moved my hand away. "You need both hands on the wheel now," she scolded.

It was only a couple of days since I'd been to the Gifford course, so I knew the road very well and I was able to anticipate the corners and the straights very well. Louisa likes driving thrills almost as much as sexual thrills. But she won't go quite as far. So the ride has to be exciting, but not dangerous, and I've learned to watch whether she thinks I'm going too fast. The East Lothian countryside was perfect for the sports car and we accelerated fast out of the sharp bends to reach maximum speed on the long straights.

"You've made me uncomfortable," she said. "My pants are chafing."

"That's easily solved. Just take them off."

She did, and passed them to me. I knew why. I held them to my nose and sniffed appreciatively, before throwing them in the back. I moved my hand down between her legs. She pushed it away.

"Concentrate on the road," she said. There was a tractor coming and we had to slow.

"I want to taste your juices."

"In that case..." She lifted her left leg up onto the dash and put her hand between her thighs, stroking some juices from her wet lips. The tractor was just at us then and the farmer was already looking at the car to check his clearance on the narrow road. His look became a stare of amazement. Just after he passed he honked his horn appreciatively.

Louisa held her wet fingers up to my mouth and I licked the sweet juice. "You certainly made his day," I smiled.

Remembering this day out, I've got hard and wet with pre-cum, and Louisa will be home from work shortly and will want to read it. And I remember then that my cock was hard inside my shorts and we were about to reach Gifford. I 'sorted' myself and started a conversation about where we might go for lunch. 5 minutes later we parked up at the end of the fairway and walked down to the clubhouse. I was aware that, although softened, my erection was still straining on the shorts. As we passed some of the members sitting out in the afternoon sun I tried to be casual and said "hello" but they paid little attention to me. They only had eyes for Louisa, who by this time was very horny and walking with the sexual confidence that goes with it. She didn't mind who knew.

We went into the bar and retrieved my golf shoes. "Would you like a drink while you're here?" asked the barman. He clearly would have liked us to. I was going to say yes, but Louisa got in first."That would be lovely," she said, "something long and satisfying." I was startled. "For the heat," she added.

We settled on a couple of Gin and Tonics. There was no-one else in the bar, so we went outside and sat at a table in the sun, overlooking the 18th green. Louisa crossed her legs, the skirt riding up slightly and revealing a length of exposed thigh. The members on the bench who had been watching the action on course became more interested in the action at our table, casting discrete glances now and again. Golf club rules forbid the wearing of T-shirts, jeans and trainers. But to my knowledge mini-skirts, and see-through blouses are not mentioned. Nor does it say you must wear panties.

We finished our drinks and, as we left, Louisa walked ahead of me down the narrow path to the car-park. I could smell her juices. There was someone unpacking their clubs as we got to the car and she bent over the back to recover something showing her naked bum to them as she did so. In case they couldn't believe what they'd seen, she retrieved the panties I'd thrown there on the journey and held them up to me. "Will I put them on again?"

"Well, I suppose if we're going out to eat."

"No, I want to eat you first." And she threw them back into the car.

We drove for 5 minutes and then turned up a narrow country lane, driving through a wood. Louisa had her foot up on the dash again and when we had to slow for two cars they got a good view, but none as good as the tractor driver. Then a white van came towards us and I pulled into a passing place to let it by. It passed very slowly and the van-man leered and wolf-whistled at Louisa.

"I'm really horny," she said, "I need to be fucked. Now!" And with that she grabbed at my zip and pulled it down, working me as she did so with her other hand. "Stop the car, Jeff." She had my cock-head in her mouth. I felt her warm, moist lips and her tongue moving around the rim.

"I can't. The road is too narrow. No-one would get past."

"You'd better." But at that point there was an opening by a bridge, with a field entrance on the left and an old grass-access track beyond. I pulled over.

I pushed her head further down over my cock and felt the back of her throat. She moaned and then began to lift her head to my face, giving me a kiss with her huge wet lips. At that point a car passed with some kids in it and they honked.

"It's too public," I said and began to get out of the car. My erection was pointing the way, 7" of hard, red cock. I was as ready for it as she was. Louisa climbed out and followed me towards the track. There were bare earth ruts the width of the vehicles that used it, but they didn't look recent. And the grass growing between them was long, indicating that the track wasn't used much, except possibly by walkers.

I led her about 30 yards away from the road and then she pulled me round and put her lips to mine, pushing her tongue deep into my throat. I tugged at her blouse and pulled it over her head, deftly flicking the bra-catch as my hand passed. She wriggled it from her shoulders and stood facing me, her ample breasts pert and with nothing on but her skirt and sandals.

I cupped her left breast in my hand and softly caressed her nipple with my lips, sucking gently. She let out a moan of pleasure. Remembering the show she had given the tractor driver and the others, I told her she was a slut. "Turn round and be punished." She obediently faced the field and leaned on a fencepost. I lifted her skirt from behind and slapped her bum-cheek hard.

"Oh, yes," she gasped. "I've been a very naughty girl. How else will you punish me?"

I picked some of the long grasses which were growing in the centre of the path and whipped her other cheek. "I like that," she cried. "Do it again."

"Not if you like it, whore. Put your legs apart." She did so and I whipped the grasses up between her legs, three times. "Are you punished now?" I asked.

"Yes, master."

"Keep your legs apart." I grabbed her towards me and thrust my erect cock into her cunt from behind and pumped her hard and fast. She moaned and groaned as my 7" went full out and full in again, her wet cunt slapping away. A car passed on the road, but we were too engrossed to look up. When I was almost ready to cum, I stopped and turned her around, pushing her down onto her back on the grass between the tracks. I undid my shorts and pulled them off, before kneeling over her and offering my erect dick to her mouth. She swallowed obediently. Her tongue is so expert as it flicks around that I almost came immediately, so I pulled away.

"I think you've suffered enough," I said to her, "now for some pleasure." Louisa has the most exquisite vagina. The labia looks like a wet oyster and when you lick it tastes the same. I straddled her, 69 style, and licked the full length of her engorged cunt. She shivered with delight and put my hand on her head, urging me to slip my tongue inside her. But I played her, first licking towards her tight ass, then back up slowly towards her clit, at each end being rewarded with a buck from her hips as she nearly came. She began by licking the penis that dangled in front of her face, but as the feelings in her cunt became more and more intense, she stopped that. This is always a sign she is very close.

When I realised she could hold it no longer I pulled my head away and turned around to face her. "Do you want it?" I asked?

Her face was pleading with desire. She grabbed at my cock as I held back, teasing her. As she lined it up, I gave one last circle of her open vagina with the tip of it and then thrust full and hard right to the back, holding and rotating until she came with a huge buck and an animal groaning which took her breath away. There was a look of fear, agony and amazement as her eyes opened wide and she gasped for breath, all the while groaning and moaning and bucking as the cum became completely animal and natural and she lost all control. Then suddenly, with one last lift of her hips, Louisa went very still. Her head lay over to the side and she had a soft dreamy smile on her face.

It was a few minutes before she spoke. "That was fucking brilliant."

"You sounded like an animal. I was getting worried about you."

"That was fucking brilliant," she repeated. Louisa was looking far away, past me, at the trees above. Then she focussed and met my eyes. "But what about you, she asked?"

"I was too busy enjoying you. But I can't leave here with this." I looked down at my still rock-hard erection.

"I think we can deal with that," she said and got up onto her hands and knees, facing the road.

I knelt behind her and slipped my cock into her soaking wet cunt, feeling the juices running out of it. As I worked my way out and in, I looked across at the beauty of the fields and the cows, some of whom were watching us.

"Not much difference between them and us, when it comes down to it," said Louisa. I slapped her cheek playfully and thrust my cock harder and harder, increasing my rhythm until I felt my long-awaited spurt run down the length of my cock and fill her even more. Her cum and mine mixed and ran down the inside of her thighs in what seemed like a cascade.

Then we stood up, and dressed each other slowly. As we walked back, I asked Louisa if she wasn't scared of being seen.

"No, but the possibility heightened the experience. Anyway, the cars passed the end of the track too quickly to notice what we were up to. Next time let's do it somewhere more open."

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