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Full of excitement to be a voyeurism
Looking off my back deck I can see a group of teenage girls congregating in the Johnson's backyard. They are all wearing bikini tops and cutoff jeans. Some of the jeans are cut high across some lovely ass cheeks or cut straight up to the side to the waist. I assume they have bikini bottoms underneath.

It is hot today, a humid 92 degrees. The kind of day one should spend in a pool or in air conditioning. The girls have another plan. Sun bathing and playing on a slip-n-slide. Yes, the maturing eighteen-year -old's love the slip-n-slide. As you can assume I have watched them before.

Smiling I get up from my deck chair and go into the sanctuary of my air conditioned home. I head up to my master bedroom. Today this is the best room in the house. It has an unobstructed view into to the Johnson's backyard.

I head right for a very comfortable arm chair set right in front of a window. The wooden shutters are open but the is a thin white screen that covers the window. From the outside you can't see into the window but I have a clear view looking out. It's a simple little screen that makes me and my equipment invisible in the window. Next to the chair are two tri-pods. One has a Olympus 5 mega pixel digital camera with a telephoto lens mounted to it. Mounted on the other tri-pod is a digital video camera with a 44X optical zoom. On the other side of the chair is a small table. I place my cold drink on it as I sit in the chair.

You see, I have started a business. I photograph unsuspecting women. I am one of the largest contributors to the Voyeur scen. I send my work to numerous internet sites that are dedicated to voyeurs, such as myself. I have won many top money prizes for my contributions. Others I sell out right. Business lately has been good.

I look out the window and watch the girls as they stand around, chattering, laughing, enjoying each others company. I actually know each of them, probably better than they realize. How, you ask? I have my spy. She let's me know when get-togethers occur, like this one, so I can be ready.

Today there are just five girls. Usually the little group consists of eight friends. Though I would like to see more girls five is a nice number. It makes it easier to get better photos. I look into the Olympus view finder and zero in on the first girl that comes into my view. Ah, Susie. Click! I get her bending over. Nice ass.

Susie is one of my favorites. She seems to be the prankster of the bunch. She's a thin blond who wears her hair in pig tails, which always gives her this little girl look. You can also count on her having a sucker in her mouth all the time. A sweet round ass that rolls as she walks completes the package. She's a bouncy, energetic young lady. She will easily untie tops, pull down shorts or toss cold water on whoever is sunbathing with their top untied, in an effort to embarrass some one. If the same is done to her she will just laugh and show herself as the other girls yell at her to cover up. A real exhibitionist.

Melonie now comes into view. Facing towards my house she tugs her bikini top into place. Click! If she only knew. Melonie has large breasts for an eighteen year old that are accentuated by her slim waist and tiny hips. Her hair is auburn and shoulder length. Already her skin has a deep tan. Being somewhat self conscious of her large boobs, Susie plays many of her pranks on Melonie. Today would be no different. In the blink of an eye Susie has pulled the thin string on Melonie's top and it exposes her ample bosom. Click! Off Melonie goes, chasing Susie, trying to cover her exposed breasts as she runs.

The two run past Tabitha, as she sits in a lounge chair, rubbing sunscreen over herself. She just shakes her head at Susie's antics. The more 'Proper' acting of the girls, she is also the most sexually active. There is a popular rumor about her, her English teacher, and the grade of an 'A'. I believe oral lessons were at the heart of the rumor. Tabitha has reddish hair and fair skin. Her figure is near perfection. She act like a super model most of the time. She is always posing, whether photos are being taken or not. She likes attention very much.

I swivel the camera on the tri-pod and stop on Becky. Becky is the full figured girl of the bunch. She's a well built, slightly chubby girl, but not at all fat. I actually find her the sexiest. Okay, so I like a girl with a little meat. Becky is a natural blond and sports a great tan. She has the prettiest blue eyes that always seem to sparkle. The best part of Becky is her full, round ass. Man, when she bends over, oouuu, like now, Click! Susie runs up to Becky, Melonie still in pursuit, and tries to use her as a blockade. Becky just shakes her head and pushes her away.

Melonie finally gives up chasing Susie and asks Becky to re-tie her top. I compare the two as I watch, now zooming in with the video camera. Hmmm, tits are about the same size. Becky must make a comment on Melonie's breasts because Melonie turns around and stands chest to chest with Becky as the look at each other's boobs. That's it girls, speaking to myself, give Mr. Steve a show. Becky pulls Melonie to her and does a tit rub. Arms in the air, they squeal. Ah, I see Rachael standing to the side, watching, cupping her little tits and frowning.

Rachael is Chinese, adopted when she was two and raised by the Johnson's. She has beautiful brown, almond eyes. Her dark, rich black hair hangs down to the small of her back. She has the best pair of legs, and always wears some kind of heels to show them off. Becky and Melonie come up to Rachael and put their arms around her in mock consolation. Becky then pulls on Rachael's bikini top and looks at her small tits. Shaking her head Becky mouths "Poor thing." Rachael slaps her hand and you can here the word bitch loud and clear, even in my closed room. All three girls break out laughing.

The final girl of the today's group is Patti. Not the prettiest girl in the group but she has a nice figure. Her hair is overly bleached and thin. Her eyes are a strange ice blue. She is an awkward creature and seems to trip over herself a lot. Patti also is Tabitha's shadow, going every where she does. Patti is the one girl in the group that Susie won't pick on though. I guess Susie thinks Tabitha humiliates her enough. Tabitha snaps her finger and Patti responds.

I heard from my spy that Tabitha had Patti licking whipcream off her panties one party to prove Patti will do what Patti is told. I gather Patti was doing a overly zealous job. After a time the two girls disappeared. When they showed up again Tabitha kept Patti close, constantly hovering around Patti. My spy said it was a little weird, like a boyfriend hovering over a girlfriend, afraid someone was going to take her from him. You draw your own conclusion.

Speaking of which, I watch as Tabitha calls Patti over. She hands Patti the sunscreen and rolls over onto her stomach. Patti unties Tabitha's top, squeezes out some lotion and starts on Tabitha's back. Patti slowly massages in the lotion. I zoomin as Patti's hands move to Tabitha's sides and I watch as hands gently caress the sides of Tabitha's breasts. Hmmm, I get a bit of an erection as I watch the gentle lesbian play. I zoom in on the side of Tabitha's face and I see her smile at the touch.

The erotic scene before me is interrupted by Suzie, who stands with hose in hand and sprays Tabitha down with cold water. A shrill scream echos the neighborhood. Tabitha jumps up, breasts exposed. Patti tries to pull the top up on Tabitha but her hands are smacked away. Tabitha is too busy yelling at Susie, who stands there and give a little girl shrug. She drops the hose and skips away, sucking on her loli-pop.

Tabitha grabs a towel, covers herself and storms off behind the shed in the Johnson's yard. Patti is right behind her. Tabitha is very agitated and takes it out on Patti. Patti gets such a look on her face that Tabitha stops yelling. It looks like Patti is ready to cry. Tabitha pulls Patti to her, places a hand on Patti's head and guides Patti's mouth to a to her breasts. Patti greedily starts sucking on Tabitha's nipples. I nearly jump out of my chair. Awesome, I say aloud, as I zoom in my cameras. These will be the best pics yet.

As if coming to her senses Tabitha pushes Patti away but not before she plants a kiss on Patti's lips. She quickly ties her top back up and runs out from behind the shed. Patti stands there for a moment, raises her right hand to her lips and gently touches them. Patti then peers around the corner of the shed to see where everyone is at. Patti leans up against the back of the shed and I watch as she slips a hand into her bottoms. At this point Patti slides down the shed into a squatting position. Damn, the backyard fences blocks any view and I can only see the top of her head. I can only guess she is fingering herself. Shortly she stands up but her legs appear to be wobbly because she steadies herself against the shed. Gathering her composure she come out from behind the shed.

Patti timidly walks over to Tabitha. I see Tabitha take her hand, sniffs it and smiles. Melonie and Rachael whisper something to each other as they witness the two girls and giggle. They put their first two finger of their right hands to their lips and flicks their tongues between them. The meaning is obvious.

Man, what a day this has become. Must be the heat, I think to myself. Soon Rachael rolls out the slip-n-slide, hooks up the hose and turns it on. Susie is the first to dive in. The force of her dive and the length of the slide makes her small top come off. She jumps to her knees laughing, arms in the air, shaking her peaches. I get off a number of shots. If I didn't know any better I would say she knew she was being watched.

For the next hour the girls slipped and slided. Even Miss Mature Tabitha enjoyed herself. A few more tits shots were availed to me, mostly by Susie. She also helped out by pulling down some wet bottoms. She was amazing when she got both Tabitha and Patti at the same time. I'll tell you right now, both were girls were clean shaven.

Finally the little get together was ending. Shorts were put back on, towels were rolled up and the slip-n-slide packed away. Knowing there wouldn't be anymore to see I shut down the cameras and went downstairs for something to eat.

While in the kitchen, making a sandwich, I heard the front door open and a couple of giggling voice pierced the quiet house. My daughter was home, obviously with a friend. I heard her tell her friend to go upstairs and the she yelled out, "Dad, I'm home."

"In here honey." I yelled from the kitchen.

My daughter came bouncing in, full of excitement. She runs up to me and gives me a big hug. "Hi dad."

"Hi Becky," I replied and kissed my daughter on her blond head. Hey, I told you I had my spy.

"So, did you get some great shots?" she asked excitedly.

"Oh, baby, the best yet." I watched as her full breasts bounced in her excitement.

"Great, Great," she said.

"Wait until you see the ones of Tabitha and Patti," I said with a mouthful of sandwich.

"I knew it, I knew it," she kept repeating.

"Looks like lipstick lovers," I said jokingly.

"Great, you can show me later," she said quickly, "but you have to come with me. I have a surprise for you."

Tugging on my hand I no choice but to go with her. I let my very excited daughter lead me up stairs. We stopped just outside her bedroom.

"Dad, we have a new employee." She pushed her door open and sitting on her bed is Susie.

Susie is on the bed, laying on her side, propped up on one elbow. Holding the sucker in her mouth she says, child like, "Hello Mr. Steve."

I look at Becky, "New employee, huh."

"Yes," and she begins to explain, "Susie saw some pics I was editing from your last shoot. I had no choice but to tell her. Don't be mad, Dad. You got some great shots today because of Susie."

Now it all made sense. All the great shots I got today were because of Susie's help. Her boldness would be a great asset. I smiled.

"And what will her staring wages be?" I asked.

Susie pulls out the sucker from her mouth and gives me a little girl smile. Becky then stands on her tip toes, puts her mouth to my ear and whispers.

"Really?" I say with some surprise.

"Yes, really?" Becky mocks me. "An easy price to pay, huh Dad?"

Susie raises up on her knees and pulls off the little bikini top she was still wearing. My daughter pats me on the back and says, "Have fun paying Susie, Dad."

I hear the bedroom door shut quietly behind me as Susie looks up at me with bright eyes. She's holding up the stick left over from her sucker. With pouty lips and in a little girl voice she says, "What can I suck on now?"

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English Sex Stories

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