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Four couples grabs their cock,, zips their zipper, takes it out and gives him a blow
I am Frank Stokes, 64 years old, retired from an executive position in a large corporation. My wife of 35 years passed away 3 years ago.

I live in Brentwood, a golfing community, in the Atlanta area. There are three 18 hole golf courses. One easy course, one a little more difficult and the third, for experts, more difficult. Lots of sand traps, water and longer. I play the middle course. weather permitting, week days, and sometimes on Sunday. I try to stay off the course on week ends, too many players and play is slow. I always ride a cart and like to play fast. Hate to be held up on the tees and greens. It has a large club house and an excellent 19th hole. For those of you who don't know golf, the 19 hole is the bar. Food and drinks available, Also have a large beautiful dining room, which serves great food. Also a large room, used for special occasions, wedding receptions, Saturday night dances etc. The homes are all large, four and five bedrooms, four and 5 baths, three car garages, on lots of a minimum of a half acre.

I play golf on the middle course, and as I said, use a golf cart. I take a walk in our development almost every afternoon. It is pleasant walking, large well kept homes, beautiful lawns, trees, etc.

Yesterday, Sunday was a beautiful spring day, in Atlanta, In the mid 70's, bright sunshine, made you feel great. As I said, I usually don't play on Sunday's, but my grandson, 2nd, wanted to beat grandpa, so I player with him and two of his buddies. He beat me, ah youth. .

Took my daily afternoon walk, I was sitting on my porch in the sun, eyes closed, absorbing some sun, reclined on a lounge chair. About 50 feet away, on the road I heard someone walking. I opened my eyes, and said hello, I always do when someone walks by. I saw a beauty, guessed in her late 30's, looking to see where the hello come from. I stood up, and said hello again, she hello'd back and walked toward where I was standing. She stopped half way into the drive. Opps, she was probably in her late 40's. Even in her sweats I could see a desirable woman, a drop dead smile and a very sexy voice. We talked, as we talked she approached closer and closer until she was just across the porch railing. God, was she an attractive woman! I knew that under those sweats there was a great body. I could feel desire and stirrings downstairs. I was still in my sweats.

We talked, The beautiful spring day, how long have you lived in Brentwood? Are you a member of the Club? Do you play golf? Ever eat at the club? Married? Did I like my Escalade? Where she lived in the development, did she work? What did her husband do? We learned a lot about each other in a very short time. I said my name was Frank Wilson but most people called me Frankie, I have lived alone for three years since my wife died. Said her name was Mary Johnson, She told me she lived at the house near the entrance to the development, the house where the yellow Corvette Convertible is in the driveway. .

Her husbands name is Wallace, he is a mechanical engineer. Everyone calls him Wally. He left 2 weeks ago for a 4 month stay in Japan. His company was having machinery built there and he had to be there to oversee the building and testing. I thought to myself, 4 months, he has been gone 2 weeks, maybe she is ready for a good fucking. I know I would surely enjoy sex with this beautiful lady.

She could see that I was in deep thought and said, "A penny for your thoughts".

I told her she may not want to know what I'm was thinking, and she tilted her head back and laughed.

I started having thoughts of sex with this beautiful woman. I was still able to achieve stiff erections and I know I am very skillful at how to please a woman. A few of the widow women at the club would attest to my skills, specially my oral skills. I love to kiss, lick and suck pussy. If the woman I was "eating" was particularly attractive, great body, shaved and trim pussy, and she was vocal, while I performed my magic, many times I'd climax when she did. I don't know if other men ever do that. I love to see a woman enjoying my licking, sucking and tongue fucking..

I was getting more aroused as we talked. She continued, she loved to work in her yard, and I said that I didn't care much for yard work. I joked, that she could come here any time she wanted to and work. We both laughed.

As she was leaving, she said, "Remember, call me if you need anything." All kinds of thoughts raced through my mind. "Do you suppose she meant more than yard work, with "Call me if you need anything?"

That night and all the next day I fantasized about her, about kissing, licking, sucking, giving her one of my famous full body massages. Sucking and licking her beautiful breasts and working her clit sucking and tongue fucking till she climaxed. I was so aroused I got the vibrator, not the penis type, called a wand, I think.

I fantasized about Mary, what I'd like to do to her. I ejaculated with a gigantic climax.

God, how I desired her.

Whenever I left the development, 4 times later on Sunday and I forger how many times yesterday, I drove slowly past her house hoping she was would be out.

Christ, I hadn't done this since I was a teenager. It isn't the shortest distance from my home out of the development. I just wanted to see her again


Today, as I was walking, I turned a corner and heard steps behind me. It was Mary. She walks faster than I do and she quickly caught up.

"Hello Frankie, I was hoping I'd see you again today. That is why I walked up this way. I walked past your place 3 times yesterday, your Escalade wasn't there."

"What tine of day was that?"

"Sometime around 3."

"Damn, sorry I missed you, I went to the bank to get some cash, my pocket money was getting low"

Phew, do you suppose she really meant it, when she said anything you want, just ask? Could I be this lucky, her husband is away and will be gone 3 ½ months longer and it seems this gorgeous lady wants me. I sure do want her.

We talked as we walked, "What I did to pass away time."

I told her about my golfing mornings, and that I had just started writing, that I had always wanted to write, but could never think of plots for a story.

"Stories" "What kind of stories do you write?"

"A friend emailed me a site on the internet that has thousands of erotic stories. All by amateur writers, I suspect some are professional, though, because some are very well written."

"May I talk freely, without your taking offence."

"Go right ahead, you won't embarrass me. My husband gave me some instructions before he left and I think you will do."

"Instructions, Mary, what do you mean, I'll do?"

"I'll fill you in later, Frankie boy. "

"I spent hours reading stories. I was sexually aroused by a lot of them. I found most of the stories good, some were great and some were really bad."

"What makes them bad?"

"They start a story, a couple meets she grabs his cock,, zips his zipper, takes it out and gives him a blow job, he undresses her, her juices are flowing and he has a rock hard erection again, they have maddening sex and the story is over in five paragraphs. No foreplay, kissing, or affection."

" God, Mary, I have not known you long enough to talk like this, I hope I didn't embarrass you."

"No, Frankie, I agree with you. Sex should never be, wham bang, thank you madam, as the joke goes."

"Mary, after reading a bunch of the stories, I told myself, hell, I can do that. Write stories, I mean."

"Do you have a computer? If you are interested in looking at the site, I'll email you the site's address. But that might not be a good idea, with your husband away for 3 ½ more months.

"Remember, I said a while ago, my husband gave me instructions before he left, and yes, by God, I think, no by God, I know you'll do!"

"What the hell are you talking about?" "I'll do"

"Later Frankie, I'll explain, but for now you are the one."

I couldn't figure out you're the one.

She said had spent a lot of time on her computer, playing games, shopping on line, writing emails, but she never thought to look for stories.

"I'd really love to take a look at that site. I'll let you know what I think."

She told me her email address, it was short, I didn't need to write it down, Didn't have anything to write with anyway. I could remember it.

She wanted to know if she could read one of my stories. I explained that I had just completed the first one, and had four others going. I would wake up to go the boys room at two or three get back in bed and dialog would flow through my mind.

"While I was writing the one I just finished, I got an idea for the second, which is almost finished. Then for a third and ideas for a fourth."

"PLEASE, Frankie, you have to let me read it."

"I'd like you to read the finished one. I need to correct some tenses, quotation marks, in the, he said, she said. That's the trouble with writing dialog, quotation marks. I haven't written anything since college. I had an English composition class that was required to graduate."

"Mostly I wrote about my military experiences. I was a pilot and had a lot of interesting experiences I wrote about. I was older than most of the students and the instructor was about my age, she and I got along great." "My stories may not have been worth A's, but that is what I got on all of them."

"Mary, you know, telling you about college, writing stories, gives me a whole lot of ideas for some more good erotic stuff. Damn, when will I have time to write all the stuff that is zooming in my head."

"Anyway, let's get back to now, The one story I have finished is rather long. I couldn't stop, once I got started. I was going to submit it to the site and see if it is acceptable. I think it is pretty good, but I need someone else's opinion."

"I'd love to read it, I'd be happy to give you my honest opinion. If you don't get angry, I'd suggest corrections, but only if acceptable to you. Only if you want me to. I minored in English in college."

I told her that the story was fictional and it was sexually explicit, and wishful thinking. She might become aroused when reading it and I sure was aroused writing it.

"No problem, you'll be available won't you? PLEASE email it to me".

"Read my first story, and when I get the second, which is almost finished, I'll want you to read it.".

She laughed, I could see her beautiful teeth. White as snow, all straight, perfect and I very lightly touched her teeth, commented how beautiful her teeth were.

She laughed again and said, "They are real, all mine. Daddy spent a small fortune on orthodontists while I was growing up, so my teeth would be perfect. Those ugly braces, for so long a time. The dentist just wasn't satisfied, he kept saying. "If I wanted them to be perfect it would be just a little while longer". I wanted the braces to be removed, I said my teeth looked perfect to me. I guess he was still making payments on his Mercedes."

"But I'm glad he did make me wait.. I have been told before they are too perfect to be real. I can assure you they are mine. See if you can remove them".

Well, I laughed hilariously and said, "Mary, you are a real turn on, love your sense of humor."

"Just what did you mean Sunday when you said "To call you if I wanted anything?".

"Yes, I liked you immediately. I wanted you to call, but failed to give you my phone number. Email me the story. If after I read your story and I need some help, would you help me?"

"You know my husband isn't here to relieve me. Course I have a vibrator and a dildo, but they don't replace a stiff cock."

God, how I desired this woman. Great personality, Great figure, beautiful, and not inhibited. I squeezed her hand while we were walking, and assured her that I would be delighted, more than happy to help.

"I saw you drive by my house twice yesterday."

"Maybe I drove by 7 or 8 times in the past two days, I find you exciting and I wanted to see if there was any way we could meet again. If I had seen you, I would have stopped and said hello. Take you up on that if I need anything call"

"I know what you have in mind and I do too, I'm sure we are going to be great. Wally is going to be gone for four months, he knows how much I enjoy sex, giving and taking, if I wanted to have discrete sex, while he away, to do it. His only stipulation was, "With an older man, single or widowed, you fit that, Not a bar pickup, we didn't meet in a bar, someone with whom I must become acquainted, before any sex, we are doing that now, someone that won't hurt me. I know you won't. Feel comfortable with him, before you do anything. I feel like I have known you for a long time. As I said twice before, you meet all of his conditions. I know you are someone of whom he'd approve."

I think she saw the bulge in my sweats. Smiling and looking down at my half hard peter.

"Frankie, I see that and I'll take care of that soon."

Christ, I couldn't believe this beautiful woman. I didn't know how much talking I could stand. My pecker was just getting harder with her frankness. I had not realized we were slowly approaching her house, I thought, God is this going to happen now?.

Her house was back from the road and had a long circular driveway in the front.

"Frankie, come on in for a cold iced tea, soda or a beer."

Again that stirring in my cock. She saw it and flicked her index finger at it and told me to be patient.

We entered her cool home, and I noticed it was beautifully decorated, clean as a pin and had sprayed some type of aerosol that had a most pleasing odor. We drank our tea and talked a while.

"Frankie, please be an angel and go home and email me the story. I can't wait to read it. See if it has the right stuff to excite me."

She kissed me hard on the lips and jammed her tongue all the way onto my mouth. My prick was almost at full staff,

"Wait an hour and come back, I want to read the story. Get out of these sweats and shower and dress into something comfortable."

I walked hurriedly back home, typed the email address in the "To" and accessed Word, found the story and copied it and pasted it into the email and hit the send. I was thinking about how this had all happened with a simple hello.

I shaved, showered, applied my Aqua Silva Cologne, put on my favorite slacks and shirt, and I still had 15 minutes to wait. I had an instant thought. If this goes as I think it is going to go, I'd better take the warming oil with me. It is super wonderful for foreplay and for slicking up the pussy and vagina. Makes it super for anal sex. Time goes slow when you are watching it. Finally, 5 minutes before the hour was up, I got in the Escalade and drove to her house, entered the driveway and parked ¾ the way around the drive, car not visible from the road. I did not want people seeing my Cad in her driveway.

I walked up to the door, didn't have a chance to ring the bell, she opened it before I could push it. She wore a dress that looked like silk with spaghetti straps; its tightness and the fitting of her bra presented the outline of her breasts and I guessed 34D's. Perfect

"You Devil you, Frankie", "Are you sure that was your first story? It is well done. and my, the sex, I wanted to have you here in me as I was reading. My pussy, if I may say that, was getting wet while reading. Now that you are here you can fuck me and I will fuck you. I love to kiss and suck peter and I hope you will recuperate."

"I think I am an expert at eating pussy and with your beauty and body I am going to really enjoy it!

"You read the story, that's the way I like to have sex, build up to it, slow and easy, I want this to be a great experience. "

"I'm so hot I want to get in bed and screw NOW, But if you insist, let's have a glass of wine on the back porch and sip wine and kiss and you can finger fuck me and talk and have that as our foreplay and then fuck, screw, suck and lick. Frankie I am ready now. Been 2 weeks without a good fuck, and I am ready for a good one. I'm horny and ready NOW!".

She reached down and felt my cock, "She said," Frankie boy you don't need any foreplay either, lets go to bed"

We sat on the wicker couch, Small talk for a very short time, I moved my hand lightly up and down on the outside of her dress rubbing her pussy. I could feel she had no panties on. I slipped off the couch and sat on the floor in front of the couch. I slowly started to feel and tickle her thighs, found her pussy, she was already very wet, I spread her pussy, softly blowing. Then kissing it, put my finger into her wet pussy and softly rubbed her clit, withdrew my finger and put my mouth fully on her pussy, sucking licking and thrusting my tongue in and out of her delicious cunt. She opened wide and I started tongue fucking her. Tongue all the way in and out, in and out. She was purring, good good great OH that's IT! I knew she was as aroused as she would ever be.

"Frankie please I am ready, I want that beautiful peter filling my pussy, NOW, enough of that foreplay crap. I AM READY"

That was it, I'd had enough, I knew Mr. Peter couldn't get any harder. I was ready. I knew she was. I just knew this was going to be great.

"Frankie if you don't fuck me now good and proper I will get my dildo and vibrator and do myself."

Well that was it, no dildo or vibrator was going to cheat me out of having half of this good fucking. If she used them, she would have her orgasm, but not the vibrator or dildo, I wanted that half of the session for me, not them.

I put my arms around her and hugged her close. Picked her up, carrying her into the bedroom, face to face,

"You're beautiful". I whispered,

As I carried her, I licked her ear lobe lightly. I could feel her squirm a little and I asked if she didn't like it, and she said, "Oh God yessss," my ears are very sensual, even feels good to me when I touch them to put earrings on"

I then gently licked her ear lobes, Holding her in my arms, licking and putting my tongue in her ear and walking to the bed room.

"Good God, Frankie, I have never had that done, it is so exciting, my juices are flowing, I am so wet, I am ready for you NOW!. And damn it don't be so slow, I'm READY I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME NOW HARD, NOW!.

She said reading my story had aroused her so much that she didn't need any foreplay. She was ready for Frankie.

In the story, I emailed her, foreplay is strongly recommended before all sex.

She said," I just showered and now my pussy is wet again. Am I going to have to wait as long as Susan did in your story before you fuck me? We are both squeaky clean, showered and perfumed. Let's screw. NOW."

I love it when a woman gets this excited, the sex is just phenonominal.

'Let's undress quickly, please. ."

I disrobed her and she me. Her figure was overwhelming, and in no time at all my Freddie was so hard I could have hammered nails with it.

We were standing, I placed my arms around her and told her, "You even are more beautiful naked." We kissed, and she got on the bed and pulled me on to her. "I told you

I've waited long enough, FUCK ME, PLEASEEEEEEE."

I straddled her and inserted Freddy into her hot slippery pussy, no lubricant needed here. I rubbed my stiff cock around her pussy, using her juices to lubricate it for easy penetration. She was so juicy, my cock as slippery as if I had used oil. Even thought she had a tight pussy, it slipped in easily. She was so anxious, her hips and beautiful ass were 6 inches off the mattress raised to meet me. .

" OH FREDDIE ALL THE WAY DON"T TEASE, all the way, let me feel it deep, YES, YES, move up and let that lovely cock rub my clit, YES that's it KEEP ROCKING."

I was so hot I felt that I would cum too quickly. I sunk my hard shaft deep. I feared I would cum too fast and not let that beautiful sexy woman climax. I pressed my cock in deep, balls against her "Taint" ( Tain't pussy, Tain't ass hole, the space between, is Taint) letting my approaching orgasm subside.
" Don't stop, I want you to pump fast, YES, YES, THAT'S GREAT, FASTER, YES, YES, GOD, GOD, CHRIST, CHRIST, I'M GOING TO CUM, NO, NO, NOY YET, IT FEELS TOO GOOD YES. YES. Freddie pump it in and out, long strokes and thrust it deep, OH GOD, THAT DID IT, I AM CUMINGGGGGGGGGG."

"Me TOOO, I said almost shouting. God this is great, Mary, this is the greatest fuck I've had in years.

We remained in each others arms lightly kissing and making small talk. I must have told her 10 or 20 time how beautiful and desirable she was.

"You women have it made over men. If you have one orgasm, you can have more. Wait a short time, kiss and pet and you are ready again. I want to get down on that lovely honey pot and make you cum again."

It wasn't long, her, " YES, YES, GREAT, GOD, FRANKIE, MORE INTENSE THAN THE LAST ONE, OH GOD HERE IT COMESSSSSSSSS. OH OH GREAT, best orgasm I ever had with oral sex. OH MY".

She said, "Frankie, I never thought I could have such wonderful sex and with a 64 year old. HMMM wonder why my husband stipulated if I wanted to have sex, it had to be an older man? What did he know?

"Anyway can we see each other again? It was great."

"Of course, you better not ignore me. You are great and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Frankie, every time I read erotica on line and the stories you send, I'll call you, and I think that will be every day."

"I play golf in the mornings, and the only thing I can think of that would make me miss a golf game, would be an invitation to be with you."

"Damn, I have a beauty appointment in the morning at 10 if I didn't, you would be missing your golf game. I'll call you tomorrow night. And maybe we can talk dirty to each other"

And to think it started with a hello.

Remember, say hello.


9:00 AM

"Mary, this is Frank"


" I have a problem"

"I hope not with me! Yesterday was heavenly. Wish you could come over this morning and have an encore, it was so damn great. That was one of the most exciting screwing I have ever had. I could hardly go to sleep. I wish I would have made you stay all night. I have that damn beauty appointment at 10:00, or I'd make you miss your golf game."

"Yea, I remember me saying the only thing that could keep me from my morning golf would be you"

"Anyway, remember I told you I was writing a second story,"

"How could I forget, I am dying to read it."

"Well, I had it almost finished at 6 O'clock. I wanted to send it to you to read and suggest corrections. I had made all the corrections I could find, my final comma's, quotation marks, and tenses. I heard a car pull into my drive way. It was my grandson, we call him 2nd,, and his beautiful girlfriend. They come over some afternoons, keep grand dad company, unannounced, which I love, and they were carrying a large pizza box and two bags of food, they always bring eats when they come."

"Why do you call him 2nd?"

"Because when the family would get together, someone would say, "Frank" and all three of us would answer. So I am Frankie, his dad is Frank and grandson is 2nd. Someone wants me, they say Frankie, wants my son, call Frank or my grandson call 2nd. Works well and you always get the Frank you wanted."

"Anyway when I sit down and start writing stories, I always put Free Cell on the screen make a few moves and minimize it. If I hear someone coming, I immediately click on the Free Cell bar at the bottom. If they came in my den, where we would usually end up, they would see Free Cell on the monitor."

"Why are telling me this Frankie?"

"Mary, here's what happened. We ate, they left. For some reason I went to the computer, closed the Free Cell game and Word, and forgot to save, watched the news, Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune. Later, I went back to the computer and clicked on the file, "Love Comes to Sue" I said "Shit!", I hadn't saved the corrections, now I have to do the revisions all over again. So to make a long story short, I'll be late sending you the revised story. Maybe 8 or 9 this evening. Damn, I hate when I don't save as I write. I'll have to remember to hit file and save more often. I just saved this, Sorry to talk so long."

"Frankie baby, enjoy your golf game, thanks for calling, I sure loved our fucking yesterday. I can't wait for more."

"I'll be looking anxiously for your, "Love Comes to Sue" story, can't wait. Bye"


Last night I edited for three hours, finally had the story in decent shape. I thought it was pretty good. I emailed it to Mary at around 6 last night. Went to the club for a sandwich and a drink, Met a couple of fellows, got home at 7:30. Phone was ringing as I unlocked the door. I answered.

"Frankie this was better than the first story. Great erotic story, got my juices flowing, Where were you, my pussy is so wet, I want you here. I am so damned aroused, can you help me out?"

"Now Mary, that's a silly question, I'll be there as fast as my car will get me there."

I pulled in her drive and parked out of sight. She opened the door, was standing there without a stitch of clothing on. Planted a smooches kiss, tongued me deep and of course I responded. My cock was rising to full erection, She pulled my pants and shorts down, grabbed my cock and led me into the bedroom. None of that foreplay, we had it kissing and tonguing already.

Mary said, "I'm ready to screw you first, then suck you off and then you suck me. Boy, I have never seen a woman so aroused, and I was ready. I removed the rest of my cloths. She wanted to ride on top of me, said she could direct my lovely cock where it felt best. She rode me like I was never ridden before. Up and down with rapid movements, wiggling her beautiful ass around in circles, sitting down on it hard for maximum penetration and it wasn't long till we were both ready to climax. She started her YES, YES, YES over and over faster and faster and OH GOD, OH GOD, IT"G GREAT, SO GREAT, FRANKIE I'M COMING, COMING, OH GOD GREAT. We came together and I was quite verbal myself.

"If you ever make me wait like you did yesterday, before screwing me, I am going to take hold of Freddie and squeeze it so hard you'll scream. That's a promise."

It was 9:00 and we kissed and said our good byes. She thanked me for coming down.

She said, "I have to meet Wally in a chat room tonight at 10PM. We chat on line every Thursday. We can chat for as long as we want, free. Better than mail, or a phone call."

"10 PM here is 11 AM tomorrow in Japan. We'll probably be chatting for an hour of more. Bye, will you call me tomorrow?"

"How about we leave town for the day, maybe go north to the mountains. Think about it and I'll call you in the morning, about 8"

"Bye lover boy".

Mary hooked up with Wally and entered a private chat room.

"Hi honey, how are things in Japan, haven't talked for a week."

"Been working hard, 8 to 10 hours a day. These people know how to get a job done. Anything happen of interest the past week"

"Honey, Sunday I met a wonderful man and he fits all of your requirements. Widowed, 64 years old. Name is Frank Stokes. Lives in our development."

"I want to know how you met him"

"Well. You know I walk, almost everyday, Sunday I was walking up on Blueberry Lane, and I heard a voice say, "Hello". He was sitting and I couldn't see where the hello came from, he stood up, and said hello again. He seemed so nice, you know me, I just walked up his drive and started talking. We exchanged names. His is Frank Wilson. I told him you were in Japan for 4 months. I could imagine what he was thinking. You know me, I teased him, and said, " A penny for your thoughts", He said," I'd be embarrassed to tell you." Anyway, I said, "See you again soon, I am going to continue my walk."

"Sounds as if you liked him"

"Wally, I really do, he has turned out to be just what I need, while you are gone. I won't give you a blow by blow of what happened, but Tuesday evening we had a great sex session. He is almost as good as you. We met walking, and came to our house. He'd just started writing erotic stories and had just finished his first story and I insisted he go home and email me the story, and come back in an hour. He did and it was so erotic my juices were flowing and I was getting hot just reading it. I needed fucked. We had a great encounter, and he met all of your requirements.

"He sent me the second story that he had written, and honey, it was so sexually exciting, I just had to be fucked. I called him and he came down, we had a great session. He just left a little while ago. You are one session up on me. We have to be careful, we don't want the neighbors to see him coming and going. Have to be discreet, that's what you told me. We are both getting what we like. Good sex. Please tell me more about her. How did you meet her? I have been typing too long. Tell me what you have been up to".

"Mary darling, I also met someone here to sooth the savage beast. I love fucking, licking, and being sucked and licked. I have had three sessions with the lovely lady".

"I met her while having dinner at The American Bar and Lounge. Great restaurant with an American menu. Great steaks, seafood. Unlike me she has to be here for a year. She works for a U S company. Anyway, I bought her a drink, we did some chit chat. She lives in Los Angeles, her name is Susan White, 42, divorced. Says everyone calls her Sue. The usual, where do you live here, turned out she is living in the same hotel, Her company, like mine has yearly leases on suites.

I asked for her room number and asked if I may I call her for dinner sometime. That was fine with her, she missed going out with a gentlemen, the few Americans working where she worked, are all too old or married and faithful.

I called her last Saturday and said how about dinner tonight? She thought that would be great. We went to The American Bar, where I had met her. Had a great meal. We returned to our hotel, had two drinks in the bar and then we went up to my room. Japanese TV in not for Americans. I was glad you packed those 20 CD movies. We watched one, did a little petting, and were very shortly nude, in the shower together, I washed her tip of head to tip of her toes, and she did the same to me. We dried and were in the bed in no time. We had quite a session."

"Wally, tell me blow by blow, I'll get all wet, listening, but I can take care of that myself."

"She had been here 3 months and hadn't been fucked, and she was extremely horny. After some heavy petting, kissing, rubbing, deep tonguing, I did what you really like, lightly blowing hot breath on her breasts. Pulling on the nipples with my lips, licking her nipples, they got hard like yours do. Then I continued down to her treasure chest, I spread the labia gently with my fingers, she was wet, ready. I stroked her and worked on her clit with my finger. I went down on her and was really eating her out good, sucking, tongue fucking and she said, Wally, this is great, if you don't stop working my pussy, I am going to have a mind bursting orgasm. I want to have a mutual orgasm with you. Both together. I want that stiff cock of yours in my cunt! I was getting so damn excited, no sex in over two weeks. My prick was so damn hard I thought it would burst. You know how much I like to fuck. I straddled her and inserted the head in and wiggled it around, She thrust her hip up wanting it in. Please push it all the way in. Hard. I want to see your pumping action. I started pumping furiously, and I felt like I was getting near blast off, I slowed my pumping. She said don't stop I'm almost there, YES, YES, Wally, her arms went around my chest, squeezed hard, almost screaming, GOD YES YES YES, I'M COMING, I'M COMING pump faster, OH GOD HERE IT COMES and I at the same time I groaned ME TOOOOOO".

"Mary, I was so full of cum from not having fucked for over two weeks, I could have filled a large cup with cum".

"She told me that was an awful waste. Next time I want it".

"We both kissed, told each other how wonderful it was and how we both needed the release. She spent the night, it was great having a naked body beside me, I miss that. In the morning she went to her room and got dressed, and went to work. When she left she said, " I hope it was as good for you as it was for me".

" I assured her it had been. We have had two more great fucking sessions since. The sex is great and she is really good company. I like being with a pleasant female, miss you".

"Mary, I'm not going to fall in love with her, just great sex and good company, You are my only love. Looks like we each found a good partner, good company, good sex while we are apart".

"OK, darling, getting late here and I know you have to get back to the plant. Frank asked if I'd like to go to the Tennessee mountain's tomorrow and come back Sunday. I think I will take him up on it."

"Mary, do it, you'll have a grand time.

"OK, since you approve. See you here on line next week, same time, same place. Bye, I love you".

"Bye Mary, miss you and love you".

FRIDAY 7:30 am

I called Mary, "Did I wake you?".

"No, Frankie, I was sipping my coffee, thinking about us. I was in a chat room with Wally last night for at least an hour. I told him about you, He has also met someone as wonderful as you. He has fucked her three times. We need to catch up. He wants to meet you when he returns to thank you for taking care of me. God Frankie, do things like this really happen. I can't believe we both met someone."

"Anyway, why the early call?"

"I know we have to be discrete, that's why I haven't been down, I don't want to cause any embarrassment, by gossiping neighbors, but I am yearning for you and that beautiful body."

"Freddie, likewise"

"Did you think over going to the mountains for a couple of days? I'd like for us to leave today, drive up to the Tennessee mountains, enjoy the spring weather. Come back Sunday. Take our time, a nice leisurely drive. Eat in some nice restaurants. I just have to have more of you. Tuesday and last night were spectacular and I'm ready for an encore..

"Freddy, me too, that's great!!!!! I mentioned to Wally that you wanted to go to away for the week end and he told me to do it. I'll need an hour or so to pack. I have to call a girl friend, Sally Johnson, she's divorced, and tell her we are going. She in the only person, besides Wally, who knows of us. She lives in Lincoln Woods, on the other side of town. We can leave from her house, I'll leave my car in one of her garages. She has a 3 car garage and only one car. I'll pack, call you when I'm ready, meet you at the Exxon station just outside the development, get gas, you can pull in and do the same. You can follow me to her house. Oh, what should I pack, and can we stop for breakfast?"

"I only had a cup of coffee, breakfast together sounds great. Wear something comfortable and sexy. Something to wear to dinner, unmentionables, toiletries. No sleep ware, I want that naked body against me all night. Oh, a bath robe.


"I'm all set Freddy, how about you?"

"I have all my stuff in the car, I'm all set."

"OK. I'll meet you at the Exxon in a couple of minutes."

We met there, I filled the Escalade, followed her to Sally's. Great looking, great physical condition, slim, and pretty. Learned that Sally was divorced, early 50's, independently wealthy. She invited us for coffee, but we declined, saying we wanted to get on the way, and we would take her up on it Sunday when we got back.

We finally got on the read at 10:15, decided it was too late for breakfast and drove for an hour or so. Near noon we were at Canton, Georgia. I remembered there were a lot of good restaurants there, just off the interstate. . Finally arrived in Chattanooga TN, checked in the Country Suites Hotel. Great place, only 11 miles from Lookout Mountain. Big mall within walking distance. Multiplex theater in the mall. Great restaurants nearby.

The suite was great. Mirrored walls and mirror on ceiling over the bed... wow... Mary wanted to immediately disrobe, shower and screw. We both showered together, soaping and massaging. I ran my hands on her pussy and could feel that her pussy was already dripping. After drying each other off, we entered the bed and had some heavy petting. Mary said she owed me a blow job, in return for my doing her. Get even with me. I agreed willingly, exception, not to make me come, I wanted to fuck her hard and achieve a mutual mind blowing orgasm. She licked my shaft, tickled my balls, sucked them, put the knob in her mouth and licked and sucked. She slowly moved up und down on the shaft and was getting me close to exploding. I made her stop. She straddled me inserted my shaft into her wet hot box and started moving up and down, I was looking at the mirrored ceiling, seeing her reflection and what she was doing. God what a turn on. I took a breast in each hand and lightly circled her nipples, bringing them both to attention.

Mary was starting to get vocal, moaning with pleasure, "YES, YES, GREAT, GREAT, OH GOD, IT'S WONDERFUL FRANKIE, THRUST UP, OH I WANT IT ALL". Her riding got faster and faster, she exclaimed, "OH GOD, OH YES, I'M THERE, I'M COMING, I'M COMING. At that instant, MARY, I'M THERE TOO, DON'T STOP, GREAT, OH GOD THAT WAS TERRIFIC".

She stayed on top of me, bent down and kissed, thrusting her tongue deep into my mouth, My peter was slowly subsiding. She arose off of me and looked at my softening peter and said she was going to take care of that. She started licking the cum that was there and slowly licked the shaft. I didn't think an old man could bring it up again so soon, but there was an urging there. I told her that women are lucky when it comes to coming, women have it made, They can ride wave after wave without a time-out. Men usually have to wait a while. I asked her to stop, let's rest, and let's hold each other close. We had the rest of the day. All day tomorrow, Saturday, and Saturday night to have more of this fantastic sex.

We both showered, got dressed and walked to the mall. Found a great restaurant, had a great dinner, and took in a movie.

We stopped in the lounge in the hotel, lots of people and a great jazz combo played. We had two drinks, danced, listened to the music. Mary stroked my leg and slid up and grabbed my cock and gently squeezed, said she was ready for Freddie. She wanted to know if I was recovered from the afternoon session. My cock was rapidly enlarging as she squeezed and stroked it. Time to go up to our room, I couldn't stand much more of that.

We had another great session, turned on the TV and we both fell asleep, nude and cuddled. I am a side sleeper and she was snuggled against my back. How great her tits and body felt against me.

Anyway, you don't want to hear all of this. We had the greatest time. Sight seeing, all the tourist traps. Ate too much. BUT we had a lot of screwing, licking and just a fantastic three days. We were, I think sexually satisfied. Almost like a honeymoon. I'd guess we were 4 or 5 ahead of Wally.

We arrived back at Sally's at 6:00 PM. Mary put her belongings in her car. Sally wanted us to stay and have dinner with her. Thought she would order Chinese. We accepted, Had a great meal and some great conversation. Sally knew all about our sexual arrangement and wanted to know what we did on our short trip. She and Mary are quite open with each other. Even asked how I was as a partner. Mary asked if she would like to see herself. She thought that would be a great idea. God, these two beautiful women talking so freely. Mary reached over and squeezed my cock, it was already at half mast from their talking. She massaged it through my pants. She unzipped, withdrew my cock, as stiff as it would get and started to stroke it.

Sally said, "Whoa, I thought you were going to let me see how great he was".
Mary said "He is the greatest pussy exciter, and you should test his prowess at that, first."

We all three went into the bed room and Sally disrobed me, and I did the same to her. With Mary looking, and Sally holding my cock leading me to the bed, I was strictly at attention. Sally's pussy was already wet with anticipation, I placed a pillow under her hips, spread her legs and started to softly blow all around her pussy, kissing all around it, opened the lips and inserted my tongue, slowly circling inside, rubbing the sides.

Sally was saying, "It's been a long time, it feels so good. Deeper, tongue fuck me, oh yes, the clit, oh, oh god, suck on it, yes. OH MY GOD I'M COMING, SO SOON. PLEASE DON'T STOP, I'M COMING, OH GOD IT'S THERE, GREAT OHHHHHHHHH".

I continued licking and sucking. I let her rest for a minute or so, lightly blowing and kissing. I inserted my tongue all the way in and tongue fucked her. She was awaken again, ready for more, she was wet from desire, I applied some of the love juices to my middle finger and slowly inserted it in her anus. I took her hand and placed it on her clit. I tongue fucked her pussy, finger fucked her anus, and she exercised her clit to a second explosion. "OH GOD, YES YES GREAT OH MARY MARY HE'S GREAT. TWICE. OH GOD, IT'S THERE AGAIN, GREAT, OHHHH GOD, SOOOO GOOD.".

By now Mary had taken all her cloths off and had joined us. I had sustained a diamond hard on and wanted to screw. I mounted Sally, and slowly started my in and out, slowly at first, I didn't want to explode too quickly. I wanted Sally to cum with me. After a while I heard Sally soft murmurings, yes, yes, it's coming, again, OH GOD, IT'S GREAT, THREE TIMES, NEVER DID, THRUST DEEPER, YES, YES, YES, THAT'S IT, I"M THERE, WHOA, FUCK, FUCK, GOD, GOD, I'M THERE I'M COMING and at the same instant I exploded deep inside her. We lay there panting. All the time Mary was achieving a climax all by herself. Three exhausted people. We had a threesome in the shower, dried each other off. We dressed, went into her family room and talked about what just happened. Sally was esthetic, fully drained and satisfied. She thanked Mary for sharing me. I thought to myself how lucky can a man be. Two beautiful middle aged women wanting me. Loved it.

We left Sally's at 10. Mary drove her car home, and I drove mine home. I called her at 10:30 and thanked her for the wonderful weekend and also her willingness to share me with Sally. She told me not to get used to that.

I kissed her loudly on the phone and wished her happy dreams. She said likewise, talk to you tomorrow.


Beautiful spring day. Played golf in the morning. Light lunch in the 19th hole. Drove home thinking about the wonderful week I had just had. The mountains in the spring, Mary, great sex, Mary offering Sally my services. Sally's terrific three orgasms. God, how much greater can life be.

I was on the lounge, dozing and sunning myself, Mary was on her walk and saw me.

She called, "Frankie, you awake."

"Hi Mary, yes. Just resting and reliving the past week."

"Want to walk with me?"

"Sure, hold on a minute, come up on the porch and let me get out of these clothes and put on my sweats."

"Need help?" she giggled.

"No, we need to walk, sex later. You need more?"

"With you, yes! But later"

We walked and talked. Stayed in my neighborhood, didn't want to cause gossip in hers.

Talked to Mary for an hour tonight. Thought we could find a way to have a session tomorrow.


Golf again, beautiful day. Called Mary at 1:00. She had just talked to Sally, she offered to go to the movies and allow us the use of her home for a couple of hours. Haven't had so much sex in years. Feel like a teenager. Only appreciate it more now.

Met Mary at Sally's at 7:00 Sally was just leaving.

Sally said," Frankie, thank you, you were great. I really needed that, and Mary, thank you too."

"Sally you don't have to go, you can stay and join in."

"No, I'll leave the two of you alone. Enjoy. Maybe you will allow me to avail myself of Frankie later."

Mary smiling said "I think I can arrange that, I'm sure Frankie has no objections."

I told both, "I sure didn't have any objections. Just call me ready Freddie".

We continued our use of Sally's home a couple of nights a week. Mary even set it up so I could visit Sally a couple of times. God, she appreciated being fucked, licked and sucked. She also was a terrific cock sucker. Why she didn't have a lover I didn't know. I just knew what was happening was unbelievable.

Mary continued her Thursday chat room talks with Wally.

On the third Thursday Wally told her that if all went well, at the factory, the machine they were building would be ready for final test the next day. If it passed final inspection, he would be leaving Sunday, a week early.

Wally had a date with Susan Friday night and planned an all night session. He didn't want to because he wanted to be primed when he got home.

He said he would phone her Friday and tell her if all was go. He called at 12:00 noon Friday, Atlanta time, 1:00 AM Saturday in Japan. He was booked on a flight leaving Saturday night at 6:40 PM to San Francisco. Arrive there at 3:00 Sunday morning. He would call her with the arrival time in Atlanta. It was the first flight he could get and he was anxious to get home to Mary.

Mary called at 1:30, gave me all the information. Since it was Friday and he wasn't due in till late Sunday or maybe Monday, maybe I'd like a final encounter. She would call Sally and see if we could have a final threesome.

This was great, I still couldn't believe this was happening.

She called later and said Sally was all for it. She said we could go to the club for dinner, a couple of drinks and then go to her house. She would pick me up and then Mary and we could go into the club together. Sally was my date, and Mary was Sally's friend.

We had a great tine at the club and then went to Sally's.

We had a drink and talked about the last 3 weeks, how great it had been. Wally's coming home, and I still had a great sex partner in Sally. Just can't get any better than this.

Sally suggested we play strip poker. I hadn't played strip poker for years and I thought that would be great. I purposely lost a few hand so I'd be first at removing an article of clothing. After a lot of hands, Mary was in her bra and panties, Sally in her bra only and I was down to my shorts. My cock was in an aroused state. Of course Mary had to comment, she reached over and grabbed it fondling it and stating, game over, lets play in bed. I kissed and tongue fucked Mary, then Sally, they alternated jerking me off. I had to make them stop, I didn't want to cum being jacked off. Both were wet and ready for action. Mary was on top of me and inserted my stiff rod into her wet pussy, and Sally said she wanted me to do her orally and she got over my face. The odor was great, she was ready, and I proceeded to eat her out. Mary was riding me up and down and starting to murmur, yes, yes, great and Sally also got vocal, good, good, my god great, unbelievable, with both getting louder and louder, I was about to erupt. At about the same instant there was a trio of I'M COMING, GOD, GREAT, FANTASTIC, ENCORE, UNBELIEVEABLE, OH, OH, OH, MORE MORE.

Music was softly playing, in the bedroom, my kind of music, big band, Linda Ronstadt, just great music.

We kissed, cooling down. Another song came on the stereo, Olivia Newton John's "I love you". started playing, perfect timing, a sensual song with two beautiful sensual woman. I asked Sally h6ow she timed this song to come on at the right moment. She laughed and said just happened, I had nothing to do with it,.

We talked, kissed, fondled, and just lay there for a least a half hour. Sally said, My turn to ride you and Mary's turn to be eaten. I want to feel that magnificent peter in me".

It wasn't long before all three were engaged in another vocal, GOD GREAT INCREDIBLE AGAIN YES YES. We all three exploded with gigantic climaxes. A great finale .

We all three showered together, dressed and went to the kitchen. Sally made coffee and we talked about the past three weeks. Mary said it was a shame that she couldn't have two husbands, some men have more than one wife. I love both of you. Mary said that if Freddie is willing, I'd like to will him to you. I stated that I'd be flattered if she wanted me. As I said before, this was unbelievable, you just can't make this up.

Sally drove both of us home. It was late, 1:00 Saturday morning, so I kissed both darted my tongue in both, and thanked them for their wonderful sex. They both thanked me for being there.

Mary called at noon and said she dreamt all might about our fucking and was still wanting more. Would I come down for a grand finale this evening.

How could I refuse. I'll admit, I was fully satisfied sexually and I didn't know if my cock could go again. I arrived at Mary's at 6 PM, she wore the same dress that I found so sexually exciting the first night I was in her home. We ordered Italian, ate, had a few drinks. We watched TV and kissed, petting, getting aroused. No need to worry, my peter was coming to life and in no time at all was at full attention.

Mary said she would like us to do 69, We went slow to enjoy the pleasures we were giving each other. She licked the entire shaft tom bottom my balls, putting one at a time in her mouth and licking. Sucking the knob, my cock as hard as it was going to get. I licked sucked and caressed her clit, Mary was starting to moan, AGAIN, IT'S GOOD, NO GREAT, HOW GOOD and I am approaching my point of no return and she put her arms around me tight and hollered OH FREDDIE HERE IT COME, MY GOD IT WONDERFUL and at the same time, ME TOO, HOLD ON MARY, IT'S TOO GREAT, MY GOD PHEW. She swallowed all the cum, and then licked my subsiding shaft clean. Said she read that cum was good for your complexion.

We lay there exhausted in each others arms. kissing and

loving and talking.

She told me that Wally was looking forward to meeting me. Also Sally would be waiting for me to call her. I can wine and dine her at the club. That would be great. No sneaking around.

I told Mary that during the past three weeks that we have been seeing each other, I had been writing a story of our experiences. All done, ready for you to read.

"Frankie, you didn't!!!"

"Yep, I did."

"Please, when you get home email me the story"

Well, I sent it and in an hour the phone rang.

"Frankie, you can't submit that story." It is great and I was so damned aroused, my pussy was wet again. Boy you sure know how to excite me. The way you described our first sexual encounter, I relived the whole gorgeous evening.

"Why can't I submit it?"

"Think Frankie, Brentwood, Atlanta, three golf courses, Yellow Corvette, Escalade, Why, if anyone that lives here would read the story, they'd be able to figure out who the characters are."

"Hold on beautiful, I can fix that. Let's see, We live in Brookhaven, not Brentwood, in Athens GA not Atlanta, two golf courses, not three, you have a red Jag., not a Corvette. I have a Lexus LX, not an Escalade. How would that be?"

"Damn it Frankie, you are so quick, I didn't think of that. Great great story, I loved it, You described exactly what happened. Your desires, you mentioned in the early part of the story, actually happened. God, we were both great.

I know Sally likes you and I think you like her, so please continue with her."

"Mary, you can bet anything you have, I will surely be calling her. We were great. And Mary, you are spectacular. I'll never forget you, and I am indebted to you for introducing Sally to me. Hope we can all double date.

Wally and I met, I liked him immediately. Great guy. He and I get along great, we have played golf a couple of times. We have a great foursome. He and Mary, me and Sally. We go to the club together, dances, visit each others homes, play cards. I am satisfied with my sex with Sally and I'm sure Wally can take care of Mary's appetite.

Remember to say hello, you will never know what may happen.

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