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Nasty story about swapping their partners
Hola, me again, your old buddy Derrick. We'd just gotten off at how my sister and I were all set to do what apparently only we hadn't done before: The big woot. She and I were going to have delicious sex. Together. With each other, no one else, no booze, no weed, no nothing.

It was Sunday, I think, after she got home from the high school's last dance of the year, which had taken place on Friday. I was supposed to show up with my pseudo-girlfriend Cindy, but I didn't feel like it for some reason, so I stayed home. Becky, my sister, didn't get back that night, and with lots of college on Saturday and Sunday, I didn't see whether she was back at all until Sunday night, when we have an obligatory family dinner.

No, hang it all, it wasn't the dance at all. That was the start of her not talking to me. It was her graduation dinner a month later. She had cornered me by the bathrooms to chew me out, then she got all friendly with me under the table. When we got home, she was fit to get into a fight, but then she was all over me. I thought it was finally gonna happen, but our mom walked in. She went away, but Becky didn't feel comfortable any more.

That was a month ago.

Isn't it strange how you have something to say to a person, but you don't know what? I had this craving to corner Becky like she did to me so I could question her maddening behavior, but when I thought about it, I couldn't think of anything I should ask. Let me explain: A few months ago, she told me under no uncertain terms that she wanted to have sex with me, and, and, she was going to make it happen.

Months ago. There've been a few chances here and there, but they keep getting screwed up. But see, there've been chances. Nothing fool-proof; we can't go fucking in my bedroom or hers, and we both have shit to attend to throughout the days and weeks; you'd be surprised at how to people out of school can't find time together.

Anyways, it's been like that. All month I've been trying to talk to her, but it never seems right. Either I'm pissed off about something, or she's pissed off about something, or one of us has something to do, or our mom or the other guy is being too imposing that particular night. As to "that guy", he sat me down shortly after my semester finished so we could have our yearly talk.

"If you want to continue living here, you'll have to enroll in summer school or else get a job."

That was about it. I had landed a job at Julie's because of Jess the barmaiden, but I ended up regretting it. All the assholes from high school or college seemed to turn up there off and on, and there's nothing worse than serving people whose parents pay for everything they own. All day long I listen to blabber about how easy life is, how someone that pissed someone else off is going to be dealt with, how someone's going to get a car in the next few months... They all tip for shit, too.

My boys would come around every so often, but I'm not allowed to drink there anymore as it turns out; and now Cindy, Sadie, and even Becky have been turning up every so often; the point got lost.

Bill and Sadie got along alright behind closed doors, but with her pack of cheerleaders behind her wearing next to nothing, he would end up falling on the butt-end of their jokes while they watched for older men to leer at for the duration of their drinking. I fucked around and said something in his defense once, but one of the runts said something about talking to the manager about me being impolite to her.

I love Sam like a brother, but when Cindy's around, Sam just doesn't seem interesting. He talks about girls he's had sex with and girls he plans to have sex with and different ways to get different girls into bed, but when it boils down to it, he's pretty much a gossiping girl himself, only it doesn't appear in that light except when Cindy's around.

Cindy with her air of maturity that makes everyone around her feel stupid. Cindy with her twin sister that makes everyone around her feel like less than the most important person on her mind.

Dree was never the same after his sisters left. And yes, for those of you who were wondering about them, they never returned. He found out from his mom where they went, not that it did him any good. After college got out, he disappeared too. Now it's just me serving a bunch of girls at a bar. Depressing, isn't it?


"Derrick, my grandmother just passed away, and we're all going to Utah for the funeral tomorrow morning. I'm sorry to let you know so late, but..."

"There's no way," I said. It was another Sunday, the day we all four had to sit around and loath each other's company as usual. Assfuck was nobody's hero, and here he was, telling us where we the children were going and when like we belonged to him.

"Excuse me?" he answered in turn. Bless him, he honestly thought we'd just go along with whatever he said like we had no opinions of our own. I always told Mom her second choice of husband was fooling himself.

"Leave him alone," attacked Becky, who didn't seem to like the kind of look I was receiving.

You may well be able to guess the rest of the conversation, so I'll cut to it rather than bore: Becky and I got kicked out. Bummer.

Things weren't as bad as some of you might think, but in some ways they were worse. I was fine; I never thought I'd have any trouble bunking at Bill's new digs in Raleigh while I got my feet under me. But Becky, she got backlashed.

Let me reeducate you on certain points about Becky in case you're not super good at math or else forgetful of certain details: She hates this town. She hates how small it is, hates how few stores there are, hates how close everything is, hates how slow everything is, hates the smell of horse, hates the lack of party life, and hates the lack of alcohol.

Now she's eight feet past graduating high school, and she gets kicked out of house and home. Rather than move to a university far, far away after a summer of quiet contemplation like she'd planned, she has to find a place to stay here in town to work, maybe even go to Laurel U because it's the only school she'll be able to get into without the time, roof, and peace of mind to apply for scholarships and stuff.

Did I mention how much I dislike my stepfather?

And we are moving out. No way is either of us going to stick around with that shitalkie one more minute longer than we have to. Our mother was useless as always, refusing to refute her poor choice of a second husband and claiming that the both of us are old enough to be on our own if we can't respect the rules of the house. No, there's nothing for it but to bunk it somewhere.

We found a place rather quickly: There was this brother and sister who had been living with their single mother until she died last year, and they pushed through it the rest of the way together. With Becky and me boarding, they'd be able to afford to keep the place and still go to school. It hurt that Becky didn't have a job yet, but our new landpeople took pity. Both had graduated in Becky's class, by the way.

I decided not to take another schedule of classes for the fall semester so I could work more, but Becky signed up for a pretty heavy load, and she managed to find a job at the ice cream shop on the beach until classes started.

With all of our stuff moved into our new townhouse, we were a pretty sorry lot. I still had my official girlfriend Cindy that would check on me, and Becky would mysteriously disappear for the next few hours after.

But always, always my thoughts would go back to the promise Becky made me. Cindy promised me I'd get to watch if she did anything with her twin sister Sara but that I'd never get anywhere with her. But Becky, she had promised me her body, and I was looking to collect. Only, I was starting to get the idea that she took objection to me having a girlfriend on the side. Even when I'd mention Sadie or Salamandy in passing while talking to her about the goings-on of me and my boys, Becky would get that look in her eye.

"Derrick, would you mind...?" Reoren asked courteously. I obliged her by reaching something out of the cupboard over the stove vent, and she went back to cleaning the kitchen. As the boss of the house, she made sure everything stayed clean.

"Why don't you keep that shit under the sink?" I asked after I returned to the kitchenette table and my breakfast.

"I donno," she said aimlessly. Leo and I are both gonna be home tonight; you wanna do something dinneresque?"

For those of you that live with roommates in a house, I'm sure you're aware how uncomfortable it can be, at least at first. I don't know these people, yet I share a refrigerator with them. It can get a little tense. But Reo, she makes the effort to make Becky and me feel welcome.

There was something very appealing about her, and not just the way she would reach high on her naked toes to wipe some hidden dirt so I could see up her too-short summer skirt she wore around the house. She had maturity that reminded me of the twins. She looked after her little brother, though they were pretty close in age, closer than Becky and I. She kept the house clean as a whistle, and from the way her brother Leo talked about her, she was pretty serious about school and stuff.

Her hands ritualistically came down to pull her skirt down to cover her ass properly, only it ended up giving her major butt cleavage on the other end. Still, it broke the spell; apparently I'd been staring. I instinctively looked up, and she was staring right at me.

"What? Huh?" I said quite dumbly.

"I asked you what you wanted for dinner. About five times."


"Is there something on my skirt?"

"Excuse me?"

But she wasn't looking at me; she was twisted over, trying to see if I had spotted something hidden in the pleats of her yellow number. Did she even have a clue that she had lifted her skirt up to give me such an easy look at her... eew. Big, white, plain panties.

Reoren is quite easy on the eyes. She's got this tiny figure with girlish curves. Goes barefoot and barelegged around the house, practically daring me to stare at her creamy smooth calves and thighs, but she acts like like she doesn't even get that I'm staring at her. Almost as if... nah. A girl as cute as her? But she's not even coy or shy. Hmm.



"Don't kick me out or anything, but you have a nice ass."

She looked down at once to see she how perfectly she had exposed herself. "Oops." She turned back to her work, didn't even look embarrassed. I shrugged and went back to my morning food.

"Why would I kick you out?"

She must've been thinking on it the past several minutes. "Me, I like feeling safe around people I live with, you know?" I answered. "Like everyone respects everyone's privacy, no matter what they might think about each other. You shouldn't have to feel like I'm some guy you have to avoid because he can't take his eyes off you."

"Well, I think you have a nice penis, so there."

"I... wat?"

She hadn't so much as turned to see if she made me blush. I felt like gawking with embarrassment, but my sister made her morning appearance. "Wusupple, people?" She gave both of us kisses and then stuck her beak in the pantry.

This place seemed to have done wonders for Becky. No longer was she depending on layers of clothes, heavy boots, and hideous makeup. Now I always thought she looked tops, but this new, fresh Becky was if not exactly an improvement, it was a fresh change. She was obviously picking up on Reoren's casual disinterest in being dressy, and on the days she didn't have to go to work, she didn't bother wearing makeup either, only she was always seen wearing at least her usual long, striped socks.

Another thing I couldn't get enough of was the kissing. In a way, I'd been courting her for the last several months: being there when she needed me, spending my free time with her, flirting casually when we were in public and getting up close and personal when we were alone; and I was always up for some new and interesting excuse to touch her.

Moving here did just that. In case I haven't mentioned it yet, there's a certain sickness in this town. Certain people just aren't healthy for the population, and I think I may have been one of them. Becky too, though you'll never catch me telling her that. But at a time when I despaired to ever be free of the corruption, there came Cindy. She was my beacon of hope. She was a girl who didn't play the game, who refused to put out to succumb to peer pressure.

Once Cindy and I dated for a while under the guarantee that she'd never let me sleep with her, I started to enjoy her company. She was exactly the girlfriend I had been looking for, or rather she had the kindness and attentiveness I would look for in a girlfriend. She's not exactly my type, but the important thing is that she showed me that a guy and a girl can get along out of bed. After dating her for a while, my eyes began to open.

Her sister Salamandy, while being something of a whore, suddenly seemed to me to be a very nice, intelligent girl; she just had a little mean streak from never being daddy's only girl, and she liked sex a little too much. Sadie was rough around the edges, but she meant well. And Becky, she was everything I wanted in a girl, her being my sister aside.

Where the fuck was I... Anyways, "the kiss hello." Cindy introduced me to it, and it seems that it goes around this town. Reo and her brother Leo do it, and now thanks to them, so do Becky and I. Every morning, I was treated to her lips on mine, and right after that I would see her locking up with Reo. I could just let out a sigh and a goofy smile at how all was right with the world when those two girls kissed.

So, automatically, I wanted them both in my bed. But that's for later. Leo, he does it to, though not with me. We men, we're brave enough to face the handshake. But when they both opened the door for us the first time we showed up on their doorstep, Becky looked like she wanted to take Leo right to bed. And the poor fool, he probably would've learned a thing or two from my experienced sister.

Becky managed to dig out whatever she was in for, and in another two seconds she was giving Reo yet another kiss. "Leaving so soon?" Reo asked her.

"Early day at work," Becky said, already on her way over to me. She paused right in front of my face with her lips just touching mine. "I'll see you tonight?" she said, more of an instruction than a plead, before pressing her lips against mine.

Heaven passed between us and all my blood was brought to a boil in the time it took her to back away from me again half a moment later, and she was gone before I could draw breath to wish her a good day.

"She's perky today," Reo observed with her nose still buried in cleaning.

"Yeah, I think she really likes it here."

"So, have you given it any thought yet?" she asked, looking me in the eyes.

Had she caught me staring again? I couldn't help it, not with that little skirt not doing anything to... but no, she looked like she had just asked me the weather. "I'm sorry, what?"


"Oh, dinner." My eyes flashed down to her skirt involuntarily, and I don't think she missed it. I couldn't help it.

"That's not my ass, Derrick," she insisted when I glanced at her front.

"The front looks good too," I said easily, "or didn't you know? And what's this about me having a nice dick?"

She only shrugged uselessly.

We stared at one-another for a spell. I already knew Reoren was a great girl, but she was different. Sure, having her mother die without a father to back her up and a lazy brother to look after probably made her grow up too fast this past year. As to that, she probably needed to relax a little.

"What about I take you to lunch?" I offered. "That way you can't bug me about picking dinner."

"Me go see what Leo be up to," she said instead, and she put her stuff back in the cupboard, reaching up on her toes yet again for me to see up her skirt, and she headed upstairs.

I polished off my food and threw my uses into the sink. Reo came back down and stayed by the front door where the stairs let you off, slipping her sandals on. "Coming?"

"You're wearing that?" I asked somewhat incredulously. Her too-short skirt was risky at best for wearing in the house, and while she didn't have huge breasts by any means, they bulged enough in her sleeveless day shirt to give someone a show through the arm holes. She hadn't even put on a bra.

"It's too hot to wear shoes," she said, looking down at her tiny feet. I wasn't even looking anywhere near them. Oh well; not my problem.

We popped out on foot a few blocks down to the main drag where the public transit lived. It conveyed us the respectable distance to Julie's, where I was able to find a quick seat for two and some drinks Reo would be otherwise too young to drink on her own without a recognizable face to vouch for her temperance.

"The food here's pretty darn good," she exclaimed in another half an hour.

"Yeah, man. Haven't you ever eated here?"


"Umm... how is that possible?" I thought everyone came to Julie's. Everyone I know, anyway.

She shrugged that noncommittal shrug again and kept dangling her bare feet under the table. She never finished off her drink, preferring to sip it now and then and favoring water for guzzling when she was thirsty. Interesting.

After a few more minutes, the boys mysteriously showed up.

"Hey, man," Sam said. "Who's this chick? Aren't you dating my sister?"

Reoren looked up politely when the three of them addressed me, but she didn't necessarily stop shoveling food into her face.

"This is Reo, my new roommate," I esplained. "Her mother left her and her brother a house."

The smooth Sampson was quick be the first to offer his hand to Reo. She took it, but when he tried to kiss hers, she pulled closer and kissed him on the lips like it was how perfect strangers met. Sam didn't seem to mind. Bill met with the same fate, though with a dumber grin, and Dree seemed bored with the whole ordeal when he got his turn.

Wait, Dree? I thought he had popped out of town.

"So," Bill said, "crash or bigger table?"

"Actually, I was hoping to do the bonding thing with my landlady, here."

Reo gave her surprise away when she looked at me, but she still turned back to the boys and smiled quietly. One by one, they all gave their departures and headed to the patio, where they could enjoy their beer outside as per usual, one man short.

"We've known each other for all of two weeks, and I've already become your alibi," Reo said plainly. For some reason I expected a giggle. Not her, though. But she didn't sound upset, either. Just that she didn't seem to know how to laugh.

"Actually, I kick back with them boys all the time," I corrected. "It's just that this is the first time you and I have done something together, and I didn't want to..."

"It's fine," she interrupted. "I'll stay if you want to go drink with them."

"I meant I do want to just spend time with you," I insisted. "I've never really gotten along with the people I've lived with, so I thought I'd do something to change that, you know?"
The waitress came and asked if there was anything else we needed. When I informed her to the contrary, she asked if she'd see me tomorrow before heading off without bringing a check.

"You work here?"

"You really ought to check your potential tenants better," I said, helping myself to my feet and waiting patiently for her to get to hers before heading to the front door.

"Oh by the way, I wanted to talk to you about that," she said. She slipped her feet back into her sandals and got up, and we headed out the door.

"Can it wait until we get back?"


When we got home (this place feels more like home than my old house ever did), Leo had already taken off to whatever he does during the day. Reo and I had walked home rather than take the public transit, so we got a good bit of chatting done in the two hours it took us to drag our feet back to the welcome home mat.

She immediately popped on the coffee as soon as she freed her feet from her sandals. I repaired to the kitchen table and stretched out. "So, what'd you want to talk to me about?" I asked.

"Hmm?" She was playing with coffee fixings, so I was again treated to her increasingly attractive backside.

"Remember, you said something about wanting to talk to me about something?"

"Oh, must've forgotted." She pulled a chair out so she could sit in front of me without the table between us. I was all too aware how high her skirt rose, yet she didn't cross her legs or put her hands in her lap. "So, you have a girlfriend?"

"Yeah, I guess so. Not really." I didn't exactly explain the situation as that would've been breaking Cindy's and Sara's confidences, but I said that I certainly go out with Cindy once in a while. But I go out with my sister too, doesn't necessarily mean anything. She in turn told me a thing or two about my life.

I noticed how pointedly she glossed over anything to do with her parents when they came into a story; she mostly talked about her brother and how she had to keep her eye on him to make sure he didn't mess up the house.

"Oh, darn, I remember now." I sat up straight, wearing a pleasant face to listen most kindly (a new habit I was forming just for her). "You know how you said I should interview more carefully?"


"Well, I'd rather not have to."


"You and your sister are really great. Len and me, we were really worried we'd end up taking on some really weird couple in their fifties or something that'd try to get away with things all the time and get motorcycle grease all over the garage."

"That would be too bad."

"I want you to know that we both like having the both of you. If you feel the same way..."

I don't know what blind, idiotic notion took over, but I leaned forward and kissed her. I felt like she wanted me to. I could've passed it off as a simple acknowledgment of her feelings, but as soon as my lips touched hers, I knew I had done the right thing. We kissed like that forever, just a simple kiss of two people, and finally the discomfort of leaning over got to me and made me sit back in my own chair.

She was in my lap in half a moment, and she cupped my face in her tiny hands to give me the sweetest kiss I think I've ever had. I wrapped my hands around her, like one does, and one hand happened to rest on her hip, with my fingers just brushing the soft flesh of her sweet ass through that skirt that had my attention all morning. Normally a girl moans if she likes it and bats away my hand if she doesn't. But Reo, she just kept kissing me.

So I just kept kissing her. She was soft and pliant, but I could tell she hadn't done much kissing before. Her hands were petting my face and stroking my hair like she had never even touched a guy before or as though I were her precious boyfriend. Normally that's a big red light for me (nevermind my usual yellow warning), but it felt so good that I couldn't stop her.

She pulled back, and our eyes did that dance where you can't decide which eye to look into. She had soft gray eyes and pale blond hair that fair girls usually get this late into summer. Her lips were slightly pink, and her breathing was just a bit faster than normal. I kept expecting something to interrupt us like my sister or her brother barging through the door, but nothing did. We could only stare.

In something unprecedented in my life, I reached up to touch her face. Something about how she made me feel so intimate, I don't know. Normally I've got my hand down a girl's panties by now, but instead it was on her face, feeling her fresh, soft skin, completely unblemished by makeup, yet looking so beautiful.

My fingers played through her hair and rested on her neck. Her body seemed to melt into mine at that point, and we were kissing again. Now both my hands slid down to her ass, and she swung a leg over me so she could switch from sitting side-saddle to proper mounting.

With my hands still on her ass, I pulled her tight into me, and she was just as fast to tuck in so her pelvis squeezed tightly against my hardon collider trapped in my shorts. I slid my hands under her skirt to feel her ass properly at last, but there were her damn huge panties in the way. My fingers trailed their snug lines, hoping for a way in. She was getting warmed up, but I had no idea if she was used to someone sneaking under her wear. I couldn't help but hold back.

She didn't seem to be worrying about it. While she had her legs wrapped around the chair and was pulling herself tight against me, she wasn't rocking her hips against me or anything. She was caressing my shoulders and my neck, but she wasn't what you could call "groping". Weird.

I was, of course, ready to unzip my pants, only I thought she'd get around to it once she was ready. I wanted the thing out, but to take it out myself? Nah. Instead, I touched her body more. Her ass, her waist, her neck, her arms, but she never got ahead. She liked me necking her, but still her hips weren't thrusting against my hardness. Weird.

The coffee got angry at last, and she got up to attend to it like nothing had happened. My erection went down by the time she came back with two foaming mugs of whatever she did, and we drank them in silence.

"So, your room, or mine?" I joked. I figured it was joking mood; this wasn't the first time I'd been a victim of broken blind passion.

She thought about it seriously. "Yours, I suppose." Score? I wasn't sure.

In my room, she took a minute to appreciate how I hadn't decorated yet. We both sat down on my bed, and I held her gently and rubbed her body some. I made a move to get to her shirt, but she stopped me.

"Do you have any condoms?" she asked.

"Actually, I wasn't planning on doing that," I said, but I have no idea where it came from.

"Really? I thought you'd..."

"I'd love to, honestly, but it doesn't have to be now. I thought we could just get to know each other a little bit. We'll be living together for a while, right?"

"Yeah, I suppose you're right." She kissed me again, more deeply than ever. She swung her leg over my lap to mount me again, and she took her own shirt off. My lips immediately latched onto one of her nipples, and at last she reached for my zipper.

My hands switched to her ass at once, and I was no longer shy about slipping my fingers under her panties. She was pretty wet for such a stoic girl, though she still made no move to encourage access to my fingers. Still we kissed, harder now with our genitals in the other's hand.

She went to take her skirt off next, but I stopped her, laid her down on the bed. I pulled her panties off and slipped them into my pocket, then I went to town. And by "went to town" I mean I went down on her. And when I say "I went down on her," I mean I licked her wet pussy with everything I had.

I honestly thought she had never come before in her life and that she may not with me, but she did just fine. I made her come one, two, three times as a warmup, then I went to work.

I began teasing her clit, now licking, now fingering her. Long pauses to suck the tendons in her thighs, moments to kiss her lips and feel her breasts.

She was fun to play with, and she made enough noises to encourage me to take her further. Once she had a few bigger orgasms, I was ready for her to pull me up by the hair or something to do something else, but it never came, so I kept eating her out. She tasted really good.

Then my sister came barging in.

Honestly? I wasn't even surprised. It's not like everything else in my life hasn't gone wrong. And one look on her face told me everything was wrong.

"I need to talk to you," she said in the coldest voice I've ever heard out of her.

When she shut the door behind her, I remembered to notice Reo. She was curled quietly under a blanket, making sure to not make a nuisance of herself. "See you later?"

"Uhh... yeah. Good luck."

Scrapping some dignity together, I popped off to my sister's room.

"I hope you realize what you just did," she scoffed.

"...That being?"

"That's our landlady's pussy you had your face in, genius. You know how many things are wrong with that?"

"Thrill me."

"Why couldn't you just keep it in your pants? It's bad enough we..."

"It's been 'in my pants' for a couple months, thank you, and it wasn't out my pants tonight. What do you care, anyway?"

"I live here. You think I want to come home every day wondering if I still have a home based on whether or not you still give her her kicks in bed a few weeks later?"

"It's not like that."

"Of course not. How long before she decides you're the one for her and everybody has to get out so the two of you can start a family?"

"Several years, if at all, I'm thinking. She doesn't seem like the kind of girl who'd..."

"Oh, right, I forgot how the two of you are so close all of a sudden. Well, don't let me interfere. I've got work tomorrow, so I need to get to bed. Goodnight."

"It's three in the afternoon."

"Goodnight, Derrick. You should probably wash your face, or all your girlfriends at work are gonna think you're up to something. I wouldn't want you to have to miss out."



It's not like I've never been in the shit with Becky before. It's just usually about being at the wrong place at the wrong time, not me fooling around with a chick on my own time. In fact, the last one that did that was that bitch Stephanie or whatever her name was, my first girlfriend.

After I found out she was cheating on me, I thought I broke up with her thoroughly, but then when she saw me with another girl a week or two later, she called me out in front of everybody, demanding to know what the fuck I was thinking and how what I did reflected on her.

Needless to say, I haven't been involved with a woman like that since then. Every time I get close to one, I think back to that time, and I get queasy. "Get some and get out of there," that was my motto. Sampson's is "get some, then get her sister or her best friend." Hopefully both. Bill's was just "get some if you can," though the rest of us never tell him that.

The next day didn't see me in a better mood, but at least Becky wasn't around to make it worse. I wanted to see what was up and get things clear again, only I never know what's on her mind, or how to begin. Using the restroom, getting dressed, going downstairs for breakfast, it all sucked.

It was pointedly worse than living at home. Here I was, finally out of the house, yet I was still with my sister, with whom I hadn't been able to have a good relationship with growing up because we were both hiding in our separate rooms whenever we were home. Now we're still separated, but this time it's because we made it that way. I made it that way.

Reo was in the kitchen, putting together the same old boring breakfast she always eats. She told me Becky had shown face briefly for food before leaving the house. Reo herself was rather shy about seeing my sister after last night, and she wasn't quite comfortable with me either. We still ate together, but in silence, and she took off right after she finished. Leo was nowhere to be seen.

I went to work to take my mind off of things, hoping my friends would show up. Instead, I got the usual gaggle of girls crowding the bar, giving Jess a hard time. I'm a waiter, so I don't have much to do with Jess. Cindy came around to play the figurehead, and girlfriend that she is, she saw that I wasn't feeling very up, so she got me around the back to make out with me for my break. It was nice, but I kept imagining Becky in my arms, or maybe Reoren, or sometimes Sara, but never the girl I was with.

I cursed myself when I took a good long look at her. She was gorgeous, and I'd spent a good few hours during high school perving over her just like everyone else did. She was officially my girlfriend, but only she, I, and her twin sister knew it was only for convenience.

She said something along the lines of being gay and not wanting anyone to know, but I think it runs deeper than that. One way or another, despite all the time I wished she was mine in body as well as in title, I cared very little for her and being with her gave me no real pleasure. She hardly distracted me from my problems as it was.

In all, this wasn't the summer I was hoping for. I wanted an easy job, easy classes in sight next semester, and plenty of tail-fin as I went along. And, oh yeah, my sister sleeping in my bed with me. Now I have a job I don't really like, a girlfriend that keeps other girls from noticing me, and a sister that won't talk to me.

A week or something later, things were still cold at home, work still sucked, and my girlfriend only came around to be seen with me in public. The worst news of all was that the biggest party of the year was about to go down, and I was slotted to miss it.

About that: There's this string of frat houses across the state from Raleigh to Charlotte with all the universities in-between. We don't have frats at Laurel because it's smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood, so all that loud noise isn't allowed. But in the summertime, all these houses band together to rent this huge house on the beach. Our beach.

The party itself spills out onto the beach itself and the whole weekend. Admission is steep and student status is a must, so it doesn't get quite as crowded inside as you might think, though the out-of-doors numbers get into quadruple digits. It was normally the highlight of a summer full of watching girls from a comfortable beach blanket and some pineapple and cocoanut cooling your tongue.

I was all set to go, but I was depressed. That was, until something changed.


"Yeah, Becky?" It came as such a shock when she walked right up to me and said my name. I wanted to tell her all at once how happy I was just to hear her voice, but I had to play it cool. Maybe she didn't want to talk.

"Take me to the Rompus Andevorous, yeah?" for such was the party's name.

"Umm... yeah. Why don't..."

"If I go with an actual date," she objected before I could complete my thought, "I probably won't get anywhere, and since I'm not in college yet..."

"But since you're an up-and-coming freshman..."

"Whatever; it's cool with you, right?"

"Don't you have a boyfriend?"

She glared at me good for that one, but she didn't say anything.

"Yeah, sure." I allowed myself to smile, and she smiled too, only just for a moment before she retreated back to her room.

I felt like a hundred dollars. She didn't give me any signs of wanting to share some time in bed with me, but she was talking again, and she had needed my help. Suddenly the world was a very bright place.


The day of the party, I got dressed in very simple clothes: Windbreakers, Speedo trunks, and a throwaway short-sleeve, button-down shirt. Of course I wanted to dress up for the ladies, but you can't swim in the ocean of a hot beach in slacks, and no matter how nice your shirt is, you probably don't want to be wearing it for three solid days.

I hopped downstairs to wait for Becky to get ready, and behold, she was there waiting for me. Straight hair, a seashell necklace, and a sea-blue summer dress that melted my heart into a little puddle. The only times I ever saw her in straight hair, she was very friendly to me.

We both slipped on our sandals (cheap and losable) and headed for the train. It would only take about ten minutes with stops once we boarded, and most everyone on it was dressed like we were. Some girls wore only bikinis, some with leis, while others wore extensive makeup, hair done, and sporting party dresses with expensive heels. Out-of-towners was my guess. The ride over gave me time to appreciate the female body about to be put on display, but in my eyes no one looked better than my Becky.

We got to the house after picking up a few more beach-goers along the way. Half of them headed straight for the beach itself, while the rest went to the house itself, door-first. We got ourselves to the door, and we were stopped by a tool with a fake tan and short, spiky bleached hair. He had a muscle shirt to display his college-exercise-room-body and one of those shitty plastic watches that were in style. Baggy jeans worn under his ass, brand-name shoes, the works. He was shaved smooth and smelled slightly heady. Typical college frat boy, only he looked to be nearly thirty. Pathetic, thought I.

He asked for admission fee of us, and Becky immediately threw herself into his arms, kissing him with more enthusiasm than I'd ever seen in her. The tool's hands went right for her ass, but she actually helped him get one to her tits, and I can't help but think that if her crotch wasn't grinding so hard against his, she wouldn't put her hand down his pants. I admit I was disgusted, watching the display.

He had to have been ten years older than her, and him still farming for girls fresh out of high school when he should be out of college and starting a career. He was a sleazebag of the worst kind, and no mistake. And he was touching my sister. And she wanted him to.

"Who's got ID?" he asked after someone behind us politely coughed to move the line along. I showed him my state-issued phone license, but he wanted my college tags. This place was serious about not letting civilians inside. My status as a frequenter at Laurel U got the both of us inside, but it bothered me that he didn't even bother to check whether Becky was of drinking age, nevermind sexing age. Looking at her with her untouched features and glamorous flat hair, she could easily be mistaken for being about sixteen. From looking at him, I bet he'd like it better that way.

He let her in after telling her that admission came with a beach towel and all-you-can-drink for the day, but he stopped me on my way through, asking me for a fifty. I shelled it out, though I loathed his touch, he who had touched my sister without my approval. Rather than make a fuss about it with people waiting in line, I hurried inside to make sure my sister didn't get too far away.

I shouldn't have worried. She was waiting for me, and once I caught up with her, she had me follow her quickly to the wet room, where she was a little too quick in having me unzip her dress so she could step out into her divine thong bikini. I also had to grab towels for the both of us and drinks once we were outside, and it wasn't long after I settled myself down that I lost track of her.

I got up to find her after relaxing in the sun for a bit, but there was simply no chance; there were too many people, still so early into the party. We weren't carrying phones, and I didn't recognize anyone either of us knew. I decided I may as well do some wandering and enjoy the party I'd paid so much for.

After swimming, watching the fins go by, lazing about, and wandering, I headed back inside to the pool table. Lucky me, the boys was there.
"Sup, trick?" Sam asked.

Back to our old haunts again, it was. Bill and Dree too, all four of us sitting around sipping on something. Bill even unearthed my mug for me, which I had left at his place, so we four could toast proper.

"Any luck?" I forgot who asked. I couldn't tell who was being addressed, too.

"Me?" Dree asked.

"Well, you, too," Sam said.

"Nup. Still no word." Was he referring to his absent sisters?


"Don't mind me," I answered. I think they got the idea that neither Dree nor I wanted much to talk about things. We drank in silence. Boring.

"Welp, I'm off to get laid," Sam said on cue. Bill was next to take off, leaving Dree and me alone to ponder the secrets of the universe. I think our mutually depressing moods fed each other's, and we stayed together to keep ourselves from having a good time.

Evening wore on, and behold, there appeared Becky, followed tightly by three drunk frat boys. Becky didn't look sober herself, and it was with a great fit of giggles that she recognized me half a minute into nearly being molested on the pool table, and she couldn't produce any of the boys' names for introduction. I think they were plotting on playing for the privilege of taking her to bed, but knowing frat boys, that's probably what she thought, while they played only to decide who went first.

The four of them played casually, not talking much and keeping an eye on me without really looking at me. Becky was sure to stick her ass out more than necessary to take her shots, and she always seemed to miss when normally she's quite good, and she assumed the most obvious pout every time, following which the three lads would surround her.

In time, I got the impression that they were waiting for me to leave. As for Becky, the even more disturbing thought occurred that she wanted me to stick around to watch.

She kept drinking more; I grabbed more as well. I think that's the last coherent thought I had that night. That, or seeing her top start to slip off with her three escorts constantly rubbing up against her as they slid along the table, touching her in congratulation of another shitty shot.


I awoke with a rather annoying headache. After the pain settled in, I got surprised with more pain: I hurt all over, especially in my head. Then my eyes started to open, though with the abundance of light, I could've done without.


The vertigo began to settle in. Where was I? Not in my room. Where's my room? At my house? No, I live with Reoren and Leolen now. That's right, and Becky lives there, too.

Becky. Where's she? When's the last...? What? Becky screaming? Becky naked? People everywhere? Have I been having nightmares? Or perhaps dreams, where I played the hero that rescues her from... What's been going on?

"Morning, I said."

"Umm... good morning," I answered, and finally I allowed my eyes to open all the way. No, they wouldn't. They hurt. There was bright light, but not much else.

"Can you sit up?"

Good question. I gave it a try, and pain came from everywhere. "Nope."

"Try harder."

On my second attempt, I was more sore from the way I was sleeping, but not too much to move. Once I got my butt beneath me, I was able to rub some sleep out of my eyes, but that's when it hit me: My face was bruised and swollen.

Derrick, help me!

A door opened and shut, and by the time my eyes got used to the light, there were five people in the room with me. The first two were a man and a woman dressed in blue scrubs. The woman was rather attractive for a doctor, having pretty red eyebrows that reminded me of Holly, Drivved's sister. The man was a thick, burly bastard that looked like he could snap anyone in half, but he bore an expression that said he was quite bored with life.

Next was a scrawny woman that knew how to dress professionally. Boring blond hair that took regular trips to the salon, a stupid brown blazer that covered most of her chest, and a skirt that went down past her knees. Then there was another blond, but a much more exciting one: Piercings, at least three of them, decorated her face, yet she wasn't as young as the life in her face suggested. In fact, everyone in the room but the redhead had gray in their hair, but only the guy doctor showed any signs of being tired of life.

While the first blond was skinny, the second was tiny. She wore more stylish clothes than the boring one, but nothing you'd expect to see on a schoolgirl.

The final woman was quite a knockout, being as well-aged as the others, yet still holding something inside her, a fire that wouldn't be put out.

Derrick, please!

Her hair was that gentle teasing tuff of brown waves that curled at the tips and was only long enough to puddle up at her shoulders. Her eyes were a striking dark blue that you don't see in brunettes any more. She also appeared the most robust of the five, being of very forward attitude and stature. She'd seen a lot, and she'd conquered what came her way. She wore simple jeans that were far too tight for her, and her ass looked good despite her age. A plain white T-shirt was stretched across her large breasts.

Don't touch me! Help!

"You feeling up yet?"

It had been the man talking to me. He and the redhead stayed close in a way that didn't feel like professional siblinity. The same way the smaller blond and the brunette stood closer, connected just so on an elbow or a foot where they stood.

"Uhh... yeah."

Get them off of me!

"Bit woozy. Where am I?"

"You've heard of Tranquil Breeze Garden?" the brunette asked.


"I'm Breezie, headmistress."

Oh, right. I saw her (from a considerable distance) at the party the twins dragged me to. "Hi, I'm Derrick."

"You're in our clinic. You were unconscious when we found you."

I can't... no more... stop them...

"Thanks, I guess."

"Actually, we wanted you to help us."

"Do you remember what happened last night?" the blond next to her asked.

Derrick! Hold on, buddy! We'll get you two out!

"I think I was at a party..."

"That's right, the Sierra Fiesta or something."

The blond to her right leaned over just so to whisper into her ear.

"Oh. Whatever it's called, then."

"What happened?"

Can you hear me? Dude?

"From what we heard? You started a fight."

Get lost, asshole. She's with me.

"I did?"

That's not what it looks like from where I'm sitting.

"What'd I do?"

"We don't know. You were just one of the people who'd gotten knocked out, though you're the only one to do so without getting anything broken, so congratulations for that."

I nervously glimpsed at the burly man to my left. If anyone knew anything about breaking anything, it would surely be him.

Where is she?

"Where's Becky?"

"Your sister, right?"

"Yeah; we came together."

The brunette continued, "We have her in our custody. Like you, we vouched for you to keep you out of the holding cell that would otherwise have been your fate. It would've been too full if they locked everybody up, and they don't have enough room for everyone that got taken away last night."

You just made the biggest mistake of your life, buddy.

"I'm trying to remember, but... is she alright?"

"She was rather drunk, like you. Thankfully several of our people were there to make sure nothing happened to either of you."

Take the one over there! I'll watch these two!

"Your people?"

"The fight was rather large, but it's generally agreed that there were strictly two sides. You were vouched for by some of our graduates, and we ourselves claimed you, so you're here rather than in jail."


"Don't you know? Drivved and Samson, among others. They said you're a close friend."

I've got you, buddy, just hold on.

"There were more?"

"Timber, Danny, Soran, and Meb, to name a few," said the redhead, reading off a list on a clipboard. Funny seeing one of those in a clinic.

"They were all there?"

"They were more than there," the smaller blond answered, "they all responded to a panic alarm that came from both Drivved and Sam at the same time."


"Their watches. We picked up the mess; and if it wasn't for that alarm, things would've been much worse for you when the police got there."

"How come?

"The frat boys you were up against don't fight fair. There were at least thirty of them involved before the police arrived. You were lucky you just got knocked out and nothing permanent to show for it."

"What about everyone else? Are they alright?"

"Our students are trained to defend themselves in such situations. Like I said, many were unconscious, but they all had something broken in the meantime."

The more boring blond picked it up from there, "I'd say you got yourself some pretty good friends, but whether or not you're a good friend to them remains to be seen."

"It does?"

"Everybody else has been questioned, and all the information we're getting is that you started the fight."

I was then getting rather nervous. I was already on-edge from having these people glaring at me since before I woke up, but now that they got to the point, it was worse.

"Naturally, we'd like to know what the fighting was about."


"My sister, I think."

"What about your sister?"

Derrick, don't leave me!

"She'd been drinking."


Derrick, please! I'm your sister!

"She's my sister. I've gotta watch out for her."

"Was she in some kind of trouble?"

Stop them!


Come on, this place is dead. Let's go upstairs, boys.

Becky, wait!

"I mean, I think so."

"You're not sure?"

D? You gonna let her run off like that? She doesn't look right.

"It's pretty fuzzy still."

"You suffered a mild concussion, so you're liable to be feeling not too great for a while."

You heard her; she can do what she wants.

But you don't know these guys. I've seen what they can do in groups, especially when girls are as drunk as she is.

"But whatever you can remember..."

"She went upstairs with some guys."


"I followed her, or maybe Sam had gone up with three girls, and I wanted to see what he was doing." It occurred to me that I shouldn't be giving away my friend's intimate secrets, but none of the people looked the slightest bit interested.

Becky? That you?

What the fuck, Derrick? Get out!

"I accidentally walked in on her, and she told me to leave. I must have gotten upset or something, because she normally doesn't act like this."

"You mean, in general, or specifically at parties where the both of you have been intoxicated?"

"Yeah. We go to the same parties."

Sorry, bro, this one's taken for the night. Maybe next year you'll rush ROU.

"I got upset at them, and I think they got aggressive. I didn't want my sister with them since she was that drunk."

"Anything else?"

Oh my god, stop it! Leave him alone!


"It seems that you and these three young men began exchanging blows. Sam heard yelling, followed by several fratmates running into a room. He followed, and shortly after that, both he and Drivved activated their panic switches. In half an hour or so, they were both out of the fight at your side, but the four boys that answered kept the four of you safe from some thirty attackers."

"Oh. Wow."

"I'd be feeling rather grateful if I was you," the shorter blond said. "Meanwhile, we have a problem. I'm Kariah; I'm the lawyer here."

Kariah? Isn't that Dree's sister's name? The blond one? While I think about it, wasn't Ivy's middle name "Breeze" something or other?


"I've spoken with your sister. It seems she was too drunk to remember what happened, but I'm concerned that we're knees-deep in a rape case."

Derrick! Please!

"I'm sorry, but I don't remember. All I can tell you is that everybody was drunk, so I just assumed Becky would be safer if she went home. After what Dree said... Drivved..."

"What did he say?"

Come on, man. It's not safe up there.

"He said it wasn't safe for her to go upstairs with those guys. Mean anything to you?"

"The fraternity that holds this party is notorious across their campuses. We've been trying to ban them from holding this party every year, but without citations worse than a few fights, we can't hold a warrant against them, and the townsfolk won't vote them out because either the voters themselves attend or it brings in money they're not willing to lose. With you having started the altercation, it doesn't help matters. Not unless you're convinced there was a rape about to happen."

Derrick, help!


Derrick, get out!

"I can't remember. Can I see her?"

"Your sister? Sure."

Rather than be dressed and chauffeured to wherever they were keeping her, I was kept where I was and told Becky would be brought to me. My mind began to wander over everything, but the more I tried to think about the party, the less sense my memories made.

In a full half-hour, the boring blond returned by herself. "I'm sorry, but she absolutely refuses to see you, and she insists that she be allowed to go home right away. We can't keep you here, but you should stay until you're feeling better. If you want to talk about anything, you can come to my office."

Fuck off, Derrick, fucking pervert! Don't ever come near me again!

She left nonchalantly. I was left alone.

Bill, Dree, and Sam came around soon; it seems that breakfast was just ending. They didn't have much to say. None of them knew what happened to Becky any more than I did. Bill didn't even make it upstairs with the crowd of people blocking the way. For Dree and Sam, they didn't seem to mind me getting them into a fight. It seems that they didn't know why I had started it any better than I did, but they backed me up without question.

Makes you proud to have them as friends, really. I didn't doubt Bill would've fought for me too, only he's shit like I am in a fight. Remind me to do something about that.

I told them to hork off so I could get some sleep, but in truth little memories started flashing into my eyes, and every time someone spoke the memories got chased away, and I wanted some alone time with them. But once I was alone again, the memories stopped. Tired and aching but tired of sitting around, I got up and went for a walk.

The last time I had been here was at the dance Cindy brought me to with Sara, but the place was unrecognizable from then. Barren and empty halls of polished oak plank and black carpet. Not a person in sight, and hardly a decoration except for labeled doors and childish scribbles taped up here or there.

I got to the door labeled "Shannon Campbell, psychiatrist." So that's why she wanted me to go to her to talk. I let myself in after knocking, and there was the blond in the boring suit. "Sit down," she said at once as though she had nothing keeping her from spending all morning talking to me. There wasn't even a front office with a secretary.

"I'm sorry to barge in," I said, "but you said..."

"I know this can be traumatic for you," she interrupted, getting straight to business. "We wanted to get some evidence to put a case together, but putting that aside, I'm concerned for your mental welfare. Call it an occupational hazard." She laughed her own comment off.

Looking around, I saw the obligatory certifications that allowed her to practice her trade, but besides that, there were pictures of her in various life stages with various people, including a man in a tuxedo while she wore a white gown, and both a blond boy and a younger blond girl. Beyond the pictures, there were more children's drawings. They gave a light-hearted feel to an otherwise dull office belonging to someone who took herself far too seriously. Out of the five from the clinic, she looked completely out of place.

"Is there anything about the event that you want to talk about?"

I liked how she replaced "party" or "fight" with "event". So politically correct. So very professional. "You said my sister..."

"It was strange, but not unexpected. People that go through events like that have a mixed bag of responses, and that was just one. She got upset, so now I expect she'll want to repress any memories of it to prevent her from being afraid."

"Afraid? Of what?"

"Whether or not she wants to deal with it, I'm sure the thought of being raped entered her mind at one point or another. If she's taking that thought seriously, which I think she is, then she's probably already repressing. I hear she hasn't cried at all over it."

"But she didn't want to see me..."

What's the matter with you?

"Simply put, you were there, so you'll remind her if she sees you. She wants to separate herself from it so she can get back in control. It'll take time."

"Isn't there anything..."

"We can't force her. She's made up her own mind."

"I gave you a fair chance, and you fucked up. I'm moving on."

I lowered my head and walked out. The three boys she were with were already undressing her, not paying attention to a word I or she was saying. In the next room over, I had to listen to my little sister getting fucked by one idiot after the other. After twenty minutes or so, I heard that door open, and I'm pretty sure some more guys came in. I know I heard them bragging about her.

More fucking. She made moans of pleasure, but not like I've known her to make. This was nothing but the effect of having a dick inside her. When she was having fun in bed, she'd curse and scream and curl her toes and scratch your back.

It was a large room that she was in opposed to the bedroom-sized room I had moved to to make sure things didn't get out of hand. It seemed to be filling up with guys that had made their way upstairs by and by, and the more time that went by, the more attention it drew. I got up to check, and sure enough, the door was wide open, and there was a crowd of boys and girls around her. A few would work on her for a few minutes before retreating, only to be replaced by more.

Hearing it made me sick to my stomach, but to actually see them using her like that blackened my mind, sending me reeling to the floor in agony. I went unnoticed.

I found my feet again, and there she was still, letting unknown after unknown inside her, and another at her mouth, wherever they could reach. My mouth was dry and my eyes ached. I could barely move with my stomach churning in a pain I had never known before.

She was rolled over, maybe on top of someone. Another guy came up from behind her, and then I heard it, the most beautiful voice despite the drunken, oversexed slur: "No." Heard it as clear as if it was said right to my ear in the dead quiet. I knew what it was, too. She doesn't like her ass touched, and some guy thought a girl could fit three just as easily as she could fit two.

I snapped when I heard her say it a second time over the din, and I charged forward, knocking the guy on his ass. For good measure, I tossed off the guy standing in front of her, then I ripped her off of guy number three to hold her safely behind me in the corner.


The frat boys didn't take it kindly. Before I knew what was what, there were three of them coming at me, and I didn't know who to hit first, but I was down right away. Sam was in for my rescue in bravery I hadn't expected of him, him and Dree, though Dree is a bit more the loyal type I was expecting, though it was Sam I expected to see upstairs. They fended them off for a spell before I nodded off, though to my personal satisfaction, Becky was hiding behind me in a shaking pile on the floor, not trying to get back to the party.
"I wanna get out of here."

"Of course. We'll arrange transportation..."

"No, I mean, out of this town. I'm sick of this place. This place is sick to begin with, and I've had enough of it."

"Sick? What do you mean?"

"I don't wanna talk about it. I heard you guys give people work; could you set me up with something?" I thought of the real estate agency in California. "Like, across the country? Do you do anything like that?"

She pondered on that for a moment. I had hope. She then tapped her watch and her lips moved; though I didn't hear her say anything, she stopped as though to listen after, and she mouthed something else, still staring down.

A few moments later, the tall ogre of a man from the pictures came in. Though he had been blond once, his hair was receding rather grayish. He still had an aura of youth about him though, the same as the other four. I noticed at once a sharp connection between him and his wife, and for once Misses Campbell's face lit up in joy rather than professional demeanor that separated her from the others.

The two of them spoke in hushes to one-another for a moment, then he turned to address me. "Joe Campbell," he said, extending his hand. "Director of activities for the school here."

"Campbell? As in, Samson Campbell?"

"He's my brother's boy," he explained briefly. "I hear you're looking to get away from it all."

"Suddenly I don't like it here anymore."

"Have you ever done a school trip or anything?"

"I went to Argentina once in college; it was pretty cool, except we got stuck for a few extra weeks."

"We do that quite often here so that our students get a feel for how big the world is and how they can actually put their hands on it. Anyways, your request comes at an excellent time: One of our people is sick, and I was going to have to go on one of the field trips. If you're up to it, you can take the kids as a councilor."


"I think you'll find them nicer than frat boys."

"I'll do it. When do I leave?"

"Interested at all where you're going, who's going with you?"

"Not really."

Fuck this town, and fuck the people in it. My boys were straight; they'd understand. My sister could have this place and be free from me. My only regret was not telling sweet Reoren, who had given me her favor in such short time.

"Does it pay?"

"We don't have payed positions, but if you have expenses you'd like us to cover..."

"I'm renting a room from Reoren Fraliusan, and she made it perfectly clear she didn't want to endure the headache of having to replace me, so..."

"We'll arrange to have your part covered in your absense."

"Maybe a little more? She's trying to save up to put herself through college, so she's working through summer..."

"We'll take care of it."

That's one thing I won't have dangling over my shoulders. As to the rest of it, goodbye, Rotterdale. Rot and die for all I care. I won't be returning.

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