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Now we are even, she said to Joan. Joan had sucked me off to begin last night
It was Sunday morning, not too early. Sunlight drifted in the window and across the wall, painting shadows of wind-stirred branches from the trees outside. We were just waking up, sipping our coffee, reading the paper in bed, when Deb looked up from her pile of ads and asked one of those impossible-to-answer questions. "What do you want for your birthday this year?"

"I don't know. A sweater and a blowjob like last year?"

"You never wore the sweater and you get blowjobs all the time. Try to think of something else."

"OK, how about an evening with 40 virgins?"

"We don't know one virgin, much less 40. And I think it's 72 virgins and you have to blow yourself up to get them."

"Getting blown up isn't as much fun as a blow job. And I'd only get to do it once."

"So that's no virgins and no sweater, right? How about you let me pick your present."

Perhaps she was right, I thought. It would be my 35th birthday; maybe I should let her pick something special. "I'd still like the blowjob. It's OK if you think of something else to go with it."

"That's a deal. But just for that, no blowjob until your birthday. So there."

Deb flipped the covers off, slid her nightgown up over her head, and lay on her side looking at me. Since there was no reason to get up in a hurry, I could just sit there and admire her. The morning sun highlighted her short dark hair, crossed over her pert small tits with dark, hard nipples, and touched the edge of her tight round ass. Partially in shadow was her furry pussy. Deb doesn't trim her pussy or shave her armpits, which is just the way I like it, but not exactly in style. It seems that women are supposed to shave everything below the neck and inflate their breasts into bulging boobs. Deb's looks do it for me, though, since I've always been more of an ass man than a tit man. Deb has the ass that continues to turn me on whenever I see it, clothed or not.

As if she could tell what I was thinking, and I suppose she could, she rolled over, putting her sweet round bottom right in front of me, reached around, and pointed to a spot in the middle of her right cheek. "Check out this bump on my ass. I think I have a pimple."

"Move your finger. I can't see anything,"

She pulled her knees up toward her middle and turned her head away from me so that her ass was almost in my face. Her cheeks spread open a bit and I could see the dark fur that circles her pussy lips and runs back to her cute puckered anus. I told you: I'm an ass man and I really like women with a bit of nice fur. It's a fetish that goes back to my first girlfriend in high school, a dark eyed, dark haired Italian girl who, I will admit, shaved her armpits but had a wonderful bush, the first one I ever got to bury my face in. I guess we are all once-rewarded rats, going back to first discoveries or something like that.

I ran a finger down her crack, from the dimple at the top to just above her pretty brown pucker. "Not there, you fool. Over here in the middle of the left cheek." Reluctantly I took my attention away from that more interesting spot and looked where she pointed.

"It's just a tiny bump in the middle of perfection. Leave it alone. If I scrape, at it, it'll make a big red spot. The view from back here is so good that I don't want to spoil it."

Well, it was morning, when any healthy male tends to be a bit engorged, and having Deb stick her ass in my face finished the process; my cock was quite hard and looking for entertainment. A blow job would have been nice, but I apparently cancelled that until next weekend. Still, Deb's pussy was right there; so was her ass, both looked friendly. I let my finger finish its trip down her crack, sliding briefly across her back hole before arriving at her surprisingly moist pussy. Maybe talking about blow jobs and virgins had given her the same idea that I had. I got up on my knees behind her and let my cock press against her crack. What a nice warm feeling it was. Some precum dribbled out onto her anus. I rubbed it around with the tip of my cock.

"Wrong spot, Bobby." Deb only called me Bobby when we were making love; otherwise I was Rob, just like I was for everyone else. "Put it in my pussy."

Deb did enjoy ass fucking, but she had to be in the right mood. Usually she wanted it after a good pussy fuck, after I had gotten off in her pussy, and had gotten her off licking our combined juices out of her pussy. Then she'd be ready for me to lube her up with my fingers and mouth before trying to enter her tight ass. Problem was, sometimes I didn't get hard enough after having cum in her pussy to be able to get into her ass, her mood would change, she'd come down from her orgasmic high, and wouldn't let me in when I did get hard. I once joked that she needed two men to properly satisfy her.

Deb got up on her knees, rested her head and shoulders on a pillow, pointed her ass toward me, spread her cheeks with both hands, and said, "Take a good sniff, Bobby. Tell me if my pussy smells ready to fuck."

As I leaned down to her moist and. wonderfully aromatic pussy, my nose passed by her asshole, now damp from my precum. It had that slightly sharp and musky odor that, at least in the heat of passion, is another exciting, sexy smell. I licked at her pussy, dragging some of the flowing juices across the thin band of flesh between her two holes. "It all smells good, baby. It smells hot and ready."

"Then sit up and put your cock where it belongs, right now, please." I got up on my knees and let my cock bounce up against her spread open pussy. Her juices leaked out onto the tip of my cock as I held it at the furry opening. Her lips opened and engulfed the swelling head; she quickly pushed back and swallowed me up to my balls. I love that first slide into the hot, swollen depths of Deb's pussy—actually, into any willing and ready pussy—as I discover again the thrills and the mysteries hidden deep inside her.

Deb was soaking wet and throbbing, I didn't have to move at all, I just had to press into her while her well-toned vaginal muscles did all the work, clamping down at the base of my cock, forcing more blood into its bulging head. Likewise, I could feel her swell up inside as she became more and more tummessed.

Deb started to move back and forth, but just slightly. As she pressed back, she released her vaginal muscles, then, at the base of my cock, got a good grip and pulled away. Each motion, each tug, pulled more blood into my bulging shaft. I started to get that feeling, deep in my groin, of my orgasm building up, ready to be pulled out by Deb's insistent massage.

"I thought you nixed blowjobs for now," I was able to grunt out, speaking mostly as a way to delay the inevitable, "but what you are doing to my cock feels just like a blow job."

"Just wait," she whispered, "I get to go first..."

Deb reached back with one hand and started rubbing her clit; her orgasm was almost instantaneous. Her pussy clamped tight on my cock, I watched her asshole open and shut in time with the throbbing contractions of her pussy, she moaned with her face against the bed, and I came deep inside her.

"Wow! That was quite a quickie," I said after I regained my breath. "What was that all about?"

"Oh, I was just thinking about blow jobs and virgins and all that."

"Want to tell me about it?"

"Not now. But it gave me an idea for your birthday."

"You mean I'll get a blow job from a virgin?"

"No, you boob. I told you we don't know any virgins. But just thinking about it got me turned on. Or didn't you notice?"

"Of course I noticed. Didn't you notice that I noticed?"

"I noticed that because you noticed, I'm dribbling all over the sheet. Get up, we've got to change the bedding."

I rolled out of bed and we started to strip the sheets off. "What was it like to be a virgin and lose your cherry?" I asked.

"You know, that was sort of what I was thinking about a few minutes ago. It was wonderful. I came the minute my boyfriend slid his dick in. Of course, we'd been making out for hours and I was really turned on. I knew I wanted to do it that afternoon. We were in my bedroom, my parents were both gone for the day, I'd been thinking that this was the time, after all those times making out when we both got hot but didn't do it. I jacked him off first because I wanted to see what would happen—he came with great hot gobs on my tits. I wiped him off and slid him into my pussy—you know what it was like to be 15, he stayed nice and hard—and there was no pain, just this feeling of 'where has this been all my life' before I started to throb and come. It's funny, I didn't have to play with my clit or anything, and now I can't get off without clit action. You know."

My cock started to get hard again as I stood by the side of the bed. "Oooo. You never told me that before, not that way."

"You never asked at the right time, I guess." Deb looked at my crotch. "Now put that away and let's get these sheets in the washer."

That ended the discussion, and the sex, for the day. We went out and did our shopping. The day drifted into late afternoon. Another couple that we'd met a few weeks ago was coming over for dinner and we had to start cooking. We didn't know Mike and Mina very well, but were planning a next-weekend cycling getaway up the coast for my birthday and wanted to see if they were interested in riding with us.

Our guests arrived shortly after six. We greeted them with the obligatory hugs and—for the women—pecks on the cheeks, showed them briefly around the house, took a stroll in the back garden, and went back inside to chat about all things cycling. They were avid cyclists, as were we, didn't have any children—nor did we—were about our ages, and in general seemed like the kind of people we wanted in our lives.

So there we sat, two cycling couples in our 30s, in good physical condition, talking about trivia while fishing for clues about what the other couple was like, whether they were people we wanted to spend my birthday weekend with.

Dinner was simple; this was not an occasion for gourmet cooking. We tossed some potatoes in the oven, cooked some fish in a pan, and steamed broccoli. That and a bottle of wine led to evening; Deb and I sat at the cleared table opening a box of chocolates while Mike rolled a joint from a baggie of pot that Mina took from her bag. The joint and the chocolate disappeared, and shortly Deb and Mina wandered down the hall to the bedroom, where I could hear them giggling over some female joke. Mike and I discussed, in a rather disjointed stoned way, the upcoming bike trip, a new movie we has just seen, and how good the chocolates were with wine and pot.

Apparently Deb and Mina were trying on clothes because they came back into the dining room sort of dressed up, or dressed down, since Mina was wearing one of Deb's slinky dresses that she never wore out of the house. She clearly had nothing on under it; her ample tits showed off their hard nipples through the thin fabric. My cock took notice and strained against my pants, but I did my best to keep it from showing. Deb was wrapped in a long silk robe that I had bought for her birthday a few months ago. We do try to take care of each other's special occasions, although I admit that Deb is easier to find presents for than I am.

"Rob, Deb tells me it's your birthday next weekend," said Mina, as she looked me in the eye and saw that I was looking a bit lower than at her face.

Caught red handed, so to speak, I answered, "It is, and that's the reason for the weekend getaway. I was telling Mike about it. He thought you two might be interested in joining us."

"We are going with you," she replied. "Deb already told me about it, and said she really wanted us to come."

"Gosh, things have progressed quickly," I said.

"Oh, they certainly have," said Deb, flashing her leg almost up to her crotch at both me and Mike. Mike popped out of his stoned slouch and dropped the magazine he was holding into his lap. I realized that Deb was having the same effect on him as Mina had on me.

But it was all stoned fun and didn't lead to anything more, much as Mike and I might have wished. The girls went back to the bedroom and, amid more giggling, changed back into their regular clothes. The evening gradually wound down until Mike and Mina left around eleven. Deb and I fell into bed and were quickly asleep since we had to work the next day, and the rest of the week.

During the week we worked, packed for the weekend getaway, did the usual during-the-week things, but didn't discuss the events of Sunday last. Deb was her usual efficient, happy, energized self; however, we somehow didn't seem to find any time for sex, which was unusual. I got plenty of hugs, kisses, and glimpses of Deb's alluring body, but no action. I guessed that she was saving herself for the weekend, and hoped that she had figured out the "something else" for my birthday.

Saturday morning was cool and foggy but the weather report promised clearing and warming. We hung our bikes on the rack in back of our car and drove across the bridge to the coast where we were meeting Mike and Mina. Our plan was to ride around 60 miles up the hilly, twisting coastal road, stopping for lunch along the way, and then finishing at a small bed and breakfast that featured individual cabins with outside hot tubs overlooking the ocean. Deb had made all the arrangements, so I gathered that she had added a room reservation for Mike and Mina after our dinner with them the previous Sunday.

We parked at the arranged meeting spot and, as we were unloading our gear, Mike and Mina drove up and parked next to us. They both looked great in their cycling spandex, especially Mina, who in addition to her ample breasts had a nicely curved ass, well displayed in her form fitting shorts. I looked forward to riding behind her a bit, better to admire her curvy rear. Hey—I told you I'm an ass man. Surely there's nothing wrong with admiring the scenery on a bike ride, especially if it is moving along with us.

We attached our small packs to the racks on the back of our bikes and set out as the fog lifted and the day warmed up. Deb announced that we were stopping for lunch at a place with great seafood about halfway to our destination.

Once we warmed up we were able to set a good pace—Mike and Mina were indeed experienced cyclists and had no problem taking turns in front and maintaining the tempo of the ride. By 15 miles into the ride we had to stop and shed a layer of clothing: our increasingly faster pace plus the warming air as the sun burned off the balance of the fog made our extra clothing unneeded and undesirable. In my case I had to take off my short sleeved jersey, remove my long sleeved undershirt, and slip the jersey back on; I noticed that Mina was taking a long, slow look—almost an appraisal, I wishfully thought—at my bare torso while I changed. Of course, I tried to look my best while pretending not to notice her look.

At this point I had to seriously ask myself what Deb had in mind for this weekend. Off and on during our twelve years of marriage we had played sexually with other couples, but always with careful discussions beforehand. Neither of us seemed to want this to become a frequent event.

The first encounter happened before we were married, when we were poor students trying to find places to have sex without renting a hotel room—we both lived in dorms with somewhat prudish roommates who frowned on being kicked out so we could be alone. One spring break we shared a car ride to the south with another couple, stopping in cheap motels along the way. And though they were cheap, the four of us could only afford a single room with two beds. With the lights out, what were two young, sexually charged couples going to do but make out under the covers in our respective beds, trying to be quiet and hoping that the other couple was sound asleep. Of course we could hear the other couple and they could hear us, so we gave up all pretense and just enjoyed listening to them, and apparently they enjoyed listening to us, as they, and we, progressed from gentle kissing sounds to louder, juicy, squishy pounding, finally capped off with muffled orgasmic noises.

During that week-long trip we became quite adept at synchronizing our sexual activities with the other couple to the point where we all got off together several times. But it was still with the lights out, each couple in their separate bed. We didn't talk about this during the day; we just went to bed, turned off the lights, and got right into it each night. Still, it was a memorable trip, and we were able to play with the memories years later, sometimes turning off the lights in our bedroom and pretending that the other couple—friends long gone with whom we lost contact—was in a bed next to ours.

After a bit we got the idea of leaving on a voice recorder while we had sex, then playing it back another night, again with the lights out, trying to recapture the excitement of that trip, listening to us having sex while we went at it again.

About six years into our marriage we watched an HBO show about group sex. Deciding to watch the show was an exercise in testing each other's limits; a way of saying to each other that we had thought about sex with others—sort of an early seven-year itch perhaps—and wanted a safe way to broach the subject. So the decision to watch the show, not the actual watching—it was a pretty bad show, after all—made us comfortable enough to have a serious discussion about whether we wanted to take sex with another couple beyond the limits of a shared motel room.

Once we realized that we both wanted to try this, we then worked on the who, what, where, when and why, or all the attributes of a good news story. Without launching into the details of our mid-matrimony joint affairs, let me just say that we had sex a few times each with two other couples. It was fun to see, feel, smell, taste and hear new bodies, and doing it exposed some of our hidden streaks of jealousy. But we learned to deal with the jealousy by knowing in advance what we were going to do and what the limits were.

Now, however, I sensed a new dynamic. While I had ogled Mina's body in a slinky dress the previous weekend, Deb and I hadn't had any discussion about having Mike and Mina join us in bed on this trip. After all, we didn't know them very well, and the other couples we'd had sex with were good friends that we were able to sound out in advance of jumping into bed. There was certainly some sort of vibe—sexual tension, premonition, anticipation, call it what you will—in the air, and I didn't think I was making it up or that I was the only one feeling it. I remembered our birthday surprise discussion from the previous Sunday and wondered if—actually hoped that—Deb had more than a bike trip in mind.

There's nothing like a little suspense and anticipation to make the pedals turn faster over the rolling coastal hills. I pushed on in the lead and the rest easily followed in a tight pace line. Our lunch spot arrived as expected. We parked our bikes, took off our helmets and gloves, and clomped into the dining room on our cleats. After a good but light lunch we got rolling again, now at a slightly slower pace because our stomachs were full.

We arrived at the bed and breakfast a bit after 3PM. We had two adjoining cabins nestled back against a wooded hill, high enough above the other buildings that we could see the ocean. It was a lovely setting. I praised Deb for picking it out and silently thought that no matter what happened or didn't happen, this would be a birthday weekend to remember.
We wheeled our bikes into the fenced back decks where the hot tubs were. Deb looked at our traveling companions and suggested that we jump in the hot tubs and sooth our well-used muscles. They and I concurred. "You know," suggested Mina, "these tubs are private enough that we don't need bathing suits, which is good because I didn't bring one." She and Mike ducked into their cabin and we entered ours.

For a place that was billed as a "rustic retreat," these cabins were quite luxurious. They had real rugs on knotty pine floors, rich warm drapes, a fireplace, a separate kitchenette, and two queen-sized beds with elegant spreads and huge piles of pillows. We tossed our small packs on the table, slid out of our clothes and went out the back door to the hot tub.

"Why, it looks warm and ready," said Deb, as we slid the tub cover to the side. "Let's get in." I looked across to the other cabin and saw that Mike and Mina hadn't yet come out onto their back deck. Deb caught me glancing over there and said, "Naughty naughty, Bobbie! No peaking at the goodies just yet."

Wow, I thought, that was a loaded little sentence. But I turned the other way and slid into the hot tub. I leaned back against the edge and watched as Deb slipped in. As we sat facing each other I heard the door of the other cabin open, the sound of footsteps across the deck, and the sloshing of bodies as Mike and Mina got settled in their hot tub.

In a few minutes I reached my usual state of hot tubness: wet noodle. I think I actually dozed off for a bit because I startled when Deb said, "OK, you've melted enough, now it's time to get out." I got out, went inside our cabin, let Deb dry me off with several large, soft towels, and guide me to the edge of the bed. She pushed me back on the bed so that my legs dropped off the edge and touched the floor—the bed was low enough for that—and she carefully propped my back and head up with a pile of pillows.

While this was going on, I kept my gaze on Deb. As I think I've already indicated, I just can't get enough of watching her, clothed or unclothed, right now unclothed, as she moved around the room, getting me set up on the bed, and then arranging a pile of pillows in the middle of the other bed. She picked up her little bag and said, "I'll be a few minutes. Just get comfortable and think about your upcoming birthday present."

"So what should I think about?" I asked. "The part I know about or the part I don't?"

"It's up to you. Use your imagination if you want to. Or think about the first blowjob you ever got, or the first one I gave you, if you have no imagination. Just one thing—keep your hands off your body." With that she slipped into the bathroom and closed the door. Strange, I thought. Deb never closes the bathroom door when it's just the two of us there.

I closed my eyes and thought about what I should think about. I wasn't sure what to make of the situation. Was Deb going to come back out and blow me for my birthday? Did she have something in her little bag that was part of my birthday surprise? Were Mike and Mina participants in my birthday surprise? It looked that way, I thought. Clearly Deb had carefully orchestrated the weekend, from arranging for Mike and Mina to share the weekend with us, to reserving a room with two beds, to taking charge of what was happening, whatever that was. I realized that I was actually a bit nervous about what she had planned.

I scrunched around a bit to get as comfortable as possible. I was still feeling wet-noodle-like from the hot tub. Even a few thoughts about bygone blowjobs didn't have much effect on my soft cock. Or was it nervous anticipation of the unknown that kept me soft? Perhaps both. I closed my eyes and listened to the sounds around me: the birds tweeting, the wind blowing in the trees outside, the sound of Mike and Mina coming into their room from their hot tub, and Deb in the bathroom.

Maybe the cabin was not well insulated, allowing me to hear all this. Maybe my hearing was especially acute with my eyes closed. Maybe anticipation of the unknown focused my hearing. Maybe I was making up some of the sounds as I strained to get clues to my birthday surprise. No matter, I thought. Just relax, let Deb run the show.

Certainly the sounds Deb was making in the bathroom were real: water ran in the sink, something was sloshed around, silence for a while, the toilet flushed, more water ran, sloshed, toilet flushed again, and finally the shower ran for a while. As all these sounds passed through my head, some of the mystery cleared and I thought I understood the sequence of sounds I was hearing from the bathroom. At least, I hoped I did. Those appeared to be the sounds Deb made when she prepared for anal sex. She must have brought her enema syringe in her bag.

Now my noodle was feeling a bit less like a wet noodle. Was I going to get a blowjob and anal sex? Maybe, but all my previous questions remained, especially, how did Mike and Mina fit into all this? I ran a few scenarios through my addled, sex-fueled brain but, as things turned out, I was way off the mark. My imagination wasn't expansive enough to encompass what actually happened. But for the moment, my imagined scenarios seemed to settle down my nervousness enough that I could both relax and feel some developing tension in my groin.

Deb opened the bathroom door and stepped out wearing a towel and carrying one of those small black eye masks that they hand out during long plane flights so you can get some sleep. She placed it over my eyes, wrapped the elastic string around my head to hold it in place, and gave me a long juicy kiss on my lips. "Don't move," she said. "I'll be back."

Apparently she slipped out of the cabin and into Mike and Mina's because I heard the door open and close, followed by muted voices next door. Then I heard her return when the door opened and closed again.

I felt the towel she was wearing rub against my arm as she leaned over and kissed me again. Her flavor was subtly different from before. Perhaps she had eaten something or put on lipstick? I couldn't tell but was quickly distracted as she moved her mouth from my lips down my chest to my nipples. As Deb well knew, I always found having my nipples kissed and pinched to be quite exciting, so she always started a blowjob by playing with my nipples. Her kisses quickly turned to gentle and then not so gentle nips and bites as she alternated from one nipple to the other. This, I thought, was a new and exciting technique on her part.

Blindfolded, all I could do was relax and enjoy whatever was happening and whatever was going to happen. It was all good. Deb moved away from my chest to trail her lips down my stomach and then lower. My formerly wet noodle became a hard noodle as she moved below my bellybutton and then a wet hard noodle when she slid her juicy mouth over the tip.

Normally Deb was rather vocal when we made love, telling me what she liked, what she wanted me to do or, when giving me a blowjob, describing how my cock looked and how wet it was from her mouth and the precum that dribbled out as she got me excited. This time, however, she was silent, allowing me to hear other sounds. What I heard made me tremble with excitement. There were other people in the room! I could hear them moving on the other bed. I knew it must be Mike and Mina but I couldn't tell what they were doing. Whatever it was, they were right there and could easily be watching Deb as she slowly took more and more of my cock in her mouth.

Now I knew, even though Deb hadn't said anything, that precum was flowing freely, mixing with her saliva. I hadn't had sex for a week. I hadn't even masturbated all week, so Deb was getting me to a point where I was certain to come quickly if she kept up her interestingly different and excellent work with her mouth. She apparently realized this as she suddenly stopped swallowing my cock. But she kept her hands on me, holding the base with one hand while cupping and fondling my balls with the other.

Her towel dropped from her body, across my leg, and onto the floor. I could feel the heat from her body; she was close to me as she worked her way around to sit between my legs, still holding my cock with one hand and my balls with the other. She pulled my rigid cock toward her but instead of resuming her sucking, she just held the head in her mouth. I felt as though Deb was sitting there looking up at me with her mouth partially open, letting her saliva, mixed with my copiously flowing precum, run down my shaft and into her hands, which were still gripping the base of my shaft and my balls. As much I wanted to see everything, I couldn't. I still was blindfolded.

Then Deb said, "OK, Bobby, you can take off the mask." But her voice didn't come from in front of me, between my legs, it came from the other bed! I ripped off the mask and saw the most incredible and exciting sight: seated on the floor between my legs, holding my cock and balls with both hands, mouth open just as I had imagined, looking up at me with a combination of arousal, lust, and expectation, was Mina! As I stared at her, the only thing that kept me from filling her mouth with a week's load of cum was the grip she had at the base of my cock. She broke into a shy smile.

I snapped my head to the right and saw Deb and Mike, both completely naked, sitting on the other bed, watching. Mike was leaning back against the pile of pillows and Deb was sitting in front of him, her back against his chest. His arms were wrapped around her, his hands were on her breasts and stomach, his mouth was kissing the side of her neck, and I'm sure his cock was pressed tight against her ass.

I stared back at Mina, then back at Deb again. Deb instructed, "Just keep squeezing the base and don't do too much with your mouth. I know that cock well. He won't come while you do that, and we don't want him to yet, do we?"

Mina took her mouth away from the head of my cock and looked over at Deb, "It's your show, and his birthday. Personally, I like the idea of keeping him on edge for a while."

"Is this what you wanted for your birthday, Bobby?" Deb asked. "A blowjob and a surprise? I agreed you could have both, but I never said who would give you the blowjob. And in case you think that Mina is the surprise, think again. The blowjob, and Mina, are just the appetizer. Are you ready for more of the surprise?"

I groaned and squirmed, almost unable to get a comprehensible word out, but finally managed to. "I'm loving this surprise. But I've got to get off soon or I'll explode."

"Fine," said Deb. "Mina is going to help you slow down and cool off a bit while you watch me get warmed up. Remember the 72 virgins? You get them in heaven after you die, but then you don't get me, and I'm the main course. So just take it easy for a bit. I think you'll like what you see."

Mina took her hands off my still throbbing cock and placed them on my thighs. She stroked me slowly, turned her head toward the other bed, and said, "Watch." Clearly she had read the script, or the menu, to continue the meal analogy, although I had not.

I looked into Mina's eyes and then scanned down past her dripping mouth to her ample but firm tits with their erect nipples, and then further, past her athlete's flat tummy, to her nicely trimmed pussy. With her legs parted, her lower lips were also parted and clearly moist with arousal. I was glad to see that she was excited to be an active participant in my "surprise."

"Not at me, you ninny," Mina said. "When's the last time you saw your wife spread her ass in another man's face?" I looked, and that is exactly what I saw. Deb had rocked forward and was lying with her head on the bed and her ass spread open just inches from Mike's face.

Deb looked right back at me. Sluty, sultery, lustful, hungry, were just some of the emotions written across her face. She was mine, but right then she was Mike's. I found that extremely exciting. Then she put her hands on her ass cheeks, spread them further open, and said to Mike, "Dive in. Tongue my ass. Bite me. Touch me. Lube me up. Fuck me. Cum in my ass." Then, looking back at me, "After Mike cums in my ass you'll get the next surprise."

Mina was watching as intently as I was, but I doubt that she was as surprised. After all, she knew the script and I didn't. But what Deb was saying didn't match any script I could have imagined. Sure, she liked a cock in her ass, but all the time we'd been together, she only wanted it there after she'd gotten off and was super relaxed. This was new, this was a side of her I'd never seen before. I loved it. Mina had stopped touching my cock and balls and was still just stroking my legs, yet I felt as though I was about to come just listening to Deb talk and watching her stick her ass in Mike's face. I had to slow down. I had to relax. Mina instinctively knew this and stopped stroking, got up, went to the bathroom, and got a cool washcloth. She rested my head back on the pile of pillows, turned so I could see the action on the other bed, and lay the washcloth across my forehead.

I watched Deb flip over on the bed so that her stomach was on the pile of pillows and her ass was sticking up toward me. She spread her legs, letting me see all of her wide open bottom. There was the pussy that I loved to look at and loved to sink my cock deep inside, there was the brown puckered asshole that was such a treat and delight to penetrate when I was allowed to, there was the lovely pubic fur that I had such a fetish for. Her pussy was open, puffy, dripping, and red. Her asshole was throbbing, pushing out and pulling in, waiting, with more excitement and enthusiasm than I had ever seen from it, for Mike's hard cock.

Mike took the bottle of lube that sat on the side table, put there by Deb, no doubt, in anticipation of this very moment. "Lube me up," groaned Deb, "put plenty of lube inside and open me up with your fingers. I can't take that big cock without some preparation." Mike sat behind Deb but off to the side so that I didn't loose my view of her rear. He dribbled lube around her asshole and started making slow, gentle circles around it, gradually getting closer to her brown puckered hole.

Deb moaned and kept pushing out and pulling in. "That's it, lover," she said, "I'm so hot back there I can barely stand it. Can you see what my asshole is doing? Can you see how much it wants you?"

I fully understood being so hot I could barely stand it. My whole body felt like the tip of my throbbing cock. Mina wisely wasn't touching me; if she had put her hands on any part of my body, I think I would have come instantly. I looked down at Mina sitting between my legs, pussy open and dripping, nipples hard, face and chest flushed with arousal, watching me and then looking at Deb and Mike on the other bed. I looked back there as Mike started probing the center of Deb's asshole. All he had to do was hold his lube-soaked finger at the opening. Deb did the rest, pushing out against his finger and then pulling it inside her. It only took a few pulses on her part to pull Mike's finger in as deeply as it could go.

"Mike, you sweet lover you, that's so good," Deb managed to say. "My ass is so sensitive I can feel each knuckle as it goes in. I want your cock but you need to put a few more fingers in first. I want Bobby to see you thrusting in me. I want you to come in there and pull out so Bobby can see your cum dripping out."

I so badly wanted Mina to touch me, touch me anywhere, in any way. I saw my rigid cock still dripping precum onto my belly. Heat pulsed through my body. I felt as though my blood was going to boil. I had no memory of being this hot for this long before. The very room was vibrating with our combined sexual arousal. I couldn't imagine how the afternoon was going to end; I couldn't even imagine it ending. It seemed as though we could sustain our excitement forever. Then I realized that this was part of Deb's plan. I loved it. Watching Deb and Mike drove waves of jealousy through me, but it just pushed me higher. I wanted to see Mike drive his cock deep into Deb's ass and satisfy her longing, and I realized that I would feel every thrust as though my cock was fucking her, not his.

Now Mike was lining up two fingers at the entrance to Deb's brown hole. He dribbled more lube onto his fingers and, when she pushed out and opened her anus a bit, he let lube run inside. Then he slid both fingers in as deep as they would go. He started twisting his fingers around in what seemed an effort to get the lube spread everywhere.

"You're so hot inside, I think my fingers might have an orgasm," Mike said. "Ready for one more finger?"

"I'm ready for your cock."

"One more finger first. Relax, just let it happen." He pulled out his two fingers, leaving her ass gaping open for a second, then easily slid three fingers in. "Yep, you are certainly ready." Mike pulled out his fingers and positioned himself on his knees behind Deb.

I no longer could see Deb's ass with Mike's cock sliding in, but her words left no doubt what was happening. "Oh! That's so much nicer than fingers going in. Keep pushing. I want it all the way in. Yes! Yes! Where has that cock been all my life? Don't go too fast. I want long slow strokes. All the way in and all the way out." As I said earlier, Deb is really vocal when making love. At least, she is until she gets close to an orgasm—then her words deteriorate into grunts, gasps, shouts and screams.

I watched Mike's ass move back and forth, slowly as Deb had demanded. I looked back at Mina, who was intently rubbing her pussy while she watched the action on the other bed. She looked back at me with clouded eyes, distended nostrils, and an open mouth. "I've never watched Mike do that. Watching makes me hot and jealous at the same time. Does it do that for you?"

"Yes," I gasped, "I hope Deb likes it and i'm afraid she'll like it too much. I want it to never end or end right now because I can't take it anymore."

Mina reached out and lightly touched my legs, creating a burning sensation. Then she dragged her nails across my skin; it felt like razors cutting my nerves out of my flesh. Mike pushed Deb down to the mattress, leaned forward, and raised himself up into a squatting position, giving me a clear view of his cock in Deb's ass. Juices from her pussy were soaking the pillows under her. Mike's balls swung against her pussy as he went all the way in and swung back as he pulled out. His balls were dripping pussy juice.

As our bodies reached a boiling point, the room overheated. The smells of sex prevailed throughout. Deb was moaning in time with Mike's thrusts. As he gradually picked up speed, her moans turned to deep grunts. Then she reached back with both hands, her shoulders and head still down on the mattress and her ass high in the air on the pile of pillow, grabbed Mike by his waist, and slowed his thrusts down, finally bringing him to a stop deep in her ass.

Deb opened her eyes and looked at Mike and then at Mina and me. "Bobby, my ass has never felt like this. It's so hungry. Mike fucks it so nicely. I can feel his cock throbbing inside, getting ready. He's going to fill me with his cum as soon as I let him. And then Mina can finish you off. I don't think that will take much more on her part, do you? But one cock in there won't be enough today. We've just begun." She let go of Mike's waist. "OK, lover, hard and fast."

Deb closed her eyes and braced her hands over her head against the headboard. Released, Mike started his thrusting, slowly increasing the speed of his strokes. Totally turned on and almost stoned with arousal, I watched their bodies as they were joined in the most primal, the most basic, the most animal of human interactions. I realized that Mike's body was a wonderful complement to Deb's; at that moment there was no male or female, they were just totally tumesced flesh. It was beautiful to watch. Deb's grunts melded into one long sound as Mike cried out, sank his cock all the way in, and held himself rigid, all his muscles trembling, as his balls tightened and pulsed against the base of his cock.
They collapsed onto the bed, Mike on top of Deb. Gradually they relaxed, Mike from what appeared to be an earth-shaking orgasm, Deb from the intensity of Mike's pounding. Knowing Deb, I could tell that she had not reached orgasm, or at least not any sort of final release. But as much as I cared that my wife, my lover, my best friend, my soulmate, was satisfied, my attention was quickly diverted from the other bed as Mina, who seemed to be coming out of a trance state after watching her husband have a massive orgasm with another woman, gently touched my balls with one hand and started to run the index finger of her other hand along the bottom of my cock, starting at the base and going slowly up toward the bulging head.

I felt as though Mina had peeled a layer from my cock and was reaching deep into my shaft. The sensations radiated out from my groin, down my legs, up across my belly, my chest, and reached my toes and the tips of my fingers. The surface of my body seemed to radiate an intense heat. Every single sensation was overwhelming.

I heard sounds from the other bed, and it was amazing that I did since I was so focused on the myriad sensations Mina seemed able to create with a few simple touches. Mina motioned with her head that I should look, and I did, and saw Mike roll off Deb and sit up by her side. He was still partially erect, the head of his cock was coated with lube and juices, and a little dribble of cum dripped onto the sheet. But most of his cum was in my sweet lover's rear. As if she could read my mind, and I guess when it comes to my libedo she can most anytime, Deb rolled onto her side, spread her buttocks with her hands, and exposed her puffy asshole smeared with more lube and cum.

I was transfixed by the sight of Mike and Deb so candidly displaying the aftermath of their intense anal sex, and even more transfixed by Mina as she first ran her tongue across the swollen head of my cock and then as she lowered her lips to engulf the head. With a slow, gentle sucking motion, Mina seemed to pull all the sensations that had radiated out to my extremities back into my groin and up my throbbing shaft as I erupted and emptied myself into her mouth. She kept sucking and I kept throbbing and pulsing; I lost awareness of everything in the room, of Mike and Deb, of Mina's body; all that remained of the world was Mina's mouth and the tip of my cock. I felt as though her lips had merged with the head of my cock just as my cum and her saliva merged in her mouth. Finally I fell back against the pillows, done for the moment, as I gradually regained awareness of the world.

"Oh, Bobby, that was so hot," said Deb. "Mina, don't let his cock get too soft. We'll need it for the next course."

Deb was now sitting up next to Mike, where I guess she's been while Mina got me off. Mina lifted her head from my cock, kept a hand on the base, squeezing me enough to keep me partially tumescent, and moved down a bit as Deb stepped across my torso with her back toward my face. She bent forward and exchanged sloppy kisses with Mina, which exposed her lube and cum covered rear to me. A little string of white cum hung partially out of her asshole.

Although I wouldn't have thought it possible after my intense, draining orgasm, Mina was doing a good job of keeping me tumescent by squeezing the base of my cock and massaging blood up the shaft, so much so that its head remained swollen and looked bright red. With Mina still holding my cock, Deb lowered her ass toward it, pressing the swollen end against her equally swollen and puffy asshole. Mike's cum, still oozing out, slid onto my cock and mixed with my cum and Mina's saliva. Everything was well lubricated, and it needed to be, because Deb was letting Mina push my cock into her ass. Deb was doing her usual hot asshole trick, alternately pushing out so the puffy flesh wrapped around the head and then pulling in, sucking me one step at a time deep inside. Finally she sat all the way down and I was fully inside her hot, cum-filled rear. What a great lube cum is!

Deb leaned back against me and dropped her legs on the outside of mine. Mina took her hand away from my balls and moved over to the other bed, where she started doing the same thing to Mike, holding his cock at the base and massaging blood into the shaft.

Deb was still squeezing and releasing her ass around my cock. I could no longer tell if I was hard or soft but it didn't matter. I could feel every pulsation of Deb's sphincter as the rest of my cock disappeared into her hot, fluid bowels. I wrapped my arms around Deb and rubbed her clit with one hand and her nipples with the other. They were all as hard as the eraser on a new pencil.

"Bobby, that's so nice. If you keep that up, I'm going to get off, probably very loudly, and I'd like to wait for a bit, so just spread my lips and hold me apart."

I was amazed that she could assemble such a complex sentence while she sat on me with my cock in her ass and my fingers on her clit. I did as I was told—when Deb is is turned on, there's really no other choice.

Mina had done a great job with Mike, getting his cock as hard as it had been when he was sliding into Deb's ass, which, if I haven't already mentioned it, was the hardest cock I'd ever seen, perhaps mine included. Apparently acting from a script I hadn't read, and responding to a cue I hadn't seen, Mina looked over at Deb and Deb smiled back at Mina. Deb leaned back onto my chest while keeping her sphincter tight around the base of my cock and spoke the couple on the other bed, "Mina, can I borrow that lovely hard cock? I need it in my pussy right now."

As turned on as I was at the thought of Mike in Deb's pussy while I was in her ass, I was also apprehensive about what appeared to be happening, and yes, even a bit scared. I had never touched another guy's cock—only a few times had I seen another man hard—and I was not at all sure if I could enjoy having another man inside the same woman at the same time I was in her. Not just a woman, but my wife, my true love. But I had no choice, no option. Deb was intent on getting Mike to screw her while I was buried in her ass. Deb leaned all the way back onto me and spread her legs. I kept her lips spread open with my hands, trembling with excitement and apprehension, waiting for Mike's cock to slide into Deb's hot wet vagina.

Leaning her head back near mine, she said, "Bobby, remember how we talked about virgins last weekend? Well, I found one—it's you. I want you to become part of me. I want your flesh to flow into my flesh, I want your cock to become part of my cunt, I want you to feel what it's like to be passionately fucked, I want you to feel the way a woman does when she comes, and I want you to come when I come so that we can't tell our orgasms apart. And I can't say anything more," she moaned as Mike started to enter her. He leaned over us, his legs inside both Deb's and my legs—I could feel the outside of his legs rubbing against my sensitive inner thighs as he pressed deeper into Deb. Now I knew that all I had to do was let go and let it all happen.

I did what I was told to do; I let my flesh flow into hers. I was a stranger in a strange land, it was a long, strange trip, I was a virgin and a hard, throbbing cock was sliding slowly into my wet pussy. I was turned inside out—my sexual needs had gone from outward thrusting to inward wanting. I had never felt this sort of desire, the desire to be penetrated, filled with flesh and then, yes, filled with cum. I couldn't tell where the boundary between Deb's body and mine was. I had no sensation of my cock as a separate thing. Deb's pussy and my cock were just one hot, blood-filled organ straining to be fucked with Mike's slow, long, and deep strokes.

I felt the swollen head of his cock press further and further into our combined flesh. It seemed as though he was growing longer and fatter with each stroke, reaching places in our combined bodies that were never intended to be violated. Time stopped, or time went on forever. I moaned, or Deb moaned, it didn't matter who did. We were one as we had never been before. I could hear so many individual sounds: Mike's intake of breath as he pulled out, his grunts as he thrust all the way in, the sloshing of our mixed juices, a squeak from the bed springs, and in the background, Mina's squeals of lust and surprise as she watched from the other bed.

My hand started moving again on Deb's clit. Or was it my clit? Now we were sharing everything and every clit flick resonated deeply inside us. Our ragged breathing, the pulsations of our tumessed flesh, our thrusts back against Mike's incessant penetrations, all became synchronized and began to increase in frequency. Our body opened wider and yearned for more; our hunger was insatiable. But release was elusive. I had a sense of an orgasm such as I had never experienced lurking out there in the distance, but I couldn't see the path to get us there. And, I realized, I couldn't find that path by myself. I'd never been there, I'd never had an orgasm the way a woman has. I had to stop being me and become entirely a part of Deb so that her deep experience could offset my virginity and take us up the long, twisting path to total fulfillment.

Deb pushed my hand away from her clit and started rubbing it herself. I became a passive participant with no responsibility for Deb's pleasure, for Mike's pleasure, or even for my own pleasure. I was truly a virgin. I had no prior experience to draw on. All I could do, all I could experience, was to be there as Mike's steadily thrusting cock penetrated deep into Deb, engulfing me in a whole set of new sensations. I felt Deb literally pull me toward our orgasm. Lost in sensation with no awareness of anything beyond our overheated bodies, I left it all up to Deb. An insistent throbbing began to build, growing in strength each time Mike's cock went all the way in. I let go completely, handing off to Deb and Mike all responsibility for my pleasure, for my satisfaction, for my orgasm, for my life.

We reached orgasm together, Deb and I, but it didn't stop. I had no sensation of ejaculating as waves of orgasm traveled through our bodies. My mind was left behind; we seemed to reach peak after peak and yet there was always another peak, higher than the last one, going on, it seemed, for all eternity.

Finally eternity ended. I felt like laughing and crying at the same time. Our bodies were soaked with sweat and the juices of sex. My cock, still buried in Deb's ass, was swimming in fluid, my cum, apparently. Deb must have squirted, something she almost never does, since our crotches and the bed below were soaked. However, Mike hadn't come; now his rock hard cock pumped faster into Deb's sodden body, making loud squishing sounds as he drove toward his orgasm.

As Mike started to come, I could feel everything. There he was, hard and pulsing, driving his cum into Deb, separated from my cock by the thin wall of Deb's flesh. I felt his cum shoot through his cock and flow into Deb; I heard his groans of relief and satisfaction; finally I felt his rigid body relax and collapse. We lay there with our cocks, still buried in Deb, rapidly softening. His balls rested against mine and the outside of his legs pressed against my inner thighs.

Mina came over from the other bed and lay down next to us so she could scatter quick kisses and pets across our entwined bodies. "That was unbelievable," she said. "I love you all."

Mike pulled his now soft cock out of Deb and rolled over to hug and kiss Mina. Deb, with a big squeeze, pushed me out of her ass and turned over to kiss and hug me. We sat up and looked at each other, smiling with surprise, pleasure and more than a bit of embarrassment. Along with our bodies, the bed was soaked with our juices as the myriad smells of sex penetrated our noses. We giggled, averted our eyes and then stared at our bodies, which were still flushed with pleasure. Looking at Mina's puffy and dripping pussy and satisfied smile, I realized that she had apparently masturbated to orgasm while watching us, although I had no recollection of her having done so.

"How about a doobie?" asked Mike, as he reached over to the bedside table. It seemed like a great idea, a good way to settle our overwhelmed sensations and addled minds. He lit up and passed it around, none of us saying anything, unable to express the strong emotions we all felt.

The joint did its job; we relaxed, made some inconsequential talk, moved to the other bed, pulled the sheet, over us, and fell asleep.

We woke as it was getting dark, still somewhat groggy from the weed, and sticky from the sex. Without much discussion Mike and Mina went back to their cabin to shower and get dressed; Deb and I did the same. We pulled all the sheets off both beds, tossed them in the corner, and went over to the other cabin to see if Mike and Mina were ready.

They were, so we all walked over to the small restaurant across the road. It was late enough that there were few other diners; we were able to get a table in a corner where we could talk privately. We ordered dinner and wine; while we ate, we tried, at first unsuccessfully, to talk about what had happened. By the time we got to dessert the combination of several bottles of wine, the late hour, and perhaps the leftover effect of the joint had tempered our reluctance, so we were able to express at least a few of the strong emotions that we had been reticent about discussing.

After dinner we went back to our cabins but quickly realized that Deb and I couldn't sleep on either of the beds in our cabin, so we all moved into Mike's and Mina's cabin. Tired, we slid into our adjourning beds and fell instantly asleep.

Morning came and we all performed our usual morning abolitions, rather modestly considering how we had bared our bodies, souls, and orgasms the previous day. We spent mid day walking around the area, sightseeing, getting lunch, smiling shyly at each other, saying little, and generally reflecting on the events of the previous day. Around two in the afternoon we packed our few belongings, put on our cycling gear, and rode back down the coast to our cars.


That weekend opened my eyes to the infinite landscape of sexual possibilities. I think Deb must have seen some of that landscape before I did, since she dreamed up, created, and directed what happened on my wonderful 35th birthday. But the best present was the one that lay ahead, now that both of us saw that landscape and wanted to explore it. We remained cycling friends with Mike and Mina but we never had sex with them again. There were possible opportunities, all of which fizzled out. Perhaps that was for the best. However, other singles, couples, and groups were in our sexual future.

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