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A naked balcony hand job on the 6th floor!
Sleeping was usually the least of Matthew Malton's problems but perhaps being away from home, a long way from home and in the big city had its effect. Maybe it was the lack of air, perhaps it was a strange bed in the hotel: it certainly was not the drink: he had not been drinking. Matt gave up lying still and thrust the covers off his body and sat on the edge of the bed.

Fresh air might be the answer. He looked at the window. Beyond the glass the city was still lit up. Still out in the night there were lights burning in the windows of the tall buildings and it was 3 a.m. at night. Did the city never sleep?

Beyond the window lay the balcony of his sixth floor hotel room. Matt stood at the glass and, visible beyond the faint outline of his reflected body, were the lights of the city and even at that hour the lights of cars were moving on the streets below - white, red and amber. His penis touched the cool glass reminding him of his erection.

Where had that come from? He did not recall waking from a particularly pleasant dream, yet he did feel sort of energised.

A hand on the door of the French windows, a turn of the handle - a pause in the act of stepping out but it hardly mattered at 3 a.m. stepping naked onto his balcony even with his tumescent organ and, actually it occurred to him, it would be rather nice just to do that. No one was going to see him in the dark.

The air was cool and the sudden noise of the city even in the middle of the night surprised him. The sound of the cars, the wail of a siren and even the distant rumble of a train. Matt stepped out, pleasantly aware of his erection, placing his hand on the rail in front of him and looked down at the streets below.

Strange to be standing like that, naked, in the midst of the city and in the middle of the night. A country boy come up to the town; he looked with interest at the never sleeping city below; so different from home. It amused him to catch sight of his knob, the business end of his erection peering up at him through the bars of the balcony and beneath the handrail. Momentarily the focus of his eyes moved from the street to his erection. Smiling at the way it curved banana like upwards towards his body. It would go down soon unless, perhaps, there was a pretty girl in one of the still lit windows of the office blocks to peek at - but the windows were far away and deserted.

The air was cool and fresh despite the city. Matt felt better as he breathed deeply filling his chest. Perhaps sleep would come to him now, but what a beautiful warm night. He was no longer in quite such a hurry to sleep. It was really rather nice being outside even in the middle of the night, just him and the sleeping city - and his erection of course.

Matt watched a taxi making its way towards him before indicating and turning right. He followed it with his eyes. Who was the taxi taking home - or to work, or to the airport? Perhaps it was the pretty girl of his imagination not in the window of one of the office buildings but in the taxi, her long fair hair not yet tied up, sitting in the back, knees together beneath her short neat dress, handbag on her lap, hands clasped over it; perhaps thinking of the boyfriend she had left in bed and what they had been doing earlier.

Matt's penis remained firm and sensitive. It felt good to be out in the night air. It felt good having an erection. Three o'clock in the morning and out naked on a balcony in the city, utterly alone for who else would be out at that time - except perhaps the pretty girl in the taxi! Could she see him perhaps, a faint pale figure high up on the hotel building? Not anywhere near close enough to see his nakedness; not anywhere close enough to see his manliness, his tumescent manliness. But would she like what she saw? Was his imaginary pretty girl the sort of woman who liked to see unclothed men, unclothed men with the firmness of an erection rising from their thighs?

His eyes followed the taxi, focusing far away when all of a sudden his focus changed, pulling in from the distance to the immediate. Not from the taxi to his penis but to the adjoining balcony. He had not noticed before. It had not occurred to him to even bother to look, so engrossed was he in the city below and so sure no one would be up at three in the morning except himself; so sure in this that he had simply stepped out onto his balcony without so much as a cursory glance to left or right as he did so.

She, and it was immediately obvious the person was not of his sex, was standing leaning on her own balcony, the balcony of the next door room, looking at him and, like him, she was totally naked. It was almost as if the pretty girl from the taxi had been magically transported from the now disappearing car to the adjoining balcony losing her clothes and handbag in the process. The same long fair hair he had imagined, cascading to her shoulders. Even in the limited light he could see her face, and pretty was a fine description with her high cheek bones, little nose and full lips.

But Matt knew her, had seen her at the conference, knew already what a striking woman she was; Knew she had fine legs, a full bosom and a well rounded and male appealing physique; though of course he had not at all seen her as he saw her now. Could not have described the nipples, the real shape of her breasts nor whether her, no doubt, fine set of curls were shaved to any extent or entire. Now he could see all - the sweetness of her breasts, the upturned nipples and her hairless mons - a delightfully rounding over her pubic bone and an enticing Cleft of Venus. No hair there at all - not like him. Turned slightly towards him with one thigh a little forward she looked eminently desirable. Despite the shock his penis held firm. Matt was completely exposed to the woman and she to him.

"I... I couldn't sleep." What else could Matt say? What else should Matt say? Apologise for his erection. It was not really one he needed to apologise for.

"No. Nor could I. A strange bed. I never can. It is so warm."

Talk of her bed did nothing to help Matt's 'problem.' The thought of freshly tousled sheets, the girl tossing and turning, throwing the sheet off, perhaps spreading her thighs wide apart to get cool, her body naked and running damp with perspiration... it was not an image to cool an erection!

"Me neither. I felt I needed fresh air so I... I just came out."

The girl was not seemingly about to scream or rush back into her room and lock the balcony door.

"I saw you come out; I've been out here for an hour or more, just watching. You'd have thought everyone would be in bed but, no, there is so much activity down there in the streets. Fascinating."

She seemed unconcerned at talking to a naked man just feet from her. It could not be she had missed the fact or the tumescence.

"I'm Fiona; saw you at the conference. I'm North East Accounts."

"Yes me too, Matt, South West Sales."

She took a step towards him and put out her hand, so incongruous yet so normal and they shook across the divide, a gap of a couple of feet and a fall of six storeys below. Such a remarkable thing to be doing. Not the shaking of hands or even the shaking over the drop but to be shaking hands, touching hands, with a stranger and she so beautifully naked and he so betraying the sign of sexual arousal. Ordinary enough to shake hands, Matt had done it with many, many people in his firm only yesterday but not naked like this. Such an ordinary thing and yet not.

Matt wished his erection would go away but how could it when Fiona's breasts had just jiggled like that when shaking hands? Such a pleasing movement. And she could not have missed how his eyes dropped at the movement. She was simply lovely to look at - a wonderful body.

"I was watching a car down there." He turned pointing, conscious the movement would swing his erection around with him. It knocked against the metal bars of the balcony. When he looked back he could see she was looking at it.

"Wondering who was in it, what people are doing out at three in the morning - why they have things to do, places to go, not simply being unable to sleep."

"I thought perhaps you had been thinking of something else."

It was an allusion. She had not mentioned it before. She went on. "I was admiring you. Not often us girls get the chance to just look without involvement."

"I'm sorry. I did not know anyone would be..."

"Of course not. Isn't it nice to be out in the cool though, like this?"

"Yes. A hot night."

"Oh, don't lose that. So nice to see."

She put out her hand through the bars of the balcony and touched him, held his penis. Just the touch, the feel of her fingers wrapped around his shaft. It was sufficient and she said so:

"That's better. Firmer again."

Gently her hand moved sliding his foreskin up over Matt's knob and down again. It was a slow movement but coupled with just the touch was staggeringly sexual. Matt's in drawing of breath was audible.

Fiona's hand was withdrawn. "Sorry. I should not have done that without asking. I just wanted you to stay hard. A man looks so good like that."

"Oh, I... It's all right." Matthew stepped back. "I hardly minded. I just thought... I hope no one else is out." He looked along, down and up at the hotel balconies but all were empty.

When he turned back he could see Fiona looking around. With her eyes not on him he felt he could freely stare at her. Stare at her upturned breasts, pleasing hips and hairless cleft. She looked so sexual standing there with one hand on the balcony and the other - the one that had held his cock moments before just lightly resting on her naked hip. His desire was strong. He had not seen such a woman naked before. Libby was fine enough back at home but Fiona exuded sexuality. Matt glanced down, yes, his penis and now almost bursting knob felt so too!

Lovely, no amazing, for such a girl to have complimented him - said how nice it was to see his cock - his erection. Conscious of her eyes on him again, Matt moved about his balcony as if just looking around but very deliberately showing off his naked body, knowing she seemed to like what she saw, enjoying being naked for this girl, enjoying displaying his manly firmness.

"No, just the two of us."

With his erection standing proud Fiona did not seem to feel any need to touch again even when he came back towards her letting it casually poke through the bars of his balcony in her direction.

The sound of a motorbike, the decibels rising and then the Doppler Effect, the frequency falling with the sound as the bike receded into the distance.

"It is so still tonight, not a breath of wind."

Matt agreed, happy to admire the way Fiona's breasts rose and fell with her breath. Dare he touch them?

Perhaps she sensed his thought, "I wonder if we - well, I- should go in now. Perhaps I might sleep. It's a long day tomorrow. When do we finish - 6.30 is it? And then the dinner." She moved as if to go in. "But what will you do about that?"

The 'that' was very clearly Matt's erection.

"Might you go back in your room to relieve your... tension? Or perhaps out here?"

"I..." What should Matt say? It was not exactly often he found himself discussing ejaculation, wanking indeed, with a stranger - a very pretty, naked stranger.

"Would it help if I stood like this?" A slight leaning backwards, a thigh a little forward of the other and the legs just a little open, her fingers holding a nipple, her tongue peeping through her lips. Fiona very clearly knew how to adopt a sexual pose!

Matt smiled. "Very nice, Fiona." It certainly was, and the hairless mons so intriguing. Not a landing patch or a wisp of hair. Completely denuded. It helped all right but just the sight of her had already been more than enough to excite. Being able to talk to her, look at her and now this! Fiona displaying herself in a way meant to arouse, meant as an aid to masturbation!

Should he? Dare he? He'd be furious with himself in the morning if he did not. Matt's hand dropped. Lovely to have permission to stroke himself whilst a pretty girl watched and delightful to have permission to stare and think things.

Fiona laughed. "No, let me. I was only teasing." She came back towards him up to the balcony edge. Her hand moved beneath his, across the divide, and held his hanging balls. They were slack in the heat. He could feel them being lifted, manipulated and rolled in her hand. And then her fingers slid up his shaft pushing his own away, taking control.

"And tomorrow, when you see me, will you go like this in your suit? I won't be able to see. Perhaps we will talk but I won't know if your lovely penis is all hard again for me. It would hardly do for me to feel, take it out there and then would it?" She laughed. "Nice to see it now, though! Go on, walk away from me across your balcony and then come back and put yourself back in my hand."

A slightly strange request, Matt was not used to the idea of himself as sex object, his body being admired, his cock being praised. Perhaps she was only teasing and would go back inside when he reached the other end of his balcony.

But Fiona did not. Matt savoured walking the four steps towards her; walking towards a naked woman with his erection firm; walking up almost to her and very deliberately pushing his erection into her hand; feeling her clasp and stroke; her fingers carefully moving his foreskin up and down.

"Would this be a little too naughty? But would you like it?"

Fiona's hand removed and transferred straight between her legs. There was no doubt where it was and what it was feeling; no doubt that her fingers were inside her; no doubt where they had been when the hand was raised again; no doubt that her sexual excitement matched his own when she held her hand up; even by the moonlight and light of the city Matthew could see the wetness, the ample wetness held right up for him to see; her scent in the air - a woman in heat. And then her fingers, now wet, closed once more on his shaft. The slipperiness as her fingers moved exquisite. It was too much - much too much.

Matt gripped the balcony hard as he felt his orgasm building. It was not going to stop now: there was no way of preventing it. Standing legs a little apart, facing Fiona on her balcony, her hand working his penis, making his balls swing; Matt began to come, his semen shooting from his cock trying, as semen does, to reach the woman but falling short, not reaching Fiona to splatter on her tummy or drip from her slit, not even touching her but falling into space, in the gap between their balconies. It had a long way to fall.

They were both watching the penis, both watching the semen come, both seeing it spurting out between them, seeing it falling, down and down to be lost from sight below.

It was a wonderfully intense orgasm. Both supremely pleasurable but also accompanied by a sense of freedom. Completely naked, exposed to the city and Fiona, Matt had been made to ejaculate by a girl he hardly knew, had ejaculated freely into the air as she had watched.

"You may kiss me if you like."

Still grasped in her hand, Fiona lent towards Matt and he to her, their lips touched, softness on softness and Matt felt Fiona's tongue pushing through his lips into his mouth. Just for a moment or two their tongues touched and then Fiona was moving, back through her door, a whispered 'goodnight' and she was gone.

Gone, leaving Matt still erect, his penis still dripping into space and a mixture of surprise and contentment on his face. He did not move for a full minute just staring at the closed door, the dark closed door. What was she doing inside, just settling to sleep or was her hand between her thighs? Had she asked...

Matt, almost in a dream, turned - it had not been a dream, his colleague, Fiona, really had just done that - brought him off between them - and kissed him, kissed him properly. He had not touched her, only she him. It had been her hand, her lips and yes, her tongue. Perhaps another night, his tongue in her mouth, his penis in her... But would there be another night? Would she even speak to him the next day? Was this just a wonderful spur of the moment, never to be repeated act of madness? Well if it was, it would not be one Matt would forget. His now limp cock oozed a little more semen. Matt watched the drop elongate and fall into the night.

It was some time later that Matt went into his room and to his bed. He had not touched his penis - it remained as Fiona had left it. He slept well until the alarm went off summoning him to breakfast and the day's conference.

Matthew did not actually speak to Fiona at the conference. He saw her, bumped into her - not physically - but she was talking to others, a whole group. She smiled at him as their eyes met and her eyes dropped significantly to his trousers. He shook his head and she pouted - but he was erecting as he walked on; found himself discussing the previous speaker with Graham Allshore whilst a penis as hard as the night before strained at his trousers. It took its time going down, despite the less than erotic nature of Graham's conversation. Matt was only just listening. He was thinking of Fiona naked.

Nor did he sit with her at the gala dinner. Places were allocated and he was not so lucky. The tables mixed up the regions but not to his satisfaction - their tables could not have been further apart. And she was not there later. Perhaps she had gone to bed. She was not on her balcony and her window was dark. Matt went to bed.

Sleeping was usually the least of Matthew Malton's problems but whilst he got off to sleep quickly enough he awoke in the middle of the night and found himself wide awake and hard. He looked at his watch, 3 a.m. just like the night before. Matt did not even attempt lying still but thrust the covers off his body and looked to the window. There was no doubt in his mind what he was going to do. He was going to go out onto his balcony and relive the night before - perhaps Fiona might be there. Unlikely but perhaps... Fiona or not, he was going to relive the experience.

Happy again to step out tumescent. Not really a worry that someone else might be on a different balcony. It was so unlikely - though it would not, perhaps, be good to walk out and see Graham Allshore naked and erect or, worse, be seen as he was, but it was hardly likely. Hardly likely that Fiona would, coincidentally, be unable to sleep either.

Matt stepped out, penis first; and all, suddenly, was really right.

"Hallo." It was not Graham but Fiona just like the night before.

"Hallo!" Lovely talking to her, lovely admiring her breasts and naked body, lovely to stand naked and erect talking to her again. The dream had returned; the lovely erotic dream of the night before - the dream that had been real.

They must have talked for ten minutes and every time Matt showed a hint of sag there was a little tickling from Fiona; a casual reaching across the divide and just enough stimulation to hold him firm; not really wanking, as such, just a little petting to maintain firmness. Sometimes just a little lifting of his balls or a finger lightly stroking him beyond, on his sensitive perineum. It was lovely.

"Why don't you come around to my balcony? No! Not climbing over, too dangerous."

It was not really, Matt was nimble enough but he would still be traversing two sets of railings and the drop between.

"Just come around, I'll open my door. Come like that."

She meant 'erect,' it was obvious.

"I'll get the bath robe."

"No, just like that."

"What out into the corridor with my..."

"Yes, no one will see. Just bring your key, nothing else."

A squeeze - a light squeeze - to his testes and she was gone. Matt stepped back into his room. An invitation onto his neighbour's balcony! What might happen when they were really close? Surely they would have intercourse. It seemed unlikely the invitation was anything else, but if it was just mutual masturbation, kissing and talking - well that was more than fine. But walking naked and erect even just a few paces down a lighted hotel corridor? It would take nerve but clearly Fiona wanted that, saw it as exciting, and wanted him to come to her 'just like that.'
Matt walked across his room and picked up his key from the desk. The feeling of sexual excitement was really strong, the prospect of being close to Fiona, touching her and she touching him was powerful - there was no let up in his erection. It remained firm and upright. A deep breath and Matthew opened the door and peaked out into the brightly lit corridor.

After the darkness of his room and the limited light of the city on his balcony the brightness hurt. He blinked trying to see. His hand dropped to his erection and as he peered out and he gave it a few encouraging strokes. Nobody there, of course, just rows of doors. Nobody would be there at that time in the morning but even so - to go out into the corridor like that... And he would never know if somebody was actually watching through the spy hole in his or her door or even if behind every door somebody was watching. Just so unlikely - but he would not know.

Matt could hardly believe what he was doing, stepping out of his door completely starkers and with that particularly embarrassing thing males do, sticking up like a prong to his front. But sexual desire overrode his instinct for self preservation. Pulling his door quietly shut behind him he moved quickly, bare feet on the carpet to the next door room - to his left not right. It was hardly possible he was going to get lost. He could not believe he was really doing that - was outside in the corridor not just naked but...

Fiona's door opened and there she was right by the door and as naked as he was; she put out her hand and just like the night before across the balconies' divide they shook. Wonderfully incongruous again. The two of them naked and he so obviously excited. The more incongruous because they were both visible to the corridor

"Come in Matt," she said, closing the door.

A surprise, a shock. Fiona was not alone. Not exactly walking in naked and erect on a surprise party in his honour but, in the gentle lamp light of the room, he could see not just Fiona but a man on the bed.


"Oh, my boyfriend, Dan. You've met?"

Yes, Matt had, from the conference and before. Knew him a little, certainly knew him by name. Knew him by sight and a bit more. Had spoken to him and on the 'phone. Knew him by sight but not like this. But he was not being invited to greet Dan because sprawled across the bed, eyes shut and unmoving it was clear he was asleep - and very naked.

"Dan's fast asleep, won't wake. A herd of elephants and more wouldn't wake him. I know. I could fuck him and he wouldn't know. Really I could - shall I? Would you like to see that? It'll keep you hard. You can fuck me later. You are going to aren't you? I am wet enough for both. You will won't you? Please."

"Won't Dan, err, mind?"

"Won't know. Out for the count and just look at him when I want a man - fast asleep! Look at his cock, all floppy - not like yours, all wonderfully hard and virile. I loved seeing it spurt yesterday. All that cream coming out. And was Dan any use when I came back inside? Hardly - and I'd gone and wasted you!"

Fiona sat down on the bed by her boyfriend and lifted the limp penis off its bed of curly hair. "He won't wake. No chance, but I bet he'll erect just like a wet dream. Shall I? Would you like to see it? Do you like seeing a penis growing, filling with blood, getting all big? I do, I love watching. Do you?"

Matt was taken aback. Fiona was bouncing Dan's little sausage up and down in her hand. It was not exactly something he had thought about. As he watched Fiona's hand began to move Dan's foreskin down, further exposing him - she was doing it with purpose.

"Not going down are you? Do you like seeing this? See it's growing."

Dan's penis was swelling, just a bit, and there was no lessening in Matt's. No, there was no question of that happening in the near future. Matt had enjoyed feeling Fiona stroking him out on the balcony. It was unexpected but still erotic seeing her working another man.

"If it gets stiff enough, I really might fuck him. You'd like to watch I'm sure. Men do. Men are watchers."

It was getting stiff all right. There were now two erections in the room. A comparison could be made. Matt was making the comparison. He thought he was a little bigger than Dan. A good thought!

"Would you like a go?"


"Go on, Dan won't know. I'd like to see. Come here, sit by me. You stroke Dan and I'll stroke you."

Matt was happy enough with the latter idea but the former...

"Give me your hand. There! Doesn't that feel nice? All rigid and hot. Go on hold it. Fuck I'm not asking you to suck it - yet... Go on wank it, you know what to do. That's it. Now let me hold you again. Yes, that's nice too, isn't it?"

'That' was nice, very nice and Dan found himself wanking Dan in unison with Fiona's own stroking of his cock. Just the action he did on himself.

It was very peculiar finding his hand on another man's erection. Matt was used to holding his own, indeed stroking it to orgasm, but another man's? Firm in his hand, all warm to the touch - like his own but with no feeling coming back - well until Fiona's hand held him.

"Shall we make him cum, spurt up in the air or shall I fuck him?"

Fiona wanted an answer. She wasn't going to decide.

"You fuck."

"Well, you hold him up whilst I position myself."

This was a bit better, a lot better. Fiona getting up on the bed and Matt seeing up between her legs as she straddled Dan, seeing the wet, soft, pink place - so lacking in hair - visible to him in the light of the bedside lamp. He would very much have liked to push his own erection into and done the manly thing. But it was enjoyable enough to hold Dan's penis ready, pointing it at the right place; seeing it pressing on the pink folds and starting to go in; feeling the wetness of her lips on his hand as Fiona descended.

"You can remove your hand now."

Matt hardly wanted to do that. Yes, he was holding Dan's cock but touching his hand was the warm wetness of Fiona. He let his fingers slide down to the base of Dan's cock and felt Fiona follow until she had the entire erect penis inside.

"Oooh I love a cock inside me."

It was remarkable seeing her mount and Dan just not moving; his eyes not opening; just lying there and being fucked.

Matthew had never watched intercourse before. No couple had ever invited him around to watch them perform. He had never found himself sharing a room with another couple or been at some sort of orgy. He had never had the opportunity to peek. The day before he had in vain looked for a naked girl in a window in the city as he had stood on his balcony - before he belatedly realised there was a naked girl on the very next balcony. Today he was watching Fiona and Dan; could feel the bed moving as Fiona worked her man.

"Surely he will wake?" It seemed so unlikely Dan would just lie there. Matthew stood up thinking he might be able to reach the door and escape if Dan perhaps groggily started speaking or opening his eyes. "Perhaps I'd better..."

"No, Matt. Dan won't wake. Trust me. I know him. Don't you like watching? Aren't I sexy enough? It looks like you do." Fiona reached and held.

It was good, wonderfully good, to have his penis stroked as he watched real intercourse. Fiona's breasts bouncing, the visible slide of Dan's erection behind her hairless cleft, the spread labia, the little pointing clit.

Fiona's head moved closer to his erection. Her movement on Dan's erection and with her hand slowed as she stared at it.

"I think it is bigger than Dan's, a lovely shape, such a nice curve and just look at these lovely things dangling here! Oh look! You are leaking just a bit. Do you think Dan is too? Fuck - isn't a cock sexy! I love big shiny knobs, especially when they are leaking!"

Her face was getting closer. Matt's breath was becoming ragged. He thought - well it looked like she was going to - that she was going to suck it. The idea of those lips enfolding his penis was just so exciting. He hoped he would not just come then and there. He wanted the night to go on.

Fiona's mouth moved closer, just two inches from his penis, her tongue running over her lips in anticipation - or was that simply show, simply to excite him? Her tongue reached and touched just the tip, just the little leaking hole, and then retracted a bit drawing a strand of his 'pre-cum' with it before a proper lick came, yes, like on an ice cream cone, right across it.

"Mmmm, salty, Matt. Very nice."

And then her lips slipped over his knob. Wonderful to feel, wonderful to see, his penis in her mouth. Matthew sighed, feeling the warm wetness enveloping his glans. So easy to just release and let his stuff flow across into her mouth. Matt had to hold on.

Fiona began moving on Dan again. Fucking him as she sucked on Matt. Her lips slipped further down on Matt, taking more into her mouth, and she began to move up and down his penis in time with her movement on Dan. It was superb, both the feeling and being able to see what Fiona was doing to him and Dan.

"I have never..." a momentary release of the penis but her lips were back again - caressing, sucking.

What had she never? Matt could not believe she had not fellated a man before. Was completely sure she had sucked Dan many times before. He could imagine them in the bedroom, he standing, she kneeling with his cock in her mouth doing just that. It could hardly be that he had not filled her mouth on more than a few occasions.

"... fucked and sucked at the same time..."

Her fucking was certainly enthusiastic. Lovely to see.

"... it's just so good. So fucking sexy. I wish I could do it more often."

Matt looked down at Dan still fast asleep. How could he sleep through this? Was he pretending? It did not seem so.

The feeling on his penis was intense. He pulled back and away, breathing heavily, to prevent Fiona sucking him over the edge. She pouted - cross at being deprived of her oral pleasure. He wondered if she might turn, kneel and begin sucking Dan instead, whilst presenting her rump to him; presented her no doubt open passage in all its engorged and wet glory for him to fuck. It would be fantastic to take hold of her hips and push himself in and take control - fuck her at his pace whilst she sucked the other man.

But she just kept on riding Dan.

Her lips brushed his knob. Rather than taking it in she was just playing with it, teasing it with her tongue, rubbing it on her face.

"Oh fuck, Matt, I can feel... Dan's having his wet dream. He's coming and I've got to come too. Fuck, yes, whilst he's still hard." She was moving quickly. "Nearly there, let me suck - please. Now."

Her mouth open, Matt pushed forward, pushing his knob between Fiona's open lips; such a lovely thing to do and so erotic to see.

It was obvious Fiona was coming too, he could see it in her eyes - feel it in her enthusiastic sucking. Again he had to pull back - nice as it would have been to have come himself and filled Fiona's mouth with his semen. Would she swallow? He thought she would. But he did not want to come - yet.

He stood erect by the bed, fascinated by the scene, watching Fiona lost in the pleasure of sex. Happy to watch and wait.

"Oh Matt, that was good." Fiona got off the bed leaving Dan to his rest, still naked but, unsurprisingly, no longer erect.

"Look at him, what a mess he's made of himself. I'll have to chide him in the morning. Ask him what he was dreaming about - who he was dreaming about. He won't know, if he sees you tomorrow, that you held and were wanking his dick; won't know I fucked him whilst sucking on your lovely big knob. Look at you all hard still." Her hand reached and held. "I love seeing you standing and walking like that. Let's go onto the balcony. No, let's go out into the hotel as we are; take the lift up to the observation bar. No one will be there. Walk around naked and with you all so erect and me all wet and dribbling you know what. It'd be so sexy. What do you say?"

That was too much for Matt. "No, I couldn't. No, there might be a cleaner or somebody. Imagine if the lift stops at a floor on the way up and people get in. Imagine one of the directors..."

"Wouldn't he like my boobs? Wouldn't he like to watch us fuck?"

"No, maybe but no, what if... they're not all men."

"Let's just go on the balcony then."

Lovely to step out, but this time hand in hand with naked Fiona, and stand looking out over the night time city, his erection once more out through the railings and pointing into the night. They talked.

Just as before if Matt began to lose his firmness a little, Fiona was quick to hold and stroke or simply tickle and lift his balls. It must have been a strange, perhaps rather attractive sight, the two of them standing side by side on the balcony. An unseen photographer across the way with tripod to steady the camera and a long exposure could have caught the scene. The modern repetitive front of the hotel featuring individual balconies and, on just one, a couple standing naked and with the man fully erect. Perhaps blown up to poster size it would have seemed a decorative building scene until you looked closely and spotted the incongruity of the eroticism.

"Well," said Fiona, "I suppose it is really bedtime now. It's been a lovely evening. How shall we finish it? Do you want to fuck me on the bed next to Dan, shall I launch you into space like last night, would you like to cum in my mouth or would you like to take me from behind as I stand here? It's got to be the latter hasn't it? Go on, go inside and then walk out when you are ready and come up behind me. I like the idea of a man surprising me from behind."

Strange walking back through the door into a room which was exactly like his own except for the naked man on the bed. For a moment or two he looked at Dan. What a surprising situation he had found himself in. Not just engaged in sex with a fellow conference delegate but being there now in the same room as this naked man - a man he had watched fucking, or rather being fucked. Matt turned and looked out of the door at the lovely sight of Fiona standing at the railings, her pleasingly rounded buttocks and naked back forming such an enticing picture. In a few seconds he was going to be able to walk up behind her and press his erection into the crack of her bottom and reach around and hold her breasts, feel the hard points of her nipples in the palms of his hands.

As he watched Fiona moved her feet opening her thighs. He knew she was making herself ready for him; the movement was for him - to allow his knob egress to her sex. He had not touched that since he had guided Dan's cock up into her. It had been wet then but it would be slipperier now - made so by Dan's 'wet dream.' Did he mind pushing himself into another man's ejaculate, did he mind taking pleasure in the extra slippery, perhaps sticky lubrication? No, rather the opposite, there was a certain something about taking another man's girl without his knowledge, something a little erotic in sharing a girl and moreover in knowing his own penis was the larger.

Matt stood for a few moments at the door, just loving the picture of Fiona through it and savouring the moment as he looked at her leaning at the railings. And then he stepped forward and up to the girl and, just as he had planned, moved in close so his erection was pushed upright between her cheeks and he reached around and held her breasts.

"Mmmm," breathed Fiona, "That feels nice."

Lovely to be squashed against her like that, feeling the softness of her bottom against his thighs, the divide of her bottom seemingly made to take the length of his erection - so comfortable. Lovely to manipulate her breasts; feel their weight and smoothness in his hands. Matt kissed her shoulder.

Nice to move his penis in the crack of her bottom, nice to feel the bottom wriggle against him. Nice to bend his knees and let his knob slip under Fiona. Nice to feel his knob up against wet softness. Nice to pause all ready to start intercourse.

What a fantastic moment. One push and he would be inside Fiona; there he was out in the city, naked and about to fuck this lovely girl; exposed for the whole city to see had it been awake; there he was about to fuck the first girl in a long time other than Libby. Did he feel guilty or upset? Well, certainly he had not felt so sexually excited, so worked up with lust for a long time.

He pushed, and it was all so easy, just so good to feel the wet heat enveloping his knob; feel her sex gliding over him as he slid - all so delightfully wet and warm - on and on, and up and up until he could go no further. Lovely to feel Fiona's hand come under and push his testes from behind trying to push as much of him into her as possible, holding him there and then pulling his hanging scrotum forward and massaging her clit with his balls.

"Oooh that is fucking good, Matt, you are a big boy. Do you think I might come again? Fuck this is just so, so good."

Matt just held still, savouring where he was and the lovely feeling of his scrotum being manipulated by Fiona's fingers. Quite something just to stand there looking over her shoulder at the darkened city whilst being so intimately and personally joined to this other person - their bodies for the moment as one. Wonderful to feel her fingering the base of his penis - she feeling where he had entered her. Matt began to move.

Lovely to be moving within a girl, lovely to take long strokes and, with Fiona's hand restraining him, little risk he would stroke too far and come out; wonderful to be fucking with a hand holding his balls; just so nice taking the girl from the rear out on the balcony.

Matt was careful, not too much movement, he needed to hold on until Fiona came again. And she was letting him know how she was doing:

"Not far off now Matt, yeah, yeah, nearly, oooh that's good. So big. Don't come yet. Nearly, nearly - oh fuck, you can come now. Go on, squirt, squirt. Fuckin' fill me."

Lovely to feel her wriggling in front of him, lovely to feel her hand suddenly literally ram him into her. That was, of course, the trigger; it was too much for him; Matt pumped at her - it was going to happen; and then his cock began to spasm. A grimace as his semen began to spurt deep in her body. It seemed to go on longer than usual.

The feeling subsiding Matt stopped and stood still; holding himself intimately joined; his erection still firm inside the warm, wet sheath. His body tight up against her back and bottom. He could feel just the occasional trickle of semen rising up his shaft. It had all been so very enjoyable and lovely now to think of his ejaculation inside Fiona. What a thing to have done!

She was wriggling again, indicating Matt should withdraw. He stepped backwards and pulled away, his cock still firm enough to bound upwards.

Fiona dropped to her knees and kissed the wet end of Matt's erection and then, rising quickly to her feet, kissed him on the mouth, her tongue momentarily pushing between his lips like a penis entering a vagina - like his had done to her.

"Go now, I don't want to see you soft. I want to remember you hard."

A squeeze as he turned.

"Goodnight, Fiona."

Matt moved across the bedroom glancing at the now curled up Dan on the bed; he raised his hand to him in farewell and picked up his key and was out of the door, before Fiona had a chance to see his now softening penis, and bumped right into Graham Allshore.


"Graham! Fuck! I mean, couldn't you sleep?"

"No, but..."

Graham was wide eyed at Matt's appearance: naked and with a not yet fully subsided and clearly post coital penis.

"Err. Amorous adventure. Don't ask."

"Who? No, sorry, not my business."

It wasn't. It most definitely wasn't.

"Err, yes, clearly so..."

Matt had his key in his lock, "Good night."
Matt closed the door. What bad luck meeting Graham but, in a way, it might enhance his reputation so long as Graham did not find out whose room was next door - and if he discovered it was both Fiona and Dan what was he going to think. A threesome, two men and one girl - certainly kinky! Or was it just registered to Dan... Oh dear!

His balcony door was still open but a quick peek showed Fiona had gone from the adjoining balcony. Once again Matt stepped out but this time not tumescent. The night was still pleasantly cool and dark. His hand dropped to his cock, feeling it all wet from Fiona. It was all soft and slippery - even his balls as well - and Matt knew that was not just from Fiona but, no doubt, from both him and Dan as well. He smiled thinking back and stood for a little while remembering before going in to bed and a sound sleep.

He did not see Fiona - or Dan - at breakfast or as he left for the airport. What an interlude, what an experience, what a one off experience - you could hardly call it a 'fling.' It had not been amorous really - just erotic. There was no question of starting up some sort of relationship - having an affair on the side. Would they even mention it if Fiona and he met again? And would they meet again? There really was no reason - work or personal.

It was few months later he got the e-mail asking him if he was planning on being on the firm's summer residential training course at Browston Manor in Dorset. Matthew had not been thinking of going but, minutes later when he replied to the email, he had already ensured he was enrolled. The e-mail had been a surprise; he had seen the name flash up - Fiona in North East Accounts - what could she be e-mailing him about? She was in a separate part of the company. There was no real need for any communication unless...

Would anything come of the forthcoming Dorset course? Would she have Dan in tow? Matt could not see Fiona and he would coincidentally again have adjoining rooms and the manor did not have balconies anyway, so far as he recalled, to engage in the same neighbourly pleasantries as on that wonderful night in the city. Lovely as the old country house conference centre was, it was all fairly low rise - bits of 1960s and more modern residential blocks added onto the old structure. It would be summer; maybe a warm summer and the grounds were extensive. Perhaps they might walk together. Fiona's e-mail could not surely have been an idle interest - it must imply something. Matt had a lovely image of the two of them walking naked in the summer sun through a hay meadow with Fiona holding and gently wanking him - a delightful pastoral scene - so long as they were alone.

Matt did not know what might happen - perhaps nothing - but the e-mail boded well. If it was 'something' then Matt could not imagine it would simply be a tumble in a bed: no, Fiona seemed to like things a little out of the ordinary. What if they had really gone up to the observation bar naked? It was certainly something better imagined than done!

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