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Some of them had big cocks, but also the smaller ones were sexy to her
As I lie here in my bath the warm water swirls around my body relaxing me, yet exciting me at the same time. My husband sits in a chair by the side of the tub watching me and smiling. At first, he called me a whore and a slut for wanting to go through with my ultimate fantasy, but I know he can never stay mad at me for long!

The door is slightly ajar and I can hear the men downstairs preparing themselves as, likewise, I prepare myself up here. I have already cleansed myself thoroughly and am now really just waiting...waiting for something to happen! I wonder to myself how this will all work; will they wait for me downstairs or will they quickly become tired of my prolonged absence and come looking for me? As this was all my idea, I know that I should really make the first move, but my submissive side prohibits me from doing this and I sink down lower into the soothing water.

I catch my breath. My heart leaps and misses a beat as I hear footsteps on the stairs. Someone is coming! I feel my pussy tingle slightly, my nipples visibly tighten as the footfalls reach the top of the stairs and wait outside the door. I have no idea who any of the men are; my husband has arranged the whole thing, his only condition being that he remains with me the whole time to ensure that I am safe and happy (and, I suspect, to watch!).

There is a soft knock on the bathroom door. I try to speak, maybe to allow his admittance, maybe to refuse; I don't know, but the words get stuck in my throat. But it becomes irrelevant. The man has not waited for my response and has entered my domain regardless. I look up. He is smiling and naked. My eyes want to study his body, but are held, fixed by his gaze. The smile is warm and inviting, it calms and relaxes me somewhat. My husband is also smiling, a sort of crooked grin as he watches the man and me. I love him for his acceptance of this situation.

The naked man walks towards me and sits on the side of the tub. I now see his body. He is young and beautiful. I have never seen him before and will never see him again after this. His chest is hairless and leads down to a flat stomach. My eyes wander further down and fix on his cock. He is already erect and I sense my pussy tingle again. His hand is in the water, swishing the suds and foam around. He cups one of my breasts gently and I gasp. He can feel how hard my nipple is and squeezes it between his thumb and forefinger. I place my hand in his lap and wrap my fingers around his hot shaft while he plays with my large tits. I hear my husband's heavy breaths and I am reminded of my audience.

My lover now swings his legs over the edge of the tub and sits with both feet in the water. He gently pushes my head down. I know what he wants. I want it also. My ruby painted lips part and close over his glans. Ironically, I suddenly recall applying my lipstick earlier. I had taken so much care to get it right, only to have it smeared lewdly around this mans penis. He tastes good; a hint of male musk creeps into my nostrils and I lower my head further down his shaft. As I feel him enter my throat I sense him throbbing. I wonder how long it will take him to cum. I hope that it will not be too quick - I want to enjoy these sensations as long as possible.

Alternately, I relax and tense my throat muscles as my husband has shown me. My lovers moans echo around the bathroom as I deep throat him; taking him all the way down and then pulling slowly back and rolling my tongue around the large, purple head. His grip on my breasts suddenly tightens. A deep, almost unearthly groan escapes his lips and I know that the time has come. I relax my throat muscles once again and allow his thick cock to slip from my mouth. As I see it appear, it looks angry and red. It throbs and twitches for a few seconds and then spews its wonderful liquid over my waiting face. I open my mouth to swallow as much as possible, but most of his issue lands on my hair and face. A little unsteadily, my lover swings his legs back over the edge of the bath and stands. He bends and kisses me lovingly on the lips, playfully squeezing by boob for the last time. Before I have chance to thank him, he leaves as silently as he had arrived.

Alone once again with my husband, I slip back down into the still warm water. I can see that my recent display of lust has left him in an extremely excited state; the bulge in the front of his jeans is large and obvious. I suggest that he take his cock out so that I can help relieve the tension for him, but he quickly assures me that I am going to be far too busy for that. My bathtime is far from over!

Whilst talking to my husband, I have been unaware of the arrival of my next visitor. I suddenly hear the door swing open and look up. A tall, coloured man stands in front of me. He is as naked as the day he was born and grins at me lewdly. This time it is very difficult not to look at his cock. As with my first lover, he too is fully erect, but this man's dick is much larger. I guess that he must be at least ten inches in length and as thick around as my wrist. His body is well muscled and toned and his strength clearly evident as he reaches into the tub and bodily lifts me out. He holds me for a moment in his arms, looking at me as if studying my nakedness. I am quite relieved to be out of the water which had cooled somewhat, leaving goose-bumps over my skin. Again I look over at my husband. His erection is still showing through the crotch of his jeans, seemingly kept alive by his fingers squeezing and massaging at the outline.

The coloured man places me gently on the floor in an "all fours" position with my head near the side of the tub. He kneels behind me and my pussy moistens as I feel his huge penis nudge against my bottom. I grasp the edge of the tub with both hands. I feel a momentary sting of concern as I think that he might try to push his enormous cock into my ass. I have taken my husband in my bottom on several occasions, but he is a lot smaller than this guy! I need not have worried though, because after a second, I feel the huge head of his penis pushing and probing at the entrance to my vagina. I feel his hands running over my back and sides and then glimpse the large dark fingers as they reach around and grasp my hanging boobs. His cock is only inside me about three inches but it feels as though I am already full. I try to relax and let my pussy open to accommodate him as he continues to penetrate further and further up inside me.

My second lover is not as gentle as my first, but I don't really care. I have become so wet and excited, what I really want now is a good, solid fuck. In between gasps I relate this information to him as best I can. With a lunge of his hips he spears me completely. I gasp out loud as I feel the exquisite sensations his cock creates as it slides in to the hilt. He squeezes both my nipples hard as he thrusts into me and I come suddenly with a howl. I can hardly tell whether the liquid that is running down my legs is the remnants of the bath water or my recently released climax. My mind realises that this doesn't matter as I am suddenly completely consumed by the long, hard thrusts that I am now receiving.

My coloured lover fucks me hard and fast for a full ten minutes. My nipples feel stiff and a little sore as he mercilessly squeezes and pinches them, but it feels wonderful. Every time his huge cock sinks all the way into me, my throbbing clit is stimulated and I cum again and again. Finally her pulls my titties back towards him and forces his cock in deeply. He moans loudly, as do I, and I feel his seed pour into my well used and wet passage. He seems to cum and cum, his big cock twitching and erupting stream after stream up into my pussy. As he slowly withdraws from me, I can sense the cum dribbling from my abused hole and trickle down the inside of my thighs. I feel completely exhausted and collapse face down on the tiled floor. My lover kneels over me. He lowers his head and kissed the cheeks of my ass, whispering a word of thanks into my bottom. His cock is obviously still wet with our combined juices, and he wipes the head between my buttocks before he silently leaves.

I stay face down on the floor for several minutes, trying to get my breath back, before I feel another presence kneeling over me. I glance around and see my husband, that crooked smile still playing over his lips. He pushes me back down gently. I moan as I feel his tongue lap over my butt as he licks all of my lovers cum from my skin. Some of the lovely fluid had run between my cheeks and into my ass and I have another small climax as he tongues the tight opening while he holds me open with his fingers.

When I am completely clean, John flips my tired body over onto my back. He straddles and stands over me. I look up at him in fascination as he releases his throbbing manhood from his jeans and begins to jerk himself off while looking down at my face. It is a viewpoint that I have never experienced before, and I find myself urging him on and encouraging him to cum over me. He returns my diatribe by calling me a "bitch" and a "whore" and saying that he is going to cum on my slut face. I open my legs and begin to play with my cunt so that he can see how much of a slut his wife really is. This does the trick, and within a few seconds I am rewarded with a stream of cum that flies through the air and lands on my tits and neck. This time I feel the familiar kiss of my husbands lips as, now satisfied, he returns to his original position and sits down on the chair.

I think that I too am satisfied, but as I see a further two young men in the doorway, I feel my pussy moisten once again and that now familiar excitement return to my body. I have already had three loads of cum sprayed over me, but I want more! I want these two new men to use me in any way they desire.

They must see the submission, the lust, in my eyes as they approach my naked body still propped up against the side of the tub. My boobs are wet and sticky and my legs lay splayed open for all to see.

In a flash, their eager young bodied are upon me. I have not the strength to resist even in the unlikelihood that I would want to, and I am roughly pulled by the ankles into the middle of the floor. With my back to the cool floor tiles, my legs are unceremoniously lifted up over my head and spread wide. The smaller of my two new lovers holds my ankles so that I am bent back almost double while his friend positions himself at the entrance to my soaked pussy. With a huge lunge and little finesse, the larger man pushes himself straight into my vagina. I am well lubricated and my hole opens easily to accept his solid member. While he drives his erection deep inside me, he uses his fingers on my asshole, opening me and finally penetrating the tiny orifice to the first knuckle. I didn't think I was capable of cumming again, but as I feel his digit work its way into my bottom, my vaginal fluid begins to ooze from my abused slit.

I open my mouth to gasp as I cum, but as I do so, the smaller of the two men thrusts his dick between my lips. Soon I am being pounded at both ends of my poor body, and loving every second of it! They fuck me with practised ease, alternating their thrusts so that when my mouth is empty, my cunt is full, and vise versa. Five, ten and then fifteen minutes passes as they use my open holes. I am the happiest slut alive!

The lover in my mouth comes first. I feel his thick tool swell even further as he drives himself into my throat and then hear a shout of lust as he pulls out and ejaculates thickly over my face, his hot cum running in thin rivers down my cheeks and over my chin. His friend is not far behind and pulling out of my vagina he jerks himself quickly spraying my shaved mound and lower belly with his seed. My two lovers use by big tits to wipe their cocks clean of their juices and then leave as quickly as the others had, leaving me again sprawled and well used on the floor tiles.

"Are you going to be in there all day?" My eyes snap open as I hear my husband's voice shouting from downstairs, "the movie's about to start any moment."

Quickly I remove my fingers from my aching pussy and climb out of the bath. My legs still tremble from my self induced orgasms as I quickly towel myself off and prepared to join John downstairs to watch the movie.

Oh well, I think with a grin, perhaps ONE DAY I'll have the courage to fulfill my bathtime fantasy for real!

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