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Another of the frat brothers was next in my pussy.
Erin here again, with a story that I'm sure that not all of you will believe. Well, I don't much give a shit; I did what I had to do. It was my sophomore year of college when I discovered my asshole boyfriend Tony had been cheating on me at his fraternity mixers. Dumb move; the president of his fraternity was my friend Kurt who was from my hometown. One weekend Tony was out of town, home for the weekend or something, and I got my revenge.

I called the Frat house. Someone picked up the receiver, "Hello?"

"Put Kurt on the phone," I ordered.

"Um... ok, hold on a sec. Let me find him." I waited on the phone for almost five minutes and then Kurt came on the line.

"Kurt here, whaddaya need?"

I was mad, fit to be tied. I had to hear that Tony was cheating on me from a girl in my Biology class rather than from Kurt. "What I need, Kurt, is for you to tell me the fucking truth."

"Oh, Erin... Hey, how are you?" He could tell I was pissed and he was trying to play it cool. It made me even madder.

"You know how the fuck I'm doing. Tony's cheating on me and I had to find out from some Zeta slut in my Bio class, rather than from my friend Kurt," I said, sarcasm dripping from my voice.

"Ah, yeah... Well, Erin you know how things can get at those mixers. I'm sure that it was blown out of proportion."

"Bullshit, Kurt. I want the truth, has Tony been screwing around on me? And don't give me any of that 'bro's before ho's' bullshit either, you and I have been friends for too long."

Kurt let out a sigh and sounded defeated. "Yeah, yeah Erin it's true. There have been a few times. I would have told you but you know how it is..."

"Yeah, I know how it is and that's bullshit. That's a pretty shitty thing to do Kurt, when you knew that I would eventually find out."

"Erin, I just didn't know how to tell you. Didn't know what to do – you think I was comfortable being in the middle like that?"

"Oh, so you were going to hope I never found out and then your conscious could be clear? You owe me Kurt, big time. You don't treat your friends this way."

"I know Erin, I'm sorry. And I will make it up to you..."

I interrupted. "You're damn right you're going to make it up to me... this weekend."

There was a pause before Kurt asked "This weekend? What do you have in mind?"

I had been planning this for a long time, not being cheated on but what I would do if a guy ever pulled this shit on me. "How many guys can you get together Saturday night?"

"Why?" Kurt sounded apprehensive.

"Because, Tony's going to be out of town and we're going to have a little private party in his honor. Have them there at ten, and Kurt..."


"I want at least a dozen guys there."

"A dozen?! Erin, don't you think this is going a little too far?"

"Ten O'clock, Kurt. Have them there," I said and broke the connection. Saturday was still three days away and I had some planning to do – Tony was going to regret his indiscretion big time.


Saturday came and I had recruited the help of my friend Carrie. She isn't the most attractive girl in the world, but she didn't have a problem being my 'fluffer' for the night and how attractive to you have to be to suck a few cocks?

We got to the house around nine, before the guys had started to show up. Kurt was there and he looked nervous. "You sure you want to go through with this, Erin?"

"Damn right I do. Meet Carrie, she's going to be my fluffer for the evening." Kurt shook hands with Carrie awkwardly, that's not an introduction that I think gets made every day. "So how many guys we have coming tonight?"

"Last count was seventeen if they all show. Where do you want to do this?"

I smiled my most mischievous smile. "In Tony's bed, of course. Now, we've got some preparation to do. We'll expect you at ten." I gave Kurt a peck on the cheek and Carrie and I went to Tony's room to get ready.


We pulled the blankets and comforter off Tony's bed, getting it down to just the sheet. I got naked and laid on the bed. Carrie took some items from my bag and handed them to me; two dildos and a tube of lubricant. I spent the next hour using the toys to make sure my holes were good and ready – I've had sex with more than one guy before but I was pretty sure that seventeen was going to take me to my limits.

At ten there was a knock on the door and Kurt stuck his head in the room. "Erin, all the guys are here. You ready for us?"

"Yep, bring them on in."

Seventeen men crammed into the room, which was rather large when it wasn't trying to host almost twenty people. The guys were off all shapes and sizes. Some where good looking, some weren't really attractive – there were three black guys. It didn't matter, as long as they had a dick and were willing to fuck me that was all that was required.

"Hello boys," I purred at them from the bed. I was laying there totally naked, my body completely exposed to the group.

They all said "Hello."

"First off, thanks for being here. My soon to be ex-boyfriend did a shitty thing to me and you are going to help pay him back. I'm sure that Kurt told you what was up, but I want to make sure you're all cool with this."

They all nodded and I continued. "Ok, you are all going to get the chance to fuck me and I don't care if you want to fuck my pussy or my ass – I like it equally in both. Also, I don't care where you cum. You can cum on my face, pull out and cum on my body or just cum inside me – I only ask that once you are inside me you don't take your time, seventeen people is going to take a while and for once in your sexual life a girl isn't going to give you hell for cuming too fast."

They all chucked and nodded their understanding.

"A few last things before we get started. Carrie is here to be my fluffer. If you are the next person to fuck me, she will help make sure you are ready to go when it's your turn. She's only here to give blowjobs until after you have all fucked me, then anything else she wants to do with you is between the two of you. Also, Kurt is the referee. He will tell you what order you are in and any disputes will be handled by him. Also, because of your role in all this Kurt, you get to go dead last. Hope you like sloppy seventeenths!"

Everyone burst out laughing and Kurt looked sheepish. He knew he should have told me; hey, it could have been worse, after all I wasn't about to fuck sixteen total strangers on his bed!

The guys who were to go first started to mill around and some of the ones at the end of the line left the room – they waited in the next room playing video games until their turn got close. Carrie started to blow the first guy, an average looking guy whose name was Ken. I grabbed Tony's pillow and put it under my hips, both to help the guys enter me and so that as the juices from me and the guys ran started to flow there would be a nice load where he laid his head. My boyfriend, what a dumb fuck.

Ken was ready to go and I asked him how he wanted me. He said on my back and he climbed on the bed and went to work. I gathered from his actions that he wasn't the most experienced guy in the room that night, but that hardly mattered. He pumped into me with fast little strokes, holding his breath the entire time. When he had been in me for a few minutes he withdrew and shot the first load of the night, this one arcing up from his cock and landing on my stomach and tits.

He was very sweet, actually, and thanked me as he got off the bed and the next guy took his place. I was rolled over onto my hands and knees and felt a finger penetrate my ass. When my new lover was satisfied that there was enough lube for him to slid in, he entered my anus. He had a nice cock and knew what he was doing, fucking me with a good rhythm for the next ten minutes until he started to really slam into me and deposited a load of hot cum deep in my ass.

The next guy took his place behind me almost immediately and pushed inside my pussy. My pussy felt stretched, this guy had a nice fat cock. I had my first orgasm of the night with this guy and when I had finished cuming, he pulled out of my pussy and hurried around to my face, where he promptly deposited his load on my cheek and mouth. I licked him clean as my next partner slid into my recently vacated pussy.

This guy was awful, he had no clue what he was doing, but at least he did one thing right – he came inside my pussy. As he pulled his dick out, I could feel his cum dripping down from the load deposited in my ass, mixing with the cum just left in my pussy and dripping down onto Tony's pillow. "Sweet dreams, fucker."

I was turned onto my back and my legs were pushed back, exposing my ass to the really hot guy who was next. I had seen him around the house and knew that he was one of Tony's frat brothers. He slid his cock inside my ass and gave me a good fucking, making me cum twice before pulling out and spilling his load on my tits. I rubbed his seed into my skin, feeling its slippery warmth and thanked him for the good fucking.

As the next guy got into position I looked over at Carrie and saw that she had a black cock halfway down her throat. She smiled at me and gave me the thumbs up. Good, she seemed to be enjoying herself too – I know I certainly was.

The guy inside me now deposited the second load of the night in my pussy and then the first of the black guys was up. He was built nice, well muscled, and his cock was a nice size too. He rolled me over and took my from behind, fucking me with a furious intensity. My tits were jiggling and slapping each other as he held my hips tight and fucked me with all he had. When he had enough, he pulled from my pussy and shoved his cock in my mouth, shooting a large load of cum in my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could and let the rest run out and land on Tony's bed.

I didn't have to move much to accommodate the next guy in line, he kept me in doggy and used his cock to explore my ass. It was one of the better ass fuckings I've had – his penis wasn't really thick but it was long and I could feel him deep inside me with each stroke. He spent a few minutes getting well acquainted with my colon before he pulled out, groaned loudly and deposited his load on my ass cheeks.

Eight guys down, only nine more to go. Almost halfway there and I was doing good. My pussy and ass still felt good and I had even managed to get off a few times. Just because I was doing this for revenge didn't mean I couldn't enjoy myself now did it?

The next two guys wanted me on my back, in missionary position. They both preformed adequately, one of them leaving his cum inside me and the other depositing his on my face. I was a gooey mess, this guys cum all over my face, so I grabbed Tony's pillow and cleaned myself off. "Sleep tight, bitch"

Next up was the second of the black guys. This guy was dreadfully ugly and he had a rather small, limp dick. Carrie did what she could with him and he was able to get enough of an erection to enter me. He fucked away at my pussy for way too long, trying to talk dirty to me as he 'pounded' away at me with his limp dick. I was getting bored when without warning he pulled from me and dribbled a few drops of cum onto my stomach. Oh well, you have to expect that at least one out of seventeen will be like that!

Another of the frat brothers was next in my pussy. I could tell that he had some experience pleasing woman and he managed to erase the memory of the previous guy and actually got me off, him cuming in my pussy as I climaxed. It was the best fuck of the night and I decided that sometime I'd have to fuck him without the audience.

The last of the black guys was up next, a tall slightly overweight guy that all his friends were calling 'Glub' – I didn't care what his friends were calling him, I was going to call him 'horse' because that thing between his legs looked inhuman. It was huge; long and thick as a baseball bat. He scared the shit out of me, I was afraid for my little pussy, but he actually proved to be quite gently and managed to not hurt me too bad. I didn't cum on his big cock, but I can tell you that my pussy has never been so full – there wasn't a spare inch of space inside of me. Glub pulled out of my pussy and sprayed a big load of cum all over my face and the bed. As he got off the bed, he seemed quite pleased with himself.

Numbers fourteen and fifteen both took me doggy style, one anally and one vaginally. Both guys deposited their seed inside of me, and I took a moment when they had finished to push as much out of my holes as I could, letting it drip on Tony's bed and pillow, which by then was getting thoroughly soaked with sweat and sperm.

As my sixteenth partner of the night plowed away at my ass, the other guys all congregated in the room. Most of them were watching me get fucked but I could see that two of them had Carried spread open in the armchair, taking turns fucking her. Good for her!

The guy in my ass pulled out and I took him in my mouth where he promptly came. I held his cock in my mouth until he was finished with his load and then I spit the whole thing all over the headboard, creating a piece of abstract cum art I'm sure my soon to be ex would enjoy.

"Well Kurt," I said. "All the other guys have gone, ready for sloppy seventeenths?"

Kurt dropped his pants, exposing his rock hard dick. "Ah, what the hell," he said as he climbed on the bed and shoved himself inside my pussy. As he fucked me I rubbed my clit and brought myself to one final orgasm before Kurt pulled out and shot the last load of the night all over my stomach and pubic hair.

I was totally covered in sperm and so was the bed. Both of my holes hurt and I was sore for days but oh, was it worth it. We made the bed, doing the best we could to make the sheets look normal. I hoped that Tony wouldn't look at them, just hop under the covers and sleep in the dried mess – which I found out from Kurt later was exactly what happened.

When he figured it out, he knew he had fucked up, knew that I had found out what he had been doing and knew that this was his punishment. They say revenge is a dish best served cold, well I disagree. I think its best served hard and deep, preferably by a group of guys on a Saturday night in your ex-boyfriends' bed.

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