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Watching two guys having sex, like my own private porn show
It's ten minutes to closing and I can feel the E. Coming on much too soon. A sudden flush of warmth. Up my thighs, my cunny. My stomach relaxes like a big snake uncoiling. My breasts seem to swell and tingle. Heat up my neck to my ponytail. I feel my face glow. My eyes dart to Benji and I grin like a little maniac. He's making a double espresso for our last customer. Hope he's our last. Old guy in bike shorts. Kind of cute. Salt and pepper. Got to be over forty. God, am I horny already? Bad little Pussy! I should spank it. I giggle. We only dropped twenty minutes ago. I shouldn't be feeling it until after our shift. In another half an hour. After we close and do clean up for the morning shift. Benji said he'd take me clubbing. Have some fun. I could use some fun. That bastard, Jeff. It wasn't like he was a good boyfriend. But him dumping me?!?! Oh, now it's really coming on. Feeling good. I give Benji another grin. He's got to be feeling it now too.

You see little homegirl Cerise giving you a grin. She must be feeling the E too. You sure are. This is ahead of schedule but what are you going to do? It is what it is. Got to roll with it. Get rid of the customers and try not to totally fuck things up for the morning crew. "Joe," you call out and hand the double shot to the older dude waiting at the counter. He gives you props, very real. No patronizing. Like man to man. Looks you in the eye and thanks you. You like that about a dude. That quiet confidence. Sense of self. Humility born out of strength. You feel yourself getting a little chubby. Good thing for the apron. Dude-Joe's got the whole biking thing going. The tight spandex. Shows you a nice set of muscular buns. Not a bad ass for a daddy. You like daddies. You'd like to tap this daddy. Damn, that E is hitting good, slow and strong like a pounding bass beat. You are definitely getting a chubby.

You glance over at homegirl Cerise. She's giving you the big wide devil eyes. Oh, she's feeling it too. You're supposed to take her out with you and your bff's tonight. Party. Dance. The boys don't mind a chick around. If she's cool. And Cerise is cool. No judgement. Besides. Be good for her. Help her forget that dick ex, Dick Jeff. You never got what she saw in that pudgy, lameass white motherfucker. And she's a fine little piece. For a chick. If you were into chicks. Which you are not. But, if you were, you could see why someone would want to bend her over. She has natural resources. Low to the ground and curvy. But there's a reason you call her "Coco." She's all her Mex momma on the outside, but her white daddy on the inside. When this dude blows you can close up and hit the streets. But dude turns and heads for a table. Not part of the plan. You see a paperback under his arm: Cities of the Plain. "Cormac," you say. Did you say that outloud?

He turns. You see a note of interest in his eyes.

"You a fan," he asks.

"Blood Meridian's his best," you answer.

He nods and a smile creases his face, like the flash of the sun through the dawn's clouds. You grin back. You definitely would tap that white ass.

Joe sits down and takes a sip. Strong, bitter, a complex mix of tobacco notes, burnt ash with a delicate finish. He sighs. Just what he needs at the end of a hard ride. Even in the ever cool of the California night, so different from the balmy nights Back East, he can feel the sweat on his ribs, his thighs, his pits. The goodlooking black kid at the counter surprised him. Cormac. It always pleased him to find an unexpected bond with strangers. A connection; like where you least expect it in life you find a fellow sojourner. A friend in the night. Speaking of friends in the night. The little Latina cleaning out the pastry case is mighty easy on the eyes. Or could be Italian. Hard to tell. Back in New York he would have assumed Italian. L.A...you assume Latina. But beauty is beauty. It doesn't matter what race, what country...a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman. And this one...glossy black hair, smooth olive skin, full lips, shining eyes. And what's really making a difference in his bike shorts: the firm, ripe titties and that full, round ass curving out from her waist. She can't be more than twenty...twenty-two. Maybe that is really all of it right there. They all look good at twenty-two. Youth adds a couple of points to any woman. And everytime she says something to the black kid her voice hits that feminine register, like a little song bird. A plump breasted song bird, he thinks. She looks up at him and locks eyes, eyes that seem to burn from inside. He smiles and nods and takes another sip. And it is good.

I see Benji start wiping down the steam wand, but he's giving the old dude the eye. He begins to stroke the nozzle with his cloth like it's a little cock and grins at me, then tilts his head towards the dude. "We've got to close out," I tell him, in a low voice. "I don't know how much longer I can keep it together, Benji Bro." I can feel the high radiating out of me. He smiles at me. His teeth glowing against his warm brown skin. It's starting to hurt my eyes.

"Ait, Coco," he says. Then he leans over the counter and calls out to the old dude. "Excuse me, Joe?" The old dude looks up from some book he's got. "You don't mind if we start closing up? You're more than welcome to stay as long as you want." He gives the guy a big smile.

I get up close behind him by his ear. "Benji, you little slut!," I hiss. He turns and grins, palms up, all innocent-like. "You know perfectly well what," I respond. To what I heard him say in my head. "You want to jump that poor guy's bones!"

Benji shrugs, still grinning. I look over at the guy. He looks so alone there. Seems like a nice guy. Buried in his book. His forearms are muscular and covered with dark hair. His hands look strong. Uh, I see a wedding ring. But I'm thinking about those hands on me, running down my body, over my breasts, down the curve of my belly, over my hips. I am definitely getting a little wet. The ex-boyfriend always said I was a wet blanket. Like whenever I wasn't into something he was into. Like a threesome with Rebeccah. Like if I wanted to muffdive, I wouldn't have been with a guy, right? But I'm not stupid. I knew he just wanted to get in her panties. At least I didn't have to eat her pussy before he dumped me for her anyway. The dumb blonde skank. They deserve each other. Fuck it. We'll see who's a wet blanket. I'll just find which team the old dude pitches for. One of us may get lucky tonight. Me or Benji. I am calling his fucking bluff.

"I'm going to go ask the old dude if he wants to suck your cock," I say sweetly to Benji.

"Yeah, right," Benji responds.

He doesn't think I'll do it. We'll see, I think to myself. I walk around the counter. My heart is pounding. But I'm feeling really alive and I just don't fucking care. I stop in front of the dude's table looking down at him. He is reading his book. There is a beat. He notices me and looks up.

"Excuse me, sir?" The guy smiles politely, expectantly. Honoring the barista-customer relationship. The etiquette of the coffee house: all good manners and courtesy. Which I am about to shatter. "My co-worker, Benji, over there has a crush on you." I smile and wrinkle my nose apologetically.

It's as if the whole world has stopped. The only sound is the retro Marvin Gaye playing on the sound system.

The old dude looks at me, blankly. Then at Benji. Who is standing frozen, his cleaning cloth hanging as limply from his hand as his cock must be now. Mortified.

The old dude looks back to me.

"What does that mean?" he asks good-naturedly. "Does he want to go on a date?"

"Uh...no...he," I stammer. "He...he wants to...uh...to get his..."

The old dude looks into my eyes and in an easy conversational tone asks, "...get his cock sucked?"

I must be blushing fifty shades of red. "I...guess," I manage to get out.

"Ask him," he says, locking me eyes with his blue-gray stare.

"Benji," I call. A little softly. It's like things are getting away from me. "He..."

"Joe," he prompts.

"Joe...wants to know if...if you want your cock sucked," I finish.

Benji stares at us. Dumbfounded. He nods mutely.

"You going to watch?" Joe asks me.

My mouth has gone dry. I nod. My heart doing doubletime.

"Okay then," he says. He closes his book, putting his book mark in to keep his place, smiles at me and gets up. He takes my hand gently but firmly and leads me back around the counter.

You watch this guy Joe leading Cerise around the counter. Cerise looks like she's going to the principal's office to get her butt whacked. What has she gotten us into? You wonder if this is going to turn out like some wet dream or a nightmare. Like maybe this Joe is a narc sent from corporate and he's about to bust both your ass. You're all staring at each other. Like some Clint Eastwood Mexican standoff. You look into the guy's eyes. Blue-gray like a wolf, you think. You see he's got a five o'clock shadow going. Looks butch. You like that.

"Well?," he asks you. "Let's see what you've got."

"I...look, I don't want to lose my job or anything," you stammer. This is all too crazy. But your cock thinks otherwise, as it pushes down your pants leg.

"What?" he asks. "You think I'm like a cop or something?'

He takes Cerise's hand and presses it to the hard on you see pressing against his bike shorts. Little Cerise's eyes go wide. Yes, that's the real thing.

That answers your question. Like in a dream you fumble at your apron, pulling it to one side. You get your zipper down, watching the dude the whole time. You reach in and lever out your meat. It pops out. All eyes are on your prize. Seven inches of tall, thin prime meat. Man-raper is what you call him. Cerise's eyes widen even more. She's got one hand on Joe's Johnson and her eyes on your meat. She must be in little pig heaven, you think. Joe looks back up to your eyes.

"Nice package," he says.

You notice his breathing. It's changed. So has yours. And your cock is standing at full attention. The head just peeking out your foreskin, and already there's a clear tear of fluid leaking out.

"Thanks," is all you can manage.

You watch as he slowly reaches out, his hand closing the distance to your cock. And then his hand's around your cock and he squeezes. And it feels so good. Someone moans. You realize it's Cerise. And you. His fist slides your skin down the hard core of your shaft, and your cockhead pops out of its sheath, all wet and dark and shiny. He grunts in appreciation and starts to slowly jack your cock in his fist. Pre-cum oozes out and runs down over his fingers.

He turns to Cerise, who's still standing there wide eyed with her hand on his cock. Glances down at the name tag on her apron.

"Cerise honey, you better lock up and turn off the lights," Joe says.

Cerise nods dumbly. She's breathing through her mouth. She slowly takes her hand off Joe's erection and heads to the front door.

Joe lets go of Benji's cock and quickly pulls his own bike shorts down to his ankles. His erection springs free. His is a respectable six inches with a flared, red mushroom head, poking straight out from smooth-shaven pubes.

Joe drops to his knees, grips the base of Benji's dark, black cock and takes it into his mouth. He tastes the salty pre-cum and can't help but close his eyes and moan in appreciation. He runs his tongue under the sensitive head, feeling then playing the frenum with his tongue. He hears Benji moan. It turns him on to know the kid is enjoying it. Such a nice piece of meat. He slides his lips further down the shaft, wetting it with his spit, then bobs up and down a few times to more moans.

Joe opens his eyes and looks up. Benji has his hands behind him bracing himself against the counter, his eyes closed and his head thrown back. His face a mask of pleasure. Joe smells Benji's cologne and something else. Something sweet and ferny. He glances to the side. Cerise is back. She's standing next to him, her crotch at face level. It's covered with long, fine black hairs against her smooth olive skin. He knows because she has her black pants and a little blue thong down around her knees and she has two fingers worrying her swollen clit at a tense, nervous pace. The way she must work herself when she's alone in her bed at night with nobody watching. He feels like he's watching something private, something real, and it's beautiful. He glances up as he continues to work Benji's shaft with his lips. Cerise is breathing hard, her pretty brown eyes glazed, mesmerized by the sight of him swallowing Benji's big black snake. Like they used to say a snake could hypnotize a bird, with its rhythmic swaying. She's holding her apron to one side with one hand and her firm breasts are shaking a little with her insistent motion. Her pussy lips are open and wet with her juices. He can smell her sex scent and his mouth floods with saliva, anticipating the sweet meal.

Joe reaches down and begins to work his own shaft with his free hand. He begins to work his mouth further down Benji's veiny shaft, inch by inch, until he involuntarily gags. He tries again, but he can't quite get all of it in. He hears Cerise's breathing quicken.

I'm standing here with my pants around my knees, rubbing my little clit for all I'm worth, and I'm so close. It is so hot. Watching two guys having sex, like my own private porn show. Benji's got this long, thin cock, like really long. But it's uncircumcised. And I don't know how I feel about that. It's a little oogie. Maybe. I don't know. None of my boyfriends were uncircumcised. Guess I'm just not used to it. But this guy Joe doesn't seem to mind. He's on his knees beating his meat while he's sucking on Benji's dick like it's a lifeline or something. And they're making noises, like sex noises. Wet noises and moans. And I'm like standing right next to them. And, like I said, the dude's beating his own meat and that's also something that turns me on. Watching a guy beat his own meat. Like when a guy stands over me and his fist is pumping up and down his rod and then he gets that funny look on his face like he's surprised by what's about to happen next, like he hasn't done it himself a jillion times before, just before the thick ropes shoot out all hot and goopy on my face. And I love the cum in my mouth. I'd rather a guy shoot in my mouth than in my pussy. I mean, wait till I cum first, of course, but then give me the goods. And the guy's cock is beautiful. It's smaller than Benji's but thicker and the head, so big and round, makes me salivate. I want it in my mouth. And I want him to cum in my mouth. And I can feel it. I'm about to cum...

And then...I must have closed my eyes. Because I look down and the guy Joe has stopped blowing Benji and he's grabbed my hands and taken them from my clit. Bastard! I'm so close! He looks up into my eyes, and says, "hold your pussy open." I'm gasping like a fish gasping out of water. I was so close.. He places my fingers on my pussy lips. I pull myself open for him, like an offering, flattening my little lips out to the sides with my fingers. His strong hands grip my buns tight and his tongue snakes between my lips. Oohh! He runs it up my dripping slit and over my swollen clit. I see stars. Again. And again. He slides a finger deep up my pussy and then hooks it and pushes forward. And my knees start to shake. And then he pulls his finger out and turns me around. And I'm like, No! Finish me! Make me cum! I want to cum. But now he's pushing me face down against the drive-thru window counter. I'm staring out at the dark driveway and a streetlight out at the intersection past the hedges. And my heart's pounding. And the traffic light is red. And his hands part my asscheeks. Oh, where are we going with this? My ass is open to him. And I suddenly feel so exposed. Like I hope I wiped good this morning. I don't want him to think I'm dirty and gross. God, I hope I wiped good. I don't want to smell like shit or something. Then I feel his tongue touch my clit again, and his nose poke in my slit. He runs his tongue now from my clit all the way up my slit and up and up and he flattens it out and runs it up over my little asshole all the way to the top of my ass cleft. And man does that feel good! This is territory no other boyfriend has gone! And he does it again and again and I start to melt into the counter. And I sigh and everything relaxes. It feels so good to feel his tongue lapping at me. Like squishy and loving and like no matter what I do or how I look I'm okay and he thinks I'm hot and attractive.

Then he stops lapping. His tongue finds my backhole and starts teasing it, running the tip of his tongue around the rim. Mmmm. It feels so wanton and yummy. I start wiggling it feels so nice. Then I feel the point of his tongue; it's gently poking at my little hole. And I feel myself just relaxing back there. Like a part of me is just letting go. And then his tongue is working its way up inside me and this is definitely something new! I mean there was this guy, a boyfriend, Ray. He used to stick his finger up my butt when we were fucking. It felt kind of good. He'd usually wait until we were really going at it. So a lot of the time my juices would already be dripping down my crack by that time. And I'd be like, we're fucking and it's feeling real good so I don't care where he sticks his finger. Sometimes it just felt weird. Like I was at the doctor's office or something. But sometimes when I'd cum the finger up my ass would make it feel even better. I tried putting my finger up my own butt while I was playing with myself in bed one night. When I came it was really good and I could feel my butt squeezing on my finger with each pulse of my clit. I didn't do it again though, 'cause it I felt kind of weird about sticking my finger up my own ass all by myself. But this is different. Like major different. Like I'm melting inside and my pussy is dripping from Joe's tongue up my asshole.

"Oh, Joe," I murmur. "That feels so hot."

I can feel him smile. I don't know how. But I know it makes him happy that I'm loving that sexy tongue of his up my ass. He could keep me bent over like this all night for all I care. This is fucking great. He rubs his thumb up and down my gushy slit then slowly slides it up my pussy. I let out a great big sigh then. I' starting to move around on the counter now as his thumb pushes in and out of my pussy and his tongue pushes in and out of my ass.

If my asshole ex-boyfriend had treated my little asshole like this guy's tongue is, I would have given it up to him long ago! I feel...I feel...wanton. Sounds corny. So old school. But having Joe's tongue worming and pushing deep up my ass makes me feel nasty and dirty and sexy and out of control and I love every fucking minute of this. I want to live in this now. Bent over the counter, my pants around my ankles and some sexy stranger's tongue fucking my asshole. His thumb is up my pussy pushing down and out and it's driving me crazy, like he's rubbing on some secret spot I didn't know about. And I can tell something is about to happen, just around the bend. The train is coming. Now he cups my pussy with my clit between his ring and middle finger. Gently squeezing and jerking me. My face feels hot against the cool metal of the counter. I mash my breasts against it, so hard against my hard nipples . My legs start to tremble. Oh, it's coming. I'm cumming. I feel myself opening. I want him so deep inside. My nipples are aching. And it hits, quick and sharp. All black and stars. I open my eyes. I've left a little puddle of drool on the counter.

You're pumping your big, old cock as you watch babygirl croon some kind of song as she shudders all bent over the counter like a little hussy. Shit. She's a little horndog, ain't she. Got a guy all up her, eating out her ass and she's in little pig heaven. And she's cumming right in his face. And you're watching Joe's cute buns as he squats behind little Cerise. They're heavy and white and muscular but almost hairless. The hair starts at his thighs and is thick and dark and curly and runs down his legs like fur. You got to get you some of that ass.
As if reading your mind, Joe pulls his face from Cerise's ass, his chin and nose shiny with her juices and asks you, "Got any lube?"

Do you have any lube? You snort and reach into your pocket and pull out a couple of packets of astroglide. He takes one, stands up and turns back around to Cerise. He tears the packet open and pours some on Cerise's little pucker. She starts a little bit. He looks back over his shoulder.

"You want to get my ass ready?" he asks.

Shit, you think. Does the pope shit in the woods?

And now you're watching him slide a finger of little Cerise's little pucker while you work one of your big, lubed fingers up the dude's pucker. And the dude grunts a little as your big second knuckle stretches his ass ring and you can feel his hot, slick insides. And Cerise is making little noises too, from her getting her own little o-ring stretched.

You got the beginning of a little choo-choo train here. You push a second finger up Joe; he groans and pushes two fingers up Cerise. She rears her head back and moans. Her ponytail swishing back and forth. And she's still got on her company hat and headset. But so do you. Good thing you're not broadcasting. People'd get an earful. Everybody's breathing heavy. Everybody's happy. Everybody's making slippery sounds.

You squirt the rest of the lube on Man-raper. Goop it on real good, until it's all shiny like a big, glistening piece of mahogony. Time you took this to the next level. You grip the base of your big, old cock and place the head alongside your fingers stuck up Joe's ass. You pull your fingers out and move your hips in a circle, rubbing his manhole with your tip.

"You ready?" you ask him.

He looks over his shoulder at you and nods. You line it up and he backs himself onto your spear. It eases right in. He opens himself up for you. He stops and adjusts. Your head's in and about another inch. And it feels hot and good and tight up his ass. He moves a little forward then eases back halfway down your shaft. Yeah, baby, you think.

"Work that ass," you say aloud, watching his pink asslips sliding up and down your black shaft. Shit, that's hot. Your black cock sliding in his white ass.

He works back and forth, taking a little more each time until he's finally down to your short hairs. You are buried to the balls up his tight asshole. He grunts and holds still. It feels so hot and tight in there, you just want to start working his hole until he howls, but you hold back. You know you want a proper train. Dude has to do onto Cerise as is done onto him.

He's still fingerfucking little Cerise's backhole and she's definitely digging it. She's starting rock back and forth and she's got her hands underneath her diddling herself. You smell the sex smells coming off her. Something you've never smelled before. All funky and sweet. Damn, chicks are a different breed, you think. Not bad. No. Just different. You reach around Joe's waist and grip Joe's balls in one hand and his hard pecker in the other and start jacking your lubed hand up and down his shaft. He grunts under his breath as he concentrates on working Cerise's ass and you feel his sphincter clench for a moment around the base of your cock. Mmm-mmm good! This is gonna get nasty!

Joe puts his hands over Benji's to slow him down. He doesn't want this to end before it really gets started. He waits for the spasm in his gut to pass. The cock up his ass is driving him crazy. He strokes Cerise's soft full asscheek, to distract himself. The flesh is so resilient and lush, as only in the young. Except his wife, Joe thinks fondly. He thinks of his wife's beautiful backside. Not as full as this young woman's, but then this woman hasn't lived so long and shared so much and that is what makes his own wife's ass so much more beautiful. He smiles to himself and then feels ashamed. He shouldn't be thinking of his wife when he's about to assfuck this beautiful young woman. It's disrespectful. Cerise can't be blamed for her own youth. And then again, maybe it's also him. He could never feel with this stranger what he feels for his own wife. And that's not the girl's fault. It's just the way it is. And suddenly, in the midst of his lust, he feels a wave of tenderness for this girl, guilt from his emotional betrayal. He bends forward over Cerise's back, brushing her pony tail to the side with his cheek and murmurs into her ear, the one without the headset.

"Are you ready, baby?" he asks.

Cerise, panting, eyes closed nods.

"Okay," she answers. "Just...just go slow...I..." She stops, embarrassed.

"You've never this before?" he asks."Had a cock up your ass?"

She shakes her head.

"Don't worry, honey. We'll go slow. You've got such a beautiful ass," he adds, running his free hand over her soft, supple buttcheek.

She smiles. "You make it feel so good. No one's ever treated my ass so good."

"You want my cock up your ass?" he asks rubbing the head slowly over her rosebud.

She closes her eyes, smiles and nods. "Uh-huh."

He lines up the head with his target and spreads her backhole with his fingers. The skin in the valley of her ass velvety to the touch. And the little asshole itself is a dark brown, much darker than the skin of her ass, and a few long black hairs circle the crinkled hole.

"Okay, honey," he says to her in a low soothing voice. "I want you to push back on it slowly. You work it in at your pace, okay?"

"Okay," she whispers.

Slowly she pushes back on her cock, her face wincing a little.


"You okay?" he asks, stroking her sides under her apron.

"It hurts. It...I don't think I can...I think it's too big."

"It's okay, baby. Take a deep breath and just relax." He reaches around and under her blouse and gently rubs her plump, bra-clad breasts. "Push back gently, honey. And push down. Like you're going to the bathroom."

Like I'm going to the bathroom?!?, I think. Now that's embarrassing. It's bad enough I'm bent over the counter, pretty damn exposed and not the most flattering angle I'm sure. With my big, old, round ass in the air. I've got some stranger trying to assfuck me. And one of my co-workers is watching. Not that I mind Benji. I mean, he's like a girlfriend or brother. Wait, that sounded weird. What I mean is Benji's alright. It's just I feel really vulnerable. And now this cute older guy's telling me to push like I'm trying to drop a deuce. Not really setting the mood. But I do want his sweet dick up me. Specifically up my ass, which is definitely a new one for me. But he has got me so hot. So I'm pushing my ass back again. Even though the first time it felt like needles in my poor little butthole and his dick felt like the size of an elbow. And then I push down, and my little asshole sort of opens like a little hungry hussy mouth all eager to suck down cock, and there's a sharp pain, I gasp, and then - pop! - that magnificent cockhead is past my o-ring and up my ass! How did that happen? I guess I'm better at this than I thought!

Behind me he groans. "Oh, yeah, baby. You did it, baby. How's it feel? Are you okay?"

And surprisingly I am. I've got a big, old dickhead up my butt - for the very first time, mind you - and it doesn't feel bad at all. I move forward a millimeter, just so the his crown is up against the inside of my ring, then I slide back another inch. Uhhh. I shiver. My back breaks out in goosebumps. Like I'm hot and cold at the same time.

"Breathe," he says. "Just relax."

That's easy for you to say, I think. He doesn't have...oh, wait a minute...he does. Never mind. I start paying attention to my breath. And slowly work his hard root up into my body. Breath in when I move forward just a tad, breath out when I ease back on some more of that luscious dick. And my ass is starting to feel so full. Like I actually have to go to the bathroom. But I don't. I'm just full of cock. I am such a nasty, little girl. I squeeze my eyes tight and smile. And then I feel my ass cheeks touch his sweaty, warm belly. He's all the way in! I just put a cock all the way up my ass!

"Ohh, baby," he groans.

Then his big strong hands grip my hips and he holds me still. He groans again and I feel his dick jump inside me and Benji moving. Benji's pulling out of Joe's ass. And Joe's cock is up my ass. And then Benji stops. And Joe slowly slides his cock out of my ass, and I know this means he's sliding back on Benji's cock. And my heart starts beating like crazy. This so hot! And it feels like something crazy is happening when Joe's cock is sliding out of me. I feel like I'm emptying and it's relief but like I'm losing something. And Joe gasps and starts sliding back into me. And I almost panic but it doesn't hurt it just feels so fucking big, like he's filling me up. And he hits bottom somewhere up my rectum and I feel small and helpless, but not in a bad way. Like I'm his fuckdoll. Like he's in control, but like I'm safe and I can trust him to take care of me. And then I feel a second weight on me and I realize it's Benji. He's hitting bottom in Joe's ass. Then Benji begins to slowly pull out of Joe and it starts all over again. And my eyes are starting to turn back in my head it feels so good. Like if I opened my eyes I'd look like some sex-crazed, assfucked zombie slut.

And the three of us get into a rhythm. Like some accordion. Benji slipping out of Joe, Joe slipping out of me and back down Benji's dick. Joe slides up Benji's dick and back into me and then Benji slides back into Joe and onto the two of us. And we're all panting and groaning and crying out. And I'm sweating and shivering and shaking. And outside the window the traffic lights are changing and cars are going by. Joe's hands are over my boobs under my blouse and apron but over my bra. And my nips are poking up and he's gently squeezing them. I manage to wedge me hands down in front of me into my wet, sloppy pussy and start strumming my little girlcock for all she's worth. She's popping her little head out from under her little hood and screaming for attention, all hard like a little button. I know, I know, I want to tell her, but do you realize we're actually getting assfucked by a real man and this is for real and I am actually getting off on it and you little clit girl and I are about to cum like fireworks and all that crazy shit? And I feel like laughing and screaming as I thrum back and forth on her head.

And I hear a voice in my head saying,"Are you open?"

I'm gasping. Like I can't catch my breath. Yeah, I'm fucking open. Wide open. I have this hunk of man's big mushroom head plunging my rectum and my pussy is drooling and the voice says, "Can I get a Caramel Venti Latte?"

And, what the fuck! It's my headphones! Someone's in the drive-thru!

"No! No, we're...we're closing...we're...closed...we're closed!" I scream.

Benji's voice comes from way behind me, saying, "What? Cerise? What the..."

And headlights wheel around the corner and there's a fucking car coming down the drive-thru!

You hear little Cerise yelling something. You think she must be popping her load. And, no, you realize, it's a customer at the drive-thru! And you see the headlights. You all freeze, cocks in asses, mouths open. Like some fucking porno wax museum. And you see a woman's face cruise by the window. Some broad in her thirties. All dyed blonde and angry. About to say something. And when she sees you all three piled up in the window - bewilderment. Not like she can really see anything from her angle and all - if she could see below the window us all with our pants down, that'd be a different story. Her eyes widen like maybe she's starting to get it. And she's gone. You hear the screech of her tires as she gets the hell out of Dodge.

You're all still standing there frozen. And then the laughter starts. You can't help it. All of you are shaking with it. But then the dude starts moving back on your cock again. And he is tight, tight, tight. And the laughter stops. You hear Cerise gasp, and you know dude Joe is on the downstroke, filling up little Cerise's ass, 'cause he's sliding his sweet ass down man-raper stopping just short of the old head. Man-raper's coming out of Joe's ass all slippery and glistening. And you moan contentedly. Ain't this the life!

Joe is lost. Suspended somewhere between the internal and the external worlds. Both figuratively and literally. There is what is going on in the real world of flesh and blood around him, the world in which he must pass everyday. And the world of the mind, the spirit, the abstract. And there is the other world of the outside, of his hard cock ready to explode sliding into the wet, slippery, tight, young ass of this luscious, little Latina. And the other world of his insides, of Benji's long black cock pushing up into his guts, rubbing against his prostrate, trying to squeeze a huge puddle of cum out of him. And that would put him on the outside again, his inner cum on the outside of him but up into the clenching insides of little Cerise, whose inner juices are splattering his balls as the bounce off her soft, swollen pussy lips. And it's an endless circuit. Like Benji's cock sliding in and out and him and Cerise's asshole, sliding in and out. And it's like the insides and outsides are all one. And he's in heaven, or nirvana or paradise, depending on one's religious persuasion. But's there. Somewhere lost. His consciousness down to the mindfulness of the here and now. Like the whole world has contracted down to one small dot of yellow pleasure in infinite blackness, right before the big bang that everyone knows is coming. And Cerise is the first to go.

Joe's sweet cock is sliding up me, up me. How can it go so far? And he's dragging my insides back with him. And my clit is yelling, "me, me, me!" And my fingers are flying, doing a little dance on her head. And it's so good! So fucking good. Like crazy impossibly good. And suddenly everything explodes. Like someone just put a glock to my head and pulled the trigger. I hear shouting and screaming and someone's shaking and it must be me. My ass clenches down on Joe's cock as my cunny explodes. There's a flash of light. And my eyes roll back in my head and I see a big steeple, like for a church. And a big bronze bell tolls, I feel the deep vibrations roll through me. And a flock of song birds fly startled from my mouth and circle the ceiling above my head. And their song is the most beautiful thing I've every heard. And I feel Joe's cock, squeezed tight in my buttring, pulse and hot sperm is shooting in my ass! And it feels wonderful, Joe filling me up with his seed. And I want to cry I'm so happy.

You don't know how much more of this action you can take. Between Joe's hot, tight ass and the little show you're watching of him in Cerise's ass, you are about to bust a big, old nut. And then Cerise starts wailing and looking like she's having a fit. And at the same time Joe starts to bellow like some prize bull. And you know why when his asshole starts clamping down on man-raper like it wants to milk the juice right out of you. And, damn!, if your cock doesn't get rigid as a 2x4 and shoot-shooting hot ropes of cum up Joe's gut. You hear him groan as you pump harder into his clasping asshole. And you join in the little three-part harmony with your own happy song.

Joe's eyes are wide open. A sound is coming out of his mouth from somewhere deep and far away. He is staring down at Cerise's full, round ass as his slapping hips send waves rippling through her sweet ass meat, like the sloshing of a waterbed. And she's shaking and clamping down on his spurting root with her ass, and he's clamping down on the rock hard piece of meat deep up his own ass. And it's so intense. Where does each of them begin and end? As if Benji's dick is shooting into Cerise and he is but the medium through which the energy passes. But he is not thinking of that now. For a moment consciousness is almost extinguished, a blowing out, a nirvana. But there is still the consciousness of pure pleasure, so he is yet tethered to the material world.

Oh, my god, oh, my god. Oh, my god. I'm collapsed on the countertop again. And want to just purr like a kitten. Joe's weight is on my back. And I'm kinda squished, but I don't care. I really don't care. I feel so damn good! Man, if my ex Jeff could see me now! Would he be surprised. And I realize, I don't care. I'm not angry at Jeff. I just don't care. That ship has sailed. And I guess Benji must be pulling out of Joe's ass, because I feel Joe's pecker jump a little in my own ass. And it sends a little jot through me and I shiver. Joe straightens up and slowly, ever so gently and slowly draws his cock out of my ass. Awww, I was getting used to it in there, so nice and snug. And he is such a fucking gentleman. He pauses - I can feel like the ridge of his big old mushroom head at the inside ring of my asshole - and carefully, slowly pulls back and - pop! - he's out. I let out a little cry. Of surprise and disappointment. Give me that back, sir! Your time is not yet up! He gently strokes my asscheeks and, bending over, gives one a loving kiss. Ummm. I am putty in your hands, sir.

I prop myself up on my elbows, and manage to stand up. My wet thighs slide against each other like two happy seal pups. Sleek and squishy. It's my own pussy juices running down them. And it feels great. I feel so sexy and alive.

I turn to see Joe hiking up his bike shorts. Awww, dang. He's putting his cock away. And it looked so yummy. I sigh a little inside. My inner slut. He turns to Benji, claps him on the shoulder and shakes his hand. And somehow, even though Benji's standing there with his cock out, the cock that had just been up Joe's ass, it doesn't look awkward. Joe is really cool for an old guy, I will give him that. And sexy. Did I say that out loud? No? Good.

He turns to me and beams. Damn. My heart melts a little. Those baby blues, like a summer sky. And his smile makes me warm inside.

"Cerise," he says. "Cherry."

Damn, I think. And he's fucking smart too. Most guys haven't a fucking clue what my name really means.

And he leans in and kisses me on mouth, softly. And my mouth opens for him. And his tongue sneaks in like a thief. And our tongues entwine gently. And I moan a little and my heart starts to flutter. Jeez! I am so easy.

He fishes in his bike shorts and drops a couple of bills in the tip jar. Then he scoops up his book and backpack from the table and saunters toward the door. I watch those buns of his moving in those tight bike shorts and sigh. Nice ass. At the door he pauses and gives a slight wave.

Benji calls out, "Coffee's on the house next time!" Then he adds,"Any time."

Joe smiles and I gush a little more. The door closes and he's gone.

I look after him regretfully. I never got to suck that beautiful mancock of his. I remember it was wet and slimy and covered with lube and cum and my own ass juices. And it was nasty looking. But I would have sucked it for him. Because I am a nasty little girl. I would have gotten down on my knees before him and gently sucked all that slime off his beautiful cock like a good girl. Just to look up in his beautiful blue eyes and hear him call me a good girl. Am I a little slut or what? But I do wish I had sucked that cock of his.

Benji and I turn away from the door. And we look at each other. Here we are. High as kites and quite the little piggies. All amess and disheveled. Our pants down around our ankles, sweaty and drippy. And we start laughing. What a fucking night!

I look down at Benji's whopper. God, it's big. And, like Joe's, it's wet and slimy from the little fuck session. And looking down at it I realize it was in Joe's ass. And my tongue involuntarily licks my lips. I am hungry for it. To taste Benji's cock. Covered with cum and straight out of Joe's ass. Well, a cock's a cock. Even if it's uncircumcized. Even if it's on a co-worker. Even if he's gay. Right?
Benji reaches to put it away.

"Uh...Benji," I say. He stops. "Would you mind...I mean...I...don't get me wrong. Like I know you're gay and all. But...do you mind...I mean...if I clean off your cock for you? Like it doesn't mean anything, you know. I mean we're just friends."

He stops.

You stop. Dumbfounded. You and little Cerise, your little Coco, are standing facing each other, your drawers down to the floor, and she's just asked if she can suck on your cock! This day could not get any crazier. But she looks so serious, real sincere like. And it hits you, she's not coming on to you or nothing.

"You wanted to suck that big old boy's weiner, didn't you, girl?" you say, half in amazement. Our little Cerise, such a horndog.

She drops her eyes, embarrassed and nods to you. But you also see she's looking at your wanger. Oh, what the hell, you think. Little homegirl wants some man paste. Shit, after the performance she just put on, she deserves a little goo.

"Okay, Cerise. Come on and get some."

She smiles happily, takes off her cap and headset and drops to her knees. She cradles your dick in her hands and her tongue points and starts running over your sensitive head, gathering up the sperm and lube and ass juice.

"Now don't you get any ideas, girl. Like we're a thing or nothing. You know I don't do no girls," you say, smiling down on your little Cerise. "I'm just doing you a little favor, 'kay?"

She swallows down the spendings she has collected and nods with a smile. Then she opens her mouth wide and swallows you down to the root. Damn girl!, you think. And your hips on their own arch up into her. And damned if she isn't working your cock with her throat. And swallowing and shit. Ummmm. You're looking down now at the top of her head as she starts bobbing slowly up and down on your pecker. And you see down past her blouse her ass hanging out, big, old round, bouncey cheeks. And as she bends forward a little more you see between her asscheeks all wet and juicy. And damn, she's a chick and all, but an ass is an ass. And you sure as shit know where there's a mouthful of Joe's cum you'd surely like to sample. Right in her little backhole.


She stops and looks up at you, her mouth stretched around your cock, with questioning eyes. You take off your cap and headset and place them on the counter.

"Uh...can I ask you a favor?"


He steps silently into the bedroom. The bed shifts. The comforter rustles.

"Honey?" His wife's sleep-blurred query. A curtain of straight, jet-black hair obscures her face. Her golden brown shoulder visible between the sheets and the black strap of her sleep top.

"Just me," he answers.

"I waited up. What took you so long? Were you naughty again?" Her voice takes on a playful knowing tone.

"A little," he admits, sliding the tight bike shorts down his hips as he crosses to her side of the bed and stands before her. Her smile reflects the light of the bedside table clock. "I have something for you."

At the sight of that beautiful, familiar face, his exhausted cock pulses and stirs, like a boxer catching his second wind. Her sleep-warm hand cups, takes possession of his balls and hefts them, bringing his whole package up to her face. She nuzzles in and inhales deeply through her flared nostrils. Her delicate black eyebrows arch in appreciation.

"Mmmm! That's different. I smell..." She runs her tongue up his shaft to the velvety mushroom head, swirling around the coronal rim, then dipping to take the whole spongy head in her mouth. She sucks firmly, using her tongue to tease his frenum. Then pops it out of her mouth with an audible smack of her lips. "And taste," she continues, "...ass."

"Yes," he hisses in affirmation, of the past and the perfection of the present. "Her name was Cerise."

And she dips back to engulf his now hard cock in the hungry wetness of her mouth. Her lips slide down the length of his shaft. Her tongue savoring the stirring tastes of the young ass so recently impaled on her husband's cock. She slides her long, delicate fingers along the ridge of his perineum and up between his sweaty, muscular buttocks, seeking and finding his asshole. Her finger slides in easily and she feels, to her surprise, the warm, runny puddle of cum inside. She takes her mouth off his cock and locks her deep brown almond-shaped eyes on his baby blues.

"You have been naughty, haven't you?," she purrs and slides her mouth back down his shaft.

He looks down and says to himself for the millionth time, "God, I have the most wonderful wife in the world."

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